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Truth or Dare Crossroads


you should've known the price of evil
  1. inkay-shirlee
  2. houndoom-elliot
  3. yamask-joanna
  4. shuppet
  5. deerling-andre
"Seems this crossing might be coming to a close soon," the Typhlosion said cheerfully. "I hope that whatever you've learned about the walks of life from other worlds has been illuminating."
Andre turned to the typhlosion. "Ah, I see. Thank you for hosting us, Mr. Typhlosion. It has been a pleasure."


Bug Catcher
NEO lands and walks over to the Typhlosion. "Thanks, uh... Typlosion, right?" the Charizard asks. "...sorry, I haven't seen many Pokémon from your region. So far, the only Pokémon from whatever region you're from that I've seen is Chikorita and Bayleef. After we saved a Chikorita from some Pokémon hunters in Alola, she healed, evolved into a Bayleef, and decided to work at a Pokémon Center there," he explains, gesturing to his blind eye.


Oh knee on
Here, silly
  1. zoroark
Lee stopped his spinning, yes he still was until now, and set himself on the ground. He swayed very, very faintly from side to side, and his eyes sort of awkwardly swirled in circles, but he didn't show any other obvious signs of being dizzy.

"So then this little game is coming to a close?" Lee hummed. "It is almost a shame to watch it end, but it was... interesting, to say the least. Beings of other worlds never fail to entertain."
  1. suikaibuki
  2. ranyakumo
If you want a character to help with a postscript/epilogue, just say the word. :) Or if anyone wants to continue for a short bit after in the RP topic.

"This was but a temporary nexus," remarked Admon. Little surprise that one so versed in dimensions could assess that. "A crossroads as fleeting as life itself. Now that its purpose seems to be fulfilled, there is little need for it to exist. Of course, life is cyclical. As one leaves, another appears. Perhaps it will reappear in some other time or place. Perhaps that birth will be how some of you will remember these meetings. But for now, the clock is set on most of your return home." He eyed Alioth with a nod as he says 'most'.
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