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Original Questant - Interactive Fiction - Exploring a Non-Euclidean Reflection, Traipse your way to the SafeRoom - Threadmarks

Questant (A Surrealist Travel Sandbox)
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Index progress

Awaking adrift in unfamiliar surroundings, an alien artisan by the name of Klevas Mil'zante must find vaer way as anyone else does. Amidst fluid narratives and folk who trade memories as readily as they trade their bodies vae'll find how vae too may seek fulfillment in vaer new daily life.

Questant is an Art Quest that intends to replicate a bit of various games I've enjoyed playing in my life, and an easy comparison is that of an open-world simulator like Dwarf Fortress's own Adventurer Mode. I like to think of this as an open-world backpacking simulator in a big sci-fantasy multiversal kitchen sinkhole.

In this forum adventure you the reader can influence the actions and choices that Klevas and vaer party members make. These range from who joins Klevas, where they voidtraipse next, what they trade when passing through a demiplane, and how they find comfort in each other.

Updates may be delayed due to asset creation, or irl reasons. The goal here is 'updates weekly' but don't be surprised if there's an off week or two.
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