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Oblivious Protagonist
Any work
Heyyyyyyyo :D

Today the intro mailbox is dropping down to review your story! Ill review it by chapter sense i've read it all already XD

Ch 1: I know its probably not often a good thing to hear when someone says they were initially confused when reading a story's beginning, but honestly I liked how it was done here. If someone just randomly found themselves in a void with a mailbox I would be just as confused as Gen was. I will say the constant use of !? was a bit excessive but other than that it is a strong start to the story! I overall really liked it.

Also I could instantly tell it was the intro mailbox and when I tell you I wheezed so hard-

Ch 2: ok so it did take a second for me to connect the POV wasn't being told from Gen's perspective but once that clicked I found myself interested in whoever the person was. Of course that question was answered pretty quickly as Gen met my boy Burhalla. I actually love the stuffings out of that lil lizard child and I spent half the chapter just gushing over him. I am curious about Saltriv though, I like them but I feel they and Gen are somewhat connected, as Gen saved them from being killed by the distortion blob thingy,

Ch 3: British Pokemon Poggers. I actually love the idea of the phrase "Bloody Unovan" (May have to use it someone ;) ). Also I really liked the action bits! Reminded me of when I first played the games when I was younger and got scared at every little fight. The connivence of Gen realizing took me out of the experience a little but otherwise I really really liked this!.

Ch 4: I really did like how you fleshed everyone out a little bit, with Burhalla and his dad, and the fact that there is no way Gen lying wont come back to bit him later. The descriptions were beautiful and the scene setting was awesome, it really felt like I myself was there! I also found the scene where Saltriv and Gen hung out in Saltriv's house and Gen learned about the world adorable for some reason.

Ch 5: HOLY SHITOKI MUSHROOMS I wasn't expecting for the story to get dark that quick XD. so the british up and murdered the Porygon? Again the fact you managed to make me afraid of a fossil and a pokemon shows how good you are at writing, so kudos to you for that. Also I hope you know Im adopting the main trio. All of them. They are my adorable lil gremlins. Bruhalla is my favorite but I relate to Gen on a spiritual level, and Saltriv is just a pokemon embodiment of a whoopee pie. All in all I just found this a cute chapter (Along with the added intruige that is Dewott Gen, im exited to figure out more about that!)

Ch 6: Two words: Team Searchlights. I flipping love that name so much. Your scene setting is once again on point and the descriptions are as wonderful as always! You've really pulled me in to this little story of yours! Gen is starting to resonate a lot with me, and I find him really cute and relatable, also the part where he didn't know whatever that teapot thing was was a mood. I didn't even know there was a teapot pokemon.

Ch 7: I didn't come expecting to feel bad for a human-turned otter but here I am XD. But in all seriousness I saw a lot of myself in Gen, its nice to have people who can help in those sort of situations but the way you treated it was respectful and wholesome in a way, so o7 to you Bench! The Dynamax part was surprising and the scene where Gen almost killed his teammate scared me, ive gotten really attached to team Searchlights at this point tbh. Also Satriv being a former shadow pokemon is so dang cool and contrasts how wholesome they are perfectly. Lovely chapter Bench!

Ch 8: Another wonderful installment as to be expected! I do like the whole concept of purification and how it may come into the light more as the story goes on.

Overall I absolutly love the story to bits. There isnt too many flaws I can see and I really do think you have an excellent story here that you should be proud of!

Thanks again for making this!

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