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original character

  1. Sarnick18

    Pokémon Pokémon: Rise Against (Completed)
    Threadmarks: Pokémon: Rise Against

    A Dark Fantasy Fanfic, Pokémon Rise Against. In the aftermath of tragedy, Seth Conklin finds himself grappling with loss and guilt as he navigates a Kanto under the crushing power of Team Rocket. Seth embarks on a desperate journey to protect his son, Erin, and seek redemption in a world tainted...
  2. Sinderella

    Pokémon Of Mon's First Disobedience [2023 One-Shot Contest]
    Threadmarks: Table of Contents

    Synopsis: Venira is a seraph, a formless Pokemon in "training" to become a legendary. However, her time spent under her creator, Father Arceus, has not been grand. As she slowly learns more about the concept of "emotions," she's come to understand that she wants more for herself. When she...
  3. Mr.RMA

    Pokémon Sabattical

    How does one even begin to explain the inexplicable? It's a genuine question; I certainly don't have the answer. Earnestly, I don't expect anyone else to have it either, much as I wish someone could tell me. Perhaps there isn't a concrete answer at all, but I suppose the only way to find the...
  4. Junebug44

    Pokémon Branches of Sinnoh
    Threadmarks: Overview

    Notes: Hey everyone! I'm Junebug, and I hope you enjoy this Pokémon fanfic project I wanted to try! You can consider this story to take place in essentially an AU of Sinnoh, with a bunch of characters 10-15 years before when the current games take place (so expect to see younger versions of...
  5. redspah

    Pokémon The Alarm Goes Off at Six (Pokémon Manga / Anime)
    Threadmarks: I. 3:42 AM

    In the suburbs of Icirrus City, a future professor wakes up from a nightmare of a traumatic memory. In fourteen hours and change, she will leave her house and never come back. The alarm goes off at six. There is so much left to do. I. 3:42 AM "Go and start digging while we carry them...
  6. Negrek

    Pokémon [One-Shot] Exploded View
    Threadmarks: Exploded View

    Content Warnings: None Summary: Finals are hard enough when you aren't waking in the middle of the night, thinking about aliens. Six more days until the end of the semester--Kalea doesn't know if she's going to make it. Author's Notes: This one-shot was written as a Blitz prize for kintsugi. The...
  7. Sinderella

    Pokémon Storm Surge (One-Shot)

    A huge storm's rolling in, and Guzma has challenged Odette to surf some of the oncoming waves with him, as is Alola "tradition." However, he's taking a while to get ready, and she's losing her nerve. She doesn't want to let him down. Truthfully, she'd rather impress him somehow. *** Storm...
  8. NebulaDreams

    Pokémon The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - Dream

    Well, hello there! Turns out I’m not completely done with fanfic (just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in). I ran out of inspiration for original stuff so I ended up coming back to the other Jung WIP I was working on alongside Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. I think I started work on...
  9. Akeira146

    Pokémon In Destiny & Fate: Omen's Child
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Prologue

    Summary: The universe has an order. When Fate shuffles its cards, Destiny always comes to play. Garnet Stone was the child to Pokémon League Champions— a current and a former, that is. All her life, she was overshadowed by the fame and success that was never hers. As she sets out on a journey...
  10. ShiniGojira

    Pokémon Just a Normal Day
    Threadmarks: Summary and Author Notes

    Summary: When he first awoke in a body not of his own, he, like any normal person, freaked the hell out. He was very sure he was not supposed to not a tail, claws not scales. Thankfully, he had the power of meta-knowledge on his side so he was surely gonna have a fun time trapped here, right...
  11. AceTrainerWesley

    Pokémon Liberation

    This story contains swearing. If any of this bothers you, proceed with caution. This story is set in the same world as Midnight Hollow Pokémon School. Please check it out! This story a part of Short Stories involving Wesley. If you would like to read them, I suggest this order, despite it not...
  12. AceTrainerWesley

    Pokémon Worthy

    This story contains strong language, mild violence and topics of mind control. If any of these bothers you, proceed with caution. This story is set in the same world as Midnight Hollow Pokémon School. Please check it out! This story a part of Short Stories involving Wesley. If you would like to...
  13. Umbramatic

    Original It's Vaespar Night

    This is an original fiction Halloween Shitpost that I have been planning for a few years now. It stars one of my sonas who I love very much, is kind of a sequel to another original fiction shitpost (Steam Over The Post Apocalypse), and, well, kudos to whoever gets the joke. This is version 2.0...
  14. Sonic Ramon

    Pokémon Magic & Transvolution
    Threadmarks: Summary.

    A curious Zorua with amnesia, seeking his past memories. A playful boy with sarcasm, searching for his mother. A serious girl with dignity, thirsting for vengeance on Team Conjure. What do Ramon, Justin, and Ada have in common? Why being lost in the vast Pokemon region of Wizlore, of course...
  15. Flyg0n

    Pokémon Home is Where the Hoenn is
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Magikarp and the Waterfall

    Home is Where the Hoenn is Summary: There's no such thing as a Flygonite. Or so they say. Hana has never been interested in pursuing impossible things. But when her Flygon, Raga, sets her sights on mega evolution, Hana is forced to find out—how far is she willing to go for something she...
  16. Sinderella

    Pokémon White Swan, Black Swan
    Threadmarks: Prologue - An Impulsive Change of Heart

    Summary: Kalos is currently in the clutches of a drug epidemic, and Odette Cinq-Mars is a former theater hopeful with a little too much time on her hands and a penchant for reading into things a little deeper than most. When her best friend Noel uncovers an alarming discrepancy in some public...
  17. Flyg0n

    Pokémon Pokemon: Legendary Adventures
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Plan / Authors notes

    artcredit: Hawkosa Instagram/Deviantart Artcredit for header art - Chibipika! Summary: Six years after the fall of Galactic, Koamaru sets out on his trainer journey with a singular goal - be the first to catch a legendary pokemon. The right way. But when his plan for a Perfect Team is upended...
  18. LukeSkyRunner

    Pokémon Roads of Life

    Summary A boy from Pallet Town named June Koven goes on his pokémon journey in search of a better life for himself. Dealing with battle strategies and mental stability alike, How will things turn out for him?
  19. HaruMiju

    Pokémon Astral Genealogy: Shadows of Etheria

    Faernia and Eris: two great civilizations ruled by fairies and dragons respectively. Rune, the Oshawott crown prince of Eris, is tasked with revitalising a peace treaty to prevent war between the two planets. He is thrust from a comfortable life of royal pampering and into a dangerous journey to...
  20. HaruMiju

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Seasons of Heaven

    In the futuristic world of Aseria, Lute Aska Violets, an innocent Eevee student lives a comfortable routine and dreams of becoming a hero. A fated encounter with Sophitia, a mysterious amnesiac Sylveon with fantastic powers, leads him to join the Agents of King’s Shield: his dream group of...
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