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Destiny Tower

R5 - Looking for a Favor (Nate and Arceus)
  • Negrek

    Live by the Sword
    Destiny Tower wasn't exactly easy to ignore--you could see it no matter where you went, out there being all tall and glowy and shit. Kinda put thoughts of divine intervention in your head, whether that was usually the kind of thing you went in for or not.

    It was fucking stupid, of course. The Arceus cult didn't have the greatest reputation in Kanto, and hell, nobody even knew that an arceus existed in Nate's world. Plus the guy seemed like kind of a prick and not even all that powerful, if he couldn't just scour whatever was causing bullshit around here off the face of the planet himself. On the other hand, wasn't every day you got the chance to hang with a fucking maybe-god, and if you had a problem... why the fuck wouldn't you at least see if he could solve it?

    Climbing the hill outside of town was a rough enough process by itself. The incline wasn't as bad when you had four feet, but it took a fucking age when those feet were only a few inches apart. By the time Nate had dragged himself under the fucking massive entry arch, he was panting and snarling curses under his breath, not to mention plenty ready for a fucking nap. Which was when he saw the motherfucking stairs. "Oh, fuck me," Nate said, staring at the staircase that spiraled up and up out of sight. Forget that shit. He made instead for the pool of light nearby. Maybe it was a teleporter or something. Standing in the middle of it, squinting up into the glare, he yelled, "Hey! Anybody home?"
    R6 – Post-Boss 5 – Return From the Reverse World
  • Namohysip

    Dragon Enthusiast
    By some miracle, they had escaped. Maple had conjured some energy into Bahamut to flee the Reverse World, and despite the resistance and the chaos, they had done it. The team fell out of the portal and into wherever Maple had directed them to flee with her power--and it turned out to be the base of Destiny Tower.

    Beaten, battered, burned, Shadowed, Radiated, the team all had done injury or two to their name. The Blacklight Dragon lay unconscious and perhaps the most injured of them all, still unmoving, but its aura was calmer than before.

    Arceus wasted no time appearing in the pillar of light at the center of the tower's ground floor. "Yo," he said in a halfhearted routine as he drifted to the group. His eyes darted about, every single one, and then he nodded. "Nice. You've got everyone with you. Ten outta ten."
    R6 - Bahamut Visits Maple New
  • Ambyssin

    am i spoopy?
    There was some sort of party going on, but Bahamut wasn't showing up. What point was there? It wasn't like his teammates liked him and it wasn't like the environment would help change that. Certainly not with the stone having become an enchanted spirit. So, he padded his way toward the big tower instead. While the team goofed off, he'd just busy himself was something that could be compared to work.

    "I'm checking on Maple's condition," Bahamut announced to the front door. It wasn't polite to could barge into Fence-God's house without permission.
    R7 – Post-Boss 6 – Pride of a Legend
  • Namohysip

    Dragon Enthusiast
    Maple still didn't appreciate being in Destiny Tower after all the time she'd spent there recovering from her encounter with Joule. The pristine, white walls of the tower only reminded her of her weakness. Still, she shoved those feelings aside and nodded toward the team.

    "Thank you all for coming," she said. "At least, to those who remained. As I said, there is little for us that is essential to discuss with the whole group, but we are going to be releasing Rayquaza, Groudon, and Kyogre from their capture spheres, now."

    Shield stood nearby, holding the bag that contained them. Apparently, Arceus trusted Shield enough to do so, deeming him rational when he knew he was trapped. Karat, too, had been released, though there was a psychic aura around him that seemed to be suppressing any attempts at Teleport.

    "They can come out on their own," Shield said. "I'm not sure why they aren't..."

    "I can think of a few reasons," Pop said with the smallest hint of venom.
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