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  1. Sonic Ramon

    Pokémon Mixturing Moves
    Threadmarks: Summary.

    Solark, a world of Pokemon with no humans. Living together in peace and harmony while improving society from preying on each other. Within this world lies Iris, a Dragonite who vows revenge on a Legendary that took the life of someone dear to her. She'll have friends along her travels and...
  2. canisaries

    Pokémon PMD: Demon (Oneshot)
    Threadmarks: PMD: Demon

    hello! this is that "pmd cop fic" i have been talking about on the discord. i'd been thinking about zoroark and watching a lot of rookie and this was kind of born from those. big thanks to @Ambyssin for betareading this one! your input was very valuable. this story is kind of teetering on the...
  3. canisaries

    Pokémon The Bringer
    Threadmarks: Author's Notes & Chapter One - Confession

    Hey everyone! Here we finally are. This story's been in the works for a good five years, but I just haven't been able to plan it out... until now. For those unaware, this is the sequel to Hunter, Haunted, my main story. It will also be the final sequel and the end of Red's story. Length is kind...
  4. canisaries

    Pokémon Vivarium (Oneshot)
    Threadmarks: Vivarium

    hello everyone! this is vivarium, a oneshot midquel of hunter, haunted that takes place between chapters 13 and 14. i'm putting it in its own thread to keep things more organized. if you're wondering whether you can read this if you haven't read hh, the answer is "sure, but don't expect...
  5. Sonic Ramon

    Pokémon P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N. (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Liberators of Fate Fan Oneshot)

    Disclaimer: As the title suggest, this is a fan oneshot of the PMD fanfic, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Liberators of Fate by Navarchu. All characters written in this oneshot belongs to Navarchu with the exception of the following: Vennel, Lars, Cecian, Horus, Zephyr, and Phantom. This oneshot will...
  6. BestLizard

    Pokémon PMD: Below
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Layla

    Below The world of Pokemon lives in a cruel underground world with no known escape. The heroes of Team Surface dream to reach the surface and embrace its mythicized freedom, but such adventure ensnares them in a sinister conspiracy surrounding the humans before them. Can they cut through the...
  7. canisaries

    Pokémon Hunter, Haunted
    Threadmarks: Author's Notes & Prologues

    EDIT (5th Sep 2023): A few weeks late to this announcement, but the thread to the sequel story is now up! If you finished HH and liked it, start reading. Otherwise, keep your paws off that link, because there are HH spoilers there! --- It has arrived. The subject of many a meme. The story the...
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