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Chapter 48.

Sonic Ramon

Junior Trainer
Chapter 48: The Tale of the Flaming Vortex Part 2.

A yellow paw rammed Noctis' face, the Charizard grunting away towards his home. Sweats dripped down his cheeks, his Lucario friend jumping back and sliding across.

Noctis panted, bruises littering throughout. He glared, forming a fist.

Travis tilted his head. "Are you alright?"

Noctis stared at his hands, those fingers being more defined than his Charmeleon self. Even his claws were different! They used to be large and mighty: Small and shy they were deduced to. Doubt anyone would even notice them, only he would. He formed his fists, shaking his head.

"I'm…I'm fine." A scratchy gruff shrieked his voice. "I can keep going."

Travis lowered his ears. "I…really think we should take a break. You've been pushing yourself a lot right now. I'm scared that you'll—"

Noctis stomped, the concrete cracking. "NO!" Snarled. "I said I can keep going, god dammit!" He brung his fists up. "Now fucking fight me already, Travis! Don't hold back, either!"

The Lucario gazed at the dragon for a moment, sighing. "Alright then." He took deep breaths, crouching. He then jotted towards the dragon, his paw curling into a fist.

Noctis swung his fist forward, but Travis ducked underneath and uppercutted him. Noctis gnashed his teeth, groaning. "Gah!" He backed away, spitting out saliva. "Come on. You can do better than that." The lizard lifted his hands, beckoning.

Travis dashed forward, yellow auras encasing his paws. Noctis lifted his head back, purple flames emanating around his maw before the Lucario smacked him, the lizard spitting his draconic flames to the side. Travis Force Palmed Noctis over and over, the dragon growling in pain. The Lucario then kicked Noctis back, the Charizard roaring.

"COME THE FUCK ON!" Noctis stomped, cracks forming around his foot, blood dripping down his bruises. "PUT MORE POWER INTO YOUR MOVES, DAMMIT!"


The two proceeded: Travis dodging Noctis' moves while providing intense jabs and kicks one after another. Noctis growled and snarled and screeched—Pain coursing through his sluggish maneuvers left and right.

Soon, Noctis was coughing—shaking, even. The lizard was on his knees, spitting blood while growling, closing a single eye. Travis stared, lowering his arms. He whimpered.

Noctis gritted his teeth. "Why—" he gagged out blood further, his growl intensified. "Why did you stop!?" He moved forward before gasping, falling down afterwards.

"N-Noctis!" Travis rushed over to the Charizard's aid.

The front door opened, Dr. Yvonne exiting before eyeing the gruesome scenario. "NOCTIS!" He hurled over, sitting on his knees and inspecting the dragon. The young man then frowned at the jackal. "Why did you hurt him so much? I thought this was supposed to be a friendly fight!"

"I—" he winced, his feelers twitching, his eyes closing.

"I, grr—" Noctis pushed himself up. "I asked him to go rough on me, jackass." Once up, he started shifting side to side, groping his head. His vision going wonky, his belly stirring with eruption, his fragile hand feeling like a feather instead of something warm. "Ugh…" His eyes half-closed, everything feeling as though he should melt into the ground.

Noctis eyed the now standing scientist and jackal, panting heavily. The man patted the lizard's arm, gazing with concern.

"Come inside, Noctis. You've done enough training for the day."

The Charizard growled, pushing the man's hand away. "I can, ngh, continue training whenever I want!"

"Noctis, please." The scientist rubbed his hand. "I don't want you to bleed further." Dr. Yvonne sighed. "Don't push yourself, my friend."

Travis nodded. "Y-Yes." He stroked his cloak. "I'd…rather not have my friends in the hospital because of my bruteness…" His cloak shifted to the side by the wind.

Noctis smacked his lips. "But I NEED to get strong. If I don't push myself, then I'll never keep my title as the Flaming Vortex!"

"Not while you're all bruised up and feeling close to passing out," Dr. Yvonne stated, folding his arms. "Please, just come rest for the time being."

"..." Noctis snarled, gripping his fist. "Alright, fine! I just hope I remain as the winner in later tournaments, then." He headed towards the house, Yvonne and Travis following along.

"I'm certain that you will!" Travis says with encouragement, his feelers going haywire. He gripped his appendages. Shut it.

. . .

Noctis groaned, jumping back from an Emploeon's Aqua Jet, sliding across the stadium's field. The crowd cheered, Yvonne and Travis being at the front row seats wooing with enthusiasm.

Noctis frowned at his opponent: The Defect Empoleon, Luxury, sliding back to her trainer, Golden.

Golden formed a fist, jolting their elbow down. "Great job, Luxury. Keep it up!" the trainer said, their tone low.

Luxury kept her glance on the Charizard, nodding. "Will do, Master." Her arms raised, standing still.

Noctis panted, purple flames coating around his maw. I can do this… He flung his Dragon Breath, the draconic energy roaring across the field.

Golden snapped their fingers. "Dodge with Aqua Jet!"

Luxury encased herself in aquatic auras, swerving over the dragon flames. She rammed the Charizard, Noctis groaning. He shielded himself, being pushed back. The lizard smacked the penguin away with his tail, the Empoleon sliding across the ground.

Travis and Yvonne lifted their fist up, the scientist wearing red clothing as the two cheered. "You can do it, Noctis! Go get 'em!" Yvonne exclaimed.

"Yeah, show 'em who's the Flaming Vortex!" Travis yelled. The Lucario's appendages twitched, blinking. Hmm?

The Charizard jabbed Luxury's flippers before she smacked him away with metallic claws, kicking him afterwards. The Lucario squinted. Is…something really wrong with him? Will he actually lose this fight? His ears lowered. Is that why my aura is acting up?

Noctis gnashed his teeth, his vision blurred. His maw was engulfed by flames, the dragon glaring at the penguin.

Travis' appendages spasmed further. No. The Lucario shook his head. I don't believe that: He'll win! He got this! He bit his lower lip. I…know he does.

"Travis?" The Lucario blinked, eyeing Dr. Yvonne. "Are you alright?"

"Erm…" Travis nodded. "Yeah. I'm fine."

The Charizard unleashed his stream of flames, Luxury raising her flippers and spreading her legs. Her trainer spreaded their arm, their gray glasses leaning forward. "Wave Crash!" The Empoleon nodded to the command, submerging in immense water. She dashed towards the lizard, zipping around the Flamethrower.

Noctis widened his eyes, enlarging the swirling fire. He turned his head, Luxury rushing closer to him. Come on, come on—HIT! His brows furrowed. HIIIIIIIIIIT! The grass burnt to the crisp, yet the Empoleon moved further and further from the flames.

"JUMP!" Golden shouted.

Luxury smirked, leaping up and twirling. She flipped herself forward, ramming her flipper against Noctis' neck.

Noctis gagged: His flames dying, the lizard soaring back within seconds. He flailed around the ground, rolling before crashing into a wall. Smoke rose from the collision, clouding the lizard.

The crowd gasped, standing up in intrigue. Travis' paw pressed his chest while Yvonne bit his fingernails, sweat dripping down their cheeks. Luxury slid across the ground, her aquatic auras fading.

After what felt like hours, the smoke vanished, the Charizard grunting and walking forward. He stroked his arm: Panting, growling—even shivering. Shivering? He blinked, pausing. The Charizard eyed the Emperor Pokémon: The lack of bruises, scratches, bleedings. None of them were there. Luxury squinted, her flippers up and prepared.

Noctis' vision became hazier: Shaking left to right, right to left. The crowd eyed him, confusion circulating their minds. Noctis squinted his eyes for a brief moment, gripping his arm. His eyes then widened, all of his movements vanished.

"...Sh-Shit." He fell, trembling.

"Whoa!" The Intellicate Inteleon grabbed his microphone, pointing at the window. "At a shocking turn of an event, Golden and her Luxury have beaten the Flaming Vortex, officially moving onto the next match!"

Noctis' eyes quaked, the dragon staring at the wall across as some of the crowd shot up with cheers. Travis and Yvonne stared at their friend: The man sighing as the Lucario trembling, melancholy flowing through them.

He…lost? Travis glared to the side. No. I don't believe my aura was right about this. This is just…just… He groaned, his appendages twitching. Unfortunate circumstances. Yeah. That's what this is.

Noctis closed his eyes, taking the deepest breath of his life. He got up, grunting. He walked forward to Golden and Luxury, a crooked smile forming.

"That was a good match we had there." His eyes closed, nodding. "It's clear that you two's bond as Trainer and Pokémon was so strong, it even defeated the Flaming Vortex himself!" He pointed at himself, chuckling.

Golden and Luxury eyed each other for a brief moment before the trainer quirked their brow, folding their arms. "That wasn't us at our 'full potential'."

Noctis blinked. "I…" His head tilted. "Come again?"

Golden tapped their chin. "How do I say this nicely…" Their throat was cleared. "We thought with a grand title like yours, you'll put our bonds to the test." Sighed. "Unfortunately, that wasn't the case because of how sluggish you were against Luxury."

Noctis lifted his brow. "I mean, wasn't I sluggish before?"

"From what we've seen of your previous fights: No, you weren't." Golden adjusted their glasses. "You were pretty speedy and always had the upper hand via a trick by the end." They pressed their glasses back. "This time around, you weren't dodging our attacks. Barely even did any damage to Luxury."

Golden's Empoleon folded her flippers, the trainer laying their hand beneath their chin. "This fight doesn't feel like any others I've seen you in." Their head tilted. "What happened?" Golden's glasses leaned forward. "Or…"

Noctis perked his head up. "Or…what?"

Golden pushed their glasses back: Glistening as their hands slipped inside of their pockets. "Was your title just overhyped lies?"

Noctis gazed, lips sealed. His heart beated, his expression motionless.


The Charizard walked past the two, eyeing the double door exit. Golden blinked, eyeing him. "I wonder if I've hit a nerve there."

Luxury squinted at them. "You certainly have," she said in her language.

The dragon stomped past Travis and Yvonne, the two eyeing him. The jackal opened his mouth and—

"I slipped up," Noctis said, stopping halfway. "I'll…I'll do better next time." He eyed his two friends, others being beside them gazing down at the lizard. His lips quivered, smiling. He proceeded through exit, Travis pressing his paw against his chest.


. . .

From there, Noctis went through many losses in each All Star Singles: Pummeled into the wall, thrown across the field—even flown into the air for a brief moment before crashing towards the ground! The audiences winced and grimaced at the Flaming Vortex's losing streaks, his friends warping in dread at it all.

Noctis widened his eyes at them, feeling as though his reign was being depleted rapidly. His title was devolving. But he kept going, hoping to earn himself first place in the tournament again. Until…


The Charizard fell on his back, attempting to move up before a purple monkey pinned him with two tails. Noctis glared at the pitch black sky: Quivering, stroking the grass.

"The winner of this match is Swifty the Ambipom!" the announcers exclaimed, crowds erupting in celebration.

"YEAAAH! YOU GO, SWIFTY!" one guy screamed.

"THE FLAMING VORTEX IS OLD SCHOOL, NOW! SWIFTY IS WHERE IT'S AT!" an Orthworm yelled, his arms hovering over his mouth.

Noctis' eye twitched.

"Yeah, the Flaming Vortex isn't how he used to be anymore!" one woman stated, sighing.

Swifty gasped, her hand pressing her maw, bringing her tails back. "Oh my goodness gracious, I didn't think so many people would be this cheerful about me defeatin' the great ol' Vortex himself!" She turned towards Noctis, leaving her hand out. "Speakin' of, you did a mighty fine job during our match! Even though you weren't dodgin' my attacks, I still had fun!" The Ambipom smiled.

The Charizard looked down at his hands—at himself: The belly, the fingers, the tail…Even the wings too made him wince in disgust. Tears welled up, clouding his vision.


Swifty tilted her head. "Is somethin' wrong?"

"Tch!" Noctis gritted his teeth, smacking Swifty's hand away.

The Ambipom yelped. "What was that for!?" The Charizard didn't answer, flying towards the exit while groaning, tears falling behind. Travis and Yvonne eyed the lizard from their seats, sorrow spreading across. The Ambipom rubbed her hand, glaring. "Jerk…"

. . .

Tapping. No sounds.

Tapping again…Still no sounds.

"Noctis? I want to talk." Travis lowered his ears, tapping the dragon's door yet again. This time, he heard something: Weeped, whined, and whimpered. The Lucario turned towards the young scientist, looking up and sighing. "Can you help me talk with him? Please…?"

Yvonne adjusted his brown coat, nodding. The man knocked next. "Noctis? Travis and I would like to talk to you. Please, we want to know what's wrong."

Once the weeping faded, a 'click' ushered into existence before the door opened: A tall Charizard stood before them, fresh tears sliding down his cheeks. His lips shook.

"Come in…" The lizard walked over to his bed, the two following him. The bed shrieked Noctis' weight, the dragon snarling. He punched his bed, tears flooding. "SHUT UP!"

Travis and Yvonne lifted their arms up.

"Calm down," Yvonne said, sitting beside the Charizard afterwards. "Tell me, what's wrong?"

Noctis sniffled, Travis sitting on the other side. "Everything is wrong with me." He looked at his hands. "My hands," then his wings. "My wings," his belly. "This stupid fucking round belly here," and lastly: himself. "The overall heaviness of my body. Just…everything feels so shit."

Yvonne patted Noctis' back. "That's okay. It's normal to feel weirded out upon evolving. Travis went through a similar case, too."

Noctis gritted his teeth, smacking Yvonne's arm away. "No, you don't get it: I can never get used to this new body! I hate everything about it. From how sluggish I move to how heavy I feel. It sucks…" Whimpered. "It absolutely sucks. I…" His teeth clenched. "I wished I never evolved in the first damn place!" Noctis covered his face, tears landing on his legs.

Yvonne and Travis eyed each other before the two hugged the lizard, the latter being mindful of his chest spike. Travis gazed off, caressing Noctis' back. "I'm…sorry, Noctis. I feel like it's my fault for telling you about my aura senses. It's what led you to evolve."

Yvonne shook his head. "Travis, don't blame yourself over this."

The Lucario squinted. "No. I was prompting him to evolve, and then he did during that same day. I…take full blame for this." Yvonne stared at his friends, the distress and melancholy spreading like a disease.

Noctis… The man groped his shirt, his glasses tilting. The three continued in the huddle, Noctis keeping his face hidden.

. . .

Noctis exhales, opening his eyes while staring at the ceiling. "From there, history writes itself: Yvonne doing a ton of research on Transvians, dedicated to turning myself into one so badly." Waving his hand around, Noctis shakes his head. "And then the lab incident happened and such." He glares at the fox. "You know the rest."

Ramon lowers his ears. "Oh…" He holds his paws together. "I'm…sorry that you have to carry the burden of evolution. Truly."

Noctis sighs. "It's whatevs. It happened, my close friend is dead because of it, and now I just have to deal with it." He glares at his Charmeleon self on the portrait, tapping his leg. His hands then sit behind his head, gazing up at the ceiling again. "Life and its circus act, am I right?" Ramon blinks, twiddling with his claws. Noctis rolls his eyes. "That's rhetorical. You don't need to answer."



Perhaps an awkward one between them.

The Zoroark strokes his arm while the Charizard waves his feet up and down in boredom.

"By the way, I was supposed to call Travis if I were to see you in person. That's why your name is familiar," Noctis says.

Ramon's fur stands up, his lips quivering. "Wh-What!?"

Noctis waves his hand. "Don't worry yourself, kid. I won't tell him since I don't believe that crap about you being the cause." He turns. "He's been overreacting like crazy since Xander's death, believing you destroyed the facility since the news rumored of a lone survivor being in there."

Ramon stares off. "Ri-Right…"

Noctis shakes his head. "I guess it could be plausible that you caused the incident, but like: Why the hell would you remain in the building you've destroyed?"

Ramon jumps forward, snapping his claws. "I know, right!? I couldn't wrap my head around that logic when he thinks I'm lying!"

The Charizard quirks his brow. "Wait, did he ACTUALLY assume you were purposefully staying at the Prospective Institute?"


Noctis rams his face against his hand. "What an idiot, man." Sighs. "I'll put some sense into him about this petty revenge crap he's doing." His fist bangs his chest. "You have my word."

Ramon nods meekly. "Th-Thanks, Noctis. It…It um…" He sniffles, tears crawling up.

"Eh?" Noctis then widens his eyes from the Zoroark's sudden hug, the fox weeping on him. "Whoa!"

"I-It…means a lot to me that someone who's aware of the incident doesn't think I'm the cause." Ramon clenches his teeth, tears dripping down.

Noctis stares, his hand shaking while he pats the fox's head. "It's, uh, no problem, kid."

Ramon blinks for a moment, backing away. "S-Sorry about that!" He wipes away the tears. "I just…needed that release after all I've been through."

"I'd imagine." Noctis grabs the remote on the table. "Wanna watch some movies or something?"

"Um." Ramon taps his chin, lips sealed. "...Yeah. I would want that, actually. I…need something to relax for once." His claws poke each other.

The Charizard clicks a button, snickering. "I feel ya." The two look at the TV: An Eldegoss dancing to a crowd of Leafeons admiring their movements while hazy vocals play. Noctis scrunches his face. "What the fuck?"

Ramon snorts. "Looks like we're in the middle of some, uh—" his head tilts. "Interesting film or something?"

"Nah, this is some weird ass music video. Changing this right now." Noctis hits another button as Ramon sighs, succumbing to tranquility.

. . .


Everyone in the PC room is: Delia resting on her son's arm, Merlin stares at Ada while stroking his staff, X glances out of the window while his arms fold, Serene and Ethan stick close together as the Leafeon pats her brother's back.

Justin and Ada remain in their retrospective beds along with the other four: Quiet and still, their eyes shut.

"Ngh…" Justin groans.

"Ugh…" Ada groans.

The five perk up, eyeing the teens. The two open their eyes, moving forward sluggishly.

"Where…are we?" Ada asks.

"ADA!" Merlin shouts before he, Serene, and Ethan hug her.

The girl yelps. "Huh!?"

Justin blinks in confusion. "What's going o—WHOA!" a hug latches from his mother and X, the two teens eyeing everyone as a whole. Tears immediately rise up, the two trembling, their lips lifting.

"Oh my god, Justin!" Delia exclaims, crying on the boy's chest. "I'm so, so happy to see you again!"

"We miss you two so much, Ada!" Merlin says, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Justin and Ada's lips quiver, the two embracing the hug, nuzzling everyone.

"I'm happy to see you all again, too!" Ada says.

"S-Same here, fam!" Justin follows.

Tears of joy exchanges between them, everyone wailing and crying in the biggest relief of their lives.

Happy Pride Month, everyone! nwn
Chapter 49.

Sonic Ramon

Junior Trainer
Chapter 49: A Proper Reunion.

Delia, X, Merlin, Serene, and Ethan eye the unconscious individuals, bewilderment spreading across. X sits on the boy's lap while Merlin, Serene, and Ethan sit on the edge of Ada's bed, Delia resting on the stool close to Justin.

"I…wasn't aware of so much happening to you two since our separation." Delia smiles, caressing her chin. "You've even met some new friends along the way!"

Justin nods. "Yep! I feel like y'all will like them, too: They're a blast to hang with." The boy sets his hand beside his lips, leaning forward. "Except for Sylock, though. He's my least favorite," he whispers. "Don't tell him that I said that."

Delia gasps, punching her son's shoulder softly. "Justin! That's not a very nice thing to say."

The teen chuckles. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding. He's cool, too." He rubs his nose. "Although, he can be scary at times."

X tilts his head. "'Scary'?"

The boy scratches his head, laughing in a nervous manner. "You'll see what I mean."

X and Merlin's face warp, squinting. That doesn't sound like a good sign, they think.

Ada sighs, her hand against her gray shirt. "It's just…great to see you all again after everything we've been through." She strokes her cover. "We've encountered all sorts of dangers along the way, including the culprit group themselves: Team Conjure…"

Merlin gropes his staff as X frowns, folding his arms. "So that's who those weird outfit wearing guys are."

"Mhm. We ran into them about three more times since," Ada looks over at Mesmeren. "The first was when we were saving Mesmeren at Avalon Forest." Everyone briefly eyes the tapir as Ada continues. "Second was at Majestic City solving its city issues, and then the third time was at Serenity during a raid." Ada caresses her chin, glaring down. "Both of those cases involved the group obtaining Spells and getting away with it."

Ethan quakes as Serene's ears lower. "Yeesh. That doesn't sound good."

X grits his teeth. "That means they stole the Spell from that Forest guy."

"They did indeed, X." Ada blinks. "Wait, he told you guys what Spells are?"

Merlin pounces up. "Of course! He noticed that I was snooping through his The Birth of Wizlore book and saw the Spell pages, happily explaining what they are to us afterwards."

"Ah, I see then." Hums. "Hmm…" Ada narrows her brows. "I'm curious: Why does Conjure want to obtain all eight of the Spells?" The girl shakes her head. "And where does catching Mesmeren even play a role in this?"

"Hmm…" Merlin taps his staff. "Those are pretty good questions."

Justin snaps his fingers. "Ayo, that reminds me: I remember seeing a girl throwing the mayor of Synchronic while holding a book. Think it looked pink, too."

Delia's hand presses her lips. "You saw what happened to Mayor Herbert?"

Justin nods. "Vaguely, though. All of those…fires made it difficult to see what was happening."

"I see." The woman's face warps into worries. "That explains why I haven't seen him since the incident."

"Yeah. Homie's gone." Justin sighs, scratching the side of his head. "But yeah, bout that pink book: I wonder if that's a Spell, yo."

Squinting, Ada's hand sits beneath her chin. "It has to be." She eyes Justin. "Team Conjure wouldn't go this far if it weren't for the book the mysterious girl was holding." Nods. "I believe Herbert was a Spell Guardian, too."

Justin folds his arms. "Wouldn't surprise me, fam." His eyes close. "Always thought Herbert was the secretive type, to be honest. Hardly saying hi to his people and everything." His head shakes. "Weird man."

"Weird is an understatement, Justin." Serene glances off, sweat drips. "I saw him one time sniffing a Florges' flower before saying 'Vanilla'."

"I-I saw that too wh-while at the house!" Ethan's face warps, his lips quivering. "Wh-What was that about?"

Serene's vines pop out, shrugging. "No idea."

Ada blinks. "Yeah…He really was the mayor of all time, alright."

The Leafeon lowers her ears, sighing. "No kidding."

"So…" The teen caresses her chin. "I'm wondering: What kind of Spell did Conjure take from Herbert? We already know about Forest's Transmutation Spell."

Justin lifts his finger. "And then the other one at Cash Course where we heard Nickel talking to someone from Conjure about it." He rubs his chin. "Think it was the Emotion Spell?"

Ada snaps her fingers. "Yes, it was."

X tilts his head, eyeing up the boy. "Cash Course? Nickel? The heck are you guys on about?"

Delia gasps. "Wait, Mayor Nickel was conspiring with Team Conjure?"

"Yes." Ada sighs, eyeing X. "And uh, Cash Course is a criminal organization designed to earn Nickel as much money as possible. It tied with the crime rate issues going on in Majestic City, and led to poverty being worse than usual."

"Huh…" X nudges his chin. "I see, then."

Ada points at herself and Justin. "Thankfully Justin, Clinton, Ramon, and I managed to stop Nickel and his schemes, bringing peace to that city." She quirks her brow. "We didn't get celebrated for our accomplishments though, which is weird."

"That is weird when it involves hindering a whole city. Especially with crime issues getting…bad." X trails off, images of his mother hugging him while he's crying spawn into his mind. The weasel strokes his arm. It reminds me of that time. I— the images persist. I'm trying to remember it, but—

"I'm surprised you weren't aware of Majestic City's issues. Didn't you go there like mom, Merlin, and Serene did?" Justin says, eyeing down at the Buizel.

X blinks. "Hmm?" He shakes his head. "Nah, Ethan and I went through Avalon Forest and reached Serenity first."

Ethan shudders. "A-After many…many fights with some Defects."

X glares at the Flareon. "And you kept screaming while I told you to RUN."

"EEK!" Ethan nuzzles Serene, shielding beneath her cloak. "O-Once again, sorry!"

The Buizel sighs, waving his paw. "No worries. It happens." He then smirks at Justin and Ada. "See? You two ain't the only ones going through crazy travels."

The two teens snort, Justin smirking back. "Sounds about right."

Merlin interjects, "But anyways: What if the Spell at Majestic was Teleportation and not Emotion?" His head tilts. "Could even be Illusion. Perhaps Time?" Shrugs. "Admittedly, Forest couldn't show us what these Spells look like because—"

"Coffee stains were all over the Spell pages?" Ada finishes.

Merlin points at her. "Yes, correct."

"Sounds about right." She shakes her head. "The only Spells we know are Transmutation and Emotion: The former looks red while the latter looks rainbow-like."

Justin tilts his head. "So wait, the rainbow book we saw that Jester fart took is the Emotion Spell?"

Ada nods. "Positive. I see no other thing Nickel was talking about when discussing his deal with Conjure."

"Makes sense."

The girl blinks. "You…agree with me?"

The boy blinks back. "...I wasn't supposed to?"

Ada shakes her head and hands. "No no, I mean. Cool that you agree with me there, but I genuinely didn't expect it considering our headbutts before."

"Dude." Justin bursts into laughter. "Look, I may not agree with you MOST of the time. But there are those tiny, tiny times where I think you're in the right for once." He grins. "This is one of those times."

Ada huffs. "Oh hush you."

Justin lifts his arms up, shaking his head. "Cut me some slack, fam!"

Everyone laughs at the two banters, smiles spreading across.

X then says, "Wait, who's Jester? And is his last name really 'fart'?"

Justin slams his hands down. "Bruh, I WISHED that was his last name. Would make it really easy to poke fun of that clown." He snorts. "But anywho, he's the commander of Team Conjure or whatevs. He has voice cracks issues and thinks he's all that when his Magic move is literally named 'Pixie Flush'."

"Pi…Pixie Flush?" X chuckles. "Dude, how can someone think of a worse Magic name than Enchantment Claws!?"

"Ayo, that's what I said!"

The two laugh as Ada pouts. "I'm RIGHT here, you know?"

The two boys eye Ada, X covering his muzzles during snickering. "Our bad, fam," Justin says.

Soon, silence takes over: The group either staring at each other, the ceilings, or the floor. Serene pokes her vines together while Ethan sighs, Merlin twirling his brown staff. X strokes his arm, looking away. He shakes his head, gazing down.

"H-Hey, um—" Justin and Ada look at the Buizel, the orange weasel shrugging. "I'm…sorry."

"Hmm?" the two say.

"...For hurting Ramon." Sighing, X stares off into guilt. "I thought he was holding you two hostage with those shadows—the scary look in his eyes and everything." He looks at the teens, shaking his head. "I was really worried about you two after not seeing you for a while."

"I see." Ada nods. "It's alrig—" her and Justin gasp. "Wait, where's Ramon!?"

Justin looks around. "I ain't seeing him around, either. Shit, we gotta go find him." Justin and Ada move forward, a jolt of agony piercing them as they whimper. "Crap!"

Both wrap their arms around themselves, gnashing their teeth. Delia pats Justin's shoulder as the other three usher to Ada's aid, X eyeing at the boy with concerns.

"You two need to relax," Delia says. "The medics recently extracted the Weakener out of you. You can't move right now."

The teens pout. "But we need to see him, yo! I don't know if he's aight!"

"Yes…" Ada holds her hands together, pressing them to her chest. "I hope nothing bad happens to him."

Serene lifts her paw. "Ramon's at Noctis' house. He wanted to stay with him, for some reason."

Justin and Ada flinch. "Noctis?" the two say, frowning.

Serene tilts her head. "Yes?"

The teens eye each other, nodding before moving.

"We got to go. Now." Ada grunts, moving pausing.

X tilts his head, sliding off of Justin to sit on the bed. "Why?"

"In case Noctis harms him, dawg." Justin grits his teeth and grunts, stopping.

"Huh?" Merlin adjusts his hat. "Why would Noctis hurt Ramon?"

Ada glares at the teen. "He's a friend of someone named Travis, who tried to kill Ramon over the Prospective Institute incident."

X shakes his head. "Whoa whoa whoa, wait wait. I'm lost here: Prospective Institute? The destroyed facility Merlin saw from the newspaper?"


The Buizel tilts his head. "And apparently this Ramon guy has something to do with it and that's why he wants Ramon dead?"

"Yep, fam."

X's maw drops, eyeing everyone else: They all shrug and raise their brows with the same confusion. "I—" X taps his head. "What's going on?"

Ada and Justin look at each other for a brief moment, sighing. They close their eyes, taking deep breaths, before opening them.

Ada smacks her hands together. "Okay. There's a lot to unpack here so…strap in."

Ada and Justin go over the Prospective Institute situation: How Ramon escapes the abandoned facility, how Travis is this Lucario who's willing to kill him for Dr. Yvonne's death, how Ramon doesn't even remember causing the scientist's death, how Project Transvian is formed because of Noctis regretting his evolution, and so much more. The five gaze at each other from such rigorous information, horror plastering.

"Oh dear…" Delia's hand nudges her lips. "That's…a lot to take in."

Justin folds his arms. "It's some crazy shit aight, fam."

Merlin frowns, stroking his staff. "My sympathies for this Travis guy, but he shouldn't harm Ramon over this."

X and Serene nod. "Yeah. The guy sounds like a prick for assuming an amnesiac would remain there after destroying the building." The Buizel shakes his head. "What kind of logic is that, anyways?"

Ada throws her arms up. "I know, right!?"

"That's why Ada and I do our best to help him because the Ramon we know now ain't the Ramon that Travis bozo is describing." Justin sighs.

Ada nods. "Agreed: He means you no harm, everyone." Sighs. "I feel like he couldn't even hurt a Joltik, for instance."

X scratches the back of his head nervously. "I…can confirm that claim: He hasn't attacked me at all during our fight."

"I see." Ada folds her arms. "About Noctis though, how did you all meet him? And—" she whimpers. "Is he going to hurt Ramon?"

Delia holds her hands together. "We were roaming around Glory Pride City with nowhere to live. And then some criminals attacked us during a crime scene at the city's square." She sighs in relief. "Luckily, Noctis was there to save us." The woman taps her chin, eyeing up. "Maybe that explains what that crook earlier said about getting payback on Noctis."

"Eh?" Justin and Ada say in perplexion.

Delia shakes her head. "Earlier, we were fighting against some crooks trashing Noctis' place and almost killing those two." She points at Serene and Ethan, the Flareon trembling beneath the cloak. "If it weren't for Kellie and their Roserade friend saving us, we would've been in a lot more trouble. Possibly dead, too."

The teens clench their teeth, stroking their sheets.

"Yikes." Justin shrugs.

"I…guessed you all have been through a lot since our unconsciousness," Ada concludes.

"Yeah." Delia nods. "Back to how we met Noctis, I asked him if we could stay at his place and he said yes." She clasps her hands together, smiling. "So to answer your question earlier: I'm sure Noctis wouldn't hurt Ramon since even if he knows about his origin." Delia then frowns. "From what you two are telling us, Noctis sounds more reasonable compared to his revenge hungry Travis friend."

"Tell me about it," Justin and Ada say, sighing.

Ada nods. "Regardless, that's a relief to hear that Noctis won't harm him."

"Yeah, Mom." Justin smiles. "Thanks."

The woman nods. "Mhm." She then leans forward, poking her fingers together. "Sooo, have you two been mingling more since our separation?" Smug writes all over Delia's face as the two teens blush, shaking their heads.

"Wh-What!? Nah, man!"

Ada waves her hands. "Absolutely NOT!" She folds her arms. "Wh-Why does everyone insist that he and I have a thing for each other?"

Delia giggles, the others following suit. "Because it's funny and cute to see you two's reactions."

X raises his paw. "Besides, there's some truth to it, too!" Snickers.

Ada reddens further. "W-Well what about you and Serene!? CLEARLY there's something going on between you two with the amount of times you like to mess with her!" she scoffs.

Serene and X casually look at each other: Blank gazes. And then a head shake follows.

"Nope: She's not my type."

"I agreed." Serene lifts her vine, closing her eyes. "I'm not into guys."

X quirks his brow. "That's not how you acted earlier when I was hurt: You legit hug me and everything, dude."

The Leafeon rolls her eyes. "X, that's because you're my friend. Of course I'll be worried sick enough to hug you like any friend would after seeing them get hurt!"

"Ah." X caresses his muzzle. "Fair point."

Merlin chimes in, "Wait, you're not into guys, Serene?" The Leafeon nods, the boy gasping. "Oooh. That explains why you were eyeing that Alice girl at the village before."

Ada points at Merlin. "You mean the Mienshao that owns that cosmetic shop?"


"Sweet! She sometimes has a human friend with her who's, um, admittedly cute." Ada giggles behind her hand, blushing. "I think her name was Romilda. She's pretty talkative compared to Alice."

"Y-Yeah." Serene blushes as well, looking away. "I-I hope Alice's doing okay. And Romilda, too." She sighs. "I got my nail file thanks to them."

X smirks. "Well at least that explains your obsession with sharpening your toenails."

Serene snaps a glare at X, reddening further. "Shhh."

Justin sighs. "Honestly fam: I hope everyone from the village is alright."

Delia folds her arms. "It's tough times for us all, yeah." Smiles. "All we can do is hope for the best as we keep moving forward."


Silence rises for a brief moment. Until…

"U-Ugh…" Mesmeren groans along with the other four, shifting around.

Everyone eyes them, the five opening their eyes and lifting forward. Courtney caresses her head, sighing.

"Man, that damn Weakener knocked my ass out good…" The Lopunny blinks, eyeing Delia and the others. She squints. "Um, who are y'all?" Sylock glares as well, attempting to get up before groaning. Courtney looks at him, sighing. "Don't strain yerself, Sy."

Sylock gasps. "Wait, where's our—" he grunts. "Swords!?"

"Ah shoot, you're right. Where are…" The rabbit looks to the side: Her familiar silver sword sitting beside her bed. "Okay, I found my sword. Whereabout yours'?" Sylock looks beside his bed: Same ordeal. He sighs, lifting his thumb. Courtney sighs as well. "Good to know."

Mesmeren looks to her side: Her lips quivering, her body trembling. "O-Oh no…" She covers herself. "People. E-Everywhere…"

X looks to his left, raising his brow. "Uh?"

The Drowzee whines. "Wh-Where's Ramon? Is he okay!?"

Ethan shivers, snuggling close to Serene. "MEEP!"

Ada looks over at the tapir, then at the canine—then back to the tapir. Her hand lifts. "Relax, you two. Everything's fine." Nods. "Ramon's at Noctis' home safe and sound."

"N-Noctis? You mean—" Mesmeren warps into anxiousness, feeling as though her eyes are shrinking. "T-The guy Travis wanted to avenge!?"

"What the Binnacle!?" Coleo exclaims, everyone eyeing Ada.

Ada blinks rapidly. "Oookay then." She stares off. "I…see that things are starting to get a little chaotic."

"Aight." Justin slaps his hands together. "Nutshell version: Noctis' harmless, Travis' an ass, and the institute incident wasn't caused by a fox with no memories. Y'all got that?"

The confused five blink: Silence exchanging between them. The Lopunny shakes her head, rubbing her forehead. "Gotcha, then. I'll take your word about this Noctis guy being harmless. I'm just…exhausted, ya know?"

Justin's hands collapse, the boy groaning. "Aren't we all?"

A quiet snort comes from Serene before the rest laugh, too. Everyone but Mesmeren, Ethan, and Sylock chuckles: The former two shake nonstop at so many individuals in front of them while the latter glares cautiously at the rest of Justin's friends.

Ada sighs, her elbows resting. "So, uh, with that out of the way: Why don't you introduce yourselves to our old friends?" She eyes Courtney and co.

Roan bounces up. "Oh certainly—OW!" He rubs his back, whimpering. "Ugh, I'm all hurt."

"It's the effects of the Weakener." Serene laughs in an awkward manner. "I'd…suggest you don't jump around too much."

The Axew nods. "Will do!" After he and the others introduce themselves, with Mesmeren and Sylock struggling to do so at first, Roan smiles. "A pleasure meeting you, Justin's mother and his friends!" He claps his hands together. "Oh this is pleasant! Very pleasant, alright!"

"And why's that, lad?" Coleo asks.

Roan waves his arms out, eyeing Justin and Ada. "These two finally met their goals at reuniting with their beloved friends and family at long last!" Squeals. "I'm so happy for them!"

The teens look at Roan for a moment before eyeing their old friends, smiling. "Thanks, man. I'm happy to see our old buddies as wel—" Justin flinches, snapping his fingers. "Wait. Someone's missing."

"Who?" Courtney tilts her head. "Ramon?"

"Nah, fam. I'm talkin' bout someone who we knew for a long while." Justin frowns. "Terran."

Ada looks down. "My…father isn't here, either." Her hand lays underneath her chin. "I wonder where he and Terran are." Gasps, a smile spreading across. "Perhaps they're at Noctis' house with Ramon, too?"

Merlin looks down, shaking his head. "I only found Mrs. Phoenix and Serene before we met X and Ethan at Serenity." Sighs. "There…was no sign of Terran nor Mr. Cheng along our travels, unfortunately."

Justin and Ada droop their eyes with melancholy. "Dang, that sucks man." The dark skin boy sighs, stroking his white shirt.

Ada caresses her arm. "Very much so." She whimpers. "I…was hoping to see my father again." Sighing, she closes her eyes.

Justin looks at her, lifting his thumb. "Hey, man: We'll find Mr. Cheng, sooner or later. Just like how we found our friends after traveling for so long." He smiles.

Ada looks back. "I…" A small smile forms. "I suppose so. Yeah."

Roan nods. "I believe in your reunion with your father, Ada ma'am!" His hands curl into fists. "Don't give up! As Justin stated, you two have found your friends. Maybe not all of them, but at the very least: You've found some!" Lifting his hands, he closes his eyes and smiles. "See it as an accomplished progress rather than a shameful burden!"

Justin snaps his fingers at the Axew, his usual finger guns on display. "Now THAT'S the positivity I'm talking about, fam."

The Axew giggles. "Thank my mentor for giving me some helpful advice during our travels."

Ada's smile grows even further, nodding. "Yes, you two are right: That is a good way of seeing things. Thank you."

The two smile back before Justin looks at X's eyes, the black scleras ringing around the orange irises.


X looks around for a bit, lifting his brow. "...What?"

"Your eyes, dawg: I don't remember them looking like that." Justin scratches the side of his head.

Delia tilts her head. "Come to think of it, I've been meaning to ask you that too, X."

"Same," Serene follows.

"Oh." The Buizel shrugs. "I have no clue why they look different, too. It just…happens, I guess."

"Hmm…" Ada caresses her chin. "Reminds me of Ramon's eyes looking like this, too."

Courtney's hands rest on her hips. "Must be X using his Rune," she answers. "Similar to Ramon's case, come to think of it."

Delia, X, Merlin, Serene, and Ethan all eye the rabbit. "What?" they say, perplexion everywhere.

"Um, the heck is Rune?" X tilts his head.

Courtney lifts her finger. "Glad that ya asked: It's this hidden power specific kinds of Pokémon have. By kinds, I mean those who are Intellicates or Transvians, the latter being extinct."

"Oooh. Sounds kickass!" X smirks. "Didn't know Intellicates like me even have one."

"Understandable: Most Intellicates go on with their lives without bein' aware of it."

Merlin nods. "Interesting, interesting. Reminds me of the Sceptile Gym Leader I've mentioned using some kind of unknown power." He pouts. "I wasn't sure how to describe it exactly though since the newspapers are always gray colored…"

X squints. "Hence why no one likes them," he mumbles.

"Hey, I heard that!" The light skin boy puffs his cheeks. "Anyways, I think whatever power I saw her use on her opponent could be her Rune. Because it doesn't look like any sort of Grass nor Pokémon move at all."

"Oh?" Courtney taps her chin. "Interesting. I guess she has that there Rune, maybe."

Justin eyes the Buizel. "Man, I had a feeling he'd have it considering the eye color. But I had to ask, just in case."

X taps his snout. "I did hear an unknown voice saying 'Dark Tendrils' while I was attacking Ramon. I even formed these tentacles as it happened." The Buizel shakes his head quickly. "Which by the way, again I'm sorry about doing that! Was only trying to help Justin and Ada…"

Courtney waves her hand. "You're good: I appreciate the apology and honesty." Smiles. "And hearin' you say 'unknown voice' further confirms that you're using Rune. Since that's the very thing folks will hear when usin' Rune for the first time."

X's eyes widen with glee. "COOOOL!" X hops up and down. "I've used something awesome this whole time, and I didn't know what it was until now!"

"Heh." Courtney frowns. "Just be careful usin' it, though: You can die if you use it too much."

X gnashes his teeth, shock spreading throughout. "Yeesh!" His head shakes. "Now that's NOT cool!"

Justin snaps his fingers. "Yo, I just remember something: The History of Wizlore."

X tilts his head. "What about it?"

The boy frowns. "It involved my ancestor, Pauline Phoenix."

"Oh yeah: Ethan, Serene, Merlin, Mrs. Phoenix, and I were at Forest listening to the whole backstory and everything, too!"

Justin turns towards his mother, sternness painting him. "I've learned about her, Mom: How she ended The Dne War and saved Wizlore. Her and her partner, Vincent Silver, did." The boy forms a fist. "They were the ones who found this region, discovering Intellicates, Transvians, and most importantly: Magic type itself."

Delia nods. "Yes. I was…shocked to learn about my distant ancestor, too." Her hand presses her chest. "Wasn't even aware of Pauline until Clinton told me about her."

"I mean, we have been living our whole lives in one secluded village so…I get it." Justin scratches the back of his head. "Still feel bad that I didn't know about her, especially when she saved the whole region let alone the world too, man."

Delia laughs softly. "I feel that, son."

"Bette' late than neve', am I right buckos?" Coleo enlightens.

Now Justin is the one laughing softly, he and Delia nodding at the Blipbug. "I guess you're right." Delia then gasps. "Oh! Which reminds me, Son…" Her finger lifts. "Let's walk to the Glory Pride's square together: There's something I wanted to show you."

"Eh?" Justin raises his brow with intrigue. "What is it?"

"It's a surprise, sweety. Your friends can join, too." Delia closes her eyes, smiling. "I think you'll like it."

X grins. "Oh I know what you're talking about, Mrs. Phoenix: The sta—"

"SHHH! Don't ruin the surprise now, Xexy," Delia says, her finger to her lips.

The Buizel puts his paws up. "Alright alright! I'll keep my mouth shut!" Also, 'Xexy'? What.

Justin blinks. "A…ight then." Shrugs. "We'll do it later though since I'm still recovering from this stupid Weakener." Justin pouts, his arms folding. "We…should be better by then, right?"

Delia lays her finger to her chin, gazing up. "I believe so." Sighs. "The nurse didn't tell us when you'll be fully ready to leave. I should've asked that myself, whoops."

Merlin glares. Were they THAT much in the rush to not tell us?

"Regardless, she told us you, Ada, and the others have gotten the Weakener out of your systems. So I guess you'll have to rest for a bit until your bodies feel good, again."

Justin nods. "Gotcha."

. . .

The sun settles itself, the rays of light barely lighting through the side windows. Everyone is looking at Justin and X, the two flailing their arms around in exaggeration.

"So I said to this guy, 'Wanna Beedrill with me' and the dude looked at me with disturbance before outright saying 'Bro, I don't swing that way.'" X snorts, covering his stomach. "The interaction was priceless!"

Delia gasps, snickering. "Oh that's so inappropriate, X!"

Serene giggles, covering her maw with her paw. "Your antics never fails to amuse me, X."

Merlin raises his hand. "I second that!"

Justin chuckles. "Good bit, dude." He snaps his fingers. "Oh shoot, I just thought of a joke myself. Peep this: What do we use to turn the TV on? A Rotomote controller!"

X slaps his knee. "No way you just said that, bro!"

Mesmeren giggles to herself. "Can't believe that actually got me…" she says quietly, covering her maw.

Everyone bursts into laughter except for Sylock, Ada, Ethan, and Coleo, the latter two tilting their heads while Ada shakes her head, smiling.

"Oh Justin, that joke was really bad, but I'll let you slide there." The girl sighs.

"I…don't get it, lad." Coleo quirks his brow.

Sylock squints at the boy. Wow. He actually got the whole squad laughing here. Sighs. Unfortunate.

Justin waves his hand, smirking. "I know, I know: My jokes are too much for you to Bewear."

"STOP! MY LUNGS!" X wheezes, falling on the ground and hitting the floor. Serene squints at the Buizel, lifting her brow.

"Oh the pun wasn't that funny, X," she says, rolling her eyes.

Justin stretches his arms out, yawning. "Man, do I feel real energetic or what." He eyes his mother. "Actually, I think I'm ready to go." The boy wiggles his fingers. "I'm feeling all healed up and everything."

"Same here," Ada follows.

Courtney and Sylock nod. "We're right behind ya!"

"I-I'm feeling better, too…" Mesmeren pokes her fingers together.

Roan jumps up and down on his bed: Soaring pain lacking his presence. "Yep! I'm as good as good can be!" The Axew snickers.

Coleo blinks. "What the lad said, argh."

Delia stands, holding her hands together. "Then it settles!" She points towards the window at the buildings afar. "Next stop: Glory Pride's square!"

Merlin lifts his finger, smiling. "Can't wait to admire the beautiful sky there."

Serene perks up, her tail wagging. "Same!"

"I'll let the nurses know that you seven are good to go." Delia walks towards the double-doors, everyone eyeing her with enthusiasm.

. . .

Everyone walks along the sidewalk, descending down a steep road. Buildings pass by the group, becoming bigger and bigger one after another. The Pikipeks soar into the orange sky, the sunrays depleting as the dark blues seep in.

Merlin gasps. "Oh dear, we better hurry!" He points at the sky. "The sunset is about to end soon!" Streetlights turn on after he says that.

Delia waves her hand, smiling. "No need to rush, Merlin. I'm sure the statues will still look gorgeous at night, too."

"Hello!" Roan waves at a couple passing by, his attention soon turning towards four other individuals. "Hello!" he says once more, a Wooper waving back with her tail before moving forward. Roan then waves at a driven car, smiling.

"So many people to say hi, too! And we haven't even gotten to the square yet!"

Coleo looks down, being on top of Roan. "Aren't ye the energe'ic lad, eh?"

The dragon giggles, covering his maw. "I just love people. Can't help myself."

Mesmeren and Ethan shiver, shielding themselves while behind the group. The two bump into each other and yelp, straying away immediately.

Courtney looks at them, smiling. "It'll be fine, y'all."

Mesmeren caresses her arms, nodding. "O-Okay…" Serene pats Ethan's back with her vine, the Flareon shakiness decreasing.

Everyone soon reaches the bottom, Delia folding her arms: Eyeing up.

"We're here!"

Justin, Ada, and the other five of their new friends widen their eyes. "Whoa…" they all say.

Many shops and businesses circulate the square along with the roaming crowds. And in the middle of it all are two gray, giant statues: One is a woman with short hair, the other is a man with long hair—Both hold their hands out as if using an attack. The woman has a smile on her face, spreading her legs in confidence. Meanwhile the man simply frowns, his legs together in judgement. At the very bottom of the statues lies a few Pokémon being in their own heroic poses as well.

Courtney smirks. "My golly, this looks awesome!" She points to the woman's smugness. "Loving the cocky pose Pauline is doing here!"

Merlin's hand nudges his chest. "Personally more of a fan of Mr. Silver's menacing gaze." He spreads his arms out. "I can definitely sense that he was serious about saving the world."

X points at Merlin. "Agreeing with the wizboy here: Vincent looks DOPE here."

Roan raises his arms. "I think they both look awesome!"

Sylock takes one good look at the statues before smirking, closing his eyes. The kid isn't lying. Whoever designed these statues did a really good job.

"Man, this is what you wanted to show us?" Justin eyes Delia, who sticks her tongue out playfully for a moment.

"Yep!" She closes her eyes, smiling. "Thought it'd be a pleasant surprise since I always wanted to see the statue of my ancestor."

"I see. Forest did mention something about that when I asked him where you went." The boy smirks at the statues, folding his arms. "Welp, that book wasn't lying: There really were two statues of my ancestor and Silver built here."

Ada nods. "Yeah, even after all these years."

Delia caresses her arm. "I can't believe Pauline would do something this daunting after discovering this region, let alone sacrificing herself."

"Yeah…" Justin scratches the back of his head. "Can't imagine myself in her shoes, fam: Being in charge of leading a whole resistance group against a deity." He looks at his mother. "She probably felt nervous during it, ya know?"

Delia nods. "No doubt about it." The sun fully goes down, the dark blues taking over. The woman strokes her chest. "Let's…hope the world doesn't have to deal with Dne anymore."

Merlin lays his hand beneath his chin. "Hmm…" The group looks at him.

"What is it, fam?"

"Team Conjure are out there collecting Spells." He stares at Justin and Ada. "If what Forest said is true, then…I'm afraid of the horrifying possibility Conjure can do when obtaining them all." His brows lower. "Including reviving Dne."

The cheerful admiration has turned into dreadful silences: Serene and X eye each other with worries, Courtney and Sylock frown at the boy, Mesmeren and Ethan's shakiness return stronger than ever, and everyone is uneasy overall.

Justin forms his fist, glaring off. "Yeah…"

Ada forms her fist, looking away. "Agreed…"

. . .

Ramon looks behind him, staring at the front door while Noctis is laughing his butt off at the TV. Two words come to he and Nomar's mind:

Gloria Falls.
Chapter 50.

Sonic Ramon

Junior Trainer
Chapter 50: A Moment of Peace.


Noctis slaps his knee: His tongue rattling, his eyes bulging. The lizard gazes at a gray round cat slapping a round-headed blue cat. The Alolan Persian slaps back, growling. The Purugly caresses their face, growling back: The two glaring at each other. And then a full on fight breaks out!

The Charizard covers his belly, wheezing. "Holy crap, this shit is so funny." He elbows Ramon, a single tear sliding down his cheek. "Slapsticks are the best kinds of comedy, eh?" The dragon blinks, his necklace shuffling. "Kid?"

The Zoroark stares at the front door: Lips sealing, melancholy seeping. Noctis pokes his arm. "You alright?"

Ramon gasps, shaking his head. "Y-Yeah, I'm fine. It's just…" Sighs. "There's a lot on my mind, Noctis." The fox turns around and curls, wrapping his arms around his legs while his ears droop.

"Ah, about Travis wanting to kill you?"

"...And the Prospective Institute in general: How it all leads to me." Ramon eyes his right paw, the scar mark screaming at him. "It all happened because of me."

"Bullshit." Ramon keeps glancing at his palm, Noctis leaning close to him. "My god awful decision to evolve is what caused this. If there's anyone to truly blame, it's me." The Charizard snarls. "If I didn't evolve, Xander would've been alive and Travis wouldn't go on this stupid ass revenge hunt."

"I—" the Zoroark sighs, forming a fist. "I don't know: I struggle to see it the more I think about it."

Noctis shakes his head. "Kid, you yourself told me that you don't remember anything from the institute. Why are you blaming yourself over it? Hell, you felt relieved that I don't think you're the cause like Travis does."

The Zoroark whimpers. "R-Right."

"So quit with the self-blaming, alright?"

Ramon slowly looks at the lizard. "Didn't you do that though? Blaming yourself for Yvonne's death and Travis' revenge?" Noctis snarls, the fox yelping away. "Eek!"

The dragon then groans, folding his arms, closing his eyes. "Alright, you got me there kid." Lifts one eye open. "I just think my case's different." He gazes at the ceiling. "I don't know, like, I should've expected him to help a dumbass like myself, knowing full well he'd fight tooth and nail to help anyone. And look where he ended up…" Sighs. "Maybe I should've lost that title of The Flaming Vortex long before I evol—"

"Please stop."

Noctis lifts his brow. "Eh?"

"You just told me to stop blaming myself over the incident, and now you're doing the same thing!" Ramon strokes his arm, staring off. "I don't care if your case is different: You still shouldn't bash yourself over something that's…possibly out of your control—our control." The fox whines. "I have no clue if you and I are at fault here, b-but regardless: Blaming ourselves isn't going to help."

Noctis blinks, shifting in place. "...Well shit: Throughout my time living, I didn't expect myself to gain some common sense from a kid of all things."

Ramon lowers his ears. "Sorry. I just…think it's best if we give ourselves the benefit of the doubt here. Again, going off from what you told me earlier." He rubs his head. "Which is kinda ironic since I was self-blaming first."

"Heh, it happens. And I needed that pep talk, anyways." He sets his hand on top of Ramon's head. "I understand that all of this shit is stressing you out. Because it's stressing me out, too." Noctis smiles. "We'll figure this crap out, eventually."

Ramon sighs, nodding. "Thank you…"


The two eye the front door.

"You go get it." Noctis slouches over the sofa, his hands behind his head. "I'm feelin' too lazy to get it."

Ramon nods and stands, walking towards the door. He opens: Justin and Ada waving at him as 10 of their friends are behind them.

"Hey Ramon," Ada says.

"Doing alright, fam?" Justin smiles.

Tears climb the Zoroark's eyelids, sniffling. Ramon hugs the teens, clenching his teeth. "I'm—" he whines, the teens hugging him back. "I'm really glad that you're okay!" Something tugs his leg, the fox looking down at Mesmeren hugging it. The teens smile along with Ramon and Mesmeren, tears rolling down the fox's cheeks. "I'm just…happy that all of you recovered from the Weakener."

"Thanks, man…" Justin sighs. "It was really unbearable to go through. Ain't gonna give it to even my worst enemies."

"Same here," Ada follows, keeping the hug going.

Roan throws his arms up. "Group hug!" he proclaims, rushing forward.

"Heck yeah," X follows, hugging the teens.

"Meh. Why not?" Courtney says, pushing Sylock forward. "Let's get on in there!" The Lopunny engulfs the Blaziken and the others with her arms, Sylock blushing while clenching his teeth.

D-Dammit, Courtney!

Everyone else joins in before they all fall over, blinking. "...Pffft!" X snorts before going into full on laughter, everyone following along in unison. Mesmeren, Sylock, and Ethan quiver their lips, embarrassment flowing throughout.

Coleo is on his back before chuckling himself. "Yee lads and lasses ar' goofy bilges!"

The group looks ahead, a tall orange dragon stands before them. Noctis folds his arms, raising his brow. "Okay, I know about half of you here." He gazes at Coleo, then to Mesmeren, Courtney, Sylock, and Roan.

"Hello there, sir!" Roan says, smiling.

Ramon, being at the very bottom of the pile, chuckles in a nervous manner. "Right."

. . .


Noctis nods, sitting on the middle couch after getting to know everyone. The group rests on the sofas as well: Some on the right, some on the left—others with Noctis. Delia's apron is also hanging on the kitchen's wall, the woman holding her hands together while sitting beside Noctis.

The dragon crosses his legs, staring at Justin and Ada next to Delia. "I get you two's situation. Along with Ramon and everyone else here."

Ramon and Mesmeren poke their fingers together, nodding. "Y-Yeah," the two say, Mesmeren scooting close to the Zoroark: They're both on the center couch beside Noctis.

Ada sighs, her shoulder nudging Justin's for a moment, staring at the ceiling. "I hope someday we'll find Terran and my father, too." Despondents. "They're the only two missing."

Merlin tugs his staff, sitting on the left sofa. "I hope so, too." He nods. "But we have to rest first. We've been through a lot since the village incident."

"Yeah, no cap." Justin groans, covering his face. "Almost died cuz of that Weakener, man. Shit's wack."

Delia taps Justin's leg. "And I'm very proud to see you pull through it. It was…scary. Thinking my son will die from such a deadly ailment." Stroking his leg, Delia weeps. "I…don't want to imagine it."

"You don't have to, Mom." The boy's hand rests on Delia's, frowning. "Cuz I'll never let that crap be inside of me again. Nor anyone else I care for."

Delia nods before hugging Justin, the boy returning the favor. "That's good to know."

Ada caresses her chin. "An ailment that can kill someone…" Squints. "The fact it's common for bad people to use is…nerve wracking."

Mesmeren holds her hands together. "T-Tell me about it."

"We…almos' died." Coleo glares down, being on top of Roan while the two are on the right couch. "I gues' Lycus is in some kin' of shady group since he got his hands on them."

"Yeah." Courtney nods, sitting on the right couch beside Sylock. "Like Justin said: Let none of us get into that Weakener mess." She forms a fist. "Knowing from experience, it's somethin' I don't wish on anyone."

"Very understandable," Merlin says, whimpering. "We saw you guys just…laying in bed. Almost motionless." Ethan shivers, curling up to his sister while on the left sofa.

"M-Mhm…" The Flareon's ears lower.

X stands up beside Serene. "Motionless is an understatement: You guys looked dead." Mesmeren and Ethan's eyes jolt towards the Buizel: Their teeth gnashing with dread. "Like, not even in a 'could be alive' way: Nah, you were very pale and just…not moving at all." Tears rise up. "It was scary. Real scary. Th-Thinking we'll finally get to see you guys again only to find you dea—"

A vine lands on X's back, rubbing. "Relax, X." Serene whimpers. "We were all scared of that possibility, but thankfully: It didn't happen."

"Yeah, man…" Justin sighs, staring off.

Ada gazes at Mesmeren and Ethan: The two trembling and quaking, the former nibbling her fingers. "Say, how about we, uh, change the topic. Since we all agree that the Weakener is dangerous. Also—" she rubs her head. "It's scaring those two."

Courtney nods. "Sounds like a good idea." She shifts her sheath. "Hmm…"

Ramon tilts his head. "What is it?"

"..." Courtney stares blankly. "I ain't got a clue on what to change the subject to."



Justin clasps his hands. "Aight: Chips. Let's talk about that."

"What the—Are you seriously gonna make that the topic we move onto? Chips!?" Noctis scuffs. "Not even gonna ask me any questions about the Prospective Institute nor anything? Like you do realize who you're talking to, right?"


The Charizard points to himself. "Noctis? The guy who's the whole reason why Project Transvian was a thing? Hello?"

"Hey man, that can be the next topic after this one. Trust me…" Justin frowns. "We absolutely have some questions over that, dude." After a few minutes of staring, Justin closes his eyes and smiles. "Right now though: Chips!" He snaps his fingers. "Crocalos: Nacho or Ranch flavor?"

"Tch." Noctis folds his arms. "Ranch. Not a huge fan of Nacho."

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

X lifts his paw. "No no, he's onto something here."

Justin glances at the weasel. "Excuse me? Ranch doesn't keep the cheesy flavor going and going like Nacho does!"

"I mean yeah, but like Ranch can have this sweetness to it that Nacho lacks." X chuckles in an awkward manner. "So I get his taste here."

Noctis lifts his claw, smirking. "For once, your taste isn't crap, X."

"Ok Mixturing Moves Hater."

"I see nothing wrong with that insult."

Justin pouts before eyeing Merlin, Serene, and Ethan. "Hey man, you think Crocalos' Nacho is good, right?"

"Absolutely!" Merlin states.

"Not for me," Serene says.

"I…hardly e-eat chips." Ethan tucks his head.

Justin points to Merlin. "Yay." Then to Serene. "Nay." Then to Ethan. "..." AND then to Courtney and co. on the right. "Ayo: Nacho's better than Ranch, am I right?"

Noctis quirks his brow. "You're really going to die on a hill over chips, huh."

"I'm trynna prove a point by not letting Nacho's name go down in vein, dang it!"

Delia giggles as Courtney shrugs. "I mean, they're fine?"

"FINE!?" Justin shakes his head. "Sylock, you're a big fan of Nachos, right bu—"

"Not interested," he signs, looking away.

"I…K then."

Roan lifts his finger. "Fear not, Justin sir! As for I—" Justin gasps, awaiting the Axew's answer. "Have not tried those chips at all!"

The boy rams his face into the couch momentarily. "Bro, why would you say it like you did try them, then!?"

"Oh." Roan tilts his head, being mindful of Coleo. "Perhaps I shouldn't always present my sentences in that manner."

"Ya don't say." He squints at the Blipbug. "Oh Coleo! What abou—"

"How shoul' I know? I was stuck at a cabin throughout me life."

"Oh. Right." Justin turns towards Delia, tears raining down his cheeks in a melodramatic manner. "Mom. Mommy. MOMMAAAAAAA!"

The woman moves her bangs to the side. "I'm…right here, Son."

Justin slowly points at the Charizard. "Tell this mean man that he's wrong, and you think Nacho's better."

Noctis rolls his eyes. "Oh cope harder, kid. Using your mother to disprove my preference."

Serene eyes her toeclaws, deadpanned. "Not the first time he's done that." She looks at Noctis. "He once got Mrs. Phoenix in a discussion over pineapple pizza and how wrong I am for preferring it."

Noctis blinks. "Really?"

Delia lifts her finger. "It's true, and I have to agree with him there."

"...Okay, fair point: I'm suspicious of anyone that prefers pineapples on pizzas." Noctis huffs, folding his arms.

Justin throws his hands forward. "At LEAST you have some common sense there!"

Noctis quirks his brow. "I always thought despising pineapple pizza is common sense: It's horrid."

"Second here: Pineapple pizza is BLAGH!" X rubs his tongue, shaking his head. "Can't STAND the sweetness on my cheese bread, dude!"

"Pineapple on pizza?" Coleo tilts his head. "What the Binacle?"

Serene sighs, rolling her eyes. "It's really not that bad, guys."

"Doubt," Delia, Justin, X, and Noctis say at once.

Justin's mother lays a hand on her chin. "Back to the chips though, hmm…" Smiles. "Well I think Nacho and Ranch flavors are both neat!"

"Argh!" Justin strokes his head, lowering it. "The Crocalos Nacho's name is in shambles cuz of this. Thanks, everyone."

Everyone laughs nervously, Merlin scratching the back of his head. "You're…welcome?"

Ada, Ramon, and Mesmeren gaze at the boy, convoluted beyond belief. He didn't even ask us… they think.

The Charizard snorts. "Oh my god: You actually are coping hard over this." He covers his belly, kicking the air. "What a baby!"

Sylock glares. Says the man who's kicking the air while laughing like a kid would.

Noctis wipes away a single tear, smirking. "I needed that laugh. Thanks."

Justin folds his arms, huffing. "Hmph! Nacho's clears, and I refuse to believe otherwise."


"So, um…" Ada clears her throat, glancing at the Charizard. "Is it true that you wouldn't hurt Ramon? Even after knowing you're, uh…the Noctis Travis was talking about."

Noctis and Ramon look at each other for a moment before Noctis nods. "Yeah, I wouldn't. Because I don't believe he's the cause of the incident."


The Charizard waves his hand around. "Granted, I don't have any evidence to believe he's not the cause. But judging by the way he acts and hearing his side of the story: Travis' petty revenge towards him makes less sense now."

Mesmeren pokes her fingers together. "A-At least that settles our worries, then…"


Delia pokes her chin. "That reminds me: What's with the whole 'Flaming Vortex' situation? Why were you being so secretive about it?"

Noctis stares off, sighing. "It…relates to why Project Transvian was formed." Grunts. "I might as well tell you all about it." The Charizard explains: From when he was the reigning champion of the All Star Tournament to his popularity downfalling along with evolution being his biggest regret.

X lowers his head, shifting in place. "Jeez…That explains why those crooks trashed your home."

"Yeah…" Delia's hand presses her chest. "Sorry to hear about your regret, Noctis."

Noctis sighs. "It's fine. It is what it is—" he glances at the woman. "I doubt I'll get my Charmeleon form back now that I'm this big, disgusting ass Charizard."

"H-Hey now, didn't we talk about this? About belittling yourself?" Ramon says, lowering his ears. "It doesn't help your situation…"

"Yeah yeah, I know." Noctis rubs his forehead. "I can't stop myself from saying those things, sometimes." Frowns. "I'll…work on bashing myself less, for sure."

"Thank you."

Mesmeren looks down, her ears lowering. Ba-Bashing yourself less…

Ada digs in her jacket, pulling out Dr. Yvonne's journal. "By the way, has Ramon ever told you about the scientist's journal?"

"Yeah. He said he found it at the facility."

Ramon sighs, eyeing down. "I was hoping it'll help me recover my memory, but…I guess not."

"Hoping you'll find that answer soon, kid." Noctis nods, eyeing the journal.

"Thanks." The fox perks up. "Say, how about you keep it?"

Noctis blinks, shaking his head. "What?"

"Since Dr. Yvonne was a close friend of yours', it'll be best if you keep his journal." Ramon goes over to grab the journal, presenting it to the dragon. "I…feel like at this point, I don't have any use for it. Plus there's some cool things Yvonne made that might interest you." Smiles. "So take it: It'll be your way of honoring your friend."

Ada nods. "Yeah, I think it's for the best, too."

Noctis sighs. "But what about your past? Aren't you still trying to figure that out?"

The fox stares off in silence for a moment. "Y-Yeah." He pushes the journal forward. "But like you've told me earlier: We'll figure it out eventually."

"...Okay." Noctis takes the journal. "Thank you, Ramon. I…honestly appreciate it."

The Zoroark smiles, his eyes closing. "No problem."

Noctis stretches his arms, yawning before grabbing the broken portrait on his table. "Welp—" Standing, he points at the window: The full moon shining through. "It's getting late now. So I'mma go kick the shit out of this hay. Goodnight."

Mesmeren flinches. "Wh-Why did you have to say it like that!?"

"She has a point…" Ethan mumbles, shivering.

Noctis snorts. "It's a figure of speech. Don't think too hard about it, alright?" He walks towards the hallway.

X lifts his paw. "But…But that's not how that phrase wo—" Noctis closes his bedroom door. "Annnnd he's gone."

Delia giggles. "He's quite the forward fella, huh?"

"Hmph, sure is." Justin folds his arms. "The only thing forward about him is his Noctistical behavior."

"Noctistical…" Ada facepalms. "Oh my god."

Delia punches her son's shoulder playfully as he, X, Courtney, Merlin, and Roan laugh, the others smiling. "Oh hush, Justin."

Sylock scratches the side of his head, deadpanned. Please.

Ramon snickers softly, covering his maw before sitting beside Mesmeren again. "We should probably get some sleep, too."

Coleo yawns. "Argh, ye're right. Feelin' ver' sleepy, meself." The Blipbug wastes no time sleeping on Roan's head, curling himself.

Roan gives a thumbs-up, leaning on the sofa. "Goodnight, everyone!" He sleeps, everyone else following suit.

. . .

He's back, surrounded in the familiar grassy field he keeps dreaming of. With the familiar blue tufted Zorua in front of him: Nomar.

Everything is the same.

Except…for the sky: The dark red takes over the usual bright blue, leading the atmosphere to feel void—Uneasy, even. The two stare up: Lips unmoving, the wind blowing Ramon's hair. Silence persists between them as they stare. And stare…

"We're close, Ramon," Nomar says with little warning. The Zoroark eyes him. "We're very close to reuniting with each other." Nomar smiles. "Just us two…In person…" A frown follows. "Only then, we can finally ditch those 'friends'."

Ramon glances, bawling his fist. "Hmm…"

Nomar turns around. "What's wrong?"

"I…I don't know." Ramon caresses the grass. "I don't know if I want to ditch my friends. They've done so much for me since we first met. I wanted to repay in some way." Nomar squints, Ramon sighing. "After knowing their friends a little, I…feel like Justin and Ada aren't bad people. They just want to find their friends, their loved ones. They want to help others out, too." He stares off. "They're just…trying their best out there, you know?"

"...Tch." Nomar shakes his head. "That Justin fella makes me think he'll hurt you the moment you mention one negative thing to him, and didn't that Ada girl want revenge?" Glares. "Doesn't quite sound like good people to me."

Ramon flinches, his head tilting. "What? I don't believe anything you say about Justin!" Sighs. "He's a very chill and easygoing person, as far as I'm concerned. And sure Ada wants revenge, but she seems to think about her friends more than her revenge. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if that becomes the last thing on her mind now that she's with them again!"

"Regardless: They're humans, Ramon. They're evil, plain and simple."

Ramon snarls. "Why are you judging them based on your past!? They're as confused about this world as I am!" He throws his hands up. "Even Mrs. Phoenix doesn't know everything! Since she recently found out about her ancestor's impact on defeating Dne!"

Nomar grits his teeth upon hearing the word 'Dne'. Right.

"So from this observation alone: Justin, Ada, Delia, and their human friends too show no ill-intention towards me—"

"THEY'RE HIDING IT!" The blue Zorua slams his paw. "Humans can hide their sinister side incredibly well, to the point where it gets harder and harder to distinguish their genuineness. They use this to trick any Pokémon on their side: I've seen it happening to every Pokémon that's in this 'friends' with humans like Justin and Ada!"

Ramon slams his fist. "Those two are nothing like those humans you've shown me! Nor the humans I've met along my travels!" His brows lower, his teeth gnashing. "Besides, you don't think us Pokémon are capable of deception? Especially with what happened at the Lake of Purity!" His eyes widen. "The betrayal my friends and I felt from Lycus…" His head shakes, tears rising. "He's a Pokémon too, Nomar!"

The fox points at himself before pointing at his brother. "Just like you and I." Tears slide down his cheeks, Nomar gazing at him in disbelief. "The betrayal you felt from humans is similar to the betrayal I felt from Lycus." He gazes at his hands. "The difference is that I almost died, but…that's besides the point."

"..." Nomar simply looks at the sky, lightning howling out of the clouds, booming everywhere. "He's brainwashed by a human to backstab his kind. Because Pokémon could never betray each other."

Ramon widens his eyes with fury. "That's nonsen—"

With a blink of an eye, Ramon gasps from Nomar's hug, staring down: The Zorua starts glowing white before increasing in size, his forelegs wrapping further around Ramon. Eventually, Nomar stops glowing: Evolving into a Shiny Zoroark, his blue hair flourishing.

Ramon blinks. "Nomar…"

"Ramon, I…" Nomar's tone is calm and low. "I don't want to continue this. I'm really stressed out and worried we may never be together again." His eyes gaze into Ramon's sorrowful ones, tears forming. "Regardless of how you feel about my plan: I want us to be together. Living free in the wild, away from civilization."


"Focus on Gloria Falls by the end of tomorrow. Dark out will make it easy for us to escape." Nomar lowers his ears, whimpering. "Ramon…I know you feel unsure about all of this. But just know that I—"

The dream fuzzles, the red sky growing dark.

"Will never hurt you."


Ramon's eyes spring open from the red dream. Or the red nightmare? He…isn't so sure, anymore. Mesmeren nuzzles his arm as the fox stares out of the window, his black scleras gone as the sun shines through. He lowers his ears.


. . .

Ada backflips from Sylock's kick, sliding across the concrete next to Justin. Sylock jumps back, Courtney preparing herself. The four rush towards each other, X and the others are on the clean porch watching the spar. The Buizel sips on his Sitrus Berry juice from his cup, tugging at the straw, his eyes being back to normal.

Serene's ears twitch, X's sipping being louder than a thunderstorm. She jolts towards him. "Can you, like, DRINK quietly, please!?"

X squints, smirking and sipping even louder.

"Humph." Serene smacks X's cup with her vine.

"HEY!" X yells.

"Whoops, my vine slipped!" The Leafeon sticks her tongue out.

Courtney kicks Ada's leg, the girl falling down as Justin dodges Sylock's jabs and kicks. The boy grunts, blocking the attacks. Sylock then pushes him, having the teen sliding across the ground.

"Damn, fam. Fighting is hard without our Magic moves," Justin states.

Ada stands. "No kidding." The girl gets in a posture, smirking. "Thankfully, my father taught me some karate." She beckons her opponents. "So I'll use that to my advantage."

"Heh." Courtney jumps ahead, spinning around before kicking the girl. Ada blocks in time. "You sure talk about yer dad a lot." She leaps back. "What makes him so special?"

The teen dashes. "First off, he's my father, an important parental figure." She jabs, Courtney ducking and weaving her fists. "And secondly, he's been there for me ever since…" The girl trails, backflipping away. Everyone eyes her.

"Since what?"

Ada strokes her arm. "Since my mother passed away."

"...Oh." Courtney caresses the back of her head. "Sorry to hear."

"Mhm. It's been rough for the two of us, and it's why he's working so hard to take care of me." The girl unravels her hands. "I have so much respect for him. For raising me to do the right thing." She forms her fists. "Despite being born as a Fault."

"Wait, your dad's a Fault?" Justin asks. The girl nods. "Yo, I didn't know that."

"That's fair." Ada waves her hands around. "It's why he preferred to not get himself into fights. Training me how to defend myself is the exception, of course."

"Makes sense." Justin lifts his thumb. "Your dad's pretty awesome, fam."

X nods. "Yeah!"

Ramon folds his arms, smiling. "I bet it wasn't easy raising a Sorcerous while being powerless."

Ada sighs, her head lowering. "Quite the understatement there, Ramon." She laughs nervously. "You see, I kept using my powers during karate training by accident. A lot."

Coleo cringes, being on top of Roan. "Ouch, the lad mus' hav' been in a lot of pain from it."

"Indeed, he has." The teen lifts her finger: Eyes closing, sweats dripping. "I can recall how many times I apologized to him over it." Gulping, her eyes open. "30."

"30!?" everyone exclaims.

"Yep." Ada scratches the back of her head. "Despite all of that, he's still willing to help me the best way he can."

Courtney holds her hands together. "D'aww, what a built-different dad he is! I wish more parents were as considerate as he is."

Justin points to Delia. "Ay, my mom is considerate."

"D'aww, thank you, Son!" Delia waves.

"And so is mine!" X scratches his head, chuckling awkwardly. "Although, a little too much and you guys know that by now."

Ada rolls her eyes, folding her arms. "Don't worry: We know."

X leaps back. "The heck are you implying there, Ada!?"

Everyone chuckles except for Serene and Ethan, the two eyeing each other with somberness. "..." They look back at the group, forming a shaky smile.

"We're happy to hear that you three have such loving parents," Serene says with a shaky tone.

"Hey Serene and Ethan: You have loving parents too, do you?" Roan asks. The two look at the Axew in silence.

"...I'd rather not answer." Serene looks away, patting Ethan's head as he shakes. "Please."


Merlin raises his staff. "It's…probably best if we move on, I feel."

Roan nods. "Yeah, sounds like a good idea. My sincere apologies for mentioning it."

Serene sighs. "It's okay."

Merlin taps the ground, eyeing Justin, Ada, Courtney, and Sylock. "So can you remind me again why you guys are sparring?"

Courtney puts her hands by her hips. "Training myself for the All Star Tournament tonight. Sylock's joining us, too. Hence why he's here." The Blaziken nods.

X jumps up, gasping. "Ay, you're signing up for the tournament!?"

The Lopunny smirks, lifting her thumb. "You betcha." She forms her fists, jittering. "I can't wait to win that tournament: I'll be able to show the whole world how tough Lopunnys are!"

Ramon gulps, staring at Noctis. The Charizard folds his arms, glaring at Courtney. He sighs. "Don't get too cocky with your victories if you do win. Otherwise, your failures will feel detrimental."

Courtney stares back. "I'm aware." Nods. "Even if I lose tonight, I still won't give up on achieving my goal." She points towards the sky. "I'll keep on tryin' and tryin' til I win, baby."

Sylock moves his hands, smiling. "You got this, Courtney!"

"...Hmm." Noctis closes his eyes. "If you say so. Don't say I didn't warn you."

Courtney quirks her brow before eyeing the group. "So who here wants to watch the tournament at the stadium?"

"You bet your as—I mean, behind that I'm coming!" Justin says, looking at his mother.

Delia waves her hand. "Dear, I've told you that I'm not too strict over swear words. You're fine." She snaps her fingers, winking. "I appreciate the consideration, though."

"Ah, thanks Mom. Then in that case—" the boy throws his fist in the air. "You bet your ass I'm coming, dawg! WOO!"

"So am I," Ada follows. Merlin, X, Roan, and Coleo all raise their hands—setae in Coleo's case, paw in X's.

"I woul' like to come, too."

"It would be cool to see all those fights in such a huge stadium," Roan says.

X hops up and down. "Heck yeah!" The Buizel punches the air. "I get to see some 'pow pow' and 'wham wham', if you know what I mean!"

Serene rolls her eyes. "Barely."

"Shut up." He and Serene snort afterwards. "Are you coming with us too, Serene?"

The feline shakes her head. "Nah. Would rather stay here." She stretches. "I want to feel as comfy as possible after all that traveling."

X sighs, lowering his head. "That's fair."

"I'm not going, either." Noctis huffs, closing his eyes. "Would just watch the event at home instead."

"Same," Ramon follows.

"W-We'll stay home, too!" both Mesmeren and Ethan say.

"I-I'm just…not comfortable being around those many people." Mesmeren trembles. Already feeling uncomfortable by witnessing a lot of y-you guys...

"S-Same here." Ethan nudges his sister, Serene patting his back calmly. "Pl-Plus the loudness of it all can sc-scare me, too."

"Mhm…" Mesmeren pokes her fingers together.

Courtney nods. "I guess that settles it, then." She smirks at Justin and Ada, lifting her fists. "Y'all ready to continue?"

"You betcha, fam!" Justin exclaims before he and the other three fight: Justin ducking Sylock's kick while Courtney blocks Ada's fists.

Noctis eyes the Lopunny, intrigue spreading across him. He huffs. I hope you actually meant it, Courtney. About not giving up.

. . .

The sun sets as Noctis guides Justin, Ada, and the other six over to Glory Pride's center. The nine roam around the large statues, passing by many bright and colorful stores along with the civilians inside. Some cars drive by, leading the group to spot a fairly large building nearby.

The All Star Gym: Containing an array of colors from red to blue to green, sprinkling across the building. There's a sign in front of the gym, having both a Pokeball and a Magic type symbol adjacent from one another. The gym has double doors along with four windows at the front, allowing everyone to see the fights within.

The group eyes the gym in awe, Justin whistling. "So that's what the All Star Gym looks like." His arms fold. "Shit looks pretty cool."

"Cool is an understatement, dude: It looks colorfully dope as hell!" X forms his fists, smiling while his tails wag. "I wanna head inside and see those lit fights!"

Noctis snarls. "Hey! No need to get distracted: We got a tournament to go to, remember?"

X chuckles nervously, rubbing his head. "Ah. Right!"

After walking by the gym, the nine descend further into the city until they stop in front of two buildings: Mouths gaping, eyes widening.


"Shit!" X finishes for Justin, gazing in shock.

Both of the blue and purple buildings widen in length, containing several windows along with double doors at the very front. The first building has a sign of a hand wielding a Pokeball while shrouding it in magical auras, being at the very top. The second building as a similar sign, but the hand and the Pokeball are facing the opposite direction from each other: Auras spawning around them.

A Conkeldurr and a Gossifleur enter the second building as Noctis says the following: "We're here: At the All Star Tournament Stadium." He scratches his nostril, eyeing the first stadium. "Erm, 'stadiums' I mean. I forgot there's two of them."

Courtney smirks, folding her arms. "Ya know, we could've just gone here ourselves since I've watched a lot of vids about its whereabouts before."

"Eh." The Charizard shrugs. "Just wanted to make sure you don't get lost along the way. You're new to this huge ass city, after all."

"Fair enough."

Noctis turns around. "Anyways, have fun."

X lifts his paw. "Hey, wait! I wanna know what—" Noctis waves at the group as he walks away. "...the second stadium is used for." The Buizel sighs. "Welp, guess I'll know some other time."

Courtney and Sylock walk in front of the first stadium, the doors springing open for them. Before they enter, Justin raises his finger.

"Ayo, gotta ask you two something."

Courtney blinks, her and Sylock gazing at him. "That is?"

"When did you two sign up?"

"About right now. Sign ups happen as soon as the challengers arrive."

Ada tilts her head. "Wouldn't that be a bit…awkward for the participants?"

Merlin and Roan nod, the latter being mindful of Coleo. "I'll have to agree here: The professionalism aspect of this doesn't sound all that effective to prevent cluster."

"Ye. There already is a lot o' us here." Coleo shakes his head. "Can't imagi'n the ruckus goin' on from landlubbers when a bunch o' them wanted to sign up."

Roan lifts his finger. "Mayhaps some precaution would be preferred in this scenario, Courtney ma'am?"

"Hmm…I guess so?" Courtney shrugs. "But like, I'd imagine the folks organizin' this here tourney probably had some rules about not blockin' the exits." She waves her hand. "We should be fine."

"Hmm…" Roan smacks his fist against the palm of his hand, smiling. "If you insist!"

Ada and Merlin eye each other before shrugging. "I guess we'll take your words for it," Ada says.

The eight then enter, the doors closing behind them.

. . .

Everyone is currently sitting on the middle sofa at Noctis' home: Watching a man doing some kind of heroic pose while a woman swoons with heart eyes. Serene rolls her eyes, holding a bowl of popcorn with her vine, tossing one into her mouth.

"Mrs. Phoenix: I was told that this show has a lesbian couple in it." She scoots the bowl over a bit for her brother, to which the Flareon shyly grabs a popcorn with his paw. "So far, I have yet to see that after like…three episodes, I believe?"

Delia giggles. "Patience is virtue, hun: They'll appear in the fourth episode. And aren't side characters, too."

Serene widens her eyes, jolting up. Her bowl jiggles, Ethan yelping. "Wait, really!?" She stares, adjusting the bowl. "Ah, sorry Ethan."

The dark brown woman gasps, covering her lips. "Oh dear: I think I've said too much." Giggles.

The Leafeon's tail wags, her eyes glued to the TV containing the same man shaking hands with a Clefairy. "Okay: Super Convoluted Clown Muscle Man has piqued my interest."

Ethan and Mesmeren shake their heads in bewilderment, blinking. "What a name…" they say.

Delia snorts further. "I know, right? I don't quite get it myself, and that's why I plan to look into it soon."

Serene shrugs via her vines, her eyes closed. "Meh. The writer probably has a thing for muscles."

"Considering this man and his Lucario partner having exaggerated muscles, I can see that." The woman twirls her bangs. "Every man and woman swoon for their pecs and biceps whenever they see them. It's a genuinely funny sight to behold."

Ramon eyes the front door, tapping on the edge of the couch. "..." Stands. "I gotta go."

"Hmm?" Delia blinks. "Where are you—" the Zoroark already books it to the exit, the woman tilting her head in perplexion. "Huh. Well that's strange." Mesmeren blinks for a moment before hopping off the couch, rushing towards the fox. Delia scratches her head. "What's going on with those two?"

Serene and Ethan shrug, keeping their eyes on the screen. The woman caresses her chin, crossing her legs. Hmm… She turns around, eyeing the Drowzee.

The Zoroark reaches the front door: His hand on the handle, his eyes at the window.

"Um…" Mesmeren's voice says, the fox's ears flickering. He looks back, the blue ribbon Drowzee sitting there poking her fingers together.

"Oh. Um…" Ramon caresses his arm. "Hi."

"What are you, erm, doing…?" Mesmeren shakes her hands and head. "I-If you don't mind me asking, of course!"

The fox sighs. "Getting some fresh air. Wanting to get out more and…soak in this city's environment." He scratches his snout. "Erm, as much as I can."

"O-Oh. I see, then."


"...So." Mesmeren caresses her head, eyeing away.

"...So?" Ramon tilts his head.

Mesmeren blinks: Sweats dripping, her lips quivering. "W-Well, uh, erm…" She puts her arms behind her. "So our pasts are quite s-something, eh?"

Ramon blinks. "What."

Mesmeren simply smiles. …AAAAAAAH!

"Well, I mean—" he shakes his head. "I get what you mean: My past has loopholes I'm still trying to figure out while yours' is making you think you're an awful person."

The Drowzee's smile persists. Phew. Good…H-He saved me there.

Ramon lowers his ears, looking down. "Which I get: Both of our species seemed to be capable of deception, so I…I know how you feel." Mesmeren's smile fades as Ramon grits his teeth, gripping the handle. "I'm not even sure if I'm a good person, too. I just…struggle to see it."

"...Same." Mesmeren moves close, holding the fox's free paw. "W-We have friends, though….S-Somehow." Her eyes half-close. "A-A lot of them are willing to help us through our troubles and a-all…I don't get it." Whimpers. "They should've run the other way and not help some no-good Drowzee like me."

Ramon stares at the Drowzee's hands. "I feel the same way when it comes to Justin and Ada saving me from Travis. But…at the same time…" A small smile forms. "I'm glad that they did save me. I, uh, guess it gives me another chance to fix my evil ways. If I even can, anyways." Blinking for a moment, the fox covers his face. "Ugh, I don't know. I…Again, I just have a lot on my mind and need to go out to get some fresh air."


Ramon stares out of the window. "I do wonder: What do I believe about myself?"

"I…" Mesmeren looks down. "I wish I knew the answer, Ramon. I-I'm sorry."

"..." Ramon leans down, hugging the Drowzee. Mesmeren blushes. "It's okay. Don't blame yourself for something beyond your control, alright?"

The Drowzee gasps, staring ahead. I…shouldn't blame myself…? After what feels like hours, Mesmeren hugs back, nuzzling the red fluffy hair. "A-Alright…"



The two pull away from the hug: Staring at each other, lips sealed. Ramon stands, scratching his head while his face reddens.

"...Thank you," Mesmeren utters, looking away. "F-For understanding me, Ramon." She pokes her fingers together. "It means a lot to me." The Zoroark simply smiles with the blues, twisting the doorknob before leaving. Mesmeren stands there, gazing at the front door. She lowers her ears. That was pretty idiotic of me to say. She whimpers. Oh…

Delia lowers her head, the blues painting her. Poor things. I wasn't aware of them thinking this way about themselves.

. . .

Ramon rushes by the sidewalk near the Pokémon Center, gazing at a large waterfall from afar. He glares.

That must be where Gloria Falls is, Nomar says. Let's do this.

And with that comes the final chapter before the REAL third story arc begins. Stay tune for next Friday, folks. Because we're in for a wild final story arc of this fanfic! Absolutely cannot wait to share them all with you guys, too. This arc...will set the stage for this fanfic series as a whole. That's all I'll say~
Chapter 51.

Sonic Ramon

Junior Trainer
Chapter 51: All Star Tournament.

Revival Falls Arc.


A blue beast zips across the sky, speeding within his draconic form, his spiky tail swishing around. Clinging onto the Thundurus' back are two teens and a mainly green humanoid, all glaring ahead. The light skin boy adjusts his blue glasses, taking his gaze onto the Gardevoir.

"Are we close to Glory Pride City?" the teen asks, his tone as stern as the blowing wind.

The Gardevoir squints, stroking her white sun hat. "...A little close, I think." She taps on the Therian's back. "I can feel his presence, at the very least."

The Thundurus frowns. "That's unhelpful, Penelope."

The teen glares at the humanoid. "I agree." He forms a fist, staring at it. "A little close doesn't equal close…" Sighs.

Penelope lowers her head, revealing the black ribbon around her hat. "My apologies." Her head shakes. "The wind is distracting my Kind Sensory, so it's difficult for me to fully focus on the kid's presence."

"Hmph, focus harder then," the Thundurus states.

Penelope flinches. "Oh shut up, Zethor!" She pouts, glaring at the serpent beast.

The glasses-wearing teen groans, shaking his head. "We'll never get there in time at this rate…"

The other teen pats the boy's back, caressing. "Relax, Henry." He holds Henry's free hand, keeping his left metallic one onto Zethor. "We'll reach Glory Pride. Just have faith that we'll get there." The brown skin teen smiles, his shemagh shifting to the winds.

"...Alright, Simon." Henry's glasses tilt down a bit as he gazes ahead, his white shirt waving. He sighs. "I just hope that—" frowns. "It's not too late to save Ramon."

. . .

Everyone gets a proper look at the inside of the All Star stadium: A huge open space with the Magic symbol being in the middle, containing six entries into the stadium. Five of them are the sign-up entries on the upper left while the audience entry is at the upper right, signs displaying above them showing what entries they are. Many people roam around, some heading towards the audience entry while others go into one of the sign-ups, employees guiding them along the way.

Courtney stands in front of everyone, winking while spreading her arms out. "Let me tell y'all what these tourneys are!" She points at the first entry to her right. "This is the All Star Single. Basically a 1v1 tourney. It explains itself." Then the second. "This one's All Star Tag. A 2v2 tourney, can even bring a friend with ya to join if you want." The third. "All Star Single V Many. As the name implied, one fella versus many others." She lifts a finger. "It can be 1v2, 1v3, or 1v4. A…much more hardcore tourney for my liking, honestly." Courtney waves her hand in disapproval.

"Shit, I'd join: Sounds like a hella fun with the tourney having me be as aggressive as possible." Justin punches the air, smirking.

Ada tilts her head, her arms folding. "I'd imagine it'll require you to strategize a lot, considering you're at a disadvantage with fighting so many people."

"Eh, fair point."

Courtney points at the fourth entry. "This here is the All Star Battle Royale. Everyone's fighting each other in a 4 to 10 person match." The rabbit lifts a finger. "Fun fact: This is the only tourney to have one round due to how long it takes to finish."

Roan awes. "Oooo!" He nods. "Sounds tough!"

"I've seen battles involving the royale: Can confirm it's mighty tough." The rabbit's arms fold, chuckling. "If Single V Many didn't exist, it would've been number 1 in the most brutal tourney style ever."

"I can imagine that," X comments.

Courtney points at the fifth entry, being at the very corner of the left side of the building. "And lastly, the All Star Randomizer." She slowly eyes the sign, perplexion spreading. "This one…" Blinks. "I think it's meant to be a surprise."

Ada's brow quirks. "As in?"

"Havin' competitors become unsure on what kind of tourney it is until they enter the battlefield." The Lopunny shrugs, snorting. "It's fun for those that want randomness in their fights, I guess."

"Sounds awful," Justin says. "I wouldn't be a fan of going into a competitive tournament only for it to randomize into a style I don't like."

"Same here, honestly," X follows.

Merlin lifts a finger, his blue hat shuffling. "To be fair, the format is honest about being random."

"Yep: Makes it easier for me to avoid that style, that's for sure!"

"I feel ya, fam."

Ada smiles. "Honestly, all of these different types of All Star Tourneys are pretty unique!" Her face scrunches. "Even…if the Randomizer one sounds too chaotic and possibly unfun, in my opinion."

Courtney waves her hand. "That's fine, and yeah I agree." Turning towards the second entry, she lays her hands by her hips, smirking. "I really dig the tourneys here and how they're made." Courtney walks forward, Sylock and co. following. "Since Sylock and I are tacklin' the All Star Tournament, we'll try the All Star Tag style." She stops. "Oh snap! I almost forgot." She takes her sheath off, gripping the strap-on. She eyes Sylock. "Mind handing Justin and Ada your sword, Sy?"

Sylock nods, bringing his sword over to Ada. The teen blinks. "Hmm?"

"The tournament doesn't allow weapons. Unless the weapon itself has safety mode." Courtney gives Justin her sword. "Which ours don't. So watch them for us, please."

"Ah. Understandable." Ada and Justin take the swords, the two nodding. "And sure thing. That's what friends do, right?"

Courtney smirks, folding her arms. "Right." She and Sylock turn back to the second entry. "The audience entry is over at the right side, by the way." She waves. "Hope y'all enjoy!" Courtney talks with the register before the individual lets the two through, returning back to guarding the entry.

Justin and the others head into the sixth entry, some individuals entering inside of it. X and Roan jump up and down with excitement. "Oooh I can't wait to see those battles!" Roan exclaims, Coleo yelping as he hangs onto the Axew's head.

"Same here, dude!" X jabs the air, grinning. "Those fights will be NUTS!"

"AY! Slow ye jumpings!" Coleo yells, Roan calming himself down afterwards.

"Apologies, Mr. Coleo!"

Coleo shakes his head. "I may hav' to be on Justin's head if ye will be jumpin' a lot."

Roan snorts as the group head towards the audience entry, talking with the register before Justin and Ada pay them. They all head inside: Seeing five hallways ahead that leads to their retrospective stadiums for the tourney styles, in the exact order Courtney mentioned earlier. The gang enters the second audience area.

. . .

The crowd roars!

The crowd cheers!

Everyone at the All Star Tag Stadium exclaims with enthusiasm, some waving their hands around while others chugs down their beverages. The stadium lights up, showering at the large grassy field. Justin and others sit at the front row, X munching on a bag of popcorn as he blinks nonstop. High above the crowd contains a glass monitor, both an Inteleon and a human being behind it within a fairly open space room.

Bond grabs the mic, clearing his throat. "Welcome to the All Star Tag Tournament, everyone!" He forms a fist, the crowd erupting. "That's what I like to hear! As usual, I'm your host Bond!"

"And I'm Zenith!" the person says, tipping their red hat. "As judges, we're always stoked to see these exciting matches unfolding!" They throws their hand to the side, a large hologram displaying for the whole audience to see. "In fact, let's take a look at this tournament's bracket!"

The hologram displays a row of individuals that are bound to face each other off: About ten rows of them from top to bottom, Courtney and Sylock's name being at the very start.

Bond slaps his hands together. "Now then, our first match is Courtney the Lopunny and Sylock the Blaziken—" the two Pokémon enter the field, some cheering erupting along the way. "Versus Mack the Grapploct and Miss Lady the Indeedee!"

A blue octopus and a purple biped walk in the battlefield, the Indeedee waving at the crowd while wearing a sun hat. The two stop, eyeing Courtney and Sylock in front of them. Mack cracks his fore-tentacles, lowering his brows.

"Looking forward to our match, you two," the octopus says, his tone sharp.

Courtney snaps her fingers, winking as she smirks. "Likewise." She then tilts her head, pointing at the Indeedee. "Although, why's her name 'Miss Lady'?"

The Indeedee bows. "I wanted to remind everyone of my elegance as I partake in this competitive battle!"

"Huh. I see."

Okay? Sylock thinks, raising his brow.

Lady waves, smiling. "With that said, you can just call me Lady."

Courtney nods, smirking while giving a thumbs-up. "Alrighty then."

"Now starting the match in 3…2—" both of the judges throw one finger up. "1!"

Courtney and Sylock charge forward, Sylock jumping before spinning his leg. Mack ducks the Blaziken's kicks, Lady shooting her array of psychic energy towards him.

Courtney casts herself in Agility, pushing Sylock before the Psybeam hits the ground, smoke rising. Sylock fires his Flamethrower at the Indeedee, Mack leaping beside her before his eyes shine light blue. He grabs her, jumping away via Detect as the flames ram the ground. The audience awes at the close calls, amazement spreading throughout.

The Lopunny smirks, leaping forward and kicking the octopus' face. Mack groans, sliding from the Jump Kick. He then shakes his head, eyeing a Blaziken igniting his fist towards him. The Grapploct's four nubs glow red before clashing his Brick Breaks against the Fire Punch, the two sliding back instantly. Multiple yellow stars cast around Lady, flinging them afterwards. Sylock Fire Punches the many stars while Courtney Quick Attacks them: Fists flailing, body thrashing.

The crowd jumps and claps and throws their arms up, food thrown everywhere. Even the Buizel drops his popcorn entirely, wooing with joy. "LET'S GOOO, COURTNEY AND SYLOCK!"

Roan jumps up and down like he's on a sugar rush. "YOU CAN DO THIS, MY FRIENDS!"


Ada groans, covering her ears from everyone's eruption of excitement. "Ugh, too loud…" She sighs. "Maybe Mesmeren and Ethan had the bright idea to stay, after all."

"Argh!" Ada looks to the side at Coleo's struggling to stay atop of Roan's head. "Stop jumpin', lad! I think I'll vomit at this rate!"

The girl blinks before bringing the Blipbug on her head with her magic, sighing. "There we go."

Coleo relaxes in place, staring down at the field. "Ah. Thanks lass for savin' me there."

Ada covers her ears again. "No problem."

Soon, Lady casts energetic orbs around herself, shooting them towards her opponents. Courtney and Sylock nod at each other, white outline surrounding the former. Sylock counters the Psyshock with his intense flames, engulfing the telekinetic energies.

Lady gasps, Mack being on his guard. "Oh dear!"

Courtney Quick Attacks around the flames, jolting forward. Mack jumps in front of Lady, charging his black sludge before throwing it. Once the Octazooka collides against the Flamethrower, Courtney grins, smoke rising. "That's exactly what I wanted ya to do!"

The Lopunny snaps her fingers, shrouding in Agility yet again before she and Sylock speed up. The two jump, their opponents staring in bewilderment. "What in the—" Mack and Lady try using their range moves, but Courtney and Sylock quickly spiral around, hitting them with High Jump Kick and Jump Kick retrospectively.

The opponents are pushed to the side, flailing all over the grass before sliding. They groan, being knocked out.

"THE WINNER OF THE FIRST MATCH GOES TO COURTNEY AND SYLOCK!" Bond and Zenith shout, clapping their hands in astonishment. The crowd cheers, some of them waving their shirts around.

"WOO!" Justin, X, and Roan all scream, throwing their fists up.

Courtney walks over to her opponents, holding her hands out. "Y'all did amazing." She smiles.

Mack and Lady look at each other for a moment before smirking, grabbing the Lopunny's hands. "The same can be said for you too, my dear." The three shake.

"Yeah: That stunt with the Flamethrower and Quick Attack was something I didn't expect!" Mack tilts his head. "How did you know I was going to use Octazooka there?"

Courtney lays a finger by her lips, Sylock folding his arms beside her. "Hmm, call it battle instinct, I guess. Just from the many times I've watched so many people taking on this tournament at home." She winks.

"Ah, I see. But still, I'm curious as to how you'd predict that."

"Indeed." Lady waves her hand around. "It's not everyday that you see a Grapploct using range moves." She eyes the Grapploct summoning his black sludge, showing it off.

"That's true." Courtney snaps her fingers. "It's why I was willing to predict that: In the All Star Tournament, you gotta predict the unpredictable. Cuz as Sylock and I showed earlier—" the rabbit elbows the chicken, Sylock smirking down at her. "Folks can pull off some crazy twists to win the match."

Lady caresses her chin. "Hmm, hmm. I see, I see!" Giggles. "We'll keep this information in mind the next time we participate in the tournament, right Mack dear?"

Mack bows. "Absolutely."

As the four leave to their retrospective exits, X nudges Justin's arm lightly, grinning. "Duuuude, that was some of the coolest battles I've ever seen, and this is just the first match, too!" The Buizel jumps up and down in joy. "Looking forward to the following ones!"

"Yo, same here, dude!"

Merlin lifts his staff. "I'm certainly stoked to see them as well!"

Ada rubs her head, grunting. "If the following fights are going to be obnoxiously noisy, then I may come out here with a headache."

Justin waves his hand. "Ah you'll be fine. At least you ain't missing out on these fire fights like Ramon is. I feel like he'd love to watch these, too."

Ada rolls her eyes. "I'd rather be Ramon right now, to be honest."

Bond claps his hands against the mic. "Alright, everyone! Let's give our winners a break as we commence the second match of Round 1 in our tourney."

. . .

"Gla…Gla…" She keeps running. "Glace…"

The Glaceon keeps going, darting through the many bushes and trees, obscuring her vision. Bruise marks scatter throughout the Defect, breaths emanating from her. She soon stops, her teeth gnashes.

Keep going. Please. The Glaceon whimpers. I don't want the Hunters to find me. She dashes along an open road, passing by a double-ended sign that reads: 'Avalon Forest 2 to Glory Pride City'.

The arctic quadruped sees many buildings ahead, picking up the pace. Help. Hoping to find…help.

. . .

The room is barely lit, containing a teen in a dark outfit sitting on a throne. Beside her are two more teens, both of them having their arms behind their backs. Ahead of the girl is Jester, Arthur, Xenia, Lycus, and many more Conjure members who are eyeing the throne in anticipation. There's also a woman wielding a cane, tapping it while wearing her dark-purple outfit much like the others.

The girl's eyes are closed, nudging the throne's edge. The wavy-haired man strokes his hands while Lycus folds his arms.

"Well?" Is all the Floatzel utters, tapping on the ground, a scabbard wrapping around his waist via the black strap-on.

The girl remains quiet for a moment, almost motionless in her movements. She then opens her eyes. "He's by Gloria Falls' entrance."

. . .

Ramon hides behind a building, eyeing two red monkeys guarding the entrance to Gloria Falls. The fox nods, magenta energy casting around him: Flames sprouting at the top of his head, a slender tail extending from him. The energy fades, Ramon glaring at the guards upon looking like one of them: An Infernape.

And thus, the true start of this third final story arc has begun. Get your popcorns, snacks, and such ready for these next following chapters because when I say things will go insane here: I really mean it.
Chapter 52.

Sonic Ramon

Junior Trainer
Chapter 52: Infiltrating Gloria Falls.

Revival Falls Arc.

Ramon grabs the side of the building, eyeing the gated entrance to Gloria Falls. Just when he's about to step out, he stops. The Infernape grimaces, his illusion dissolving into his Zoroark self.

Hmm? Nomar says, wishing to blink if he was in his physical form. Why did you stop?

Ramon eyes a wall ahead of him. I don't know if I should do this. His head shakes. It all feels too sudden since I barely relaxed.

But you rested yesterday! I feel like that counts, brother! And besides, things will go well while you're under your disguise.

Ramon lowers his ears. But what if it doesn't? Like what happened at the Lake of Purity: What if someone caught onto my disguise without me knowing about it? Heck, those guards would definitely ask why I'd appear out of the blue. He looks at the stationary guards. I won't even have a valid reason for it.

Nomar groans. I don't know, just tell them you were using the restroom.

What if there's restrooms at the falls?
Ramon squints, spotting some buildings behind the Infernapes. There's even buildings inside! There's no way they'll accept my restroom excuse!

Look: It'll be alright. Just tell them you weren't a fan of the restrooms at the falls. Boom, simple as that!

Ramon blinks. Wait, really? I can just…tell them I'm not a fan of their restrooms?

Nomar will shrug if he can. I mean, I assume so? Since they're letting these two Infernapes be outside of Gloria. Don't see why they wouldn't let them use different restrooms, too.


As the two continue, a Glaceon drags towards the Zoroark, pain surging throughout. "Gl-Gla—" she gasps, falling down.

Ramon's ears perk up. "Hmm?" He turns around, the unconscious blue quadruped lying before him. The fox gasps. "Oh no!" He rushes over, tapping her. "Are you okay!?" No response: Just a small, weighted breather here and there.

The Zoroark eyes her up: From the bruises littering throughout her batten body to the scar mark imprinting on her left eye, a black collar ringing around her neck. Ramon strokes his head, gritting his teeth. "Shoot, I should take her to the Pokémon Center right now."


Ramon's brow lifts. No?

Yes. Take her to the guards instead.


Nomar sighs. Ramon: This is the perfect opportunity to use her as a means to enter the falls. It's a valid reason for the guards to accept without question, he suggests.

But… Ramon eyes the bruised creature. This…doesn't feel right.

Nomar sighs once more. I'm aware, but we have no choice. Whimpers. Please, Ramon. Before we'll never see each other ever again.

The Zoroark eyes down the Glaceon: The chill breaths momentarily freezing the ground, her eyes closing, twitching at random. Ramon sighs, casting his Infernape illusion again. Alright then. He picks up the canid, taking a deep breath. Jolting from behind the building, he dashes to the guards.

"Hey! I got something urgent here!" he says, his tone low.

The two Infernapes eye the disguised one, one of them twirling his spear. "Yeah?" the first guard says, eyeing the knocked out Glaceon.

"I found this Glaceon near the alley. She's in need of medical care, fast!"

The second guard nods, stopping his twirls. "Sure thing. The PC is far from here, anyways." He points the spear behind him. "Go ahead and take her to the medic center."

"Thank you." The two guards move out of the way, allowing the illusion ape to enter. His tail lowers. I'm sorry for using you. He looks at the black collar, uttering the exact word from it in his mind: Elizabeth…

Ramon gazes around: Many gray buildings and guards of different species being littered everywhere, multiple waterfalls sprinkling afar, including the largest one of them all by the top right. The guards either carry the same spears the Infernapes have or weapons as they roam from place to place.

The Infernape walks along a straight path, eyeing the barrier to the left that shields Gloria Falls. Trees sprout on either side, even being by the buildings. His blue eyes widen, Ramon aweing with amazement. Whoa…

The Infernape bumps into an Orbeetle, the ladybug glaring at him. "Watch where ye goin'!" they exclaim, their tone light.

Ramon laughs nervously. "M-My apologies there!" He continues onward, blinking. I just realized: I don't know where the medic center is!

Yeeaaah…You should definitely ask someone here about that.

Ramon soon notices a Shiinotic wearing a vest while walking by, clearing his throat. "Excuse me." The mushroom Pokémon stops, eyeing the Infernape. "Hi, uh: Do you know where the medic center is? This place is huge so I keep getting lost here, haha." The ape shrugs. "I'm a newbie to all of this."

The Shiinotic quirks her brow. "What's wit' the Glaceon?"

"Oh her? I found her lying outside injured." Ramon whimpers. "It's why I wanted to know where the medic center is: It's really urgent."

"Shoot, that explai' it then." The Shiinotic points to her side. "Just keep goin' straight and you should reach it, hun."

Ramon nods. "Thank you." He rushes ahead, keeping the Glaceon close to him.

. . .


Courtney and Sylock kick two Sorcerous away, their opponents rolling around the field. The two Pokémon backflip to the ground, the Sorcerous groaning while being knocked out. "Annnnd the winner is Courtney and Sylock!"

The crowd erupts: Some screaming with joy while drinking their own beverage! X jumps off his seat, stepping on his fallen popcorns and hovering his paws over his snout.


Zenith twirls their long hair, smiling. "ALRIGHTY, EVERYONE!" Their fist slams on the desk. "The next match will decide who these two's opponents will be in Round 3!" As soon as they say that, static images display themselves on the hologram: Containing an Espeon and a Beedrill glaring at two Pokémon Trainers and their Pokémon, Gurdurr and Coalossal.

Everyone awes the competitors as Sylock's eyes enlarge, gluing towards the Espeon. Many inconsistent images spawn in his mind, left and right. All having one thing in common: A crying, weeping Torchic.

Sylock gasps, stroking his head: Trembling. One of the images even has the same Torchic looking up at…something? He can't tell, but whatever it was: It casts a shadow over the small bird.


The Blaziken returns from his daze, his shoulder touched by Courtney.

"Is somethin' wrong?"

The avian blinks, looking at the rabbit. His head shakes. "No. I'm fine," he signs. "Was just feeling light-headed for a moment, that's all."

"Are you sure? You were shaking a lot." Sylock stares at her for a moment before simply nodding, smiling. Courtney sighs, patting his back. "Alright then. If somethin's off, just let me know bud." She winks, lifting her thumb while smiling.

Sylock moves his hands. "Understood."

. . .

Ramon sits on a chair inside of the medic center, tapping his fingers together. The center is a large gray tent with about five to ten beds spreading in a row, counters and medical equipment being at the very end of the center. Quite a few people are resting on the bed: Some of them chatting in bandages while others simply relax as their wound heals, some medics tending to them.

The Glaceon rests on the first bed beside Ramon, three medics treating her wounds, with one of them being an Intellicate Clefable. Ramon's tail droops, the ape eyeing the canid.

I… Sighs. I wish there was a better way to enter Gloria…

Relax, brother. As much as it pained me to use that Glaceon as bait, it's…the only way.
Nomar whimpers. The wild is filled with many situations like this. It's how we survive, as cruel as it may sound.

Ramon's lips remain sealed, keeping his eyes on the injured Glaceon. …I suppose.

Another medic walks towards the disguised Infernape, wearing nothing but a white outfit as they caress their clipboard. "The Glaceon will be okay: Having a couple of bruises here and there." Smiles. "You don't have to worry about her dying since these injuries can be taken care of effectively."

Ramon sighs in relief. That's good to know, at least. "Thanks." The disguised ape stands up, walking out of the tent. He eyes around the falls, turning left.

Guards on his left are chatting with one another, even erupting into laughter while the ones on the right are wrestling each other, cheers erupting. Ramon keeps going, squinting at the many waterfalls ahead.

This place is so MASSIVE. He sighs. How will I ever find the Revival Spell here? His ears then flicker to a familiar voice nearby. Hmm? Curious, he moves ahead.

"And then RAM, that's how I've caught the culprit—" Ramon sees a group of guards gazing at Nered in front of a huge waterfall entrance, the Roserade spawning vines from her red petal. "With swift le mouvement!"

A Chansey gasps, her hand on her lips. "Ooo, intriguing!"

Ramon perks up, eyeing the Roserade. Hey, it's Nered! The Roserade from yesterday!

Go talk to her. See if you can get some info here,
Nomar suggests.

Ramon nods. Now THAT'S an idea I agree with.

Whatever you say, brother.

Not saying anything else, Ramon moves forward.
Chapter 53.

Sonic Ramon

Junior Trainer
Chapter 53: Deeper Into the Falls.

Revival Falls Arc.

Nered presses her blue hand to her chest, her black scarf shuffling. Her eyes close. "Wizlorian praised me, outlawers feared me." She smirks at the guards. "As an adventurer, I've traveled across the calming snows, the raging sands, and—" she flicks petals to the side. "The vast, énorme land of Wizlore!"

"Oooo!" the guards exude in unison.

Nered giggles. "My parents moved here from Kalos, and raised me very well. To the point where I'm able to venture on my own upon becoming a Roselia." She slams her bouquets together. "Taking down any evil doers out there and finding neat treasures." She tugs on her scarf. "Including this one I'm wearing."

"Whoa!" A Leafeon claps his vines together, smiling. "You're a fantastic explorer, Ms. Nered!"

The Roserade waves her bouquet. "Don't sweat it. I even defeated a ton of bandits who almost ran off with my treasure!" Nered pats her scarf.

"How so?" one guard asks.

Nered closes her eyes, smirking. "I utilize my hidden power. My magnum opus. Ma spécialité!" A red mask casts over her face, green auras surrounding her. The guards quickly move out of the way as she zips around, her speed rapid and instant. She zigzags back to the middle.

"Masquer La Vitesse." The mask fades as she poses: Throwing her arm back, tugging her scarf, and gazing down with a confident smile.

"Oooo!" The same Leafeon guard claps once more, the others cheering on. "That's so dope, Ms. Nered!"

Nered bows. "Thank you, thank you."

The illusion Infernape blinks. So that's her Rune, I see. Ramon walks towards her. Alright, time to do this. Poking his fingers together, he eyes down the flower humanoid. "Um…"

Nered looks up. "Hello! Do you need anything?"

"I-I, uh, have a…question to ask you."

The Roserade smiles. "Go on ahead! Feel free to, mon ami!"


"It means 'my friend' in Kalosian." She snickers behind her bouquets.

"O-Oh, I see." The Infernape scratches the back of his head. "Well, what I wanted to ask is, um…" Wiggles in place. "Do you know where the Revival Spell is?" Every guard slowly eyes the Infernape with mystique, Ramon gulping. Shoot, did I mess up!?

Nered tilts her head. "Que? Don't you already know where it's at? Pretty sure Kellie told every guard about it."

A Morpeko munches on his treat, nodding. "Yeeyee!"

"U-Um!" Ramon chuckles, scratching the back of his head. "I-I needed a refresher! Yeah, that's all."

"Hmm…" Nered nudges her chin, glancing. "The Spell is located at the bottom of the large waterfall behind me." She points back.

Ramon eyes ahead: The massive waterfall showering down, barriers forming around it. The Infernape's maw drops, eyes sparkling with awe.


"Is there any reason why you want to go?"

"Oh. Um." Gotta think of something quick! Ramon caresses his fingers together. "I…I wanted to go see K-Kellie! Wishing to, u-um, c-confess my love to her!"

"'Them', le chéri." Nered giggles. "Good luck with the confession! It isn't easy to admit your true feelings towards someone." She looks off to the side, caressing her arm while blushing. "I should know from personal experiences. Said experiences that are still going till this day."

Ramon looks down, hearing the words 'true feelings' hitting him in the heart. Right…

Nered's hands presses her cheeks, her face glowing further red. "Oh, I do hope to tell him how I truly feel someday." She wiggles, the guards quirking their brows.

"Er-Erm, thank you for the answer, Ms. Nered!" Ramon moves around the daydreaming Roserade, passing by some guards while walking towards the large waterfall.

Nomar snarls. Pathetic.


This 'false' harmony I'm seeing between humans and Pokémon right now.

Ramon stops and turns around: Eyeing the guards of all kinds, both human and Pokémon, laughing nervously at Nered's fantasy as some chat with her, all smiling at her company. The Infernape tilts his head.

I mean, they look like they're having a decent time together, though.

Nomar scoffs. If I were alive, I'd shake my head at these Pokémon for even daring to aid humans. Frankly, they shouldn't coexist in this manner.

Ramon stares at the group for a moment, melancholy painting him. He continues towards the waterfall road. But like… Sighs. Is it really a bad thing though? For Pokémon and humans to be together?

The Shiny Zorua wishes to facepaw. I've gone over this with you many times, and you have to understand: WE'RE the enemies. Doesn't matter if we help humans or not: At the end of the day, we're nothing but tools for them to destroy afterwards.

The Infernape shrugs, stroking the side of his arm. "Rgh…"

Let's just…focus on getting to the Spell. Our separation from each other has done more damage to your belief than I thought.

"Hmm…Alright then." Ramon's foot touches the air before the ape moves back. "Whoa!" He gazes down, a large pit widens itself between him and the waterfall. He then eyes the waterfall itself: The lushious blues, the laidback flow—it is captivating.

How massive and…beautiful. Ramon smiles. Gloria Falls is amazing.

Brother, look: There's some staircase near you!
Nomar points out. Ramon looks left, rows of stairs descending down into the pit, spiraling around the huge waterfall. He walks ahead.

As the Infernape descends, he eyes up: The light from the sunset seeping further and further away. Not that it matters since the waterfall is still vibrant enough for him to see. He smiles.

You're seeing this too, right Nomar?

Yes: The waterfalls here are lively.
Nomar sighs in relief. Reminds me of the time where we'd visit this one waterfall with our parents, too!

The ape's hands nudge his chest, his tail wagging. That's sweet! Gasps. Oh speaking of parents: Do you know what our mother and father is like? If you can still remember, of course.

Nomar hums. I thought you'd never ask! They're fantastic and protective parents, although having some oddities to them.

Torches start appearing by the walls, flames guiding the Infernape. Hmm? In what way?

Well…Dad would get bitter and cruel when something bad happens to us. That's normal for any parents, but he does it to the extreme.
Whimpers. It can get scary at times.

Oh…and about mother?

She's just…odd. She can be calm and relaxing on one day, and then aggressive and vicious on another. She's a pretty unpredictable Zoroark, honestly.

The Infernape blinks in disbelief. Yeesh.

But despite their downfalls: They're still loving, amazing parents!
Sighs. Here's hoping we get to find them together.

Ramon nods. Same.

The Infernape soon reaches the bottom: Gazing at the cavern ahead as torches light up in rows. Nomar gasps.

We're so close. So very close to our reunion. The fox yaps. I can't wait to come back to life and escape these humans with you.

Ramon doesn't say anything, his lips sealed. If Nomar can blink, he would.

What's wrong?

The Infernape shakes his head. I— his teeth grits. I don't know if I want to leave my friends. Because I like them. His fist forms. I like them a lot, in all honesty…

Nomar groans. Really? We're not going over this again.


Nomar growls. Okay, let me spell it out for you: Justin, Ada, Merlin, Delia, and any other humans out ARE the enemies. All of them. Sighs. Which unfortunately includes those Pokémon 'friends' you're with since they've been brainwashed into befriending humans, believing whatever ideology they throw at them.

Ramon shakes. Nomar, I—

Another sigh. We're deep into this plan at this point, Ramon: It's too late to back out now.

Ramon looks down, sighing. He walks ahead before—


Black blood splats the ground, dripping from the ape's maw. Ramon groans, leaning on a nearby wall while caressing his head. He whimpers, gnashing his teeth and wiping off the blood. Ugh. Why am I in pain all of the sudden?

We're getting there, Nomar says, monotone.

Ramon blinks, shaking his head. "What…?"

Soon the disguised Infernape encounters a bodyguard ahead: An Amped Toxtricity, sitting in a chair in front of the entrance behind her. The yellow amphibian lifts her cap, eyeing the Infernape.

"Hey." Is all she says, turning her cap around. Getting from behind the chair, she cracks her knuckles. "I'm the Guard Tester for today."

Ramon tilts his head. "What's that?"

The Toxtricity lifts her brow. "You should know what that is." Her fists lift, crackling electricity.

Ramon blinks and jumps back. Okay, I see now!

Ramon. Whatever you do: Do NOT get hit.

The Infernape blinks. Why's tha— Ramon leaps from a large row of electricity, sliding. He grits his teeth. YIKES! That was close! Eyeing the Toxtricity, he frowns: His fists up and ready.

. . .

The Torchic screamed and screamed, nothing flowing out of his mouth. The cops pulled him away, one Blaziken crying on another's chest. Tears rained down the armless bird's cheeks, the boy clenching his feet on the ground so badly, pleading to not be taken away: But it was null and void.


The Blaziken snaps into reality: Sweats sliding down, breathing irregularly. He looks at Courtney, the two of them sitting on a bench while in the stadium's breakroom. The Lopunny tilts her head. "Our next match is about to start soon."

Sylock blinks for a moment, nodding.

Courtney pats his back. "Are you alright? You're even sweatin' like crazy."

The Blaziken slowly smiles, moving his hands, "I'm…I'm alright. Let's go kick some butt, yeah?" The chicken stands, walking towards the entrance to the stadium.

Courtney eyes the Blaziken, stroking her knees. Sy…What's going on with you? She follows.

. . .

The Team Conjure Leader wields a pink book in her hand, standing in front of many more Conjures in the same shadowy room. The grunts eye her, anticipation flourishing throughout—even Lycus and Xenia are casually eating their apples in wait! Munching on them like crazy, at least in Lycus' case!

The teen clears her throat, hand against her chest, eyes closed. She sighs.

"We'll teleport the moment Ramon gets past the Guard Tester," the leader states.

Jester scratches his messy hair. "Eh!? Why not use the zippity-zoom Spell when he gets the Revival one?"

Lycus gradually turns towards the man. "Zippity…what?" Food particles fall out in disbelief.

Arthur rolls his eyes. "He's an unorthodox ally. Ignore him."

Jester points at the blonde. "Shut it, numbhead!"

The Floatzel squints. Weirdo.

The girl spins the book, her face turning to Jester. "I want to create a distraction." Stops. "Should be self-explanatory on why."

"Oh-ho?" Jester claps his hands. "Think I've already caught on to your devious plan, Mistress!"

Xenia lifts her paw, grinning. Things are going to get spicy, hehe.

The Conjure Leader nods, sliding her fingers across the middle section of the spellbook. She then releases another sigh, a small smile spreading.

You're almost there, Dne.

Howdy do! Hope you all enjoyed this latest M&T chapter. And about Nered: I'm open to criticisms and feedback on the way she speaks in this fic since I wanted to convey the fact she's from Kalos via having her say some French words.

Also we're getting close to the big chapters of this arc. In fact, Chapter 54 is where things takes a wild turn. You'll see soon.
Chapter 54.

Sonic Ramon

Junior Trainer
Chapter 54: Thrashing Tournament and Testing Falls!

Revival Falls Arc.

The Drowzee clings to the front window, staring at the buildings and civilians ahead. The sun is completely gone, the sparkling stars of the blues replacing it. She lowers her ears, her hands held together.

"Hey, Mesmeren," a soft voice says behind the Drowzee. She turns around: Delia eyeing her down. "Is something wrong?"

"...R-Ramon's been gone for quite some time now." Mesmeren pokes her fingers together. "I'm…worried for him."

"Hmm." Delia caresses her chin. "Admittedly, I don't know him all that well. But from what I've seen so far: He seems like a nice guy with good intentions, especially after handing Yvonne's journal to Noctis."

"Y-Yeah." Mesmeren whimpers. "It's why I'm w-worried about him, hoping he comes back from his walk." The tapir points outside. "It's even getting late."

"Makes sense." Delia squats. "I can tell that this Ramon guy is important to you." She smiles.

Mesmeren looks to the side. "Ye-Yeah. He's been so…c-considerate of me, even though I haven't done anything useful for him." She scratches her head. "I-I feel that way about everyone I've met, but I feel this way towards him the most."

"I see." Delia lays a finger on her cheek. "What makes Ramon special to you?"

Mesmeren blinks, her face reddens. "I. Um. Uh." Wh-What do I even say to that?

The woman lifts her hands, waving. "No worries. If that question is too personal, then we can move on from it."

"N-No no. It's…fine. Just, um." The tapir's heart thumps. "G-Give me a moment to think about it." She turns around, Delia tilting her head in perplexion. Okay, me. It's, erm, o-obvious that you feel a lot of things towards Ramon. A-All of it is positive. So…What makes him special to y-you?

The Drowzee thinks. And thinks…further.

He is a nice person, who always has uplifting things to say to me, even when he's feeling d-down himself. He's even interested in the things I do l-like the twirl hums. Everyone else is nice too, b-but he's…different about it, I guess?

Mesmeren nods. Okay. I'll tell her that he's a sweet and caring guy, and that's why I l-like being with him. Sh-Shouldn't be hard, right? She turns towards Delia. "He's handsome."

Delia's fingers press her lips. "Oh?"

"I-I—" Mesmeren covers her maw quickly. Oh no: IT'S HARD!

"You have feelings for him, I see. That makes sense." Delia giggles.

Mesmeren's face reddens even more, the Drowzee eyeing away. "I-I didn't mean it like that! I-I mean, I like him, yes. But maybe not in that way. Or maybe it is in that way or—"

"I get it, hun." Delia holds her hands together, sighing while eyeing up. "It's okay to admit your feelings towards him. Perhaps not right away, but…whenever you yourself feel ready to."

Mesmeren's ears perk up. "Hmm?"

The woman pokes her chest gently. "Love comes naturally: It's obvious that you've grown attached to Ramon since you two traveled together for these past few days."

Delia stares down. "W-Well, I don't know if I'd call it…love. M-Maybe not yet…" She covers her face. "I don't know!"

"Hey, it's fine. The natural part about love is questioning it—wanting to know why you have feelings for this person, thinking about those feelings being correct or not, and then knowing when you're ready to tell them if that's how you truly feel."

Mesmeren stares at the woman: Mouth agapes, body remaining still. "I…" She looks down at her hands. "I've never thought of it that way."

"It's something I've learned to do when I had feelings towards my husband." Delia sits beside Mesmeren, spreading her legs. "I was paranoid like you and thought it was pretty abnormal for me to have a crush on someone after knowing them for a few days."


"Mhm." She waves her hand around. "I started questioning my feelings after I talked with my parents about it during my late teens." She sighs. "It took me several months to finally realize I'm in love with this man, and eventually tell him about it." Delia covers her lips, snorting. "Surprisingly: He felt the same way, too."

"I-I see." Mesmeren stares down, poking her fingers together. "Would I t-take s-several months to confess my f-feelings towards Ramon?"

Delia shrugs. "It depends. Like I said, love comes naturally: Folks may love each other within days, some within weeks—months, years." She tilts her head, closing her eyes while smiling. "Trust me, it'll all work out as long as both of you truly feel the same way about each other."

Mesmeren tugs on her blue ribbon, jittering. "I…I see then."

Silence emanates between them for a moment.

"..." Mesmeren turns. "So you won't tell a-anyone about this, r-right? Not even Ramon himself."

"Oh absolutely." Delia's hand rests on Mesmeren's head. "Your secret lies with me!" Her finger presses her lips, winking.

"Th-Thank you." The Drowzee blushes, twirling the side of her ribbon.

Noctis groans, catching the two's attention. The lizard rolls his eyes while on the middle couch with Serene and Ethan, clicking the remote. "There's been nothing but boring shows today, huh."

Tears pour down Serene's face in a dramatic manner. "I was about to witness two girls kissing live in Episode 7 of Super Convoluted Clown Muscle Man." Her ears droop, whimpering.

Noctis sweats, glaring at the Leafeon. "Probably for the best I changed the channel after hearing that show's title, what the hell."

"It's a weird title, yes! But the characters are pretty decent!"

"Eh…" Noctis stops clicking, the channel revealing Courtney and Sylock walking in the All Star battlefield. "Let's just watch the All Star Tournament instead."

Delia returns to the couch, gasping. "Ooo, watching that big event, I see?"

Noctis shrugs. "Yeah. Might as well since I'm home, plus the shows that's on right now are garbage."

"Gotcha then." She sits on the couch beside the dragon, eyeing Mesmeren. "Hey, wanna come watch?"

Mesmeren turns to the front window, looking out. "N-No. I'm…fine."


Everyone proceeds to eye the TV screen.

. . .

The crowd cheers at the four battlers in the stadium: Courtney and Sylock standing on the opposite side of their opponents. Bond taps his mic, smirking. "In today's match, we have Courtney the Lopunny and Sylock the Blaziken Vs Nia the Espeon and Mace the Drampa!"

Nia and Mace stand before them, smiling. Mace nods. "It's a pleasure meeting you, Ms. Courtney and Mr. Sylock!" he says in a mannerly tone.

Courtney salutes. "Likewise." She brings her fists up, jumping a bit. "Let's give this our all!" She stops, smirking. "Make it the greatest fight it can ever be."

Nia giggles behind her paw. "I hope so, too!" She smiles widely.

Sylock flinches, a brief image of another Espeon showing a similar smile. Even her voice sounds similar—the posture, too!

What the… He pants, eyes widening. Why am I…

Courtney looks at Sylock, blinking. "Um—"

"Let the battle begin!" Bond and Zenith shout.

Courtney yelps before the four rush towards each other, the crowd throwing their arms up with enthusiasm.

"YOU GOT THIS, FAMS!" Justin yells, clenching his fists.


Ada folds her arms, her and Coleo squinting ahead. "So noisy…" they say.

Courtney's fist jabs Mace, the Drampa's arm parrying it before he pushes her. He then flings his draconic breath, Courtney Quick Attacks to the side and slides across. As she dashes forward, Sylock kicks the Espeon rapidly, Nia ducking and hopping over them.

The feline then pushes the Blaziken back with Psychic, the chicken gripping the ground with his claws. He blinks, another image of a Torchic shows up in his head: Struggling in a telekinetic hold. In front of the Torchic was an Espeon, grinning down at him. She said the following words:

"Do as I say."

Sylock snaps back to the present, snarling before unleashing a roaring stream of flames. The Espeon leaps over, the grass being eviscerated as the crowd roars onwards. The four go at it: Evading one move after another.

. . .

Ramon ducks, rolls, and even hops from the guard's Discharges. The ape pants, squinting at the amphibian. The guard clasps her hands, raging electricity twirls forward. Ramon grits his teeth, leaping to the side as the attack rams against the wall.

The guard quirks her brow. "You haven't hit me yet."

Ramon gulps. "Haha, I'm a-aware…" Jeez, she's aggressive!

The newt's fist glows bright red, dashing after the disguised ape. She jabs the Infernape, Ramon blocking the Power-Up Punch as he grunts, sliding back. His arms wobble, phasing between his normal Zoroark's ones and the Infernape's.

Ramon's eyes widen. OH NO! He turns his back towards the Toxtricity, jittering.


I AM! I AM! Ramon clenches his teeth, his arms going through the wavy illusions. I-It's difficult!

Just try to relax! Breathe and keep the illusion back up and going, okay!?

Ramon takes a deep breath, closing his eyes. Eventually his arms go back to the Infernape's, opening his eyes before he and Nomar sigh.

That was a close one…

Tell me about i—
Ramon's ears flicker, the Infernape jumping to the side as the guard hits the wall, her glowing fist fading.

The newt eyes Ramon, her glare piercing his timidness. "Never turn your back on your opponent."

Ramon gulps, nodding. "R-Right." He gets in a posture: Legs apart, arms up and ready. The guard jolts her lightning towards him, Ramon jumping back in time. He gasps at the Toxtricity instantly being close to him, thrusting another Power-Up Punch. He backflips away from the nearly-landed uppercut, sliding across the ground.

M-Man… The Toxtricity crackles her electricity, having it surge throughout her. The illusion Infernape squints. She's fast!

. . .


Courtney leaps up, white auras casting her. "This fight is awesome!" She Quick Attacks towards the dragon, ramming into him. Mace grunts, getting pushed as Sylock fires his immense flames at Nia: The crowd aweing at it all.

Nia ducks and rolls from the Flamethrower, jumping over the last one. She lands down and uses Psychic on the flames, stopping it before it explodes. Dark clouds cast around Courtney and Sylock, blinding them momentarily.

Merlin squints. "Hmph, can't see with all this dust cloud."

Roan rests two hands on his cheeks, gasping. "What could be going on in there!?"

Zenith points at the field, smirking. "THINGS ARE GETTING NUTS, FOLKS! ALL OF THAT EXCITEMENT HAPPENING BEHIND THOSE DUSTS!" They snap their fingers, the crowd shouting. "WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT!?"

Courtney eyes around the dust, smirking. "Heh, must be some trick they have up their sleeves." Her back soon meets Sylock's, nodding. "We got this, right Sy?" No response. Before the Lopunny can say something else, a rainbow-colored beam soars towards the two.

They both dodge, being airborne before Sylock is shrouded in pink auras, grunting. As the clouds start fading, Courtney gasps at Nia floating beside Sylock. "Oh crap!" Nia throws Sylock towards her, the two colliding and flailing all over the ground.

Bond sips his tea, eyes widening. The Inteleon slams his cup down. "My my, what an intense comeback Nia did, everyone!"

The crowd erupts with excitement except for Justin and co., the teen shaking his head. "Ah come on, you two! Y'all can do better than that!"

"You guys were lit from the last match! Give them these two the same treatment!" X exclaims.

Sylock jabs the ground, stopping him and Courtney from sliding further. As Nia lands on the ground, the Blaziken books after her, Courtney joining him. The Lopunny summons shaky energies onto herself and Sylock, both Agilitying towards forward.

"Y'all two are going DOWN!" Courtney shouts.

Mace jumps in front of Nia, roaring loud enough to blow his opponents away. The two groan, the Hyper Voice sliding them back. Courtney squints, standing up: Her arms hanging, her pants radiating.

"Heh." The rabbit smirks. "These two sure are tough, ain't they Sy?"


The rabbit's smirk fades, the igniting flames rage at the corner of her eyes. She blinks, turning towards Sylock: Red-orange auras coating him, flames sprouting above. He glares ahead, snarling.

"Uh…Sy," the lopunny tilts her head. "You don't need to use yer Rune, ya know?"

Flames crackle around his fists, his Blaze Booster heightening with fury. Courtney lifts a finger. "Hey, are you hearing m—" Sylock jolts forward, wind blowing against the rabbit as she shields herself. "WHOA!"

Sylock runs, his eyes fixating on Nia. The Espeon's eyes glows light blue to use Psychic, but the Blaziken fades. She blinks. "Where did he—ACK!" The Espeon is kicked to the stomach, jolting away from the Blaziken as she flails around.

"AH!" Once she stops herself, she lifts up only to be met by a foot clenching her head. "Huh!?" Sylock slams her face to the ground, fiery igniting his eyes.

The audience gasps, confusion rising.

"Hey! I thought this was supposed to be a friendly competition! What's with the dirty beatings!?" Mace snarls, soundwaves emanating his maw. "Get off from Nia right now!" He unleashes his Hyper Voice, screeching. Sylock flicks his hand to the side, large flames shattering the voice barrier and ramming the Drampa. "ARGH!" He slides across, twitching.

Sylock strokes Nia's head, blood seeping down. She screams, closing her eyes in pure agony.


Courtney watches the Blaziken, her hand to her lips. "Sylock?"

The Blaziken glares, throwing the Espeon across the field. Nia flails all over the ground, hacking and coughing along the way. Sylock dashes after her, many imagery of a Torchic clouding his vision: Pleading, crying—he was on his knees, eyeing up an Espeon with a sickly smile.

Sylock reaches Nia and knees her to the ground, cracks forming around her as his rage snaps him into the present. Nia grunts, her vision blurred. Before she can do anything, the Blaziken punches her face. And then he punches again. And again. Sylock jabs her with zero pause, blood spewing out of the Espeon's maw.

Mace and Courtney's eyes widen, teeth jittering.

"S-Stop!" Mace says, his tone weak. "Pl-Please!"

"What are you doing, Sylock!?"

The crowd stares in mortification, hands being pressed against mouths. X raises his brow, warping into disturbance. "What the hell is Sylock tripping on!?"

Bond grits his teeth as Zenith looks at him, cranking their head. Bond nods and clicks on a button. "Guards, get Sylock off from Nia right now!"

Within seconds, many bodyguards enter the field from both entries, jolting after the chicken. The moment they get close, Sylock stretches his arms out: Menacing flames pushing those guards away, all screaming and scattering across the field. Some are knocked out while others become injured, the crowd gasping in horror.

And then Sylock keeps going. And going. More punches. One after another. A neverending bloodfest of pure rage. His eyes widen, his veins straining: It is like everything around him doesn't exist. Only him and that bitch of an Espeon, Xen—


A single scream—a pleading one, pauses Sylock. He takes one good look at Nia: Her face is shrouded in blood, deep reds scattering along with a few broken teeth. She hardly moves, only making brief subtle grunts. The Blaziken turns to his side at a tearing Lopunny: Shaking and trembling. A vision of a Torchic takes her place, eyeing the Blaziken in dread.

"Please…" Courtney utters. "Stop."

Once the vision fades, Sylock looks at his hands: Blood dripping down, from the claws to the main hand itself—the cause of this whole disaster. He shakes, eyes quaking. Oh… He pants heavily, heart thumping rapidly. What…have I done? He turns to the entrance he and Courtney came from, dashing ahead: Tears trailing behind him.

Courtney flinches, eyeing the fleeting bird. "W-Wait!" She follows.

Everyone is speechless, both of the judges staring at the field in mortification. Many medics arrive inside, ushering towards the injured individuals.

Zenith presses their lips to the mic. "...Courtney and Sylock are disqualified from the tournament." They look down. "We'll…take a short break after what happened."

The crowd starts talking about the situation as the gang eyes each other: Dread, confusion—they paint them all.

"...Holy shit." All Justin can blurt out.

X points at him. "Yeah, no: I second what he said there. The hell was that about!?"

Merlin clenches his staff. "I have no clue, but…goodness, was it scary to witness."

"AAH!" Roan strokes his head: His eyes close, his mouth open. "I've never seen Sylock become so…menacing before!"

Coleo nods. "Indeed, lad: What blimey all of tha' was!"

"That's one way to put it, fam." Justin sighs. "This isn't the first time I've seen Sylock go apeshit, but like: Shit's still scary to see, though."

Ada jolts up, Coleo clinging onto her head immediately. "Whoa there, lass!"

"Let's meet up with those two quickly before they leave," the girl suggests, maneuvering around the seats.

"Good idea, fam!" Justin follows her along with everyone else.

And over at Noctis' home, Serene and Delia cover their lips in horror as Ethan trembles, gritting his teeth. Noctis lowers his brows, dropping the remote. "What…the fuck did I just watched?"

Mesmeren looks behind her, blinking. "Hmm?"

. . .

Ramon keeps ducking the Guard Tester's punches, even dashing forward to slash her with Fury Swipes. The guard grunts, jumping back. She frowns, dusting herself.

"Huh. You actually hit me, finally." The Toxtricity cracks her neck. "But it'll take a lot more than a single hit to prove your worth."


The guard clasps her hands, lightning dashing after the illusion Infernape. Ramon runs forward, jumping over the Discharge as his fingers glow white. The Amped leaps up, clashing her red punch with Ramon's white claws. Once the two moves propel them, the two rush forward: Unleashing a barrage of jabs they're throwing and dodging simultaneously.

"Tch." The guard trips Ramon, the Infernape yelping. "Gotcha." Her fist coats in purple, sludgy aura: Jabbing forward.

Oh no! Ramon and Nomar think, the former gnashing his teeth. He then jolts his tail towards the ground, flipping himself backwards as the Poison Jab hits the air. Sliding across the ground, the Infernape pants, keeping his fists up.

The Guard Tester lifts her fists, coating them in purple auras. "Nice dodge. Keep it up." She dashes after him, her speed quick and nimble.

The fake Infernape stands there, his eyes glowing red, crimson energy shrouding around. He howls, slamming his fists to the ground and expanding a forcefield towards the Toxtricity. The guard stops, gasping before being thrown towards the wall, groaning. She slides down, panting. Ramon pants as well, lifting his fists.

"Am I worthy now?" he asks.

The Toxtricity lays a hand on her knee, eyeing up the ape. She smirks. "Yep." Standing up, she rubs some dust and adjusts her cap. "You're free to go see the Spell now. Kellie's there too, by the way."

"Sweet." Ramon is about to ru—

"Hold it, though." The guard lifts her hand, Ramon stopping and turning.


"How did you use Night Daze?" The guard tilts her head. "I…don't remember any Infernapes having that move before."

Ramon and Nomar gulp.

Oh no. I-I didn't think this through!

Quick! Think of an excuse and fast!

Uh. Um. Uh—
"I, erm, was born with a…" He trails for a bit. "Unique power!"


The Infernape nods. "Yes. It allows me to use moves my kind normally wouldn't learn."

The newt taps her chin. "Are you talking about Rune? Something that Nered chick has?"

Ramon snaps his fingers. "Yes! That's what I was referring to!" He shakes his head, laughing. "I kept forgetting the name of that hidden power us Intellicates have. Goes to show how rare that power is."

The guard shrugs. "That's fair, I guess."

With that, Ramon dashes further into the cavern, the guard stepping back in front of the entrance.

Oh my god, brother: She legit saved that lie of yours'.

Ramon sighs. What a relief! …I-I guess.

. . .

Many Conjure goons eye their leader, Jester hopping up and down nonstop. "Come on, come on—COME. ON!" He stomps. "When are we ready to go!?"

The cane-wielding woman rolls her eyes. "Be patient. This plan is long, unpredictable, and above all else: Life-changing."

Arthur nods. "Agreed: Have some virtue in you, and understand that we may not even be ready ye—"

"We're ready." The leader smirks, opening her eyes. "He's getting close to the Spell."

Jester grins at the two Conjures. "You were saying?"

"Silence," Arthur and the red-haired woman mutter.

All of Team Conjure roar proudly, Jester whistling in approval. "Hotdog skillet, it's bout time we get this show on the road!" Blue auras sparkle around his hands, the man grinning. "I'm dying to drown these nimbwads, haha!"

Lycus squints at the man. Wow. He blinks while shaking his head. He's making that Justin kid look like a masterpiece right now.

The Team Conjure Leader opens her spellbook, the two admins sticking close to her. She chants two simple words inside: "Teleportation Spell." Blue light casts around everyone, their bodies ascending into it.

Then everything cuts to darkness.

Tick. Tock...

You're almost there, everyone.
Chapter 55.

Sonic Ramon

Junior Trainer
Chapter 55: Destruction in Gloria Falls!

Revival Falls Arc.

The Blaziken shoves several people.

"HEY!" two Mightyenas say in unison, raising their brows.

Sylock doesn't care: Panting, sweating—drenching. A voice calls out to him, but he ignores it, continuing to run: Run like nothing in the world matters.

"SYLOCK!" Courtney shouts, darting after the avian, the two reaching the main hall of the building. "PLEASE WAIT!"

Sylock doesn't stop, inching close to the exit. Courtney twitches before speeding up, dashing around many people. Just when the double doors open, Sylock feels something behind him: A warm and calm hug.

Courtney sniffles, burying into the Blaziken's back. "Please…stop running." She looks up. "Tell me what's wrong? Why…Why were you…"

"..." Tears slide down Sylock's cheeks, shaking his head. I'm sorry. He pushes Courtney back, the Lopunny falling on her behind. Sylock leaves.

Courtney gazes at the double doors closing, multiple footsteps dashing behind her. Justin and the others arrive, Ada lowering her brows while folding her arms.

"What was that about?" she asks.

Coleo lifts his setae. "Aye! What's the matte' with 'im?"

Courtney shakes her head. "I have no clue, but…" She stands, sighing. "That's why I'm going to find out." She runs, the double doors opening for her. The six look at each other for a moment before nodding, following the Lopunny.

. . .

Ramon runs deeper into the cavern: His arms pouncing forward, his feet stomping the rough grounds. He pants, squinting. How long is this cave? Feels like I've ran for hours now.

Beats me.
Nomar snorts. At least I don't have to hyperventilate like crazy whenever I run for a long while.


Oh. Uh…I can't remember the exact details, but it's more like: You breathe faster than normal.

Ramon gazes to the side. Huh. This is my first time hearing about it.

It's…been a struggle of mine that my parents had to deal with. Me, a wild Pokémon, hyperventilating.
Nomar laughs. Pathetic, right?

No. No you're not.
The ape stops. I'm sure you've been helpful. Like the memory you showed me six days ago: Where you and I protected our parents from some wild Ursarings. He stares at his hand. I…may not remember it, but it's at least comforting to know that you and I have helped each other before. His hand grips. Like what we're doing right now.

Heh. I guess you got some past beliefs in you after all. Thanks.

Ramon smiles, rushing forward.

Soon, the ape reaches the end of the cavern: Many more torches surround the center, providing the brightest possible light. In the middle lies Kellie nudging against a gray pedestal, bouncing their red shield like a basketball. They focus on what's at the pedestal: The black and white spellbook—the Revival Spell, closed and shut.

Alright. Now convince them you'll take over from here.

Ramon nods. Understood. He walks ahead.

Kellie flinches, their attention jolting towards footsteps. "Hmm?" The shield ball fades. "What brings you here?"

Ramon's hand presses his chest, smiling. "I was tasked to protect the Revival Spell and let you rest this time."

"I see." Kellie waves their hand. "No need: I'll take care of the Spell all by myself today." A red shield casts around the spellbook, the individual smiling. "I appreciate the courtesy, though."

Drats. I'd forgotten about them saying that yesterday. Hmm…What way can I convince them to leave? "Ah. But wouldn't this be a good time to rest after all you've done as a Spell Guardian?"

Kellie caresses their chin. "Hmm…" Sighs. "As tempting as it sounds, nah: I've done enough of that with Ace and Nered." The blue jacket individual folds their arms. "Man, I even went to a water park with them last week. Had a ton of fun swimming around, tossing waters, and even cannonballing into this one massive pool!" They sigh once more, eyeing down while their shoulders slouching. "I had my fair share of rest, in other words. And I felt guilty about it."

Ramon waves his hands around. "I mean, us Spell Guardians deserve breaks every now and then, you know? I heard that Forest fella even takes a stroll outside of Serenity!" Smiles.

Kellie tilts their head. "Yeah. That's true." Shrugs. "But Forest only does that every once in a while, during the time I visited him." They scratch the back of their head, laughing in a nervous manner. "It…was a vacation I've decided to take after this duty was stressing and boring me out."

After what happened with Serenity, I…can't exactly blame you. "I see." His tail flicks. "But still, perhaps a small break wouldn't hurt. Like a very small one. I'm only just going to protect the Spell for a little while."

Kellie lays a finger by their cheek. "Hmm…I don't know." Their head shakes. "Even a small break can make me feel guilty about my duty."

Jeez, does this person NOT like resting or something? Duties are the only thing they live by? Nomar grunts. How sad.

Hey, it's a preference of theirs' to enjoy working more than resting. I don't find it sad.

Ugh, whatevs. Just keep trying to convince them to go away.
The fox groans. Can't believe a literal SMALL rest is enough to make them feel bad about not working!

"Well, small breaks have their benefits. You see…"

Ramon continues the discussion, his arms moving around as though he's explaining a very complex algebra problem.

. . .

One guard whistles, walking around Gloria Falls' open space with his buddies: A Beedrill and a Staryu. The man's hands are behind his head, bopping while smiling.

"I'm telling you two: Carmen's gonna like me!" He forms a fist, his red hair shielding his eyes. "I can feel it in my bones, SON!"

"Negative." The Staryu tilts their top hat, their tone robotic. "He was rolling his eyes after your flirtation, a common indication of the individual not being interested. Sometimes associated with annoyance."

"They're rightzz! I'm telling you: Carmen lacked interestz in guyz who's not the muscular type, which you're not!" the Beedrill buzzes, caressing her head. "Also he's a Machampzz and you're a humanzz. Not sure how that'll go."

"Ah bologna." The man pulls his left sleeve, flexing his bicep. "This bad boy is bout the same level as that Machamp's muscle." He waves his hand around, the three passing by Nered and the other guards. "And besides, Carmen's an Intellicate. Pretty sure he and I can consent in a relationship."

The Beedrill rolls her eyes. "Whatever. Don't be sadzz when he rejectz you, either way."

Soon the guard stops, eyeing the sky. "Uh…guys."

The Beedrill and Staryu stop as well, eyeing the man. "What iz it?"

The man simply points, leading the others to look: Blue lights cast themselves, fading in and out before descending.

"What is that?"

The Beedrill tilts her head. "Couldzz be a really, really bizarre shooting starz?"

The Staryu tilts their head. "I do not recall a shooting star being this close to Gloria Falls, let alone moving." The red gem on the Pokémon flicks. "Why is such a possibility happening right now?"

The light reveals itself to be the entirety of Team Conjure: All charging up their Magic moves, a sickly smile painting across them.

The man grits his teeth. "MAYBE THAT'S WHY: THOSE AIN'T NO SHOOTING STARS AT ALL!" He is the first to get hit by a Mystical Projectile, screaming while crashing into a random dumpster.

"Huh!?" every guard says, eyeing up.

Many more Magic moves barrage the guards, knocking some of them out. Once the Conjures land, one grunt smirks and tosses their magical bomb at a building, destroying it into bits. The guards recover and waste no time charging towards Conjure, their weapons ready.

Team Conjure duke it out with them, defeating some of them via jabbing and clawing—even tossing explosions to blow several away! Those guards slide across the ground, ramming against a building near the medic tent. The Spell Guardians exit the building.

"What the fuck!?" a Ferrothorn exclaims, he and the others glaring ahead.

The leader, two admins, Jester, Arthur, the cane wielding Conjure, Xenia, and Lycus land last: Gazing at their followers punching one guard while tossing another with a magical fishing rod. The Floatzel blinks, shaking his head.

"Did…did I just see one of them have a fishing rod made of magic!?" he exclaims.

Jester laughs. "Pretty wacko debacles we Sorcerous can do, eh?"

Lycus just stares. "I'm going to pretend that I understood that and say yes."

Over by the large waterfall, Nered and her guards gaze at several Conjures: A mess immediately being made, thanks to the explosions and crashing.

The Roserade frowns. "What's the meaning of this?" Some Conjures head towards her, enchanting auras sparkling around their arms and legs. She squints, casting sludges around her hands, her Poison Barb dangling behind. She rushes forward, the guards nodding: Some follow her while others remain behind.

Aquatic auras shroud Jester's hands, smirking. "I'll drown you all!" He leaps forward, joining his fellow comrades.

The Conjure Leader scans the area, slipping her pink spellbook inside of her coat. "Arthur, Sully, Xenia, and Lycus: Help Jester keep the guards busy."

"Hmph." Sully closes her eyes, red energy coating her hands. "Yes, Miss Silver." She and Arthur follow Jester, the latter charging up his wind. Lycus and Xenia follow suit, the Floatzel gripping his katana's hilt.

The leader turns to her admins. "Raiden, R: You're coming with me." She digs in her coat's pocket, shuffling. "We have a friend to meet, a Spell to obtain, and—" she takes out a syringe, green substances circulating within. "A Zoroark to put down."

Raiden and R nod, the latter adjusting her gold necklace. "No problemo, Carly!" R says with enthusiasm.

Xenia smirks, large translucent arms spawning from her back before ramming some of the guards. She licks her lips, flicking away a nearby Torkoal with Psychic. My goal. It's close. She hops over another guard, slamming him with her invisible hand, smiling as blood forms around him. It's. So. Very. CLOSE.

One guard leaps towards her, violet auras encasing his fist. "AAAAAAH!"

Lycus slices him in half, the man coughing out blood while falling. He and Xenia land on the ground, exchanging grins.

Carly and her admins walk past the gruesome fights, a hand behind her back, eyeing one thing: The waterfall. One Conjure jolts towards her, screaming while airborne. Jester quickly grabs them with his mini-river, setting them down before thrashing some nearby guards.

"Thanks, Jes!" the grunt says.

"IT'S COMMANDER J, NIBTUB!" Jester drowns two guards in his rivers.

Lycus squints. I don't like this man. He collides his katana against a guard's sword, Ice Punching them afterwards.

. . .

The main three stop, eyeing a Roserade and the guards beside her. Carly puts away her syringe, her head shakes. "Oppositions, I see." Squints. "Unfortunate."

Nered readies her Sludge Bombs. "Who are you and what are you doing here!?"

Raiden folds her arms. "It's for businesses only." She adjusts her black shades. "Surely you'll understand."

Nered grits her teeth. "Absurdité!" She stomps. "Your business is hurting mes amis—mon devoir!" A red mask casts over her. "You won't continue any further!" She jolts forward, tossing her sludges while green auras shroud her.

Carly closes her eyes. "Hmph." She dashes towards the Roserade, blue flames trailing behind. Reaching her arm back, she scoops up the flames and hits the sludges, her Trickster Dash colliding against Nered's Masquer La Vitesse. The girl then kicks the Roserade, crashing her into a nearby building.

R claps her hands, her gold bracelets jiggling. "Nice one, Carly!"

Carly looks at R, deadpanned. "Thanks," she says in the dryest tone possible.

"D'aww, don't be like that!" A few guards rush towards the three before R and Raiden use Mystical Projectile, blasting them away. "It was a nice compliment!"

"I know." Carly's face remains unwavering before kicking a Clobbopus guard like a football, the poor fella screaming towards a nearby bush. "I appreciate it. Really."

The three walk towards the waterfall, the guards ahead preparing their weapons, one of them cocking their shotgun. Raiden rolls her eyes, her hands glowing blue. "Carly, how many times do I have to tell you that no one can tell if you're happy or not by always being stoneface?" She flicks her arms forward, blue energies dashing at the guards and exploding on contact.

The guards scream, falling into the waterfall pit. Carly rests her hands by her hips. "Raiden, you know why I do it."

"Yes yes, I understand that! But still, it makes it difficult for us to tell how you're feeling."

R nods. "Mhm! Just smile every now and then." She elbows the teen leader. "Nothing's wrong with that." Carly blinks for a moment before continuing onwards. R sighs, shaking her head. "Or don't, I suppose. Your choice."

The three reach the entry as Nered groans, slowly walking out of the building. She strokes her arm, gnashing her teeth while closing one eye. She watches the three descend down the stairway. "No!" She's about to run ahead until Sully and Arthur stand in her way: Red auras surrounding Sully's cane while the man grips his lance, purple sparkles shrouding his hands. The two glare, Nered backing away. "La merde…"

. . .

The medics panic throughout the tent, guiding as many patients out as possible. A doctor taps Elizabeth, the Glaceon opening her eyes at a gradual pace.

"We need to get out of here now befo—" the doctor is shot by a magical beam, ramming against the tent while screaming.

Elizabeth signals herself to leave, rushing out in the back. She jumps into the bushes, eyeing the situation within. A large stream of river sweeps up the entire place, the Glaceon's eyes widening with dread, trembling.

"Gl-Gla…" She whimpers, her ears twitching to the sound of a laughing nutjob. She turns to the source: The wavy-hair maniac Jester floats above, pushing one guard with his rivers after another.

The commander laughs and laughs, slamming three Goodras towards the ground before flinging them into a nearby waterfall. "HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES, YOU FICKLE KNOCKS!?" Snorts. "THOSE NAYSAYERS ALWAYS SAY THEY'RE BETTER THAN ME!" One man launches towards him before he smacks him away. "BULLYING ME INTO SUBMISSION!" Jester strokes his chaotic hair, his shades tilting, his red eyes rattling. "BUT WHO'S THE BULLY NOW, YOU NIMBWITS!" Grinning, the young man slams two guards, puppeting them in his aquatic balls.

The Glaceon quakes, weeping as Jester laughs. And laughs.

And laughs.

. . .

"O-Oh Arceus! So that's what h-happened!"

Mesmeren trembles, covering her maw while in front of the middle couch. The tapir whimpers, looking at Noctis and the other three with shaky eyes. The TV is off by this point, the five contemplating.

"F-First Ramon hasn't come home yet, and n-now this!"

Ethan whines, nuzzling close to Serene as she pats him, doing her best to calm him down while also feeling distraught. Delia stares at the Drowzee. "Mesmeren: Was Sylock…always like this?" Everyone looks too, the Drowzee eyeing away.

"I-I don't know!" She whines. "This is my first time seeing Sylock…acting this violent. I-I hardly knew much about him, s-so I'm as t-terrified as you all are."

Serene lowers her ears. "He just kept hitting that poor Espeon. Over and over." Shivers. "E-Everyone was telling him to stop! But he kept going!"

"Yeah." Delia frowns. "Did he…have some sort of grievances against that Espeon?"

Noctis snarls. "I'm not sure, but he's pretty suspicious for doing that." His arms fold.

Mesmeren scratches the back of her head. "...W-Well, actually…" She nudges her fingers together. "I-I recall Courtney mentioning him and her being in this center."

Delia tilts her head. "Center?"

"Y-Yeah: The Serenity Vicious Center is its name, I-I believe." Her feet shuffle. "It's where they detain p-people who do bad things. It…could relate to Sylock's behavior here."

Noctis quirks his brow. "And how do you know?"

"Courtney was talking about it two days ago, where we were stuck in a cabin because of an ongoing w-war between two kinds."

"I see…" Noctis stares down, succumbing to thoughts.


The five blink, eyeing the front windows. Screams utter from the outside, the civilians running off to the right.

Noctis raises his brow. "What the hell?" They all head over to the windows, spotting vague explosions and a river afar. "What's happening at Gloria Falls?"

Mesmeren bites her lip. "R-Ramon…He's still out there." She whimpers, shaking her head. "I-I'm sorry, but I gotta go find him!" She latches the doorknob and twists, rushing outside.

Noctis flinches, holding his hand out. "Hey, wait just a moment!" Blinks. "Annnnnnd she's gone."

"Wait for me, Mesmeren!" Delia looks behind her and runs towards her bow hanging on the wall, grabbing it. Before she can leave, Noctis stands in her way.

"Stay here."

"Why? I can't leave Mesmeren out there all by herself! What if she gets hurt?"

Noctis frowns. "What if these two get hurt?" He points at Serene and Ethan. "I can't look after them by myself, knowing what happened last time."

"Good point, but—" her bangs shuffle, the woman sighing. "Sorry, Noctis: Mesmeren's a kid, too. I'm not leaving her out there by her lonesome." She jolts off, closing the door.

"But—" the lizard looks out of the window, watching Delia turn a corner on the sidewalk. He sighs. "...You know what, she has a point."

Serene taps his side. "Should…we go after them?"

Noctis shakes his head. "No. I want to make sure no robbers come by like last time."

The Leafeon lowers her head. "I see. Hope Mrs. Phoenix and Mesmeren are alright."

Ethan snuggles up Serene, nodding. "S-Same here…"

The three stare out of the window, silence emanating.

. . .

"Uff! HEY!" one man shouts.

"Eek! Watch where you're going!" a woman shouts, brushing her dress.

Sylock keeps running and shoving, tears flying by. Arceus, what have I done? He doesn't even care about the blood drying his hands: Running is all he can think of. Just— whimpers. Why did she have to ruin my fucking life!?

Nearing ahead is the All Star Gym: Ace, Tress, Jewel, and a Pidgeot are seen leaving it, the Pidgeot having a gray bag on themself.

The man and his two Pokémon wipe their foreheads. "Phew, that sure was intense! You put up a fight with my Pokémon and I, Kevin." Ace smiles. "I really dig it!"

Tress and Jewel snicker. "Same here!" Tress says, nuzzling Ace's leg.

"Me too!" Jewel follows, holding the man's hand.

Kevin adjusts their bag, nodding. "I'm very proud of how much I've accomplished there." They caress their chest, smirking while their eyes close. "I flew over the Spirit Break, Quick Attacked the Aqua Tail, tripped the ribbons, and Whirlwinded the sorcery Mega bonds!" They wiggle their wings at Ace and Jewel for emphasis, Jewel laughing awkwardly. "I did everything I could to solo this match!"

Ace digs in his pocket. "And you did amazing!" He takes out a gym badge: Pink and Blue colors split apart on this pixie wing-shaped badge. "Here's the Harmonic Badge."

Kevin accepts the badge, slipping it into their bag. "With utmost gratitude, Mr. Vermilion."

Soon Sylock pushes Kevin and Ace aside, dashing forward.

"Whoa!" Ace yelps, Jewel and Tress aiding him in time.


The ponytail man blinks. "Huh? Isn't that—"


The four eye the loud noise afar, some civilians looking at each other in confusion. Kevin yelps.

"Good heavens, what in the world was that!?"

The man squints, curiosity piquing. "I…have no clue." Tress and Jewel whimper, clinging onto their trainer in concern.

Suddenly Courtney zips past the four, panting as six more of her friends follow along.

"Excuse me, coming through!" Justin shouts, all making a mad dash towards the city's center.

Blinking in disbelief, Ace caresses his chin. "That's weird." He then waves at the Pidgeot, dashing after the gang. "Good luck with the fifth Gym Leader at Majestic City!"

Tress and Jewel nod at each other, following their trainer. Kevin blinks, scratching their head. "Erm, sure thing…"

. . .

Sylock keeps running. And running: Bypassing the statues, going up the slope—just overall not paying attention to anything around him.


His heart thumps.

I…Why did I…

He eventually stops at the Pokémon Center, stroking its wall. He gasps, eyes widening.

He can hear her…

"Ahaha!" Her laughter.

"I can simply tell them what you did." Her taunting.

"Follow my demands, toy. And maybe…you'll be set free." Her orders.

Sylock shakes his head, tears sliding. I thought if I no longer talk, I'd turn into a better person, but— he eyes his blood-soaked hands. No…doing that made me worse. He grips his fists, wincing. Maybe I shouldn't be around anyone. Maybe I should leave everyone behind, including Cour—

"Sylock?" The Blaziken blinks to the Lopunny calling him, turning around. Tears stream down her cheeks, dripping on the ground. "Why did you run off like that? And…" She strokes her side, Justin and the others catching up.

"Yo dude, what was that about?" X says, raising his brow.

As they're about to question further—


Another explosion occurs, all turning to the source: The entry to Gloria Falls ahead, purple smoke escaping it. A Conjure grunt blasts out of the entrance, landing next to the group.

"WHOA!" Everyone jumps, eyeing him down.

The grunt opens his eyes, gasping at Justin and Ada. "Ah SHIT, it's these kids again!" He hops up. "Gotta tell the others!"

"Ayo, wait just a mo—" the Conjure jolts towards the entrance with his beams, Justin lowering his hand. "Huh!?"

Everyone looks at each other: Perplexed.

"You saw what I saw, right!?" X says.

"Yes: What's a Team Conjure member doing here!?" Ada exclaims, lowering her brows.

"I knew it. I knew there was a terrorist attack going on," Ace says, the group turning around and looking at him. "My hunch was right."

Merlin tilts his head. "Ace? What are you doing here?"

Tress and Jewel catch up with the man as he speaks, "Wondering what's going on between the explosion I've heard and you guys going after this Blaziken." He points to Sylock, who looks away afterwards.

"Yeah, uh, homie here did some wild shit."

Ace eyes Justin, his hands by his hips. "Such as?"

Another explosion erupts from the fall, the group yelping.

Roan grits his teeth. "Looks like that answer may have to wait, Ace sir!"

Ace frowns. "So it seems."

"Y'all think we should check it out?" Justin asks.

Ace nods. "That's the right way of approaching this. Plus…" Pink auras spark around his hands. "My friends are in there."

Before the group moves forward, Mesmeren and Delia appear in front of them, Mesmeren panting like crazy. They all look at each other with confusion.

"Mom? What are you doing here?"

Delia points to Mesmeren. "Going after her since she wanted to go find Ramon."

Mesmeren looks down. "A-And I have yet to see him!"

Rumbles ripple from Gloria Falls, everyone yelping back.

"Oh my goodness, what's happening in there!?" Delia asks.

Coleo nudges his dagger's hilt. "I don't know, but it hav' somethin' to do with them Conjure fellas."

"Conjure…the same group that ruined our village?"

"Yes." Ada lowers her brows. "And it's why we need to go in there, asap!"

The Drowzee brings her hand out. "But wait, what about Ramon?" Whimpering, she holds her hands together. "H-He's been gone for a while now. I'm—" squeezes. "I-I'm worried about him."

Justin and Ada look at each other for a brief moment, nodding. "We'll find him, fam. Trust us."

Ada points at the Falls' entry. "Let's start with Gloria Falls since there's a lot happening there."

Merlin nods. "Sounds like a solid idea. Let's go."

Mesmeren eyes everyone for a moment before nodding. "O-Okay…"

As the group heads toward the entrance, Justin and Ada stand beside Courtney and Sylock.

"We almost forgot to give these back," Justin says, her and Ada handing the two their swords.

The Intellicates accept them, nodding. "Thanks." Courtney lays a hand on Sylock's shoulder, sighing as the two stop. "And Sylock…"

Sylock eyes the Lopunny, somberness creeps in. He opens his mouth only to stop halfway, gritting his teeth. He looks away. Don't even bother. I'm a disgrace.

Courtney hugs him. "You're an important friend to me." She pulls back, staring into the chicken's eyes. "Never forget that, alright?"

Sylock blinks, eyeing the rabbit. "..." He slowly nods, leading Courtney to give off a calm yet dreary smile.

Courtney cocks her head. "Let's go catch up with the others now."

With that, the two follow everyone into Gloria Falls, Sylock glaring ahead.

But why…?

. . .

The ceiling shakes, rumbling throughout the top of the cavern. Kellie looks up, blinking.

"What's going on up there?" they say.

Nomar gasps. Your cue, Ramon!

Ramon nods, frowning. Right. He steps towards Kellie. "I'll look after the Spell while you check out the noise above!"

Kellie looks at the ape and nods. "Gotcha." They tap the ape's shoulder, smirking. "Plus I'll need that short break afterwards, anyways. Thanks for the suggestion!" Their smirk then fades, the person rushing off into the darkness.

Ramon gazes at the pedestal: The Revival Spell sitting idly, intriguing the eye of the beholder. He shakes, gulping and sweating, his heart racing like crazy.

"Is…Is this really happening?" Ramon says, his tail wagging. Am I really—

Yes, you will! You'll be reunited with me, Ramon!
Nomar yaps, excitement rushing through his tone. Now's your chance!

Ramon nods, his Illusion fading. The Zoroark walks towards the spellbook, opening it. He blinks for a moment. "...Okay, how do I—" he groans, caressing his head.

Wh-What's wrong!?

The fox shakes his head. "Sorry. Probably feeling light-headed from having to keep the illusion up: I'm okay now, haha." He frowns. "Anyways, I was going to ask: How do I revive you?"

Just say my name and then repeat the phrase 'Revival Spell' over and over, Nomar explains. I think those words should be in the book itself!

Ramon eyes the book, the words 'Revival Spell' spreading throughout. "Alright. Sounds simple enough."

Now hurry before we'll never get this opportunity again!

"Right." Ramon takes a deep breath, closing his eyes: Smiling. "I can't wait to see you in person, Nomar."


Ramon opens his eyes quickly, flinching. He…he thinks he heard Nomar say that in a tone he's unfamiliar with, one that unsettles him. But he shakes his head, paying no mind to that now! He clears his throat.

"Nomar." Nods. "Revival Spell Revival Spell Revival Spell Revival—" he keeps going and going until—


His body glows brightly along with the book. He stares off to the side.

Something…doesn't feel right.

The glowing intensifies.

The lies I've told. The lengths I've gone to reach this point.

Glows brighter.

I should be happy about meeting someone who's my relative. Someone that I cherished. Someone that I loved.

Glows even brighter.

Someone…who thinks the same way about me, too.

The glow radiates further.

So then…

Ramon and the book stop glowing, everything fading into silence.

Why am I having a horrible feeling about this?

A white, glowing orb springs out of the Zoroark, landing beside him. He looks: The orb shifting into a shape similar to his'. Once the light fades, a Shiny Zoroark lies in its place, blue hair and all. The fox opens his eyes, smiling.

"Ramon…" Is all he says.


The blue Zoroark hugs the red one: Sighing, caressing his hair. "Thank you."

Ramon smiles shyly. "Y-You're welcome!" He hugs back. "So…what no—"


"AGH!" Ramon coughs, blood oozing out of his maw.

Nomar's right claw seeps deep inside of him, his other hand pushing the fox forward. He whispers:

"Thank you for freeing me, my descendent."


Well then, bet y'all didn't expect that plot twist, huh? Or perhaps you did! To those that did: Congrats! I hope all the hints I've been sprinkling about Nomar here and there was worth it for ya, and to those that didn't expect the twist, I hope you like it regardless!

Stay tune for next Friday, folks! Because from here onwards: The story will shift into a direction I am both nervous yet excited for at the same time! Also Chapter 56 will showcase Nomar and all of his betrayal glory! Cya by then~
Chapter 56.

Sonic Ramon

Junior Trainer
Chapter 56: Dne the Magic Reign.
Revival Falls Arc.

Henry squints, clenching the Thundurus as tightly as possible. Zethor keeps flying ahead, his menacing speed persisting as he glares. Penelope gasps, touching her chest. Henry stares at her.

"What is it?"

"My…Kind Sensory." Penelope looks back. "It's starting to fade away on him."

The teen gnashes his teeth. Dammit. Are we too late? Henry taps Zethor's shoulder. "Fly faster."

The Therian nods before zooming forward, the three further clinging onto him. He soars across the wide land of Wizlore, heading towards the northeast.

. . .


The fox's face hits the ground first, coughing out black blood one after another. They form around him like a pool within seconds, Ramon covering his wound. His eyes widen, his teeth clenching: Stroking the ground in agony.

All the Zoroark can think of is one simple word: "Why?"

Nomar gets on his knees, poking the fox's nose. "Oh calm down, will you? I didn't stab you THAT badly." He looks at his bloody paw, his claw dripping black liquid. "Okay maybe I did a little." Snickers. "Regardless, I'm freed thanks to you. Meaning I don't need you anymore."

The fox sniffs the air, sighing before smiling. "Been waiting for ages since my soul drifted from body to body, hoping to spring back to life." The blue fox blinks, tapping his chin. "For the third time, anyways."

"Ach…Wh-What?" Ramon questions before coughing up more blood.

Nomar blinks once again before bursting in laughter: Falling on his back, covering his stomach. "Oh my GOD!" He flails his legs like a spoiled brat, snorting. Ramon shakes, staring while sitting in his own demise. "You don't know anything about me, do you?"

"What do you…" Ramon whimpers, squeezing his wound.

"My true self, dumbo. Duh." Nomar sits up as the ceiling above shakes, crossing his legs. He leans his claws against each other. "I'll explain it to you simply: My first time being alive was against a rebel group led by my wife. She betrayed me because I was 'too power-hungry for Magic'." Snarls. "That stupid BITCH." He hits the ground. "Hope her soul is being tossed around by Giratina's tendrils."


Nomar waves his hand up and down. "Anywho, that's also my first time becoming a deity from all that magnificent magic before being defeated by those rebels."

'Deity'...? Ramon pants, looking off to the side.

"My second time being alive was when humans abused their Magic to bring me back to life." He smirks. "I've gained some pretty nifty followers appreciating my fantastic powers!" Red auras shine around his right hand. "...Although, I did have some genuine creepsters as my followers." Stroking his head, the Zoroark looks down. "I do NOT want to remember Hank the Great. Awful follower. 0/10. Wouldn't recommend to parties at all." He squints. "Fucking weirdo was looking at my ass too, what the hell."

I…I don't get this guy. Ramon grunts.

Nomar blinks. "What was I saying?" His fingers snap. "Oh right: I was then defeated AGAIN by two humans, Pauline Phoenix and Vincent Silver. And now, after many or so years of soul traveling: Here we are." Smirks. "'Third time's the charm' really is a true saying, after all!" He slaps his knee. "HA!"

"Wait, did you mention Pauline and Vincent…?"

Nomar blinks while shaking his head. "No, I was talking about Vauline and Pincent." Smacks his head. "Of COURSE I mentioned those two, dumbass!"

The red fox stares at his blood, eyes widening. "So…that means—"

"Yes: I'm Dne the Magic Reign!" Nomar claps his hands. "Thank you for coming to that conclusion. I was worried you wouldn't get it, but atlas—" he pokes Ramon's head, the fox groaning. "Maybe you have some brain power, after all."


Nomar eyes himself, sighing. "Unfortunately though, I'm not in my powerful form: My true deity self, in other words." He snaps his fingers, his body morphing in place.

Ramon watches, trembling. Nomar soon takes on an appearance of…some kind of bizarre amalgamation of multiple things: The large fluffy tail of a Zorua, the long blue hair of a Zoroark, the blue claws on his fingers, and overall having a dark skin tone to their humanoid look. They retain their green eyes, blue spots appearing on the side of their lips, their mane flourishing their chest.

Ramon looks at them: Shock beyond belief. "H-Huh!?"

"What? Too tacky for ya?" Nomar laughs, their tone low. "Probably just jealous of my totally flawless and handsome looks!"

The Zoroark cringes. I can't with him…

The hybrid clears their throat, their hair lacking the orb at the end, letting it flow. "But yes, this is how I look in my deity form." Their body morph again, reverting to their Zoroark self. "In case you're wondering: No, that's not me using Illusion. Otherwise, I would've had a headache from casting so many details there."

"Wh-What?" Ramon blinks. "So then…how did you—" he winces, stroking the ground. "C-Change your appearance?"

The Shiny Zoroark smirks. "That's for you to find out in the future, hehe." Nomar sticks his tongue out. Before Ramon can utter something else, Nomar cuts him off, "By the way, Dne does, in fact, go by they/them pronouns. Generally speaking, anyway." He waves his hand around. "Most historians get my pronouns right, but…" He pouts, folding his arms as rumbles happen around the cavern. It soon stops. "There are some who misgendered me for no reason at all! I was even given a 'helicopter' gender at one point. Legit, huh?"

Ramon blinks. "Oh…"

"Yeah: The nerve of some people, right?"

"I see…" Half of Ramon's face is painted in blood, the fox wincing.

Nomar snaps his fingers. "Oh! I almost forgot about this one fact you're definitely thinking about right now." Pointing, the blue fox sighs. "I ain't your brother: I'm your long distant ancestor, as I've implied."

"U-Ugh…" Ramon coughs out more blood and gnashes his teeth, Nomar being unphased by the pool forming around him. "S-So everything you told me…About how we met, your death—It was all a lie?"

Nomar looks up, claws to chin. "The answer's yes and no." He waves his hands around. "It's true that you used to be a wild Defect and was taken away by a group of scientists in the forest, which I believe was Avalon Woods. Wait, was it 'Forest'?" His eyes roll. "Don't care, didn't ask."

Even though you just di—

"It's also true that we're relatives, along with you being separated from your parents." Nomar taps his head, standing. "It's how those events unfold that the lies kick in." Claws lay on top of the Revival Spell, Nomar grinning. "You see, those anonymous groups of scientists—" he grabs the spellbook.

"Were really the Prospective Institute scientists saving you from Pokémon Hunters all along!" Nomar shakes his free hand.

"What!?" Ramon winces.

"That's not all!" He eyes Ramon. "Wanna know who was there with them?" He leans down, showing his toothy grin. "Dr. Xander Yvonne."

Ramon's eyes warp into pure disbelief, widening. "Y…Yvonne!?"

"Yep." Nomar taps the book. "There's also that Travis fella being there too, but he's irrelevant to our sweet saga." He shrugs. "Figure you should know, though. Heh."

Ramon trembles. "Is…Is all of this true?" His hands quake, his legs nimble. "How am I, ngh, not sure that you're lying about this, too?"

"Hmm, I got a better question for ya: How did I get revived not too long ago?" Ramon goes silent from such a question, leading Nomar to chuckle. "There's your answer to it being true. I appreciate your questioning, though." Grins. "Just tells me that you're learning."

"Ugh…" Ramon pants, coughing up his blood.

Nomar clears his throat. "But yes, I'd twist those events to fit my own narrative: Using whatever bit of my deity powers left to fit the cause of how we first met, how I 'died', and so forth."

Tears stream down the red fox's face, whimpering. "So…the times we've spent together. The times we've loved each other…" His teeth gnashes. "W-Was it all for nothing? Did…any of it meant anything to you?"

Nomar gazes off to the side. "...Some of those times did mean something to me." His eyes close, the fox chuckling. "I did get close to you, a little. Like how I was questioning whether or not the things I do were for the best." Sighs. "Despite the made-up brother persona, those really were the times I was being genuine."

He shakes his head. "In the end though, it hardly matters: I used you, finally being brought back to life again." Nomar dangles the spellbook above Ramon. "Once again, thank you for helping me after all these times."

"You…" Ramon strokes the blood-soaked ground, gnawing his teeth.

"'You' what? Wanna finish that sentence? Or is that piss baby wound stopping you?" He laughs. "Arceus, you're pathetic. Yes, I'm insulting both you and the creator themself."


Nomar then looks to the side, snarling. "Anyways, I'll admit: I didn't like how reckless Xenia and Lycus were at charging up the Bitter Glory."

Ramon's ears flicker. "H-Huh!?"

Nomar rolls his eyes. "You being killed by those Defects would've made this revival plan fail hard." He forms a fist. "So thank fuck you used your Rune at the last minute." The fox shakes his head. "I'll be sure to file my complaints about them soon."

"W-Wait, is—" Ramon pants. "Is Lycus in on this?"

"Yep. In fact—" the Shiny Zoroark spreads his arms. "The entirety of Team Conjure is involved in 'Operation Revive Dne', as the plan was called!" He giggles. "Good to know I still have followers even after all these years."

"I…" The fox trembles. "H-How long has this…plan been active?"

Nomar pokes his snout. "Hmm…For some time now, I wanna say." He folds his arms, tilting his head. "Been a pretty long plan though, so my memory's kinda fuzzy there."

That's…not helpful in the slightest.

The Zoroark shrugs. "Who cares? The plan is a success, anyways."

"..." Ramon stares off. "...Why?"

Nomar quirks his brow. "Hmm?"

"Why are you doing this?"

"What kind of stupid ass…" Nomar shakes his head, throwing his arms up. "To return back to life, duh!"

Ramon whimpers. "Oh. R-Right…"

Nomar gazes at the spellbook, frowning. "Although, for a more…concrete answer: I want total control of everything in this world."


"Yes." The blue fox smirks at Ramon. "Just to prove to everyone in this shithole of a planet that I'm always in the right and can do no wrong." Chuckling, he closes his eyes. "People of all kinds, Pokémon and humans, doubted my capabilities." He frowns. "They're fools—absolute morons for believing such a thing."

He shoots his red projectiles into the ceiling. "How could anyone look at this—" some debrises fall, landing beside Ramon. "...and not think I should be the savior, you know?"

"I…I don't know." Ramon coughs. "N-Nor think that's…anything remotely good."

"Hmph. Figure someone I've betrayed wouldn't understand." Nomar stands up again. "You'll probably get it in duetime. Probably not." Stretches, his back turning against Ramon as more rumbles happen above. "Regardless, this world is mine."

"Ngh…" Ramon coughs again, black blood turning the cavern into a mess at this point. This guy is insane!

Nomar blinks before ducking, something jolting over him and slamming against the wall. He turns: Kellie groaning, sliding down.

"Oooo." The fox darts at the darkness, paws hovering over his snout. "You probably should've given me a head-start before kicking this individual's ass!"

"I see you're as insolent and blunt as your non-physical form," a stern feminine tone says, catching Ramon's attention. Walking out of the darkness is Carly and her two admins, the leader gazing at the Pokémon.

Nomar grins deviously, lifting his arms. "Hello hello, Carly Silver."

"I thought we'd address this before: Go by Mistress Silver."

"I thought we'd address this before: I will absolutely not."

Carly simply exhales, digging in her pocket. "Here." She takes out the Bitter Glory gem and tosses, Nomar catching it with no problems. He then hands her the Revival Spell, to which she slips inside of her coat. She closes her eyes, hands in pockets. "I've been looking forward to this ever since I obtained the Teleportation Spell from Synchronic."

"Synchronic?" Ramon winces. "What…is she talking about?"

Nomar's hand glows red, gripping the purple gem. "Don't you know? Synchronic Village is the first time I communicated with Miss Carly, guiding her on obtaining the other Spells while inching our way towards my revival."

Carly nudges her temples. "Some correction: I already know the eight Spells' location." She points at the Shiny Zoroark. "I just needed him alive so that finding the rest will be a very easy task, thanks to having a powerful deity by our side." She caresses her chin. "Although, obtaining the Spells is the only way to give him his deity status. That's our goal here."

Nomar squints. "Way to steal my thunder, Carlos."

"I beg your pardon?"

R and Raiden snort, the Team Conjure Leader shaking her head.

Ramon grunts. "You…know about the Spells' location?" His eyes half close. "How?"

Carly stares at Ramon, deadpanned. "I'm not telling you."


"Oh come on! Humor the fella with your info," Nomar teases.

Carly shakes her head. "Negative. Even if he's dying, I'm not risking such information being revealed because of them." She points at the injured Kellie over yonder.

Nomar looks. "Ah. Fair enough." He clasps his hands. "Oh and by the way, that's the same day I got connected with you, Ramon! Problem though: You were knocked unconscious before I even communicated with ya." The blue fox takes a deep breath, the gem shooting directly inside of his arm. He exhales, the Bitter Glory forming on his chest above his mane. "Ah, welcome home, my little buddy. I named it 'BG'!" He waves his hand. "Very creative, I know."

R eyes the gem in awe, gasping. "Oh my GOODNESS!" She clasps her hands together, resting on them. "The Bitter Glory looks amazing on you!"

Nomar smirks, bowing. "Why thank you, kind one." He taps his purple gem, pulsating. "Some of my followers during the Shitline and Fartcent era liked how I looked, too." The Zoroark poses, his chin's up as his eyes close, puffing out his chest. "Pretty magnificent, right?"

"Indeed!" R twirls her long, green hair. "It has a rich, regal feel to it, you know?" The light skin girl gazes at the gem, having sparkles for eyes. "The exquisite brightness, the adoring coloration—" her head shakes, the girl squealing. "Aaaah, your BG is just a marvel to look at!"

Raiden adjusts her shades, shaking her head while smiling. "You really like the look of the Bitter Glory, huh?"

R gasps. "Oh!" She snorts. "My apologies. Gotta compose myself and all." She points at Carly. "Be serious like her, pretty much. Hehe."

"Nah, don't be serious like her." Nomar folds his arms, pouting. "She's unfun."

Carly simply blinks. "This banter is taking us nowhere." Another rumble forms above, debrises falling. "We should focus on our task at escaping."

The Shiny Zoroark rolls his eyes. "See what I mean? Snoozefest girl." Yawning, he taps his maw. "Reminds me of Vincent Silver and how much of a boring, serious slog he was. Must run in the family, I se—"

Carly's finger jets towards Nomar's face, pointing while shrouding in blue auras. "Don't compare me to that failure of a human being." She glares directly into the fox's eyes.

R and Raiden lift their hands, gasping. "Whoa whoa, let's not get hasty here!" R says, her hands to her chest.

Nomar stares back, unphased. He grins. "Touched a nerve, haven't I?" Snorts. "Besides, that's pretty bold of you to do that to a god."

"And I can easily destroy your Spells right now, you insufferable di—" Carly blinks, lowering her finger before clearing her throat, adjusting her collar. "My apologies. That wasn't professional of me." Glances. "Do understand that if it weren't for me and my team, you wouldn't be standing here right now." She points at the gem. "Along with having that in your possession."

"Tch. Fair enough." Nomar rolls his eyes, caressing his gem. "I wouldn't be able to use my Rune without increasing my hunger, otherwise."

Without increasing his…hunger? Ramon thinks, grunting. A-And this Carly person is related to Vincent!? Whimpers. What's going on here…?

He eyes the three teens, getting a better look at them: R with her green ponytail hair wrapped by a blue wristband, Raiden with her blue long hair that has curly yellow hair at the top, and then Carly with her long, blue and red hair. The three have their usual dark purple outfits, with Raiden dawning a lab trench coat over her black shirt while R has purple cargo pants matching with her heels.

Carly rubs her temples, sighing as her shades tilt. "Alright. We've wasted enough time." She takes out her syringe. "Let's take care of the Zoroark and then lea—" she eyes the empty syringe, blinking. "...Right. I've used the Weakener on that Spell Guardian instead."

"Nice one, genius." Nomar snorts. Carly just simply sighs.

"H-Hey…" Everyone eyes the bleeding fox. "How…" He grits his teeth, blood coughing through his sharp teeth. "H-How do you know about this? About myself, the Synchronic and Prospective incidents—everything…"

Nomar shrugs. "I simply wander my soul from one newborn of your bloodline to the next. It's thanks to the small bits of magic within me that allows me to do this, hoping to enact my plans at some point in time." He continues, "To be honest, I thought you would be another descendent I'll have to abandon due to being a Defect. I've…been awfully unlucky with meeting one Defect after another. To say it was annoying finding the RIGHT descendent to manipulate is an understatement. Almost as if Arceus themself is playing a sick joke on me."

The blue Zoroark sighs. "But yeah, I was going to wait for your death or another newborn from your bloodline so that I can move onto them." Smirks. "Until Yvonne found you and turned you into a Transvian, allowing you to gain the intelligence of any Intellicates and Transvians out there." Ramon's eyes widen to the word 'Transvian' as Nomar leans down, poking him. "I'd thank Yvonne too for creating that project, if he was alive haha."

"Wh-What?" Ramon trembles. "So…I'm the Transvian who survived the incident all along?"

Nomar blinks. "You really are a slow one, huh? Of course you are! Transvians are capable of Magic & Transvolution, right?" The fox shakes his head. "I take back what I've said: You really don't have any brain power left in ya."


The ceiling quakes, some stalagmites falling down beside the group. Raiden caresses her chin. "Seems the distraction plan was a success."

Carly nods. "Affirmative."

Ramon trembles, tears streaming down his cheeks. Memories flood in of the time he's spent with Nomar: From relaxing on a large boulder with their heads together, to the blue Zorua resting on his lap gazing at the sunny sky, and then—the hug the blue Zoroark gives him during the red sky. All of those memories? Shattered, breaking into a million pieces.


He screeches, blood gushing out of his maw. His arms morph: Alternating between his normal Zoroark ones to black substances similar to his blood. He gazes at his arms, dread spiraling.

"Wh-What's going on with me—AAAH!" He claws the ground, the red tips darkening.

R gasps, stepping back. "Oh dear: He's becoming an Unmon, Carly!"

"GAH!" Ramon bites his maw, blood seeping down his cheek.

Raiden snaps her fingers. "That perfectly reminds me." She turns to Carly. "Should we use him as a part of our Unmon armies?"

Carly stares at the struggling mess of a fox, glancing at his wound. "I suppose. Dne wouldn't mind it, would they?" She eyes Nomar.

Nomar looks at his claws. "...Oh you were talking to me." He nods. "Yeah, sure. It'll be a decent start to conquering this world."

"Good." Carly stares at her syringe. "I may have messed up a little by injecting the wrong target, but at least Ramon's wound is doing a good job executing Unmonization." She puts it back.

"You're welcome, by the way!" Nomar sticks his tongue out before snorting.

Raiden caresses her chin. This Dne individual is certainly fascinating. She takes out a notepad and pencil from her trench coat, instantly jotting something down. Gonna tab this in my 'Understanding Dne' log!

"I'll carry him with my Enforcer Reign." Nomar casually walks close to the dysfunctional Zoroark, his eyes turning pure black on the right and pure white on the left. Gray auras form around Ramon before Nomar lifts his hand, the red fox ascending.

R lifts a finger. "Um, Mx. Dne: Are you sure it's a good idea to stand beside him while he's undergoing Unmonization?"

"Pfft." Nomar snorts. "I'm built different: I'll be fine." He waves his hand. "Also no need to call me Dne yet. I'm not at my fullest potential." The four walk towards the exit with the hostaged Ramon, black liquid forming around him like an orb as he screams, tears shedding.

"But it's necessary out of respect!" Raiden insists.

"Eh. Whatever you say, I guess."

Soon a red shield blocks their path. The group turns around: Kellie holding their hand up while drenching in paleness.

"I—ngh, won't let you leave with the Spell!"

The Conjure Leader blinks, her hands behind her back. "Persistent, even after the injection." She eyes Raiden, nodding. Raiden nods back, blue energy coating her hands before she flings two orbs towards the individual. Her Wizardry Blast explodes on impact, black clouds casting around the cavern.

Kellie uses their Mystical Shield in time, grunting and panting heavily. They even cough out purple blood from the intense contact. Once the smoke disappears, the five are gone along with the red shield blocking them. Kellie groans, unraveling their hand: Displaying a hologram above.

"Hello, this is Spell Guardian Kellie Lorey. We need backup at Gloria Falls. Now."


Hope you all enjoyed this latest chapter and all of its lore revealing galore from this fic's ongoing main villain, Nomar aka Dne the Magic Reign!

I have zero clue on how you all feel about them, but hopefully I achieved my goal at making them as hammy and punchable as possible. So if you like Dne, that's awesome! If you dislike Dne, that's also fine, too! Ultimately, I WANT people to loathe them considering they even have issues getting along with even those that risked their lives and severe chances of reviving this fella: Team Conjure!

With that said, see you guys next Friday for Chapter 57. As implied in 56, the series will take such a bizarre yet intriguing turn from here on, and I'm soooooo looking forward to it all.
Chapter 57.

Sonic Ramon

Junior Trainer
Chapter 57: Showdown at Gloria Falls Part 1!

Revival Falls Arc.

Everyone enters Gloria Falls, stopping in front of several bombs colliding into buildings ahead: Exploding, causing them to collapse.

"Holy shit!" Justin and Delia exclaim.

The trees tumble, the border cripples—there's even a guard screaming from the sky above, ramming into another building by a Conjure grunt. Flames ignite out of the building, the rooftop sliding off and landing in front of the group. The 13 yelp: Mesmeren's body jittering, X's teeth clenching, Coleo's eyes widening—everyone's in complete distraught!

Merlin blinks, eyeing a blue river plowing two more buildings to the side afar. He shivers at the destruction Gloria Falls is in, stroking his staff. "G-Goodness…The mess here."

Justin, Ada, Delia, and X fixate on the burning roof, trembling. Delia tugs her bow. "These…flames."

"The explosions, too…" Ada shakes her head. "W-We need to get a move on. I…I don't want to keep thinking about what happened at Synchronic. Not now."

Justin and X nod. "Right," they say.

"Lookie here, y'all: We got some unfortunate newcomers showing up!" one Conjure says, catching the group's attention to their left. Multiple Conjures dash after them, preparing their Magic moves, the main grunt's body glowing yellow. "Let's give em' HELL!"

Everyone gets in a stance: Justin casting his blades, Ada summoning her claws, Merlin twirling his staff, Ace brightening his hands, and the rest readying themselves. Coleo tugs his hilt, squinting.

"Here they come!" Delia exclaims, gripping her bow as Mesmeren sticks close to her.

The main grunt unleashes her enchanting energy, blasting the broken rooftop forward. The gang jumps to the side, the structural piece breaking into many pieces.

"EEK!" Mesmeren yelps, falling on her back.

Soon, the gang ushers on the grunts: X's eyes turning pure black with orange irises, forming black tentacles on his back. Ada launches forward and claws the main Conjure to the ground, Justin and Merlin shoving the other two before firing their beams at the rest. Coleo leaps off from Ada, slashing one grunt's eye with his dagger.

"ARGH!" the Conjure exclaims, covering their eyes.

Coleo gasps. "Ah blimey, I didn't thin' this throu'!" He screams, hurling forward. Roan dashes in front of him and headbutts one Conjure away, Coleo landing directly on his head. He sighs. "Thanks for savin' me."

Roan casts his blue claws. "No problem!" He Dragon Claws the incoming grunt afterwards.

X smacks several Conjures away with his Dark Tendrils, lifting one of them and jolting them close. He punches: Jabbing with his absolute might, the grunt gagging. "You Conjure—" he flings the Conjure behind him. "PRICKS!" Four Conjures try to get up before being slammed by the other, spiraling all over the ground. The Buizel then shrouds his arms in dark energy, jumping forward and ramming a few more Conjures.

Sylock and Courtney duck from two Conjures' blades before kicking them, Delia smacking the third goon behind the two. Jewel screeches at several grunts, slamming them against a nearby crumbled wall. Mesmeren Psybeams one grunt away, a shadow looming behind her.

The Drowzee turns around, lips wavering at the Conjure's knife. "AH!" She quickly shoves him away with Confusion, the grunt flailing across the ground. She sighs, her eyes closing. "Phew…That was close."

Tress runs past the Drowzee, charging his moon sphere around his ribbons. He flings Moonblast at one grunt, blasting him into the air. Jewel notices this and jumps, getting behind the grunt before screeching him down.

"GAAH!" the grunt screams, flailing.

Tress smirks, snickering behind his ribbon. "Doing that old trick again, Jewel?"

Roan jumps on top of the grunt's head before leaping off, Jewel shrugging. "What can I say?" The Conjure crashes into two more goons. "It's one of my favorite techniques to use in double battles at the gym!" The Audino lands swiftly, his Audinite jiggling.

"Heh, can't blame you!" Tress eyes Ace: His trainer firing his waves one after another, tripping a Conjure besides him. "Leave it to our Master on coming up with the best strategy, hehe."

Roan remains airborne, eyeing five Conjures ahead. He Dragon Claws one grunt's head, causing him to yelp as the Axew flips forward. Coleo clings on tightly, rinsing his mouth before spitting out white globs. The Conjures are hit, trapped within the Sticky Web.

"ACK!" they exclaim, attempting to escape the web. Ace eyes this, casting a huge, horizontal Wiz Wave. The grunts look at him, eyes widening.

"Oh what the he—"

The heterochromia man swings them out of the web, crashing them into the same wall earlier. Jewel and Tress gasp, clapping their hands—or ribbons, at the display.

"GO, MASTER!" Tress exclaims, his ribbons hovering over his maw, his tail wagging.

"That's an amazing comeback, Master Ace!" Jewel follows, holding his hands together while smiling.

"Hey! He wouldn't done tha' without our help!" Coleo yells, Roan being on the ground by this point, his claws clenching it.

Ace snorts, eyeing the four. "Thank you, everyone. I appreciate the help, regardless."

Merlin casts a purple beam from his staff and shoots one grunt, eyeing several more heading towards the group. "We got a couple more coming up!" he exclaims, twirling his staff.

Justin trips three grunts, Delia spawning three blue arrows before shooting them away. The woman pouts, "Darn: Didn't think we'd get more."

Courtney eyes her, ducking a Conjure's green-aura fist. "Maaan, it's so cool that you can craft magic weapons!" The rabbit pushes the guy before swinging her sword, a magical wave shoving him against other grunts. "Once again, thank you for upgrading our swords with your crafting skills!"

Delia smiles, her back against Justin's as she summons a magical arrow. "How else am I supposed to defend myself in a world filled with magic?" She winks. "Besides, I was lucky to have some extra magic blood left after the incident." She then hits an incoming grunt with the arrow, crashing them into a nearby building. "Also you're welcome!"

The group keeps going: The Flamethrowers from Sylock, the Psybeams from Mesmeren, the jabs and kicks from Ada—It's a full on brawl! X leaps over one Conjure before his tentacles slam the other towards the ground, cracks forming. He groans.

"Ugh, it's like these assholes keep on coming!" X Quick Attacks into another Conjure's stomach, pushing them away before Merlin slams them with his large beam.

"Tch, I understand you!" Merlin pants, glaring at a couple more goons ahead. "We're getting nowhere if this keeps going!"

Justin clashes his blades against a Conjure's red spear, frowning. "Yeah, man!" He shoves the grunt before roundhouse kicking her.

Ada slides beside the boy: Panting, her claws active. "There's got to be a way for us to move forward."

"Yeah, but how?" Justin's left blade momentarily disappears before he fires Mystical Projectile, blasting away one goon.

X looks at his six tentacles, snapping a paw. "Oh my god: I HAVE AN IDEA!"

Justin and Ada let their moves fade before punching two Conjures, glaring slightly at the weasel. "Well spit it out already!" the two say, tripping two more grunts.

X clasps his paws. "Bet!" His Dark Tendrils scatter about: Snatching any nearby Conjures around the group. One Conjure is about to claw Mesmeren until they're taken away by the tentacles, the tapir blinking.


Coleo blinks as well. "What the…"

X wraps around many Conjures, coughing out purple blood. "Tch." The Conjures groan and shout, attempting to escape. The weasel then lifts them, his tentacles moving back. "Annnnnnnnnnnnd—" he flings them forward. "SCREW OFF!"

"AAAH!" the Conjures scream, flying towards decayed rubbles.

The Buizel smirks, his eyes closing, his tentacles dusting themselves. Everyone blinks in astonishment, their heads shaking.

They all slowly gaze at X and say, "What."

X retracts his Rune. "What? I thought it'd be a good idea to do that since there were so many of them. My Dark Tendrils were big enough to do it, anyways."

Ada tilts her head. "Makes sense, but why couldn't you just do that from the—" she shakes her head. "Never mind, we got to go before more of them show up. Thanks, X."

The group then moves forward, reaching around the corner passing the destroyed medic tent. They eventually reach the large waterfall, Ace looking around, his eyes furrow: A couple more Conjures are fighting off some guards, defeating most of them. Everyone gazes with concern.

Ace grits his teeth. "This isn't good." A Barbaracle guard pants and runs, bumping into him. The man gasps.

"Oof!" The guard stumbles on her back.

The man looks down, frowning. "Hey: Are Nered, Kellie, and everyone else okay?" The guard looks up, screaming while stroking her face. Ace raises his hands. "Whoa, calm down! What's wro—" the guard jolts off behind him, her screams persisting. "Hey, wait!"


"I wonder why she ran off."


Coleo scratches his head. "Argh, is it me or am I hearin' somethin'?"



Everyone eyes up: Many Conjures chugging several green bombs above. Horror warps the gang.

"OH CRAP!" X yells, everyone else screaming. Mesmeren hurls in place while Tress and Jewel hug each other, tears streaming down within seconds.

"Shoot shoot SHOOT!" Ace casts multiple pink waves, shooting them quickly. The bombs collide into them and—


A large explosion screeches towards the group. Ace throws up his shield, covering his vision. Justin, Ada, and Merlin immediately do the same, shrouding everyone as the explosion engulfs them.

. . .

Ace lowers his arms, black smoke surrounding the huge shield.

"Hah…Jeez." Ace pants. "That was…close."

The three teens pant as well, the Buizel clenching his teeth. "Yeah, no SHIT that was close, dude!"

"Aye, lad!" Coleo coughs, lowering his head. "At leas' we made it out alive!"

Soon the other three lower their arms, the Mystical Shield fading away. The smoke dies down, a large crater being within the group's view: Cracks everywhere, debrises left and right. They eye around the destruction, standing in the middle of it all. Even two decrepit buildings are leaning downwards, pieces of wood snapping off to break on the ground.

Everyone grimaces.

"Well barely, anyways," Justin says.

Delia elbows the boy. "Good thing you're born as a Sorcerous unlike your mother here, haha."

"Hey man, no need to knock yourself down, Mom: I saw you being awesome earlier, too." Justin smirks.

Mesmeren looks up and gasps, her hands to her lips as Delia waves her hand around. "Oh come on, my bow and arrows aren't that impressive!"

Courtney lifts a finger. "I beg to differ, Mrs. Phoenix! I really like what you did to yer bow, which applies to Sy and I's swords!" The Lopunny elbows the Blaziken. "Ain't that right, Sy?" The Blaziken glares at his red hand. "...Sylock?"

"U-Um, guys." Mesmeren's eyes tremble.

"Yeah?" Justin raises his brow.

"We're surrounded."

Everyone looks up: Many Conjures' hands are encased in auras, readying to fire Mystical Projectiles at any moment. Some grunts summon magical red dynamites or green bombs: Devious grins spreading throughout.

"You all have been giving us a hard time for awhile, but now: We got your ass!" one grunt states. Some of the members get close, leading the 13 to huddle each other. Everyone's teeth gnashes in distress.

"This looks worse than the explosion, somehow," Ace retorts.

A blue arrow casts above Delia's bow, the woman grabbing it. "No kidding."

"OHOHOHOHO!" a familiar voice laughs, Justin and Ada's face warping.

"Oh no: Him," the two say.

X looks at them. "Who?"

Jester floats down with his mystical river, cackling. "Why they're referring to me, you nimbwudit fool!"

Ace, Tress, Jewel, X, Roan, Delia, and Merlin stare at the man, deadpanned. "What."

Justin and Ada cast their moves, glaring. "Not a real word, dawg." He grips his blades' hilt. "I don't even think you know what you're talking about!"

"And yet you're smart enough to belittle my Pixie Flush before almost drowning to death." The man shoots up water from his river. "TWICE, by the way!"

"You're about to drown in these claws in a few seconds." Ada enlarges her claws, gritting her teeth.

Justin blinks, looking at his friend. "Aight, since when did we switch bodies?"

Merlin tilts his head. "You two know him?"

"Yes," Ada answers. "He's a part of Team Conjure, the same group that ruined our home."


"More specifically though…" The girl squints. "He's the embarrassment we met at Majestic City."

"Hey." Jester's face grows red.

"This man puts a dent on his team's threatening meter, for real for real." Justin also squints, he and Ada sweating out of shame.

Jester stomps. "HEY! I'M RIGHT HERE, COPPER TOMS!"

Merlin tilts his head. "I beg your pardon?"

"Hmph!" Jester fixes his shades, tugging his collar. "Justin, Ada—Whatever your feeble debacle names are, I am NOT a dent to this team's 'threatening meter', per say." Jester spawns an aquatic orb above before firing it at the first building ahead, further destroying it. "As you can see, I have the magnifcientuous of a liquefying aurasus." He twirls his finger, water dancing around them. "My Magic movesta is the pop culture of geniuses!" Bows. "Hence why Mistress has hired me as her connoisseurouseous commander."

Delia's hands are together, pressing her lips. "...Son." She turns to Justin. "Is he speaking a different language? Because I didn't understand any of that."

Justin rubs his forehead. "I literally studied the art of bullshit: Even I don't understand them."

Jester shoots his water at the boy, leading him to jump back in time. "Silence!" The man folds his arms, closing his eyes while looking away. "You're just jealous of my progress as a fantastic commander. All of you!" His hand gestures to the grunts. "Even my fellow Conjures agree with me here."

"Yeeeaaah…totally," one Conjure says, her tone dry. Jester gives her a sharp glare, the woman clapping her hands within seconds. "Oh yeah, totally! You absolutely slay them haters, Commander J! Hahaha!" Please don't kill me.

Jester smirks at the gang. "See? Told ya so!" He bursts into laughter.

Mesmeren's hand nudges her maw. "He's…s-something alright."

"Yeah: A wacko!" X exclaims.

Justin and Ada eye each other for a moment before gazing back at the man, both saying: "You'll get used to it."

Ace shakes his head. "Okay, enough of…this." He steps forward a little, glaring. "What are you terrorists doing here?"

Jester lifts a finger. "First off, it's rude to call us terrorists."

"You ARE," Justin, Ada, Merlin, X, and Delia say in unison.

"Tch." He lifts another finger. "And secondly: We're here to find the secrets of the Almighty Chocolate Bar." Jester stares, deadpanned.

X and Coleo lift their paw—and setae, up. "Wha—"


"Um. Commander."

Jester jolts to one of the grunts. "WHAT!?"

"...We're not supposed to tell the opposition our plans."

"..." Jester smacks his knee. "Drats! I've lost my marbles over something incredibly small again!" He clasps his hands, pressing them on his lips. "Mistress Silver is going to kill me over this…"

Jeez, what a literal manchild. And I'M a child! X thinks.

Justin lifts his blade. "Okay first off, what? Secondly, what do you mean by 'revive Dne'? And thirdly—" the boy cranks his head. "Huh?"

Jester waves his hand. "Nope, nope: Not gonna tell you any further than that!" He covers his lips. "I've already said enough."

Justin glares, gripping his blades. "Man, something ain't right here. Like at all."

Ada nods. "A Spell that's powerful enough to revive a deity?" She frowns. "Finding it pretty hard to believe."

"Same here." Merlin caresses his chin. "There's no way a Revival Spell can bring that powerful deity back to life, right?"

"That's where you're wrong, wizard head."

Everyone eyes around the source of the voice before looking at the Conjures by the large waterfall, four individuals bypassing them: Carly, Raiden, R, and Nomar. Floating beside the Shiny Zoroark is Ramon, black substances casting around him, his body shifting in and out of the orb.

The fox's arms crunch, his legs tremble—all while he's grinding his teeth in agony. He screams, the orb vibrating throughout the area. Everyone's eyes widen, mortified.

"Oh god." Mesmeren's hands press her maw, quaking.

"RAMON!" Justin and Ada yell, radiating with rage.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM, FAM!?" The boy glares, clenching his blades' hilts.

Nomar rolls his eyes. "Oh relax, ya crazy friendship lunatics." He points to Ramon. "He's going through Unmonization, that's all. He'll be fiiine." Grins.

"I…get the feeling that doesn't sound good." Merlin strokes his staff.

X looks at him. "That dude's looking like a spaghetti gone very wrong, man. What do you think?"

Merlin scratches the back of his head. "That's…one way to put it."

"Regardless—" Delia tugs her arrow, aiming at Nomar. "We'll save him."

The blue auras radiate Justin's blades. "Hell yeah, we will!"

Ada's claws flare in purple energies. "Agreed."

Nomar snorts. "How cute." He presses his claw on his snout. "You're willing to risk your life for someone who's lied to you on multiple occasions." Ramon pants, his wound ushering the black blood around him nonstop, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Like we'd believe you!" Justin takes a step forward.

"No way he'd lie to us!"

"Oh really?" The blue Zoroark gazes at the morphing fox. "The time he told you he's 'fine', the time he's been pretty secretive about going to Gloria Falls—" Nomar pokes Ramon's snout, leading the fox to wince. "He's done this just to revive little ol' me, Dne."

Justin and Ada eyes each other, concern sparkling throughout. They shake their heads.

"Nah, you're trynna toy with us!"

"Lie to us all you want: We're still saving him." Ada's claws increase their size.

"Heh, understandable." Nomar reveals his toothy grin. "I'm a Zoroark, after all."

Justin and Ada blink. "What…?"


"AAAAH!" One guard flies over Carly and the others, landing beside the main group. Mesmeren yelps, jumping back before staring at the man: Gasping, his limbs barely twitching. His eyes then close, red energy spiraling throughout him.

What happened to him!? Mesmeren thinks, covering her maw.

"My my, what's going on here?"

Sylock's eyes froze, the Blaziken's heart thumping. What…? Trembles. No. No no NO!

"Yeah, I'm seeing some big ass hole up ahead!"

X's irises quake, forming his fists. "That…voice."

Carly looks behind her a little: Xenia, Lycus, Arthur, and Sully walk towards her, gazing down the crater. Xenia eyes around, her tail swishing. "Ah, I see that we have visitors."

Merlin drops his staff, gazing at Arthur. "It…can't be."

Ace widens his eyes at the sight of his Roserade friend: Sully holding her unconscious, red energy circulating throughout. "NERED!" he yells, gnashing his teeth.

"U-Ugh…" Is all Nered can mutter out, Sully keeping a tight grip on her.

Carly digs in her coat's pocket. "They're uninvited visitors. But poses no threat after we obtain the Spell." She shows the four the black and white spellbook.

Lycus munches an apple, smirking. "Hellff yeah!"

Carly slips the spellbook back into her coat as Nomar poses, his hand to his chest. "And I've been revived as a result of tricking this dummy, hehe."

Xenia gasps. "You're the Dne the Magic Reign!?" Nomar nods, the Espeon smiling with ecstasy. Finally, my goal to become an Unmon is here!

Nomar then suddenly growls, pointing at Xenia and Lycus. "By the way, I have a bone to pick with you two. Why were you so damn reckless when it comes to charging the Bitter Glory!?"

Xenia and Lycus eye the fox in an awkward manner. "Uh, um. Sorry?" Lycus says.

"Sorry!? Imagine if Ramon died during a war at the lake! How would my plan to be revived work by then, hmm!?" Nomar folds his arms. "Honestly, you two should be ashamed of yourselves."

Xenia whimpers, bowing. "Again, our sincerest apologies, Lord Dne."

"Lord Dne…" Nomar smirks. "Haven't heard that title name in a long whi—"

"We're wasting time," Carly states.

R nods. "That's true, yeah. We got what we needed here, right?"

Nomar taps his chin. "Not exactly," he says.

"Oh?" R eyes him with intrigue.

Nomar points at the crater. "I can sense a few Transvians down there. Give me a moment to locate them."

R's hand presses her lips, her dark green eyes sparkling. "Ooo, how amusing!" She eyes the group below.

Raiden takes out her notepad, jotting. Dne can sense Transvians. Noted.

Merlin, X, and Sylock gaze at Arthur, Lycus, and Xenia: The teen falls to his knees while his eyes quake, his hand gripping his staff. The weasel snarls, his fists shaking with zero pauses. The Blaziken strokes his head, tears sliding down his cheeks.

Merlin's sorrow, X's rage, and Sylock's dread—it's all spiraling within.

"Brother…?" Merlin says, his voice wavering. Arthur looks away, gripping his lance.

The Floatzel eyes X, gripping the apple. "Hi—" he crushes it into pieces, juices spilling over his paw. "You're the literal last thing I wanted to see here."

"You…" X gnaws his teeth. No wonder his name sounded familiar!

Xenia smiles at Sylock, lowering her eyelids. "Hello, my playtoy." Her head tilts. "I wish you were the first thing I see here."

Sylock strokes his chest, sweating. No…

Lycus blinks in bewilderment, eyeing the Espeon. "Wait, 'playtoy'?"

"Ah, I didn't explain that part of my past to you, huh?" The feline stretches. "I'll tell you on our way back to base."

Raiden looks at her three teammates. "You guys know them?"

Arthur sighs. "Yes."

"Yep." Lycus snarls at X.

"Positive." Xenia giggles at Sylock.

Sylock ignites his fist while X coats himself in water, both staring hard at the two Pokémon above.

You bitch! Sylock jolts off.

You bastard! X dashes after.

The two leap around Jester, charging towards the two Pokémon. The man pouts. "What the!?"

"Sy!" Courtney exclaims.

"X!" Ada shouts, reaching her hand out.

The moment they get close, R jolts in front of them with her hands up. Their moves crash against her purple aura hands, the flames and water fading in seconds. Sylock and X look with perplexion, purple energy escalating throughout R's arms before blasting the two away.

"AAAH!" they scream, crashing in front of the main group.

"SYLOCK!" Courtney yells, ushering towards the Blaziken.

"X!" Justin shouts, everyone rushing towards the two's aids. Merlin remains in place, his gaze continuing at Arthur.

The boy tugs his robe. "Arthur, it's…it's been so long since I've heard of you. Since my family heard of you!" Merlin grits his teeth, closing his eyes. "Where have you been?"

"..." Arthur stares down.

"Why did you run away?" A tear slides down Merlin's cheek. "My family and I have been wondering for so long. We did everything we could to support you."

"..." Arthur's lance shakes.

Merlin strokes his chest. "I miss you, Arthur! We all do!" He strokes the staff, whimpering. "And not only that: Why join the terrorist group, Team Conjure? They ruined our home, brother! You…you have to know that, ri—"

"You wouldn't understand."


Arthur jabs the ground. "You wouldn't get why I'm doing this."

"Then tell me, Arthur! You know I always wanted to help you however much I can!"

Arthur grits his teeth, his blonde hair covering his mournfulness. "I'm sorry." He finally looks at Merlin. "This is the only way I could save life from persistent ugliness."

"What? What are you talking about!?"

"Tch…As I've stated—" he sighs. "You wouldn't understand."

Carly squints at Nered. "Dne, is she a Transvian?"

"I was in the middle of detecting the other two, but sure: Let's see real quick." Nomar takes one look at the Roserade. "Nope."

The leader eyes Sully. "Ditch the Roserade. She serves zero purpose."

Sully nods, tossing Nered towards the group. Both of her hands rest on her cane, glaring down at the group. Nered crashes in front of them, Ace and his two Pokémon rushing towards her, the man tapping her in anxiousness.

"Come on, Nered. Please don't die," he says, whimpering. He then presses his head against her chest, a 'thump' can be heard from it. He sighs. "Okay…She's still alive. Just…knocked out." He eyes the red auras around her. What did that woman do to you, Nered? He looks at the purple dress woman above, Sully tapping her cane with calmness.

Nomar eyes X and Mesmeren, the former getting up groaning while the latter shuddering. The Zoroark points. "Those two are Transvians."

Carly nods. "Let's capture them, then."

Raiden squints at Mesmeren. "Wait, isn't that the Transvian those two Conjures failed to capture?"

Mesmeren flinches. "H-Huh!?" I'm…what now!?

Lycus snarls at X. "And that's the freak who's born into this world as a Transvian…" Glares. "The brat has ruined my life since."

"Shut the hell up!" the Buizel yells, flaming aquatic auras spiraling throughout him.

Justin and others look at their two friends in perplexion, Courtney raising her brow. "But I thought Transvians went extinct a long time ago?"

Lycus folds his arms. "You thought wrong: Two Intellicates can birth a Transvian thanks to the small bit of magic blood within their system." He shrugs. "However, that's rare to happen."

"Wait, really?" Justin tilts his head.

"Wha' blimey ar' ye lads talkin' about?" Coleo caresses his head.

Dark tentacles cast out of X's back. "Regardless of what you're saying: You ain't catching neither of us. I'll make sure of that!" Flames surround his tentacles.

Carly stares down at the group, unphased. Persistence when faced with inevitability. Her hands behind her back. Tragic.


Everyone eyes the screaming Zoroark, black blood swirling around Ramon endlessly. Justin and Ada frown at Nomar.

"Put Ramon down right now!" Ada demands.

"Yeah, let him go!" Justin follows.

Nomar smirks. "Oh cry me a river: Your 'friend' was a useful pawn." He points up, lifting the red fox further in the air. "You should be thankful that I'm here to make things grander." Pointing down, Ramon slams towards the ground. The Zoroark yelps, coughing up black blood while locking in place.

"STOP!" Ada shouts, her and Justin's brows furrow while Mesmeren covers her mouth in horror, seeing the blood mixing with Ramon's continual tears.

Carly clears her throat, her eyes closing. "Alright." Snaps her fingers. "Grab the two Transvians, kill the others, and escape." She opens her eyes, glaring. "Understood?"

"YES, MISTRESS SILVER!" all of the Conjure grunts shout, shooting their Mystical Projectiles afterwards.

Delia widens her eyes. "MOVE, EVERYONE!"

The group wastes no time to dodge, the moves colliding on the ground they once were. Justin and Ada dash after Nomar and Carly while Sylock and X run towards Xenia and Lycus, Merlin rolling to the side. He strokes his staff before staring up Arthur: The two lock eye contact, Arthur preparing his wind while Merlin charges his beam.

Delia and Mesmeren pin their backs against each other while multiple Conjures surround them, the woman summoning three arrows on her bow. Just then, a few Gloria Falls guards come by with their moves and weapons prepared.

The woman sighs. "At least we have backup."

Mesmeren nods meekly, dark pink energies encasing her hands. "Y-Yeah…"

Ace sends out two of his other Pokémon before summoning multiple Wiz Waves: He, Roan, Coleo, and Courtney all eyeing up Jester's giant river as Raiden and R join him, readying their Magic moves.

The Gym Leader eyes the unconscious Roserade behind him, frowning. "Don't worry, Nered." He then focuses on his opponents. "I'll make sure you're safe."

Sully coats her cane in Crimson Curseous, red auras spreading throughout. "This will take a while."

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Chapter 58.

Sonic Ramon

Junior Trainer
Chapter 58: Showdown at Gloria Falls Part 2!

Revival Falls Arc.

Team Conjure rushes towards the group: The group rushes back. Everyone is in the crater now.

A Gliscor guard X-Scissors one Conjure before slapping the other with her tail, another guard aiding her with his spear. Ariel rams one Conjure with Aqua Tail, Tress Moonblasting the other behind the Azumarill.

"Thanks, Tress!" Ariel says, her arms glowing white before charging towards another Conjure.

"No problem!" Tress leaps beside Ace, twirling his ribbons before shooting Mystical Fire at more Conjures. Ace blasts multiple grunts with his Wiz Waves, touching his purple Mega Bracelet afterwards.

"Mega evolve!" he shouts, kneeing one grunt's face. Jewel helps Blackburn punch another grunt's belly, his left ear jiggling. Bright white energy emerges from Ace's bracelet and Jewel's Audinite, connecting into one another.

The Audino glows purple: His feelers are extending, his ears becoming more upright, his tail's fluffier, and a tuft of fur is formed at the center of his chest. Once the mega evolution ends, the Audino becomes much more cream colored than his usual pink one.

Jewel shines bright pink, Dazzling Gleaming many Conjures away. He then claps his hands, white auras emanating around his teammates. Ace nods. "Thanks."

A Galarian Slowking pushes five grunts away with Psychic, elbowing another one behind them. They're then hit by a Conjure's brown morning star, the spike blasting them off and sliding next to Delia. The woman eyes the many Conjures running after her, all casting their Mystical Projectiles.

Mesmeren blasts away one goon with Confusion before eyeing the horde. "Eeek!" She hides behind Delia, the woman closing her eyes and sighing.

"Focus." She spawns one more arrow onto her bow, smirking. Her arrows fire off, blowing the grunts away.

"Wh-Whoa…" Mesmeren looks at Delia with amazement. "Y-You, um, say that you crafted this bow, right?"

"Yep!" She twirls her bow. "I made it using the magic blood given to me through donations many months ago." She smacks one incoming grunt with her bow before kicking him. "Doing this allows me to think of those magical arrows whenever I need them."

Mesmeren gasps. "That's—" she smiles. "Genuinely amazing, Mrs. Phoenix!"

Delia giggles. "Thank you. I appreciate it, considering the hard work I've put into making it." The two then have their backs against each other: Delia firing another arrow at an incoming grunt while Mesmeren blasts the other with Psybeam.

. . .

Merlin and Arthur dash around the crater: Both shooting their Magic moves at each other. Merlin spins his staff around before firing Virtuous Beam, Arthur flings it to the side with Righteous Winds. The beam ram into the ground, smokes ushering from the spot.

"You don't have to do this!" Merlin leaps to the side, evading Arthur's projectile. "Just let me help you, please! Whatever it is you're going through, I can listen!" Arthur clenches his lance as Merlin continues, "Please tell me what's wro—"

"Everything!" Arthur jumps forward and slams his lance, Merlin dodging towards his left. "I've had enough of seeing nothing but filth everyday!"

"What…?" Merlin shakes his head. "What are you saying, brother!?"

"Hmph." Arthur glares at the teen. "I'm saying our home's end justifies the means." Purple winds radiate around his hands. "I'm sorry, but my decision to leave and join Team Conjure is necessary for this world's sake."


"I've made my choice." Arthur points his lance. "And if you decide to stand in the way of it, then I won't hesitate to eliminate you."

Merlin gazes down, his hat shadowing his red eyes. "...No."

"Hmm?" Arthur tilts his head.

Merlin glares. "I refuse to have this be the reason why you left us!" He twirls his staff. "Maybe knocking you out m-may bring you to your senses!"

"Tch. And to think I thought you were the sensible type." The dark skinned man brings his right arm back. "I suppose not."

Merlin jumps in the air, shooting a large beam at Arthur. The young man ducks under his attack, shoving Merlin down via his winds. Merlin yelps, spiraling all over the ground before stopping himself. From there, he rushes towards Arthur, firing his beams while Arthur flings them.

X ducks a single beam, looking behind him. "Dude! Watch where you're shooting!"


The Buizel rolls around the ground, groaning while rubbing his cheek. He eyes the Floatzel shaking his head, his arms folding. "And you watch where you take your eyes off of." Lycus blinks. "Okay, I could've sworn that sentence made sense in my head."

X growls, memories of Lycus leaving X and his mother behind circling throughout his head. "Hey asshole!" A flaming tentacle shoots towards Lycus. "Why did you leave Solemnia!?" A flaming water jolts afterwards. "WITHOUT TELLING US!?"

Lycus looks at the Buizel, jumping from the two moves unamused. "I don't have to tell you shit." His hand touches his katana's hilt. "I'm your father." He lands, his other fist encasing in icy energy.

"Like you give a crap!" X rushes towards the Floatzel, white auras shrouding him. His Quick Attack collides into Lycus' Ice Punch, pushing each other back afterwards. The Buizel flings two of his tentacles forward, snarling. "Mom's been crying here and there, wondering what the hell she did wrong to have you leave!"

Lycus unsheathes his golden katana, countering the tentacles. "Okay and?"

"I—" X thrusts his paw forward, his Azure Cerise ushering ahead. "What do you MEAN 'okay and'!?"

Lycus shrouds himself in water, launching around the flaming liquid. "She's been a pain. A thorn on my back!" Getting close to X, he slashes down, the Buizel shielding with his tentacles in time. "Constantly bickering about me doing this and that, traveling here and there!" He jumps back, his katana radiating purple auras. He swings, magical waves jolting towards the weasel. "And then she got worse about it when you're born!"

X dodges, sliding across the ground. "What are you getting at here?"

Lycus lands, a magical whip extending from his weapon. "What I'm saying here, you stupid little shit: She was ruining my traveling days, bit by bit!" He moves his hand in a mimic manner. "Always blabbering about responsibility this, be a father that—You think I give a shit?" He swings his whip. "TRAVELING IS WHAT I THRIVE FOR, GOD DAMMIT!"

X's tentacle blocks, the Buizel grunting. "So. This whole time of you ditching us…" Glares. "Was because you can't travel anymore!?"

"Duh, dipshit." Lycus frenzies his Ice Punch, shoving his whip. "Your mother wouldn't let me due to her constant worrying of the outside world. Makes me regret my decision to marry her, especially after you're born."

"GUH!" X flings the whip to the side, dashing forward with his Pursuit. "That's the shittiest crap for leaving someone ever!" The Buizel collides his move against the Ice Punch: Waves emanate from the collision momentarily, pushing them back again.

The two pant, X coughing out purple blood before retracting his tentacles. Lycus squints. "Face it: A mistake like you will never understand how much misery you've caused in my life." Aquatic energy forms around him. "Xavier."

X widens his eyes, chilly and frosty presence lurking around him. "Shut up on calling me that!" His arms move back. "I don't want to hear that name." His Blizzard unleashes. "ESPECIALLY FROM YOU!"

Lycus Aqua Jets towards X, groaning in the heavy snowstorm. He then shoves X across the ground.

"ACK!" The Buizel flails all over the place, groaning.

Merlin turns to his side. "X!"

Arthur twirls his hand. "Hmph." His winds push the teen, Merlin rolling around past X.

"GAH!" He bumps into Ace's Grimmsnarl, the Pokémon yelping. Merlin rubs his head. "Sorry." Eyeing ahead, Arthur's lance comes charging towards him. The boy yelps, blocking it with his staff in time. "Gnh…" It cracks a little, purple auras surrounding it.

"This world, brother…" Arthur sighs. "It's incredibly feeble and dirty." He shoves. "I wish you understood, but unfortunately you've been tainted by the mass: Becoming one with the sheeps."

"Brother—" his hand is to the side. "You're speaking nonsense! What…are you talking about!?" Merlin shoots his laser, Arthur dodging back. "Please just tell me!"

The man sighs, his blonde hair covering parts of his face. "Never mind."

The Buizel stands, Aqua Jetting towards the Floatzel. Lycus rolls his eyes, doing the same thing: The two collide.

. . .

Sylock kicks and punches the Espeon, Xenia casually dodging each of his moves. Flaming aura casts around the Blaziken, his Blaze Booster enhancing throughout. Xenia ducks, the Blaziken punching the ground, causing cements to shoot up.

The Espeon hums. "My lovely toy…" Purrs. "I'm impressed by your fighting skills." She giggles. "Seems like you grew a muscle or two, the last time I saw you." Sylock snarls before swinging his leg, Xenia tilting her head. "I wonder—" ducks from the kicks. "If the Serenity Vicious Center taught you anything."

Shut up.

Sylock jabs, Xenia leaping to the side as his Fire Punch hits the ground once more. "Regardless: They didn't teach you how to accurately hit your foe because dear, you're doing a horrible job." Her paw is against her maw, laughter uttering from her.


Sylock jumps back, shoving his arms forward. Flaming auras dash after the Espeon, Xenia yawning. Translucent arms cast out of her back, shielding her from the raging flames. Sylock's eyes widen the moment he's covered in dark pink auras, Xenia pushing him away with Psychic.

The Blaziken groans, rolling around the ground before clawing to a halt. As he tries to get up, an invisible hand slams him down, blood spewing out of him: Eyes widening. The Invisible Hunter lifts him, the chicken grunting and struggling. Xenia walks forward.

"Come on, toy." The hand leans back. "Scream for me." Throws.

The Blaziken flails across, yelping. Xenia follows him, smirking.

Courtney's ears flicker, turning towards the flying Blaziken. "SYLOCK!" she yells. She rushes over before Jester slams his arm blades towards her, the Lopunny's sword blocking them. "Gngh!"

"Don't take your eyes off your target, enemy!" Jester shouts, snorting.


"OW!" Jester grunts, looking up at the Axew hitting him multiple times on the head.

"Yeah! Like you said: Never take your eyes off your oppo—" a blue river jets Roan off. "NNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTT!" He flails towards the second leaning building, Coleo hanging for dear life.

"ARRRRGH!" Coleo exclaims.

Jester grimaces. "Well that was weird." His head shakes. "And annoying."

Roan collides against the building's wall, cracks forming around as he groans. "Oof!"

Coleo leaps off from him, falling. "Arrgggh!" Roan gasps, immediately grabbing the Blipbug. He sets him on his head, Coleo sighing in relief. "Thank ya, lad."

"No problem, friend!" Roan gives him a thumbs-up.

The two then stare at the whole ordeal: Courtney clashing her sword against Jester's blades before the two admins shoot their Mystical Projectiles at her, two guards jolting in front of her and using Mystical Shield; Delia flinging her arrows and slapping grunts with her bow while Mesmeren uses Wake-Up Slap on others, Ace and his four Pokémon helping them along with shielding Nered; and Merlin and Arthur collide their weapons against each other as Justin and Ada duke it out with Carly and Nomar.

Roan and Coleo look at each other for a moment before looking back.

"What a mess!" they say.

Justin swings his blades, Carly dodging them with ease. She Trickster Dashes towards the boy, shoving him. "Gngh!" He slides back, shielding with his blades.

Ada shoots her projectile towards the Conjure Leader only for it to be collided by Nomar's, the girl gasping. "Huh?" She eyes the Shiny Zoroark. "You can use Mystical Projectile, too!?"

Nomar snickers behind his claws. "Yes. I'm soooo full of twists and surprises." Grins. "You have no idea."

Ada grinds her teeth, frowning. If this truly is Dne, then we're in for one big trouble.

The four continue: Justin swipes while Carly ducks over and over, shooting her lasers before he jumps back. Ada leaps forward to claw Carly, but Nomar stands in her way, taking the hit.

"Dne, are you—" Carly stops herself: The lack of pain displaying across the Zoroark's face. "Ah, I see."

Ada quirks her brow. "What?" Her purple claw is just…inside of Nomar. No scars: Just phasing right through, red metal spreading across his fur.

The fox forms a fist, metallic redness casting on it. "My turn." He jabs Ada hard in the face, jolting her across the crater.

"ADA!" Justin yells. Carly uses Trickster Dash and kicks the boy away, having him spiral all around. "AGH!" He jabs down with his blades, being beside Ada who's face down. He eyes her. "Hey man, are you alright?"

"U-Ugh…" Ada caresses her cheek, blue energy circulating it. "Why did he hit so hard?"

Nomar laughs, keeping the consistently wincing Zoroark afloat. "Vigor Machine, SON!" He caresses his mane before stretching his arm out. "It hardens in response to physical trauma!" Lifts a finger. "And also makes me hit harder as a part of my Magic move's side effect, hehe."

"Interesting…" Ada caresses her chin.

Carly gazes at Nomar, stern beyond belief. "I don't believe telling the opposition what your attack does will benefit you."

Nomar shrugs. "Eh, I don't give a shit."

Carly stares blankly. I sometimes question how you're the key to our success.

. . .

Roan sighs, shaking his head. "Can't seem to find the perfect opening here."

"Argh, indeed: Ever'one is caught in a tussle." Coleo looks around.

Roan then sees a lonesome Conjure commander to his side, her cane reeking with red energy. "Huh. Wondering why she's by herself." Blue claws spawn. "Regardless, we'll take her out!"

"Hmm…I don't kno': It seems m'ghty suspicious o' her to be by herself." Coleo tilts his head.

"Oh I'm sure it'll be fine!" Roan dashes after the commander, lowering his brows.

"U-Ugh…" Nered slowly opens her eyes, her vision blurring. She shakes her head, spotting Roan inching close to Sully. She gasps as Ace looks at her, smacking a grunt away with his wave.

"Nered! You're awake!" He sighs. "I'm glad that you're alri—"

"NO!" she shouts at Roan. "DON'T FIGHT HER!"

"Hmm?" Ace looks at the Axew in perplexion.

Sully stares at the dragon, lifting her cane. She swings, red energy jolting off and clashing the Axew. Roan screams, slamming against the same building earlier. Coleo falls off.

"Ahhh!" He hits the ground, groaning.

Ace gasps. "Oh no!" He then immediately clashes his wave with a Conjure's magical baton, groaning.

Roan whimpers, stroking his chest. His eyes widen: The dragon coughing and gasping, his chest weighing. "I…I—" gnawing his teeth, the Axew tears up. "I can't breathe!"

Coleo looks up, tapping Roan's side. "Hang in ther', lad!"

Sully shakes her head, coating her cane in red auras. "Resist all you want: You're never escaping the curse."

Justin and Ada eye the red bracelet woman: Quaking.

"Dawg: What kind of Magic move is THAT!?" Justin exclaims.

"I-I have no clue!"

The two don't even bat an eye on their opponents: Fixating over Sully's Magic move. Carly and Nomar eye each other, nodding. She holds her hand up, squinting at the tangled-hair man. "Jester: Have your Pixie Flush shower over Gloria Falls!"

Jester clashes Courtney's sword before shooting at a Primeape guard with his projectile, the Intellicate leaping back in time. "You got it, Mistress!" He retracts his blades, thrusting his arms forward: His water shoving away Courtney, the Primeape, and a Sandslash guard.

"Gah!" Courtney groans, rolling around for a bit before stabbing the ground. Jester jumps back, landing beside Carly, Sully, and Nomar.

The commander lifts his arms, a large river summoning high above the falls. Some of the waterfall is even absorbed into the river, enlarging it. Rain showers over everyone within seconds, the group looking up with perplexion.

Ada frowns. What's this Carly person planning…? Before she can question further—

"Now Dne." Carly gestures her hand forward, the Zoroark smirking. Nomar yanks Ada and Justin away with his Enforcer Reign, the two flailing across.

"Aaah!" The teens summon their Primary moves and jab the ground, stopping themselves beside Ace and others.

. . .

Drizzling, showering: The collapsed building doesn't care as it gets drenched, a weakened Blaziken lying within the destruction while away from the fight. The flaming auras have faded since, Sylock coughing while struggling to move. Not that it matters, considering he's shrouded in dark pink auras, lifting out of the rubbles.

Sylock groans, shuffling within the telekinetic hold. His teeth clench, his fists grip—the Blaziken snarls at this trap he somehow gets himself in. His gaze is soon laid upon the source of his struggle. His nightmares: Xenia the Espeon, eyes glowing with pink menace. Tears start flooding from him.

And the Espeon? She smiles at it. "Your struggles…" Her tail swishes. "I always admire it: The tears spiraling your cheeks, the raging clenches of your fists—" sighs with joy. "Even seeing your teeth clamming each other gives me euphoria."

She purrs. "Reminds me of the time I ordered you to get those blue and red gems." Sylock gasps, leading Xenia to grin. "Remember?"

Sylock pauses, brief images of a Torchic having two gems in his mouth appear. He fixates over those imagery, his eyes quaking. Just like what is happening to the Torchic of the past. Sylock of the past.

Xenia opens her mouth, smiling away her sharp teeth. "My precious toy."

The Blaziken cries.

He lets out his soft voice for the first time in a long while, wailing and drenching his face with his failures. And all Xenia can do is giggle.

"That's it, toy: Let it loose. Let those tears remind you of your place in my world." Xenia cares not for the rain plastering her: Grinning at the amusement she thrives from Sylock. She brings him close, her head beside his'. "Where you always belong." She licks him, the avian crying further.

. . .

Courtney blinks, hearing screams from afar. She looks behind her, warping with concern. "Sylock?" Her hand is against her maw, trembling.

Sylock's torment matches Ramon's: Misery. The Zoroark trembles and cries, his blues mixing with the goos, remaining trapped in this prison Nomar gives him. He whimpers, thinking he used to trust this person, someone he once thought was a considerate brother who wishes only for the best.

But instead: Nomar is a cruel ancestor that's the worst.

Carly glances at her grunts. "Stand back, Conjures." Her group does as they're told, backing away from the enemies. X and Lycus along with Merlin and Arthur pause themselves, looking around.

"Hmm?" X looks at Carly, who stares right back at him.

Justin tilts his head. "What're you doing?"

The leader raises her hand, blue auras surround it. Blue auras also shroud X, the Buizel staring at himself. "Huh…?" The auras fade, X blinking multiple times. "I'm…not sure what just happened." He eyes his tails. "Didn't even feel pain from that, too."

Carly sets her hands behind her back. "Objective completed." She nods at Jester. "Thank you for setting up the rain."

Jester bows. "With pleasure, Mistress!"

The girl eyes Arthur and Lycus. "Stand back, you two." And then at Sully. "When I say shoot, that means shoot. Understood?"

Sully taps her cane. "Affirmative, Mistress."

Lycus and Arthur nod, rushing over to Carly's side. Lycus eyes X, smirking. "You shouldn't let her do that, kid."

X quirks his brow. "What's that supposed to mean!?"

Merlin tilts his head. "What's going on?"

Carly closes her eyes and coats herself in aquatic energy, blasting towards Justin and Ada within seconds. "AH!" the two exclaim, colliding against the first rubbled building beside Roan, groaning.

Coleo jumps out of the way in time. "Blimney!"

"Shoot," Carly demands.

Sully swings her cane, red energy immediately striking the teens: Both coughing and gasping afterwards.


Ada strokes her chest, breathing heavily. "My…lungs…" Her eyes jolt, shaking.

"Shit…fam…" Justin gags.

Carly then turns towards the others, chilly presences surrounding her. She thrusts her arms: A Blizzard slamming the remainder of Spell Guardians away, Ace and his four Pokémon shielding their eyes.

"Ack!" Ace exclaims, grunting.


Within seconds, Sully inflicts those guards with the Magic move, causing them to cough and gag. Ariel covers her maw in dread. "H-How is she using Blizzard? Aren't Sorcerous unable to use a Pokémon move?"

"I don't know, unless—" Jewel gasps. "Oh gosh, I think I know what she di—" Carly Aqua Jets against the Grimmsnarl and Azumarill, rolling them around the ground. "OH NO!" Jewel then gets tossed to the side by Carly's Blizzard, whimpering.


Sully swings horizontally: The red auras hitting those three, stopping them in place as they gasp.

"Ariel! Blackburn! Jewel!" Ace shouts, gritting his teeth. Crude! She's using that trick I'd use in non-Gym fights! Carly then jabs him in the gut with Pursuit, the man coughing out blood before being thrown across the field.


Before he knows it, Ace is coated in Sully's red curse: Gasping, stopping beside Jewel. "GAH!"

Tress trembles, eyeing his struggling master. "S-Sylve!" Carly slams him to the ground with Quick Attack, the Sylveon yelping.

The girl jumps off, backflipping. "Shoot!"

"Hmph." Sully turns around. "I'm not even going to look for the next following ones." She flings her cane, the oh-so-familiar red sparkles landing on Tress causing him to cough nonstop.

Lycus smirks. "Daaamn, you got that one spot on!"

Merlin, Courtney, Delia, Mesmeren, and X widen their eyes in dread, the speedy girl knocking their friends out with little effort. Merlin quakes.

"Wh-Why is she so fast!?" He turns to X. "What did she do to you?"

X shakes his head. "I literally have no idea, dude!" Merlin gets kicked to the side by Carly, X yelping back. "MERLIN!"

"You know the drill at this point," Carly plainly says, Sully twirling her cane before firing red sparkles at the teen. Merlin screams afterwards.

Carly Aqua Jets over to Delia, pushing her with immense force. The woman shields with her bow, groaning. "Gnh!" Delia gasps, a sudden red energy spiking throughout her before she falls to the ground. She coughs, stroking her chest. "Oh Arceus!"

"M-Mrs. Phoenix!" X shouts.

"MOM!" Justin yells before groaning, stroking his chest.

Nered watches this crumbling event unfold, groaning. "Oh no…" She eyes Sully. "Menace! You're an absolute MENACE!"

X lifts his fists, glancing at Carly. "D-Don't get near me! I learn the secret technique of—" Carly palms him away, X sprawling towards Mesmeren. "AAAH!"


Mesmeren tries stopping him, but it's too late as they collide: Spiraling all over the ground. Carly dashes behind the two, kicking them towards Sully. The woman flings her Crimson Curseous, hitting them. Their rolling slows, turning into continual coughing and gagging.

Mesmeren strokes the ground, trembling. O-Oh god…

X grits his teeth. Can't. Breathe!

"Well I'll be!" Nomar folds his arms, staring down at the two. "We love to see our jobs here being made easy!" He bows to Sully. "Thank you for using your amazing Magic move."

Sully remains still, charging her energy. "Not a problem."

Courtney gnashes her teeth, backing up. Crap crap CRAP! Her hand strokes her sword. This ain't lookin' pretty! She glares at Carly, her sword up and encased in magical auras. "Don't you DARE lay a hand on me!" she screams.

Sylock gasps at his friend's plea, Xenia's ears flickering. The Espeon looks behind her, smirking at the sight of Sully bringing her curse-charged cane back. "Ah. As much as I'd like to toy with you further, it looks like our time is up." She sighs. "A pity, really. Since it was so fun…" Bringing Sylock close to her, she whispers again, "Getting to play with you again~" A flick to the side and Sylock goes flying towards the crater.

Carly stares at the flying Blaziken, nodding. Courtney swings her sword, a magical wave jolting towards the girl. She Aqua Jets upwards, the wave hitting the ground. She flips around, reaching the avian and kicking him towards the rabbit. Sylock screams, Courtney turning around.


Sylock rams into her, the ground shaking violently. The two lie there, groaning. Sully shoots her red sparkles, paralyzing the two as coughs emanate from them. Carly quickly joins Nomar and co's side, dusting herself off. Xenia slams beside Lycus, her Invisible Hunter keeping her afloat before descending. The Espeon coughs, blood dripping down her maw while groaning.

Lycus pats her back. "Careful when using that move, pumpkin."

Xenia sighs, wiping the blood with her tail. "I'm aware. Just wanted to get here quickly, that's all."

Nomar squints. Did he just call her 'pumpkin'? Shudders. Gross.

Ada pants, eyeing the entirety of Team Conjure. "How…are you two…" She gazes at Sully's cane, the red energy fading. "Doing…this…"

Raiden clasps her hands. "Oh I'm pleased that you asked!" Lifts a finger. "What you just witnessed is one of the most incredible phenomenons about Sorcerous: Being able to copy a Pokémon's move, ability, and typing once per battle."

Carly slowly eyes the lab coat wearing girl. "Raiden…" She sighs, caressing her eyelids. "First Nomar, and now you."


"We shouldn't tell the opposition anything about ourselves, including what Sorcerous can do."

"Ah. Right." The girl tugs her yellow hair strand. "My sincere apologies, Carly." Sighing, she presses her shades back. "The scientist within me couldn't help but to explain such an amazing feat!"

R claps her hands. "Oh I understand completely! So many wonders and mysteries within Sorcerous!"

Raiden points at R. "Exactly!" She presses her shades once more, a glint sparks. "For instance, did you know that Sorcerous has an extraordinary power called Sor—"

"NO!" Carly screams, holding a finger up. Raiden and R look at her, the shades tilting forward to reveal bits of their eyes. The blue and red hair girl clears her throat. "Let's…not spill any more information, alright?" The two simply nod, the leader sighing in relief.

Nomar snorts. "Nerds."

Justin groans. "Y-Yo…" He winces. "Didn't know that Sorcerous could do that. Sounds—ugh, dope…" Strokes the ground. "If only I wasn't hurt badly, I'd test out that copying skill right now."

Raiden bows. "Our sincere apologies. Or at least, I apologize for this inconvenience." She presses her shades. "It's just business, after all."

Ada groans, glaring at Sully. "What's…her deal, then?"

Sully's cane taps the ground, unamused. "Crimson Curseous. That's all you need to know."

That doesn't help much at all! Ada thinks, whimpering. Ugh…I feel like I'm about to faint…

Carly turns towards Jester. "Once again: You did an excellent job setting up the rain, Commander Jester."

Jester bows. "With pleasure, Mistress Silver."

Carly caresses her chin. "It was risky, all things considered. Buizels don't always have the Swift Swim ability. But considering most tend to have it at birth, I took the high roll and got rewarded."

R springs her hands up, smiling. "Congrats, Carly!"

Carly nods. "Thank you." She snaps her fingers. "Jester: Flood this place after we escape with those two Transvians." She eyes the struggling mess of a Zoroark besides Nomar. "Three, technically."

"With." Jester grins deviously. "Pleasure."

Mesmeren eyes up: The weeping, damaged Zoroark lies above her, trapped within his pool of dark blood. She whimpers. Ramon…

"Don't!" Ada screams, covering her stomach. Conjures look at her. "Please…don't take my friends away. Our friends away…"

"Y-Yeah, fam!"

Tears slide down Merlin's cheeks. "Please! I, ugh, don't want to lose them!"

X whimpers. "Y-You crazy assholes better now take me away!" Snarls. "I-I don't like the sound of being an Unmon! Not one bit!"

Nomar waves his hand. "Oh relax. It'll be fuuuuun! Just look at your friend here." He points to the crying Zoroark, smiling. "He's having a blast!"

X blinks. "Nah: More like he's in, ngh, pain!"

Xenia sits down, pouting. "Lucky."

"Enough." Carly digs in her coat. "We've wasted a lot of time as is." She pulls out her Teleportation Spell. "We're done here."


Her spellbook flies off upon being hit by a blue laser, twirling towards the large waterfall behind her. Carly grits her teeth.


Raiden grabs the spellbook with her magic, nearly close to falling off. "That was close!" She brings it back to the leader, who immediately slips it into her coat.

Soon, pink sands usher out of the ground, wrapping around Sully's legs. The woman stares down, raising her brow before the sands lift her, yelping.

Jester jumps back. "What the Bidoof!?"

The sands slam her down, Sully groaning. Justin's group feels their chest becoming less heavy and crushing, free from the curse. They blink.

"What?" Justin says, touching himself. "I'm…fine now?"

"Same here," Ada follows.

"Me too!" Merlin exclaims.

"About time we've arrived," a soft and stern voice says. Carly gasps, eyes widening.

Wait…is that really—

Everyone looks up, perplexion plastering everywhere. Electricity crackles around the Legendary that is Thundurus: Spreading his arms, reigning in Therian! With him are Simon, Penelope, and Henry: The latter pressing his glasses while the former has pink auras surrounding his non-metallic hand.

Carly cares not for the Thundurus: Focusing on the glasses wearing teen. Frown lowering, fist clenching.

It IS him…
Chapter 59.

Sonic Ramon

Junior Trainer
Chapter 59: Showdown at Gloria Falls Part 3!

Revival Falls Arc.

"Pfft." Jester snorts. "Look who decided to show his ugly face!"

Henry stares down at the Conjure Leader, fury reigning throughout her. He looks away, guilt spreading within.

I was hoping she wouldn't be here…

Carly closes her eyes, breathing in. Suppress your anger. Now. Exhaling, she opens her eyes, displaying her usual stoneface.

Justin tilts his head. "Fam, what the hell is going on right now?"

"I'm as confused as you are, Justin." Ada blinks.

Roan eyes the Thundurus, focusing on the dark skin boy beside Henry and Penelope. Isn't that— gasps. "Simon!" The Axew lifts his arms in glee.

"Hmm?" The teen blinks, looking to his side at Roan. "Oh goodness, Roan!" He jumps off the Thundurus and ushers towards the Axew barefoot, arms spreading.

Henry holds his hand out. "Simon, wait."

The boy reaches the dragon and picks him up, hugging. "It's been a long while since we last saw each other, my friend!"

Roan nods, nuzzling. "It certainly has! I even met some new friends along the way, Simon sir!"

"Have you now?" The boy snickers, his left bangs shuffling. "That's fantastic to hear!"


Justin, Ada, Courtney, Sylock, and Coleo blink at the two, perplexed beyond belief. He knows one of them? the five think.

"Hey." Henry and Penelope jump off, the teen folding his arms as his blue glasses tilt. "Now's not the time for friendly chitchats." He points at the Conjure Leader and admins to his left. "We got to save Ramon and prevent Dne's revival."

Nomar blinks, shaking his head. "...PFFFT HAHAHA!" He slaps his knee. "Good one."

Henry tilts his head. "What?"

Nomar smirks. "About you preventing my revival: You're too late." He throws his arms up. "I'm alive and kicking, baby!" The Shiny Zoroark kicks the air. "Literally."

The brunette hair boy gazes at the purple gem, glistening on the Zoroark's chest. "Shit." He strokes his katana's hilt beside his blue jeans. "Should've known after seeing that gem."

Zethor forms a fist, electricity crackling around. "Dammit!"


Everyone eyes the screaming Zoroark, Ramon spiraling while his arms and legs succumb to his prison. Nomar points at him. "Oh and as for Ramon: He's currently turning into an Unmon pretty soon." He rubs his hands together as Ramon whimpers, tears sliding down his cheeks. "Looking forward to it."

Mesmeren trembles, her and everyone's eyes widen. "R-Ramon…"

Penelope grits her teeth. "That explains the Kind Sensory fading from him." The Gardevoir strokes her chest. "Change back into a Zorua!" she shouts. Jester fires Mystical Projectile at her, the Gardevoir dodging back in time. She then looks forward and gasps, Carly's Aqua Jet being close to her.

A red beam blasts the Conjure Leader away, Carly flipping around before landing on her feet. The Gardevoir turns to her side: Red, conjoined cannons ushering from Simon's left arm, smoke emanating. They soon shapeshift into a robotic hand, the teen frowning.

Penelope tilts her hat. "Thank you, Mr. Victor."

Simon nods. "No problem."

Roan eyes the metallic arm, aweing. "Simon." He points. "Your…arm."

The teen looks at his metal hand, wiggling its fingers. "I lost my arm during the hurricane incident."

"Oh…" Roan whimpers, lowering his head. "I'm sorry to hear."

Simon sighs. "It's fine. I thank Henry for saving my life after it happened." He smiles. "Not only did he give me arm cannons, his friend also modified them to be a part of my arm." Pink auras flare around his metal hand. "Bonus points for letting me use magic from it, too!"

Roan clasps his hands. "That's amazing!"

Jester huffs and snaps his fingers, glaring at the Conjures. "Don't just stand there, numbbrains!" He points at the four. "KILL THEM!"

The grunts nod, all charging towards them. Simon sighs. "Stand back, Roan." The teen blasts some of the grunts away with his pink sands, running near Zethor.

Henry presses his glasses up, his back against the others, his thumb on the hilt's button. "Let's make this quick." He takes out the beam katana, casting its cyan energy.

Zethor cracks his fists, glaring as electricity sparks around, his hair waving. Pink sands radiate around Simon, raising his arms, his white shemagh shifting with intensity. Penelope's sun hat shifts, her hands encasing in cyan auras, her arms forming a 'X' sign. The three simply say the following:

"Got it."

Henry slashes a few grunts before kicking the others, blocking one's gray sword. He then lasers them away, the grunt sprawling around. Penelope dashes forward, firing multiple Moonblasts at the Conjures. She then fades in front of two grunts, both eyeing around with confusion.

"Huh!?" She reappears behind them, swinging her Mystic Blades. The Conjures groan, coughing out purple blood before falling.

Simon carries multiple Conjures inside of his pink sands, slamming them down. He then forms his pink sands into multiple balls before shooting Flo Sandios against the others, flinging away the grunts. Zethor jabs a couple more before headbutting another. He then swipes, ushering an array of electricity towards the evil group, knocking them back.

"Whoooaaa…" X says, awestruck. "These guys means business!"

Nomar folds his arms. "Tch, especially with a Legendary by their side."

"Wait, that blue dude is a Legendary!?"

Simon and Zethor punch two Conjures as Nomar nods. "Yep. How could you not know that?"

"I…thought they were the stuff of myths."

"You thought wrong."

Zethor eyes Carly, Nomar, and the admins, Sully groaning as she gets up. "Apologies, Mistress: That Magic came out of nowhere."

Electricity crackles around Zethor, the Legendary lifting his arms. Carly presses her shades. "It's fine. You did a fantastic job earlier." The girl gazes at the Thundurus, the Legendary throwing his arms forward: Waves of electricity surging towards the Conjure higher ups.

Carly glances at Nomar and the other five, all nodding. Nomar lifts his hand before Arthur, Sully, Raiden, R, and Jester follow suit, a colorfully large Mystical Shield spawn ahead. The Wildbolt Storm rams against it, spiraling throughout.

Mesmeren looks around the crater, mortified by what she's witnessing: The Spell Guardians, all either knocked out or lying dead within their blood. One of them even gazes at the sky with enlarging eyes, mouth ajar. The tapir covers her maw. This is…awful.

X eyes the six keeping the shield up, taking a deep breath. Alright. Now's our chance to leave! He taps Mesmeren, cocking his head.

"Hmm?" Mesmeren blinks, the Buizel pointing at the seven quickly. "O-Oh right!"


"You know we can see your orange ass, right?" Lycus states, he and Xenia being behind the two.

X groans. "Screw it: MAKE A RUN FOR IT!" He jolts forward, Mesmeren yelping and following along.

Xenia grins. "No worries: I got the—" X and Mesmeren are pinned down abruptly, gray energies casting around. "Ah…Never mind."

Nomar smirks. "I saw their asses running." He drags X and Mesmeren, colliding them beside him. "They ain't slick."

X snarls. "LET US GO, DAMMIT!"

The fox shakes his head, wiggling his claw. "Nope." His hand nudges his maw. "Gonna need all the Transvians I can get to form my super spectacular Unmon armies!"

"Screw your army, dude!"

Nomar pouts. "Oh come on! It'll give you amazing privileges: Making your Magic move strong, being able to use your Rune without dying, and so much more!" He tosses his arms up. "How couldn't you take such an opportunity?"

"After seeing what Ramon's going through? I don't even care about those benefits, dude!" X groans.

Nomar rolls his eyes. "Whatever. Not like it's a choice anyways."

"I can SEE that." X squints.

Simon looks at Nomar, the white and black eyes vibrant in eeriness. The teen shudders. "Henry…their eyes."

Henry roundhouse kicks a grunt. "Hmm?"

"They're not a Transvian." The boy frowns. "I'd usually see irises whenever they use their Rune."

Henry looks. "Huh. Good point. Could've sworn Dne was a Transvian, too." Nomar grins at the group, Henry squinting. Or was it at one point…?

Xenia gazes at Zethor, flinging her invisible fist. Zethor groans, spiraling all over the ground before clawing, stopping his tracks.

This is where Justin and the others stand, reaching the middle: The boy summoning his blades, the girl casting her claws, the other boy clenching his staff, the woman preparing five arrows, the Blaziken igniting his fists, the Lopunny radiating her legs in red auras, the Axew coating his draconic claws, the Blipbug charging his webs, and the young man displaying two waves while his Pokémon get in a stance. Nered pants, sticking close to Ace.

Henry adjusts his glasses, clenching his beam katana as Penelope radiates her blades. Simon surrounds himself in pink sands, Zethor crackling with electricity. They join the others, all gazing around the quickly surrounding Conjures.

Justin twirls his blades, eyeing Henry beside him. "I don't know who you are, fam." He glares at the terrorists. "But you're clearly on our side, so I don't mind the help."

Henry nods. "It's for Ramon's sake." He twirls his katana, the Conjures readying themselves. "Once again: I'll explain everything after this."

Team Conjure charges towards the gang, the gang charges back.

Justin kicks one grunt in the face before slashing, one of them tries hitting him with a magical baton until Ada claws him away. Courtney jumps from a Conjure's beam, Sylock Fire Punching the grunt afterwards. He then grabs another one and spins around, throwing them towards the Lopunny.

Courtney lifts her leg, slamming the Conjure down with Jump Kick. She flips forward, her and Sylock kicking two more goons ahead.

Delia flings her arrows, blasting away a few Conjures before one of them leaps forward a glowing green head. She gasps, using her bow to shield herself. Merlin jumps in front of her, beaming the grunt away. The woman sighs. "Thanks. She sure came out of nowhere!"

Merlin nods, spinning his staff. "No problem!" He and Delia then smack a few incoming goons with their weapons, Merlin shooting them away afterwards.

Coleo jumps, spitting his webs at four Conjure's feet, trapping them. Roan also jumps, the Blipbug landing on his head before the Axew's tail glows purple. He swings, Breaking Swiping the goons away. He lands, his hands resting on his hips.

"That was pretty awesome, right Coleo sir?" A shadow hovers over the Axew.

"Aye, tha' was gre—HOLY BINACLE!"

Roan blinks. "Wha—AAAH!" A Conjure swings his yellow hammer down, the Axew casting his blue claws before blocking, grunting. "Ngh! That was close!"

A pink sand shoves the Conjure away, Simon stopping by to punch another one with his grain-coated fist. Roan claps his hands, his tail wagging. "Thaaaanks, Simon sir!"

Simon shapeshifts his left hand into twin cannons, saluting with two fingers. "Anytime, my friend." He blasts a few more grunts afterwards.

. . .

The higher ups sit by idly, seeing Blackburn crashing into one Conjure with Spirit Break, blasting him away. "AAAAAH!" He slides next to them, Carly gazing down unphased.

Lycus lifts a finger. "Hey, shouldn't we go help them?"

Raiden nods. "Logical suggestion." She adjusts her glasses. "Our Conjures have been struggling against the opposition since Henry and co. arrived."

"Let's not." Carly folds her arms.

Lycus quirks his brow. "What?"

Arthur eyes the leader. "I'm not quite following this train of thought, either. We should be helping our fellow allies, not sitting by doing no—"

Carly raises a hand. "I have a plan." She glares at the gang, Justin hopping over one Conjure as Ariel Aqua Tails them in the face. "It involves the opposition getting tired from our Conjure's barrages. You can fill in the blanks."

Lycus blinks. "The hell does that mea—"

"I already have." Nomar smirks. "Liking that plan, actually."

Xenia wags her tail. "I agree!"

Lycus jolts his attention towards the Espeon. "Hun, you know already!?"

She nods. "Of course! Don't you get it?"

"But how—Wait…" Lycus taps his chin. "Ooh. I get it now. Tiredness doesn't mix well with fights." He smirks, his paws by his hips. "That's smart, actually."

"Slow ass," X says.

"Shut the hell up."

Mesmeren watches the battle go on. Please be careful, everyone…

. . .

Penelope Teleports behind one Conjure, cyan slashing them before firing moon spheres at a couple more grunts. Another Conjure screams, rushing behind her with an actual shovel. Her hand ignites, jabbing the Conjure with Fire Punch. Once the Conjure is blasted off, Nered slams the grunt down, cracks forming around.

The Roserade casts sludges around her bouquets, multiple Conjures dashing towards her. She leaps up, her back suddenly pinning against Ace's: The two firing their waves and sludges rapidly, blowing the grunts away. "Dieu merci!"

Ace blinks. "'Thank goodness', right?"

She lands. "Correct!" A mask hovers over her. "There's a lot of them around, so I'm thankful that you came by."

Ace presses his fists together. "Hey, that's what friends do, right?" He moves them apart, his pink wave casting.

Nered blushes, green energies surrounding her. "I-Indeed, hehe…"

"You still owe me that rematch in Magiclution 2, by the way." Ace jolts ahead, swiping an incoming Conjure.

Nered giggles, zipping towards the grunts ahead. "Of course!" She rams them with Masquer La Vitesse, pushing a few back before flinging Sludge Bombs at the others.

Jewel screeches two grunts away, Tress shooting Moonblast at the third. The two then gasp at several grunts surrounding them, preparing their Mystical Projectiles. Just as they're about to fire, Blackburn lands in front of them: The Conjures eyeing him instead.

The Grimmsnarl gets on his knees, holding his hands together before whimpering. "Grah!" Bows.

The Conjures tilt their heads, eyeing each other.

"Huh. Not sure what this brute is doing," one grunt mentions.

Blackburn's top hair glows red.

"Ooo, maybe it wants to join our side!" another says.

Blackburn's hair extends.

"Oh don't be ridiculous: Clearly it wants us to let it go," a third grunt states, shrugging.

Blackburn's hair hovers over them.

"You know what: Maybe we should let this fella go." The fourth Conjure gazes at Jewel and Tress snickering, blinking. "Hey, why are those two laughing? …And when did it get so da—"


The hair circles around, knocking every grunt away from the three. The grunts scream, spiraling across the crater.

Blackburn retracts his hair, smirking. "Works every time."

Ace looks at the three, shoving one goon away. "Oh?"

Blackburn looks back, waving. "You like that False Surrender performance, sir?"

Ace blinks for a moment, lifting his thumb. "I agree that you look great today!"

Blackburn, Tress, and Jewel fall down comical style, groaning. That's not at ALL what we're thinking!

. . .

Zethor swings around and throws two grunts out of the crater, unleashing his Discharge at a large group of them. "Hmph." Many more rushes towards him. "They just keep on coming, huh?"

Henry clashes his beam katana at a Conjure's red blades, his back pinning against Zethor's. "Yes." He groans, lasering the Conjure. "This is a persistent team: Organizational terrorists." He twirls his katana. "That's why I always advise everyone to keep their guards up."

"I'm aware." Zethor blasts the incoming grunts with Discharge.

Henry sighs, blue auras encasing his fist. "Good." He dashes, deflecting any incoming projectiles, his fist increasing its size.

Justin swings his blades forward, small winds blowing away a few grunts while Ada jumps behind him, her claw slamming down five Conjures. The teens then eye Henry ahead, the boy swinging his fist forward and plowing several grunts. The two widen their eyes, mouths ajar.


The auras fade, Henry shaking his hand before pressing his glasses back, staring at the teens. "What?"

"That was sick, that's what!"

Ada nods. "Pretty impressive Magic move!" She kicks one grunt beside her. "What's it called?"

Henry stares at his hand. "...Magic Punch."

Justin blinks, his head shaking. "...Magic Punch?"

"Yes…" Henry sighs.

Justin eyes Ada. "I wanna apologize to you cuz you no longer have the least creative Magic name ever."

Ada scoffs. "I thought you'd reached that conclusion after hearing Jester's Magic move!"

"I mean, yeah! But like 'Magic Punch' really hits different in the uncreative department, fam. Like huh?"

Henry rolls his eyes. "Whatever. My Magic move isn't important compared to everything else going on." He knees one grunt's gut before slashing her.

Justin and Ada keep their guards up. "Right!" they say.

The group continues, Courtney even powering up everyone's speed with Agility before more and more Conjures get battered. Another set of grunts slide towards the higher ups, Carly squinting.

"...Perhaps my plan miscalculated a little. Wasn't aware of the Lopunny having Agility to begin with."

"Wait, she does!?" Lycus facepalms. "Shit, I didn't think of that! Then again, I don't believe she used that move last time I was with the group. Let me double check." He closes his eyes and touches his head, his paw glowing blue. After a few seconds, he shakes his head. "Nope." Coughs blood. "She didn't use it at all."

R covers her lips. "What will we do now?"

Carly caresses her chin, humming. "Jester's river is still up." She points to X. "Arthur, Jester, Sully, R, Raiden, and Nomar can copy his ability and combat the opposition there."

Sully nods. "Splendid idea—" she points ahead with her cane. "If not for there being 7 of us versus 17 of them."

"Plus I'm in the middle of keeping these three in place." Nomar tilts his head towards X, Mesmeren, and Ramon. "A lot of multi-tasking to keep track of. And I DESPISE multi-tasking!" He pouts.

"Hmph." Carly squints. "Good points here."

As soon as one grunt slams beside R, the girl gasps, lifting a finger. "I have an idea!" Everyone looks at her, the girl giggling. "Whoa. Suddenly I'm the center of attention here!"

Lycus squints. "You did mention you have an idea, hence why we looked." He folds his arms. "Spit it out already."

R clasps her hands. "How about we copy that Lopunny's attributes? That way, we'll have the move Agility and use it on ourselves."

Raiden nods, tapping her chin. "Right! And this'll give Lycus and Xenia a boost from our Agilities, too!" She snaps her fingers. "Brilliant idea, R!"

R sways, her accessories shuffling. "No problem, friends!"

"Allies," Arthur corrects, R blinking at him with perplexion.

Carly nods. "We'll roll with that plan. Nomar can sit back and keep those three hostaged while our Sorcerous comrades copy the Lopunny's attributes." She points at the tangled-hair admin. "Jester: Distract the Lopunny first before you and the others copy her."

Jester salutes. "Yes ma'am!"

"Wait!" Raiden holds her hand up. "I just remember one thing about Sorcerous' copying skill: We'll lose our magic temporarily."

"Ah, I've forgotten about that crucial detail. Valid point." Carly nods. "The fight is still going too, so we won't be getting our magic back until it's over." Her fingers snap. "Change of plans: Two of you will have to copy the Lopunny's attributes. Jester's out of the question because I'll need him for my Swift Swim."

R waves her hand. "I'll be the Agility support!"

Arthur puts his lance to his side, squinting at the Conjures. "So will I."

Jester smacks his knee. "Hot diggity: We're settled then!"

Lycus taps his head, sighing. "I hope we start this mini-plan soon because I'm getting bored standing around."

"Honestly, mood." Nomar glares at Ramon, the fox still drowning within his tears and substances. "Especially when hearing this baby crying a lot."

"U-Ugh…" Ramon's maw is soon covered by the substances, his eyes widening. "M-Mmf!"

"Ah. Much better."

Carly stares at Courtney, the rabbit Jump Kicking a few grunts as her Blaziken friend jabs the others. The teen folds her arms. "I'll tell Jester when he can use his distraction."

"Please do." Arthur shakes his head. "I cannot withstand any more of this…incompetencies."

"Yeah." Lycus squints at X. "Plus I'd honestly like to go anywhere away from this dumpster fire."

X snarls. "I'd flip you off right now if this deity clown isn't here." The force rams his face into the ground, cracks forming.

"X!" Mesmeren shouts.

"I'm no clown, you degenerate child," Nomar scuffs.

Lycus widens his eyes. "...The fact I wasn't the one who says that makes me mad."

The Shiny Zoroark snickers. "Get good at insults, then."

Carly then snaps her fingers. "Now, Jester."

"Say no more, Mistress!" The light skin man withdraws some water from the river, flinging it towards Courtney. Courtney eyes up the blues, rolling forward: She's near the higher ups.

Mesmeren gasps. "C-COURTNEY! RU—" her head slams into the ground, yelping.

"You shut up, too," Nomar says, glaring.

R and Arthur hold their hands out: Green and purple auras sparkling around. The auras shroud Courtney, the Lopunny blinking in confusion.


Once the auras fade, the two nod at each other, jittering side to side. The effects spread towards the others, including Lycus and Xenia. The Espeon shudders, smiling. "Oooo, I can feel those speeds alright!"

What does she me— the Lopunny's eyes widen. "Ah SHIT!" Xenia giggles, pushing the Lopunny across the crater with Psychic. "Uff!" Courtney stabs the ground, nearing the whole group after all of the Conjures are knocked out.

Xenia sniffs the air. "You all sit back and relax: I can take it from here." Translucent arms spring out of her, her eyes remaining dark pink.

Carly looks at the Espeon. "Hmm? But this wasn't a part of the—"

"Let her do her thing."

Carly eyes Nomar. "I…don't quite follow."

"Hint: Look at the houses nearby."

Carly takes her attention towards the two buildings: Pink auras casting around the front. "Ah. Understood."

Xenia jolts the front building towards the group, ripping it off. Courtney clenches her teeth, eyeing the gang. "Y'all, we need to take those big guys down, NOW"

Delia tilts her head. "What's wrong?" Also wow, I still feel really energized after that Agility earlier!


Justin points at the giant, decrepit woods charging towards the gang, everyone gasping. Courtney sends her Agility waves towards everyone, the group leaping away from the debrises without a second thought. It crashes, creating a further mess.

"Phew. That was close!" Ada says.

Delia touches her chest, her heart thumping nonstop. Wow. Now I REALLY feel energized…Should I be concerned?

Jester smacks his forehead. "What the heckle was that!?" He strokes his head. "YOU BARELY HIT THEM!"

The Espeon giggles behind her tail. "That, my friend, was foreplay." Multiple arms dash towards the group. "Now's the real deal." Her Invisible Hunter snatches the group without a trace, gripping them. The gang groans, shuffling.

"Ngh! Unhand us this instance!" Roan snarls.

"LET US GO, FAM!" Justin yells, struggling.

The feline tilts her head. "Let you go? Sure." The arms lift.

Jester throws his arms forward. "What's the meaning of this, Xenia!? First you barely hit them, and now you'll literally let the enemies—" the arms slam towards the ground, everyone screaming in agony. "...go."

Xenia smirks. "Know me more next time, Jes." She winks.

"Yeah, you skill issue freak." Nomar laughs.

"I…" Jester folds his arms, looking away. "Sh-Shut up! I knew she was going to do that instead of literally letting them go. It was, uh—" he points his finger up. "A test! Yes yes, I was testing her loyalty to our cause, indeed!"

"I'm sure you were." The Espeon coughs blood, her Invisible Hunter remaining active while holding the group down. Sully coats her cane in red energy and—

"Wait." Carly holds her hand up.

Sully quirks her brow. "Hmm?"

"I need a quick talk with…him." She glares at Henry grunting against Simon.

"What?" Lycus shakes his head. "No no, we already came for what we need and did this damn mini-plan. Please, let's get the hell ou—" Carly dashes. "Oh come the FUCK on!"

"Relax, sweet cheeks: Just let her have her moment with him." Xenia purrs.

Lycus sighs, shaking his head. "Alright." He holds his hands together, his tails swishing. "But only because you said so, pumpkiiiiin~!" Xenia blows her kisses at the weasel, leading him to growl while smiling.

Nomar cringes. I'm going to barf.

Henry looks up at the girl, squinting. She squats, staring directly into his eyes. "If only you understood my vision…" She takes off her shades, her blue eyes radiating impassive sorrows. "My way of improving this tainted world…"

Henry glares. "Your way will never work." His glare focuses on Nomar. "Knowing the type of person they are…"

Nomar snorts. "I'm flattered to hear that."

Henry blinks. That wasn't a compliment.

Justin and Ada look at each other.


"Same here." Ada sighs.

Henry keeps glaring. "And besides—" grunts. "So many lives are at stake if you continue!" His glare is then replaced with sorrow, wincing. "Please, Carly: Understand that there's a reason why Vincent defeated them."

"Vincent!?" both Justin and Ada exclaim.

Carly slaps Henry. "Don't mention his name ever again!" she yells.

The teen groans, not bothering to look back. "..."

"Aight—" Justin shakes his head. "Now I'm really wondering how any of this makes sense!"

Carly stands, turning towards her admins. She takes a deep breath, sighing. Calm down. "I suppose you'll never understand my end goal, Henry." Her hands behind her back. "How disappointing."

"Carly, plea—"

The girl Quick Attacks by Sully's side, her back still at the group. "Sully: Shoot."

The woman chuckles. "Thought you'd never ask." Sully lifts her cane, twirling. She then brings her cane back, readying to swing.

The group struggles in the arms, Mesmeren staring in pure horror. Her eyes trembling, her body wishing to shake along as she remains stuck in one place: Watching.

N-No… Tears slide down her cheeks, the tapir biting her lower lip. No no no! I-I wish I was quick at warning Courtney before all of this happened! She closes her eyes. I-If only I wasn't so useless…So helpless. So poi—

"Don't blame yourself for something beyond your control."

Mesmeren gasps, Ramon's words echoing through her mind. …He's ri-right. A-All of this happened so suddenly. And it's not my fault because of it. She frowns. I need to do something: ANYTHING!

Sully wiggles her wrist. "You'll crush them afterwards, correct?" She eyes Xenia.

"No." The Espeon stares blankly.


Xenia reveals her sharpest smile. "Of course I'll squeeze the everlasting breath out of them!"

"This isn't the time for games, Xenia: We've done enough of that." Sully sighs.

Think, Mesmeren. THINK!

As soon as Sully's about to swing—


Mesmeren glows white, increasing her size. Tufts of hair form beneath the ribbon, a pendulum stretching out. Her ears increase themselves to become long and pointy, claws sprouting from her fingertips. She gasps, the light ending as she stands: Her fur is mainly yellow than before, the white tuft of hairs flourishing around her neck. She has yellow claws that match her skin, gazing at them in wonderment.

Everyone gazes in awestruck, X gasping. "Whoa…"

Nomar grunts. "What the hell!?" He snarls, caressing his head as the Hypno stares at her appearance. "How!?"


Mesmeren gasps, eyeing the struggling Zoroark above. "Right," she says, her tone deep yet serene. She quickly jumps away, soundwaves surrounding her maw. She slides in front of the gang: Gazing at all of Team Conjure, her eyes becoming black with yellow irises. She brings her head back, the sounds building up within her maw.

"She's using her Rune." Carly frowns, Aqua Jetting towards the Hypno. "We need to quickly dispose her before it's—"

Distress Screech.

She throws her head forward, unleashing her high pitch screams. Team Conjure is pushed back: Carly and her admins groaning while flying off. Jester spirals all over the ground, his river dissipating. Carly strokes the ground, her and the other higher ups quickly steady themselves. Ramon drops to the ground from Nomar's reign, rolling around the crater while groaning, black substances shrouding him.

X remains in place, covering his head. "HOLY CRAP, THAT'S LOUD!"

Xenia whimpers, Justin and others being freed as she spirals around. Lycus jumps back and grabs her, sliding across the ground as he groans. The Espeon sighs. "Thank you, Lycus." The Floatzel simply nods, the two rubbing their snouts against each other.

Henry and Simon look at each other, healing themselves with their magic. Penelope sighs, doing the same to herself before healing Zethor. Justin, Ada, and Merlin start healing themselves along with the others. The four newcomers stand in front of the group: Henry squinting at Ramon and X.

"Get those two over here," he says to Simon.

The brown skin teen nods, lifting his hand. Pink sands wrap around X and Ramon, rushing them over to the gang. After the retrieval, he, Henry, and Penelope lift their arms, a colorful shield surrounding the group.

X rushes in to hug Justin and Ada. "Justin! Ada!"

"X!" the two exclaim, Merlin and Delia joining in on the group hug as well.

Mesmeren eyes her hands, panting. "I…did that?"

"Ya sure did!" Courtney states, patting the Hypno's back. "Thanks for using yer Rune there!"

Rune? Memseren blinks. Oh right! My Distress Screech…as that unknown voice earlier t-told me! She smiles, closing her eyes. "Y-You're welcome!"

Nomar stands, glaring the huge shield ahead. He snarls. "Tch." His arms thrust rapidly, Mystical Projectiles ramming against the shield. Carly and the rest of her Team Conjure members stand up as well, gazing at the shield. "No way a God like myself would let that shit slide!" Nomar charges his red lasers before firing, the shield rumbling.

"Ngh!" Henry, Simon, and Penelope groan, the three flinching.

Carly cocks her head. "Break the shield!"

She Aqua Jets to the shield, ramming. Everyone nods: Sully firing her Mystical Projectiles, Jester flinging his Pixie Flush, R and Arthur slamming their Quick Attacks, Raiden shooting her Wizardry Blast, Lycus tackling his Aqua Jet, and Xenia tossing her Invisible Hunter. The others use their Magic moves as well, blasting and thrashing and even shoving!

Henry grunts, doing his best to keep the shield up. "Ngh! I could use some help here!" he says, gritting his teeth.

Merlin gets beside Henry, lifting his arms. "I'll help!" His purple aura joins with the shield.

"So will I!" Ace exclaims, the man lifting his arms: Pink auras spawning on the shield.

X jumps up. "Same here!" He tilts his head. "Wait, can I use Mystical Shield?"

"Yes you—GAH, can!" Henry groans. "Just lift your arms up and think about using the move."

"Oh. Sounds simple enough!" X lifts his arms: His aura doesn't show up. "...Or maybe not."

Penelope winces. "Try not to, ngh, overthink it!"

Ace rests his hand on Nered's chest, healing her. Jewel holds his hands out at Ace's three Pokémon, light pink energies hitting them with serenity.

"Hmm…" X nods. "Okay yeah, I am overthinking it. You're right."

"Less talking and more helping—AAH!" Henry coughs, purple blood dripping down his lips. He gazes ahead: Carly actively locking eyes with him. He stares down, sighing. I'm sorry, Carly.

X lifts his arms: His black auras spawning within the shield. "AYY! I did it!" Coughs. "ACK!"

"Yeah, we're under a huge barrage. Expect yourself to get hurt while having this shield up."

X sighs. "Gotcha then."


Henry and Penelope look behind them afar: Ramon clawing the ground, black blood shifting in and out of him, tears sliding.

"Shit, that's right: We need to heal his wound and fast!" Henry gnashes his teeth.

"Ramon…" Mesmeren whines, rushing towards Ramon and—


Mesmeren pauses, looking at Henry. "H-Huh?"

"He's—" the boy groans, his arms shaking. "Undergoing Unmonization, which is bad news for any Pokémon!"

Justin raises his finger. "Two questions: One, what's Unmonization?" Lifts another finger. "And two, literally who are you?"

Henry groans. "The name's Henry. The Gardevoir's Penelope, my boyfriend's Simon, and my closest friend's Zethor." His foot moves back. "Once Penelope uses her Super Teleport, we'll explain all of this."

Penelope blinks. "Wait, that wasn't a part of—"


A sharp goo stabs an unconscious Rhyperior, dragging him towards Ramon. The rhino sticks against the fox's body, being devoured whole. Mortification spreads across everyone.

"I'm sorry." Ramon weeps. "I'm so sorry…"

The substances go haywire, latching onto one guard after another. Henry trembles.

"The Unmonization is near completion…"

Howdy do, everyone!

As of the release of this chapter, we have one more chapter left for the Revival Falls Arc and then the final chapter itself for M&T1! Which is...pretty surreal to think about. I'll save my thoughts on how I feel about this fic being completed once I release its last chapter. Just know that I'm feeling a bit emotional yet excited about what's to come for this series after the first installment ends.
Chapter 60.

Sonic Ramon

Junior Trainer
Chapter 60: Unmonization.

Revival Falls Arc.

"Ramon!" Penelope yells.

The Zoroark screams: His body deforming, his black claws gripping. The Gardevoir's hand nudges her chest. "Change back into a Zorua!"

"I-I—" the black blood jolts out of his chest, stabbing an unconscious guard before yanking them towards him. He whimpers. "I'm sorry! I-I—AAAH!" Ramon devours the guard, tears raining down his cheeks.

He looks at Justin and Ada, his eyes alternating between different scleras: Black, white—sometimes even no irises at all! Ramon coughs, gagging left and right.

"I'm sorry, y-you two." The teens remain staring at him, stuck in petrification. "I'm, ngh, very sorry for what I've done." He sniffles. "F-For hiding the truth."

"The truth?" Ada asks.

Ramon yelps, his limbs jittering, his arms cracking. "RAAAAH!" Several more black goo usher out of his back, coating a few more guards.

"R-Ramon!" Justin and Ada scream.

"Gah…" Ramon strokes the ground. "I-I…I thought Nomar was my long lost brother." Whimpers. "Someone I could relate to. S-Someone I could tr-trust." Tears hit his paws. "I-I didn't think he'd do something like this—AAAH!" Two substances jolt out of him, engulfing two corpses.

The teens shake in place, Ada's hand pressing her lips. Ramon…

"So…that Nomar guy was telling the truth: He IS Dne." Justin forms his fists. "And he's been using Ramon the whole time."

"Without us knowing about it." Ada strokes her chest.

Ramon pants, blood sliding down his maw. "I'm sorry, everyone. I'm s—RAAH!" He unleashes plenty more goos, aiming towards an unconscious Chikorita guard. She wakes up, her armor shuffling.

"U-Ugh…what ha—" she eyes the goos, gasping. "N-No! I'm a rookie, plea—ACK!" The liquid stabs the guard, absorbing her quickly. She screams, screeching across the whole area as the group gazes, eyes rattling endlessly.

Ramon cries. "N-No…"

"Okay: Now I REALLY don't want to become an Unmon!" X shouts.

Another black liquid springs towards Roan and Coleo, the two widening their eyes.


Roan gropes his face and, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Simon grits his teeth. "ROAN, NO!"

Roan shields himself, closing his eyes.


The Axew opens, gasping. Tress coughs out blood, the substances engulfing his main body. The Sylveon slowly looks at Roan. "A-Ah..." He whimpers, the goos yanking him away.

"Tress!" Both Ace and Nered yell, the latter running over to the Sylveon.

"Don't!" Henry yells. "It's too dangerous."

"No! Tress needs hel—" a ribbon wraps around the Roserade's leg, tripping her. "AH!" She gets dragged, stroking the ground desperately.

"Oh shit!" The teen groans, his glasses tilting forward.

Tress whimpers, hoping his ribbon gets him out of the substance: It doesn't, the bloody ooze gripping further. Penelope frowns, jolting towards Nered. Henry gasps.

"Penelope, come back!" Henry groans, keeping the shield up. Shit!

The humanoid lifts her arms, stopping Nered with Psychic. She grunts, her feet dragging against the concrete due to the goo's strength, bleeding. "Ngh!" Her sun hat shuffles. "I knew Unmonization was tough, but I never knew it's this tough!"

Ramon widens his eyes, shaking his head while the Sylveon shifts close to him. His heart beats with panic, feeling on the verge of collapsing. "I-I didn't mean to do any of this! I'm sorry, I'm sorry—I'M SORRY!" He wails, tears ruining him at this point.

Penelope grunts. "I can't hold on much longer!" She gasps, being flung forward. "AH!"

"..." Henry groans. "God dammit!" He leaves, dashing after Penelope.

"Henry!" Simon yells, groaning as he, Merlin, Ace, and X keep the shield up.

Henry jumps and grabs Penelope's arm, both moving mid-air. He then stabs the ground with his katana, slowing down. The Gardevoir sighs, keeping her focus on the Roserade. "Thanks."

Simon gulps. "Things aren't looking too good."

"Oh Arceus, no…" Ace whines, his arms trembling. The man sees most of the Sylveon submerging into the slime, his eyes trembling. "TRESS!"

Everything feels as though it comes to a halt: Tress eyeing his trainer, tears raining down. He thinks about how he met Ace, when he was an Eevee—upbeat, lively, hopeful…All thanks to him.


His face is devoured, the substance climbing the ribbon afterwards.


No response.

Ace sheds a single tear. "TRESS!"

Henry shakes his head. Dammit. He gnashes his teeth.

Penelope sighs, the ribbon growing numb as Penelope and Henry descend. The Gardevoir releases her Psychic, the ribbon freeing Nered. The Roserade holds her hand out. "N-No!" The ribbon jolts straight into the Zoroark: Completing Tress' consumption.

Ramon weeps, closing his eyes. "I-I didn't mean to! I sw-swear I didn't!" One large goo jumps out of his chest. "AAAAH!"

Henry lets go of Penelope and yanks his arms forward, his blue shield blocking off the large slime. It rams over and over, the boy coughing, his arm trembling. "Tch." He looks behind him: Everyone staring at the fox in pure horror, Ada and Delia cover their mouths from nearly gagging as Justin outright vomits, coughing.

"Oh screw that noise, fam!" His eyes quake, the boy backing away. "W-We need to do something about this!"

"AND FAST!" Courtney yells, her and Sylock hugging each other.

Ace weeps, lowering his arms. He drops to his knees, covering his face. Why? Why did this have to happen!? He remains there—trembling and whimpering and trembling once more, struggling with the reality bestowing him.

Tears crash down Jewel's cheeks, covering his chest while eyeing the dysfunctional Zoroark. Tress…

Blackburn closes his eyes, looking away. He clenches his fists, Ariel downright crying on him. Tress! the two think.

X, Merlin, and Simon are the only ones keeping the shield up, groaning. The Conjures hammer and slam, some rapidly jabbing the shield everywhere.

X coughs out purple blood, snarling. "Ack! Guys, we're not doing so well here!"

Simon looks at the Gardevoir, panting. "Penelope: Please use your Super Teleport to get us out of here."

Penelope gropes her chest. "But—" she pauses, eyeing Ramon. "…Let's fix him, first. I can't do this while someone is undergoing Unmonization." Gulps. "The risk of us getting hurt is too high."

"Then how are we going to fix Ramon?" Delia asks, not taking her gaze off the fox.

Roan nods. "Y-Yeah."

The green humanoid's hand rests on her chin, her head shaking. "I…have no clue, really." She looks at the two. "All I can think of is Ramon devolving back into a Zorua. But—" she whimpers. "He's in so much pain that he can't think properly."

The Mega Audino stares at the fox's barely noticeable wound, sniffling. "Audi…?" He then gasps, slamming a fist on the palm of his hand. "Audi!" He rushes towards Penelope, Blackburn staring at him.


The Audino taps Penelope, the Gardevoir eyeing him. "Hmm?"

Jewel places a hand against his chest. "I can heal him with Heal Pulse! That should at least calm him down a little." He lowers his head. "I think…"

Penelope caresses her chin. "Hmm…It's worth a shot." Nods. "Go for it."

The Audino frowns, standing in front of the Gardevoir. He brings his feelers forward as a pulse-like energy shoots out of him, jolting towards Ramon. The pink ball lands, circulating throughout the fox. His stab wound slowly stitches itself, the substances calming down around the fox.

Ramon sniffles: Lying in a pool of dark blood, tears covering his cheeks. He strokes the ground, repeating the following words: "I'm sorry." No pauses, as if his life depends on it. He keeps apologizing. Over and over and ov—


Ramon blinks, his rainy face looking up at the voice's location. "Huh…?"

Henry pants, retracting his katana, keeping the shield going. "Devolve. Now." Frowns. "Before it's too late."

"I…" Ramon whines. "I d-don't know what you mean by—AH!" Black blood oozes out of his maw, splattering.

"Once again: I will explain everything. Right now, your goal is one thing and one thing only: Devolve back into a Zorua." He sighs. "Focus on that please, Ramon."

"H-How do you—Ngh!" Tears mix with the liquid, the fox panting in exhaustion.

"Just focus, Ramon: Focus on devolving!"

The Zoroark nods. "O-Okay…"

The Hypno covers her mouth, shaking. The three magic users continue grunting as the others gaze at the fox with concern: Delia pressing her bow against her, Ada and Justin gripping their fists, Coleo caressing his chin, Roan quaking in place, Courtney and Sylock holding their hands together, and Zethor folding his arms. Blackburn and Ariel nudge beside Ace, whimpering at the sight.

We really need to leave, Zethor thinks, glaring.

X looks at Ace, Jewel rushing by his side. The Buizel groans. "Hey dude, I'll need your help here!" he says, coughing.

"Of course you do! A sorry little dipshit like you would ask for help!" Lycus yells in front of X, Ice Punching the shield.

X snarls. "Says the asshole that ditched me! SHUT UP!"

Ace looks at his hands. "I…" Whimpers. "I lost one of my closest friends. My companion…" Shakes. "Right in front of me." Tears drip onto those hands, the man forming his fists.

X groans. "Look, dude: We need you ASAP! Hell, we need any of you Sorcerous or whatevs to help us out already!"

Merlin winces, blood dripping down his lips. "Y-Yeah! N-Not sure how long I can keep this up!"

Ramon takes a deep breath, closing his eyes. He soon glows white, decreasing his height. His red hair fades along with his claws, his big fluffy tail returning. Everyone gasps, hearing the fox weeping through it all. His light fades, the Zorua lying in the melancholic pool. He shakes, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Ramon's eyes widen. "I-I…I've killed…" The fox can't even finish his sentence before erupting into more tears, crying. Henry lowers his hand, the shield fading. Everyone rushes towards Ramon: X, Merlin, Simon, and Ace remaining behind along with his three Pokémon.

They huddle around, Mesmeren being the first to pick him up, hugging him. "R-Ramon!" she cries, nuzzling.

"I-I'm…I'm sorry." Ramon gnashes his teeth. "I-I've caused so much trouble for you all. I-I kept him—them a secret from you…" The 11 remain silent, keeping their gaze on the fox. "I've lied about so many things: When asked if I'm okay, when asked about any further details on my past—just…so much." Whimpers. "I did all of this just so Nomar c-could help me recover my past. They were the one who guided me to Gloria Falls."

The Zorua's eyes tremble. "I'm not okay: I never was."

"Ramon…" Ada caresses her chest. "I…wasn't aware of you keeping all of this to yourself."

"But there's still that Transvian who survived the incident, right?" Justin says. "That part gotta be true."

Ramon shakes his head. "No, Justin: I am the Transvian who survived the Prospective Institute incident." Everyone gasps, eyeing each other with perplexion. Henry, Penelope, and Zethor remain silent, listening in on the Zorua. "All of this is my fault—the Prospective incident, the Synchronic incident: It all ties to me."

"Wait, what?" Delia blinks. "What do you mean by that?"

"Carly, Team Conjure's leader, was communicating with Nomar the whole time. On the same day your village was burnt down by them."

Ada's hand nudges her chest. "No way…"

The shield bashing persists, Ramon sighing. "The…reason why Team Conjure was there is because they wanted to obtain the Teleportation Spell."

Justin, Ada, and Delia's eyes widen, mouths ajaring.

"That means Mayor Herbert was a Spell Guardian," Ada concludes.

"Which…explains that Carly girl tossing him into his office. While holding the spellbook." Justin looks off to the side. "I…I need a moment to take all of that in, fam."

Ada bites her thumb. To think our village was connected with the incident…

Ramon lowers his ears. "The worst part is: I still don't remember my past…"

Henry presses his glasses. "We can talk about all of this in a better environment. But also Ramon…" Sighs. "Blaming yourself on all of this isn't helping: It's not your fault. You just…unfortunately got dragged into this whole mess."

"But how!? I wasn't being forward with how I feel, I have an ability that can be easily abused, a-and just…" Ramon grits his teeth. "Ugh!"

Mesmeren hugs him tightly. "C-Calm down."

Ramon gasps softly, looking up. "Mesmeren…"

"Just…please relax." Her eyes close, caressing the fox's head. "R-Relax…okay?"

"...O-Okay." Ramon buries into the Hypno's fur, whimpering softly.


Everyone yelps, looking at X: The three coughing out purple blood while Ace strokes his head, his Pokémon doing their best to cheer him up. Merlin whines, his arms trembling.

"I-I can't hang on much longer!" He cries, Carly ramming her fist against the shield. "ACK!" He coughs, falling to the ground.

"MERLIN!" X yells, groaning. He eyes everyone behind him. "HELP US OUT, DAMMIT!"

Henry grits his teeth, the shield fading its auras away. "God, this isn't looking good at all." He looks at Justin and Ada, tilting his head. "Let's go help them."

The teens nod. "Right!" The three rush over to X and Simon's side, their auras displaying onto the large shield: Keeping it up again.

"PENELOPE!" Zethor slams his electric fist down, the Gardevoir yelping. "USE YOUR SUPER TELEPORT, NOW!"

Penelope's hand presses her chest. "But…"

Team Conjure continues the assault: Carly sending Blizzards at the shield, Raiden casting random explosions on it, R Jump Kicking it, Arthur jabbing with his lance, Jester raining down, Sully using Mystical Projectiles with her hand and cane, Lycus continuing his Ice Punches, Xenia delivering multiple jabs with Invisible Hunter, and Nomar's Enforcer Reign throwing a large building at the shield.

The Gardevoir gulps, breathing irregularly, the group around her stroking their heads in panic. So…many of them.

"Well!?" Zethor exclaims, glaring.

Penelope shakes. None of this was a part of the plan. She looks at Henry, the older teen groaning alongside X.

"Ugh! These guys are RELENTLESS!" X shouts.

"You don't know the half of it," Henry states, grunting.

"Yeah no: These guys burned down my home village! I do know!"

"Tch, fair point!" Henry thrusts his arms forward, his glasses tilting.

"PEN!" Zethor yells. "What part of using Super Teleport do you NOT understand!?" He snarls. "USE IT ALREADY!"

"But—" Penelope bites her lower lip before shaking her head. "There's too many, okay!? There's too many people here to teleport!" Winces. "I've never teleported this many people before with my Rune, so I'm not sure if it's safe to use it!"

Henry sighs. "Penelope, we've talked about this before: It's part of the plan."

Penelope frowns. "No it isn't!" She slams a hand to her chest. "You specifically told us that we came here to rescue Ramon and teleport away. You never mentioned anything about others being with him!"

"That's because I didn't expect him to have so many friends. None of us did." Sighs. "So the plan changed to teleporting them away, too." The teen groans.

"But…" Penelope looks down. "I'm worried about what this could do to us, Henry."

"Pen, we have no choice: Sorcerous' teleportation is limited and you know it." Henry coughs. "Please hurry!"

Penelope stares at the teen, his glasses nearly falling off. She sighs, walking close to him. "Alright." She gazes at the others. "Everyone: Come close. We're all getting out of here." Black scleras take over her eyes as green irises form.

Roan nods. "No need to tell me twice!"

I agree! Sylock thinks. He and Roan rush over to Penelope's side, everyone following suit.

Bright pink auras glow from the Gardevoir's body, casting around everyone else. It shines, radiating throughout. Penelope closes her eyes, gritting her teeth. Gah! S-So many… She takes a deep breath. Focus. Please focus…

Jester tilts his head. "Eh?" The rivers keep pounding the shield. "The heck is going on in there?"

Soon, the gang teleports: All of Team Conjures attacks landing on the spot they once were, Carly Quick Attacking into it. Large smoke forms from the collision.

R stops and gasps. "Carly!"

The leader zips out of the spot and gets beside the teen, the flames dissipating. "It's fine. None of your moves hits me."

R sighs. "Phew. Thought we'd lost you for a moment, haha."

"Man." Nomar smacks his lips, folding his arms. "I wanted to see my descendent turn into an Unmon!" He lifts a rock via his force, sighing. "Imagine controlling your descendent. Wouldn't that be cool?" A sly smirk plasters across the blue fox's face.

Lycus shrugs. "Can't imagine doing that. I don't even want to come near my mistake, let alone control him. Ever."

Nomar lifts his hand up and down. "Your loss then."

"Alright, Conjures: We got the spellbook along with reviving Dne." The grunts clap enthusiasm as Carly takes out her Teleportation Spell. "Let's head back to HQ and see what Norris has in store for us."

Nomar claps. "Ooo, right! How many Spells do we have so far?"

"4," Carly confirms.

"Niiice!" The Zoroark puffs out his chest. "Looking forward to becoming my true deity self, once we get them all." He then blinks. "Wait, who's Norris again?"

Carly opens the book. "I thought you knew from our past telepathy discussions."

Nomar caresses his forehead. "Huh. I probably did, but being dead made me…forget things. Some flawless deity I am, huh?" He snorts.

"You're perfect, Dne! No worries!" Xenia says, purring. Sirens are then heard from afar, the Conjures eyeing up. "Cops are coming." She smiles.

"Understood." Carly keeps her book opened, eyeing Nomar. "I'll tell you who he is once we get back." The girl proceeds to chant the words 'Teleportation Spell' over and over, glowing blue along with the others.

The Shiny Zoroark grins. "Lovely."

Over by the large waterfall, Kellie arrives at the top, panting. They eye the light by the crater, limping close, stroking their arm. As soon as they and the cops are near: Team Conjure disappears.

Everyone gazes at the destructive spot: Broken structures, water, blood, and some corpses littering everywhere. One officer frowns.

"What happened here?" he asks, eyeing Kellie afar. Kellie strokes their head.

"U-Ugh…" Kellie strokes their forehead, falling to the ground.

The same officer gasps. "Let's go help them, quick!"

The officers rush around the crater, some doing quick patrols before reaching them. Meanwhile Elizabeth remains in the bushes, eyes trembling.

Th-That group…reminds me of those Hunters.

And with that came to the end of the this fic's third and final story arc. The next chapter will be the final chapter as a whole...Pretty surreal to think that I'll actually finish this fic. I'll save my thoughts at the end of the final chapter, but I'll say: Genuinely thank you to those that has been following this fic from start to finish, to both the quiet and vocal readers out there. It means the world to me knowing that this fic captures your interest this much.
Chapter 61. New

Sonic Ramon

Junior Trainer
Chapter 61: The Truth of Wizlore.

'Snow Forest'

The frozen sign states, nearing the chilly road. Wild Pokémon roam around: Frolicing in the snow, eating the frozen grass, and sometimes doing a mix of both. Two Smoochums toss snowballs at each other, laughing along the way. Winter Deerlings prance around, dodging the incoming snowballs from the Smoochums. The Deerlings then collide into each other, giggling.

Soon, a bright light appears in the middle of the road, scaring away the Defects. The light dissipates: Eight individuals lie there—Ramon, Justin, Ada, X, Mesmeren, Henry, Simon, and Penelope. The Gardevoir coughs out purple blood, painting the flakes. She strokes the ground, uncaring about the freezing temperature.

"Oh god!" Penelope haggles, gagging. Everyone looks at her. "I—" she borderline vomits before holding it in, covering her lips. "I did not expect it to hurt so much."

Ada and Justin look at each other, concerns flaring. The teen raises her hand. "Um Penelope, right?" She looks around. "Where…did you take us?"

Justin strokes his head. "Wait wait wait!" He scans around. "Where's our friends!? Wh…Where's MOM!?"

X raises his paw. "Well I'm here, but like—" his head tilts. "Yeah: Where are the others?"

Justin forms a fist. "Shit! We've been separated again, fam!"

Simon looks down, wrapping around his legs. "Poor Roan. Our reunion was short-lived…" A jab to the puffy snow catches Simon's attention, eyeing the girl staring at the ground, fury painting her.

"Team Conjure, I swear," Ada says, her claws summoning. "Those assholes!"

Henry shoots Penelope a cold glare. "What the hell was that!?"

The Gardevoir blinks. "What?"

"You separated us from Zethor." The mid teen throws his hands up. "You know how he gets when I'm not around, Penelope!" Huffing, he shakes his head. "And to think you can use your Rune properly."

"Shut it!" Penelope snaps, rubbing her forehead. "I teleported not 1, not 2, not even 3—10 is baby numbers—20." A fist slams to the ground. "20 people, myself included!" She groans, panting. "Doing all of that gave me a massive headache! So don't tell me I'm not using my Rune 'properly' because your Legendary buddy isn't with you, prick!"

Henry lifts his hands. "Whoa, relax Penelope. I'm—" he sighs. "I'm sorry for saying those things. I got carried away due to what happened today."

Penelope squints. "You're always at your worst under stress, Henry. Try addressing your aggression more, okay?" The Gardevoir looks up, the dark blues flourishing with the snow. "Besides, Zethor will fly his way back. He always does."

Henry nods, pressing his glasses back. "Right."

Simon rushes to Penelope, his non-metallic hand glowing blue. "Hold still." Penelope doesn't resist, letting the teen nudge her head.

X looks to his side, the frozen sign leaning against the tree. He points. "Looks like we're in somewhere called 'Snow Forest'."

Henry lifts his head. "Snow Forest? That means—" he eyes the road ahead: A tall mansion sits afar, the snow making it barely seeable. The brunette smacks the palm of his hand. "Brilliant: We're at my home nearing Chillnova."

"Ch-Chillnova?" Justin rubs his arms, shaking. "I know this place needs to chill on the novas."

Henry blinks. "What?" His head shakes. "Anyways, we're at the northwest of Wizlore, far from the southeast."

"Huh." The dark skin boy shivers. "D-Do it usually be chilly out here though, for real? Cuz I'm freezing."

X rubs his paws, blowing. "Same."

Henry nods. "There's some heat here and there, but generally speaking: It's cold."

"Joy," Justin and X say in unison, groaning.

Ada smiles, tugging her jacket. "At least I have this on, keeping me nice and cozy!"

Justin snorts, adjusting his gray bag that has totally been with him the whole time. "I'd imagine."

Henry snaps his fingers. "Before we go though, I need to introduce myself properly…" He turns to Ramon. "My name's Henry Rush. Beside me are Simon Victor and Penelope." His hand presses his chest. "Despite knowing zero things about us: We're on your side, Ramon." He eyes the other four. "That goes for you all, too."

Ada caresses her chin. "I see. Although, we have heard of Simon while traveling with his friend."

"Figures." Simon keeps healing the Gardevoir, smiling. "Roan did tell me about him making new friends. He must be referring to you guys."

Ramon eyes the three: The yellow heart pendant shuffling around Penelope's neck, the sleeveless black trench coat shrouding Simon, and the blue jeans covering Henry's legs. Henry's plain white shirt drifts to the wind, the blue glasses doing its best to shield his eyes of the same color. Meanwhile, Simon's red eyes gaze at Penelope's forehead, his blue fingernails resting on it.

Hmm… The Zorua glances.

Mesmeren looks. "Is something wrong?"

Ramon walks forward, staring up at Henry. "That reminds me—" pauses. "What's going on with Team Conjure and Dne? And…why do you know a lot about me?"

Henry, Penelope, and Simon stare at each other, exchanging brief nods. They then look back at the fox. "It's best if we talk at the mansion first."

"No." Ramon glares. "Tell me now."

Henry blinks. "Why?"

"Didn't you say you're by our side? Why can't you just tell me here? Why does it have to be at the mansion?" Ramon questions, tensing up.

Henry squints. "It's cold out here: We'll get sick if we stay for too long."

The fox sighs. "How can I trust you then?" Ramon glares once more. "How…am I sure that you won't pull a similar stunt Nomar did?"

Henry quirks his brow, pointing at Penelope. "She coughed blood out badly upon saving us from Conjure's wrath. Shouldn't that be proof of our intentions?"

Penelope blinks, tilting her head. That's…one way to put it. Her forehead stops glowing.

Ramon frowns, lowering his ears. "Hmm…"

"Look: Whether you trust us or not is up to you." Henry sighs. "I just don't want any of us to freeze to death. So please, consider staying at the mansion for the time being."

"...Fine." Ramon sighs. "Not like I have a choice, to be honest."

"S-Same here, fam! I need that w-warmth, BADLY!" Justin clatters his teeth, caressing his arms. "Man it be chilly!"

Simon pouts. "I know, right!?" He looks down. "My feet's getting cold from it all."

Henry squints. "Then wear some shoes next time!" Groaning, he caresses his temples. "I keep telling you that going around barefoot isn't good for you!"

"NO!" Simon whines, stomping. "I refuse!" His metallic fist is against his chest, the boy's head held high. "Shoes wouldn't let me appreciate the true meaning of hardships! Trudging through the many trials and errors across the bareness is the way to go."

"More like the way to die quickly." Henry shakes his head. "Let's go."

Everyone follows the path towards the mansion, Henry leading them all. Mesmeren coughs out black blood, blinking at the painted snow. Penelope turns to the Hypno, anxious.

"Change back to a Drowzee right now," she demands. "We don't need another Unmonization situation like before."

"O-Oh! O-Okay…" Mesmeren takes a deep breath, glowing white before decreasing her size: Her chest fur fading, her ears no longer being large. Once she finishes, she eyes around: Her yellow claws and bangs still intact, her eyes remaining in the black scleras state. She blinks. "Huh!?"

"We'll explain those changes once we get to the mansion." Penelope smiles. "It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's just how Transvian works."

"Oh. N-Noted, then."

Everyone continues onward until they stop, reaching the large mansion. Beige colors spread from left to right, up and down: A couple windows littering the place followed by a red door ahead, being large enough for even a Copperajah to fit in!

Henry steps on the porch, raising his fist.

. . .




A Primarina sits at the desk, tweaking and cranking a random object. He's near the stairs leading up to the top floor, living rooms being on either side. Wooden textures spread throughout the entrance and workplace, stopping at the living rooms' carpets. Antiques lay across the walls, one of them containing a portrait of a young boy with his parents, a Popplio waving beside him while smiling.

The sea lion has short hair unlike the usual long ones of his kind, toolkits wrapping around his blue tail. Goggles shroud his cyan eyes, pulling out a power drill before drilling the object.


The Pokémon keeps drilling, the screws inserting inside the object.


The Primarina stops.


"Ugggh…" He calmly sets his drill down, lifting his goggles. His eyes roll, staring at the ceiling. People.

Sighing, he turns around and flops towards the front door. He opens it: Henry and company standing before him.

The mermaid squints. "I was in the middle of something."

Henry squints back. "You're always in the middle of something." He taps his foot. "Why didn't you unlock the door sooner?"

"Because: I was fixing a machine."

"What machine, Adrian?"

Adrian scoffs. "None of your business machine."

Henry sighs, closing his eyes. "Whatever. Unlock the door quickly next time I ring it, alright?"

"Since when did you become a parent figure here?" His arms fold. "Last I checked, I'm older than you."

Henry lifts a finger. "By one age: 18."


"I—" Henry covers his face, groaning. "Okay, fair point but still: Be more wary of your surroundings instead of being way into your gadgets!"

"Hey, I'm not THAT into them." Adrian tilts his head, eyeing up. "Okay, maybe a little, but still: I can hear what's going on around me."

Henry folds his arms, shaking his head. "Really now? Then why haven't you open the do—"

"Yo fam: The WEATHER!" Justin interrupts. "Argue while we're inside, not outside!"

Henry nods. "Fair point." He walks in.

"Thank you."

Everyone else follows suit, Adrian trailing back to his desk. Henry points to the living room on the right: Four sofas, a chair, a table, and a fireplace lying ahead. "Let's have our talk there."

Everyone nods, heading over to the sofas.

. . .


The fire flickers being its company.

"..." Justin sits in the first middle sofa, his legs spreading, his elbows resting.

"..." Ada sits beside him, staring down with her hand to her lips, her legs crossing.

"..." X and Mesmeren sit on the second middle sofa, looking to their left, anxiousness radiating.

"..." Ramon is beside Mesmeren, frowning off to the side, his ears drooping.

Simon and Penelope sit on the left sofa, being beside Henry. The teen rests in his chair, wielding a book as a drill echoes nearby.

The boy leans back, closing the red plain book, displaying its title: 'The Truth of Wizlore'.

"Okay." The brunette presses his glasses. "To go over all of what I've read: Transvians were once considered extinct until the Prospective Institute incident happened, leading to more of them being revealed alive this whole time."


"This even includes two Intellicates having a chance of birthing a Transvian."

"Right…" X lowers his brows. "Asscus told me about that." He stares off. "Still find that hard to believe…"



"It explains why you, Ramon, Mesmeren, and even Penelope are capable of Ki—"


The boy slams the book down, staring at the main hall. "Adrian, for the love of Arceus: TONE IT DOWN!" He throws his hands up. "We're in the middle of a serious conversation here!"

"Ugh. Fiiine, I'll use the wrench instead," the Primarina says next door.

"Thank you!" The teen sighs, rubbing his eyes. "Sorry about that. Adrian tends to get really noisy with his tools."

Ada chuckles. "I can tell."

Henry clears his throat. "Anyways—" he stares at X. "You four are capable of Kind Sensory, whi—"

"I can explain this one, Henry. As a Transvian myself." Penelope smiles. "Kind Sensory lets us Transvians sense each other's presence whenever we're nearby." Cyan auras cast around her hand. "It's thanks to the magic blood within us that increases our mind's awareness of one another."

"Huh. That's dope!" The Buizel tilts his paw at Mesmeren and Ramon. "No wonder why I was having that funny feeling whenever I'm near these two."

"Y-Yeah! It also explains that feeling while I'm around Ramon the first time we met."

Ramon nods. "Mhm."

Henry lifts his hand. "Indeed, but we're getting off topic here." He holds his book up, clearing his throat. "While it's true that Transvians experienced a resurgence after the incident, someone—a group, rather—in the Wizlore Government don't want the public to know about this due to what we're told from The Birth of Wizlore."

Justin folds his arms. "So basically we've been lied to?"

Henry presses his glasses. "Absolutely." He sets the book on the table, a portrait lying beside it. "The public, the other side of the government, the Spell Guardians—all convinced that Transvians are still extinct when that's not the case."

X quirks his brow. "But wait, wouldn't the public end up knowing about the lie the moment they see a Pokémon evolve and devolve back out of the blue?"

Henry shakes his head. "No: The public would dubbed them as 'abnormal' by government standards, giving the other side a perfect opportunity to take the Transvian away."

X grits his teeth. "Yeesh! Kidnapping much?"

"Essentially that, yes." The teen taps the book.

Ada caresses her chin. "I see…" She lifts a finger. "You've mentioned 'the other side of the government': Aren't they all aware of this lie? Conspiracy, actually."

"Not really. Or at least those I'm not aware of." He folds his arms, crossing his legs. "All I know is that this group has succeeded in their goals to convince the world about Transvians' extinction. They're called B Side, and they're doing everything in their power to keep it a secret." His lens glisten. "Including working with Team Conjure."

Justin and Ada lower their brows with perplexion. "What!?"

Henry eyes the Zorua. "Like you've said before Ramon: You're the Transvian who survived the incident, becoming the first Defect to succeed Project Transvian."

"Yeah…" Ramon looks down. "What led to the success?"

"Your blood." Henry waves his hand around. "Thanks to your parents, their bits of magic blood have passed down to you, leading to your non-magic blood fusing with the magic ones." He caresses his chin. "From what I can remember, the Defects those scientists used had only normal blood, making it difficult for the fusion to happen."

"I see." The Zorua flicks his ears. "Was my parents Transvians?" He blinks, his ears lowering. "...Do I even have parents, I wonder."

The teen blinks, staring off. "I…have no clue, honestly." He looks back. "But assuming that you do, I'd say they're not Transvians, maybe? Your parents were most likely Intellicates that birthed a Defect, which is a rarity."

Ramon gazes at the fireplace. "Interesting."

Ada tilts her head. "Here's my question, though: How do you know all this? About the conspiracy and how Ramon used to be a Defect?" Her hands rest on her knees.

Henry looks away, adjusting his glasses. "I'm…not sure if you're ready for the truth." Sighing, he closes his eyes, melancholy echoing his tone.

Penelope huffs. "Oh quit being dramatic, will you?" She eyes Ada. "He used to work for Team Conjure and was close friends with Dr. Xander Yvonne. It's the reason why he has a beam katana and Simon has arm cannons."

Justin widens his eyes, his mouth ajar. "Shit, really?"

"Indeed!" Simon lifts his metallic hand, shapeshifting it into twin cannons. "Adrian even modified it into my arm and everything!" He reverts it back to normal.

Adrian shouts, "I did it because I was bored, by the way! Don't get the wrong idea here!"

Simon laughs in an awkward manner, scratching his head. "Haha…right."

Ramon eyes Henry's katana, the hilt clinging to his waist. The fox gasps. "Wow…No wonder those weapons look familiar."

"They look dope, dude!" X leaps up and down on the couch, jabbing the air. "I be seeing you two going 'pew pew' and 'pow pow' with those things earlier, haha!"

Henry points at the weasel. "One, relax on the sofa. And two, I don't know where you hear any 'pews' and 'pows' whenever I use my katana."

X stops. "It's called figure of speech, bro."

Ada quirks her brow. "Huh. I'm surprised you even know what that is."

The Buizel scoffs, stroking his chest. "The hell does that imply, Ada?" The girl simply giggles, leading the weasel to pout. "Hey!"

Simon snorts before nodding. "Regardless, thanks." He stares at his metallic hand. "Dr. Yvonne is a magnificent man for gifting these useful weapons to Henry." The boy holds his hands together, nuzzling them. "If it weren't for him, I would've had to rely on one arm." He sighs. "Then again, I could've also been dead, too." His hand rests on Henry's, the latter blushing. "I once again can't stress my gratitude for saving me there. Seriously…thank you, Henry."

Henry scratches his nose, his lips quivering. "N-No problem…"

Ramon blinks. Is he blushing?

Henry clears his throat. "Anyways, Penelope—" he glances. "You could've at least let me build towards the truth about myself, you know? Giving me some, uh—" his glasses glisten. "Flare to my background."

The Gardevoir shrugs. "Eh, we're in an ongoing serious situation. I think dramatizing it is the last thing anyone wants to hear"

The teen sighs, his arms slouching. "Fair enough."

X eyes the portrait: The familiar yellow necklace Charmeleon and friends being there. He points. "Hey, that's the same portrait I saw Noctis having."

Ramon looks as well. "Huh. You're right."

Henry gasps. "Did you say Noctis?"

The weasel scratches his head. "Yeah?"

"...How's he doing? Is he, um…okay?" Henry's voice is that of sorrow, concern dancing from it.

"Wait a second: You know him!?"

"Yes: He's another beloved friend of mine." Henry grabs the portrait, nudging the spot where the blue jacket teen is. "This is me beside him and Yvonne."

"So like: Who's the Riolu there?" X asks.

"Travis," Ramon concludes.

"HIM!?" Justin and Ada exclaim.

"Noctis and Yvonne are friends with him, so naturally Henry would be, too."

Henry nods. "Hitting the nail on the coffin there."

X slowly nods. "Man…that explains so much."

"Yeah, man. I always wondered who the guy with the blue jacket is, when I first saw him." Justin nudges his head. "Crazy how you also know Travis, too."

Henry raises his brow. "Why's that?"

Ramon sighs. "Because Travis was trying to kill me for causing Dr. Yvonne's death."

"Oh…" The teen scratches the back of his head shyly. "I wasn't aware of that. I had a feeling his death would make him sad, but didn't expect it to…have him come after you over this."

"How weren't you aware of Travis' pursuit?" Ada asks.

"I, uh…moved out."

Ada blinks, shaking her head. "And why's that?"

"I had a falling out with Noctis: His consistent self-loathing and pushing others away had driven me to just…leave." Henry sighs. "I'm ashamed of doing that. But I thought it was for the best to have him improve himself."

Ada glares. "Have you tried to call him, at least?"

"I have! He wouldn't answer my calls!"


Henry scratches the back of his head, chuckling softly. "Yeaaah…Despite saying he's my close friend, his behavior speaks the opposite."

"After meeting him, I can see that!" X grimaces. "Yeesh."

Ramon blinks in bewilderment. "Wait a second: How come Noctis never mentioned you when he was telling us about his past?"

Justin caresses his chin. "Yeah, homie got a point here."

Henry stares. "...Ah." Sighing, the teen shakes his head. "Figure he'd purposefully forget that I was there with him, Yvonne, and Travis."

"Bruh," X and Justin say, squinting.

Penelope's hands press her chest, gazing at the Zorua. "Our sincere apologies for all of this happening to you."

"No…" Ramon strokes the sofa, whimpering. "I-I deserved it, honestly."

Justin shakes his head. "Nah fam, you don't." He frowns. "Sure, you're the Transvian that survived the incident, but consider: You don't remember anything from your past."

"That's…true." The Zorua lowers his head. "But it doesn't mean Yvonne had to die because of it! Maybe if he didn't find me in Avalon Forest a long while back, then none of this would've happened." Soon a brief memory of the Zorua being saved by some scientists shows up, the main one rushing towards him. He blinks into reality. "Wait…I remembered."

"Hmm?" Ada gazes at him, perplexed.

"Nomar told me that Dr. Yvonne saved me at Avalon Forest, along with Travis and the other scientists!" The fox stares off. "I couldn't remember due to focusing on my wound. But now that everything settled, I remembered that part of my memory."

"That's…interesting. You did mention about failing to remember anything from your past before the Gloria Falls stuff happened."

"Yeah. So here's the thing I'm wondering: Why?" He stares at his paws. "Why am I now starting to remember my past?"

Henry rubs his chin. "I have a theory. And I think it's the most accurate one."

X shakes his paws. "Well spit it out then!"

"I…was going to." Henry blinks, sighing. "So: I believe Dne was purposefully erasing your past memories while their soul was inside of you. That way, they can continue their manipulation." He glares off. "I bet this happened as soon as you became a Transvian too, the bastard."

Ramon shakes his head. "But how so? I was knocked out after the Prospective incident happened. Plus, Dne showed me I was taken away by those scientists during one of my dreams."

"Good point." The teen presses his glasses. "That's why I also believed they did this after you became conscious. Or maybe it's during your unconsciousness." He taps his foot. "Can't say for certain, but knowing them, it could very well be the latter due to your amnesiac state."

"Ah…That's right. Nomar did tell me that he connected with me while I was knocked out." He frowns. "Well, he already was connected with me while I was a Defect. But I guess he couldn't manipulate a Defect to do his bidding as opposed to a Transvian?" His ears lower. "Regardless: I wouldn't doubt them having the ability to erase my memories, considering they're a deity."


Penelope gasps. "That reminds me!" She glances at Ramon, X, and Mesmeren. "You three: Try not to get caught by Team Conjure and B Side."

X folds his arms. "Hmm?"

"Like Henry mentioned—" Penelope's hand presses her chest. "B Side is doing everything they can to hide the truth, which includes capturing Transvians by any means."

"Yeah, that does relate to the whole 'abnormal' thing Henry mentioned before." X frowns.

"Indeed. He forgot to mention what happens if they take a Transvian away." Penelope holds her hands. "B Side will turn them into Unmons, a different kind of Pokémon species that can be manipulated by someone like Dne."

Mesmeren shakes. "O-Oh no…"

Henry nods. "Yep, it's pretty bad." He sets the book onto his lap. "I've already told my other friends to head towards the Replen Kingdom, where the Immunity Spell Guardian is at."

"Replen Kingdom?" Ramon asks.

"It's a royal kingdom located at the very north of Wizlore." He squints, looking away. "Knowing Dne is alive with the Bitter Glory in hand is…not good." Grits his teeth. "Not in the slightest."

"Wh-What's the Bitter Glory?" Mesmeren asks.

"The gem on Dne's chest." Henry stares at the book. "It allows them to use their Rune without any of its negative effects such as hurting them upon using it." Glares. "Think of it as foreshadowing for what they can do after achieving their deity form."

Mesmeren's hand raises, nudging her maw. "Oh dear."

Simon lifts his finger. "I should also mention that Dne's eyes look different whenever they use their Rune. It's not the usual black ones with specific colored irises."

Henry nods. "Yeah, which is strange."

"Wait, is that why my eyes look like this whenever I use my Rune?" X asks, pointing at his orange irises within black scleras.

"Positively!" Penelope answers. "They revert back to normal after a day has passed."


Mesmeren raises her hand. "Th-That reminds me: Why do I have claws?" She then touches the hair covering her left eye. "A-And this, too!"

Penelope waves her hand. "You've used Transvolution for the first time, the kind that allows you to evolve and devolve by will. You'll develop extra features on yourself that no ordinary Pokémon would have."

"Such as the hair over my eye?" Ramon asks, blowing on it.

The Gardevoir snaps her fingers. "Correct. And the reason why I've told you and Mesmeren to devolve is because your evolved forms aren't your MS form."

"MS?" Ramon and Mesmeren tilt their heads.

"Main Stage." Penelope sighs, closing her eyes. "It's a bit complicated, but I'll explain shortly: Transvians have a MS that allows them to transvolve back into, without the risk of becoming an Unmon. You two's evolved forms aren't the MS, meaning you'll risk becoming an Unmon the longer you stay in it."

X folds his arms, tilting his head. "Does this mean we'll never truly evolve?"

"No, actually: Transvians can undergo normal evolution just like any other Pokémon. It's just the difference is, the evolved form becomes the Transvian's new MS form…" Penelope sighs, bowing. "Hopefully that was easy to understand. Apologies if it wasn't, otherwise!"

"I see." Ramon's ears flicker. "Have you used Transvolution before, Penelope?"

"I have!" The humanoid smiles.

Ada blinks. "But I don't see any drastic features on you, unlike Mesmeren and Ramon."

Penelope giggles. "Ah, but look closely." She points at her face, everyone squinting: A beauty mark lies on her right cheek.

"Oooh. I didn't notice the mark until now!"

"Some features are less obvious than the others." The Gardevoir adjusts her hat. "Pretty neat, huh?"

"I-Indeed." Mesmeren pokes her fingers together.

X ignites aquatic flames from his paw, gazing. "All of that is cool, but none of it explains why I can use Magic moves, though." His attack fades. "Primary and Secondary."

The Gardevoir shrugs. "That's simple: Magic."


"In your blood. Your magic blood: It gives you those three moves, just like Sorcerous." Penelope smiles. "What makes us different is that we don't have the Magic typing: Just our normal Pokémon ones." She tilts her head. "For some reason, we're unable to copy any Pokémon's attributes like Sorcerous could."

"Still boggles my mind that we can do that, by the way," Justin says, staring at his hand: Blue auras radiating.

"I see." X looks at Henry. "Okay so we know that Nomar—erm, Dne—Nomar Dne has the Bitter Glory, which is a yikes."

"Without a doubt."

"So then what happens if they get all of the Spells?"

Henry grips his fist. "It'll form into the Ultimate Spell."

"The Ultimate Spell?" Everyone except Penelope and Simon ask.

Henry nods, opening the red book. "It's…best if the book explains." He turns a couple of pages before stopping.

"The Ultimate Spell: A combination of all eight Spells together, capable of providing anyone unlimited usage of its Spells. It's the key to having Dne achieve their true form, a form that anyone struggles against, regardless of the Spell spreading across Wizlore. Despite the threatening potential, this Spell has its downsides: It'll—"

"..." X waves his paw around. "It'll what?"

"The author didn't finish." Henry turns the book around, showing the end of the page cutting off abruptly. "I guess she ran out of time writing it."

"Bizzare..." Ada gazes down. "So this Ultimate Spell will make Nomar strong if he gets his hands on it?"

"Stronger, correction. Everyone in Wizlore will have the Spell's powers, regardless of what species they are. It's just that Dne will be the strongest of them all."

"Jeez…sounds wack, yo."

"Beyond it, even." Henry nods. "Thankfully, even the most powerful Spell has its weakness." He caresses his chin, gazing down. "If only we know what that weakness is, then we'll be able to stop Dne even after they achieve their form…"

"Right." Ada caresses her chin, succumbing to thoughts.

"..." Ramon sighs, jumping off the sofa.

Mesmeren looks. "Where are you going?"

The Zorua looks to his side and stares at the windows, the snow dancing across the night sky. "To look outside." Glances. "I…need some time to process all of this."

"May I come with you?" Mesmeren asks.

Ramon shakes his head. "No…I really need to be left alone. Just…" Ears lower. "Everything feels like a lie: Who Nomar really was, who I am, the origin of Wizlore." He whimpers. "I feel like a fool for trusting Nomar the whole time, and in return: I got you all in this mess."

Ada lowers her head. "Come on, Ramon. You know this isn't your fault: None of it is."

The Zorua sniffles, tears beginning to form. "I wish I could agree. But again: All of this ties to me." Mesmeren hops out of the sofa. "I'm sor—" Ramon gasps, his torso being wrapped by the Drowzee.

"You're not a fool," she says, nuzzling. "You're lost and confused about the world you're in. L-Like everyone else…" Mesmeren sighs, caressing the fox's back. "We're all still learning about it. Together." She pulls back, staring into the fox's blue eyes. "Like you've told me before: Don't blame yourself for something beyond your control." Smiles.

Ramon stares back: Remaining completely still as that exact phrase circulates throughout his mind. Mesmeren… He smiles back at a gradual pace, walking towards the windows ahead.

Mesmeren watches, her hand clenching her ribbon. Ramon…

Henry stares at his book, the clock above the fireplace ticking. He then gasps. "Oh!" He sets the book back on the table, clasping his hands together. "Alright: Now that you know about the real history of Wizlore…" He rests on his elbows. "We need to save the book's author."

"Eh?" Justin tilts his head. "What happened to her?"

"She was detained by the Wizlore government when attempting to release The Truth of Wizlore." Henry crosses his legs. "Definitely B Side's doing."

"Hmm." Ada lays a hand on her chin. "Somehow we've never asked about who the author is on the Wizlore books."

"Yeah." Justin leans forward, slouching. "What's her name?"

Penelope caresses the side of her arm, gazing down. Henry leans forward, his glasses glistening before saying the following:


Five stories.

One true journey…

In Magic & Transvolution 2!


So...here it is. The ending to this fic.

I was not kidding when I said that I felt very emotional when I read the words "Magic & Transvolution 2" because I...still can't believe I've made it far enough to officially end off the first installment of this fic, let alone ending off a fic in general. It's been a wild ride: Going through the fic's ups and downs, the moments I've enjoyed and the moments I didn't enjoy. But overall, it was a writing journey of my own.

I want to thank every single one of you who's been following this fic since the first chapter, both the quiet and the vocal ones. Your interest in this fic means the world, to me. And I appreciate it a lot. M&T1 has ended, but the series itself isn't over. There's still its sequels: M&T2, 3, 4, and 5. Yes, I am THAT ambitious about the things I want to do in this series and I'll make it my goal to achieve it. I'll talk more about it once I create a M&T Extra book soon, something that all of you should look forward to as it'll be the basis on anything news related about this series from there on!

I hope you all enjoyed this ending along with the fic in general. See you all in the sequels! n_n
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