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Sonic Ramon

Pokémon Trainer
Disclaimer: As the title suggest, this is a fan oneshot of the PMD fanfic, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Liberators of Fate by Navarchu. All characters written in this oneshot belongs to Navarchu with the exception of the following: Vennel, Lars, Cecian, Horus, Zephyr, and Phantom. This oneshot will contain blood, death, swearings, and a bit of graphical description. It's also a spoiler for LoF Chapter 55's ending, so if you don't want to be spoiled then I suggest holding off from reading this oneshot for now. Otherwise, enjoy! (Cover art in the Threadmark by HumbertoCezar1 at Twitter)


Rustling. Swishing. Tumbling.

"K-Keep going! Agh!" The voice whined. "Please!"

The crystal trees pulsated to the winds, the hollow light shining down at the forest. Cracks layered everywhere in the sky, thumping and pumping like a heart. Two Bibarels were running and running—jumping over crystalized boulders, sliding under stoned branches. One of them tripped over, the other stopping themselves and rushing towards the fallen Pokémon.

"Come on!" they yelled, their tone sounding light and feminine. The Bibarel's sweats slid down their cheeks, their hand reaching out to the other.

The other Bibarel grabbed their hand, gritting her teeth and adjusting her bag. "I'm…so tired of this, Vennel." Tears climbed to her eyelids. "Of running."

"We have no choice, Lars." The Bibarel took off running, dragging Lars with them. "We gotta keep goin' or those THINGS will get us." The sky dimmed, darkness taking its course. Vennel smacked their lips, brushing aside the rigid branches. "Dammit, I can't see!" Soon the dreaded light returned, the cracks beeping once again. "M-Much better…"

Lars covered her mouth, almost wanting to puke at the cryptic, jagged lines above. The two beavers made their way into an open space and—

"Why run away from salvation?"

The two Bibarels whimpered from the voice. That familiar, eerie voice: The source of everything wrong with this planet. The two shook their heads, stopping in their paths while panting.

"Ignore…him." Vennel blinked, staring ahead.

Lars laid her hands against her chest. "What is—" the Bibarel blinked, the two looking behind them. Both of their eyes widened, trembling to the very core of their souls.

Ten Pokémon were on their tails: Five Weaviles, two Machamps, two Perrserkers, and one Low Key Toxtricity. All with white, hollow eyes and black crystals layered across their bodies, including the masks itself. Grins smothered their faces, cryptic claws edging for a victim to claim. To become one with hi

"SHIT!" Vennel spread their arms out, waves of water forming behind them. As one of the Weaviles got close, they jolted their arms forward and Surfed the whole mindless monsters away. The beaver turned around and grabbed Lars, the two dashing off without giving those…THINGS a chance to catch up. "LEAVE US ALONE!" Vennel shouted, their nerves jolting.

Lars sniffled, tears slipping away from her. The two turned a corner and dashed forward. Continuing to run. And run. And run. Vennel even punched the boulders in their path instead of jumping over them, creating holes.

"The world is in a better place. Can't you see?"

Lars shook her head. "No I don't see! And I never will!" She gritted her teeth, whimpering.

Eventually the two reached a cavern, gazing into the pitch darkness. Barely any light emanated from the abyss of a cave. The beavers shook in place, holding their hands with firmness. Vennel gulped. "We…We must ke-keep going." A single tear slid down their cheek. "We have no choice but to hide in here. Hopefully." They felt something wrapped around them, followed by a cry. Vennel patted Lars on the head, forming a fist.

"I'm so fucking scared, Vennel!" Lars exclaimed. "Why? Why does the world have to end up like this?" She weeped, stroking Vennel's chest.

"Why not join me and find out?" the voice said, footsteps approaching the beavers. The two turned around with sweats, the ten Pokémon from earlier standing there. Cackles and snickers echoed from the group, ranging between low to high to low pitched again. All serving as a wonderful enlightenment to the new Pokémon world!

The Bibarels took a step back, liquefied aura coating around their hands. "Resistance is futile. Running is futile. Hiding is futile. In a world…of PERFECTION!"

The Bibarels shook their heads, firing Water Pulses at the incoming drones of a Pokémon. "Shut up shut up—SHUT UP!" Lars screamed, hitting one of the mindless beings.

"Don't let him get to you, Lars." Vennel coated their maw in icy energy, lifting their head back before firing their Ice Beam. The mind-controlled Machamp was pushed back by the move, one Weavile jumping over it in time. Vennel gasped, the weasel pinning them down within seconds, its black claws against their chest.

"I-I know, I—VENNEL!" Lars jolted back, her paw against her maw.

The thoughtless weasel snickered, placing their other claw onto Vennel's head. The creature's eyes glowed, the Bibarel groaning for a bit before screaming in agony. Their eyes were being taken over by hollowness—bones cracking on their tail, legs, and paws.


Black crystals casted onto the Bibarel's legs and paws, claws ushering their way out of them. The other controlled beasts cornered around the beaver, Lars trembling in place as she watched. Weeping at her beloved partner going through…this pain and glory! A lovely mask was even being formed onto the beaver, all thanks to the messiah's doing.

"R-RuUUUUNNN!" Vennel screeched, twitching their eyes at Lars in pa—satisfaction. "RUN AWAY FROM your false freedom and become ME." It laughed—HE laughed, thriving off from the success of seeing perfection.

The mindless Weavile got off of Vennel, turning its gaze at Lars along with the rest of them. They twisted their necks to the side, wide grins spreading across them. Lars' eyes quaked, not even thinking twice about remaining there as she took off into the cavern. The distorted laughter from her used-to-be Vennel rang into her mind, the beaver gritting her teeth afterwards.

. . .

She went deeper. And deeper. And even deeper. Until she couldn't see a single thing. Silence permeated this cavern, the laughs and footsteps being long gone. Lars paused in place, whimpering. She covered her mouth, taking small steps forward.

Water dripped from the stalagmites above, the liquid hitting the ground, fizzling with distortion. Lars couldn't tell that the sound was from the water, and even if she could: She would know something's not right about it.

The Bibarel shook her head. I just…want to be free. She sniffled. I want to be free from this neverending prison that used to be my home!

"Then be saved, Lars." Lars froze in place, the cryptic voice returning. But this time…outside of her head.

Oh…Oh Arceus, no!
She backed away, jolting around the darkness. Wh-Where is it!? Lars fumbled her bag, struggling to find the zipper on it. Come on, come on! Her paw gripped something metallic, giving it an easy tug. There it is!

The beaver dug inside of the bag, pulling out a Luminous Stick she crafted a long while back. She shook it multiple times, light shining from it. The stalagmites and water can be seen now, along with the other rocky spots of the cavern. The water looked…pure black—filled with darkness mimicking the black crystals from the mindless beasts.

"...What the—" something sharp touched her chest. Lars looked down and felt her heart dropped in a flash: A black claw, the ones she'd normally see on those lovely creations of himself. Her eyes slowly turned pure white, tears raining down her cheeks as she smiled with enthusiasm for what's to come!

"Be saved and become me…" Lars screamed in horrific excitement as the other claw hovered over her face, welcoming her to her new home: Me, Necrozma!

. . .

Wavy. Flowy. Trippy.

The red dimensional space twirled, distortion vibrating as though it was traveling. Within the space was a large facility, floating endlessly. It lacked a door and only contained a few windows from top to bottom.

The inside had an open space, filled with many Pokémon sitting in a large auditorium. They sat on the cold, barren ground: Blankets wrapped around some of them while others huddled together, exchanging warmth from the Fire types. Some were sitting on the stage itself, leaning their backs against the wall. All of them had an X symbol on their bodies as some stared up at the ceiling with watery eyes

"Arceus…" a Skwovet said, the gray squirrel nuzzling against another one of her kind. "I can't bear with this anymore." She sniffled, tears streaming down her cheeks.

A Copperajah trembled beside the Skwovet, lying on their side and gritting their teeth. "I…" Their eyes closed. "I still can't believe my child is gone! Taken away by those…those…" The green elephant trumpeted into tears, two Turtonators heading over to comfort them.

At the back of the auditorium was a room, two black Raticates guarding it. Inside were five other Pokémon: A Zoroark named Brian, a Froslass named Meggie, the Floatzel's Dexter, the Zeraora's Zephyr, and Xerneas herself. The room was barren, only containing a single bed in the middle. Dex and Meggie were sitting on the bed, the two striking their gaze at the legendary deer. Brian and Zephyr were staring as well, the electric feline tapped on his arms while folding them. All of them had the same X marks as the rest of the Pokémon outside.

Xerneas eyes were shut, a pink aura casting around her. She sighed, opening her eyes. "Unfortunately, I can no longer detect life from the two survivors: They've been taken over by the Necroz." Meggie looked off to the side and whimpered, covering her face. Brian walked over and hugged her, Dex shaking his head while forming a fist. The Zeraora glanced at the wall near him, snarling. "I'm sorry…"

Zephyr punched the wall, cracks forming around the electrified fist. "SHIT!" he screamed, everyone taking their gaze onto him.

"Eas' ther'," the Floatzel said, lifting his paw up.

The feline didn't look at the group: His gaze fixated on the cracked wall—glaring, sulking. After a brief moment of silence, he sighed. "Tell the rescue team to return back." He brought his paw back, debrises sliding off from it. "I…was hoping we'd rescue those survivors in time." He looked up at the ceiling, stone-faced. Xerneas nodded and closed her eyes, the pink aura returning itself onto her.

"Hey, man. We may have failed to save those survivors, but I'm sure there's more out there we can save!" Brian exclaimed, smiling at the Zeraora. "We've managed to rescue many others before this world went to shit. We even have Xerneas herself by our side. We got this."

Zephyr striked a glance at Brian, to which the Zoroark grimaced. "Doubt it."

Brian was about to say something until a ring portal appeared beside him, the fox looking at it. A green light appeared next to the portal, sizzling in place. Coming out of the two entrances were Horus the Hoopa and Cecian the Celebi—both groaning in annoyance.

"Found any answers to stopping Necrozma?" Brian asked, the portal and light fading away afterwards.

"Nope!" the two say.

Horus brushed himself off, huffing. "Those asshole Necroz chased us from hell and back through dimensions," he said in a high feminine tone. The mischief Pokémon formed a ring around his hand, swinging it. He snorted. "Luckily, Cecian and I outsmarted them with our Double Team. Having them thinking we went down the other path as we separated from each other." He gripped onto the ring. "Dumbasses."

Cecian giggled. "Yeah." She then sighed, wiping her forehead. "But oh boy, were they ser-i-ous about turning us into those mindless freaks!" She shook her head. "Luckily, I have this trusty Resistor saving me from being under Necrozma's control." The Celebi pointed at her forehead, the X symbol being displayed.

"Same!" Horus showed the same symbol on his back, being larger than Cecian's.

"We also encountered Necrozma himself through those dimensions…Weirdly enough."

Team Liberators gasped at the mere mention of that word, Brian being the first to get close to Cecian. "You two did?" The two mythicals nodded, the Zoroark gripping his fist and looking off to the side.

Lance… the three members of Liberators thought, glaring at the ground.

Zephyr snarled, scanning all over the Celebi. "Did he hurt you two anywhere? Put a dent on your Resistors, even?"

Cecian shook her head. "Nope! We're as okay as okay can be, hehe!"

"I second what Cecian said!"

The Zeraora sighed in relief. "Good." He folded his arms. "You two be extra careful when traveling across dimensions, especially when Necrozma is roaming around them. Honestly the reason why time traveling is out of the question since he can sense that immediately."

The Hoopa smirked, putting his hands by his side. "No biggie, Zephy! This dimension of ours is well hidden from Necrozma and his goons."

"I hope so, Horus." He rubbed his forehead, Xerneas opening her eyes as the aura faded away. "You and Cecian need to take this seriously. The whole world is…under his ruling now." Zephyr glared at the two. "You two's powers are extraordinary, gifts that are unimaginably scary with potential." He pointed at Cecian. "You can travel through time." Another point at Horus. "You can travel through dimensions." The Zeraora sighed. "If Necrozma gets a hold of either of you and finds our hub, then our lives are finished and all hope is lost." He formed a fist, looking off to the side. "I don't want that to happen at all cost."

Cecian and Horus blinked for a moment, the two jittering into giggles. Zephyr snarled. "The hell's so funny!?"

The Celebi elbowed Horus. "Zephyr, we've been through the many chases and attacks from Necrozma for two years now. We haven't been caught nor turned into his mindless minions, so relax. She and I got this under control."

The Hoopa snapped his fingers. "No doubt about it! Also it's 'he' now. Not 'she.'"

Cecian blinked before gasping. "Ah, my mistake there!"

Horus shrugged. "Eh, it happens."

Zephyr gnawed his teeth, electricity crackled around him. "Why the HELL are you two being so relaxed about this!? What if you DON'T escape from Necrozma in time and ended up turning into a Necroz!?"

"Hey!" Meggie patted the Zeraora's shoulder. "No need to be so…hostile."

Brian patted Zephyr's other shoulder. "Yeah. Calm down, dude."

"We have a shot at stopping Necrozma and returning the world back to normal," Meggie insisted.

"That includes bringing Lance back, too!" Brian nodded. "Admittedly, it has been two years since the world went to shit. But we shouldn't give up on finding the solution to this."

The feline looked between the Froslass and the Zoroark, dark circles crying beneath his eyes. Zephyr shook his head. "You two are being too optimistic, especially when thinking you can bring Lance back."

Brian frowned, folding his arms. "Why's that?"

Zephyr displayed his palm. "You saw what happened to your brother. You should know that it's too late." The Zeraora then formed a fist, shaking it. "Maybe the only way this will end is if we kill Necrozma completely." He glared at the Zoroark. "That includes your brother too, unfortunately."

Dex slammed his fist onto the bed. "Not on me life."

Meggie pouted. "Absolutely not!"

Brian snarled and shook his head. "Like hell I'll believe that's the only way!" He snapped his claws. "There has to be another way. One where we can both kill Necrozma and save Lance at the same ti—" Brian rammed against the wall within seconds, grunting. Cracks surrounded him. "What the—"

"You can't think realistically for just one second, huh? You and the rest of your Liberators." Zephyr gnawed his teeth, his paw trapping the fox.

"Ye le' go of Goggles now, Kit!" Dex cracked his fists.

Meggie's breath exuded clear fogs, the ghost frowning as icy energy formed around her mouth. "Get off of him!"

Cecian and Horus stood there with wide eyes, backing away from the group. As Meggie and Dex about to dash towards Zephyr, a bright aura surrounded the three along with Brian himself. They looked to their side at Xerneas, being the source of it all. "We do not need to fight in such dire times," she stated. "Please, do not escalate. We have much bigger concerns to address."

"Hmph," both Meggie and Dex say, lowering their guard.

Zephyr took his attention back to Brian, loosening his grip a bit. "Lance is gone. He's a Necroz, the main one." He glared. "Also known as Necrozma himself…Any ounce of life left in that body is reduced to the vile beast's puppet."

Brian glared back, grabbing Zephyr's paw. "Fucking bitter much? You don't know that. Lance could be alive in there!"

"Then explain how Xerneas couldn't detect life in that Necroz' body? Nor any of the Necroz' bodies."

"I…" Brain panted, his heart beating at a rapid pace. The thought of his best friend—his brother, being truly gone was something Brian couldn't bear with. He didn't want to resort to that conclusion. Not now, not never. He shook his head. "N-No! I'm…sure it could be some kind of soul blocking ability Necrozma has that prevents Xerneas from detecting life in his mind-controlled minions! I don't know!"

Zephyr formed a fist, tears sliding down his cheeks as he closed his eyes. "You don't have to deny it, Brian. He…He is gone. And I know this the moment Phantom was taken away from me. During that time…we were rescuing you three."

. . .

Zephyr collided his fist against the Electivire's, both groaning before Maxwell shoved the Zeraora away with his tails. Necrozma shot his beam of light at the gray feline, Scar and Lilith rushing towards Phantom. The Mewtwo faded from his spot, Photon Geyser hitting the ground as the two foes jumped back. Phantom then reappeared and flung telekinetic orbs at the three.

Necrozma rushed in front of his followers, snapping his fingers and casting a shield around him. "Persistent, I see."

Max punched the Zeraora, snarling. "Finally your ass!"

Zephyr sprawled all over the ground before clinging to the sands, halting himself. He spat out blood, snarling while beside the knocked out Brian. "Phantom, move!" The Mewtwo nodded and floated beside Zephyr, his eyes glowing dark pink. He brought the unconscious Meggie over with Psychic.

Dex was floating by the two as well, grunting. The vines that were wrapping around him dwindled upon the psychic grasp. "Wha' the—"

"GrrrAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Zephyr thrusted his arms forward, shockwaves of electricity jagged across the sands. Scar and Lilith got blinded by the attack while Max and Necrozma remained still, the latter keeping his shield up.

It was then Brian grunted and rubbed his eyes, looking up at the sky. "Ugh…" The eerie brightness pulsated from above, kidnapping any ounce of clouds there once was. What the hell happened to the sky? He then looked ahead at the other source of light, electricity discharging everywhere. He widened his eyes, shaking his head. "Huh!?"

Zephyr panted, lowering his arms. Soon a ring portal appeared behind the five, a Hoopa leaping her head out of it. "Hurry, you two!" Horus exclaimed, moving her arms in a frantic state.

"Already on it," Phantom said without moving his maw. The Mewtwo lifted Meggie and Dex, tossing them towards the portal. Meggie opened her eyes, the distance between her and Brian growing apart.


"Wha ar' ye—AAAH!"

Horus moved out of the way, the two Pokémon jolting past her. She eyed the other three, Zephyr picking Brian up. Brian grunted, glaring down at the feline. "Who the hell are you!?"

"I'll explain once we're away from Necrozma." The Zeraora jolted his attention towards Phantom, the blinding electricity beginning to fade. "Let's go."

Phantom nodded before the two dashed after the portal. Zephyr was the first to reach it, Brian flailing in place. "No! Explain right now! I don't want to leave my bro—"

"That is NOT your brother: That is a monster, and we need to get away from it NOW," Zephyr stated.

Brian's eyes widened, trembling. "What do you…"

Just as they were about to leave, Phantom yelped and coughed out blood, glaring down. "Wha…!?" Black claws pierced through the feline's back, crystals already casting around his belly. He screamed, black crystals slicing off the purple from his tail.

Zephyr's eyes widened, his heart falling down a pit. "PHANTOM!"

"Ehehehe…" Necrozma tilted his head, staring at the electric cat and illusion fox. He smirked at the two, Brian's face quaking. Those…empty eyes. The smile. The masks…They were nothing like his Lucario brother, and yet they were a part of him? He couldn't believe it.

"L-LEAVE!" Phantom requested in a distorted tone, hoping Zephyr would join him.

Tears began to climb up the Zeraora's eyes. "NO! I'M NOT LEAVING YOU!"

Phantom screeched in pain—his round tips on his fingers becoming black, pointy claws of perfection. "LEAVE FROM—YOURSELF AND BECOME ME!" PhanNecrozma screeched, a mask forming onto the feline's face, wicked glee spiraling across him. Hollow eyes of success replaced those purple eyes of failure. "JOIN ME AS THIS WORLD SHALL BE SAVED BY LIGHT!"

Brian's jaw dropped. "What the fuck!?"

Horus stroked her head. "HOLY CRAP, HURRY ZEPHYR!"

Zephyr gritted his teeth, tears raining down his cheeks like an unstable river. Without a second thought, he turned back to the portal and hopped into it, Necrozma laughter echoing along the way. The portal disappeared.

. . .

"The disturbing cries, the emptiness of his eyes, the crystals forming on him, and the…twisted laugh." Zephyr sighed, closing his eyes. "That's how I know Phantom is gone." He opened his eyes, glaring at the Zoroark. "Just like Lance."

Brian snarled, his sharp teeth gnawing down. "No!" He pushed the Zeraora back, standing up. "You could be wrong about Necrozma's control! Sure he did take over Lance and Phantom's mind, but those two could still be alive. At least, their spirits are."

Meggie nodded, her and Dex standing by the Zoroark's side. "I believe this is the case, too." She held the fox's paw, Brian blushing in response. "Lance and Phantom are in there, struggling to break free from Necrozma's control."

Dex nodded. "I'm wit' Popsicle."

Zephyr crossed his arms, sitting on the bed. "...Why reject the truth? Why are you three so insistent on the two being alive?"

"Because we always hope for them to be alive. And we never give up on hope!" Brian stated.

"Screw hope: We're living in a fucked up world where hope barely shows itself. All thanks to Lance." Sparks formed around the feline, Zephyr closing his eyes and snarling. "If your brother didn't go full stupidity over his sense of justice, none of this would've happened."

Brian frowned. "Hey now, Lance isn't stupid!"

"Pup ain't an idiot," Dex followed, glaring at the cat.

Zephyr lifted one eye, crossing his legs. "Explain how we got here, then."

"It was beyond our control—Beyond his'!"

Zephyr growled and slammed his paws onto the bed, pointing at the two. "IT WASN'T BEYOND HIS CONTROL!" He got up. "He had multiple chances to get the help he needed—his friends, family, even a damn therapist! And what happened? He threw it all away just to seek this wretched monster for 'eternal peace,' as you've told me. So here we are in this shithole of a state because your brother tried to make things right at the last minute, and failed!" His voice shifted into booming deity screams, his eyes glowing yellow as lightning casted around him.

Brian formed flames around his maw as Dex encased his fists in icy presence. "You take that back right now, asshole!" the Zoroark yelled. "Lance made a mistake!"

"And that mistake led us all to Hell!" Zephyr's lightning crackled further, Cecian and Horus yelping in response.

"U-Uh, guys—" Horus was about to say something when a random spark jolted in front of him. "YEESH!"

"Your brother was an idiot. An inept dumpster fire that couldn't think about his damn actions for just one fucking second!" Zephyr yelled.

"How bout ye shut the hell up, Kit!?" Dex exclaimed. The three were about to dash towards each other until a pink aura formed around them, halting them.

"Enough." Xerneas stared down at them, glaring. "Incoherent arguments will never equal progress."

Meggie, Cecian, and Horus stepped in: Horus and Cecian throwing their arms out in front of Zephyr while Meggie did the same for Brian and Dex. "She's right! There's absolutely nothing to gain here if we all just keep arguing with each other!" Meggie stated.

Zephyr, Brian, and Dex glanced at each other for a brief moment, snarls circulating throughout the room. Eventually, the electric feline closed his eyes, his lightning fading. "Hmph…" He folded his arms, looking away. Brian and Dex lowered their guard, the pink aura fading away from the three afterwards.

Cecian patted Zephyr's back. "Hey dude, relax. We're all going through this misery together." The fairy smiled, Zephyr opening his non-glowing eyes at her. "There's…no need to bicker about who's fault it was."

Horus nudged his arm against Zephyr. "Yeah. If anything, the ones responsible for all of this are Necrozma and his twisted cults."

Meggie nodded. "I know that Lance was the one who initially joined those cults, but Scar coerced him to." The Froslass pressed her hand against her chest, a bit of frosty breath leaving her. "If it's anyone to truly blame for this: It's him. Him, his followers, and Necrozma himself." She lowered her brows.

The Zeraora looked at the ice ghost for a moment then at Cecian and Horus, nodding. "Yeah…I guessed you all have a point." He sighed, scratching the back of his head. "I'm sorry for the things I've said about Lance. Two years of Necrozma's takeover is…stressful." He formed a fist, stroking his head as a single tear slid down his cheek. "I wished there was a way to solve this crisis. To get us all out of this grim spot."

"Hey man, we will," Brian stated, pulling a bright smile. "Sure we've tried finding answers for a while now, but that doesn't mean we should give in to despair." The fox formed a fist. "Lance and I formed Team Liberators to never give up on making the world a better place. So even if he's dead—which I don't want to believe—I will keep helping others in need. And if that includes saving the world from a tyrannical-freak-possessing-my-brother's-body, then so be it."

Xerneas nodded. "I have seen Brian, Lance, and Meggie fighting a Gallade who tried endangering the world after absorbing my powers. Since then, I've been very grateful for their help."

"I see…"

"Lance doesn't want us to give up. I don't want us to give up. And I'm pretty sure Phantom doesn't want you to give up too, Zephyr."

Dex grinned as he locked Brian's head under his arm, rubbing his fist against the fox's head. "Attaboy, Goggles. We shouldn't giv' up on aidin' others—"

Brian snickered before being hugged by Meggie, smiling at her. "No matter the cost," the Froslass finished, giggling at the headlock.

Zephyr blinked in deep thoughts, succumbing to the things Team Liberators told him. Two years of Necrozma had given him nothing but grief and misery ever since he lost his beloved. He looked at his paws, remembering them for being held by Phantom at Bright Dawn in the middle of the night. When the full moon was shining upon those two. When they first…kissed. The feline wished to experience those beautiful moments again instead of enduring more of Necrozma's tyranny.

But the fact that Brian, Meggie, and Dex—Three Pokémon who'd been through the same suffering continued to push onwards with hope…ignited a little light within him. "...I guessed so," Zephyr said.

The front door opened and out came a brown rabbit. Everyone looked at the Diggersby, the rabbit putting his hands in his pouch. "My bad for that there interruption, but y'all rescue team returned safe and sound."

Brian lifted his arms up in glee. "Hell yeah, good to know!"

Zephyr squinted his eyes. "It's not that exciting…" he mumbled.

"And the survivors ar' ready for anotha speech, by the way," the Diggersby continued.

Brian nodded. "Gotcha. We'll be out there in a bit."

The Diggersby nodded back and exited the room.

. . .

The crowd gazed at the stage, some having a mushed-up food on their plate. Within the crowd were Nick, Magnus, Shiron, Amelia, and Apollo—All being at the front spots. The Lucario, Nick, jabbed the food on his plate with a fork, grimacing at the piece sliding off from it. Amelia squinted at the food, standing next to him.

"Ew…" The Gardevoir sighed. "Can't believe we have to survive two years off of…this."

Nick groaned. "Yeah."

"Hey, I don't think they're that bad." Shiron took a bite off from his food, the Swampert forming a blue face before spitting it out. "I—Uh, didn't give myself a head start there."

Nick shook his head as Magnus giggled. "No need to hide it, Shiron: It's awful," the jackal said.

Shiron shrugged. "True, honestly." He then tilted his head. "Wait, where's Liz and Zero? Aren't they supposed to be here for the speech, too?"

Nick looked off to the side. "Zero is still comforting Liz after Terry and Onyx became a Necroz during our last rescue mission." He lowered his ears. "Can't blame her, considering she lost a close friend of hers'. Someone she loves…like we all do." Nick gripped the fork and plate, sighing.

Shiron glanced off to the side. "...Yeah." He grimaced. "I miss them too, Nick. Terry, Onyx…Lance. I miss them a lot."

Amelia rested her hand on top of Nick's paw. "Don't blame yourself harshly over this, hun."

"I know, I know. It's just…" The jackal's eyelids lowered. "I wish I was fast enough to save not only him…but my son as well. Save them before any of this ever happens, you know?"

The Gardevoir wrapped her arms around the Lucario, nodding. "I understand completely."

"All we can do now is not give up on saving this world. And hopefully by then, we can see our friends and family again, including Lance himself." Shiron smiled.

Magnus nodded, leaning close to Shiron. "Your team never gave up on the search for Lance when he abandoned his team. Why should you give up now?" the Chesnaught said.

Nick looked at Shiron and Magnus, some warmness of hope spreading throughout him. He smiled back. "Yeah. You have a point: I shouldn't give up. Not here, not now."

"Looks like another speech is about to start," Apollo mentioned, the Arcanine glancing at the stage.

"Right." Magnus' hand was being held by Shiron's, the Chesnaught smiling in response.

The five Pokémon looked ahead, anticipation spreading across them. Appearing from behind the curtains were Brian and the others, the large crowd conversing about the dire state they were in. A Cubchoo even sniffled, tearing up on her Beartic mother's leg. The Beartic patted her on the head, the blues showering her face.

Zephyr cleared his throat. "Hello…I—" He paused for a moment, composing himself. "I'm aware that it's been two years since we're under Necrozma's reign. So much has happened since those years: The violence it caused, the family and friends we've lost…"

Brian nodded. "We of the Light Resistance will do our best to save this world. Our world."

Zephyr looked at Brian for a moment, nodding back. "Yeah. We'll take this world back from Necrozma's reign." He looked at the crowd, all having some sparkle of intrigue in their eyes. He sighed. "Necrozma caused us more miseries than there ever needs to be." He snarled, forming a fist. "And we do not wish for those miseries to become worse."

Meggie floated forward. "That's why we're in search of answers. A way to bring our world back to what it used to be. The one we call home, not what Necrozma wants us to think is home."

"YEAH!" a Blaziken shouted in the crowd, the others agreeing with her.

Zephyr looked at the crowd, a small smile forming on his face. "Yes." He showed the audience the X symbol on the back of his right paw. "We're branded with the Resistors thanks to Xerneas." He gestures towards the legendary deer besides him, Xerneas moving forward. "Xerneas is our main key to getting our world back. She can sense any life on our planet and let this symbol prevent Necrozma from finding us on the spot."

Horus lifted his hand up. "Not to mention the lovely benefits of not being mind controlled by him!"

Xerneas nodded, displaying the X symbol on her head towards the crowd. "I have cooperated with Calyrex to ensure the Resistor's immunity to Necrozma."

Amelia raised her brow, lifting her hand. "But I do not see Calyrex anywhere in this auditorium. Where is she?"

Zephyr looked at her. "She's currently resting in her bedroom down the hallways. Making so many Resistors must have tired her."

"I see." Amelia sighed in relief, Nick patting her on the back. "My heart jumped a bit. I thought she's left on that planet without a teleporter nor dimension traveler. Glad that wasn't the case."

The Zeraora continued, "With that said, if my friends and I didn't save Xerneas before Necrozma's takeover, then he would've gotten control of her and all hope would've been lost." He sighed. "Thankfully, that didn't happen."

Brian smirked, forming a fist. "To those willing to join the Light Resistance's rescue team and save more lives: Always do your best per usual and never give up. Capeesh?"

"YES SIR!" A massive group of Pokémon in the corner raise their arms, paws, or tentacles in the air with determination, roaring in enthusiasm.

Zephyr looked at Brian and then at the rescue team. Never give up, huh…? "Alright…" He cleared his throat. "One more thing I want to say before concluding this speech, mainly towards the rescue team heading out into Necrozma's world—" He glared at the crowd, holding his paws together. "Whatever you do, do not trust a single person there. Unless Xerneas told you specifically of that individual not being a Necroz, be very cautious around anyone that doesn't have the Resistor. Necrozma can alter the Necroz enough to have them appear normal…"

The Zeraora looked at his paw, the X symbol brightening its presence at him. "Including giving them the fake Resistor symbol."

. . .

Roaming. Barely even moving their legs half the time. The Necroz jumped from one spot to the next, some releasing cryptic screeches across all of Cydonia—a once lively island with a fairly large town…now under the blissful gloriousness of the messiah! One of the Necroz was a Haxorus, Manectric, Tyrantrum, and a Zoroark: All gazing up at the beautiful light above! Happiness enlightened their faces! Why wouldn't they be happy after all the messiah has done for them? They. Are. Him.

. . .

Necrozma smirked, gazing at the sky while in the large town's castle. Max and Lilith were beside him: Black crystals being on their furs, most of them being on the latter's tail while the former had his twin-tails coated in them. Some growls could be heard behind the three, yet they continued staring outside. The blue savior spreaded his arms out, smiling with victory. "Ah. What a lovely view this is." He grinned. "The world is at peace, free of any will! The light is all to myself." The blue hero gripped his fists. "Just as I preferred my world to be."

Max lifted a finger. "You mean our world, right? After all, you couldn't have done the takeover without us."

The blue samaritan eyed the Electivire, laughing without moving his sharp grins. Lilith raised her brow at Necrozma, the blue helper lifting his hand up. "No no, Max—" he snapped his fingers, Max's eyes turning pure white as he remained in place like a stone. Lilith yelped from the sudden move. "I really meant my world, not our world," Necrozma stated out of Max's mouth. "I do agree that I wouldn't have taken over without you followers."

Necrozma snapped his fingers again, freeing Max from his control. Max gasped, stroking his chest. "Holy crap!" he said, panting heavily.

Necrozma closed his eyes, putting his hands behind his back as he wagged his tail. "But you followers are beneath me. So you should respect this world being about me, not about us." He gave them a wicked smile. "Be thankful that I let your minds roam free instead of becoming me. That is my gift to you for breaking me free."

Max and Lilith looked at each other briefly before nodding. "Yes sir," the two said, the growling from earlier persisted. The front door behind them then opened, all turning around: The black Marowak Scar was there, crystals spreading across his skull. In front of him was a Necroz, the green vermin having its lights dimming from his eyes! How repulsive! The absolute nerve of this draconic heathen!

Necrozma squinted at the pathetic Fraxure he made a part of him, fuming with regret. "I found the Necroz that lacked light, Master," Scar said, bowing.

"I can see—No, sense that. An…sad excuse of a light." Necrozma pointed towards the corner, a fairly large cage being there at plain sight. "Feed it to them. Now."

Scar nodded. "As you wish, my lord." The Marowak dragged the failure Fraxure over to the cage. He saw them: Two Pokémon, a Tyranitar and Pupitar. Their armors were dimmed and dark, holes spreading throughout them, and their eyes were glowing red—their bodies were falling apart. The Tyranitar gnashed its teeth, blood dripping down from its maw, growling.

Necrozma folded his arms, rubbing his fingers together in preparation. The Marowak eyed the two cryptic beings with melancholy. He reached the lock of the cage, gripping it. "Hey, honey…I have some food." Necrozma snapped his fingers, Scar opening the cage and pushing the Fraxure inside. He closed it afterwards.

The crystals on the Fraxure disappeared, the dragon gasping and touching himself. He stroked his face, blinking. "I'm free? Just like that!?" He jumped in the air, laughing. "Woohoo! I escaped from that neverending nightmare! Yes!" He turned towards Scar, his smile immediately fading upon spotting the bars and hearing the 'click.' "...What?"

"gRoAWWWWW!" the Tyranitar and Pupitar roared behind the Fraxure, the poor fella turning his head at those red withering beasts.

The dragon rushed towards the cage, banging at the exit. "PLEASE let me out, Scar!" he pleaded. The Marowak stared at him, stoic beyond belief. The Fraxure whimpered, Max and Lilith staring at the dragon. "Just let me fucking ou—" something sharp striked at his side, a simple 'CRUNCH' made the Fraxure screamed in pain. The Pupitar's teeth sinked into the dragon, the Tyranitar pushed him against the cage and bit him at the side of his throat. "AAAAAH!"

The large lizard ripped the dragon's throat off, blood splattering across Scar's face as a result. Scar was unphased, remaining in his stoicism. The Fraxure gasped and screamed further, his hand sliding down the cage's bar, painting it in red.

Lilith widened her eyes, gritting her teeth in unnerves. Max looked away, covering his mouth as he gagged from his near barfing. HOLY SHIT! he thought, all while Necrozma stared at the Fraxure in a nonchalant manner.

"Good riddens," the blue justice said.

Scar turned towards his master, lacking any ounce of care from the grim snacking behind. "When will you make my family become a part of you, my lord?" he asked.

Necrozma sighed, waving his hand around. "When all of the Light Resistance are under my reign. Until then, your family will have to remain as hungry feral spirits."

Scar looked at the cage, at his wife and child specifically: The two crunching the now deceased Fraxure, his son tearing off the dragon's arm with zero regards. He sat on the chair, caressing the cage's bar. "That's okay. As long as I'm with my family, I'll be fine with this extended bargain. You know what's best for us."

Necrozma smirked for a moment before frowning within seconds, taking his gaze onto Lilith. The Lopunny stroked her arm, continuing staring at the eating festival within the cage. "Are you feeling doubtful about my world?" he asked, tapping on his arm.

Lilith jumped from the question, eyeing her lord before shaking her head. "Nope! I'm a-okay with your new world's direc—"

"You're lying." Necrozma glared at the crystals on Lilith's body, the rabbit gasping as they lit up. "I can tell from the crystals."

"...Ugh." Lilith shook her head, caressing it. "I'm mighty sorry about that. I just…didn't think the takeover would go this well and orderly and uh—"

"Perfect, you were trying to say?"

"I…guessed so, yeah."

Necrozma wiggled his finger, shaking his head. "Don't guess that it's perfection: Know that it's perfection." He turned towards the window, spreading his arms out. The bright sky beamed down at the town, shining with marvelous victory. "I am the messiah. And messiahs are meant to rule everything: Quickly, effectively, and perfectly." Necrozma sighed in relief. "Thanks to the vessel you've provided, I'm able to detect any life that hasn't become a part of me. A Lucario's aura is strong, and this one you've trained has the strongest aura imaginable."

The blue victor stared back at his followers. "You three done well. And I bestowed my blessings upon ye due to how far I've come."

Max smirked, giving Necromza a thumbs-up. "Thanks. I'm impressed by the fast takeover, too. Glad we've freed ya." The Electivire then laid his finger onto his chin. "Although, I do have to ask: Why implant us with the black crystals? We will never betray ya, especially after how much we've succeeded at taking over the world."

Necrozma raised his finger. "First off, 'I've succeeded.' Not 'we've succeeded.'" Two fingers raised. "And secondly, I added them just to make absolute sure that you'll never betray me. Since I've felt some doubt from Lilith, my stance has grown further."

Lilith scratched the back of her head, looking away. Max sighed. "That's lame, but I understand."

"True followers would understand my decisions, no matter the cost." Necrozma stared back at the outside, gazing at a Necroz Infernape leaping from one building to the next. A couple more Necroz followed after it. "Search around the planet in case I've missed any more lifeforms. I'm already detecting some far from Cydonia." He folded his arms.

The three nodded and bowed. "Yes, my lord," they say in unison.

Scar patted the cage, staring at his cryptic wife and son. "I'll be back. I promised." He grabbed his club nearby and left the room, Max following afterwards.

"Hey," Necrozma said towards the Lopunny, Lilith resting her hand on the doorknob. "Everything will be fine. Everything is peaceful, exactly how you wanted it." Lilith smiled at the blue warrior before exiting the room, closing the door. Necrozma frowned. "I wonder if her loyalty is dwindling…"

. . .

"...Mm…" A simple groan coming from a young person's voice, a sigh following suit. "U-Ugh…my head…" The darkness faded away, the individual viewing something in front of them—albeit, blurriness thus far.

They shook their head, the blurriness dissipated: Black goo. Everywhere. "H-Huh!?" The person was none other than Lance himself—a lone Lucario, stuck beneath all of the goo. He pushed himself forward, but nothing happened. "Where the hell am I!?"

"GET ME OUT OF HERE, YOU SICK FUCK!" one voice yelled, the jackal's ears twitching towards the right.


"Please…Don't make me play the game again. I just want to go home! PLEASE!" another voice pleaded to Lance's left, followed by a sob afterwards.

Lance took a proper look around his surroundings: So many Pokémon caged by the same black substance, all were crying, pleading, or even raging for freedom. He couldn't put the area into words: Large open spaces of some sort, with many goo dripping from the sky along with it providing little light. It was like he was on an unknown alien planet!

The variety of Pokémon here was like the entire population: Lance saw a Zoroark and a Hypno to his side, both having bangs covering their right or left eye as they struggled in this sticky grasp. He then looked to his other side at a Tyrantrum and another Zoroark, both grunting in place. There was something else about all of the Pokémon—they were glowing red or blue.

Why…are they glowing? Lance thought before looking at himself. His body was glowing blue, shining just like the others. I'm glowing, too… Soon a shadow casted over him, the jackal looking ahead only to be met with pure dread, gritting his teeth.

A floating head of Necrozma stood before him, arms sticking out from both ends. The crystalline creature stared at the jackal with sharp grins. He widened his eyes, moving his mouth, "Ah, you're finally awake." He sighed in relief. "I was getting worried that you'll never rise from your coma, but here we are." He snickered.

Lance looked around, more of Necrozma's heads floating around the area. Some had arms while others didn't, gazing at their helpless victims in satisfaction. The Necrozma heads were lacking the same glow the victims had, the canine raising his brow in perplexion. The Lucario pushed himself forward again, but remained trapped by the icky prison.

Necrozma shook his finger. "Tsk tsk, my vessel: You can't escape this spot no matter how hard you try."

Lance snarled, glaring at Necrozma. "Free me from this place right now!"

Necrozma poked Lance's snout, the jackal yelping. "That'll never happen."

Lance growled at the crystalline monster, gritting his teeth. "M-My friends will come to rescue me from this wretched place. And then we'll defeat you together!"

Necrozma blinked for a moment before bursting into laughter, the other bodiless Necrozmas following suit. He then stopped, gazing at the Lucario—the sharp yet uneasy gaze stared back at him. "...Oh. You were serious." Necrozma laughed once more.

"You think this is a joke!?" Lance yelled.

"Yes, and I don't care if that WAS a rhetorical question. Point is, you have no clue on what happened to this world since you became my vessel."

"What…do you mean?"

Necrozma spreaded his arms out. "Look around you: Hundreds upon hundreds, even THOUSANDS—MILLIONS of Pokémon are trapped here in my Necroz Zone. A place where anyone who's under my influence goes to. That includes you, my lovely vessel."

The Lucario looked down, trembling. He started panting, sweat dripping down his face. "Does…that mean?"

Necrozma smirked. "Yes: I've successfully showered the world in light. Nearly the entire population is under my salvation after two years!"

"T-Two years!?" The jackal's eyes widened. "I-Including my friends!?" Lance whimpered. "IS BRIAN HERE!?"

Necrozma's smirk faded. "Unfortunately, no. At least, not yet. He's somewhere with those resistance groups."

"How would you know?"

The crystal beast rolled his eyes. "Some small group of Pokémon came by the island and saved him in time, including the other two heathens he was with. This was before the takeover I'd done." Necrozma tapped on his chin. "If only I was able to make that dimension summoning Hoopa be a part of me as well. Would've made dealing with the Light Resistance so much easier."

Necrozma shrugged. "Meh, their attempt at going against my perfect world is nigh and void. In other words…" The menace grinned, holding his hands together. "It's too late for anyone to revert it to its filthy, dysfunctional state. Even if you were to escape from my zone, vessy." He snapped his fingers. "Hope you like that nickname. Just thought of it on the spot!" Necrozma covered his mouth, snorting. "Ah who am I kidding: I don't care if you like it or not, it's a perfect nickname for the perfect vessel!"

Lance snarled. "Shut up!" He shook his head. "I don't believe the world is beyond saving. I refuse!"

Necrozma shook his head. "vessy, it's thanks to you that I converted so many Pokémon into me. Face it, the planet's fate has already been sealed."

"But there's a resistance group going against you! Meaning there's still hope for this wo—"

"THEY WILL WITHER AND DIE! CEASE AND DESIST! BECOME NOTHING BUT ANOTHER PAWN ONCE THEY'VE REALIZED THERE IS ZERO WAYS TO IMPROVE PERFECTION!" The crystalline monster gripped his fists, his toothy smile quaking. "Your aura was so extraordinary that I was able to detect any life on that planet. All thanks to the mentor you trusted for so long."

Lance frowned, a grim reminder of the stinging betrayal from that twisted Marowak. The one he once called a mentor. A friend, to be exact. "Tch…" Lance had very little to say, considering the position he was in.

Necrozma gazed at Lance. "D'aww, don't look so down." He laid his hand beside Lance's cheek, caressing his head with the other. "I'm doing this for our own good. Look: I've gotten rid of your need for sleep and hunger! Two things you inefficient mortals needed to survive." He smiled. "You really have no reason to be against my salvation. It's for the best of us al—" Necrozma was met with a saliva to his face, the crystal creature blinking in surprise.

"Fuck you, Necrozma: You're only doing this for yourself, not for others."

"..." Necrozma backhanded the jackal, Lance spitting out blood and a few teeths along the way.

"Ack!" The Lucario trembled, coughing.

"However, I didn't take away your ability to feel pain." Necrozma wiped the spit off from his face, flinging it to the side. "Just in case something like this happens." The beast chuckled. "Admittedly, you are right: This is all for myself. My clear vision of what a perfect world looks like, free of any flaws. Any crimes. Any chaos. Any corruption…Just like you wanted, right?"

Lance glared at the monster, his vision fuzzy. "You…" The Lucario groaned, drooling blood onto the caged goo.

Necrozma put his hand against the side of his head, tilting towards Lance. "What's that? Can't hear you after you've received your dosage of common sense."

"Piss…off." Lance grunted, Necrozma pointing at him while laughing.

"See? This is why everyone needs me: Disagreements lead to misery such as this. And with misery comes lack of progress." The black crystal glanced at the Lucario. "Spitting in my face while saying I'm wrong is diminishing progress."


Necrozma snarled back. "Hush! I'm doing this for you: YOU wanted this."

"No Necrozma: YOU wanted this, not ME." If Lance could point at Necrozma when stating this, he would.

The beast laughed. "Well of course: I put the 'ed' at the end of 'want' for a reason. You used to want it, but now you don't and have it anyways. Oh well!" He shrugged.

"So you're admitting again that you, the one causing all of this, wanted the world to be this way!"

"The answer's yes and no." Necrozma winked at the jackal while sticking his tongue out.

"What the—" Lance shook his head. "Now you're toying with me!"

"Took you long enough, vessy."

"STOP FUCKING CALLING ME THAT!" Lance howled, Necrozma covering his own mouth and snickering till no end.

"With that said, I do have some pity for you mortals." The crystalline beast shook his head, his hand lying against it. "I can imagine the boredom you all felt when stuck in one spot. That's why I have everyone play a game every now and then."

Lance raised his brow. "A game?"

"Yes! A fun one at that. I'm suuure you'll like it, hint hint wink win—"

"NO! DON'T PUT US THROUGH IT! PLEASE, I'M BEGGING YOU!" a Shiinotic shouted besides Lance, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Necrozma snapped his fingers and covered the red, glowing mushroom's mouth with the black goo, clearing his throat. "So…Ever wonder why you're glowing blue?"

Lance looked at himself, the vibrant blue radiating beneath the imprisoned goo. "Yes, I have."

"That's because you're a Living Necroz, the kind that's alive while being a part of me."

Lance squinted his eyes. "Just say it like it is: Mind control."

Necrozma wiggled his finger. "Nope! It's more classy when I say 'a part of me.'"

"I swear I'll rip off that finger of yours'." Lance growled.

"I'd like to see you try—Oh wait, you simply can't." Necrozma chuckled while Lance growled once more.

"Tch, and what about the ones glowing red? Are those Living Necroz, too?"

The black crystal shook his head. "Oh no no: They're Decaying Necroz. Meaning, they're already dead, but are a part of me."

"What!? You're…controlling the dead, too!?"

Necrozma stared into Lance's eyes. "Yep."

Lance widened his eyes, quaking to his very core. He wished to grip his fists right now—even punch this vile beast in the face! "You're sick, Necrozma! I can't believe I've trusted you and Scar when the two of you do something like this! You…You monsters."

"And you're supposed to be any better, Mister I-Murdererd-Three-People?"

Lance gasped, receiving a reminder of those he killed. The Servine Maya, the Aggron Atlas, the Salazzle Adelaide—he murdered them all. He thought he did it for the greater good, to survive. But now, it was nothing more than proving how monstrous he was: The mansion exploding for Adelaide, the lava pushing for Atlas, and…the bone cracking for Maya. All an reflection of his past sins, something he could never overco—

"Anyways, this all ties into the game I wanted my Necroz to play," Necrozma said. "I call it 'Necroz n' Seek.' It's like Hide n' Seek, except the Seeker kills the Hider upon finding them."

"What!?" Lance shook his head. "That doesn't make any sense: Wouldn't killing your hosts no longer have them under your control?"

Necrozma lifted a finger. "That's where you've missed the important detail I told you earlier: The Necroz are still me, both the living and the dead. Even if they're killed in this game, they are still a part of me."

Lance tilted his head. "But what if they're no longer 'a part of you' and got killed in this game?"

"Correction: Me. You are me, don't forget that."

"No, I am no—"

"Annnnnd even if one were to hypothetically be freed from me…they'll just die. Simple as that." Necrozma shrugged.

"...What about the Decaying Necroz? What happens if they die in the game?"

"Then their spirits are gone: Their bodies are all I have. If those were to be freed from me, then the body will disappear. No exceptions." The crystalline monster smacked his hands together. "So treat it as this: Living Necroz have two lives in this game. The Decaying Necroz has one."

"You sick fuck…" Lance gnawed his teeth, narrowing his brows. "You won't get away with this!"

Necrozma yawned, pressing his hand against his mouth. "Again: Two years of takeover thanks to your aura." He puts his hands behind him, the other Necrozmas snickering in wickedness. "Your fault for resurrecting me. For joining my perfectly crafted group. You wanted this, and now you finally got your perfection."

"Tch…" Lance groaned, wanting to cover his ears from the insulted laughters. Soon his spot quaked, gooey substance sprinkling up like they were a volcano erupting. "Huh!?"

"No no no NO! NOOO! NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN!" a Bunnelby shouted from Lance's right.

"I'll do ANYTHING if you don't put me through that again!" a Gengar pleaded from Lance's left. "PLEA—AAAAH!" he along with the other Pokémon got consumed by the black goo, all shrieking and screaming.

Necrozma grinned deviously as the goo started consuming Lance, the jackal doing his best to avoid the consumption: His movement continued to be useless. "Looks like our game is about to start."

"Gah! How are you even, ngh, doing all of this while controlling us!? And who's even the Seeker!?"

"Firstly, your powerful aura has helped me multitask to an absolute flawless degree. And secondly," Necrozma laughed. "Who do you think?"

"Ngh! NECRO—" Lance couldn't even finish his sentence as he submerged into the black goo, no longer at Necrozma's sight.

. . .

Lance was choking through the darkness, groping his neck in desperation. He hurled throughout it, sinking in a downward spiral. I can. Hardly. Breathe! he thought.

Eventually Lance left the darkness, shooting out of the gooey sky and falling face first onto the ground. "Oof!" He groaned, panting. The jackal breathed in the surrounding air, his snout scrunching up from the smell before he covered it. "Oh god, what the hell is that!?"

"AAAAAAAAAH—" a single 'SLING' cut a woman's scream off.

Lance yelped, eyeing around his location: Nothing but trees and bushes. Lots of them. In a large dark forest, Lance assumed. "Where…did that—"


Lance froze in place, his ears twitching within seconds. The Lucario slowly turned around, eyes widening, body shivering. Necrozma was there, but instead of dawning his bodiless appearance: He took one of Lance's, the black masks and claws clinging onto his skin. Lance's eyes trembled, the jackal couldn't look away from the horror that was that…thing! Eyeing the claw mark on his chest, the emptiness of those eyes, and…a bone club? Coated in black crystals while fused with a scythe? Lance was speechless by what he was witnessing.

Is…that what I—

"Looked like outside of my Necroz Zone? Yes, we do." Necrozma twirled his bone club before resting it onto his shoulder. "So monstrous, aren't we?"

Lance shook his head before spreading his paws out, forming a Bone Rush of his own but…nothing came out. "What the…?" He continued, all while Necrozma laughed, smirking at the clueless canine.

"Don't bother, vessy." Necrozma gripped onto his bone scythe, Lance shaking from the adrenaline of fear he was building up. "You have no power in you. In us…In me." Necrozma slammed his scythe to the ground. "Start. Running."
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