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Worldbuilding June


The Ghost Lord
The Yangverse
  1. reshiram
24. What places are still unexplored in your world?

Much of the galaxy is still unexplored by both Earthlings and The Pact, and much odf Pact space is unknown to Earthlings, and it is assumed vice versa. Very little is known about The Pact as a result aside from what I have described here.


The Ghost Lord
The Yangverse
  1. reshiram
25. What do people carry with them on a daily basis in your world?

Usually whatever they need for their given occupation or hobby. Among the Pact this is usually tools or weapons.


The Ghost Lord
The Yangverse
  1. reshiram
26. What sorts of art exist in your world?

The Earthling technological revolution has lead to an upswing of new art forms, such as holographic art and artistic AI shells - the second being AI fashion if you will. Older forms of art such as pixel art and video games have been fully accepted as art at this point.

The Pact, surprisingly, often adds artistic flourishes to their armor, weapons, and ships, often as a tribute of some sort to The Darkness.


Pokémon Trainer

Art's a broad term. Thus, I'll be talking about more than just paintings and such.

Painting, sculpture, interior design, architecture, furniture, graphic design, ceramics, glassware, silverware, metalware, theatre, film, cave art, stone architecture, and more are all present in headcanon. It also splits into more subcategories, such as ukiyo-e for painting. Posters fall under graphic design, but it's been only posters of real people(in-universe) in my fic so far. Idk if those would be drawings or photographs, but not all that's listed here are confirmed within the fic itself. So graphic design in the form of posters does exist either way.

As for art movements/art styles, and architectural styles, same rule applies. Not all of these are confirmed by name with the fic.

Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Modernism, Postmodernism, High-Tech, Neo-Futurist,
International Style, Metabolism, Gothic, Gothic Revival, Baroque, Rocco, Rocco Revival, Egyptian Revival(Caironian Revival) Classical, Neoclassical, New Classical, Palladian, Renaissance, Georgian, Traditionalism, Impressionism, Post-impressionism, and more exist within headcanon.

Here are 4 paintings that have been named in the fic via Valen's ability to read the names off like a grocery list. Plus, Rosa:

"Lugia’s Great Wave by Kamakura Hokusai, 1829." Reference to Katsushika Hokusai. This is the Pokemon world's version of The Great Wave off Kanagawa.
"The Sky Dragon's Domain by Braxton and Maya Birch, 1920." The former was an expert on the Draconid people, and the latter would've given Hoenn trainers their starters from the years 1921-1953.
"The Countryside by Jack Constable, 1821." Reference to John Constable. This is the Pokemon world's version of the The Hay Wain.
"Dragonspiral Tower by Thomas H. Castelia!" Painted in 1800, and he was also an architect, and sculptor, and a playwright

When a real life painter and painting are referenced together, the year coincides with the year of the painting, or one of the years.

Speaking of plays(and theatre) here's a list of what's been named within the fic.

Thomas H. Castelia: Two Brothers, The Ancient Ruler, First Champion, The Lucky Boy and Swords of Justice.
Henry J. Phenac: Red & Blue Rescue Team and Of Desert and Darkness.
Pierre Courtier: The Misguided King, The Misguided King's Successor, Forbidden Relationship, I Am Now A Honedge, and Where Have All Our Trainers Gone?

Here are five of the architects named within the fic, four of which are references:
Zaha Hammad. Reference to Zaha Hadid
Charles Leonard Corbusier. Reference to Le Corbusier
Antonio Palladio. Reference to Andrea Palladio
Alfio Rossi. Reference to Aldo Rossi.
Mikulas Tanaka. Father of a side canon cast member.


The Ghost Lord
The Yangverse
  1. reshiram
27. How do people get around in your world?

Faster Than Light travel has been mastered among both Earthlings and The Pact, making traveling between planets a breeze. It has its limits though - it can only be sustained in short spurts before needing to recharge, and trying to make a jump without exact coordinates will only lead to disaster.

Planetside things like hovercraft are usually used to get around. Strangely no one has mastered teleportation technology yet.

Shiny Phantump

Through Dream, I Travel
  1. sylveon
  2. absol-mega
  3. silvally-psychic
  4. custom/ninetales-phantump
  5. cosmog
  6. custom/gallade-phantump
How intelligent are pokemon in your world?

This varies heavily by species. A 1-10 classification scale, based on tests of things like object permanence, self-recognition and theory of mind is used as a guideline, though it's admitted by more or less everyone to be a rough guideline. A score of 1 is barely recognizable as alive, these are your Metapods and Kakuna. Anything below 4 is generally considered impractical to outright impossible to train in the conventional 'pokemon trainer' sense. (But they could still be a pet.)

4-5 is where you'll find things on the level of dogs and cats. A 5 should be able to recognize their reflection in the mirror as being them.

9 is human-adjacent. Here, you'll find species like Alakazam, Ninetales and Zoroark. Their intelligence is similar, albeit different from humans. They don't have language, but their communication is more nuanced and intelligent than lower levels. (Some in the scientific community argue psychic communication should be held as equal to language, since you don't really need any form of language to communicate ideas when you can communicate using your ideas themselves. Whether intelligent psychics are less communicative than humans is due to limitations of their means of communication or just out of difference in the desire/need for communication between species is disputed.)

10 is a rather theoretical group. The scale isn't meant to measure immortals, (read: the cool legendaries and mythicals,) which are the only known groups who would actually fall there. Because of that, there are no actual recognized category 10 species. That is, until Mewtwo gets free if Giovanni.

Category 10 is supposed to encompass the difference that allowed humans to build their society while Ninetales remain in more-or-less unchanging skulks after millennia. It requires things like the ability to change and adapt to new social structures on an individual level, as well as passing scientific knowledge to others. A category 10 species should be intelligent enough to theoretically be able to integrate into human society, or any other given society, if they had the desire to. (Now, that 'if' doesn't mean they'd actually have to integrate into human society, or that they'd have to like doing so, just that it shouldn't be beyond their mental abilities.)

Whether or not category 10 is properly delineated as to serve it's intended purpose, or whether it's purpose even draws a useful distinction outside of being 'human-centric bullshit' is disputed. If you ask two biologists a question about cat 10 classification you'll get at best three different answers, and at worst you'll get a fistfight.

The main practical purpose of the classification system is as a guideline for what it's morally acceptable to do with different species. A ninetales refusing human medical intervention because they don't want humans being involved in their skulk and would rather bestow their power upon a vulpix and pass away naturally than use unknown technology to artificially extend their own life will require a very different ethical approach than a lillipup who's hiding under the couch because the vet makes them kinda nervous.


The Ghost Lord
The Yangverse
  1. reshiram
28. How do people communicate with each other in your world?

Faster than light communication is ALSO a thing, and for Earthlings that takes the form of an intergalactic internet. This is the main form of communication for most people, and also powers various forms of technology.

The Pact seems to have something similar, but what it is like is more inscrutable; hacking into it has proved difficult.


The Ghost Lord
The Yangverse
  1. reshiram
29. What is the cycle of life and death in your world?

All Earthlings have had enhanced lifespans since the 21st century, especially the uplifted animals, which now have lifespans comparable to the humans and parahumans. AI are basically immortal and are programmed to cope with it.

Little is known about the lifespans of the Pact's component species, save that few live to their full potential in that regard.


Bug Catcher
This is for my Pokémon Story- Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Wildcard. You can read it here. Its still very much in the beginning stage, but I'm steadily working on it.

I didn’t have time to respond to each and every one of the questions on the Pokémon prompt, so I just went for the ones I had good answers for and seemed to be the most interesting.

Also… I usually don't like revealing a bunch of aspects of my story worlds before they're, y'know, revealed in the story itself, but my latest big update is taking way longer than I anticipated so I thought it'd be fun to tease some things about PMD Wildcard that won't be touched on for a while. Just to keep people interested and give them something to look forward to and perhaps even theorize over...

So here goes, some worldbuilding stuff about the world of PMD Wildcard! Please keep in mind that this is all very general and simplified information, and that there's a lot more to these elements in the actual story. I also won't give any major spoilers, so fear not! Here we go!

For simplicity’s sake, I’ve decided to just call the world in my story “Earth”. Its obviously a different version of Earth, but its still heavily based on it. Basically, the world of PMD Wildcard is a version of the Pokémon World seen in the games and anime- with certain aspects and major events in the history of the two being omitted, retconned or included at my discretion. And also set far into the future after an apocalypse of epic proportions. (Shockingly original, I know!) The world managed to survive the apocalypse and after a long period of uncertainty and suffering, it eventually recovered albeit altered forever in numerous different ways.

Its inhabited by real-world animals that we’re all familiar with, Humans, and of course, Pokémon.

Since the aforementioned apocalyptic event, most of the old Human civilizations of the world collapsed. Most major cities and towns were abandoned and withered away into overgrown ruin. A few signs of the old world remain here and there (such as sturdily-constructed buildings that were meant to last a long time), but for the most part they’re completely gone.

Upon their return to Earth, the first settlements that Humans constructed were sub-terranean. These initial settlements eventually expanded up to the surface, and transitioned into more traditional towns and cities over time. However, the sub-terranean settlements are still in active use in many cases.

Pokémon settlements began as primitive camps and villages, but eventually expanded to emulate Human towns and cities in many ways. This was because the Pokémon were inspired by what they discovered whenever they came across an old, abandoned Human settlement from the old world. Some are even composed of repurposed architecture and structures from old Human settlements, albeit with alternative uses in many cases. Of course, they also have a uniquely “Pokémon” charm to them with features that only they would come up with and appreciate. Pokémon settlement and architecture design also tends to be more considerate of nature- at least in most cases.

(I’m currently working on ideas for an official map of the Far Realms, but its still a ways off. As such, all of the locations mentioned in this post are subject to change.)

This world consists of pretty much all of the regions and continents featured in past Pokémon media, but the story mainly takes place in a region of my own creation known as the "Far Realms". The Far Realms is called this because its the furthest region (geographically) from every other major region. A vast ocean surrounds it on three sides, and it connects to the arctic region of the world to the North through a network of treacherous glaciers and frozen islands. It is incredibly diverse in both the geographical and biological sense.

The culture and atmosphere of this region are just as diverse as the climate. In the Old World, the Far Realms once functioned as a region similarly to those such as Kanto, Sinnoh, or Galar. However, the region was unique in the sense that it ended up being a melting pot of sorts, bringing together different people, Pokémon, animals, customs and cultures from all over the world. This led to those with distinct and different cultures settling in certain areas of the region, giving the whole region a sort of “world showcase” atmosphere with wildly varying architecture, customs, food, and traditions depending on the location.

The Far Realms are divided into 7 distinct “Realms”; Empyria, Astraia, Fortuna, Xanthera, Heloca, Rongyu, and Cymeria.

(Please bear in mind that I’m still developing some of these locations and most of them won’t be featured until later in the story. Forgive the sparse details on some of them!)

  • Considered to be the “central/main” realm out of the seven, as it contains the capitol of the Far Realms (and largest seaport), Union City.
  • Union City serves as the meeting point for the Council of Sovereigns- a council composed of the leaders (Sovereigns) of each Realm.
  • It can be thought of as a microcosm of the entire Far Realms.
  • Its lands are bordered by a huge wall on all sides, except for the South which connects to a large bay that leads into the ocean.
  • It happens to be the most active and important flashpoint in a region-wide turf-war between the two most notorious crime bosses in the Far Realms- Don Kazim and Papa Bongo.
  • Home to the most high-security prison in the Far Realms- Eisenfang Prison.
  • Realm that is heavily influenced by Mediterranean culture with its architecture and food.
  • Its most important industry is the mining of precious jewels and metals.
  • Its largest and most populous city is Jewelgate, which is a trading and business mecca for many professional and aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • It used to be a great center of intelligentsia and academia in the Far Realms- enough to rival Astraia, but in the last few hundred years it became more business oriented.
  • Perhaps the most troubled of the seven Realms.
  • Its a Realm that is a mix of Middle-Eastern and American Southwestern culture. The outer areas of the realm are fashioned more around American Western culture while the inner stretches of its deserts are more fashioned around Middle-Eastern culture.
  • It is arid and dry, with wide canyons and seas of sand dunes stretching for miles in every direction.
  • Water is a precious resource there, and several conflicts have arisen between settlements over the years because of it. Water pumps and natural reservoirs are rare there as well, meaning that most of the water for the Realm has to be shipped in or pumped from elsewhere.
  • It used to be the mining capitol of the Far Realms, until the mines there dried up and Fortuna supplanted its position.
  • Nowadays, it has the unsavory reputation of being home to innumerous outlaws, bandits and thieves, including the infamous Fata Morgana Thief Clan.
  • The Fata Morgana clan is structured like a monarchy in and of itself, with the “King/Queen of Thieves” at its head.
  • It has experienced multiple rebellions over the years.
  • In fact, it has such a history of rebellion and upheaval that Xanthera has been without a Sovereign for over three hundred years, and its seat at the Council of Sovereigns empty for just as long.
  • However, this may change due to the efforts of Lucien Morgana, who took power over the Fata Morgana clan after an internal schism and subsequent coup, as he seeks to restore what he calls “legitimacy” to Xanthera through his own methods.
  • Heavily-wooded realm with a calm yet mysterious atmosphere.
  • It contains the largest forest in the Far Realms, Illuveil Forest.
  • It hosts numerous prestigious universities and is considered to be the academic center of the Far Realms.
  • It is famous for producing many successful and notable scientists, scholars, and philosophers.
  • It also has the highest concentration of wealthy Pokémon out of all the other realms, with many posh mansions and estates dotting its landscape.
  • A cold realm full of frigid tundras, frosty pine forests and snowy mountains, and is the northernmost Realm out of the seven.
  • It connects the Far Realms to the Arctic region of the world far to the north through a network of ever-shifting, treacherous glaciers and frozen islands.
  • It also hosts the tallest mountain in the Far Realms- Mount Aurora.
  • An Asian-inspired realm that is full of wetlands, marshes, and misty mountains.
  • Its one of the more difficult realms to access due to it being isolated by a range of giant waterfalls.
  • The only way in or out of Rongyu is by boat or swimming.
  • Despite its isolated position, it happens to be the #1 producer of food out of all the realms due to its climate, rich soil and abundance of water.
  • A realm covered by dense jungles.
  • It is home to the Holocara Caldera- a dangerous volcanic area that contains the only active volcano in the Far Realms, Mount Salvo.
  • It has a small population of “advanced” Pokémon and Humans, but most of the inhabitants are considered Feral.

The Pokémon of this world are for the most part, just as intelligent as Humans. They can speak complex languages, build cities, harness technology, make scientific discoveries, create art, and run various settlements, businesses and governments.

However, there is also a sizable population of Pokémon who adhere to a more primitive and natural lifestyle. They are sometimes referred to as Ferals. They reject technology and live in smaller, (sometimes nomadic) tribal settlements and dens as opposed to large cities or built-up villages. Some of them are very hostile to those outside of their communities and are liable to attack them. In the Far Realms, these Pokémon tend to mostly live in Cymeria.

Something that is vastly different from canon Pokémon media is that in this world, Pokémon are generally thought of and treated less like animals and are seen as being somewhat halfway between Humans and wild animals. This has led to them being classified as neither, and are instead referred to as “Monsters”. There will be many times in the story when a Pokémon character will casually refer to themselves as a monster (or mon for short). However, it isn’t meant to be a disparaging term. (Think of how the term is used in Undertale, for example.)

The world that PMD Wildcard takes place in is, essentially, is a slightly different version of the world in the Pokémon games and anime but far, far, far into the future (relative to present day).

The world was faced with a reckoning of apocalyptic proportions in the 21st century (the details of which I'm not going to divulge yet). This resulted in the world changing forever, with the old world seen in the anime and games dying a slow and painful death. Human civilization all but fell but most Pokémon managed to endure through the hardships that followed, eventually forming their own societies and civilizations as countless years went by. There is a reason why Humans and Pokémon separated during this time, but I’ll only be revealing that reason in the story itself. Humans were able to survive by the skin of their teeth with the help of a certain alternate dimension, and spent thousands of years there before finally returning to the recovering Earth and establishing new civilizations roughly based on their old ones. However, this put them at odds with Pokémon, who had since evolved in intelligence and ambition… The rough estimate for how much time has passed since the apocalyptic event and the year in which the story begins would most likely be anywhere between 500,000 and 1 million years.

The more recent history of the world is something I’ll have to decline to comment on, as doing so would spoil major aspects of the story…


Rangers are for lack of a better term, mercenaries and bounty hunters that take on jobs related to defense, scouting, and even rescue in exchange for monetary compensation. Rangers and Ranger teams act autonomously, picking and choosing jobs wherever and whenever they see fit.

But first, Rangers have to be successfully tested and registered to even start work at all. New Rangers are tested and registered by a representative from the G.R.A. that works at one of the many Exam Sites, who then enters them into the database and grants them their Ranger Badge. Once they are accredited, they will receive a unique Emblem that goes on the front of their badge, signifying their class. Rangers must display their badge and class at all times for accountability reasons. They aren't required to display their rank.

However, Rangers don't participate in formal conflicts between different countries, because it goes against their "Code". This "Code" was adopted by all who wish to call themselves Rangers once the Global Ranger Association (G.R.A.) decided upon it.

The G.R.A. is run by a council of Admins. These Admins oversee all Ranger and Stationmaster and Guildmaster activity in a specific region.

There are 3 types of Rangers; Guild, Rogue, and Independent.

Guild Rangers belong to a specific Guild, and are restricted to operating only within that Guild's Realm. For instance, a Ranger that belongs to a Guild in Fortuna can only operate within Fortuna. However, there are some occasions when Guild Rangers will be given special permission to take on a job outside of their normal area of operation. All new Rangers (Bronze Rank) must work for a Guild until they reach Silver Class. This is because the GRA wants to keep an eye on all new Rangers, both for their and society's benefit. Once they reach Silver Class, they can either stay with the Guilds or become Independent.

Rogue Rangers belong to a "Rogue Guild", which isn't officially recognized by the GRA, and as such is branded a criminal organization. They are akin to shadowy organizations. They are much less bureaucratic and have much lower standards, but the profits are much higher. This is because they lack just about any oversight on the nature of the jobs they offer, as well as who they come from. Instead of going to the Ranger Station, the reward goes straight to the Ranger or Ranger Team, who then give a cut to the Guildmaster. Rogue Rangers obviously don't like to call attention to themselves or their actions, so they make an effort to appear like normal Rangers.

Independent Rangers are Rangers that do not belong to any Guild and must take on appropriately-classed jobs from job boards at various Ranger Stations in order to get by. Only Silver Class Rangers and above are able to operate as Independent Rangers.

All Rangers, Guild, Rogue, and Independent are all able to make use of Ranger Stations, smaller outposts and offices that are the source of all jobs that Rangers are able to take on. They all compete for the same jobs, and depending on their type, they will be able to take more on from their work. (Independents make less, while Guild members make more). In order to accept a job, the Ranger must choose one of appropriate rank and use their Badge to confirm it.

Ranger Teams

Each team name is unique, as it becomes a recognizable brand of sorts when advertising their services.

However, competition is fierce in this field, and even though they are free to travel and take jobs from anywhere they want, rival companies, teams, and Guilds will often get into territorial disputes or skirmishes. The G.R.A. highly discourages this behavior, but it can only do so much to stop it entirely. If fights break out, then the authorities of the region have permission to take action against the Rangers responsible for it, and the G.R.A. can do little about it.

Sometimes, jobs may require 2 or more Ranger teams to complete, and some may even require a large squad of teams to complete.

If a Ranger operates alone, they are considered an "Independent Ranger".

If there are two or more Rangers acting together, they are considered a "Ranger Team".

Ranger Teams can break off into sub-groups, with different combinations of members taking on different missions while contributing to the team as a whole.

Ranger Class and Rank

Ranger Class refers to an individual Ranger's level of experience at being a Ranger. This also determines which class of job they are allowed to take on. For instance, a Bronze-Class Ranger cannot take on a Silver-Class job unless they have one Silver-Class Ranger accompanying them, and so on. Each successful job that a Ranger completes will help raise them to the next Class. Rangers don't have to be the same Class to be in a Team together. They are standard for all Independent Rangers and Teams:





Ranger Rank refers to an individual Ranger's and Team's standing in regards to all other Rangers and Teams. Rank is a bit more complicated to calculate. All Rangers and Teams start at the very bottom when they're new. Not only does a Ranger's Class increase when they have successful jobs, but their Rank will as well. Every single Ranger has two Ranks. However, the one that is acknowledged at any given time depends on what type of Ranger they are. If they are Independent, then they are listed according to the Independent Rankings, and the same is true for the other cases. However, that doesn't mean that one's Rank will remain the same if they switch between modes. Both of a Ranger's Ranks will fluctuate accordingly, meaning that if an Independent Ranger that is Rank 34 in the world joins a Team, then there is no guarantee that they will remain at Rank 34 for Independent Rangers. Their peers could continue being Independent and will be climbing the Ranks while he/she inevitably falls behind. If that Ranger were to return to being an Independent Ranger a year later, they might find that they have fallen a good few Ranks. It is also important to note that if a Ranger isn't currently a member of a Team, then their Rank for those modes will be nonexistent. Rangers adopt the Rank of whatever Team they join. So, if an Independent Rank 56 Ranger joins a Rank 13 Team, then they will be collectively referred to as a Rank 13 Team, and their individual Rank will not be viable and will lay dormant unless they become an Independent Ranger again.

Ranger Stations

Ranger Stations are basically neutral bases and safehouses for any certified Ranger that wishes to make use of their facilities. They were initially independently set up by the G.R.A., and serve as hubs of activity for Rangers, and a link between them and the populations they serve. All jobs for Rangers submitted from the community are posted only at these stations on moderated job boards, and the Rangers must collect their reward for a successful job from the staff at the station. Stations turn a profit and pay for their beneficial features by taking a portion of earnings from each successful job completed by the Rangers that use their services. There is also a chance that the G.R.A. will feel that it is necessary to mobilize all Rangers in a specific area in response to a large threat or special event like a tournament. If this occurs, then the Rangers called will meet at the nearest Ranger Station for briefing and further details.

The services offered by Ranger Stations include recruitment, certification, job boards, reward collection, temporary lodging, food, and acting as meeting places.

There are also listings of locally-active criminals on job boards, which are able to be scanned by Ranger Badges so they can keep the information on hand. These jobs are separate from client-given jobs, and are supervised by the authorities in each Station's jurisdiction.

Those who run the Ranger Stations are called Stationmasters.

Legal Guilds

Legal Guilds are Ranger Guilds that are officially sanctioned and recognized by the Global Ranger Association (GRA). They are also officially recognized by the Realms that they operate out of. This recognition comes in handy for them, as it increases their reputation among potential clients. This is because clients generally prefer vetted and reliable Rangers to Independent Rangers.

If accepted to a Guild, Rangers will be able to access many different benefits, such as; access to lodging and amenities as long as they remain a member, a lower rate of fees paid to the GRA, access to the Guild Ranking System, exclusive access to Ranked Jobs, and access to the Guild grounds. Any Ranger can also only have one Guild Membership at any given time. If they desire to join another Guild, they must first formally leave their original Guild before trying out for the next one.

One big perk of belonging to a Guild is having a Guild Rank as well as access to Ranked Jobs, which are gated off depending on the rank of a Ranger. For instance, a B-Rank Ranger in a certain Guild cannot take on an A-Rank job without special permission. Otherwise, they will have to be promoted. However, Independent Rangers cannot take on any Ranked jobs at all, and must stick with Unranked Jobs.

It is also not uncommon for Legal Guilds to collaborate with one another on projects. There are also a lot of instances of inter-Guild collaboration between Teams of Rangers to promote friendly competition and cooperation.

Legal Guilds also have exclusive rights to participate in the Guild Games.

Heirarchy in the Legal Guild System

• The Ranger Heirarchy goes; Chairman, Administrator (Council), Guildmaster (Council), Guild Captain, Team Leader, and Individual Rangers.

The Chairman is the person in charge of all Administrators throughout the world.

The Administrators preside over certain regions of the world. They all serve on a council below the Chairman. Administrators are hand-picked by the Chairman. (For example; Horus the Slowking is the Admin of the Far Realms.)

Likewise, the Guildmasters of all Legal Guilds are on a council of their own that answer to the Administrator of the region.

Then, the Guild Captains serve the Guildmaster, and hold sway over Team Leaders. They do not have any councils of their own.

Team Leaders are only in charge of their own teams. They do not have any councils of their own.

Rogue Guilds

Rogue Guilds are more akin to shadowy organizations and gangs rather than respected organizations. They operate unofficially, and aren't ordained by the GRA, making them illegal organizations. In essence, they act as both Guilds and Ranger Stations in one.

Through the hacking of the Nexus System, they have complete access to all Ranked and Unranked jobs in any given region.

One defining difference between Legal and Rogue Guilds is that Rogue Guilds lack much of the oversight and regulation that Legal Guilds have. Legal Guilds are very much concerned about their reputation and operating within the confines of the law, while Rogue Guilds are mainly only concerned about profit and power. A Legal Guild will certainly expel someone if they commit an unjust murder, but Rogue Guilds will look the other way. In addition to less rules, they also have lower standards regarding who can join. All it takes is an oath of loyalty and confirmation that they completed the initial test to become a Ranger as well as the required training program, and they're very likely to get accepted. This is because Rogue Guilds are dangerous, and often allow less-experienced Rangers take on jobs not suited for them, leading to a high mortality rate. This means that only the toughest Rangers can survive in a Rogue Guild.

If it is discovered that a Ranger is participating in a Rogue Guild, they will most likely be banned from entering any Legal Guilds, and they will be put on trial before the GRA. They may even lose their Ranger Badge entirely. For this reason, Rogue Guilds and their members are very secretive.

One of the aims of the Rogue Guilds is to counter the bureaucracy and high standards of the Legal Guilds and the GRA in general by giving those that the Guilds shunned for one reason or another a fighting chance to make it as a Ranger. In this way, they see themselves as champions of the average Ranger, while the Guilds are elitist in comparison. They say that they don't believe in the GRA's ways of restricting work through labels, titles, and ranks, and they want everyone to have a fair shot. In fact, there are many average citizens that see the Rogue Guilds as a good thing, whether its because they agree that everyone should have a fair shot, because they will still get the job done for the right price, etc. However, their critics come back and say that they leech off of the GRA's underbelly by swiping jobs meant for those who worked hard enough to earn them, using their badges to benefit themselves while spitting in the face of the GRA, etc.

The Guildmasters of Rogue Guilds don't serve on any council, and usually refrain from working with other Rogue Guilds.

As anticipated, there is a lot of conflict between the Legal and Rogue Guilds, with the Rogue Guilds trying to undermine the Legal Guild system while the Legal Guilds attempt to crush the Rogue Guilds, but not so much between them and Independent Rangers, who prefer to focus on advancing their careers and staying clear of Ranger politics.

Meat is consumed in this world as both Pokémon and Humans raise livestock and catch fish just like we do in our world (albeit on a smaller scale). Pokémon are not a stand-in for animals in this world so there are both animals and Pokémon.

Oh boy... Here we go!


Pokémon moves are techniques that can be used by all Pokémon as long as they take the time to learn and Master them. Types do not dictate what moves a Pokémon can learn, only their stage of evolution. However, types WILL dictate what moves are effective against which Pokémon and how easy a move is to learn.

For instance, a Fire-type Pokémon can eventually learn how to use an Ice move, but it will take a long, long time to learn and its power wouldn't be that great.


Aura is a life force that resides in all living beings. It is unique to each individual being, and comes from within them. Its color shows their emotions. It can also be described as spirit energy, as it is what all spirits/souls are made out of.

Aura cannot be seen by the naked eye- only by certain Pokémon and Humans that have trained themselves to be able to see it. Riolu, Lucario, Meditite, Medicham, Xerneas, Yveltal, Darkrai, and Arceus are the only Pokémon able to see Aura from the beginning. Any other beings must train for the ability to see or use Aura. If seen, it appears as a radiating, plasma-like flame that follows the shape of the owner's body. It can appear in many colors, denoting a person's current state of mind and physical condition. All Aura has a dark blotch at their center, which is called "Negative Aura" or "Shadow", and is representative of all of the negative emotions a being experiences.

A Soul can be weak or powerful depending on the being, and the state they are in. The Soul also feeds off of its owner's actions, and inversely influences them in turn. For example, if a person is feeling depressed, their core of Shadow will begin to slowly grow. This will start to effect the rest of their Soul, causing a snowballing effect that will make them feel even worse off than before.


Gaia is a magical energy that flows throughout the Earth itself. It is made up of Aura/soul energy of spirits that have long since passed on, and aren't tethered to the plane of the living. This phenomenon is referred to by experts as the "Aura Cycle". It is rainbow-colored and runs along Gaia-Lines. It can be interacted with in a variety of ways.

For instance, by combining the power of Aura and Gaia, a Pokémon can temporarily obtain new abilities. This is Synergy.

Gaia is also what fuels the activation of Magnagates.

The foundation of Gaia energy was Arceus' life force, which now flows throughout the planet.

A Gaia Tree grows on every major continent and region. It is the hub for all Gaia Lines on a continent.


Synergy is the name of a temporary form of energy that can be harnessed by beings with Aura when they combine it with Gaia. The user's body is used as a conductor for Gaia. Gaia Stones are used by novices while they're still trying to learn how to harness Gaia and combine it with their own Aura. When harnessed, the energy takes on a rainbow hue and a field of multicolored light will glow around the user, creating a Synergy Burst. If a Pokémon with a Mega Evolution goes into a Synergy Burst, then they will Mega Evolve. Users must be careful though, since so much energy coursing through their bodies creates an enormous mental and physical strain, meaning that no one can hold a state of Synergy forever. Training is necessary to truly harness its power.

Synergy is also nicknamed "Infinity Energy", since it supposedly has limitless potential.

Gaia Stones are naturally formed near wherever large veins of Gaia are present, and are most commonly found in the depths of Mystery Dungeons.

Synergy can potentially be used to manipulate some aspects of Mystery Dungeons. It is also used to dispel, as well as create them. A skilled Synergy master has the ability to literally craft Dungeons of their own design.

There are 4 levels of Synergy;

○ Act 1: The user's five senses will be heightened, and they will be able to manipulate devices or concepts related to Synergy.

○ Act 2: The user's defense, attack and agility will be heightened.

○ Act 3: The user will be able to utilize extra, special moves.

○ Act 4/Mega: If the user has a Mega form, then they will Mega Evolve.

Mega Evolution:

Mega Evolution is an enhanced state of being and a state of temporary evolution. In order to enter a Mega state, the Pokémon in question must emit enough Synergy by doing a Synergy Burst in order to temporarily evolve. While in this state, Pokémon experience increased power, defense, speed, and accuracy. Their senses become heightened, but it also comes at a price. Mega evolved Pokémon without enough practice in their Mega form will find themselves in danger of going into a berserk state, where they lose all control of their actions and are overcome by the sheer power coursing through them. If they reach this state, they are in danger of fainting or even dying from overexertion. However, if they are able to control it then they'll be able to be ever more powerful.

Gaia Stones:

Gaia Stones are round, multicolored gems that are formed at the centers of Mystery Dungeons where the concentration of Gaia is the highest. Since they are formed by Gaia itself, they make great conductors of Synergy. They can be cut into much smaller pieces as well.


Shadow is a general term used to describe the deep black core of most souls. It is plainly visible within someone's Aura. Shadow is the representation of a being's negative emotions. If someone has very little Shadow, they are likely very kind, have a positive outlook on life and the world, have little to no regrets, feel little guilt, and have a healthy mindset. However, its important to note that this isn't a relative effect. Shadow all depends on how the individual that contains it views their life and the world around them. For instance, if a serial killer loves what he does and has no regrets about murdering people, then he very well might have a pure white Aura displayed from his soul. The "Light" and "Dark" portions of anyone's Soul wax and wane depending on how the person themselves feels, and isn't relative to any broader notions of "good" or "evil".

Battles between Pokémon are much faster and more chaotic than in the anime and games. Sometimes all it takes is a single, well-timed or placed hit and an opponent will go down. It depends on the specific Pokémon as well as their strength, resistances and willpower. They are also less likely to remain confined to one specific area, and have a tendency to shift into moving fights. They also have a tendency to involve melee or ranged weapons such as swords, axes, spears, maces, boomerangs, slingshots and crossbows- used in concert with their moves.

Mystery Dungeons are formed when the flow of Gaia in a certain area becomes erratic and irregular, causing a buildup before it leaks out of the Gaia Lines and into the surrounding environment. The immense energy causes space itself to warp, changing natural landscapes into otherworldly labyrinths.

These Dungeons are also influenced by the Gaia once made up of the Aura of the deceased. The intentions and emotional resonant energy left by all of their spirits, good or evil are able to shape and influence the makeup of the Dungeon.

Because Gaia leaks from the Earth and into Mystery Dungeons, dangerous beings known as Voids are likely to spawn. These Voids are amalgamations made up of the negative Aura of spirits that once joined the flow of Gaia like any other spirits, but escaped due to the emergence of the Dungeon.

In some areas of Mystery Dungeons, Gaia Stones are able to be found as they are naturally occurring in them.

  • Usually operate in crews/gangs containing anywhere between 10 to 100’s of members.
  • Every group has a unique name and a reputation to go with it.
  • Have a tendency to engage in bulk robbery- not usually interested in specific individuals or small plunders.
  • Utilize brutal tactics and prefer to overwhelm their opponents with strength and numbers as opposed to strategy.
  • Specialize in attacking travelers, convoys and ships as well as blockading ports and towns, extortion of smaller, more vulnerable communities, and sometimes acting as mercenary fighters for the highest bidder.
  • Operate alone or in very small groups.
  • Are usually only after a single treasure or artifact at a time.
  • Prefer stealthy methods to achieve their aims rather than brute force.
  • Are often very crafty and patient.
  • Very skilled and often think highly of themselves in comparison to common bandits or pirates.
  • They have a sense of honor, sophistication and heritage among them- particularly with those who belong to one of many Thief Clans.
  • Anyone who has a bounty on their head for crimes committed against others.
  • They are usually loners, but may gather a small posse of cohorts to help them.
  • Their threat-level determines their bounty.
  • Prone to moving around a lot, never staying in one place for too long.
Feral Pokémon:
  • Most don’t know how to speak the same languages that more “modern” Pokémon do.
  • Extremely territorial and tribalist.
  • Communication is extremely difficult between them and those they don’t trust.
  • Are prone to attacking anyone if they encroach too far into their territory.
  • Are very difficult to reason with.
  • Amorphous creatures of pure shadow that indiscriminately drain the Aura of their victims.
  • They have varying levels of intelligence, with the more intelligent ones holding influence over the less intelligent ones.
  • Most are single-minded in their pursuit of new Aura to absorb.
  • Greatly vary in both shape and size, and can transform their bodies at will.

Legendary Pokémon (and by extension Mythicals) are handled a bit different than usual in this world. Instead of there being only one member of each Legendary species, there are several of them. For instance, there are several different individual Mew, Groudon, Rayquaza, Zeraora, Zamazenta, etc. However, it depends on the species. There is still only one Arceus, for example. That being said, these species are still considered extremely rare and thus retain their “Legendary” status.

And there you have it! That's all I can share for now, but I'll definitely have a lot more to say for the next Worldbuilding June. Let me know what you think!
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30. Who’s important in your world?

Now, this answer will be a bit unusual.

One would think I would highlight the council members or celebrities or scientists or what have you. But instead I want to highlight the unusual visitors to this world - gods of old, stranded in this strange future where people have forgotten them.

The ones I have talked to extensively include:


Amaterasu: Once one of the primary goddesses of the Shinto religion. Stern, serious. Very old-fashioned dresser. Is the most desperate to get back home.


Zeus: Once head of the Greek pantheon. Laid back, relaxed, kind of, what's the word the human kids use, a shithead. Horny but that should be obvious.


Odin: Once head of the Norse pantheon. The wisest and most composed of the group, and - what's that OTHER thing the human kids say - the mom friend. Has removed his one eye to a place of safekeeping and replaced it with two glass eyes tied to his ravens.


Satan: Not a god, but directly opposed to one once. The absolute worst, the most awful being in existence, seems to exist only to make everyone else miserable - or does he? I'm detecting hints of change in this fellow.

isis_portrait.pngIsis: Once one of the Egyptian pantheon. The other "mom friend" but more of a worrier than Odin is - especially since she's trying to find Osiris.


Ishtar: Once one of the main members of the Mesopotamian pantheon, sometimes known by other names. Shrewd, cunning, sometimes as cruel as satan, sometimes as horny as Zeus, but still knows when to help.

These and more are trying to get back to Earth. Trying to figure out what happened to them. Trying to figure out what has really been going on with this world. As someone who has been trying to figure out much the same, I wish them luck.


Hey it's Umbra, I'm back! This was a fun world to expand upon - and again, it sorely needed it - so I'm glad I got to share it with you all! Gods Of Earth here is a project largely intended to be a weird conceptual mashup of Okami, Halo, and Paper Mario, and it feels good to share... well a good chunk of what that's like, since again some stuff isn't evident in the worldbuilding or what I publicly share of it. But it was super fun as always and can't wait to see you next year!

...And now. Back to the Artfight grind. T I M E F O R P A I N


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It's not June anymore, but take some worldbuilding anyway!!

  1. What are battles like in your world?

I actually talked about this near when I first came to this forum! I went ahead and edited it a little bit to be more accurate for what I'm thinking now, but here you go.

  1. How do battle items work in your world? TMs?

I have never been able to figure out TMs, lol. I generally just take TM moves as moves some Pokemon of a certain species can use with above-average practice.

With things like Choice items... got no clue. I did once mention an Eviolite, and I think I can use I also have the idea that type-boosting moves like Mystic Water and Charcoal are specially created in a kind of dedicated art form. People craft these items and there's some kind of Pokemon-world science that explains how they boost moves.

  1. What jobs do pokémon work in your world?

Whatever they want! Of course in human society Pokemon especially nonhumanoid ones face big discrimination but shhhhhh

  1. How does the PC or post system work in your world?

The PC system does not exist. The kind of closest interpretation I have is that Pokemon will go into their pokeball to be more easily teleported to far places.

  1. What role do legendaries play in your world?

Hmmm, varies. Legendaries are definitely, inarguably real. It's simply treated as history that Arceus hatched from an egg and created the world with seventeen arms yada yada. On a broad level though, the proven existence of legendaries doesn't mess with things too much. Many of the first people are extremely powerful but also basically incomprehensible from the mundane world. Some people treat these People view some of the more incomprehensible, detached Legendaries in various ways. Some people treat them as deities, being the origins of the world and the driving forces of our universe, but these Pokemon can't confirm or deny anything (being inunderstandable forces of existence). Some people just view these Pokemon as powerful forces; they have a massive effect on our world, sure, but they don't really have more concern for modern life than the sun. So, in this version of Pokemon, it's basically a question between theism and deism.

(Also, though the origin of the planet and universe is known, 20 millennia is still plenty of time for details to be lost so that people will try to find them. And, not every answer is known. What happens after death? No one knows, but there are plenty of theories with many followers.)

Of course, that only applies to the big, powerful legendaries like Arceus, the Lake Spirit Trio, etc. There are other Legendary Pokemon who are closer to the current world. Some of these Legendaries are basically just people who happen to be very, very powerful. For example, Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos are very powerful and live for centuries, but not much separates them from other Pokemon besides.

Other Pokemon are mystical in origin and may have powerful roles set for them, but they are still pretty relatable as people. For example, the Swords of Justice have mysterious origins and have an inborn sense of duty to protect Unova, but they still have comprehensible personalities. Compare with the Kami Trio who are more like manifestations of Unova's weather. They, um, aren't so comprehensible. You could ask the Swords of Justice, "Hey, are you deities who would be appropriate to worship?" and the Pokemon would be able to give you a basically understandable answer. If you asked one of the Kami Trio, not so much.

For the most part, more personable Legendaries are treated as other Pokemon. Just... way more powerful. The more incomprehensible Legendaries, if they have a physical presence in the world, are treated more like volcanos or the sun. They are noted and respected--some people give them religious significance--but can't be treated as other beings would.
WBJ 2022 Prompts


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Worldbuilding June 2022
hi everyone. i am once again regretfully reporting that Worldbuilding June is not being officially hosted this year by its runners, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun. below is the latest official prompt list, as well as the pokémon-specific worldbuilding prompts i provided last year. the pokémon prompts should be appropriate for any pokémon headcanon, including trainerverse, pmd, and beyond.
  1. Tell us about your world.
  2. What’s the Geography of your world?
  3. Who lives in your world?
  4. What’s its history? (How did it come to be?)
  5. What sorts of civilizations and architecture fill your world?
  6. How does gender & sexuality work in your world?
  7. How does the economy work in your world?
  8. Who rules in your world?
  9. What religion and cosmology exists in your world?
  10. What traditions are observed in your world?
  11. What’s language like in your world?
  12. What fauna inhabit your world?
  13. What flora covers your world?
  14. What do people eat in your world?
  15. What technology is used in your world?
  16. What magic exists in your world?
  17. What’s medicine and healthcare like in your world?
  18. What is clothing and fashion like in your world?
  19. How are wars fought in your world?
  20. What sorts of weapons & armor are used in your world?
  21. What do people do for work in your world?
  22. What do people do for fun in your world?
  23. What’s the sky like in your world?
  24. What places are still unexplored in your world?
  25. What do people carry with them on a daily basis in your world?
  26. What sorts of art exist in your world?
  27. How do people get around in your world?
  28. Who’s important in your world?
  29. How do people communicate with each other in your world?
  30. What is the cycle of life and death in your world?
  1. Tell us about your world.
  2. What's the geography of your world/region?
  3. How intelligent are pokémon in your world?
  4. What are some major events in the history of your world?
  5. Who are some famous people and pokémon in your world?
  6. What do pokémon families and relationships look like in your world?
  7. How do money and the economy work in your world?
  8. Who rules in your world?
  9. What religions and myths/legends are exist in your world?
  10. What traditions are observed in your world?
  11. What are some ways people communicate with pokémon in your world, or pokémon with each other?
  12. What is the gym circuit or adventuring organization like in your world?
  13. How have pokémon powers contributed to the technology of your world?
  14. What's your answer to "the meat question"?
  15. What technology is used in your world? (Think poké balls and poké gear, or orbs/seeds/scarves etc.)
  16. From where do pokémon get their power in your world? (Tell me about your Infinity Energy, Aura, or speculative scientific headcanons.)
  17. What’s medicine and healthcare like in your world?
  18. What is clothing and fashion like in your world?
  19. What does war look like in your world? If there is none, why not?
  20. How do battle items work in your world? TMs?
  21. What jobs do pokémon work in your world?
  22. What do people do for fun in your world?
  23. What are battles like in your world?
  24. What are the routes/mystery dungeons in your world like?
  25. What do people carry with them on a daily basis in your world?
  26. What sorts of art exist in your world?
  27. How do people get around in your world?
  28. What are some of the dangers of your world?
  29. How does the PC or post system work in your world?
  30. What role do legendaries play in your world?
if these prompts feel a little stale to you, feel free to create your own and share them with us, or even just share arbitrary bits of worldbuilding throughout the month however you wish! good luck to everyone and happy worldbuilding!


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Umbra here, before I hand it off to The World Wanderer here are some notes:

One, this is gonna be kinda casual since I'm juggling other things, and two, it's gonna be a bit of a twofer.

See, for the longest I wanted to do the two main Pokemon settings I work with: My fanfic universe the Yangverse and the RP universe of we Are All Pokemon Trainers, or WAAPT for short. But then my buddy Spiteful Murkrow pointed out the two universes are pretty similar - the Yangverse was birthed both in and out of universe from the WAAPT universe and has a lot of similar DNA. So what I'm gonna do is start with a few notes about the Yangverse then segway into how, or if the WAAPTverse is different. Cool? Cool. The World Wanderer will take it away tomorrow! PREPARE FOR POKEMONS


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  1. reshiram
2. What’s the Geography of your world?

World wanderer here! I have visited many universes inhabited by the strange and wonderful creatures called Pokemon, but here I am focusing on two in particular that seem to ber closely in intertwined. I will call them Universe A (Yangverse) and Universe 1 (WAAPT) henceforth.

The geography of both surprisingly resembles that of "Earth" universes to a degree, with regions like Unova resembling New York City, or Angela resembling part California, or Galar resembling the UK. Yet there are many exceptions - the region of Ransei is shaped like a local creator deity!

Overall both worlds are Earth-shaped in places.


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Tell us about your world.
Hey! Just wanted to participate in this because I have something in the works that I would like some input on.

It’s pretty much the canon PMD universe, but in a much more modern time—like our present. Concrete streets, skyscrapers with glass windows, traffic, smartphones, internet, pop stars and rockstars and everything else we have. History classes will mention the events of the four games, even sometimes being regarded as legends. And I’m thinking about having the main villain having a plan to ‘optimize prosperity’, which would basically be removing all negativity from everyone at the cost of their freedom to think and act by themselves. And every human before the main protagonist tried to stop that plan, but failed, so it’s up to the current one to go for it.


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  1. reshiram
3. Who lives in your world?

As usual with these kinds of worlds, there are the creatures called Pokemon. They come in a staggering array of shapes and sizes and are sorted into multiple elemental types.

There are also humans here; they are similar to humans on Earths and such but noticeably more durable and with more exotic than normal hair and eye colors.

Universe 1 has more out there creatures on occasion, including intruders from other universes and most notably the nefarious Glitches, which are either products of mad science or ancient, primordial beings


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What is clothing and fashion like in your world?
Since it’s a modern setting, Pokémon have the choice to either let their fur, scales or feathers cover them (there are Pokémon whose bodies evoke the imagery of clothes, like Gardevoir, Lucario, Scrafty and Delphox, after all) or they can opt to be fashionable with hats, jackets, pants and some other accessories.

Speaking of clothes, in some cases, like Machoke, they don’t just spontaneously appear upon evolving (personally, I always had this bias against Machoke suddenly wearing a speedo and looking too human). They can stay naked if they want since there’s nothing dirty showing. You could consider them as being in touch with the wilderness or something.

Clothes seem to be more popular among bipedal folk, even those that aren’t too humanoid.


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4. What’s its history? (How did it come to be?)

The most notable creation myth for these universe involves Arceus and its six children, and it's the same one that's consistent across most Pokemon timelines. However in both these universes there's a further wrinkle to the tale.

After doing some deep research it turns out that a set of plane tickets to Unova has somedegree of cosmic significance in Universe 1. Those tickets were then said to directly lead to the creation of the Arceus in Universe A thanks to six heroes. Goodness, more research is needed!


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What jobs do pokémon work in your world?
Since it’s an urban world, Pokémon work the same jobs you’d see, like janitors, chefs, teachers and doctors.

The police force is pretty much a modern version of the exploration teams you see in canon. Its bulletin board in HQ organizes escort missions, wanted posters and special events.


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What are the mystery dungeons in your world like?
They can be anywhere, even inside buildings. Any big place you can imagine can have a door or hallway leading to a Mystery Dungeon.

An arcade, a basement, a secret passageway in a hedge maze, a museum, a network of alleyways on the street… It doesn’t matter if the place is abandoned or still running. There is always a door or passageway leading to a Mystery Dungeon that can be found by observant eyes. Many criminals hide in the final floors of these places since the public can’t normally see them.
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