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Namo's Totally Vanilla Mafia Signup Thread

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A letter appears in your dreams. You pick it up, because what else was there to do? But the moment it's opened, you're standing in the middle of a great field of grass with not a sign of civilization anywhere. Inside the letter are instructions on how to play, and a horrible punishment awaiting for those who fail. The sun moves swiftly across the sky...

Hello and welcome to a normal game of Mafia! And despite the suspiciously innocuous title, this will NOT be the "ultra power" Mafia that I have planned after Blacklight, and is instead a relatively simple game of Mafia meant to break newbies into the scene to have a better chance at playing with the more frantic, chaotic games to come. Mafia veterans are also allowed, but keep in mind that this game is meant to be newbie-friendly. Be patient and help them out if they seem confused about any mechanics! For those unfamiliar with Mafia in general the game works like this: [stolen from Negrek's game description from the first anniversary].

1. Players are assigned to either mafia or innocent factions. The mafia know who belongs on their team, and they may freely communicate with each other outside of the game thread. The innocents do not know the alignments of any of the other players, and they can interact only by posting in the game thread at designated times.

2. The game proceeds in a series of "day" phases and "night" phases.

During the day, all players are "awake" and able to post in the game thread. All players discuss who they think the mafia are, based on other players' posts or what they believe may have happened at night. Ultimately this leads to players voting on which person should be sent to jail. If the jailed player turns out to have been a member of the mafia, the innocents are one step closer to winning--but if they guess wrong, they'll only help the mafia in their quest to eliminate the innocents.

At night, the mafia choose one player to eliminate. They're free to talk with each other, plan, and strategize, but the innocent players cannot communicate. However, some innocent players may have a special ability that they can use during the night. What kind of ability a player might have will be determined by the character they choose to use in the game.

3. The game continues until either the mafia make up the majority of remaining players (meaning that they can control all day-votes) or the innocents successfully jail all of the mafia.

If you'd like more details, check out this beginner's guide to Mafia, which discusses how the game is played and some of the common terminology and player roles that are often used.

Because this is a "vanilla" game, do not expect any particularly strange roles, or any that are going to be particularly complicated to think about. The following roles are POTENTIALLY going to be active, depending on how many sign up...

Goon (Considered vanilla; no particular role; at night, choose a person to kill if nobody else in the mafia chooses to do the same)
Villager (Considered vanilla; No particular powers or abilities; use your power of deduction to sniff out the mafia!)
Cop (At night, check someone if they're Mafia or not)
Doctor (At night, pick someone to protect from being killed)
Lovers (A pair; if one dies, so does the other)
Bulletproof (Once, when you are targeted for a kill, you don't die)
Juggernaut (Only once the whole game; at night if you kill, you can activate this power. The kill pierces doctor and bulletproof powers)
Serial Killer (Performs a kill each night; wins if they're the very last one standing)
Role Cop (At night, select a player to see what role they have, if any.)

Feel free to consult the mafiascum wiki for how these roles work. I added an abridged version of what they do next to the roles.

Note, there may be other roles not listed here that will also be in the game. However, none of them will be particularly complex or extremely powerful in nature, and there will be no game-ending roles such as Jester, Alien, and so on, nor will there be any nonstandard win conditions aside from Serial Killer's, if there is one. There will be no "resurrection" powers, or anything of that scope or nature, either.

There will also be some "vanilla" players. These players will have no roles at all. What you do with a lack of power is up to you, and can be both liberating and a power in itself, depending on how you take advantage of your powerlessness to protect others on your side who actually do have powers.

Similar to other games on this forum, this will be a roleplay-optional game. You can bring a character or yourself, speak in character, or speak out of character. Conventionally, in-character the characters can even hear out of character statements as voices in the air, like guardian spirits, but you can go with whatever interpretation works for you. Copied from the previous game...

- This is an RP-optional mafia using fanfic characters! If you would enjoy pretending to be your character, reasoning and reacting to the situation in the same way that they would, then please feel free to post in character as much as you'd like! You are also welcome to include as much out-of-character straight strategizing and discussion in your posts as you'd like. If you'd prefer to play without RPing at all, that's totally fine! Your character choice will be used to flavor your role but have no other impact on the game. In order to prevent confusion, please surround any out-of-character text in your posts with [[double square brackets]] to distinguish your words from your character's.

- Please remember that all roles and alignments will be assigned at random to players. This means that you shouldn't assume that anyone is a member of the mafia simply because their character is a villain in the story they came from! On the flip side, even very heroic characters may end up playing the bad guys here. Although the format of this mafia is very similar to the games I've held here in the past, nothing from the past setup is guaranteed to reappear this year. The specific roles present will be different, all roles and alignments are assigned independent of what happened in the previous game (e.g. a player having been innocent last time has no bearing on whether they will be innocent in this game), and some game mechanics may differ from previous incarnations. In general, be wary about making assumptions about the game based on what happened in previous years.

- In this game, each phase will last for 48 hours and begin at midnight UTC. However, if the player to be voted off at the end of the day phase was someone who had zero votes an hour before the end of the phase, the day phase will automatically be extended by six hours. This is intended to prevent feel-bad scenarios where someone doesn't even realize they're under suspicion and completely miss the chance to defend themselves or come back to the thread twenty minutes before the end of the phase and suddenly find themselves needing to somehow turn things around on an extremely tight schedule.

Right now we're in the sign-up phase. If you'd like to play, post in this thread with the character you want to use. This can be one of your own fanfic characters, or a character from someone else's story. If you'd like to use another person's character please get their permission first. Your character can be related to any franchise, Pokémon or otherwise! Also, feel free to use the same character you did last year if you like, even if they ended up getting disappeared/jailed in the previous game. Please include some basic information about your character: name, species, appearance, basic personality traits, and anything else you'd like your fellow players to know. Please also include a link to the story they appear in if it's been published!

Sign-ups are open until 11:59 PM UTC on Friday, August 13th. The game is expected to begin shortly after, depending on how much prep I need to do and how many players there are. There will be a day-0 roleplay phase where nobody has any powers known to them yet, so even those killed on the zeroth night will have had a chance to play.
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Gensokyo, Past and Present ~ Flower Land
  1. nosepass-bluwiikoon
SIGN ME THE 🐬#️⃣⁉️🐎 UP

Name: Porygon (?)
Species: Porygon (????)
Appearance: They look like a Porygon to me! They are trapped inside a data structure/PC box, and so must move around the mafiaverse in a crude robotic movement device. It's a rectangular cube on wheels with a screen attached on top, and they also have speakers on the rectangular cube so you can hear them. Fancy! The wheels squeak comically. Porygon also squeaks comically if you say nice things to them.
Personality: They are sweet and good and they're your friend!!!! Please be good to them.
Pronouns: They/them

"Oh boy a fun game where nothing bad will ever happen!!"


Rescue Team Member
Pokemon Paradise
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  9. zorua
I'd like to join!

Name: PNS-NT
Species: Porygon-Z
Appearance: Your average Porygon-Z, complete with occasional glitching!
Personality: Likes helping others...though they have their difficulties with that. When terribly frightened, often reboots.
Pronouns: They/them


you gotta feel your lines
  1. farfetchd-galar
  2. gfetchd-kyeugh
  3. onion-san
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  5. farfetchd
this contradicts my better judgement but fuck it.

name: ferry
species: lucario
appearance: he looks like a normal lucario, basically. his hands are covered in wraps to make him punch gooder. here's some lovely art by dragonfree!
personality: ferry is a pissed off dog.
pronouns: he/him


Cosmic Guardian
The Circle
  1. luxio
oh my god I am so excited for this!!
time to use a non-pokemon character :wink:


Name: Kent

Species: Dracmon

Appearance: regular Dracmon

Personality: their entire personality is mischief and chaos. Think of deadpool, but a bit more mentally stable.

Pronouns: he/they (prefers 'they')
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Hoenn around
  1. aggron
  2. lairon
Complete newbie to RP and Mafia, guidance welcome!

Name: Steven Stone
Species: human
Appearance: game-canon: dark suit, silver hair, fancy rings
Personality: Quiet, curious, more than a bit socially awkward (unless it's a conversation about rocks). Duty driven and honest to a fault, except for when he feels the need to hide the truth...
Pronouns: he/him


A cat that writes stories.
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  8. zeraora
I'm not a total newbie but I've played one nonsense game and half a real game, so I don't consider myself experienced. Looking forward to some casual incidental roleplay and some tasty hidden-traitor deduction game intrigue.

Name: Salem Weir
Species: Purrloin-human hybrid (or 'pokémorph').
Appearance: Anthropomorphic, tortoiseshell cat.
Personality: Curious, anxious, and stubborn. Eager to prove her competence/independence, and earn the approval of those she best likes.
Pronouns: she/her


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Oh knee on
Here, silly
  1. zoroark
I ain't the most experienced player, but I'm mostly joining this for the RP experience, it's always a treat to throw characters at each other and see what happens. And forcing me brayn to brain with the mafia sleuthing part ain't all that bad either.

Speaking of...

Name: Reme
Species: Gardevoir
Gender: Female
Appearance: Just a regular Gardevoir, maybe a bit shorter.
Personality: Intelligent and witty, has a strong sense of justice befitting of a Guild Officer, makes up for her lack of power with technology and quick thinking.


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name: ooooooh whats a good name??? uhhh, uhh OH WAIT, I KNOW


species: i used to be a porygon, then some people screwed EVERYTHING UP when I was faking my death and got me actually killed and now i'm rotom grrrrrr sdafgarsgasdfcawef

gender/pronouns: oh, pronouns are also cool!!!! - think.... ne/nem/nirs are very cool and unique, they/them/theirs are super useful, and she/hers are nice and pretty

i'm a boy tho, btw ;-)


nintendo ds lite yellow pikachu version omgggggg so cooooool. (i also come with all compatible Pokemon games!)

Personality: i am VERY cool and nice and fun-loving and especially SUPER DUPER HILARIOUS but YET.......some people thought i was too hilarious.......and then they killed me and banished me from the universe which kinda hurt my feelings ngl but thats okay im somewhere else now (!!!) and now i'll just be friends with all of you :DDDDDDDDD


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Alright, I actually remembered to sign up for this this time. I am a very experienced RP-er, but I have never played a game of Mafia through RP, so I'ma dub myself a newbie, and I'm definitely going to need somebody to hold my hand and coo to me like a baby through this.


Name: Clovis LeClair
Species: Human
Personality: Brash, curt, blunt, and above all, rich as all hell, Clovis is a man who doesn't take a lick of shit from anybody. He walks into a room, and automatically assumes he's the smartest one present--because he probably is. Despite the fact he comes off as a bit of a cocky asshole, he's extremely generous and fair toward those less fortunate than him. He'll lend a helping hand if you ask even remotely nicely. He's a good boy once you get past his lack of filter.
Pronouns: He/His/Him
Clovis baybee.jpg


Flygon connoisseur
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Welllll might as well take the plunge. Played only one mafia before, in which I was mostly confused. Here to give this a shot and learn properly (and RP a little!)

Name: Hana
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Appearance: uh, my current pfp
Personality: (heck if I know) Tends to be practical and analytical, but somethingsomething, there's more I haven't fully developed yet. Also curious.


Gym Leader
  1. suicune
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  5. leafeon-rui
OH HECC I almost forgot to officially sign up agh

I have minimal RP and mafia experience that is pretty much entirely limited to the last mafia game. In which I was, uh. Rather terrible. (Sorry, Wes.)

I’ll be joining with Wes again!

Name: Wesley Lycas
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Appearance: See pfp and spoiler below
Personality: He is extremely wary of others and prefers to keep them at arms length with snark and attitude. No, he does not want to be your friend, thank you very much, so don’t ask. That said, he does have a soft spot for Pokémon and those who appear to be defenseless—partially because they remind him of himself when he was younger, and partially because he can (usually) logically view them as not a threat, which is refreshing. He also has the social skills of a potato, and he would rather eat his own arm before engaging in small talk. Please spare him.



Chibi Pika

Stay positive
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Name: Ebony
Species: Houndoom
Appearance: she's a houndoom
Personality: curious, mischievous, boundless energy, immature, not very smart, probably some low key trauma
Pronouns: she/her



Infinite Screms
  1. mawile
  2. vulpix-alola
Name: Pixie
Species: Alolan Vulpix
Appearance: Gorgeous. Indescribable. Literally Perfect. In other words, an Alolan Vulpix.
Personality: Has been accused of being a narcissist, a word that ugly creatures made up to describe their betters. Is the absolute smartest. Has the perfect perspective - that of a formerly wild vulpix who barely puts in any effort to learn about the human world. No trauma at all. Everything is fine. She comes from a comedy fic.
Pronouns: she/her


Harbinger of Sunrise
Pokémon Square
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  5. zoroark
After much deliberation, I've decided to jump in. Second verse, same as the first!

Name: Altair
Species: Yamask (Galarian form)
Gender: Male
Age: Died at 43, has since remained ageless.
Appearance: As he is now, Altair appears as a standard Galarian yamask with one notable difference: his form constantly leaks a white light from a spot on his main body, correlating to his stab wounds on his human form. He is also slightly larger than the average yamask:
View attachment 1128
Personality: Crude and opportunistic, Altair is as slimy as they come; keeping secrets and playing to win his life back by any means necessary. Despite his past, Altair retains his carefree attitude and will do his best to pin responsibility on others. Many find themselves charmed by his general attitude, unaware of any hidden agenda he might have. However, if one can get on his good side, they'll find themselves with a potent ally who'll help out in his own special way.
Bio: Once known as the "sailing cur", Altair was a free spirit who indulged in life's many pleasures in excess; refusing to keep himself tied down with the little details. That was, of course, until he fell head-over-heels in love with a silver-haired siren. For the first time in his life, Altair's love of the sea had been dethroned as he settled into a new life.
For 14 years, he lived with the maiden however, it was not meant to last as his past carelessness caught up with him. On one dark night, Altair was stabbed to death by 7 different men that he had owed dearly. That night, his will to live burned brighter than ever before, catching the attention of Yveltal, the god of death. Intrigued, Yveltal struck a deal with the dead man; agreeing to resurrect him after he plays a few "games" for the god's entertainment. With no other option Altair agreed, blacking out the very next moment.
When Altair came to, he found himself in a sea of stars in an unrecognisable form, neither dead or alive. He looked like a yamask but instead of the signature mask of his face, he held a mysterious white rune with red engravings. His tale forfeit to Yveltal's whims.

Altair hails from my own (currently unreleased) fanfic project, Pathways to Arcadia, however only serves a minor backstory role so there is very little risk in terms of spoilers.


Back on Her Bullshit
a Terrace of Indeterminate Location in Snowbelle
  1. espurr
  2. fennekin
  3. zoroark
Hi I'm trash at both RP and Mafia so hopefully this'll be an opportunity to get not-trash at both of those

Name: Sparkleglimmer
Species: Sylveon
Appearance: A sylveon wearing a teal-colored cloak and boots.
About: Shrewd, cynical, and cunning, Sparkleglimmer may be the most powerful pokemon on the planet. She directs the Helping Adventurous Pokemon Prosper Institute, which currently owns three of the five continents and has a majority say in government affairs. With all that power comes a great amount of pressure -- Sparkleglimmer has grown self-serving and reliant over the years, and directs her company's affairs with her best interests in mind. She doesn't trust easy, and lets her demeanor reflect it: She often acts and appears aloof or regal, with a cordial expression for niceties.



Houston, Texas
  1. serperior
  2. alolatales-goat
I have this character named Astrid and I’ve discovered her mere presence attracts fatal scenarios. Naturally, I’m bringing her to a game where she will either be tasked with killing or be a target of those tasked with killing. She’s really going to get a kick out of it if she survives long enough to!

I have next to zero online mafia experience. Played a bit of one-night games irl, but that’s different… except for the basic game structure, of course. Roles, killers vs town format, etc. I’ve also loosely observed a couple of games here and there… but that’s about it. Consider me a harmless, benevolent newbie if you dare.

Name: Astrid
Species: Alolan-Ninetales
Synopsis: curious, inquisitive, slightly unaware of herself but getting better, excitable, adventurous, naïve but not stupid, innovative but not a genius, and unequivocally unafraid of death.
Appearance: Her non-Unleashed form. So. Just an Alolan Ninetales. Reference art attached, s/o Chibi



Bidoof Fan
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  9. manectric
Hey yo I am gonna sign up after all. I'll edit a character profile here during my lunch so give me like a half hour or something.

Name: Anti-Bravoman. He will also also answer to:
-The edgier bravoman
-Ebony Imposter of Dark Reflection
Species: Human...? Humanish?
Appearance: see below
About: A superpowered entity given life by the power of science! He's a bit of a try hard that really wants to be a cool, edgy superhero. There's just one problem: he's a huge dork. He has a habit of going on long-winded tirades and waxing poetic about the darkness of the world, but is just as likely to get distracted by something he sees that's totally cool.
Fellow on the left here

Shiny Phantump

Through Dream, I Travel
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Les do this again. Crossing my fingers to plz be town this time.

Name: Hazel
Species: Type: Null
Appearance: ^
Personality: Gladion's Type: Null. She is shy at first, but wants to be friends with people and is fiercly loyal to her buddies. Will attack if threatened. Likes dancing and birds due to chronic oricorio brain, but this does not map well onto her Null body. She wishes she was more normal, or possibly even human. Appears to be suspiciously more sapient/intelligent than any of her component species...
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