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  1. J

    Pokémon [CYOA] Rescue Team | A Retelling

    [DECISION MAKING IS OPEN FOR 3 DAYS PER UPDATE] [This project is on four other sites as well. All five sites have an influence on decisions made in the story.] You wake up to the common green field in the world of Pokemon as one. A voice out of many inside one Pokemon hosting you all. Your...
  2. Meridian

    Original Questant - Interactive Fiction - Original
    Threadmarks: The Initial Vignette - In Media Res

    Questant is a type of interactive fiction known as a forumventure ('forum adventure') or otherwise as an Art Quest. Updates may be delayed due to asset creation, or otherwise erratic. At some point this opening post will change (likely to show a "new reader? skip ahead to recap" option) 🛑This...
  3. Poivron

    Pokémon Vaporwave Frontiers (PMD Quest)
    Threadmarks: 1. Prologue

    New Arkady, your one and only home. A vast and decrepit city, where the rivers run neon and noxious fumes fluoresce in the night air. Like other Tartarian cities, it wasn't built by hand. Instead the founders stabilized a region near the most profitable dungeons, and let the continent generate...
  4. Meridian

    Pokémon Nestball Testall - A Demo on Forumventures
    Threadmarks: Opener

    There's an open PC Alcove open. As you sit down the computer terminal whirrs gently, just barely audible at all. Once logged in you navigate to what you came to do. Before you can search for open adoptions you need to choose a type to search for. this should also be a good demo and entry...
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