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Your Name? Sobble's Name? [PLEASE VOTE 1 OPTION FOR EACH]

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  • Bond [Sobble]

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  • Slippy [Sobble]

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[DECISION MAKING IS OPEN FOR 3 DAYS PER UPDATE] [This project is on four other sites as well. All five sites have an influence on decisions made in the story.]

You wake up to the common green field in the world of Pokemon as one. A voice out of many inside one Pokemon hosting you all. Your vessel can hear you, all of you.

[A Choose Your Own Adventure of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team, where you and other readers get to participate in the story, sharing one character all together. Each of your words will be heard by the main character. Guide them, trouble them, do whatever you may wish on your creation.]


Welcome to the world of Pokemon. Usually, we would give you a quiz but today is your lucky day–you get the option to wake up and live here in the body you want. Now, let's start thinking about what you are now before you're brought with wrought.

Someone's coming soon–better hurry.

Were you thinking of Riolu or Shinx? Vulpix?

Or maybe you're testing my generosity, asking for something in the likes of Mew and Mewtwo. If you dare challenge me, be prepared to enter the world in a complete, pathetic state.

Tick-tock. Time’s running out, sign your paper.

Pokemon Species: ________
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Sobble or Charcadet… both are good for me…

Zorua… there is no doubt… Definitely Archen…

Zorua ftw! Preferably Hisuian…


The people have spoken–your words have been said. You will now wake up.

“..’ou okay? …Wake u… …please.”

An eye blinks—then the other as you see someone watching you. They’re lizardlike, blue–pale in color from the belly and facial parts of their body. A fin stands above their head, long tail curled up near to the height.

The lizard jumps a few steps back. “You're finally awake!” They continue to stare with sad eyes.

‘You were passed out for a long time when I found you here… Nice to meet you-’

You urffed, gathering your head, feeling the stranger’s eyes on you.

“...Are you okay?”

White fur met your touch and vision, the end of your paws dyed dark gray.


You can see that the blue lizard has backed up a couple more times.

“You’re kind of weir-”

“Somebody! Please! Help me!”

A sudden gust of wind blows as a purple butterfly arrives. The lizard is staring at them now, and you as well–follow to an extent.

“W-what’s the matter-”

“My Caterpie!” she shouted. “It’s horrible! He fell into a cavern!”

‘A huge fissure opened in the ground and my baby fell in!’

The butterfly flew towards the lizard and shook them.

‘He’s too young to crawl out by himself! When I went to get my baby, Pokemon suddenly attacked me!’


The rocking stopped in favor of the lizard, yet once they opened their mouth again, the butterfly resumed.

“The fissures might have outraged them! I’m not strong enough to fend them off! What will become of my baby!?”

“W-we could-”

“My-baby-my-baby-my-baby-my-baby!” she continued. “What am I going to do?!”

This sounds bad. Maybe you should help.


She froze, you’re awake–sitting, and the lizard is turning red.

“I-I can… help…” muttered them.

They didn’t dare look the parent in the eyes and a quick glance to their left resulted in the lizard moving their head to the right. The redness from their head had reached the rest of the lizard’s body now.

“You can let go now…” Slumping like mush, they slid under the butterfly’s grasp. “I’ll save your child…”

You aren’t sure of what you’ve seen. Waking up with an ‘urff’ and to a pair of creatures talking about a missing kid and violent Pokemon, it looks like you’re not the only hot topic.

That lizard ran off and the butterfly’s worrying about her kid again. What to do–what to do?

Submit command: ________


Investigate yourself first…
Invastigate yourself…

investigate yourself but be quick about it! theres a missing kid!! lets not be too vain…

you spend time examining yourself. White fur, dark gray paws–still the same. You can still hear the butterfly’s panic as you notice how your hair moves. It feels like… a bubble? There’s voices you can hear from it.

Well, we have to help out that Butterfree. I say we go rescue Caterpie, catch up with the Sobble, learn its name and gender and, maybe try to avoid freaking out, along the way. Also learn how to Zorua and use illusions…
Rescue the butterfly's child of course…

You take mental note of your goals and think hard on the voices’ words. They want you to help out that butterfly and one called her a “Butterfree.” If your prediction’s right, then that lizard is a “Sobble,” and you are a “Zorua,” and if that’s the case, this illusion thing one of them spoke of could be a helpful tool for you from the sound of it.

Should probably catch up with shorty, and relearning walking…
Go with the lizard, relearn walking and hopefully not die…

Relearn walking, huh? Now that you think of it, how do you walk–not that you're having trouble, seeing as “Butterfree,” is out of range now.

You can't see or hear her anymore when you look back. A trail of pawsteps follow your path instead, accompanied by a different set of prints that lacked a paw yours had.

But now’s not the time. You’ve done enough learning for now and haven’t caught up to the lizard, so run on now!

Your pace quickens as you hurry, ignoring the dirt your paws begin to pick up, stumbling around pebbles and sticks. Adapting to your new body was easier than you thought. If you keep this up–

As the ground goes downhill, you find yourself following in your own way. Too caught up in your tasks, a rock met you at the start of the slant.

You’re rolling, tumbling your way downwards at mach speed. It’s hard to think with your current activity as dust builds all over. The ground feels horizontal again, but your momentum fails to slow down until a sudden thud helps you come to a halt.

That was the worst thing you felt you ever went through. First things first again, get your bearings together and investigate yourse-

“I-It’s you!”

It’s shorty again. At least you can scratch catching up to them off your list now.

“Are you okay? You look worse than before…”

They’re right. You didn’t notice your body’s state. As you open your mouth, you find yourself reaching deep for the words in your head.

Take over the world! Make sure to loudly yell the team rocket motto, “Prepare for Trouble!”

“Prepare for Trouble!” You yell.


The lizard’s look of mixed confusion and concern makes you seem more pitiful than you are. You decide to tell them that you’re okay and looking for “Caterpie” too.

“I see…” The lizard continues to look at you for a moment. “If that’s the case…”

They closed their eyes for a while before opening them. “...then let’s team up together! Just be sure to stay behind me, okay?”

You nod, coming up besi- behind shorty. You really need to learn more about them.

Despite the butterfly’s words, this place was rather… peaceful? There wasn’t much trouble you two went through, but something felt off, as if many eyes stared at you. It was unnerving to say the least.

“So,” started the lizard. “I never got your name. What’s your name?”


That’s right, you didn’t really think much of it but the topic doesn’t bother you. Maybe you’ll remember your name later.

“I see…”

They glance down, before lifting their head, turning to you with a smile. “I’m sure it’ll come to you eventually.”

‘I should introduce myself too to make it fair. I’m Sobble.’

They looked up to the sky. “And I want to help Pokemon in this world.” They turned back to you. “That’s not really cool though, huh?”

Your response was a blank stare, seeing Sobble stare a little above you, wide-eyed. There was a weight on your head and as you take your time to look up, you meet your answer. It’s a bird, angry one too.

Before you could react, a beak pecks you in the noggin. And then another, and another. You’re running now, unable to hear what Sobble’s shouting. Water hits your back as the pecking continues, stopping once you run headfirst to another tree. The bird’s gone, though you heard it shout something and Sobble’s catching up to you.

“You aren’t hurt, are you?”

“Of course you are!” They interrupt you. “Sorry about that… That wasn’t cool at all.”

‘We should be near the end of the woods here, where Caterpie is. Can you still walk?’

You nod. After considering yourself to be a good walker, the world decided to challenge you. Who knew that moving would be difficult?

You're sore all over, standing thanks to Sobble’s support, feeling like you might urff again, but hold it in. No Pokemon's aggravated at least and whoever was outraged–if they were, ended up looking sorry for you–at least it's almost over now. You can hear faint sniffles ahead, noticing that Sobble's slowed your walking.

The sniffles grow to sobs and in time, a small, green caterpillar appears, huddled close to the wall.

“Waaaaah…” cried him. “Mommy… Where are you?”


The kid drew his head up. “Huh?”

“We’re here to save you.”

The kid didn't seem to react to Sobble's words. His eyes had dried themselves of the water he poured.

“Your mom’s waiting. Let's get you out!”


He wiggles himself onto your back and Sobble leads the way–well, back–to Butterfree. It’s hard not to notice, but that interaction was… normal? Was that the right word? You can’t help but feel that something’s wrong, even if nothing did–like you’re being watc-

“If it’s okay…” The lizard is back to chatting with you. “I know I said this, but I never got your name. I’ve never seen a Pokemon like you before.”

Never seen? Sounds like the form you were given is more uncommon than you thought.

“She’s right.” Caterpie is leaning over your face, a twinkle in his eyes. “What’s your name?”

What a bunch. You might as well try to recall who you are and if you can’t–

“Could you give me a name too? Caterpie’s boring. I want a nickname.”

“Caterpie, maybe you should ask your mom before this…”

The kid pouts for a bit–then, he looks down at you again. “Then could you give your friend a name for me please?”

Sobble’s appearance faded for a moment, as if she–they…? Nevermind. It looked like they vanished to put it simply. You ask them for their gender, confused thanks to Caterpie.

“Is it for this name thing?” They asked

You nod as their presence goes airy once more.

They sighed. “I’m a girl–like Caterpie said…” A “Not cool,” slipped through their words but her eyes gleamed the same way Caterpie’s did. “But I’m glad that I am cool enough for you.”

Now you have quite the food on your plate. I’ll help you out here. The voices, please fill in the following:

Your Name: ________

Your Gender: ________
Sobble’s Nickname: ________

And to you–Zorua, learn how to fight. If you can learn to use illusions at the very least, it would serve you well, Zorua.


Play the Rain
(( Looks like fun! I suppose we'll see how long it takes for this retelling to go off the rails. :P ))

Your Name: Alec
Your Gender: Male
Sobble’s Nickname: Slippy
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