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  1. Negrek

    Pokémon Exquisite Corpse 2023: Heist II

    Welcome to our second heist exquisite corpse for 2023, and the last to be posted for the 2023 season! Our writers have put together a thrilling tale of high-stakes thievery and thrilling action (and cats!), with just as many twists and turns as you'd expect from an exquisite corpse. Our crack...
  2. Sonic Ramon

    Pokémon Mixturing Moves
    Threadmarks: Summary.

    Solark, a world of Pokemon with no humans. Living together in peace and harmony while improving society from preying on each other. Within this world lies Iris, a Dragonite who vows revenge on a Legendary that took the life of someone dear to her. She'll have friends along her travels and...
  3. Kbludoh

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: The Shadow Catalyst
    Threadmarks: Main Story - Prologue - It Looms

    Summary Ember lived a peaceful life in Pidove's Nest as the town's engineer until a cryptic letter sends her in a search for her long last seen father. Ancient shadow forces, however, creep ever closer. Relying on her hopes, skills, and allies she makes along the way, she goes on a journey...
  4. SnapDragon

    Pokémon PMD: Flowerbeds

    A human turned Dewott named Oswald wakes up in a world full of talking pokemon with no memories of how he got there. He soon finds himself at the center of a power struggle between opposing forces that seek to use him for their own personal gain. Completely unaware of the true nature of his role...
  5. Turkeyuwu

    Pokémon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Royal Replacement
    Threadmarks: Summary + Cover + Chapter 1 - Prologue

    Hello there! Crossposting this work from AO3 and FFN so no need to panic if you've seen this over on those sites before. I will be posting new chapters once a week until it catches up with the main version (10 chapters as of 12/12/23). The AO3 version remains my "main" and "superior" version...
  6. Kiba Makuro

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Gears of Mana

    In a world filled with Mana, the gears are always ticking. Linus, Glade, and Nevada of Team Sharp Claw need strength to recover the Artifacts that ruined the land. Artifacts they cannot use. And so does Kobi, one of their future Teammates, one who can use them. When more Artifacts and info on...
  7. JFought

    Pokémon The Legacy of Light: Sword
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    It’s a big ask, but I want you to trust me. I won’t pretend to know how you feel. Our experiences are different, that much is true. But the worlds we see, they are not that different, for they are grounded in the same earth. Our feelings, they are not that different, for they come from the...
  8. BossCar

    Pokémon I'm A Salanmence (Re-Posted)

    I'm A Salamence Rating: T Genre(s): Friendship, Fluff, Humor, Action Floccesy Town, Floccesy Ranch, and its surroundings serve as a distinct contrast to the protruding skyline of Aspertia City in the distance. The rolling farmlands in and the countryside atmosphere is a trip back in time...
  9. Pikachuguy

    Pokémon Pokemon mystery dungeon: Labyrinth Travelers

    In a world full of cursed dungeons and labyrinths, it takes great courage and responsibility to face danger in the names of those who cannot defend themselves, and it takes great experience to bring justice to the world. It only leaves one to wonder; what good are a group of meddling kids...
  10. Forestoak

    Pokémon Paldea's Awakening

    Content Warnings: No blood, but to be semi-realistic, there will be extra features, like any number of pokemon in battle, no limit to moves, no limit to turns, and bathrooms. Yes, bathrooms. There will be semi-violence for battles, and pokemon death(or rather, just the fear). Um, oky, this is...
  11. yooloo33

    Pokémon The Only Way

    The Only Way Content warnings: Violence, descriptions of injuries and blood, character death, brief (fictional) drug usage, sexuality and implied sex. Prologue “If you’re just joining us, we have exclusive coverage of Sinnoh’s parliament session, Live from the Sinnoh Pokemon League.” The news...
  12. TheWinterComet

    Pokémon Anew
    Threadmarks: First Post

    ~Anew~ You must chase your goal into a new unknown, and only then may you call yourself a Pokémon Trainer. Ciel Fauder is thrust into the life of a Trainer in an attempt to find purpose, while Ethan Hibiki and Lyra Kotone chase a delinquent connected to a criminal revival. Extended retelling of...
  13. BestLizard

    Pokémon PMD: Below
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Layla

    Below The world of Pokemon lives in a cruel underground world with no known escape. The heroes of Team Surface dream to reach the surface and embrace its mythicized freedom, but such adventure ensnares them in a sinister conspiracy surrounding the humans before them. Can they cut through the...
  14. Akeira146

    Pokémon In Destiny & Fate: Omen's Child
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Prologue

    Summary: The universe has an order. When Fate shuffles its cards, Destiny always comes to play. Garnet Stone was the child to Pokémon League Champions— a current and a former, that is. All her life, she was overshadowed by the fame and success that was never hers. As she sets out on a journey...
  15. windskull

    Non-Pokémon Origin
    Threadmarks: Notes and Table of Contents

    Hitoshi Nakamura's life is about to get flipped on its head. While walking home from an average work day, he encounters an alien that gives him superpowers and grants him the title "Bravoman." And not a moment too soon, With villains beginning to rise in his sleepy hometown, he'll have to learn...
  16. ShiniGojira

    Pokémon Just a Normal Day
    Threadmarks: Summary and Author Notes

    Summary: When he first awoke in a body not of his own, he, like any normal person, freaked the hell out. He was very sure he was not supposed to not a tail, claws not scales. Thankfully, he had the power of meta-knowledge on his side so he was surely gonna have a fun time trapped here, right...
  17. AceTrainerWesley

    Pokémon Liberation

    This story contains swearing. If any of this bothers you, proceed with caution. This story is set in the same world as Midnight Hollow Pokémon School. Please check it out! This story a part of Short Stories involving Wesley. If you would like to read them, I suggest this order, despite it not...
  18. AceTrainerWesley

    Pokémon Worthy

    This story contains strong language, mild violence and topics of mind control. If any of these bothers you, proceed with caution. This story is set in the same world as Midnight Hollow Pokémon School. Please check it out! This story a part of Short Stories involving Wesley. If you would like to...
  19. SinningFlame

    Pokémon Adventures Beyond!
    Threadmarks: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents: Arc 0: Starting a Journey- Chapter One Arc 1: Casteel City- Chapter Three Arc 2: Forest Grotto- Chapter ??? Arc 3: ???- Chapter ???
  20. Sonic Ramon

    Pokémon Magic & Transvolution
    Threadmarks: Summary.

    A curious Zorua with amnesia, seeking his past memories. A playful boy with sarcasm, searching for his mother. A serious girl with dignity, thirsting for vengeance on Team Conjure. What do Ramon, Justin, and Ada have in common? Why being lost in the vast Pokemon region of Wizlore, of course...
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