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  1. Theboxcatgamr

    Pokémon The great Krungler’s foods and services!

    It begins
  2. Sonic Ramon

    Pokémon P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N. (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Liberators of Fate Fan Oneshot)

    Disclaimer: As the title suggest, this is a fan oneshot of the PMD fanfic, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Liberators of Fate by Navarchu. All characters written in this oneshot belongs to Navarchu with the exception of the following: Vennel, Lars, Cecian, Horus, Zephyr, and Phantom. This oneshot will...
  3. OrionTheAbsol

    Pokémon Stray

    * Author's Note: The story is currently undergoing a significant rewrite. I prefer you don't read this current draft, as I'm trying to address the major issues with the story. But if your time permits, you're welcome to proceed anyway. Genre: War (Action/Adventure), Horror, Tragedy, Slice...
  4. Theboxcatgamr

    Pokémon The sun runners (PMD)
    Threadmarks: A note to a lost family…(prologue)

    To whomever it may concern: I'm not going to be sticking around this place while I start freezing in place like a statue. I'm going to be on a mountain or fighting BEARS or already dead when it happens and i REFUSE to just wither in this little town while people are going out in a blaze of...
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