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Namo's Totally Vanilla Mafia Signup Thread

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  1. flygon
  2. charizard
  3. milotic
  4. zoroark-soda
  5. sceptile
  6. marowak
  7. jirachi
  8. meganium
And that's a wrap! Signups are CLOSED! Stay tuned in the coming hours for the opening and day-0 post, followed later (probably measured in hours as well, or the next day) by your role PMs!

Edit: We have a late arrival that happened to catch me at just the right time before I finalized things, so here's one last member by user @Homestar!

Name: Mike

Species: Human

Appearance: Just about 6’, a bit husky, brown-hair, brown-eyed, regular dude by all accounts.

Personality: Mike is a “funny man:" sarcastic, nonchalant, and eternally convinced that this is a dream game that Robin (his Chandelure) has made up. Can be boisterous, and — due to thinking he is in a dream — really isn’t taking a damn thing seriously. If and when it occurs to him that this isn’t one of Robin’s games, his anxiety is going to send him spiraling for sure.

Pronouns: He/Him
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