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What Pokémon would you be in the PMD-verse?


Windswept Questant
Just a fun thing I was thinking about recently. If you were sucked into the pokémon world a la the PMD games, what kind of pokémon do you think you might turn into?

Personally I'd hope for something that flies, or at least could hover really high or something. What might be most appropriate there is abra, actually... I could fly around if I wanted to, theoretically, but realistically I'm going to sleep 20+ hours a day and teleport away from all my responsibilities.

In truth, though, I'm sure I would end up as a patrat or something. Maybe a magikarp or tentacool, for the extra fun of being confined to the water all the time. Nothing out of the ordinary. I suppose that so long as I didn't end up a voltorb, it'd be fine. :P


*Crazy Absol Noises*
Behind a laptop, most likely with tea
  1. mawile
I'd probably be an oshawott, as that's the pokemon I wrote myself as when I wrote a PMD story for my friend (I began posting the re-write of it here, actually, lol). I kind of have a soft spot for oshawott. I can't really picture myself as any other pokemon since then, despite how many favourites I have XD The closest would be chespin, which was the character I had when I first played Super.


PMD Writer
  1. sylveon
  2. weavile
  3. kommo-o
  4. noivern
  5. mothim
Well, Eevee has always been a personal favorite of mine, so I could see that happening. Then again, assuming I won't just become a random Pokémon but one that actually suits me and I'm comfortable with, it might very well be something else since the perspective of being a quadruped for the rest of my life would probably drive me crazy. Sneasel would be a good pick since it's bipedal and a Pokémon I really like. Same for Jangmo-o and Zorua, and they do both evolve into something that's bipedal.


Losing her head
If the actual PMD quizzes are any indication, I'd end up a Riolu despite my general antipathy towards the little critters - somehow I manage to get them every time.

If it's actually something that suits me, a Squirtle or a Nidoran F would be pretty rad - and you end up bipedal, like @Virgil134 said, since that would be a concern of mine too.


Y'know, like, nya
The Thracian Peninsula
Ah, decisions decisions...
  • Meowstic would be cool, between the immense psionic power and the fact that I love cats.
  • I played both a Ribombee and a Helioptile in a forum RP once, so those would both be fun options for different reasons (Ribombee because it can fly, Helioptile because it can basically photosynthesize).
  • I have a soft spot for the Zorua line, so maybe one of them?
  • Just about all the starters make for good options too, but if I had to pick one, I'd say Fennekin.
  • I dunno which Pokemon would be most fitting for me based on personality, meanwhile.

Emerald Espeon

A Shiny Pokemon
Her, She
There are so many choices like @Caliburn said. Mew is my absolute favourite but being a Eevee would be fun for the evolution possibilities plus I would prefer being a quadruped then a bipedal. But being a dragon type, (My favourite) would be good cos' I could fly, (prefer being a Dragonite, Flygon or Salamance then to a Haxorous or Hydragon, (Hydragon could fly but having head-hands would be a pain)


Ace Trainer
  1. hawlucha
I have a few possiblities:
  • Litwick. I think Litwick is adorable, but you don't need to know the traits I share with Litwick
  • Smeargle. I'm pretty capable of learning to do anything I want to, and there's a Pokémon conveniently based off that.
  • Hydreigon. Literally just because my brother says I'm a dark/dragon-type(oddly accurate) and we basically forgot about Deino and Zweilous when trying to figure out specifics. We knew I couldn't be a Guzzlord, though, I don't eat enough.
  • Zorua. Because I'm always trying to pretend to be something I'm not.
  • Jynx. Because I hate Jynx so that's just my luck. Blegh.
  • Alakazam. Because I'm smart.
  • Rhyhorn. Because Rhyhorn's the exact opposite of me so that's just my luck.
  • Cyndaquil. Because I said so.
  • Snivy. Because Snivy's cool and also the answer I got on quiz on this website.
  • Treeko. Because I said so. (Also a specific quiz on a different website says so.)
  • Chickorita. Because I'd actually get Chickorita, Bulbasaur, or Treeko in the game
  • Bulbasaur. See above.

Sike Saner

*aurorus noise*
  1. glalie
I want to say a bug of some kind. I'm thinking spinarak, most likely, since 1.) spider! :D and 2.) they have to do a lot of waiting around for Just the Right Moment (or for prey, in their case) to arrive before they can properly do their thing.

(Fwiw, in what woefully little time I've actually spent with any of the games, it's pretty much always given me chikorita [and I think totodile, once].)


I Like Cats
My personal hope would be to be a Metagross since they have psychic power, stomp things to death, and then drink blood through a mouth on their underside, but some cuter contenders would be Buizel, Cubone, and Charmander.

Another good pokemon to be would be Natu, since they can fly, teleport, and freeze in agony at the unending psychic visions they receive from the future.


I still think about y%#'()_*{\\"'&36)%("'$&''&(15y
I never know what to say for questions like this.
Wynaut, perhaps - it seems scatterbrained, a little impulsive, and fairly mellow, which is how I'd describe myself. Lurantis and Misdreavus are two other 'mons I'd like to be.


I would gladly be Red's Eevee from the manga; because that's how I am in real life - changing a lot, and doing it a lot of the time.


you gotta feel your lines
  1. farfetchd-galar
  2. gfetchd-kyeugh
  3. onion-san
  4. farfetchd
  5. farfetchd
ooh, i'm just seeing this thread for the first time! basically what i am seeing here is, "what is your pokésona," and i am not taking the bait, no sirree, you won't catch me talking abou

anyway i've actually never thought about this, weirdly. my first instinct is to think of pokémon i like, and most people who know me know that i like birds. alas, while all the bird pokémon are indeed very good except ducklett, i don't think any of them capture my personality very well. farfetch'd and (swsh spoiler) cramorant are blessed specimens and make a good case, but aside from that i just don't really feel myself turning into any of the other birds. this is kind of regrettable because being a bird sounds awesome but i just don't think it's in the cards.

after thinking about this a little bit more i'm pretty sure the definitive answer is deino. for one thing, it's a dinosaur, which is awesome. for another, the names of the family line are based on german, which is my second language. also, the dex entries seem to suggest it's kind of stupdi and also eats everything, which sounds like me. last but not least, it looks like a classic rock guitarist, which is also what i look like!

i guess farfetch'd and the other guy can tie for second place.

edit: okay i just remembered natu and that guy's awesome too. she can also tie for second place.

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
somewhere in spacetime
  1. pikachu-chibi
  2. lugia
  3. palkia
  4. lucario-shiny
  5. incineroar-starr
See... the trick with questions like this is coming up with what Pokemon I actually think I would be, as opposed to just, what Pokemon I like. Lucario is my favorite Pokemon, but I am in no way a Riolu lol.

Hmm... while this may be a bit convenient, given that it's one of my avatars, I do see myself likely becoming a Meowth. I mean just look at it. It looks like the sort of a goofball that has no idea what is going on half the time. Like cats, I too alternate between "ignoring you in the same room is a social activity" and "if you don't give me physical affection right now I will literally die."

Archen is kind of a doofus and I can relate to its modus operandi of "trying to be good at something you are really not suited to at all."

For fun, I decided to check the Pokemon in the actual PMD quizes that are flagged as the Naive nature (since I've often said that nature fits me best), and amusingly, Eevee is one of them. It's a bit cliche, but I do consider one of my primary personality traits to be adaptability.
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The Ghost Lord
The Yangverse
  1. reshiram
  2. zygarde
Like Chibi, I have a conundrum in this department. My favorite Pokemon are dragons or monsters or fantastical creatures - Hydreigion, Tyranitar, Lucario, to rattle off the top three - but pinpointing what I would BE is harder.

I've said before I'm kind of a cat but one of those cats that has vaugely doglike traits... I guess Riolu would kind of work given it's the opposite - a dog with aloofness issues but all the potential for doggo friendliness with the right people? But if I wanna get more out there I guess... Maybe Absol since that is a weird cat-dog-thing and it's a loner and attracts misfortune.... Aha! I know. Wimpod. Anxious and afraid of everything. Nailed it.

zion of arcadia

too much of my own quietness is with me
  1. marowak-alola
A gastrodon. Because I'm lazy.

In all seriousness, cinderace is pretty close to perfect given how much of a hardcore soccer geek I am. If only it didn't have such teeny, tiny hands, haha. In terms of what I'd pick based purely on what I like... hmm... probably growlithe or rockruff. Puppers are cute. Luxray is good too.


Dragon Enthusiast
  1. flygon
  2. charizard
  3. milotic
  4. zoroark-soda
  5. sceptile
  6. marowak
  7. jirachi
  8. meganium
I've known Zion for a little while and Cinderace is remarkably appropriate.

As for me, I have no idea. I know the meme answer is Charmander because "Haha he wants to be a dragon but isn't" but in terms of actual personality, I'm not really sure.

...But I seem to ALWAYS get Charmander when I do the quizzes, too, so...

But thinking more about some personality quirks of mine, I tend to be a little competitive, I get lost easily (I once got lost in a mall that was one story tall and in the shape of an L), and according to my friends, I have a weird walk/run cycle. Additionally, I'm said to be weird but very friendly once you get to the part where you'd actually talk to me...

So, a competitive person, kinda scary looking but is nicer once you look past that... probably runs funny... according to the 'dex entries, I'm a Haxorus!


Don’t underestimate seeds.
  1. moka-mark
  2. solrock
I always think of myself as a blackbird in Golden Compass daemons, but in pokemon I resonate most with breloom. I'm more of a fight with words than fight with fists person, but I'm very forward and direct in ways that I think still suit a fighting-type. I love plants -- definitely a plant nerd and a bit of a hippie.

Still trying to cobble together a mono-fighting team for SwSh even though I know it's not very competitively viable. (I just think they're neat!)


Back on Her Bullshit
a Terrace of Indeterminate Location in Snowbelle
  1. espurr
  2. fennekin
  3. zoroark
Preferably? Something with hands that doesn't evolve into a behemoth/risk burning down anything it touches because it's a walking fire hazard. I think Riolu or Braixen could be cool just because I like the idea of carrying around a wand and not looking pretentious/weird :P. And of course everyone adores Eevee, so I might end up not even needing hands in the first place.

In all honesty? I'd probably end up an Espurr or a Zoroark.


Biomechanical Abomination
Across the Threshold of Dimension
Alolan Exeggutor, because PMD makes me facepalm x4.

In seriousness though that's a question and a half. I'd probably be some kind of a Grass-type - which is probably the type that I resonate with the most even out of the multiple types I consider favourites, though I'm not quite sure which (Breloom, Leafeon, Grovyle, Torterra and Decidueye are highly viable candidates tbh) The most likely non-grass candidate, however, is Volcarona. Something about Volcas clicked with me right from the get-go on a deep personal level, and I could absolutely see my avatar in the Pokemon world being one.

(Probably with Grass as a hidden power type because old habits die hard though)
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