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Tarnished Lands - Realm of the Golden King

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
somewhere in spacetime
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That overwhelming presence seemed to press in from all sides, threatening to smother them with its sheer power. Jade's chest felt like it was being squeezed, each breath taking more effort than the last, all the while a sickly unease prickled on the back of her neck.

In other words, it felt a lot like that encounter in the Whirl Islands, and she'd survived that. She could practically see Lugia's scowl, like it was here with her right now, staring at the twisted puppet before them. The disdain almost felt real. Focusing on that feeling was a lot better than... everything else about this place. Made it easier to forget that they would be fighting a god when she could reach for that wholly unimpressed image in the back of her head.

Besides, Nine would never forgive her if she turned back now. His resolve had carried her through a lot more than this.

And so, with a low voice, Jade replied, "We came here to save everyone. You can't change our minds."


Gym Leader
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The oppressive, near-tangible blackness was suffocating, deafening, growing with every syllable that came out of Orzo-Xavian’s mouth. It sent shivers down Wes’s spine—and yet, it wasn’t enough to quell the fury blazing in his chest.

The shadows in the roomed deepened, rising around him. Orzo spoke again, with a voice that drowned out thought.


Wes barked out a laugh—a sharp, bitter, mocking laugh. He looked into those hateful red eyes with a grin that closely resembled a snarl.

“You know what? Fuck you.”

“Yeah! YEAH!” Neo bristled, puffing himself up to nearly twice his size, and yowled at the unnatural figure with an intensity Wes hadn’t heard from him in a long time. “Fuck you!” The Espeon then launched into a tirade of colorful and vulgar insults that could have rivaled even Gonzalo’s tongue.

Holy hell. Wes felt his stomach drop ever so slightly, unsure whether to be proud or utterly mortified. He managed a sputtering laugh and muttered quietly. “Oh, dear gods.”

“He learned it from you.” Novo glanced at Wes with an amused gleam in his eye, then stepped up beside his brother and glowered at Orzo with a calm, icy fury. His growl could be heard clearly, even above his brother’s yowls.

“I am about to teach you what it means to feel true pain.”


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If there was one reason Kimiko had to be thankful for all her ghost problems, it was the resilience to the creepy, oppressive atmosphere inside Orzo's castle. Had she not just been through hell and back that might be different, but in a strange way, Darkrai's accidental Nightmare Fuel had strengthened her. She'd been through worse than this. Nothing Orzo could do to her now was worse than that, and she'd survived even that - not just the nightmare, but the real thing. And this time, she had help. She had friends.

That wouldn't make the battle any easier, she knew. They were all still about to be in for the fight of their lives (or at least, one of them). And yet, she still felt like they had pretty good odds. This wasn't her first rodeo... or, well, not the first time she'd resigned to fighting against some sort of human-hating, soul-sucking hack. It was definitely the first time she'd actually confronted one. (And she'd have to do this again back home if they failed...) Still, she was ready for this. She had no logical explanation for it, but she wasn't about to argue.

But then, despite the bizarre confidence, Orzo threw them a curve ball. The sight of Xavius possessed like that was unsettling - more so than any other ghost possession she'd seen so far. Likely due to the significant difference in power - Orzo was a mythic himself, after all (and still a ghost-type, to boot). Still, disturbing as the visual was, Kimiko distracted herself easily with something more pressing. Were they... supposed to battle Xavian-possessed?? How could they do that without harming him?

Stick to your strategy, she told herself. Paralysis wouldn't harm him permanently. They'd need to find a way to remove Orzo before they really got going, and quickly. Would the same method used back home work here? Orzo did have a significant weakness to dark-type aura...

Of course, that was assuming everyone else here was in agreement; she had a vague notion that surely there were a few in their midst who weren't terribly pleased with Xavian, either. But they wouldn't actually attack him... would they?

“However... I am a merciful king. I am willing to spare the lives of your partners, silly humans. All you must do is kneel.”

His red gazed danced across the assembled trainers. Amusement twisted his tone. “Kneel and you shall be spared. Resist and face annihilation.”

With each word he spoke, the air seemed to tremble and a great, horrible presence grew. A crushing pressure, closing in on all sides, crushing, overwhelming, almost unbearable. Yet at the same time, there was a sense of peace. Resolve. As if the pressure were there, but being repelled by a force.

The shadows in the roomed deepened, rising around him. Orzo spoke again, with a voice that drowned out thought.


Orzo's mind-numbing speech and Olivia's accompanying snarls finally pulled her out of her internal strategizing.

No, he did not just say that...!

"Kneel? In this skirt?" she shot back. "Unlike your empty threats, this thing wasn't cheap." She crossed her arms, forcing herself to glare into Orzo-Xavian's eyes. In her peripheral vision, she saw Olivia crouched low, ready to pounce at a moment's notice. Lucy hovered just above, side-eyeing her human, looking determined, perhaps somewhat judgmental. Waiting. Kimiko was thankful, somewhere in her subconscious, that they were ready to go, but her mind was focused on one thing. She'd had her pokemon, her friends, used against her once before. And Orzo had the nerve to try the same bullshit? No, she wasn't about to let that happen. He'd pay for even thinking it.

"Y'know, all you power-crazed lunatics are all the same. Think you can threaten and torment anyone you deem weaker than you. Think you can play your predictable games with them. As if you'd spare anyone. How about you spare us the bullshit, instead? Because you know something else you all have in common? Over-confidence. Arrogance. Blindness. You think you know all, see all, when in reality, you're oblivious. Here's a wake-up call for you. Those weaklings? They're stronger than you realize, and they're about to make you wish you'd remained locked away."

"I kneel to no one," Lucy wailed, satisfied with her trainer's answer; the temperature around her dropped drastically.

"That's right!" Olivia added. "You don't deserve it! Why should we respect you? King of nasty meanness, nothing more! You are bad, your lawn is dead and ugly, and you smell like rotten berries! And I'm going to hurt you for hurting my family!"

Kimiko wasn't sure why she hadn't been granted the ability to understand her pokemon's speech like the others, but she didn't need it now. Their messages were clear. Her pokemon were pumped up, agitated, and angry, and she knew this was it. Shit was about to hit the fan.

She couldn't help the wicked grin on her face as she readied her attack commands. "Hope you've enjoyed your little fantasy week, because now it's your turn to suffer your worst nightmare. For bringing us here. For kidnapping Xavian and the others. And on top of all that, for ruining my fucking vacation."

"So, no. The only reason you'd catch me kneeling is to desecrate your grave."


Rescue Team Member
Pokemon Paradise
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"Of course we won't kneel!" Coleane shouted. She wasn't even sure she could even if she wanted to, she was a quadruped! No matter, though, this was it! She was gonna be a hero! She was-

"I...I..." Gen was shaking like a leaf, pure terror in his eyes. He...he wasn't seriously considering giving up, was he?

"I'm n-not giving in!" He shouted, gripping tightly onto his reunion cape. "I w-won't! I won't, n-no matter what you say!"

"Gen..." Coleane said, looking at her partner with pride in her eyes.

"I...I don't w-wanna be a h-hero...I r-really really don't...but for th-those I care about...I won't give u-up! I won't I WON'T!" Gen yelled. His arm was already glowing with the darkness of an Assurance.

"I c-can...I can do this. I can d-do this! I WILL d-do this!" the brave little Oshawott repeated, glaring as fiercely as he could at the enemy.

For Coleane, Wallace, Jade, Steven, and his family back home...he would do this, no matter what it took.


Windswept Questant
Nate was panting by the time they finally drew up to the throne, his head throbbing with the intensity of the psychic pressure in the air. It felt worse than fucking Mewtwo around here, for fuck’s sake. Mightyena kept glancing up at him, anxious. At least she couldn’t be catching it near as bad as him.

But now that they were closer in, the thing sitting on the throne looked a hell of a lot more human than he’d been expecting. Nate squinted through the gloom. Was that…? Oh—

He winced at the klefki’s desperate cry, and Mightyena whined at his side, taking a step towards Clink. Yeah, that was the rich guy, apparently. Nate stared at the too-wide smile, the crabbed limbs. Yup. Creepy as shit. Well, he’d wanted his chance to tear the guy a new one, hadn’t he? Nate swallowed. Yeah, sure. Good times. Good times…

He was a bit distracted from the whole evil monologue by the rich guy’s weird, twitchy movements—seriously, the golden asshole had been watching too many horror flicks. It wasn’t like it was worth paying attention to anyhow: blah, blah, do whatever and I’ll spare you. Sure. Nate believed the hell out of that. Not that Mightyena would ever let him, even if he wanted to. He glanced down to find her giving him a severe look, and he had to smile back.

Didn’t sound like anybody else was having it, neither. From the champions to the shaky little oshawott guy, everybody was giving the creepy puppet guy shit. Nate raised his eyebrows and let out an involuntary snort of laughter at the espeon girl’s comment about desecrating the guy’s grave. Well, damn. Okay. Couldn’t very well stay quiet after that, could he?

“Kiss my ass, you stupid piece of shit,” he said. “Gonna be real satisfying, shoving you back in your bottle. Now let’s go already.” Mightyena lowered herself into a crouch, prepared to spring.


Angy Tumbleweed
In Guzma's Closet
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And then the figure rose from the throne, movements jerky and unnatural, limbs twisting, the angles all wrong. Puppet-like.

“Xavian!” Clink shrieked. They rushed forward, but Darkrai shifted and held out a clawed hand to stop them. The look in his gaze was unmistakeable. Wait.

The figure smiled, mouth too-wide and red eyes flashing as it cocked its head. It was unmistakably Xavian, but only in body. His clothes were tatters, and his face gaunt and exhausted.
Odette Pissed 2.PNG
Odette narrowed her eyes at the scene before her. Of course he couldn't face them in a fully powered form. No, he very much needed to possess the human he'd been leading on for however many years. The sight of Xavian's twisted body sent an involuntary chill up her back, but more out of fear for what he might be going through. Possession was never pretty from the front, but it was somehow far worse on the inside.

“However... I am a merciful king. I am willing to spare the lives of your partners, silly humans. All you must do is kneel.”
Odette's brow furrowed, but she remained silent. She shifted her gaze down to Enora, who was already looking up at her with a determined expression. She then peered over at Odile, who was stiff straight, staring blankly at the puppeted body. She didn't look like she had anything to say yet.

His red gazed danced across the assembled trainers. Amusement twisted his tone. “Kneel and you shall be spared. Resist and face annihilation.”
This seemed par for the course. Power hungry legendary wants the potential assailants to kneel because he's too cocky to realize that he might lose here. She crossed her arms over her chest as a silent show of defiance, but still had nothing to say. The other screaming expletives and fighting words at him were enough.

As angry as she felt, she knew it would be best to save that energy for when it was going to matter.

With each word he spoke, the air seemed to tremble and a great, horrible presence grew. A crushing pressure, closing in on all sides, crushing, overwhelming, almost unbearable. Yet at the same time, there was a sense of peace. Resolve. As if the pressure were there, but being repelled by a force.

The shadows in the roomed deepened, rising around him. Orzo spoke again, with a voice that drowned out thought.

Odile Scary 2.PNG
Odile's laugh tore through the space.


She grabbed her stomach and bent backward with the force of her laugh. Bending, bending, bending, until it looked like her spine was going to snap.

When it did, the crack abruptly silenced her cackling, and she folded herself back upright with an eerie speed.

"̴O̵h̷o̴h̶o̵,̸ ̶b̵i̶t̸c̶h̷.̶ ̶Y̷o̴u̸ ̷k̴n̴o̵w̶ ̷w̶h̵e̸n̷ ̸y̸o̵u̸ ̶h̴a̶v̸e̵ ̶t̷o̶ ̴a̴s̵k̴ ̴t̷h̶r̸e̷e̶ ̴f̵u̶c̷k̷i̵n̶g̷ ̶t̶i̴m̵e̷s̸,̷ ̷y̴o̶u̶'̴v̶e̵ ̶f̵u̸c̸k̷e̸d̷ ̸u̷p̷.̷ ̸I̷ ̷u̶s̵e̴d̶ ̶g̵e̴t̴ ̷t̷h̷e̸m̵ ̷i̵n̶ ̶o̸n̴e̴.̸"̵

The grin she sent him was wide. If he wanted to play the creepy game, she would happily oblige.

"̶Y̶o̶u̵'̶r̵e̶ ̷a̶ ̸f̸u̸n̶n̸y̵ ̶o̸n̴e̸.̶ ̸Y̶o̶u̶ ̶b̷i̸t̴c̷h̵ ̵a̶n̶d̵ ̸m̴o̴a̵n̴ ̶a̵b̷o̴u̵t̵ ̸h̸a̸v̴i̴n̵g̷ ̸y̴o̸u̴r̵ ̵w̶o̸r̸l̶d̸ ̷t̸a̴k̸e̵n̴ ̷f̶r̷o̴m̴ ̸y̵o̷u̸,̶ ̶a̸n̶d̵ ̵y̷e̸t̶?̷"̵

The room, and even the air itself vibrated with rage.
Odile Scary 2.PNG
"̸W̷E̷'̷R̸E̷ ̸I̴N̶ ̶M̷Y̸ ̷F̶U̸C̶K̵I̵N̷G̸ ̴E̷L̴E̸M̵E̴N̶T̵,̵ ̸W̷H̴O̸R̷E̵Z̵O̵.̴"̴

Her bones crackled and groaned as she rolled her shoulders and balled her fists. As her forearms morphed into those branch-like blades, the air immediately around her became thick with the scent of sulfur, and an overwhelming feeling of wrath.

She was ready to get this show on the road.

"̵Y̴o̷u̵'̸r̸e̵ ̵t̶o̷o̸ ̸s̵t̷u̵p̴i̵d̷ ̵f̵o̸r̷ ̶y̸o̶u̵r̸ ̷o̶w̵n̴ ̷g̵o̸o̷d̸.̷ ̶S̶o̸ ̶n̷o̸w̴,̸ ̷I̷'̵m̵ ̷g̴o̷n̶n̵a̸ ̸s̸h̸o̸w̴ ̶y̵o̷u̵ ̵w̶h̴a̶t̵ ̵h̷a̷p̵p̶e̸n̴s̴ ̷w̷h̴e̷n̴ ̷y̸o̵u̵ ̶t̷e̶l̵l̵ ̶a̷n̴o̷t̸h̷e̷r̶ ̵l̸e̸g̷e̶n̷d̸a̴r̸y̵ ̸t̸o̷ ̶k̷n̸e̷e̵l̴.̵"̷


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Laura winced at the psychic pressure in her head, but she shook it off with a shudder of warm, buzzing, roaring emotion that balled her hands into fists and grit her teeth so hard her vision shook.

"You don't deserve it," she said, in a voice so choked by anger she could hardly get the words out. She clenched her gut and spoke from the stomach, like Malachai taught her to. Strong feelings; strong voice.

"You haven't done anything worth respect."

A light thump on her shoulder. Sleet, appearing at her side. Grinning. Good. The inteleon looked up at Orzo, smirked, and spat on the ground beneath her feet. Even as angry as she was, Laura managed a grin of her own.

Above the party, Malachai laughed – a chittering, chiropteran chuckle – and telepathically broadcast his own response.

<You are merely a child with an excess of power and no understanding of responsibility, Orozoquiselin. Worry not: I intend to teach you.>

The noivern took a breath, stalled his flight, roared, and made the air thrum with the party's shared conviction.
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Orzo's horrible, grating laugh filled the air.

"V̴e̸r̷y̸ ̶w̴e̵l̸l̶.̷ ̸I̴f̸ ̵y̷o̴u̷ ̸w̶i̴l̷l̴ ̴n̴o̷t̴ ̵k̷n̸e̴e̴l̶,̶ ̷t̵h̵e̶n̷ ̵y̴o̶u̵ ̶w̴i̷l̸l̷ ̷p̶e̸r̴i̴s̵h̶.̸"

A shadow slid from Xavian's body and he fell limp before vanishing, as if teleported. The darkness oozed up the wall and coalesced into the silhouette of a Hoopa, visible only by its malignant red eyes. From its body, the shadows of chains could be seen that extended into nothingness. The castle around them seemed to blur and crumble away, revealing a void of sickly stars beyond. And then the shape of huge golden rings shimmered into view, surrrounding them.

And then the shadow began to grow. And grow. Until it filled the air and towered above all.

Then at last, the darkness fell away.​

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