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Sonic Ramon

Bug Catcher
Ramon the Zorua travels around the vast region of Wizlore region, seeking out any knowledge to recover his memories. Two humans, Justin and Ada, journey with him for their own purposes. One seeks to get her revenge, the other seeks to find his mother. With their goals in mind, the three will experience two elements that make the Wizlore region grand and impactful: Magic & Transvolution. (This fic will be posted weekly every Thursdays and Sundays until this site is all caught up on it!) (Edit: Almost forgot to mention that any feedbacks and constructive criticisms are nice!)
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Chapter 1.

Sonic Ramon

Bug Catcher
Disclaimer: This fanfic contains blood, death, and minor language.

Chapter 1: The Beginning Part 1.

Darkness fills the entire corridors of hollowness, the voids consuming each and every angle; nothing moves. A mere voice, however, shatters the silence, the shadows dissipating. The fade resembles one's eyelids; the more they rise, the brighter it gets. Once the darkness fades, a red paw hovers over the eyelids. A groan is being followed by grim breathing and staggering pants.

The owner of the soft voice originates from a black fox known as a Zorua, who caresses his red eyelids. He groans a second time, grooming his large red tuft and gray tail. His eyes shift around, head turning and tilting. Where...am I? he thinks, surrounded by dark walls with little to no light. He gets up and winces, holding his belly and clenching his teeth. Ugh...Why am I in pain? He gazes, the darkness shrouding his view the more he stares. ...Doesn't look like I can see anything. The fox sighs, hesitation creeps in. The cold, solid ground nudges his paws at each and every step. He shivers, the Zorua clittering his teeth and grunting.

Eventually the lights glitter their way into existence, shining like a shooting star blasting through the night. Oh? He walks towards the light. And walks, walks, walks...Until finally, he reaches its location: A peephole. The Zorua tilts his head. He lays his paw against it, creaks screeching. Hmm. He then uses both of his paws and pushes forward. He groans, the hole eventually bursting open as he rolls out of it. He bumps against the wall and yelps, rubbing the top of his head. He gasps at his surroundings.

"Whoa," he says, seeing the many white walls plastered everywhere. Decaying and crippling walls, tables, and chairs lie from one place to the next; one of the tables breaks apart as if it were ants scattering across the floor. The Zorua blinks, moving his head back. Hmm...What a peculiar place.

He looks to his side, yelping at the site. What the? A man's corpse lies against the wall as red liquid drips and trails from him. He remains still, the pale skin suiting the deep claw marks on his chest. What happened to him? the Zorua thinks to himself, shaking and trembling.

Next to the corpse is a black collar, the fox tilting his head at it. "Hmm?" He walks towards the collar, the name 'Ramon' spreading across it. He raises his right brow. Who's Ramon? This guy? The Zorua shakes his head. No...It would be silly for someone like him to wear it. Hmm. He gazes at the blood trailing from the corpse to the crooked door. One thing for sure though. The Zorua shifts. ...at least I know where to leave.

He wanders around the facility's littered mess: Disorganized materials run through the corners and pathways, leaving none to escape its destructive nature. His face screams with adrenaline, his eyes shaking in place and his mouth hurling for safety. I-I'm not sure how I got here, or why the place is like this. The lights flicker on and off from the ceiling, sending chills throughout him. The Zorua soon steps on a liquid substance, his eyes blinking rapidly. "Hmm?" He looks down and shakes, his body weeping, his eyes rattling.

"H-Huh?" He winces, lifting his paw up only to spot blood on it. "More...blood?" He soon looks up, backing away from the site. Blood leeches all over the place, many corpses lying around the pool of it all. Some are shrouded in it while others chips away their skin, caressing the red floor. Wh-What happened here? He turns towards a black liquid mixing with the blood nearby, swirling in place. What in the world? The Zorua steps on another liquid behind him, turning around cautiously. His paws touch the black liquids, a mess developing all over them. He yelps and runs from the liquid, shaking them off.

"Aaah!" he screams, zooming past the death wasteland. He soon stops and pants, gazing at the ground and feeling his heart pound faster than a rabbit hopping away from its predator. The fox closes his eyes and breathes in the air, only to open them and cough. Oh gosh, it even smells, too! How come I didn't notice that earlier? He looks behind him, the trail of blood streaming its way to his paws. At least I'm no longer there. He exhales, shaking himself less and rising in relief: There's little to no blood in the new area.

The place is dark and ominous, with less ceiling lights for guidance. He gazes, his shakiness and breakdowns returning. This area being dark certainly isn't helping, though. He then hears a creaking noise nearby, the sound repeating itself over and over. The Zorua shivers, trembling once again. That doesn't help, either!

He takes another deep breath, nose scrunching before he shakes his head and exhales. I have to keep going, or I'll never get out of here, he thinks to himself, nodding his head with lower brows. He continues down the path of darkness, looking around with raising eyebrows and twitching ears. He bumps into a wall and turns, a door appearing at plain sight: The lights are barely lit.

Nevertheless, he approaches the door, laying his paws on it without question. He soon blinks and turns to the side. There lies a paper by the corner, still and lifeless. Hiding its deterioration within the folds. The Zorua tilts his head, raising his brow. "Hmm?" He walks towards it, the lights shining down on the two. The very words 'Project Transvian' lie on the paper.

"...Transvian?" he says to himself, proceeding to read it.

"This project will expand a Pokémon's potential by turning them into a deceased group of Pokémon species known as Transvians. It'll help any Pokemon regretting their evolutionary decisions, and revert their mistakes."

Expanding a Pokémon's potential by turning them into Transvians...What?
The Zorua continues.

"I believe I found a way to make the impossible possible. By adding magic blood to their circulatory system, it'll give their hearts a chance to adapt and blend the abnormal blood with their natural blood, regardless of the Pokémon being an Intellicate or a Defect."

Magic blood? Intellicate and Defect? What is this person talking about!?
The Zorua flickers his ears, releasing a soft sigh.

"In order for this project to become successful, we'll need to attempt the following-" the rest of the paper is smothered in blood.

Wow...What I just read makes no sense. He groans and closes his eyes, nudging his head against his paws as blood paints it. He then puts his paws on the gray metal door, pushing himself forward and grunting. Please tell me this is the way out. The door creaks open, gradually allowing the Zorua to enter. Another dark place is at sight, this one being larger than the previous. The ceiling lights all line up in a row, some providing little spotlights while others don't. Broken windows, tables, and chairs are spread across the area.

Nope. Far from it. The fox breathes in the air once more, gagging at the smell before proceeding. He glances around, lowering his ears as his eyebrows raise in unison. There's a ceiling light hanging back and forth, creaking and shrieking and creaking again. The Zorua's body shivers, deep breaths spawning to comfort it. Stay calm, he tells himself, lowering his eyebrows and nodding. Eventually he comes across a journal lying against a desk, its back facing him. Oh?

He walks to the journal and touches it, flipping it over. 'Dr. Yvonne's Project Entry' is the journal's title, mystifying the fox. He opens to a page that shows an unusual katana. The grip is blue with darker shades surrounding it; the blade itself has a cyan color and plasma look to it while it's shrouded in a variety of electrical surges. Whoa. The Zorua gazes at the mystique weapon, his mouth gaping and remaining still. The title of the weapon is called 'Project Beam Katana.' His eyes widened at such a title as the words 'Status: Success' are underneath it. This looks so cool!

He flips to the next page, another unusual weapon rearing its way into view. This one takes on the form of two arm cannons that's colored red; both are conjoined to one another, with a mini laser exiting its hole to occupy them. The title of this weapon is 'Project Arm Cannons,' with its status being a success as well. Wow! This looks cool, too! He flips through many more pages of the doctor's outlandish gadgets and experiments, such as a ring enabling someone to improve their memories and a watch that can transform into a suitcase.

This Dr. Yvonne guy sure makes a lot of interesting stuff. Some of them are even a success, too! The Zorua wags his tail. I wonder where these things are? Hmm. He smiles at each and every page, becoming fascinated by the scientist's numerous creations. It's only when he comes across a page with blood on it that lower his lips. Oh...

The words and images become too distorted, obscuring itself. The only things that aren't affected by bloodstain are the title and subtitle: 'Project Transvian. Status: Success. Subject-' the fox blinks at the following word 'Subject,' the blood next to it leaving room for uncertainty. He glances at the bloodstain, groaning to himself and shaking his head.

Hmm...Strange. Not just this: Everything I'm witnessing so far! The magic blood, the Intellicate and Defect, that Transvian project thing, the dead bodies, and this facility in general is just- he lowers his head, sitting down. Why am I here? Why can't I remember anything? D-Do I even know my name? The ceiling light falls and crashes on the ground, a loud shattering noise vibrates from it. The Zorua yelps and runs behind the desk, trembling and shaking in repetition.

He stares into the dark abyss, feeling his heart beat faster than usual, his breathing becoming louder and shakier. Soon he stops his breathing and closes his eyes, breathing in the air again before exhaling. His heart gradually returns to its normal pace, his muscles coming to ease. It's just the lights, Ramon. Calm down. He opens his eyes only to blink in a constant manner, raising his right brow.

Wait, Ramon? Where did I get that name from? The collar I saw earlier? The Zorua looks to the side, lifting his paw to stare at it. Perhaps that's my name? Or probably someone I know who wears that collar, and now I'm calling myself that individual's name for some reason? He sighs heavily. Either way, I'll roll with the name, since it's starting to resonate with me...apparently. The Zorua, now named Ramon, shifts himself before returning to the front, directing his eyes on the bloodstained journal. The many things I saw from this journal look intriguing and amazing, but it doesn't answer my questions, unfortunately.

Then lies a pathway leading up to a small light, the Zorua glaring and gazing at it. Maybe my questions will be answered once I escape from here. He nods and walks towards it, only to stop and look at the desk again. Although- he walks back and stares at the journal, picking it up with his mouth. Perhaps showing this journal to someone can help me piece together what's going on. All of the sudden, Ramon spits the journal out and coughs, wiping his tongue with his paws. Gah, the bloodstains! I totally forgot about them! YUCK! He spits some more, his face wincing from the putrid taste. And my bloodstained paws are making it worse! "BLAH!" he shouts, sticking his tongue out. He soon adjusts his head to slowly sink his teeth into the journal, grabbing it by the sides.

He continues on the pathway, the light appearing larger and larger as he gets closer. He ignores the two other pathways beside him, picking up the pace. He pants through the journal, sprinting like he's on a marathon. Soon a door becomes the source of the light, tilting slightly. Wasting no time, the Zorua leans his paws against the door, grunting and pushing.

Come on...Please be the exit. He groans and groans, panting more as he hears the door squeak and screech. He stops for a moment, slowing down his breathing and inhaling. Okay. He exhales and proceeds, using all of his strength and effort to budge the door. Some lights shine through the other side of it, rays of them streaming to the ground behind him. Almost there! He pushes more and more until finally, the door opens enough for him to escape. "Yes!" he muffles loudly, exiting through the doorway. Ramon gasps at the site, his eyes hopping in joy as he drops the book.

The grass and trees spread all across the building, the sun beaming its ray of sunlight at him. Not a single ceiling nor the darkness appear at the top, only the serene blue sky and the puffy clouds. The wind flies past the Zorua's ears and collides against his face, him feeling nothing but the cool breeze. He closes his eyes, sniffing the air and exhaling in pure relief. The smells of rotten decay have been replaced with the tranquility of the natural habitat. The meadow green from the grass, the fragrant riches from the trees, and the overall gracious odor from nature gives his nose a wonderful paradise.

I...I think I escaped. Yes, I'm finally outside! he thinks to himself, sighing in relief. Ah, fresh air at last! Picking up the book, he moves forward only to be stopped by a yellow object. Huh?

The object extends itself from left to right, the Zorua trailing its direction. It's tied together by cones, a bunch of yellow tape springing from one place to the next. The tapes repeat the same words throughout its travels: 'KEEP OUT.' Odd. He ducks underneath them, walking away as the smooth and gentle texture of the grass smooches his paws. He turns around, his face ranging from calm and content to grim and distress.

The facility is littered with broken windows and structures, bricks spreading from one area to the next as a random pole is stuck at the top. Glasses lying next to the catastrophic bricks while the door itself looks even more crooked than before. Soon a brick falls and collapses on the ground, breaking apart and flying off like a boomerang.

Ramon leaps to the side, the pieces crashing next to him. He stares at the facility's decaying state, closing his eyes and shaking his head. I have no clue what happened to this building. He opens his eyes. And so far, being outside doesn't give me an answer, either.


Hmm? His ears flicker, the sound getting louder and louder: A large, spinning bone comes flying towards him. What the!? He jumps out of the way before more bones spin towards him. There's more!? He dodges the bones, all hitting the ground. After panting nonstop, he's met with a powerful blow to the stomach, lifting off the ground. "Gah!" He drops the journal, seeing a cloaked figure smacking him away with their bone.

Ramon slams into a nearby tree, coughing and wincing. "Ug-Ugh."

He groans, wrapping his forelegs around his stomach. He grits his teeth, a lot of strains surfacing throughout him. Dear goodness, it hurts! he thinks.

"What a coincidence that you've escaped as soon as I arrived," the individual says in a tone that would make even the toughest of bodybuilders shriek in terror. The Zorua feels as though his face is shattering into bewilderment and dread.

"What...?" Ramon responds, his voice becoming raspy.

"Now then-" the tall figure gets into a pose, aiming their bone at the Zorua. "Time to finish what I've started."
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Chapter 2.

Sonic Ramon

Bug Catcher
Chapter 2: The Beginning Part 2.

The figure walks to the Zorua, a bone in one paw while forming a fist in another. Ramon becomes stumped, lost behind the figure's action. They wear a black cloak with their blue tail and ears sticking out from it. The fox grunts, lifting himself up as his legs tremble from the pain in his stomach.

"Wh-Who are you?" Ramon asks, gritting his teeth and groaning. The figure dashes towards the Zorua. He shrieks, trembling at the figure's tremendous speed. A Bone Rush comes swinging at him before he jumps over it. The bone touches the tip of his paws, shredding off bits of fur.

The Zorua flips his body forward, landing on the ground swiftly and sighing to himself. He looks up, the figure's red eyes glowing at him. Ramon feels chills sprawling throughout him, eyes quaking at the sight.

Ramon is met with another swing from the figure, pushing himself to the side as the bone hits the ground. The figure holds their paw out, a white orb forming from it before extending itself into another bone. They fire the Bone Rush at Ramon, the fox evading it once more.

It soon becomes an array of Bone Rushes firing at him, Ramon dodging them over and over. This guy is serious about killing me! And I don't know why! Ramon thinks, jumping over the individual after they swipe at him. Gah! This is so frustrating! Why is this happening to me!? He grits his teeth, lowering his brows and glaring at them. "I don't know who you are, but will you please stop trying to harm me?" he says, the figure turning around and giving him the uncomfortable glare again.

They rush towards the Zorua, readying their attack. "I said stop!" Ramon demands, the figure getting close to him. "NOW!" he screams before shooting a wave of dark energy at them. The individual blocks the attack with their arm, getting themselves pushed back. "Hmm?" Ramon blinks for a moment, flickering his ears. Did I do that? he questions himself, his face rolling in oddity. The figure brushes themselves off before running towards him, the Zorua gasping in realization. No time to question it! ...Even though I just did. The Zorua stretches his maw out and forms a black orb, shooting another dark energy at them.

The figure blocks the attack again, backing away more this time around. Ramon fires more of his Dark Pulse, swinging his head repeatedly. The individual groans, backing away more and more from the dark energies. Ramon then raises his paw, casting one more Dark Pulse before flinging it forward. It hits the cloaked figure, sending them flying backwards and rolling around the grass. Their Bone Rush disappears.

The Zorua pants, his breathing becoming irregular as the figure remains still on the ground. He lets out a heavy sigh, his heart beating in serenity. Seems like I knocked them out, he confirms. He directs his eyes to the journal, walking towards it. Now to get out of here. He sinks his teeth into it, lifting it off the ground with ease. "Mmf!" he yelps, a sudden jab pounding his stomach. The figure is up, wielding their bone as they flings the Zorua. He crashes into another nearby tree. "Ack!" He coughs out purple blood, his back screeching and shrieking throughout him. "Ugh..." The figure picks up the journal as Ramon trembles and shakes in place.

What the- he wails, lifting himself up only to scream and fall. He remains still, wincing and stroking the grass in distress. Why...Why did that hurt me more than before? Enough to immobilize me... He whimpers and grits his teeth, the figure coming closer to him. So...much...pain.

The unknown individual stops, kneeling on one knee and groping it. "You know, none of this would've happened had you not come here. Xander-" they pause for a moment, giving the Zorua a dirty look. "...would still be alive." The cold, bitter tone sends Ramon into endless shrills and whimpers. His face zones into the land of confusion, his mind descending further into it.

"I-I don't know who Xander is. Nor what you're talking about!" he replies, his voice cracking more than a hyena yelping for help.

The figure squints their eyes, gripping their fist. "Are you lying to me?"

"No! I swear I don't know a single thing that's happened here!"

"Then explain this." The individual lifts the journal up, the cover of it becoming more detailed due to the sunlight. The title of the journal looks deteriorated and barren, letters creeping off and the red colors turning into dry brown. Ramon gazes at the book for a moment, his heart pounding within rapid sessions. "How did you get Xander's journal?"

"I...I found it ly-lying on the ground next to a de-desk." They glance at the fox, Ramon trembling nonstop. "I-I swear! I'm not lying to you! Honestly!"

The figure gazes for a brief moment, feeding the Zorua with more fear. They soon get up, forming a Bone Rush in their paw. "I get the feeling you're still lying. You've certainly planned this one way or another. Pretending to not know a single thing after the place got destroyed." They shake their head. "Perhaps that explains the dried blood on your face. You enjoyed every moment of Xander's death, huh?" The Zorua shakes his head, repeating the same words 'No' in desperation. The figure lifts their arm up. "Dirty liars such as yourself deserve to be punished." They swing their arm down, the Bone Rush following along.

Ramon yelps and shuts his eyes, stroking the grass more. As the attack gets close, the individual is pushed away by an unknown projectile. "Gah!" they shout, the projectile being a sparkling, purple beam. They hurl around the ground, using their bone to jab it and bring themselves to a halt.

Ramon opens his eyes as the figure is further away from him. "Huh?" he says, tilting his head and blinking.

"Go grab the Zorua," a hard, female voice says, Ramon directing his attention towards her. Two humans appear from afar, one of them lowering her arms as a purple aura surrounds her hands. The aura sparkles and glitters, shining bright enough to become a spotlight.

The other human swings by the Zorua, lowering himself to pick him up with ease. "Gotcha, little fella," the boy says in a soothing tone. The Zorua groans and winces, the pain coming back with a vengeance. "Whoops. My bad, dude."

"Ugh...What is even happening right now?" Ramon asks, shaking his head at the situation.

"What do you think? We're here to save you, dude." The dark brown boy turns, the individual already getting close to him and Ramon. The two yelp. "OH SHI-" the girl clashes against the figure's Bone Rush. She grunts, using her purple claws to shield against the bone. "Phew. Thanks, fam!"

Ramon takes a clear look at the claws, the gleaming, glittering aura surrounding the teen's hands with rich effects. "...Whoa," he says, his mouth dropping at the lustrous claws in awe.

The light skin girl pushes the figure back, holding her hand out to form a purple orb. She releases the orb, turning it into an energy projectile. The figure jumps to the side, the beam hitting the ground with vigorous impact. The teen gets next to them, leading the figure to slam against the ground by her leg. "Gah!" the figure yelps, groaning from the kick.

The individual tries to get up, but no progress is being made, groaning once more at their endless efforts. The girl is pinning them down with her foot, the cloaked individual staring up at her with menace. "Woo! Hell yeah, fam! You take that sucker down! WOO!" the boy yells, his voice spreading cheers and excitement. But it's really screeches and loudness, leading the girl to squint.

Was that even necessary? she thinks to herself, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. Ramon raises his right brow, lowering his ears to protect it from the raving mouth.

The girl receives a smack to the stomach by a sudden Bone Rush, flying off into the air. She flips herself backwards, landing on the ground while covering her belly. She glances at the unknown figure getting up with their arsenal. "You hit hard." She spits her purple blood onto the ground, claws sliding their way onto the girl's hands. "Meaning, you might be a challenge for me." She turns to the boy, her belly beginning to glow blue as she strokes it. "Go on without me. I'll catch up with you later." The Zorua's eyes widens in amazement.

". . ." The teen gazes at her, his face devoid of any sign of movement.


"Okay." He takes off running, leaving the teen to stare in drowning revelation.

"...Asshole," she mutters, appalled. The individual chases after the boy before stopping at a projectile hitting the grass. They snarl, turning their attention to the girl. "Don't you dare turn away from me, mister." She uncovers her stomach, the glow gradually fading away. "Now then, back to what we've started." She gets in a posture, gesturing at the figure with her finger.

The distance between Ramon and the two are zooming away; a battle commences. The Zorua starts to close his eyes, the boy looking at him within seconds. "Um. UM," he says, the rest of his voice muffling in the darkness of Ramon's ears.

To Magic & Transvolution!
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Chapter 3.

Sonic Ramon

Bug Catcher
Chapter 3: Justin and Ada.


Grunts echo in the darkness, grasping at its barrier. The grunts then transform into groans, gradually becoming loud and recognizable.


The voice sounds familiar, being on similar levels of loudness. The Zorua hears his grunts along with it, the sounds slaying the darkness. "Hu...Huh...?" he says, trailing off.


Ramon opens his eyes, seeing the boy shouting at him repeatedly. His vision can't make out the teen's face spazzing in uneasiness.

"Oh hey, you're awake!" he exclaims, wiping his forehead. "Phew. Thought you were a goner for a moment...That would've been a yikes for me and her." He shudders.

The fox lowers his head, the boy's hands lying motionless on his torso as a blue aura surrounds them. His belly glows blue, shining brighter than a night light as it sparkles similarly to the lady's claws. The Zorua pushes the boy's hands away. "Get off!"


"I said get off! Get off from me, now!" The teen lifts his hands up, Ramon backing away from him within seconds. He leans against a tree, the rough texture of the barks scratching him.

"Dude, I was healing yo-"

"Who are you!? And what did you do to me!?" the Zorua demands, shaking and twitching in place.

The boy keeps his hands up, forming a look of concern. "Hey now, relax. I was just about to tell you that I was healing you. You got beat up by that cloak looking fella pretty badly. You even passed out while we were escaping," he answers.

Ramon blinks, holding onto the tree. "Oh...Are you sure you didn't inject anything deadly in my stomach?"

The teen shakes his head. "No. Why would I do that cruel shit, dude?"

"Well, that strange cloaked guy was hurting me so...Just thought I should ask just in case." The two enter in dead silence, the wind flourishing in its presence. "...Say, how come you can understand me?"

"You're a talking Pokémon, man. How else would I understand you?"

"Oh...Wait, what?"

The teen waves his hand around. "Oh it'll make sense to you, eventually." He walks to the Zorua, snapping his fingers and forming two finger guns while winking. "The name's Justin Phoenix, by the way. The girl earlier is Ada Cheng," he says, holding out a hand. "You?"

Ramon stares at Justin's white shirt and blue jeans: The shirt has two holes puncturing the bottom and the jeans have slash marks all over them, the black belt keeping it from completely falling apart. These clothes have seen better days, but at least the fella wears some white shoes. The Zorua lifts his paws, both wobbling and trembling in place. He shakes Justin's hand, pressuring them.

Justin raises his right brow. "Uh. You're squeezing my hand, dude."

"Hmm? OH!" Ramon lowers his paws within seconds and brushes them off. "M-My apologies." He whimpers, looking away.

Justin shrugs. "Anyways, Ada and I were roaming around the forest tryna find somewhere to live when we came across you. We saw you getting your ass handed by that dude. So we figured to stop by and help ya out."

"Oh...I see, then."

Justin squats, folding his arms while putting his hand against his chin. "How's your stomach feeling?"

Ramon grinds his paws against his belly, the soft furs hugging their tips. "I'm...not in pain anymore. As far as I know," he answers. "...How did you do that?"

"Well you see-"

"In fact, how did that Ada lady use those purple claws around her hands?"

"I mean, if I could-"

The Zorua leaps forward. "All of this is so weird! Please explain!"

Justin squints his brown eyes, raising his left brow. "If you would stop interrupting and let me explain, damn," he says, his voice sounding as agitated as a person waking up in the morning. The fox blinks for a moment before lowering his ears, looking down.

"Oh dear. I'm so so sorry. I just have a lot to ask and I...didn't mean to interrupt you like that."

"Well just let a man express his story, dude. Now like I was saying, Ada and I have this thing called-"


The very sound scatters the Flying types away in fear, Ramon jumping and yelping before hiding in a nearby bush, Justin falling flat on his behind. The boy gazes at the purple smoke rising from the air, his mouth forming an 'O' shape.

"DAAAAAMN!" he shouts, his eyes widening as big as the black hole. Ramon wobbles his way out, the sparkling smoke leaving his face to freeze in awe.

"...Wow," he says, his tail slowly wagging. "That looks amazing."

"I know, right? I think Ada did that. Since it's coming from the same place we came from."

"Hmm." Ramon tilts his head, the smoke disappearing as if it were evaporating.

"She probably took care of that dude by now."

"Well that was a disappointing fight," a feminine voice joins the scene, ringing the bells for the two's ears.

"Speaking of which-" Justin puts his fingers in his mouth, blowing through them like a whistle. "We're over here!"

The girl emerges from the foliage, her red jacket looking vibrant and stylish over a complementary gray tank top. Similar to Justin's jeans, Ada's black jeans have rip marks on the front and the back, which aren't supported by the red heels she's wearing.

"I thought he'd be a challenge because of how he attacks." The light skin girl looks up, rubbing her hands while glancing. "Oh how wrong I was." She gazes ahead while Justin smirks at her, waving

"Sup, Ada. I did as you told me to do. And also, it's nice to see you're back!"

". . ." Ada walks toward the boy, one hand unfolding itself.

"Uh, why are you walking like that?" Justin's head tilts to the side from the girl's slap, his lips puckering from the impact.

"I can't believe you left me like that without any concerns!" Ada exclaims, clenching her fists. The two have black hair, with Ada's hair being longer and curlier, smoothing itself out. The clean silk makes her hair a complete contrast to her jeans. The girl's purple eyes have a slight, downward stretch on the edge, unlike the boy's straight ones.

Justin rubs his cheek, whimpering. "Hey man, that hurts! Plus I was doing what you told me to do: Run off with the Zorua," he says, the red mark steaming his hand.

"At least leave with some concern for my safety! Like any normal person would!" Ada folds her arms, her lips lowering as she frowns.

"Oh relax, fam. I had a feeling you'd take care of that guy easily. That's why I left without any concerns."

"What if he's a tough opponent and I get killed by him?" Ada glances.

Justin scratches the back of his head, looking at the ground. "...Then I bite my tongue." He pats Ada on the shoulder, smiling. "No need to be so uptight, Ada. Be thankful you didn't die from that fight. Alright?"

"Yes, but-"

"Ada, we need as much strength as possible. Wasting it on something like arguing will get us nowhere." Justin releases a cool wind from his mouth. "Relax. After all, you are alive so why not enjoy the time you have now?"

Silence fills the air, Ada's eyes glancing in cold land while Justin's closes his eyes in the world of bliss. Ramon remains still, not moving a muscle besides his heart. He lowers his ears, uncertain if he should break the silence or not. Ada closes her eyes, letting loose her serene wind as her heart pulses in a soothing manner. "Alright. I'll appreciate this moment of being alive, then. Thanks."

Justin lets out a soft chuckle. "At this rate, I may as well dub you 'The Girl with an Iron Fist of Fury!' In theaters and IMAX May 26-" Ada glares at the boy and pinches his ear, causing him to yelp. "YOWCH, FAM!" He whines, the stinging puncture of the two fingers smashing his ear.

"It'll be a punch next time if you keep up with the snarky comments!" Ada exclaims, continuing the pinching. The Zorua blinks for a moment before snickering like a sneaky hyena. The two antics provide him with warmth and comfort, Justin yelping more from Ada's discipline. She then gasps and stares at Ramon. "Ugh. I totally forgot about the Zorua because of you."

Ada squints her eyes, walking towards him and getting on her knees. She holds her hand out, waiting for a shake. "The name's Ada Cheng. Pleasure to meet you," she says, her voice is hard and solid like a boulder.

Ramon shakes the girl's hand. "Ramon is mine. A pleasure meeting you too, Ada. Although, your friend already told me your name."

"Oh." Ada turns to the side. "I bet he introduced me in an immature way."

"Not really," Justin says, snickering.

"I don't believe those words."

"If you say so, fam." He uses his finger guns again, winking at Ada. The teen squints her eyes and shakes her head, the Zorua chuckling at the two.

"Say, I have a question to ask you two," Ramon says, grabbing the two's attention. "One, what were those blue lights that glowed on my stomach along with Ada's? And two, what were those sparkling things on Ada's hands and shooting from them?"

Ada rubs the side of her head. "Are you referring to earlier?" she asks. The Zorua nods. "Ah, I see. What I did was use magic to heal myself, just like Justin used his' to heal you, I assume."


"And as for the sparkling things, I used my Magic moves: Mystical Projectile and Enchantment Claws."

"...Again: WHAT!?"

The girl flinches. "Did you really have to yell? I'm right here, you know." She frowns, folding her arms while squinting her eyes.

"I'm so confused at everything I've learned. The Defect, Intellicate, magic blood, Transvian, and now Magic moves and magic healing!? It all doesn't add up!"

"Transvian!?" Ada and Justin exclaim, looking at each other with raised brows.

Ada turns to Ramon. "Where did you get Transvian from?"

"I got it from this jour...nal..." The Zorua looks around, his face drooping into constant jittering. "What the!? I can't find it!"

"You mean this?" Ada takes the journal out of her jacket, the fox's face drops its shakiness in favor of content. "Found it lying on the ground while defeating the cloaked guy." The two teens stare at the book's cover and its very words 'Dr. Yvonne.' Their expressions jump and leap into outer space, surfacing themselves through the land of suspense.

"Yo dude, where did you get that book from?" Justin asks the Zorua, curiosity peaking through his face.

"I got it from the facility earlier. I thought I'd take it with me in hopes of finding out if anyone knew what happened there." Ramon gasps. "Which reminds me: Do you two know anything about the book?"

Justin shifts his shoulders. "The only thing we know is that the book belongs to Dr. Yvonne, a famous scientist at the Prospective Institute."

"Wait wait, Prospective Institute? Now I'm just more confused than usual!"

"Annnd that's why we're going to talk more about it when we find a place to live. I don't want to waste anymore time in this heat," Ada says, walking forward.

"Even though you're heated yourself?" Justin replies with a grin.

"Shut up, Justin."

Justin chuckles and follows the teen, the Zorua following along with him. "By the way Justin, do you have the same Magic moves as Ada? Or at least somewhat like it?"

The boy snaps his fingers, giving Ramon the wink finger guns combo. "Yes and no," he answers, smirking in delight. Ramon blinks for a moment, tilting his head.


Ada stops and turns around to shoot Mystical Projectile, the purple laser screeching towards the teen. "YIKES!" Justin materializes two blue blades in his hands, both sparkling and glittering. He blocks the beam with them, staring at the girl afterwards. "Hey! What was that for!?" he yells while the Zorua gazes in astonishment.

Ada giggles softly, smirking at the boy. "That's for being a clown. Now quit messing around and come on."

Ramon and Justin follow her, Justin slipping his hands into his pockets as his blades disappear. The Zorua stares ahead, his face remaining still and content. I'm not sure what'll happen from here. But I get the feeling that hanging with these two may help me recover my past, Ramon thinks to himself, smiling at the two teens socializing with each other.

However, in one of the bushes, the cloaked figure from earlier sticks his head out. He spits his blood, painting the grass in red while glaring at the Zorua. His cloak looks rugged and torn, showing off bits of his blue skin.

"I will not sleep. Nor rest...Until I have you pay for your crime, Ramon," the individual says in a low tone, sneaking through the bushes.
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Chapter 4.

Sonic Ramon

Bug Catcher
Chapter 4: There's Trouble in the Forest!

The Pokémon in their natural habitat roam around the forest, socializing with one another and relaxing within the greens. The vibrant, lush forest has Ramon immersed in its gracious view as his mouth agapes. The flowers sprouting, the grass waving, and the trees flourishing.

"Whoa," Ramon says, his tail wagging like no tomorrow. "...Never knew the outside looked this lively."

Justin's hands are behind his head, him smiling as bright as the sun itself. "That's the beauty of nature, dude. You can even see the sun smirking at us," the dark brown boy replies, staring at the site of the sun showering its array of light.

"Yeah..." The fox sniffs the fresh air, breathing it in as if it's his first time. "It even smells amazing around here, too. No more foul smell from the facility's dreaded corpses!"

Ada and Justin's eyes leap from the fox's words. "Corpses!?" the two yell, the Zorua covering his ears in response.

"Ye-Yeah. I smelled nothing but the corpses while roaming around that facility."

The two teens look at each other, their expressions drilling into the heart of uncertainty. "I guess that explains the dried blood on your face," Justin says, his laughter sounding like a windmill creaking.

Ada folds her arms and raises her brow at him. "Justin, that wasn't funny."

"What? That wasn't me laughing at him, though. It was just-"

"A laugh, right?"

"Ye-Yeah. But it wasn't like a laugh laugh. It was...uh." The teen scratches the back of his head, looking down at the ground. "Nevermind."

Ada sighs and takes her attention towards Ramon. "Did you happen to find Yvonne along the way?" she questions.

Ramon looks off to the side, lowering his brows. "...Hmm." He closes his eyes, humming. He then opens them, twiddling with his paws before shaking his head. "No. Not that I recalled."

"Hmm." Ada puts her hand underneath her chin. "...This is all becoming so mysterious. You mentioned there being corpses in the institute even though the institute was destroyed...Why's that the case?"

Justin puts his hands in his pockets. "Beats me. Something must have happened there."

"Yeah...Something big."

Silence surrounds the three, all staring ahead as their minds get perplexed. The wind blows at them, the sounds becoming similar to one's menacing whistle. Soon, Ramon breaks the silent barrier.

"So where are we heading?" he asks.

"...We're not sure," Ada responds, shrugging.

Ramon blinks. "Huh? Mind clarifying?"

"It's just as I've said: We're not sure. Justin and I have been traveling around the region for a while now, and we have yet to spot any village nor town.'' The girl looks at the fox. "Do you perhaps know where a nearby town is?"

Ramon shakes his head. "I just escaped from the facility not too long ago. That's why I'm asking you if you know where we're heading."

"...Oh." Ada stops for a moment and bows. "My apologies for the misunderstanding."

Justin snickers. "So quick to belittle someone, yet unable to understand someone's question the first time." Ada glances at the boy and springs her fist towards his stomach. He groans and covers it. "Ooof! That freaking hurts!" He chuckles, his voice cracking at each laughter.

Ada rubs her fist. "Next will be a roundhouse kick. Keep it up."

"Damn. With a punch like that, you could send a boulder flying into outer space!" Justin lifts his arm up, his finger shooting towards the sky. "Not even a meteor would come raining down at you knowing that fact, fam."

Ada folds her arms, shaking her head before sighing. "Oh you're just exaggerating. You know I'm not that strong."

"But that punch, though." Justin gets on his knees, clenching his stomach and releasing a startling cry. "The pain will not go away, man!" he weeps, his head moving back and forth, his eyes boiling with liquid and his body rocking like a chair.

Ada hovers her hand against her face, poking Justin's head with the other. "Stop your hysterical, overdramatic nonsense, please," she says, leading the boy to chuckle within seconds.

Ramon laughs along, glee flourishing throughout him. He then gets close to Ada. "Hey, I have one more question to ask you two before saving the rest."

"Go ahead." Ada waves her hand around. "You may as well since you've had so many on your mind."

"Why are you two traveling?" He stares up at them, tilting his head and blinking. Justin and Ada look to the side, their faces drooping in the lakes. The boy clenches his fist, gradually sighing. Ramon lowers his ears, his face devolving from its neutral plains to a defenseless shelter. "Di-Did I say something bad?"

Justin shakes his head. "It's...best if we tell you once we find someplace to stay."

Tree barks shrilling flicker the ears of the Zorua. Ada uses her Enchantment Claws to rain down the barks, shredding and tearing, crafting a slash mark. Her face paints pure loneliness throughout it. The fox sinks into a pool of ongoing mayhem, concerns everywhere. Ramon nods at Justin, remaining silent throughout their travels.

"AAAH!" a voice screams.

The three turn to the side.

"What the?" Ramon says, jumping in response.

"Someone may be in trouble. Let's go help them," Ada suggests, taking off running.

The two jet after her, all zipping past the trees and bushes. Ramon blinks, staring off to the side with a frown. That's...strange, he thinks, looking ahead. I'm sensing something nearby. They curve to the side and hop over the bushes, repeating the process over and over. Soon, the three come across two men possessing a container. The fox groans, shifting his body. That feeling. It's getting stronger now. But from where?

"Yo, are you good?" Justin whispers to the Zorua.

Ramon looks at him and nods. "I'm fine," he replies with a smile.

One of the men holds the container in question as it floats above his hand, shrouded in purple aura. Inside of the container lies a yellow tapir known as Drowzee, with the lower half of her body colored brown. A blue ribbon wraps around the Drowzee's neck, clinging and hugging onto it.

"Ugh...She was such an annoying Pokémon to catch," one of the men says, his throat groaning at itself. "I wish we caught her in a stealthier manner."

Ramon gasps, the Drowzee weeping and tugging on the container. "Oh dear. She needs help!" he says to the two, flickering his ear. "...Hey?" He turns towards them, the two teens' eyes roaring at the two grown ups. "Um...Are you two oka-"

Ada storms toward the two, her claws growing in preparation. "Ada, wait!" Justin shouts, his fist gripping in boiling pressure; the call is far too late. The girl strikes the man, him screaming in pain as he moves his hand away from the container. The container falls and collapses, shattering from the immense impact.

The other guy fires his multiple projectiles at Ada, the purple beams screaming at lightning speed. Ada leaps back from one beam after another, twirling and flipping herself around. She lands and pats her clothes, dust flying off. Justin and Ramon rush to her side.

"Are you alright?" Ramon asks, his face trembling in place. Ada lowers her arms, claws remaining intact as her face yells with boiling volcanos. She glances at the two men, stretching her claws out.

"I recognize you purple wearing monsters from anywhere," she says, being correct about their outfits being purple. It's also dark, with the two men carrying shades and black gloves. One of them adjusts himself, brushing off any dirt from his body.

"What is the meaning of this?" the first guy says, rubbing his fist.

"Ada, do you know these guys?" the Zorua questions.

Ada nods. "Justin does as well. We'll explain later on. Right now-" she gets in her posture. "We got business to attend to."

The blades spawn its way into Justin's possession, a firm grip putting them in their place. Ramon blinks and sighs, shaking his head.

This continues to get more and more confusing.
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Chapter 5.

Sonic Ramon

Bug Catcher
Chapter 5: Conjure.

"Who are you two, and why are you holding the Drowzee hostage!?" yells Ramon, his voice loud enough for even the heaviest sleeper to wake up. The purple clothing men adjust their shades, eyeing the three. Ada glares at the two as Justin spins his blades.

"It's none of your business, Zorua," the first guy replies, cracking his knuckles.

"Oh you are our business!" Ada counters, her face boiling in hot lava. "From the very beginning, you've been our business! We've suffered throughout our travels because of you!"

Justin nods. "Yeah! You'll pay for what you did to our hometown!"

Hometown? Ramon thinks, raising his right brow. The two guys look at each other for a moment, putting their hands against their chins before bursting into laughter.

"You three? Against us? This must be a joke," the second guy states. "We don't know who you are, but you fools look like those poor folks who think they can fight us."

"Yes. If I were you, I would turn around right now. You three can never stand a chance," the first guy follows, grinning at the group.

Ada grips her fist. "I'll show you who's poor!" She dashes towards the two, zooming past the bushes as a gust of wind forms. Ramon and Justin follow, readying their attacks. The opposing men lower their smirks and fire their projectiles, the purple beams screeching past the grasses, tearing a piece of them.

Ada leaps over the beams as the other two jump to the side, slamming into the bushes. Ada flips herself forward to swing her claws at the two men, slashing and clawing all over the place. Why am I not hearing screams? she thinks. This entire time she is attacking a shield, squinting her eyes in response. Oh. That's why. The two men leave their arms out, the huge purple shield acting as a barrier for them. Then the first summons a blue, sparkling sword in his hand, revealing its sharp and slender features.

As the shield fades, the man jumps in the air and swings his sword at Ada. She dodges each and every swipe from it. Whoa! He moves fast! The second guy gazes at her with a pistol handgun, focusing his aim. She yelps and forms a shield around her, protecting herself from the oncoming bullets and sword swipes. She lands on the ground, her back grinding against the grass.

After her shield fades, the sword guy swings at her with the final blow. She gasps before Justin clashes his blades against the sword, pushing him away. "Thanks," she says, with the boy nodding in response. He then rushes towards the swordsmen. As he lands on the ground with ease, Justin collides his blades against his sword, leading to a barrage of sword clashes; Justin dodging and slashing at the man while he does the same.

The black shades wearing man shoots Ada with his handgun again, only for his bullet to slam against Ramon's Dark Pulse. Ada gets up and nods at him. "Thank you, too," she says. Ramon nods back before the two rush towards the man. He forms a Mystical Projectile in his hand before firing it and his gun at the same time. The two dodge as the Zorua fires his Dark Pulse, the man flying off into the air. Ada jumps and roundhouse kicks him, crashing him to the ground.

As the fight continues, the Drowzee gazes at the capsule's entrance, glass littering everywhere outside. She crawls to the exit, whimpering and whining as she squeezes through. Meanwhile, Justin clashes with the sword user, moving as quick as lightning. Soon he kicks the man with all of his might, slamming him against the tree.

"Grr. Your kicks are puny! And your attacks are nothing but distractions," the sword guy says, charging towards Justin. "Distractions from me becoming the very best!"

Justin smirks and spins around, forming a little tornado. The swordsman gets blown away by his spin attack, rolling around and crashing against the tree once more. He groans, holding his stomach as his sword disappears. "And your swordplay is utter garbage. If you were in a sword competition, I would've put you in F tier," Justin replies, blowing the dust off from his blades. "Becoming the best my ass." He turns his attention towards the gun wielder, the man struggling against Ada and Ramon.

He pants, continuing to shoot at Ada while she dodges the gunfire with ease. Ramon flings his dark ball at him, causing him to lose focus in his shield. After it fades, Ada pushes the man with brute force. He swings his fist before the Zorua rams into his stomach, coughing out purple blood. The Zorua's paws are shrouded in dark energy, leading the man to fly off and crash into another tree.

"Nice Sucker Punch," Ada says.

Ramon tilts his head. "Sucker Punch?" He lifts his paw up, seeing the energy fading away. "Huh...I thought that dark ball of energy was my only move."

"Dark ball of energy? You mean Dark Pulse?"

Ramon blinks, his face stretching in confusion. "...Yeah."

The purple outfit guy groans, putting away his gun before getting up. He forms a projectile in his hand, the purple orb casting itself into existence. However, electrical surges surround the orb, static noises crackling from it. His arms envelope itself into the surges, spreading them out as another projectile forms on his other hand.

"Uh...What is he doing?" the Zorua questions, lowering his brows.

"He's probably using his Magic move. Can't let that happen," Ada replies, using her Enchantment Claws and running towards the man. Ramon follows, his paws shrouded in darkness once more. More and more projectiles form around the guy until he unleashes his move onto the two. Ada and Ramon fly off into the air, slamming against the grass and sliding on it.

"Ada! Ramon!" Justin shouts, gritting his teeth.

Ada groans and gets up slowly, brushing herself off as the fox winces. He coughs, wrapping his stomach and clenching his teeth. Why...did that hurt me...so much? he asks himself as Ada lets loose a sigh. Meanwhile...she's getting up as if the move didn't phase her. The girl has her claws ready, her breathing becoming irregular, her heart pounding like a drum.

"Is...that the best you got?" she says to the outfit guy, stretching her legs before launching forward. Justin follows along, dashing as the purple outfit man unleashes his multiple projectiles. Some hit the boy's blades, him deflecting one while the others manage to land on him, causing him to fly off. He crashes against the ground afterwards.

Ada zooms past the projectiles, eyeing each and every one of them. She leaps from side to side as the shades wearing guy gets hit by the deflected projectile, covering his shoulder. Now's my chance! she thinks, jumping into the air and twirling herself. The man looks up, the girl getting ever so close to him. He tries to use his projectile again, but is too late as the teen claws his chest. He screams before getting dragged to the side, flying towards the other purple outfit guy. He collides against him, the two groaning afterwards.

Ada lands on the ground, brushing herself off before folding her arms. She walks towards the two as Justin's blades fade away, stopping her tracks before glancing down. "I will admit: Building upon your Mystical Projectile and turning it into your Primary move is pretty clever." She gets on her knees, grabbing the second man by the shirt and pulling him close to her. His shades are crooked, the glass shattering enough for Ada to see his eyes. "It's a shame that you wasted it on ruining innocent lives."

"What the hell do you want from us, girl?" the man says, grunting from the chest pain.

"Tell me everything about who you are and why you're ruining people's lives. My friends and I included." She gripes the man's shirt.

He glances. "Screw off, girl. We're not telling you anything. And boohoo to you and your friends' lives being ruined." The two men soon glow blue, slowly beginning to fade. "Welcome to reality." He disappears from the girl's grasp, the two no longer becoming visible.

Ada gazes, the palm of her hands shaking and trembling. Those hands turn into fists as she swings them towards a nearby tree, clenching her teeth. "DAMMIT!" she shouts, the Flying types flying away in response. "I was so close. So, very, close...And then they had to teleport away!" She claws at the tree, letting them remain still.

Justin rushes to the girl and pats her back, his face melting with concern. "Hey, relax Ada. We'll run into those guys next time."

"What if we don't!? What if this is the only time we'll be able to see them? And that time has been wasted!" Ada's fist shakes, tears marching their way up to her eyes.

Justin continues speaking, "I'm sure that we may see them again." As Ramon gets up, he comes across two objects on the ground. He tilts his head, giving them a closer look. "These guys probably terrorize other villages, not just ours. I don't know what their motives are but-" the objects turn out to be cards, containing numerous words and a picture of the purple outfit men. "I'm sure that these clowns will continue to roam Wizlore. We'll find them, man. Eventually..."

"Hey you two, you might want to take a look at this," Ramon says, catching the two's attention. They look at each other for a moment before heading towards him.

The words next to the profile pictures are as follows: 'Team Conjure Grunt #57. Magic move: Magic Sword' and 'Team Conjure Grunt #90. Magic move: Mystical Static.'

Ada leans down and takes the cards, glaring at them. She then shows the cards to Justin. "That's who they are," she says, her voice as hard as a boulder.

"Whoa. That's an intense name for two dudes getting beaten up by two teens and a fox." Justin snickers, putting his hands in his pockets.

"Let's not let them be the representation of the group, Justin. Remember what happened to our village?" She eyes at him, raising a brow.

Justin blinks before scratching the side of his head. "Oh...right." He then looks to his side, an empty capsule remaining still on the ground. "Also, not to change the topic fam, but that Drowzee is gone."

"What?" Ada turns, glaring at the capsule. "...Wooow." She groans, shaking her head. "She could've at least said thanks before leaving."

"Yeah. I agree," Justin follows, folding his arms.

Ramon notices the peculiar feeling leaving him, glancing off to the side. That feeling is gone now...Why was it there? He then walks toward the two teens. "Hey, what happened to your home? ...And how do you know those Conjure guys?" he says, gazing.

Justin and Ada stare off to the side, their faces dripping into melancholy. "I'll...explain it to ya, man," Justin says, the Zorua's eyes blinking and widening.

"Oh? At least I'm getting some answers now."

Ada scoffs. "I answered your question when you asked about my powers. What are you talking about?"

Ramon looks at her and chuckles with a raspy tone. "Haha. My fault for forgetting about it. Although, I still need elaborations on what this whole Magic thing is."

Ada shrugs. "Understandable."

He gazes back at Justin. "Anyways, proceed."

Justin starts walking away as the others follow. "Alright. So it all started when..."

Near a tree, a hand appears on it. The hand reveals itself to be the Drowzee, staring at the three while hiding most of her body. Sorry for not saying thank you! she thinks, whimpering.
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Chapter 6.

Sonic Ramon

Bug Catcher
Chapter 6: Synchronic Village.

Ada clashed her claws against Justin's blades, the two jumping back afterwards. Justin slid past the sign saying 'Synchronic Village: Synchronicity is Everything,' stabbing the ground with his blades to slow down. A guy passed by a couple of spectators, waving at them while carrying torches. The spectators were four individuals: Two teens, two Pokémon. The first teen waved back at the man as the action commenced, the second beside him cheering the two competitors.

Ada slashed Justin's blades, swinging her arms rapidly while the two moved at a quick pace. One of the Pokémon spectators, an orange sea otter, waved his arm around in excitement. He hovered his paws over his cream-colored muzzle. "Woo! I believe in ya, Justin!" the Buizel said, his two tails swishing around.

"You got this, Ada!" the second teen followed, her red dress swifting along her movements. She looked at the boy beside her, who's wearing a blue robe. "Who are you rooting for, Merlin?"

Merlin shifted his shoulders before smiling. "I just root for either of them because it's interesting seeing two Sorcerous battling each other," he replied, adjusting his blue hat and moving his wooden staff.


Ada leaped into the air, shooting her Mystical Projectile at the blade wielding boy. Justin rolled forward, hopping into the air and swiping at the girl. But she blocked the slash and fell to the ground, clinging onto it.

The red dress girl turned to the Buizel. "What about you, X? Who do you root for?"

X grinned. "Obviously Justin: He has blades as his Magic move. And blades are cooler than some measly claws," he answered, waving his paw around.

"Heh. I guess I can see why you would root for him. I personally think claws are just as cool as blades."

X raised his eyebrow. "Literally in what world?"

The red dress girl giggled. "Preference, friend."

"Odd preference, if you ask me. That's like thinking Oran Berries are as delicious as Sitrus."

The girl shook her head at X while smiling. "Oh you." She looked over the Buizel. "Serene?"

The other Pokémon was a mammal, canine-like creature, who had a tan body with a leaf tail and dark brown paws. Serene wore a cyan cloak as she rubbed her toenails with her nail file, using her vines to move it. The Leafeon continued despite her name being called, humming to herself.

"Erm, nevermind." The red dress girl shrugged, the cheers from X continuing as he hopped up and down.

Ada ran and shot multiple projectiles at Justin, beams raring themselves. Justin jumped over them, positioning his blades in front of him before spinning himself forward. Ada's face scrunched up, her right brow raised. "What the-" she was cut off by the boy, blocking his attack in response. As she jumped back from the spin dash, Justin kicked the girl in the stomach, leading her to roll around. She wailed, her claws fading away like dust. She gazed, Justin standing above her like a tower. The 'woos' and 'yeahs' screaming from Merlin and X led her ear to shift to them.

The teen held out his hand, the blades disappearing. "That was a good match, Ada. Better than all of our other ones, that's for sure," he said, smiling with the sun. Ada continued the stare, lifting her arm up and grabbing the boy's hand.

"Yeah. I do agree it's a lot better than before." She lifted herself up, brushing off the dust from her clothes before letting loose a confident sigh. "Although, I do have to ask what in the hell was that you pulled off?"

"You mean Sorcery Blades, fam?"

"No no. The one where you spin dash into me."

"Oh." Justin lifted his shoulders. "Not really a move. More so of a wacky technique I just thought of in my head."

Ada gave the teen a look of perplexion. "Right."

"Anyways, you're still a cakewalk, fam."

Ada punched Justin's shoulder as soft as a squeaky toy, the boy chuckling in response. "Oh hush up. I'm getting better with each battle and you know it."

"Sure sure. I believe you." Justin folded his arms with a smile.

"I'm serious! I really do feel like I'm getting stronger and stronger!" Ada pouted, frowning at him.

The other three walk toward the two and stare at them in satisfaction. "You did amazing, you two," the red dress teen said, smiling at them.

"Yeah! That was some kickass fight you guys did there. Especially Justin." X winked and gave Justin a thumbs, or paws, up. "You completely floored Ada with that spin dash move. Never knew you could do that, dude!"

"What can I say? I just know how to dominate the competition with style," Justin replied, giving Ada his finger guns.

Ada shook her head and smiled. "Oh please. I'll show you style next time we battle each other." The group all laughed in unison, their faces sparkling with the sun's glee. Serene flickered her ear, looking up with a simple 'Oh!' She rushed towards the group, putting her file inside of her pocket.

"Yeah, uh, that battle was great. Really enjoyed it a lot," the Leafeon said, her tone was quick and to the point.

"Oh please, Serene. You were too busy sharpening your nails," X said, folding his arms while smirking.

The canine lifted her paw up and down, waving it. "I was merely multi-tasking, X. Don't judge me."

The red dress girl scratched the side of her head, releasing a windpipe shrieking laugh. "The way you responded to me earlier doesn't sound like multi-tasking," she said.

The Leafeon gazed at the teen before staring off. "Okay. Admittedly, I was a bit off-track there, Terran."

"Ha. Knew it," X said while snickering.

Serene frowned. "Don't make me call you by that 'forbidden' name of yours."

X gasped. "Serene! I thought we had a discussion about never mentioning that name!"

"Keep up the shenanigans and I'll keep mentioning it." Serene turned to the village before winking at the Buizel. "Xavier." She sticks her tongue out playfully.

"STOP! I'M SERIOUS!" X pouted as everyone started laughing.

"We should head back to the village now. It's getting late and we don't want our parents to worry about us," Merlin suggested. The others nodded.

"You got that right, bucko," the Buizel groaned. "My mother always worries about me. Like it's genuinely crazy!"

"Such as?" Terran questioned as she walked ahead.

"If that sun hits sunset and I'm not home, she assumes that I got kidnapped or something and goes on a searching rampage!" X hid his face. "It's sooo embarrassing, dude."

"Maybe your mother cares about you that much." The teen smiled at X, putting her hands together in unison.

"Yeah, but like she does it to the extreme, man. To the point where it starts becoming annoying!" X shook his head and rolled his eyes.

Ada glanced at him. "Be glad that you have a mother, especially a caring one," she said, her tone sounding rough and cold.

"...Yeah," Serene followed, her tone being soft and downpour instead.

The otter looked at the two, his expression sprawling with perplexion. "What the? What's with the sudden seriousness?" he questioned.

Justin went to pat Ada on the back as Merlin did the same for Serene. "Um...Let's change the subject before things go haywire," Merlin suggested, scratching the back of his head.

"Yes, please," Ada agreed, her glare remaining on X.

Soon, the group made it to Synchronic Village. It was filled with many buildings, containing the shops and homes all over the place. A couple of people and Pokémon lived in these parts of the area, socializing and spending time with one another. Nearby one of the buildings was a dark brown lady hammering the tip of a sword as sparkles flew from it. She saw the group from across, waving at them.

"Hello!" she shouted while smiling. The group went away afterwards, the lady raising her brow in response. I guessed they didn't see me.

"Hey Delia, can you finish sharpening up that sword? I wanna test this baby out so badly," the man in front of her said.

Delia looked at him and nodded. "Alright."

Meanwhile, the group encountered a talent show appearing by one of the buildings, sparking cheers and awe from the crowd around it. The show contained a group of people doing tricks involving torch fire: One hopping over a flaming torch as the other spun it, allowing a few more folks to do many front flips and twirling.

Ada and Terran smiled in the land of amazement. "What talented people those are," Ada mentioned as one lady backflipped her way across the torch.

Terran nodded. "Yeah. Pretty amazing on how flexible people can be, huh?" she replied.

"Yes. After all, those years of working out is what led them to become this acrobatic." Ada smiled at the red dress teen, seeing her blue eyes reflecting the flames in serenity. She then twitched her ears to the commotion coming from Merlin. "Hmm?"

"This is depressing," Merlin said, staring at a newspaper he's holding. "This is quite unsettling and depressing to see."

"Yo, what are you talking about?" X asked.

"Yeah. What's the deal?" Ada followed. Everyone else became curious about Merlin's commotion.

Merlin stopped and squatted, showing the paper to X and Serene along with everyone else. "Have you heard of the Prospective incident?" The newspaper contained an image of a facility being on fire. Above the image was the tagline: 'The End of Prospective is Here.' "It's...pretty sad to see this institute go. Along with many famous figures, too."

Everyone's expressions were as blank as a blanket. "Who are they again?" they questioned.

Merlin turned to them and gasped, holding his hand against his chest. "You've never heard of the Prospective Institute?" Everyone shook their heads. "Why they're the most influential and inspiring company in all of Wizlore! Everyone knows who they are, including those who lived in rural areas of the region." He shifted the paper. "I'm surprised that you aren't aware of them."

"To be fair, I barely looked at the newspaper. Just thought they were boring," Serene said, sitting down.

"Wow. Same here, fam." Justin high-fived Serene's vine. "Those papers look gray and dull. Just outright wack."

"I know, right!? I will never understand the joy from reading a newspaper."

"You two count me in!" X joined, folding his arms in response. "Newspapers make me wanna go hurl." He put his paw against his mouth, a loud sound of whales emanating from it.

Merlin stared at the three, his red eyes drooping along with his lips. "Why I never. Newspapers are the greatest creations known to mankind! It not only increases our knowledge, but also helps us become aware of the world around us!" He lowered his head and sighed. "The fact that you all found this boring is absurd." He raised his head. "I'm surprised you two would find it boring though, considering that you're Intellicates."

"I may know how to talk like a human, but that doesn't mean I can't find things boring," Serene countered, putting her vine against her chest.

"I personally find it amazing for one to gain knowledge from something that's considered 'boring,'" Terran said, giving Merlin a thumbs up.

"Thank you, Terran!" Merlin said with a smile. "Back to the article, it mentioned the death of Doctor Yvonne and Prospective himself, making me curious to what happened to those two." He lowered his brows. "Because it said Prospective wasn't there while Yvonne was seen dead, but their bodies couldn't be found anywhere. How could they be dead if they weren't found?" He let his staff tap against his head. "Hmm..."

"Maybe they were taken away by the suspect itself? I don't know," X guessed, shrugging.

"But the news never mentioned anything about a suspect, or thereof. All it mentioned was them being dead during the incident, but their bodies went missing afterwards."

"Huh." X looked to the side. "That's complicated."


Ada gazed at the newspaper, raising her right brow. "Hmm?" She glanced at the flames surrounding the building, putting her hand against her chin. "Are you seeing this, Terran?"

The pale girl looked, nodding her head. "Yeah," she replied, taking her eyes onto Ada. "I noticed them, too. The flames."

"And we saw a performance earlier that involved fire..." Ada stroked her chin. "Could this coincidence mean anything?"

"It has to be, since it happened on the same day the show did," Terran added, staring at the talent show.

Justin waved his hand up and down. "Oh it's probably just the usual coincidence, fam. Since all coincidences here led to nothing but harmless stuff."

"Yeah. Like that time I swam in the lake nearby. And when I returned to the village, I saw water bottles being sold to everyone," X agreed, revealing a smile while closing his eyes. "Literally there's nothing to worry about, bruh."

"Synchronicity means what it means: A coincidence that's related to one event, but has zero connection to it." Justin shifted his shoulders. "In other words, it's harmless."

"You may be right about that. But I can't help but feel like it might be different this time around." Terran looked off to the side. "Hmm..."

"Xavier! Come home this instance! It's getting late!" a lady's voice bursted through the thought barrier of the group, X lowering his head and covering his face.

"Mooom! I told you not to call me by my real name!" he replied.

"I can call you by that name as much as I wish, Mister! Now come on!"

X sighed as the sunlight began to dim. "Looks like I have to go, guys. My mother is in her worried mode. Again."

Ada nodded. "Yeah. We should all head home right away."

"Yep. My brother is probably shaking in fear without me right now," Serene said, staring at her home from afar. Soon, the group separate from each other, all heading into their homes respectively.

. . .

The full moon gazed through the many windows from Justin's home, making his wooden floor look like a star. Nearing the window was Justin sitting at a kitchen table, two souvenirs in his possession: A fork and a knife. A plate filled with meat and vegetables invited its way into the boy's mouth, eating the food one by one. Sitting next to him was the mature adult lady from earlier, her eyes as brown as his. The woman looked at the teen, her black hair covering one eye.

"So how was your day?" Delia asked, holding her souvenirs as well.

"It was good. Managed to beat Ada in a friendly battle again, and also talked about some coincidence stuff earlier. You?" Justin gazed at the lady, her brown and white pattern repeated throughout her shirt as she cut a carrot in half.

"Oh just the usual craftsman work, that's all," she replied, nibbling on the carrot with her fork.

"Yeah. I saw you earlier while I was on my way home."

The lady blinked. "Really? And you didn't even consider saying hello to your mother?" She frowned, her cheeks puffing as her eyes squinted. "That explains why I was ignored earlier."

"Wait, you were the one that said hello?"

Delia nodded.

"...Ehehe." Justin looked away, scratching the back of his head. "My bad, Mom." His mother continued her meal, munching on a roast.

"Regardless, it's good to hear that your day went well."

"Yep! Even beat Ada again, too!" Justin put his hands behind his head. "It's a great day, alright."

Delia snickered. "I swear, you and Ada always have a battle with each other."

Justin smirked. "Yeah. She really believes that she can beat me. But she gotta understand that I'm just that good."

"With your confidence being too high, I'm certain she'll beat you eventually."

"Oh that ain't nothing."

"You never know, Son." Delia took another bite from her roast, her cheeks expanding. "Just like you'll never know when you and her will inevitably become more than just friends." She swallowed.

Justin stared at her with a scrunch face. "Mom. She and I do not go together. We go together as well as a Mareanie dating a Corsola: We both know it'll go downhill fast."

His mother lifted a finger. "But it's a possibility."

"How? Every joke I tell, and roast I make, she always gets annoyed by them."

"Ah. Just like the relationship between your father and I." She smiled, looking up at the ceiling.

Justin squinted his eyes, looking off to the side before speaking. "Yeah yeah, whatevs..."

His mother blinked, curiosity ramming through her brain. "Speaking of never knowing, what coincidental event happened today?" she asked, tilting her head.

"Oh, uh." Justin adjusted his chair. "Merlin showed us this newspaper that talked about the Prospective Institute lab, with it being destroyed and all. The coincidence part was Ada and Terran seeing flames from a performance earlier, and on the building in the newspaper's cover. It had gotten them all paranoid and thinking it's a sign or something."

"Oh." Delia put her hand against her chin. "That doesn't sound as pleasing as the last synchronicity."

"Eh. I ain't worrying." Justin put his souvenir down, his plate becoming empty. "Just some harmless coincidence, that's all."

"Son. We must remember that even if the coincidence is harmless, it's still important to take note of. It's the littlest moments in our lives that can become bigger ones, which makes them just as meaningful." Justin's mother looked at the moonlight. "Although, I can't help but feel like this coincidence may be different from all the others."

"How would you know? It's just fire. And fire is a part of our lives."

"Yes. That's true, but seeing a neat performance happening on the same day as that tragic lab incident...could mean something unpleasant is about to happen."

"Or something pleasant. Since both the good and the bad happened. So there's a chance that it could be just some harmless coincidence."

Delia gazed at her almost empty plate, tapping on her chin. "Yeah. You do have a point there." She sighed. "Let's hope it's another harmless coincidence, then."

Justin nodded. "Yeah." He pushed his chair back, getting out of it. "The dinner tasted good as always, Mom. And goodnight."

Delia smiled, wiping her lips with a napkin. "Oh thank you, dear. And goodnight to you too." She set her napkin down on her now empty plate, getting out of her seat as well.

Justin walked out of the kitchen as his mother picked up the two plates, putting them in a nearby sink and began to turn on the water. He made it to his bedroom door, letting his hand rest on the doorknob. He looked at the floor, gazing for a solid moment before shaking his head and smiled. He then entered his bedroom and closed the door.

. . .

Justin lifted his lips and yawned, being engulfed by the covers. He shifted around in his bed, soaking in its softness and squishiness. The sunlight shined its way through his window, giving the floor the spotlight. As he turned and stretched himself out, a shattered glass screeched its way through the windows. He raised his eyelids.

A green bomb lied in the middle of his room, the flame decreasing the rope attached to it. "What...the-?" An explosion cut the boy's words, immediately surrounding himself in his blue shield. He rammed against the wall. "Ugh!" He slid down, his shield fading as the room around him ignited.

What the hell? the teen thought, gazing at the flames in terror. A woman's voice screamed, leading Justin to get up. "Mom? MOM!" He jumped over the flames in front of him, bursting his door down with brute force. The ceiling collapsed in the hallway, flames spreading like wildfire in the woods. The boy panted, using his shield to bypass the flames and running towards the front door.

Justin kicked the door open, panting more and more before remaining still. His eyes shifting in place, feeling as though they're being tugged side by side. "No." He dropped to his knees, shaking his head. "Oh dear Arceus, no..."

Flames and screams were everywhere in the village: shops decaying in place, buildings rolling to the side, people running like ants. The entire village was under a massive outbreak, taunting the boy's ears. Justin shook in place before a man collapsed on the ground, his back crisped and darkened. "What...What the-" Justin put his hands against his head, his face drenching in the land of paranoia. "What the hell, man! What the actual hell!"

From afar, many dark purple groups threw bombs and zapped buildings, more people running away from them. In the middle of the group was a teen wearing the same dark purple outfit, except much more tech-like and feminine looking than the others. This Team Conjure member had an older man gasping in one hand while holding a pink book in another. She tossed the blood-coughing man into a building as it collapsed afterwards.

Justin's eyes reflected the girl's appearance, the flames surrounding her in the image. Who is she? he thought to himself, his mind sprawling in chaos.

"Justin, look out!" a different voice shouted, a bomb came screeching at the teen. The boy yelped before a red jacket girl got in his way, using Mystical Shield to have the bomb explode on it.

"Ada!" Justin shouted in relief. Ada turned, lifting the boy up before running off.

"Where's the others?" she asked, scanning the flaming area.

"I..." Justin stared at the burning buildings and the running civilians. "I don't know." He whimpered, clenching his other fist. "I just woke up and this bomb came out of nowhere and my mother went missing and...and-"

"I know. The same happened to me, too. I couldn't find my father." She looked to the side. "...Was hoping you would know where our friends are, though."

"Ada? Justin?" a familiar voice called for the two.

The two pounced and looked at each other. "Merlin!" they said, rushing forward. Merlin carried his broken staff around, shaking it more and more.

The blue robe teen gasped at the two's appearance. "There you two are!" he said, running towards them as well. As they got closer to each other, a fire ignited across them, creating a border between them.

"Crap!" Justin shouted, nearing the flames for a brief moment.

"Just go, you two! It's too dangerous to stay around here!" Merlin said, trembling.

"What about you, Merlin!?" Ada shouted, her face drooping.

"I'll be fine. I just want you two to get out of here safely."

"But what about the others? Where are they?" Justin asked.

"I-I wish I can answer that, Justin. But I can't because I don't know myself." Merlin whimpered. "I just hoped that Terran, Serene, and X made it out alive, along with Serene's brother, too!"

Ada looked down, gripping Justin's hand. "Same here..."

Soon, the flames ignited more, growing larger and larger to back the three away. "Just go, please! Before we become trapped here!" Merlin sniffled, tears beginning to cloud his eyes. "I wished that this never happened, you two. I really do."

Tears started forming in Ada and Justin's eyes as well. "I don't want this to be the last time we see each other!" Justin said, tears sliding across his cheeks. "There has to be a way you can escape with us!"

Merlin shook his head. "No, Justin. The flames are too powerful to put out, even if one of us has a Water type."

"So...does this mean farewell?" Ada said, her fist shaking like an earthquake.

"I'm...I'm afraid so!" Merlin yelled as the flames rose up, enough to no longer see the two. "Until we meet again, this is farewell, Ada and Justin! I-" Merlin put his hand against his chest. "I hope you two stay safe!"

Ada looked at an exit beside her, the bushy, clear pathway leaving room for the flames to travel to. "Alright." She clenched her teeth. "...I wish you farewell too, Merlin." Justin had his eyes closed, tears dripping more and more, despair emanating from his mouth. "Come on, Justin. We have to go." Justin continued his grief as the flames grew stronger. "Hey! We can see them again, okay? Let's go!"

"But...why?" Justin looked at Ada. "Why does this have to happen? What did I do to deserve this? What did we do to deserve this?" He gazed at the wild flames. "I should've listened to you guys. I should've listened when you mentioned this being a sign! I should've listened, man! I SHOULD'VE LISTE-" a loud slap cut the boy's voice off, his head turning.

"Justin. The flames are getting worse. Stop panicking and let's get the hell out of here." Ada looked into his brown eyes, her purple ones shining through their reflection as she put her hands on his face. "We'll be able to find them. Your mother, my father, and our friends. We'll find them. Alright?" Justin sniffled before nodding at the girl. She wrapped her arms around him, closing her eyes. Soon, the two broke the hug after more flames ignited. "Merlin probably left already. We should, too."


The two head off into the pathway, escaping the flames' clutch as the gruesome screams and ignition continue. Smoke rose into the air, hardly escaping to the clear sky as everything deteriorated into darkness.
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So I just got around to reading this and I have to say that it's great! The story opens up great and leaves us all wondering what is going on. It leaves me wanting to know more about the wizlore region, the magic, and what that project is really about. As far as characters go, they stand out from one another and are each memorable. Ramon is interesting so far - obviouslly he's got some sordid past if he's connected to that lab and has someone seeking revenge against him. Ada and Justin have good chemistry together and I like how they mesh with one another as the comedic one and the serious one. Team Conjure is also interesting as villains go, though I'm waiting to see more from them.

As far as the writing goes, it's good. I like the descriptions, it's easy to follow, and it's got a very interesting premise. Taking the time to show why Ada and Justin are traveling the region and why they hate Team Conjure instead of just explaining it in a simple conversation is also nice since it shows instead of tells.

Overall, great story and I'm eager for more.

Sonic Ramon

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So I just got around to reading this and I have to say that it's great! The story opens up great and leaves us all wondering what is going on. It leaves me wanting to know more about the wizlore region, the magic, and what that project is really about. As far as characters go, they stand out from one another and are each memorable. Ramon is interesting so far - obviouslly he's got some sordid past if he's connected to that lab and has someone seeking revenge against him. Ada and Justin have good chemistry together and I like how they mesh with one another as the comedic one and the serious one. Team Conjure is also interesting as villains go, though I'm waiting to see more from them.

As far as the writing goes, it's good. I like the descriptions, it's easy to follow, and it's got a very interesting premise. Taking the time to show why Ada and Justin are traveling the region and why they hate Team Conjure instead of just explaining it in a simple conversation is also nice since it shows instead of tells.

Overall, great story and I'm eager for more.
You have no idea how much this means the world, to me. Genuinely am happy that you're enjoying the story so far!
It's honestly an passionate project of mine that I hope to finish towards the end. I have lots of ideas and arcs and worldbuilding potential to explore in this fic, and cannot wait to showcase them to you all.

I'm also happy to know that I did an fantastic job at making the characters fun and worth your time investing in. I've been doing a ton of research on character development, storytelling, and writing in the past (and still kind of am today) to make it all an enjoyable read as much as I can.

I also agreed on making the right move to create an entire chapter showcasing Justin and Ada's past to explain their hatred towards Team Conjure instead of Justin telling it all. Honestly, there's other decisions in this fic I feel like I made an really good call on that I plan to elaborate at the end of M&T.

Sorry if I ramble on a bit. I just really adore making this fic. I look forward to more of your thoughts on it in the future, along with others that sees this fic! n_n


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You have no idea how much this means the world, to me. Genuinely am happy that you're enjoying the story so far!
It's honestly an passionate project of mine that I hope to finish towards the end. I have lots of ideas and arcs and worldbuilding potential to explore in this fic, and cannot wait to showcase them to you all.

I'm also happy to know that I did an fantastic job at making the characters fun and worth your time investing in. I've been doing a ton of research on character development, storytelling, and writing in the past (and still kind of am today) to make it all an enjoyable read as much as I can.

I also agreed on making the right move to create an entire chapter showcasing Justin and Ada's past to explain their hatred towards Team Conjure instead of Justin telling it all. Honestly, there's other decisions in this fic I feel like I made an really good call on that I plan to elaborate at the end of M&T.

Sorry if I ramble on a bit. I just really adore making this fic. I look forward to more of your thoughts on it in the future, along with others that sees this fic! n_n
Definitely will be keeping watch for this. And no worries about the rambling. It's obvious how passionate you are about your story and it shows in your writing. I'm extremely curious what plans you have for the future and hope you do well!
Chapter 7.

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Chapter 7: Majestic City.

Majestic City Arc.

The boy leans against a tree, staring at the blue skies; the clouds overshadowing his droopy look. Ada and Ramon gaze at him, sliding into melancholy. Ramon walks towards the teen, leaning his paw against the tree.

"...I'm so sorry for you and Ada's loss," he says.

"Yeah." Justin grips his fist. "I wish it didn't happen in the first place."

"Same," Ada agrees, laying against the same tree.

"I hope you two reunite with your friends. In fact-" the Zorua gets in front of them, lowering his brow and nodding. Adrenaline courses throughout him, a beckon of warmth leading him to say the next thing. "I'm willing to help you find your friends and families!"

The two teens look at the fox, stun expressions flourishing at his decision. Ada smiles warmly at the Zorua, putting her hands behind her back. "Thank you," she says in a serene tone.

Justin puts his hands in his pockets, content growing within him. "Thanks." He releases a sigh. "It...means a lot to me that someone is willing to help us."

Ramon smiles back. "No problem. After all, I am tagging along with the two of you, right?"

"Yes...Justin and I are going through a tough time right now. But it'll eventually en-"

"Alright, let's go already. I think we might be near a town or something," Justin says abruptly, storming past the two. Ada and Ramon stare at each other before gazing at him, their brows raising in response.

"What's with the sudden shift?" Ramon asks the teen before she shrugs. The two then follow the boy, looking around their surroundings. "So Justin..." He pauses. "You said something about a girl appearing in the flames while harassing the mayor. Who was she?"

Justin stops for a moment, putting his hand against his chin. "Honestly, I have no clue. I know that she was with those Conjure fellas, but she looked different than them as well."

"Huh." Ada looks to the side. "Whoever she is, she'll pay for burning the village as well."

As the three continue onwards, Justin stops his track again, the two bumping into him in response. They fall on the ground, staring up at the teen in perplexion. "Why did you stop?" Ramon asks.

"Look fam," Justin says, putting his fists against his hips.

The three gaze ahead at several buildings, flying cars and trains swing from every direction. Lights sparkle on and off in a neon fashion, the impression of amazement spreading across the three. "Whoa," Ramon and Ada say, their mouths agape to the futuristic style of the place.

"Beautiful, ain't it?"

"Yeah. I never stepped foot outside of the village to see more of this region." Ada looks to the side. "I guess you can say, this is my first."

"Same here," Ramon follows along, continuing his everlasting gaze. The three of them are on top of a hill, Ramon looking down at the street ahead.

"This is all of our first," Justin addresses, smiling in response. "So as much as I want to stand around and stare at that beauty from here-" he grins, lowering himself. "Let's go check it out!" He dashes off.

"Uh Justin, wait a sec-"

"OH SHIIIT!" Justin interrupts as his voice lowers in volume, sliding down the hill.

"Wait for us, boy!" Ada slides down as well, the Zorua shifting before joining afterwards. The three swing from side to side, the soft grass brushing on them within quick sessions. Ramon rolls down like a ball, groaning and wincing at the roughness of it all. Soon, they're stopped by three trees respectively, all clinging to it. Ada then gets up and brushes herself off, walking towards the teen.

"Could you not find a safe place to transverse through?" she asks him.

Justin looks at her, Ada's hand presenting itself to him. "Oh relax. No one got hurt." He grabs the hand and gets up. "Right, Ramon? ...Ramon?"

Muffle noises reach the two before they stare at its location. Ramon's head is stuck in the ground, his limbs flailing around in an uncontrollable manner. Ada and Justin rush to the Zorua, grabbing him by the hind legs and pulling him out of the hole. "Ack!" Ramon coughs and shakes his head, dirt flinging from side to side. "Jeez, I almost died there!" He stares at Justin. "Hey, try to find a safer route next time."

"That's what I said!" Ada says.

"But you asked a question, not a suggestion, fam."

"Same thing, smartass." Ada folds her arms as Justin snickers, covering his mouth in a mischievous manner. She turns to Ramon. "You alright there?" Ramon nods before the three take their attention towards the road ahead.

They walk forward before seeing a sign. As they get closer to it, a car zooms past them in a flash, causing the three to back away. "Whoa!" they yelp, falling on the ground and hearing a honk coming from the car.

"Watch where you're going, then!" Ada yells, shaking her head. "Anyways..." She and the others take their attention toward the sign again. The sign reads, 'Left to Avalon Forest, Right to Majestic City.'

"Majestic City, huh?" Ada looks at the city. "It looks pretty majestic alright."

"Yep." Justin's expression shifts. "...I hope our friends are there, including my mother."

Ada puts her hand onto the teen's shoulder. "I hope so too, Justin." She looks ahead, the city continuing its neon flashes and its vehicles flying up into the sky. The three move forward, footsteps pressing on the concrete each and every time.

As they get close to the city, another Zorua appears next to Ramon. The blue color flourishes on its eyelids and hair tuft, looking rather different than the red fox. The Shiny Zorua gazes at the fox, lips sealed and its face left empty. Ramon blinks at the peculiar creature, tilting his head.

"Um, hey...There's someone here," he says.

"What?" Justin looks behind him, Ada following along.

"Yeah! I'm seeing someone right now!"

Justin and Ada look at each other, blinking and lowering their brows. "...Hey Ramon." Justin scratches the side of his head. "What kind of joke are you pulling here? Cause I don't see anyone."

"Huh? What do you mean? They're right-" the Shiny Zorua is gone. "...Here."

"What were you seeing exactly, Ramon?" Ada asks.

The Zorua looks, absorbing the air of perplexion and confusion before shaking his head. "It's nothing. I...guess my mind was messing with me, for a moment." He chuckles, lowering his ears while the two shrug. "Let's continue."

The three proceed into the futuristic city, looking up at its lights and structures in awe. They soon notice a yellow statue near a wall, the statue looking like an orb. Ada walks towards it and touches it.

"Just in case we want to return to this city, for any reason," she says, her eyes glowing blue along with the statue. Soon the glowing stops, Ramon looking at her in confusion.

"What do you mean by that?" he asks.

Ada looks back. "These are teleportation statues. They're there to help us teleport back to the location we've already been."

"Oh...I see?"

"I can elaborate more on it once we find ourselves a place to live."

The Zorua nods as the three keep moving. Meanwhile, the Drowzee peeps her head from behind a tree, eyeing the group. She yelps and rushes after them, hiding behind sign poles and walls and other trees. I better hurry! Or else, I won't be able to say my thanks! she thinks to herself, rolling around the grass before hitting the next wall in front of her. "Oof!" She rubs her head, groaning. She then hops around the corner and enters the city.

Behind the Drowzee is the cloaked figure hidden within the bushes, watching the tapir. I don't know what the Drowzee's motives are. The individual grips his fist, the bushes rattling from his presence. But she better find someone else to take their dreams from. He dashes out of the bushes, following the four.

The city's interior looks just as grand as the outside. Many people and Pokémon roam around the sidewalks and traffic, cars flying past the roads and even the skies above. Despite the sun being out, the neon lights flashes at the sky to showcase the words 'What A Time to be Alive!' Over at a large billboard lies the following words, 'Welcome to Majestic City: A City Ahead of Time!'

"'A City Ahead of Time?' What do they mean by that?" Ramon asks.

"Perhaps this city has a different time zone than anywhere else?" Ada shrugs. "I have no clue, honestly."

"Hmm." The fox continues on the sidewalk, stopping his tracks to encounter a creature exiting from its car. "...Huh?" The quadruped creature has a blue-green skin with a blooming bud on his back. The Venusaur closes the vehicle's door with his vine, adjusting his hat afterwards. He proceeds into a nearby building, holding his suitcase while fixing his tie.

"Did you two saw that Pokémon getting out of that thing just now?" the fox asks, raising his right brow. "The thing is even its size, too!"

"I believe they're called cars? I heard of their existence, but never thought they'll be flying," Ada says. "I also never knew that Intellicates can drive."

"Same here, fam," Justin follows, looking at the vehicle.

"There goes this Intellicate thing again." The fox sighs, shaking his head.

As the three wander around, they encounter a bunch of people and Pokémon sitting on the sidewalk, some being in the alley as well. Those people have blankets wrapped around them along with the Pokémon, all warming each other up. "Hmm?" Ramon passes by the groups, littered with confusion. "Say, do those people have homes?" he asks the two teens.

Ada folds her arms and shrugs. "Probably not. I mean, we're still looking for a place to stay ourselves," she confirms, taking her attention towards the sidewalk ahead.

"Yo, maybe we can ask someone in that hotel if we can stay," Justin says, pointing at a building ahead. The three gaze, multiple windows and a twin door window flourish in front of them.

"That's the only thing we can do." The girl adjusts her jacket before walking to the building. A simple footstep near the door causes it to open sideways.

"Whoa...That was nice," the Zorua says, entering the building. The three look around, many civilians going up to the counter and ordering their rooms to this luxurious hotel.

"This also looks nice too, dude," Justin follows, admiring the interior while putting his hands in his pockets. After a man exits from the counter, the three reach there to see a formally dressed woman behind it. The Zorua can't see the woman due to his height, looking up at the chins of his allies.

"Hello you two. How may I assist you today?" the woman asks, holding her hands.

"We'll like to stay in this hotel, please," Ada answers, putting her hand on the counter.

"Alright. That'll be 60 pokédollars each for the two of you." The woman then notices the Zorua walking from beneath the counter, lifting her brow at his unusual red face. "Make that three."

That's weird for a lady to ask a Pokémon to pay for his room, Ramon thinks, raising his right brow.

"60 pokédollars!? That's pretty dicey, don't you think?" Justin says, gripping his shirt.

"Hold on, Justin," Ada steps in. "This is only for us having our own rooms, right?" She asks.

The lady smiles. "Yes."

Justin folds his arms. "Then we'll like to stay in one room, please." He points to himself, Ada, and Ramon.

"In that case, it'll be 100 pokébucks."

"100!?" Justin groans, digging into his pockets along with Ada herself. "Let's see if we have...THAT much, then."

The lady shrugs. "It's a luxury hotel, sir. We provide the best experiences for our customers, hence its expensive prices."

The two teens get nothing but the empty ends of it, staring. "Uh..." Justin gulps, laughing in a raspy tone.

"Something's the matter?" the woman asks.

"Yeah, uh, about us paying the room." Justin rubs the side of his nose. "We can't do that."

The lady looks at the two and then at the Zorua. "Oh. I understand, then. I apologize for this, but you can't stay unless you pay for the room."

"Oh come on. We're young and have no place to stay." Justin lowers his lips and sniffles. "You wouldn't turn down on us kids, would you?"

"Technically we're teens," Ada says, covering her mouth.

Justin turns towards her. "Shh!"

The woman shrugs. "I still can't let you three stay."

"Oh please, ma'am! We've been traveling around the world for days!" Justin puts his hands together, tears forming in his eyes. "Please just do this one favor for us!"

"Sir, I understand your plea. But rules are rules. And I can't break them or else I'll lose my job." She bows her head. "My dearest apology...Also-" She points behind the three. "You're holding up the line."

The three blink at the lady, turning around. A ton of people and Pokémon are casually waiting, some even tapping on their watches. "Oh." Justin looks at the lady and scratches the back of his head, laughing nervously. "...We'll leave now."

The three walk towards the exit and sigh. "So where to now?"

"Hmm...Perhaps find more hotels to stay in?" Ada suggests, putting her hand against her chin. "It's the only conclusion I can come up with."

Justin looks around for a moment until another tall building appears. "Maybe that hotel over there will be free and let us in!" The three venture into the hotel only to be booted out within seconds. "...Aight then."

"They...didn't even give us a chance to speak. What the?" Ramon blinks, staring at the building.

Ada folds her arms. "Weird...and rude, too." She rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "Let's go ask other places. We can't give up just yet."

And thus, the three travel around the city, going through numerous hotels and knocking on people's doors. Rejects after rejects after rejects, some of the rejects downright tossing Justin into a floating trash bin, leading Ada and Ramon to feel uneasy. After a while, the three end up in the suburban part of the city, all leaning against the wall and gazing up at the sky. The sun hides itself behind the dark alley, not becoming visible to them as they relax next to some homeless group.

Justin's stomach erupts, the boy looking around before spotting a bread lying on the ground. "Hey, is that bread good?" he asks a man next to him. The man looks down at the bread before shaking his head. Justin looks as well, molds and dirt shrouding the whiteness that was once the bread. The teen cringes, covering his mouth. "Alright. Nevermind."

Ramon puts his head down, lying on his belly while groaning. We've searched everywhere around this city. No luck in finding someplace to stay in. The Zorua stares at a wall. "This sucks."

"Yeah..." Ada's stomach growls along with Ramon's, both whimpering. "I guess we'll live in the streets, then."

"With nothing to eat nor sleep in?"

Ada nods. "Looks to be that way, unfortunately."

"Actually, we can sleep." Justin points down. "On this hard ass ground."

The girl squints her eyes at the boy. "Right..."

Soon an elderly man comes by with some loaf of bread. He hands the bread to the man besides Justin, nodding at him. "Be sure to share with the others, too," he says, his tone being as firm as a wolf. The homeless man immediately unwraps the bag and tears a piece of bread, sharing them with the other homeless group. He also hands the bread to the three, Justin being the first to grab them.

"Yo, thanks man," the teen says, seeking his teeth into the white, fresh cushin of wheat. Ramon and Ada join their share of the bread, enjoying its fresh textures as well.

"Mmm!" Ada exclaims, looking at the elderly man. "Thank you, sir," she says, munching away.

The man looks at her and the other two, raising his right brow and tilting his head. "I don't believe I've seen you three around here before," he says, putting his hand against his chin. "Those clothes of yours look too out of the ordinary compared to everyone else here."

Clothes? Ramon looks at himself. I have none...

"That's because we've been traveling around Wizlore for months now. With no place to stay in." Ada pauses for a moment before sprinting up. "Would you care to have us stay at your place? We're desperate to find one for the time being."

The pale skinned elder stares at the girl, his gray beard and orange stripe shirt shifts from the wind blowing them; his red suspenders doing its best to hold his shirt in place. The three gaze back, the man squinting his eyes at them while letting his black shoes tap on the ground. He raises his right brow, more so at the Zorua being redder than usual. Ramon and Justin look at each other, nothing but bread munching from the homeless fills the silence.

"...Sir?" Ada says, shrugging.

"Come with me," the elder replies, turning around to walk away.

"...So is that a yes or-"

"It's a yes." The elder continues onwards, the three looking at each other with uneasiness.

"...That guy could've just said 'yes' from the start," Justin says, shrugging. "Don't know why he made it so complicated."

"Same here," Ramon agrees as they follow the elderly person, walking past a dumpster and the stairs next to a couple of walls.

The elder looks ahead of the exit, the sunlight shining at the sidewalks, streets, and buildings. "Have you three noticed the amount of poor people and Pokémon living in this city?" He pauses, grabbing onto the side of the wall and looking back at the group. "That's why I'm letting you three stay: There's too many poor people roaming around." He then grips his fist. "It especially irks me to see kids being homeless, too. So I would rather not let you three wander around here lost."

The three look behind them, a ton of homeless groups are either sleeping against the walls or covering their faces, some even stare at the wall itself. Their expressions are as blank and empty as the walls, not a single movement is being made. The three then look at each other, shrouding into the world of concern.

"Now that I think about it, there were a lot of them...Even the ones we noticed earlier," Ada says, taking her attention back to the elder.

The four exit from the alley and encounter a white building with a red roof at the top, a round pokéball symbol being in the middle. The four walk past the building, the three staring at it in amusement.

"So this is how a Pokémon Center looks like," Ada says with a smile.

The elder turns to the three. "You've never seen a Pokémon Center before?"

Ada shakes her head. "Never in my life, sir."

"We've been living in our village and hardly see the world around us," Justin adds, having his hands behind his head.

"Huh. Then why are you three traveling?" the elderly man asks.

Justin and Ada both look off to the side. "You see, our village got burned down. And since then, we've been traveling all around the region." Ada strokes her arm.

"Village burning, huh?" The four reach a nearby house that's as big as the center, being colored light brown with two to four windows. "Sorry to hear about that." The elder puts his hand on the doorknob, twisting it. Although, it sounds...familiar.

After the door opens, the four are greeted with the interior of the home, the living room being beside the dining room, the stairs relaxing by the corner. "Thanks for letting us stay, sir," Ada says, holding her hand out. "The name's Ada Cheng, by the way."

"Mines' Justin Phoenix!" Justin follows.

"And I'm Ramon," the Zorua follows as well.

Clinton nods and shakes the girl's hand. "Clinton Maplethorn. A pleasure meeting you three as well." He looks at the boy. "By the way, did you say Phoenix?"

"Yeah. Why didya ask?" Justin says, stretching his arms out.

"...Eh, just making sure if I'm hearing that correctly. My ears are starting to give up on me, after all." The elder turns away from Justin as the teen tilts his head.

"Uh. Alright then."

A boy with the last name, Phoenix. Clinton looks to the side. Hmm...

Justin looks at a TV in the living room. "Man, it's been awhile since I saw that." He rubs his hands together. "Let's see what channels you have on there, old man."

Ramon blinks into curiosity. "Channels? What's that?" He looks at the TV. "And what's that thing over there?"

"That's called a TV, also known as Television, and the channels are these numbers that help us navigate through it. Letting us spot any sort of shows or movies we like," Clinton explains before glaring at Justin. "Also, don't call me an 'old man.' I rather prefer you to go by the term 'classic.'"

Justin shivers at the grimace tone before chuckling in low volume, scratching the back of his head. "Alright alright. I'll go by the words 'classic man,' then," he says.

"Right. And before you three do anything else, I suggest that you take a shower. Arceus knows how long you've been exploring out there, so I'm not risking any filth here...In fact-" the elder looks down at Ada's heels, the dirt marks painting the ground with its foul color. He pulls out a washcloth and a spray bottle, getting on his knees to spray it. "I'm cleaning the dirt off now."

"Wait, you had those two in your pockets this entire time?" Ada asks, moving out of the way.

Clinton nods. "Yes. Got a problem with that?" He squints his eyes at the three, leading them to shrug in an awkward manner.

"Not...really, no."

Justin gets on his knees and leans close to Ramon's ear. "I think we have a clean freak," he whispers.

"What was that?" Clinton glances at the teen.

"Uh." Justin shakes his head. "Nothing! Anyways, got some extra pairs of clothes Ada and I can wear?" he says.

"Yeah. You two can wear them for the time being. I'll also put your old ones in the washer while at it."

Justin gives the elder a thumbs up. "Nice."

"What about me?" Ramon asks.

"I don't think Pokémon wear any clothing, do they?" Justin addresses.

"I noticed the Drowzee earlier wore a ribbon around her neck. But that's more of an accessory than a piece of clothing," Ada says, putting her hand against her chin. "Then again, there's the Venusaur with the top hat and tie."

"Speaking of Pokémon, there's something I meant to ask earlier." Clinton scratches the side of his head, looking at the Zorua. "Why is his face red?"

Things go silent between the four, the empty sounds of the house whistle throughout the moment. Then the three shrug at Clinton. "We'll explain that after we finish showering," Ada says.

"Alright then." The elder turns to the Zorua. "Also, I don't have anything for you to wear. Sorry."

Ramon shifts himself. "It's fine, I suppose."

"Yo, is the bathroom upstairs?" Justin asks.

"Yes," Clinton answers.

"Alright then." Justin runs to the stairs. "Last one to the bathroom door is a rotten egg!"

"Oh you may beat me in fights, but you will certainly NOT beat me to the tub!" Ada exclaims, rushing after him.

Fights? ...Have these two constantly fought each other or something? Clinton thinks as Ramon follows after them.

"Wait up, you two!" he says, his stubby legs hurling its way to the stairs and climbing one by one. He then stops midway to groan in an uncomfortable manner. Ugh, that odd feeling is returning again! he thinks, continuing onwards.

Clinton gazes at the pathways of dirt, plastering all over the floors and staircases. He squints his eyes before sighing, shaking his head. "This is going to take me a while to clean," he says, spraying the ground and rubbing it.

Outside of Clinton's home, the Drowzee stands in front of the door, lifting her arm up. She watches it tremble and shake, her lips puckering and her eyes wincing. Come on. Just...a simple...knock, she thinks to herself, her hand reaching close to the door. It soon stops, leaving only a sigh of sorrow resonating from the tapir. I can't! I just can't do it! She covers her face. How can I be so afraid...? Knocking on a door is such a simple task. Yet...I make that an impossible thing to do, she whimpers, keeping her face buried.

Lurking from the corner of the house is the black cloak figure from earlier, staring at the Drowzee while gripping the walls. He glares at the house itself, menace and fury emanating from his red eyes.
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Chapter 8.

Sonic Ramon

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Chapter 8: Sorcerous and Intellicate.

Majestic City Arc.

The bathroom door pries open, the black fox soaking the wooden floor with his wet fur. He shakes his body, casting a drizzle all over the place. "Ah, that felt great," Ramon says, smiling with the heavens. He looks to the side, gazing up at the giant elder that is Clinton.

The man glances down at him, stroking a white towel. "Couldn't you wait?" he says, some of the water landing onto his black pants.

"Oh...My apologies, sir." Ramon's voice shakes as he chuckles, scratching the back of his ear. Clinton gets on his knees and puts the towel over his shoulder, getting out his washcloth before rubbing the floor and walls. "Do you...want me to help you?"

"It's fine. I got this." Clinton then hands the towel to Ramon before wiping the door. "Next time, grab a towel before spraying water everywhere."

The Zorua can hardly see from underneath the big towel as he nods. "Will do." He sits down and uses his paws to maneuver the towel, scrubbing and caressing his fur. Clinton finishes cleaning the mess and walks away, leaving the Zorua to smother himself. Soon, Ramon stops and walks ahead, having the towel covering his vision. Why would Clinton give me such a huge towel? he thinks, bumping into a wall afterwards. He then turns to the side, walking towards the stairs. I think I'm heading in the right direc- he trips over the stairs. He rolls around and hits his head on them.

"OW! OW!" he exclaims, bumping into another wall. He gets up, moving from side to side while groaning. "Ugh." He soon comes across another set of stairs and trips over them, repeating the process. He continues rolling until he collides into another wall, the towel remaining on him; only his tail is exposed. "Oof." Ramon's ears flicker beneath the towel, hearing laughter nearby. He removes the towel in a weak manner and turns. Ada, Justin, and Clinton are in the dining room, Clinton scratching the side of his head while the other two are sitting in their chairs.

Ada and Justin are wearing different clothing as Justin chuckles at the Zorua, Ada folding her arms. She glares at him. "What's so funny about a Pokémon hurting themselves?" Ada says, frowning.

Justin shakes his head. "Nothing. Just that it came out of nowhere and threw me off guard."

"What if that were to happen to you? Would you be laughing then?" The light skin girl taps on her arm.

Justin waves his hand up and down, getting out of his seat along with Ada. "Oh relax. I'm sure that he's fine. Watch." He walks towards the Zorua. "Hey dude, are you alright?" he asks, his red shirt and blue shorts being the first thing the Zorua sees.

"Yeah. Are you injured by any means?" Ada asks, tugging the bottom of her orange shirt that says 'Honor.'

Ramon looks at the two and nods before getting up, shifting from side to side. "Yeah...I'm alright. Nothing about me is hurt at all," he says, laughing in a raspy tone.

"See? Told ya so," Justin responds with a smirk, Ada squinting her eyes at him.

"I find it hard to believe when his body is telling the opposite." She shakes her head, raising her brow at the Zorua. "Are you certain you're fine?"

"Yeah yeah. Just feeling a lot of pain in my head, that's all. It'll go away, eventually."

"If that's the case." The blue jeans girl walks towards Ramon and gets on her knees, putting her hand on top of his head. The Zorua's head starts to glow blue, his body gradually stops its constant movement. "I may as well take care of that 'little' headache." She looks at Justin, the boy whistling out of place.

Justin then stops and looks back. "...What?" he asks as the girl shakes her head. Clinton has his hands in his pockets, staring at the three.

"Whenever you two are done healing him, finish eating those sandwiches. I don't want them to rot just like the food out there," the elder says.

"Sandwiches?" Ramon questions, his head stops glowing as he looks at the dining table. The sandwiches are lying on the plates, all split into twos.

"Yeah. I fixed those for you three. You're welcome."

"Thank you, sir." Ramon then takes his attention towards Ada, who retreats from her knees. "And thank you too for healing me. I don't know how you and Justin can heal others on the spot."

Ada puts her hands in her pockets, smiling. "Healing others on the spot is a Sorcerous' speciality."

"A Sorcerous' speciality?"

She snaps her fingers. "Mhm. And you questioning it just reminded me: This is the perfect time for you to get informed."

"Sweet! Finally some answers." Ramon hops up and down, his tail wagging from side to side.

"While you three dine on your meals, I'll go check on your clothes to see if they're done washing," Clinton says.

Justin snaps his fingers and winks at Clinton with finger guns. "You got it ol-I mean, classic man," he says, Clinton raising his brow in response. The elder then exits the dining room as the three head towards the table.

Ramon hops on the chair that's at the end of it, the other two sitting on the chairs beside. The Zorua gazes at the sandwich; putting his paw on the soft, squishy bread, mayonnaise oozing its way out of it as the cheese occupies its appearance. He tilts his head at a certain angle, the crest looking as slick as a straight line. The baloney and cheese are sparkling with majesty, the Zorua drooling at it in temptation.

"Ramon?" Ada says, catching the Zorua's attention. "Weren't you listening?"

"Hmm?" Ramon shakes his head. "Sorry. I haven't eaten in a while." He leans down to take a bite out of his sandwich, enjoying the delicious taste from it. "Mmm, so good." He swallows, releasing a sigh of pure relief.

Ada snacks on her sandwich, taking in the serviceable textures and swallowing afterwards. "Mmf, agreed!"

"I needed this after being stuck in that facility for who knows how long..."

The teen nods. "I understand completely. Justin and I have been traveling for ages since our village got destroyed two months ago. Glad to finally have something to eat."

"Yeah!" Ramon takes another bite from his sandwich, wagging his tail in delight. "Now what were you saying about Sorcerous and Intellicate?"

"I was saying Sorcerous are humans capable of achieving a new type called Magic type." The girl whips out her purple claws, showcasing its sparkles. "This allows us to think of any kinds of Magic moves. That includes my Enchantment Claws and Justin's Sorcery Blades, for instance."

"Huh. I see then."

Justin munches on his sandwiches. "Althouff, weve do have ourff limit," Justin says, engulfing his chewed up sandwich as Ada's face scrunches up in response. "There's two types of attacks exclusive to Sorcerous: Primary and Secondary. Primary lets us think of any moves, but it can only be one. For some unknown reason, we can't think of more than one Primary move."

"Hmm? So if you can think of only one Primary move, then how can you two use Mystical Projectile?" Ramon asks.

"Well you see, this is where Secondary attack comes into play." Ada bites on her sandwich, swallowing it afterwards. "Or attacks, I should say. Since Secondary consists of two Magic moves that every Sorcerous has: Mystical Projectile and Mystical Shield. Mystical Projectile behaves similar to, say, a gun with unlimited ammo. It doesn't necessarily rapid fire things, but it does its job at shooting, nonetheless. Don't rely on it too much because it's less powerful than the Primary attack."

"And then Mystical Shield just...protects us from any attacks." Justin shrugs. "Not much we can say about that. It explains itself, man."

"Yep. Although, the shield's color can sometimes be blue or purple. As far as we know, its color doesn't determine anything."

Ramon tilts his head to the side, flickering his ears. "I see."

"And thanks to Magic allowing us to heal ourselves and others, the need for a Pokémon Center machine became obsolete. Although, Centers still exist mainly for those who badly injured themselves, needing a Sorcerous nurse to take care of the wounds."

"Interesting." The Zorua tilts his head. "But how does that explain the two of you understanding what I'm saying? And me understanding what you two are saying?"

Justin gives the Zorua finger guns, winking at him. "That's where Intelliate comes through."

"'Intellicate,' Justin," Ada corrects.

Justin raises his brow at her. "I knew that." He looks back at Ramon. "Anyways, me, Ada, and even Clinton are able to understand you because you're an Intellicate, the kind of Pokémon acting very similar to humans."

"From what I gathered, they were first discovered in the Wizlore region before more Pokémon started becoming Intellicates." Ada taps her lips, looking up at the ceiling. "Unfortunately, there isn't much connection Intellicates have with Magic type. All we know is that they further change the world around us, which explains why you saw the Venusaur exiting from his vehicle. He's without a doubt an Intellicate."

"I see then," Ramon says. "This also explains why the lady earlier charged me money."

"Yes. And due to Intellicates communicating on the same level as humans, there's really no need for Telepathy."


"As for the statue earlier, again, it allows Sorcerous to teleport to the location they've already been. Since Sorcerous can teleport themselves and others around them."

Ramon nods and smiles. "Is there anything else you two know about Sorcerous and Intellicate?"

Justin and Ada shake their heads. "That's about it, really," Ada states, tugging on her orange shirt again. "Perhaps there's more information about them we're unaware of. Some are like from the tip of my tongue, but I just can't recall it for the life of me..." Ada then tugs her shirt once more, grumbling. "By the way, couldn't Clinton find a better shirt than this? I seriously tug on this thing about three times now."

"Then stop tugging on it. Problem solved," Justin says, taking another bite.

"Why don't you wear this shirt then, smarty pants." Ada glares at the teen, huffing in response to his ignorance.

Ramon lowers his brow a bit, staring down at his plate. "Hmm...Oh and also." The Zorua takes a bite from his sandwich. "Whff didff you two becomff surprisff when-"

"Can you not imitate Justin by eating with your mouth full?" Ada glances, the boy chuckling in response.

The fox swallows. "My apologies. I was saying: Why did you two become surprised when I said 'Transvian' earlier?"

Justin and Ada look at each other for a moment before staring back. "That's because those are a group of Pokémon that went extinct a long time ago," Ada explains.

Ramon raises his eyebrows, blinking into curiosity. "Oh?"

"Their extinction has something to do with a war of some sort."


"Yeah...I wish I didn't forget the name and purpose of it." She tilts her thumb at Justin. "I've been wrestling with this guy so many times that I'm losing important knowledge here." She then lifts her finger and turns to Justin. "Speaking of which, we need to get back at training each other. We haven't done so in awhile, plus I need to get stronger to face those Conjure jerks."

"Not happening," Justin answers.

The girl leaps back. "What? Why!?"

"Because I'm actually a carrot."



Justin winks, smirking.

"What...was the joke there?"

"Carrot." Justin snickers along with Ramon.

Ada squints her eyes and sighs. "...So continuing the discussion, no one has heard of those Pokémon since their extinction." She puts her hand against her chin. "Makes me curious as to why Yvonne had Transvian in his journal entry."

"I read this note from the facility, mentioning something about any Pokémon having the potential to become one." Ramon shrugs. "I don't know if this Yvonne fella wrote it, but it wouldn't surprise me if he did."

"Interesting," Ada says, finishing her meal. After the others finish their meals, the three exit from their chairs and walk into the living room.

They come across Clinton staring out of his window, holding Dr. Yvonne's journal behind him. Ramon raises his brow and looks at the three. "Yeah, we told him about your face and even showed him the journal," Justin says.

"Oh," Ramon replies, staring back at Clinton.

Clinton shakes his head as he looks out of the window, gripping the journal. The three get close to him, the elder turning around. He gives Ada the journal. "The Prospective Institute stuff is interesting." He turns to face Ramon. "And I hope that you get your memory back someday."

"Yeah. Everything seems so confusing right now...I just want to understand my past more," Ramon responds, staring down at the ground. "Who knows if I'll even recover my memories? What if this memory loss is permanent? What if I'll never know about my past?" He whines, lowering his ears.

Ada and Justin look at each other, their faces drenching in melancholy and anxiousness. The two get on their knees, facing the Zorua. "Don't say that, man," Justin says. "Maybe the memory loss is temporary and not permanent."

"But...how would you know?" Ramon slowly gazes at the two, distress spreading throughout him.

Ada caresses her arms, looking off to the side. "We...don't." She looks back at him. "But we rather think positively and believe your memories will return back to you." A warm but uneasy smile forms across her face, leading Justin to do the same.

The fox continues the stare for a solid moment before releasing a sigh, looking back down. "I hope so..."

The two teens stand up as the elder stares off to the side, glancing at the ground. "...I know how you feel, little fella." He turns towards the window while Ada sets the journal onto a nearby table. "We all have those moments where we wish for things to get resolved. Hell, I want to see the rampant crimes in this city get fixed. But as far as I know, the police department isn't doing anything about it."

"Really?" Justin asks.

"Yes. Take a look for yourself."

The three look out of the window, with Ramon hopping on top of Ada's back. A man in black clothing is running away from another man, who is shouting at him. He has a gray bag onto his back, gripping it with firmness.

"Give me back my money, you thief!" the other man yells, forming a fist.

"See? ...No policemen are around." Clinton grimaces, turning to the side. "I wish this wasn't the case right now."

"Jeez, how long has this been going?" Justin questions.

"As long as my decaying brain can remember. It's the side of Majestic City the mayor doesn't want to address, which is odd." Clinton strokes his beard. "This is just one example of the many criminal activities being abnormal here."

"What do you think caused it?"

Clinton looks at Justin. "That, I do not know." He lifts his finger. "What I do know is that I will get to the bottom of this. Someone has to."

Ramon is lying on the ground without a sign, shaking his head and groaning. The two individuals become confused by this. "Yo, weren't you on Ada's back a few seconds ago?" Justin asks, scratching the side of his head.

"Yeah. I was," Ramon replies back.

"Um, Ada? Where you at, fam?"

Soon a laser projectile screeches outside of Clinton's home. "I believe that answered your question, kid," Clinton says, rushing towards the front door. Justin and Ramon nod before following along. As Ramon is about to leave, he stops and looks at a yellow badge sitting on a placemat near the TV, tilting his head.

"Come on, Ramon! Let's go see Ada outside!" Justin shouts at the fox.

"Alright! I'll be on my way!" Ramon and the other two are now outside, Ada using her Mystical Projectile on the robber. The beam hits the ground in front of him, stopping him in his tracks.

"Give the man his money back," Ada demands, charging another beam. "I won't repeat myself." The robber turns around with a pistol handgun, pulling the trigger as the bullet comes flying out. Ada gasps and uses her Enchantment Claws to backhand the bullet, deflecting it. The guy gets hit in the shoulder, groaning in pain. Red blood drips from it as he drops the bag. "Nice try."

"Ada, what are you doing!?" Clinton yells, catching the girl's attention.

"Trying to stop this guy from stealing the man's money, of course." She glances at the robber. "Did you expect me to sit there and let this happen?" The robber digs into his pocket and gets out a red and white ball. Ada raises her brow at the sight of it. "Is that...a pokéball?" Ada stares into shock. "I thought those became obsolete!"

"A pokéball!? What the hell, fam!?" Justin exclaims.

"Hey. Tone your language down some," Clinton says. "Also, a pokéball in this day of age? That's...something."

Ramon tilts his head, his ears twitching. He becomes perplexed by everyone's reactions, blinking in response. As the robber tosses his ball in the air, red light gleams its way out. The light summons a humanoid creature, floating to the ground with elegance. The creature has multiple bows spreading from the top of her body to the bottom, appearing as though she's wearing a black and white dress. The Gothitelle stares at her opponent, rubbing her arm.

Is he a Pokémon Trainer? both Ada and Justin think while Ada prepares herself.

"Use whatever moves you can to distract the girl, alright?" the robber commands the Gothitelle, a simple nod forming from her.

The Gothitelle sighs and says one word: "Gothi..."
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Chapter 9.

Sonic Ramon

Bug Catcher
Chapter 9: Sorcerous vs Pokémon Trainer!?

Majestic City Arc.

With no time to think, Ada dashes towards the Gothitelle. She leaps into the air and claws at the Pokémon, but gets surrounded in a light pink aura.

"Hmm?" she says. The black dressed creature's eyes are glowing blue, holding her arms out. The Gothitelle pushes Ada away with Telekinesis, tossing the girl around. She backflips onto the ground, glancing at the Gothitelle. She then takes her attention towards the robber, who's running away from the scene. "Oh no you don't!" She dashes towards him before getting coated in a dark pink outline. The Gothitelle's eyes are glowing once more.

The teen is thrown back from the Psychic attack, slamming against a wall as she groans in pain. "Oh shit, Ada!" Justin shouts.

"I forgot that I'm weak to Psychic moves," Ada says to herself, wrapping her arms around her stomach.

As the robber runs off, a pain reaches his leg within seconds, the man screaming and falling to the ground. A bullet hole appears in his bleeding leg, the man looking up at Clinton wielding a revolver. He aims the gun at the robber, gripping it with firmness. "Continue to resist and you will no longer breathe," the pale elder confirms. The robber grits his teeth, covering his leg in response to the injury.

Ada gets up, releasing a sigh. "How dare you leave your Pokémon to fight by its lonesome? I thought the whole point of being a trainer is to bond with them and be by their side," Ada exclaims, eyeing at the robber. "But I suppose all of it is just old school to you, huh?" The Gothitelle glances at the ground, stroking her arm without hesitation.

"Don't listen to her," the robber says in a raspy tone. "Just do as I say and attack, now!" The humanoid creature prepares a DNA-like strand in her hand, firing her Psybeam at Ada. Ada brings her arms up and forms a huge shield around her. As it hits the Mystical Shield, smoke rises from the Psybeam's contact. After the shield fades, the Gothitelle appears in front of her with little warning, her hands glowing white.

"How did you-" Ada is cut off by the Gothitelle's Double Slap, the Pokémon swinging her hands left to right. Ada blocks the attack, the two escaping from the smoke. She winces as the robbed man hides behind his mailbox.

"Cindy! Use that move combo I taught you!" the trainer shouts.

"Move combo?" Ada is suddenly pushed away by Psychic, Cindy floating into the air afterwards. The girl claws the ground, the Gothitelle twirls in place while her hands remain glowing. The creature fires multiple Psybeams at Ada, causing her to claw at each and every one of them. Then Cindy rushes down to hit the teen with Double Slap. Ada forms her shield in time, holding her hands out. Cindy hits the shield over and over, each 'THUD' pushing the teen back. Wow she's strong! she thinks, her hands being coated in Enchantment Claws again. She lets the shield fade away to swing at the Pokémon, Cindy dodging the move each and every time. She grabs Ada's arm and throws her to the ground with ease, the girl coughing afterwards.

"Come on Ada, I believe in ya!" Justin cheers the girl on, forming two fists. Ada groans as she gets on her knees, smirking.

"Thanks, Justin. I needed someone to root for me in this tough batt-"

"Ada, look out!" Ramon shouts, the Gothitelle firing her Psybeams at the teen. Ada uses Mystical Shield once more, the Psybeams slamming against it. Then the Gothitelle hits the shield over and over with Double Slap.

"Thanks for the warning!"

Cindy jumps back from the shield, the girl rushing towards her with no time to think. Now's my chance! Ada's claws unravel, the teen swinging and slashing at the Gothitelle. Cindy dodges and dodges, moving in elegance and serenity. "Oh come on!"

Ada tries kicking the Pokémon, leading Cindy to jump from it. She grips her fist. "Oh dodge this while at it!" Ada shouts, lifting her arms and thrusting them forward in rapid sessions. She fires multiple Mystical Projectiles at Cindy, the beams screeching through max velocity. They go right past the Gothitelle, only hitting the ground and the walls. The robbed man yelps as one lands next to him, clinging onto his mailbox. "AAAH! STAY STILL!"

As Ada rapidly moves her arms, Ramon and Justin look at the teen in a peculiar manner. Then they look at each other.

"Can she always be frustrated about things?" the Zorua asks.

"Usually when my jokes tend to annoy her too much. This is the first time I've seen her lose her marbles in fights," Justin replies.


Soon, Ada stops firing, smoke rising from the attack. Did I get her? she thinks, panting with aggression. Then something comes out of the smoke. That something is Cindy dashing towards her without a single mark. "How the hell did I not hit you!?" she shouts before spotting Cindy's glowing eyes. Ada holds her hands up and uses Mystical Shield, but it doesn't appear. She thrusts her hands in the air as if she's giving someone CPR. Nothing happens. "Oh-" she gets coated in a dark pink outline. "...No."

Cindy lifts Ada up with Psychic, slamming her to the ground. She then lifts Ada up again and slams her down. And she repeats this over and over, the Gothitelle ramming Ada to the ground without a second thought.

"Ada!" both Justin and Ramon scream, their friend moving up and down at an uncontrollable pace. Ada is coughing out purple blood, some landing onto her face due to the liftings. Soon, Cindy stops and throws Ada towards a wall near Ramon and Justin. The girl rolls around before smacking against it, numerous cracks forming around her. The two stare at Ada for a brief moment, their eyes shaking in the land of terror. They rush by her side, Clinton gazing at the impact.

The robber tries to crawl away with the bag before a bullet hits the ground in front of him, turning around afterwards. "What did I say about you moving?" Clinton says, aiming his gun at the trainer as a 'CLICK' noise is heard.

Justin gets on his knees, the girl bleeding from her forehead as she coughs out more blood. She twitches, her vision fuzzling. "Ada, are you good!?" Justin says, the girl twitching and groaning.

"Ju...Justin?" Ada says, her tone being raspy and weak. Justin puts his hand onto the teen's chest, a blue aura glowing on it. Ada's chest glows as well, but she yelps and screams from it. The boy pulls his hand back instantly.

"She's not good. Shit." He strokes his head. "She's too injured for me to heal her. She needs to go to the Pokémon Center, ASAP." Justin turns his attention towards Cindy, lowering his brows. He spreads his arms out and spawns two magical blades in his possession. "After I take care of this asshole, first." He gets in front of the girl as the Gothitelle walks towards him, her movement being sluggish.

Ramon takes a closer look at the Gothitelle's face, a somber expression sprinkling throughout it. Cindy's tears slid down from her cheeks, creating a trail behind her. "Wait Justin," Ramon says. "Something isn't right here."

"Well no shit: This Gothitelle just beat the hell out of Ada. And now she wants more of that beating, which ain't happening." Justin grips his Sorcery Blades, his red shirt swifts to the wind's gust.

"No. I mean, let me reason with the Gothitelle. The look on her face tells me there's something up."

"Reason!? Have you lost your marbles, too!? You saw her massacring Ada not too long ago! And now you want to reason with her!?"

"I know, but I also can tell that the Gothitelle doesn't look too swell about this fight."

"That's because she's serious, man. You don't look happy when you try to kill someone, do you?"

"Look, just let me talk to her for a moment, please?"

Justin sighs. "Alright fine. But if she pulls off any tricks, that's a wrap."

Cindy stops in her path, staring at the Zorua. Ramon nods before speaking to the Gothitelle. "What's wrong?" he asks, speaking in the Pokémon language with the words 'Nyar?'

"...I-" Cindy pauses for a moment, sniffling and wiping away her tears. "I want this to end."

"The fight?"

"Hey Cindy! What are you doing!?" the trainer yells, leading the group to turn towards him. "Don't just sit there! Finish these guys off, now!"

"SHUT UP!" she yells, a pole next to her becoming engulfed in a pink outline. She throws the pole with Psychic next to the trainer, him and Clinton yelping from it.

"Oh crap!" Clinton yells.

Cindy glares at the trainer, seeing the world as red. She then turns her attention back to the Zorua, forming her fists. "It's not the fight: It's stealing from the poor."


"Yes. And every time things go sour, he leaves me behind to take care of the mess..."

"...And you're not okay with this, are you?"

The Gothitelle shakes her head.

"Don't listen to what that Zorua said, Cindy!" the trainer shouts. Cindy looks at him and uses Psychic on the trainer's lips, sealing them. "Mmf!?"

"I wish I was captured by some competent, generous trainer...But instead, I get some robber who only sees me as an accomplice. Yes, I...have unfortunately ended a lot of people and Pokémon lives in the past. Just to defend him." Cindy glares at the trainer.

"Oh..." Ramon looks off to the side for a moment, gazing at the ground. He turns to face Justin, unsettling thoughts painting his world.

"What did she say?" Justin asks.

"Well..." Ramon translates the whole conversation to Justin, Ada and Clinton, the three glancing at the robber afterwards.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Justin says, keeping his blades intact.

"Yeah. I know that Pokémon Trainers are declining, but this isn't the way to revive that group!" Clinton exclaims. "I don't tolerate this immoral crap you train your Pokémon to be."

"Pokémon Trainer?" Ramon says, tilting his head.

"Same...here," Ada agrees, lifting herself up. Her legs shake in place as she holds her arm, glancing at the trainer. "That...Defect...deserves to be with a better...Fault...trainer." Ada falls over before Justin helps her up.

Defect? Oh right! The thing I read from the Project Transvian note. Wonder what's that about? And Fault, too!? Ugh, just when I thought my confusion ended! Ramon thinks before his ears twitch to several loud sirens coming from the side. Black and white vehicles are arriving at the scene, stopping dead in its tracks as multiple doors open. Exiting from the vehicles are a group of blue clothing people, all carrying handguns and pointing at the group. Speaking of confusion, who are they!?

"Everybody, freeze!" one cop yells from his vehicle, scanning the area as the rest of the officers scatter around.

"Don't arrest the Zorua, two teens, and the old man, officers! Arrest the robber and his Gothitelle instead!" the robbed man exclaims.

Soon, another cop exits his vehicle along with a man who has a round, black hat and brown clothing. His light skin is the main course between his mustache and the rest of his appearance. "Oh what happened here?" the round man says, wielding a cane.

"That man stole the hiding-behind-the-mailbox man's money. And then his Gothitelle almost killed my friend," Justin says firmly.

"Oh I see then. Arrest the two, officers," the round man says as the officers nod, all heading towards the robber and Cindy. The man then takes his attention towards Clinton, raising his brow at him. "You can put the gun down, Clinton. We got the situation taken care of from here."

"Yeah, Chief. Or should I say retired chief now?" the cop next to the round man says, snickering at the comment. Clinton stares at the two, gradually putting his weapon away.

"Wait, Clinton was a cop!?" both Justin and Ada say, with Ada yelping from her movements.

"A cop?" Ramon asks, staring at the elder.

Clinton releases a small gust of wind, nodding at the three. "Yep...You guessed it."
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Chapter 10.

Sonic Ramon

Bug Catcher
Chapter 10: Clinton Maplethorn.

Majestic City Arc.

The three gaze at Clinton, with Justin and Ada spreading nothing but astonishment. The cop picks up the trainer, restraining his wrists as he grins at the elder. One of the cops hands the bag over to the hiding-behind-the-mailbox man before he thanks them. Ramon looks off to the side, squinting his eyes while tilting his ears. He then looks back at Clinton.

"So the yellow thing I saw near the TV. What was that?" the Zorua asks.

"My badge," Clinton answers. "It signified my service in the police force, originally." He glances at the cop gripping the trainer's hands, putting them behind him and caging them with handcuffs.

"Yeah. You sure was a crime stopper, Chief. Working us to the bone on getting to the crime scene, asap," the cop says.

"Isn't that the point of being an officer? Making sure people are safe?"

"I agree, sir. But wanting us to get to the bottom of the rampant crimes isn't our duty. It's the detectives." The cop shrugs.

"Where are the detectives then? Last I checked, they're always not at the crime scenes. Aren't you curious to why there's so much more of it than usual?"

"Yes we are, Clinton. As mayor of this city, I too believe we should do something about the criminal activities," the round man says, adjusting his hat.

"Then why aren't you doing anything about it, Nickel!?" Clinton grips his fist.

Nickel holds his hands up. "Whoa! Relax, Clinton. We're doing something right now. Such as arresting this trainer and his Pokémon."

"Yeah, chill Chief. That's why everyone in the police force is glad that you retired," the cop says, chuckling. "You're too demanding and uptight about this."

Glad? The hell did he do to have the entire police department be glad about him retiring? Justin thinks, letting Ada rest her arm on his neck.

Clinton glares at the cop, shaking his head. "I truly believe that law enforcers should take these activities seriously." Also, was mentioning my retirement called for?

Nickel nods. "I understand why you feel that way, Clinton. Rest assured the enforcers got this under control." He then takes his attention towards Ramon, Justin, and Ada. "Who might they be, by the way?"

Clinton looks at the three. "These three are wanderers around this region. They have no place to live so I offer them one."

"I see." Nickel lifts his hat and bows. "The name is Nickel Willham, the mayor of Majestic City. I roam around here to make sure technologies exceed past its potential and of course, keep the city safe."

"I'm not so sure about the 'safe' part."

Nickel sighs. "Clinton, please. We're doing the best we can..." He looks off to the side. "I really wish I could come up with a solution for the poor. Truly..."

Clinton raises his brow at Nickel's response, folding his arms. Ramon gets in front of Justin and Ada. "I see. Hope you do find that solution, Mayor," he says in a soft tone.

Nickel looks at the Zorua and smiles. "Thank you, you kind Zorua."

"You're welcome. The name's Ramon, by the way. And behind me are Justin and Ada."

"Sup, Mayor," Justin says, waving. Ada waves her hand at a slow pace, smiling at the mayor before groaning.

Nickel looks at her, his face drowning with concerns. "You need medical attention at once," he says.

"Yeah. I...know..." Ada collapses on Justin, putting more pressure and weight on him. The boy holds her in place, wrapping his arm around her.

"Ada!" Justin shouts, the others staring in concern. As all of this happens, the cops surround Cindy and pin her down. The Gothitelle flails, the firm grip tightens from the cops coiling around her arms. One officer gets on her knees, positioning the handcuff towards Cindy's wrist. She locks the cuffs around them, sighing in relief.

"Looks like our job here is done," the cop states before releasing a gasp. "What the..."

"What's wron-" the other cop's sentence is cut off by a gasp as well, a dark pink outline surrounding him and his fellow companions. Then the cops are blown away by the Gothitelle's Psychic, her eyes glowing blue as she lifts herself off the ground. Some of the cops crash against their own vehicles while the others roll next to the teens, the group looking at the scenario afterwards.

"What in the world?" Nickel says, looking rather bewildered. Cindy is surrounded by her Psychic move, floating higher and higher in the air. Her trainer eyes her, quivering through his spine.

"Cindy, come back!" he shouts.

The Gothitelle stops for a moment, staring down at the man. "Goth-thi," she says before flying away.

"Cindy, wait! Come save me! PLEASE!" The trainer grips his fist. "Dammit!"

Ramon lowers his ears. I hope you find somewhere that makes you feel better, Cindy...

The smug cop smirks. "Man, you're so much of a scum, not even the Gothitelle wants to save you," he says, chuckling. He then looks at the rest of the officers, who're beginning to recover from the attack. "You all alright?"

One cop groans and brushes herself off, rubbing the side of her arm after colliding against her vehicle. She nods at the smug officer. "Yeah. At least I'm doing alright," she replies.

"Good. Let's take this trash to the dumpster." The cop looks at Nickel. "You coming with us, Mayor?"

The mayor nods. "Of course I will." He takes his attention towards Clinton. "I'll take my leave now...Take care and do try to focus on your retirement, would you?"

"I'll do what I goddamn please, Nickel," Clinton says, glancing at the mayor.

Nickel stares at the elder for a moment, gazing into the fury of his eyes. He looks down and sighs, proceeding into the vehicle with the trainer and smug cop.

As the cops vehicles drive away, a lady in pink clothing exits out of the Pokémon Center. "Huh? What are the policemen doing here? Or...was doing here," she says. The hiding-behind-the-mailbox man exits from his spot, sighing softly. He walks over to the teens.

"Hey, thanks for helping me there," the man says to Ada. She lifts her thumb up at a slow pace, leading the nurse to look at her.

"Oh my gosh!" the nurse exclaims, horrified at the teen's appearance. "You two come with me, now."

"Finally," Justin says, holding his friend tightly. The nurse rushes inside of the Pokémon Center, Justin following right behind her.

"Hey! We need someone to take this patient in, right away!"

And just under seconds, more nurses arrive in front of the double doors. They all rush over to the two teens, guiding them inside. Ramon and Clinton follow along, both spreading concern for the girl as the retrieved-bag man stands there.

"Hope she's alright," he says before turning around and walking back to his home.

. . .

Ramon, Justin, and Clinton stick to the black seat for the entirety of their time. They gaze up at the counter, anxious for updates on Ada. The clock hanging on the beige walls ticks, turning its shorthand every second. There's a white door next to the counter, with another being behind it.

Justin spreads his legs, his fingers making contact with one another while he lets them tap each other. His arms hunch over on his knees, the teen taking his gaze to the ground. After a brief moment of silence, he breaks it. "So Clinton, how was your life as a cop?"

"Misery," the elder replies, the two staring at him afterwards.

"Why do you believe that?" Ramon asks.

Clinton looks out of the window, glancing at a random building with several windows. "I once thought I could handle any case, solving them with no problems. It went well until I started living here." He grips his fist. "Living here reminds me of how much of a foolish, helpless, and incompetent cop I was. So many crimes continued to happen one after another. And the majority weren't solved: Unfinished, in other words."

"Yikes," Justin says, forming a concerned look on his face. "Why were so many of those cases left unfinished?"

Clinton lifts his shoulders. "How should I know? I was trying to figure that out while becoming chief. I wanted the cops to focus on enforcing the laws more, making sure a crime scene doesn't erupt. But apparently the police force disagreed with that, saying it's up to the detectives to do that job."

"Wait wait, so let me get this straight: The police force disagreed with you wanting them to get involved in criminal activities, yet, they enforce the law?"


Justin blinks. "That sounds dumb as shit."

"Firstly, language. And secondly, I know, kid. It makes me regret not ignoring their orders and working hard to prevent these abnormal crime rates." Clinton puts his hand against his face, shaking it. "My retirement was wasted and Nickel knows it..."

Justin puts his hand on Clinton's back. "We're sorry to hear about that, man."

"Yeah...I can imagine it being a real burden to carry," Ramon says, lowering his large ears.

The elder grips his suspenders, releasing a sigh. "No worries." He looks at the two. "It's why I'm going to find out about these out of control crimes." He slams his fist on the seat handle. "I'm getting tired of watching people and Pokémon becoming poor because of them. That man out there would've had his life ruined if we didn't intervene."

"Mhm," Justin agrees.

"I don't care what Nickel says: I'm getting to the bottom of this whether he likes it or not."

"Now that's what I'm talking about, old man." Justin snaps his fingers and lifts his thumbs.

Clinton raises his brow. "Excuse me, what was that?"

Justin blinks before scratching the back of his head, chuckling in a shaky manner. "I-I mean, classic man. Haha."

Ramon hops on Justin's head. "We'll help you, too," he says, wagging his tail.

"Really?" Clinton says with curiosity.

Justin grabs the Zorua and puts him on his lap. "Yeah. You did give us a place to live, so we may as well return you a favor."

Clinton smiles. "How generous of you two. Thank you."

Then the door next to the counter opens, revealing a nurse with pink hair as she looks at the three. She has blue eyes and her clothes are also pink, similar to all of the other nurses. But they are mixed with the color white on her skirt. Next to Nurse Joy is Ada, who's being guided by her as she rubs her arm. "Ada Cheng is feeling better now," Joy says, bowing at the three. They get out of their seat and walk towards the two, all being next to the counter.

"Thank you for healing Ada, Joy," Clinton says, digging in his pocket. He pulls out his wallet, sticking his hand inside to grab some bucks. "Here."

"You're welcome, sir." Nurse Joy takes the money as Justin and Ramon stare at the girl within anxiety land.

"You feel better now, fam?" Justin asks, putting his hand on Ada's shoulder.

"Yeah. Way better than before, that's for sure." Ada turns towards Nurse Joy. "Also, mind not calling me by my full name? I feel like that's weird to say in front of your patient."

Joy bows. "My apologies."

"And just to make sure: No bones are completely shattered or anything, right?" Clinton asks.

Joy shakes her head. "Nope. She's feeling fine and dandy after we heal her with our expert magic."

"That's good." The elder looks at the three. "Let's go." Soon the four exit the building after Ada thanks Joy, all walking on the sidewalk. "Now then." Clinton turns towards Ada. "What in the world were you thinking!? Randomly jolting out there and almost getting yourself killed!?" he scolds.

Ada pounces back from the sudden outburst, raising her brow at the elder. "What was I thinking? I was thinking of helping that man out!" she shouts back.

"We don't need someone as young as yourself to go out there and get killed!" Clinton puts his hands in his pockets, looking down at the ground. "There's already enough young folks becoming poor. So what makes you think I want to see one being killed as well?"

Ada stops in her path as the four get close to Clinton's house. "Am I supposed to stand there and let that crime happen?"

"Yeah, she has a point there," Justin states.

Clinton puts his hand on the doorknob, a weighted sigh escaping his mouth. Ramon looks up, lowering his ears. "Look, I just want to keep you young folks safe, that's all."

"Classic man, if you wanted us to be safe then why did you agree on letting Ramon and I help you?" Justin folds his arms, tapping on them.

"I-" Clinton groans and shakes his head, proceeding to open the front door. "Just don't be reckless about helping others, is all I'm asking."

"Reckless!?" Ada rolls her eyes, lifting her leg up and slams them forward. She stomps and marches her way past Clinton. Everyone follows her, with Clinton closing the door behind him. "Stupid adults and their advices," Ada mumbles, slamming her feet onto the stairs.

"Hey relax, fam!" Justin exclaims, following the teen. Ramon looks at the two, quite uncertain by the whole ordeal.

Clinton puts his hand against his face. "By Arceus, this is why I don't have kids," he says before putting his hand down, heading into the living room. Ramon is left alone by the entrance, blinking into curiosity.

"...Oh! What in the world am I doing?" the fox says before running up the stairs.

. . .

When the neon lights are off for the night, the light of the full moon enriches the room Ramon and the teens are in. Besides it, the room is shrouded in darkness, corners and walls can hardly be seen if one were to explore it. However, two beds are present: One on the right side of the room while the other is on the left, both parallel to each other. Ada snores on the right bed, her sound is as serene as a melody.

Meanwhile, Ramon moves over to the left side, climbing onto the bed. Justin stretches himself out before hopping on the bed. The Zorua bounces from it. "Whoa!" he yelps, falling back instantly.

"Today was something else, huh fam?" Justin says, pulling the covers over him.

"Yeah. With Ada getting injured by the Gothitelle, and then arguing with Clinton afterwards."

"To be honest, Clinton is the main one wanting to solve the rampant crime scenes when he's not supposed to. Yet, he doesn't want Ada to get involved with helping people." Justin turns to Ramon. "Doesn't that sound a little hypocritical to you?"

The Zorua shifts in place. "Somewhat, yeah. Although, I can see where he's coming from."

"How so?"

"Well...he did mention about taking us in because he's sick of seeing people, I guess you can say, being poor. And wouldn't want to see any young person becoming poor, let alone killed."

"Hmm..." Justin sighs and puts his hands behind his pillow. "Still though, I can't help but feel like his messages are a little backwards. Must be his age or something."

"Hey now. I don't think insulting one's age is necessary," Ramon says, his lips shifting to the side of discomfort as he lowers his ears.

"No no. I mean like, his thinking is...um." Justin blinks for a moment. "Haha, yeah...you're right: It does seem like I'm insulting his age." Justin scratches the back of his head. "My bad."

Afterwards, the two look up at the ceiling, both gazing at the bit of light the moon provides. After a few moments of silence, Ramon turns his head towards the teen. "So Justin, about what happened to Ada earlier-" the Zorua then turns his whole body. "How come Ada couldn't heal herself?"

"That's simple to answer: She took too much damage from the Gothitelle's Psychic, making her struggle to heal. This can happen to all Sorcerous, regardless of how powerful we can be."

"I see."

"So because of those damages, she'd need someone else to heal her."

"But I saw you trying to heal her earlier and couldn't. Why's that the case?" Ramon tilts his head, flickering his ears.

"Well, that happens cuz of Ada being severely injured." Justin takes his attention towards Ada. "She'd need more than one Sorcerous to heal her. Most preferably the nurses at the Pokémon Center."

"Hmm...Interesting." Ramon pauses for a moment before continuing to speak. "And what about the Gothitelle? How come I can understand her while you and Ada couldn't?"

Justin turns to the Zorua. "Oh that's one of many differences between Sorcerous and Intellicates: You guys can understand a Defect. We can't, including those who are Faults."

"Defect...Oh yeah, what are those anyways? And Faults, too? And you mentioned that Fault is a Pokémon Trainer as well!"

Justin chuckles and scratches the back of his head. "So many questions, huh?"

"...I'm confused and in need of answers, yes."

"Well to explain all of that as shortly as possible: Defect. They're the kind of Pokémon that existed long before Intellicates. They usually live in the wild and not really think on the same level as humans do. As for Fault, they're humans who aren't born with Magic type. It's possible for either one of these groups to be born that way."

"...Go on."

"As for Pokémon Trainers, they're people who capture and train Pokémon. Although, due to Sorcerous and Intellicate existence, their trainer status began to die down."


Justin lifts his mouth and yawns. "Alright, fam. That's as far as I'll go on the information. Goodnight."

"Wait!" Ramon pounces up. "I still have questions to ask! Like why are Pokémon Trainers a declining group? Why are some humans born as a Sorcerous and some as a Fault? Why are some Pokémon born as a Intellicate and some as a Defect? Why do Pokémon Trainers exist in a time where a Pokémon can live independently?"


"Justin?" The Zorua hears snoring coming from the Sorcerous, squinting his eyes. "Great. He fell asleep." He then sighs and lays down on his side, looking at the wall. I guess I'll know the answer at some point...

Soon, the Zorua closes his eyes and everything is swallowed by darkness. After a while of nothingness, Ramon enters a place filled with liquids surrounding the ground. He lifts his paw up, liquids slipping off from it in an instant. He gazes into the void of pitch black, tilting his head out of uncertainty.

"...Hey," a voice says, Ramon looking around in perplexion.

"Huh? Who's there?" The Zorua turns behind him, another Zorua appearing at his sight. It has a blue coloring on its hair tuft and eyelids, keeping its gaze onto Ramon. Wait...isn't that the same Zorua I saw before? he thinks to himself, staring at the Shiny Pokémon.
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Chapter 11.

Sonic Ramon

Bug Catcher
Chapter 11: "Hello, Ramon."

Majestic City Arc.

Those very words from the Shiny Zorua send shivers down Ramon's spine. The black fox stares at him, remaining in place as his furs are spiking up and his face drowning into the abyss. The blue tufted fox gazes back, smiling.

"Y-You. U-Um. E-Erm..." Ramon pauses for a moment, stumbling with his words. "You're the Zorua I saw earlier!"

The Shiny Zorua nods. "Yes." His voice is softer and smoother than Ramon's, giving off serenity to his tone. He walks forward, the Zorua backing away in response. He engulfs him with his forelegs, giving him an embracing hug. "I'm so glad I can finally talk to you!"

Ramon looks at the shiny fox, his cheeks nudging against his'. "Really?" he asks.

The shiny fox releases Ramon from his grasp, nodding. "Yes! I thought I'll never get the chance to communicate with you. But I was wrong." He wags his tail.

"I see then..." The Zorua tilts his head to the side. "Who are you and how do you know my name?"

"Why I'm glad you asked: The name's Nomar. I've tried several times to contact you through Telepathy. The...communication line can get real nasty, depending on the distance." He sighs. "And of course I know you! You're my brother, after all."

"Brother? ...I have a brother?" Ramon tilts his head to the other side.

Nomar nods. "Yeah! Remember the time we used to roam around and chase each other in the woods?"


"Or how about the time we fought those Ursarings when they tried to harm our parents."


"Or when we relaxed by a boulder nearing the sunset."

"..." Ramon blinks.

"None of those ring a bell?"

The fox shakes his head. "Not a single one. Sorry."

"...Oh." Nomar lowers his ears. "That's a bummer. I...was hoping when I finally reached you, you'd become rejoiced by us being relatives." Nomar gazes at the void, simply lifting his paw up. Several moving images pop up in front of them, showcasing the things Nomar mentioned: The two Zoruas chasing each other in the forest, the Ursaring attempting to attack them, and the sun lowering itself down while the two rest on a boulder. "Are you certain about not remembering these?"

Ramon gazes at the images, mesmerized by the sequence of events. He looks at Nomar, shifting in place. "Not a single thing..."

Nomar's ear flickers. "Not even our memories together?"

Ramon shakes his head once more.

"Hmm..." Nomar looks to the side. "Do you want to know about your past?"

Ramon gasps. "Yes! I've been traveling for that exact reason." The Zorua pounces toward Nomar. "What else do you know about me?"

Nomar blinks at the Zorua before nodding. "From what I know of, we were hanging out together until a thunderstorm happened. The weather was so severe that it separated us from our parents."


Nomar raises his paw again, another image showing two Zoruas getting blown away from their bipedal parents, lightning striking down in front of their path. "Yeah...And from there we...encountered these humans in white outfits trying to snatch us away." Upon lifting his paw up again, another image pops itself into existence, showing three humans taking away the Zorua while the Shiny Zorua trembles in front of several Pokémon. Nomar looks down. "I tried to stop them, but their Pokémon were too strong..." The blue tufted fox is shown backing away before running off into the bushes. "So I had to hide...Never seeing you again, afterwards." Nomar sniffles, tears springing up to his eyelids.

Ramon gazes down at the dark ground. "So that's how I ended up in that facility," he responds, glancing.

Nomar sniffles once again, shaking away the tears before staring at the Zorua. "Facility?"

Ramon looks up. "Yeah. I remember waking up in a dark room only to realize I'm in some kind of building." He then looks at the shiny fox. "Have you heard of the Prospective Institute? That's what the facility is called."

"Hmm. Never heard of them. But I assume they're filled with no good humans, since they'd taken you away."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because-" Nomar looks away, frowning. He gazes up, one more image appearing in front of the two. A Shiny Zorua lies down while a pool of blood forms around him. Two men in front of the Zorua are wielding knives, turning around and walking away with blood trails. "I was killed by them."

Ramon's legs begin to tremble, his eyes shaking in place. "Wh-What...?"

"While I was traveling around the forest, some sick humans decided to take my life away. They do it...out of enjoyment in hunting down Pokémon." The images begin to slowly deteriorate. "They don't care if you don't bother them: They'll rip you apart once they get the opportunity. It's like a game of tag, except-" the images explode into pieces, fading away afterwards. "-the tagger kills you."

Ramon lowers his ears, whimpering. "Oh...I, um." He flinches, feeling as though he's being rocked back and forth by an earthquake. "I-I'm sorry that happened to you, Nomar. I didn't know, and I wished that I was there to help you." Tears are streaming down the Zorua's cheeks, chills of guilt rising throughout him. Nomar didn't say anything, continuing his stare into the abyss.

"...Ramon, it's not your fault. Don't blame yourself over my death, okay?" Nomar says, assuring the Zorua. Ramon looks at the Shiny Zorua, sniffling while remaining shaky. "However, I want you to do me a favor: Head to Gloria Falls near Glory Pride City, and revive me." Nomar turns towards the fox.

"Hmm?" Ramon wipes away his tears.

"That way, we can reunite and hide from any humans we encounter." Nomar glances. "...Including the ones you're with."

"Gloria Falls? Glory Pride City? Wait wait, slow down for a moment, Nomar," Ramon advises.

Nomar tilts his head. "Too much information?"

"Yes! I don't know where those places are! Nor what they look like!"

"I'll guide you to them."


"Telepathy, brother."

"But you're dead. How are you able to use Telepathy?"

Nomar snickers. "You never knew the dead could use Telepathy? I mean, it's admittedly tough because of the communication barrier. But it's possible."

"Oh...But are humans aware of this abil-"

Nomar's paw leans against the fox's maw. "Brother, you're asking too many questions."

"...Sorry. I'm just interested, that's all."

"And I'll answer all of those questions as soon as we reach Gloria Falls. Or at least, get close to it."

Ramon nods. "Alright then."

"Speaking of heading there, I want you to promise me something."

"That is?"

"Don't tell anyone about where you're going."

Ramon tilts his head. "Why's that?"

"Because humans cannot be trusted, as seen from the examples I've shown you." Nomar sighs. "Therefore, not even your friends should know about your goal."

"But I don't see any bad intentions coming from them. They're as lost in this world as I am..."

Nomar rolls his eyes. "Of course they'll have bad intentions!" He stomps the ground. "Humans will put on their nice and friendly masks before slowly stabbing you in the back. That's what happened to me from the ones I've shown you!" Nomar shakes his head. "They started off gentle...only to crush me when I gained their trust."

Ramon's eyes widen at the description, the intensity of horror drenching within them. "But my friends wouldn't do that to me!" He gazes to the side. "...Would they?"

A static noise occurs, the darkness shaking and rumbling. "Looks like time's up for my Telepathy," Nomar says.

"Wait! I got so many questions to ask! Like how do you know where Gloria Falls is? How's the dead able to communicate with the living through Telepathy? And what else do you know about my past!?"

"Like I've said: You will...know...lat...er..." Nomar's voice fades in and out, light beginning to shine in the middle of the darkness.

"Aaah!" Ramon screams, floating in the air within seconds. Everything gets engulfed in the light, the static getting louder and louder. The Zorua lowers his ears, flinching at it. Then Ramon lifts himself forward, being in his bed as the sun shines through the window. The Zorua's eyes have baggage underneath them, glaring at the wall ahead. His ear flickers to the bedroom door opening, turning towards the teen having his hand on the knob.

"Hey dude, there's breakfast if you want to go get some," Justin mentions, looking at the Zorua. He raises his eyebrow afterwards. "Fam, are you good?"

Ramon blinks for a moment before shaking his head, smiling at the boy. "It's...nothing. I'll join you in just a moment."

"You sure? Something's on your mind?"

The Zorua shakes his head once more. "Just woke up, that's all."

Justin stares at Ramon for a moment before turning around. "Well alright then?"

As Justin exits the room, Ramon hops off the bed and looks out of the window. I wish you would've told me more information, Nomar, he thinks, following up with a release of air flowing from his mouth.

. . .

Somewhere in a dark alley lies a man wearing a dark purple outfit, falling onto the ground with ease. Soon, more Team Conjure members land next to him, the purple teleporter above fading away afterwards. One Conjure member has tangled, messy hair with his black glasses doing its best to keep it in order.

The man reaches into his pockets, taking out a map. He unravels it, the layout of Majestic City being displayed. He points towards the 'X' mark on it, revealing a tall building. He then looks at the group and nods, turning his attention towards the large building up ahead. "Let's go," the man says, his voice cracking up. The Conjure members chuckle at him, the man clenching his fists and gritting his teeth in frustration, crushing the map. He turns around. "Shut up!" Then he and his group of Conjure members rush to the exit, looking around in a stealthy manner.
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Chapter 12.

Sonic Ramon

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Chapter 12: The Bad, The Ugly, and The Worst Part 1.

Majestic City Arc.

"Ugh...What a snorefest," Justin says to himself, pushing a cart filled with many foods and items. The four are traversing through a hallway of canned food, coming in many types such as beans or rice. The floor is clean and slick, the shadows casting on it from the group walking from one spot to the next. They look around the mart, passing by some civilians.

Justin's eyes turn to Ada. "Fam," he whispers. "This crap is not what I had in mind when it comes to finding my mother."

"Honestly, shopping didn't come to mind ever since our hometown got burned down," Ada whispers back. "Also, why are we whispering?"

"Because I don't want the old man to know that I found his shopping decision boring," Justin answers, Ramon's ear flickering to the two's voices.

Ada tilts her head. "Since when did you start becoming concerned about how others feel?"

"I heard the words 'old man.' What are you two whispering about?" Clinton asks, grabbing a can from one of the shelves.

"Oh uh, we were just talking about the weather, that's all," Justin explains, scratching the back of his head while smiling.

The elder raises his brow. "...Then why whisper it?"

The two teens look at each other before turning their attention back to Clinton. "We..." Ada shifts her shoulders.

"We thought that it would be embarrassing to talk about the weather out loud," Justin finishes for the girl.

Clinton puts the can inside of the cart, shaking his head. "There's no need to whisper about the weather. People talk about it from time to time. It's normal, unlike something that's bizarre and unworldly."

"Oh." Justin laughs. "I always thought it was weird to talk about the weather, which is why I whisper about it."

"Right, haha..." Ada follows. Get me out of this lying train, please.

The Zorua stares at the two, tilting his head into curiosity. I don't get it, he thinks. He then looks at the elder, walking close to him. "Hey Clinton, are you a Fault, Sorcerous, or a Pokémon Trainer by any chance?"

The four exit from the hallway and turn to their left, all heading towards a waiting line. "I'm a Fault, in fact. I'm no Sorcerous nor Trainer." Clinton pats his pocket, containing the revolver inside. "If I was a Sorcerous, I wouldn't be relying on my trusty gun from my cop days."

"Oh?" The Zorua tilts his head. "Why'd you say that?"

"Because unlike Faults, Sorcerous doesn't have to rely on a weapon to defend themselves. Nor a Pokémon, for that matter."

"Relying on a Pokémon?"

The four reach the waiting line as Clinton nods. "Yeah. Trainers are the ones known to rely on them in battles." The elder lifts his hand up. "Pokémon Trainers consist mainly of Faults, who use Defects as their companions." Clinton then looks off to the side, his hand against his chin. "I'm surprised that they're still around, considering the discovery of the Magic typing. Our lives were shifted drastically because of it. To the point where even Intellicate Pokémon live alongside us, too."

"I see. Does the Pokémon have to always be a Defect for a Trainer to claim? If so, why?"

Clinton looks down. "From my understanding, yes. Having an Intellicate as a Pokémon companion is ruled unlawful due to them having freewill in every way and shape. If one were to claim them, they'll be in trouble."

"Hmm." Ramon looks off to the side. "Interesting."

Ada lifts her finger. "Although, the funny thing about the 'Sorcerous doesn't rely on weapons' part, Justin and I encountered one doing the opposite yesterday."

Clinton raises his brow as he gets to the cash register. "You did?" he asks, putting the food and items onto the counter.

Ada nods as she and Justin help the elder, Ramon hopping onto the counter and setting the items to the side. "We were dealing with two guys holding this Pokémon captive. And one of them was using his weapon and Magic moves at the same time."

Clinton hands the cashier woman his money. "I see...Wait, you two were in a fight before you got here?"

"Yep," Justin answers. "Speaking of which, have you heard of the group, 'Team Conjure?'"

The four then grab the items and place them in several bags, setting them into the cart before exiting the building. "Nope, never heard of them. Why did you ask?"

"Those were the Sorcerous we faced yesterday. We were hoping that you would know about their whereabouts, but I guess not." Justin shrugs.

"Mind telling me what they're known for?" Clinton asks.

"Well, they're-" gunshots are firing near them, the four yelping and looking around with caution on their radar. Many people run off from the situation, screaming for their lives. "The heck was that?" Justin says, blue sparkles forming around his fists.

"Look over there!" Ramon points at an area filled with police officers. "There's something going on."

The officers are all surrounding a restaurant building, shooting at it. Inside of it is a group of robbers shooting back at them, some are even getting shot in the chest. And the same can be said for the cops, who are hiding behind their vehicles.

The four stare at the shootout, their faces sliding into concerns. "It's...best if we go someplace safe," Clinton suggests.

"Agreed," Ramon, Justin, and Ada say at once. All of them turn to the left and leave that part of the city.

The group makes their way towards a tall building with double doors, being further away from the restaurant. The doors open, Nickel exiting from it while wielding a black cane. The group stare at him, all raising their brows.

"What are you doing here, Mayor?" Ada asks.

"Why I'm leaving my tower to go do some errands," Nickel replies, taking his attention towards the restaurant. "What's happening over there?" He points at it with his cane. The four look at the shooting, a man screaming in the background before they turn back to the mayor.

"Oh that? Some shootout, to sum it up. And it ain't good," Justin answers, putting his hands in his pockets.

"I see." Nickel sighs and shakes his head. "Another day of crimes happening. We just stopped the previous one yesterday, too..."

"Do you believe the crimes here will ever stop?" Ramon says, looking up at the mayor. The round man stares down at the Zorua, scratching the back of his head in a nervous manner.

"I fear this may take awhile for the law enforcers to keep under control." Nickel looks at the sky, a flying car passing by the group above. The sight of seeing one makes a nearby homeless person shake in place, their eyes widening, their covers rattling. "This city is meant to be futuristic, always improving upon anything no one has ever seen." He grips his cane. "It's a shame that we're dealing with these criminal activities nonstop." Nickel gazes at the sun shining its ray of light, glancing at the blues. He then smiles and lifts his cane up. "But fear not, as the detectives are hard at work on cracking the case!"

"...Where?" Clinton grips his fists, frowning at the mayor.

Nickel looks at him. "I beg your pardon?"

"Where are they, Nickel? I don't see them anywhere, not even when shit like this is happening!"

Nickel lifts his hands up. "Calm down, Clinton. They're searching for clues on a case linking to this one."

Clinton folds his arms and lifts a brow. "That's what you always say."

"Clinton, I know that you're upset about your retirement. You wished that you'd done better while working with the authorities. I...understood that completely."

"Cut the crap. This isn't about my retirement: It's about making this city better. And right now, you're doing a shit job at it."

The three look at the two back and forth, eyes widening and mouths ajaring at the commotion. Nickel sighs heavily. "I'm doing the best I can."

"I'm not seeing that best, am I?"

"That old man is right: The mayor really isn't doing his best at helping this city," someone says behind Ada, leading her to turn around. A couple of civilians are staring at them, including the homeless that are on the ground. Grim spreads across their faces while they keep themselves sheltered.

"There goes the mayor again using excuses to not fix the city's poverty problem. So much for it being called 'Majestic' when this is less majestic," one lady says, the others communicating more about the issue.


Everyone jumps and turns towards the explosion. "The hell was that?" Justin says. From there lies a hole appearing at the top of a tall building. Exiting it is Team Conjure, their dark purple outfits shine brightly thanks to the sun.

The group hovers down as purple and blue sparkles form around them, the man with the unorganized hair being their leader. Everyone starts chitter chatting, keeping a keen eye on the group.

"Who are they?" one man asks.

"I have no clue," a Venusaur with a feminine tone answers.

Nickel turns towards Clinton. "What's going on here?" he asks.

"How the hell should I know?" Clinton asks back, gripping onto his cart. Ada's eyes widen, her claws beginning to form.

"...It's them," she says, her purple claws fully engulfing her hands.

"Who?" Clinton asks. Ada doesn't say a single word as she dashes off, heading towards the hole-formed building. "What the!? Hey, get back here!"

Justin follows the teen, his blue blades spawning between his hands. Ramon yelps at the two. "Oh dear..." he says.

"Hold on, Justin! You get back here, too!" Clinton groans before sighing, shaking his head. "This is so frustrating." He then turns to Ramon. "Do they always jet off like this?"

The Zorua looks back and nods, laughing in a raspy manner. "Yeah..."

"Well this isn't good," Nickel says as the Conjure group lands onto the ground. "First the Majestic Restaurant is getting robbed, and now my second tower is getting taken over!"

Clinton turns to the mayor. "Couldn't you call in more law enforcers?"

Nickel shakes his head. "Sorry, but we're limited on the amount of law enforcers patrolling this city."

"Limited!?" Clinton puts his hands on his hips. "How the hell are you limited on law enforcers? With how big this city is, you should have more than enough to protect it."

"Well you see, due to the amount of poor people living here, it's become quite challenging to get new recruits."

Clinton folds his arms, squinting his eyes. "And whose fault is that?"

Nickel sighs, looking down at the ground as he shakes his head. "You're making this difficult on me, Clinton."

"Fine. Since you can't send anymore officers, for some Tauros shit reason, I'll go ahead and stop them myself." Clinton digs in his pocket and withdraws his revolver.

Nickel gasps. "But it's too dangerous! Who knows what the group could be capable of?"

Clinton glares at the mayor. "I know Arceus well that they're dangerous. That's why I rather risk my life saving those kids than to see them get killed." The elder then looks at Ramon. "Watch over the cart for me, will you?"

"Um, I will," Ramon replies, standing next to the cart in front of the alley. Clinton rushes off to the teens.

Oh dear...So much is going on today, Ramon thinks, sighing to himself. What else is going to happen? And just like magic, a paw appears out of the alley's shadow, gripping onto the Zorua's head. "...Uh." The fox is snatched away from the cart, being engulfed into the darkness.

Nickel looks to the side, tilting his head into confusion. "Hmm?" he says, tapping on his cane. "...Wonder what happened to him."

Ramon is thrown against a wall, yelping and groaning at the massive pain he received. "Ugh...What in the world!?" He rubs his head and gazes up, a cloaked figure standing above him. The red eyes rain down at his greenish, blue ones, making them shake in place and preventing them from avoiding eye contact. Oh this...just got worse.

The Zorua simply gulps.
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Chapter 13.

Sonic Ramon

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Chapter 13: The Bad, The Ugly, and The Worst Part 2.

Majestic City Arc.

Ramon looks up at the cloaked individual, remaining still while shaking in place. He grits his teeth into frustration. This is exactly what I need: This guy chasing after me again! he thinks, getting in a posture. The figure reveals his black paws, two bones forming in his possession. Ramon casts a Dark Pulse from his mouth, flinging it towards the figure. The figure simply smacks the attack with his Bone Rush, the dark ball crashing to the ground afterwards.

He dashes towards the Zorua, using all of his tremendous speed to get close to him. He swings his Bone Rush at him, Ramon jumping over it. The Zorua looks ahead, another Bone Rush swinging at him and slamming him against the wall. "Gah!" he yelps, coughing from the bone pinning him. His chest cages up, breathing abnormally.

"I'll end your life right here, right now," the figure says with a brute, cold-hearted tone. The Zorua blinks, looking around as he grunts. He tenses up on the inside, waves of uncertainty surging within.

There goes that feeling again. Appearing here out of all times, the Zorua thinks, pushing the bone away, but the figure's strength outweighs his'.

Hidden behind a nearby dumpster lies the Drowzee with a blue ribbon wrapped around her neck. She looks at the struggling Zorua, remaining hidden while covering her mouth. Eek! I-It looks like he's in trouble! she thinks to herself, putting her hand on her chest. Wh-What should I do? That cloaked guy looks scary to face! She whimpers, covering her face. I'm no match for him! She grabs onto the side of the dumpster and takes a peek, the figure shoving his Bone Rush against the Zorua with little trouble. The fox opens his mouth, firing multiple Dark Pulses at him. The individual grunts and drops Ramon to the ground.

Meanwhile, Justin and Ada continue running towards Team Conjure, getting closer to them. The man with the messy hair looks at a book in his possession, sighing in relief. The book has many colors on the front cover, making up that of a rainbow; It also has a pixie dust symbol. "Boss is going to be so proud of me once we head back to base," he says before putting the book in his pocket.

"Yeah, Jester!" one of the grunts shouts.

Jester smacks the grunt's head with his arm blade, causing him to yelp. "That's Commander J to you, you numbnut."

"Yowch! Sorry, Commander J." The grunt rubs his head, whimpering.

"Now then, time for us to report to...the..." Jester pauses for a moment, eyeing two teens heading towards his direction. "...Boss..."

"Huh? Who the heck are those two?" another grunt asks.

"How the heck should I know?" Jester rubs his hands, closing his eyes. "Not that it matters, anyways. Those two aren't a threat to us."

Ada then jumps in the air, flipping herself forward before slashing one of the grunts in the face. The grunt yelps and screams, falling to the ground as the others back away in response. Justin leaps in the air as well, spinning himself around and clashing with a couple of grunts. All of them are blown away, sliding across the ground.

"What the Blaze!?" Jester says in a raspy tone.

"You were saying, sir?" one of the grunts says, folding her arms. The messy hair man looks at the lady, glancing at her.

"Oh just shut up and attack them already!" Jester's voice is cracking like a broken windpipe. "All of you!"

The Conjure grunts nod, all of their hands becoming shrouded in purple or blue sparkles. Ada and Justin jump back from the group, the grunts shooting their Mystical Projectiles at them. The teens nod and form a Mystical Shield around themselves. The huge shield turns into the blue and purple coloring because of the sparkles, blocking the beams with no problem. The two then raise their brows, looking at each other.

"I didn't know that we could form one Mystical Shield together," Justin says, his face wandering in confusion.

"Same here," Ada replies before the shield fades, the grunts all charging towards them. "Welp, we know to put it to good use now." She giggles.

"Yep, fam." Justin grins, forming two Mystical Projectiles in his hands and fires them. The blue beams hit two grunts, blasting them off and landing next to Jester.

"Eek!" Jester yelps before clearing his throat. "I mean, you fools! Don't let these teens take you savages out!"

One grunt swings her fist at Ada, surrounding it in a purple aura. Ada dodges to the side and grabs the lady's arm, throwing her with ease. Then the next two grunts leap in the air with their fists engulfed in purple aura, stretching their arms out to launch towards Ada.

Ada jumps from the attacks, the two Conjures slamming against the ground. While in the air, one grunt appears behind her, charging his Mystical Projectiles. "Got ya!" he says, positioning the beams towards Ada's head. The teen smirks and roundhouse kicks him, shooting him out of the sky and crashing to the ground. Ada lands swiftly, brushing herself off before taking a look at Justin.

Justin is blocking every jab and beam from the grunts with his blades, moving forward without a lick of problems. He swings afterwards, a huge gust of wind blowing the grunts away. The boy blinks, staring at his blades in perplexion. "Wait, I can do that?"

"...Apparently so," Ada replies, standing next to the teen.

"Ah kickass, fam!" Justin grins, seeing the grunts getting up. One of them extends her arm out, launching it in the air. She makes it come screeching towards the two teens. "Yo, watch out!"

"Hmm?" Ada yelps at the arm, the two dodging it afterwards. "Thanks for the warning." The Conjure member attempts to swing her magical arm at Ada. The girl jumps over it, twirling herself around before clawing at it. The Conjure lady wails and withdraws, Ada landing on the ground afterwards. Soon Justin runs towards the grunt and kicks her, colliding her against another grunt.

Justin flips backward, sliding next to Ada. "Anymore?" he says, his blades remaining intact. The grunts surround their commander, glaring at the teens with uncertainty.

"These are some tough teens, Commander," one grunt mentions, brushing himself off.

"Thanks for the compliment," Justin responds, chuckling softly. "You know, for a group that ruined our hometown, you guys are sucking a lot against two teens."

"Don't provoke them, Justin. They're still capable of killing us, especially after seeing one of them extending her arms at will," Ada says. "That's as insane as the guy who can summon more than two Mystical Projectiles..."

Justin shrugs. "...I mean yeah but," he then points his blade at Jester. "It doesn't help that the group is led by some guy with voice cracks."

The Conjure group start laughing at Justin's comment, Jester lowering his shades, his red eyes fuming with fiery. "Oh zip it, you all!" he exclaims, clearing his throat before looking at Justin and Ada, his hands behind his back. "I see that you have jokes. Heh...Well believe me when I say this: Those jokes will no longer cover your back once I'm done with you."

"I'd like to see you try, voice crack man."

Jester clenches his fists, gritting his teeth. "IT'S COMMANDER J, YOU NITWIT!" He then breathes in the air, exhaling afterwards. "I can tell that this'll be short." He extends a blade from his right arm, glaring at the boy.

"I'd expect the same, too." Justin snickers, gesturing at the man with his blade.

Jester stares at the Conjure members surrounding him. "Step aside," he orders, the grunts moving out of his way afterwards. He jumps in the air, landing right in front of the teen. He swings his blade at him, Justin blocking it in response. Jester groans and jumps back, extending another blade from his left arm. He runs towards the teen, swinging his blade once again. Justin dodges to the side and pushes Jester, the man sliding across the ground with ease.

Ada rushes over to the commander and kicks him. He shields himself in time, the girl backflipping her way onto the ground. The boy dashes towards him with Sorcery Blades, swinging it. Jester blocks the attack, pushing the boy away. The commander jumps back and slides across the ground, gritting his teeth into frustration.

Justin keeps his balance steady after the push, smirking. "Is that the best you got?" he says, jumping up and down while swinging his fists in the air.

"Ugh...This is dragging on longer than it needs to." Jester releases a sigh. "Time to actually end this." He begins to surround himself in blue sparkles, gradually hovering into the air. Everyone watches, the man withdrawing his blades into their sheaths. "Behold-" he pauses for a moment, clearing his throat before spreading his arms out. "-Pixie Flush!"

Justin and Ada look at each other for a brief moment, blank gazes are being exchanged. "...Pffft!" The two laugh, Justin covering his stomach while Ada covers her lips.

"Hmm!? What's so funny!?" Jester exclaims, his voice going haywire.

"That. Name," Justin answers, snickering. "And I thought Ada's Magic move name was trash."

"Mystical Static from another member in your group sounds miles better than that!" Ada says, giggling. She then slaps Justin on the shoulders lightly. "Also, hey!"

As the two continue their laughter, the Conjure grunts hear splashing noises. All look up, a mystical river starts forming in the sky: It looks as blue as the aquatic sea while it spins around Jester. He moves his arm to his chest, glancing at the cackling teens. He swings it forward, the river jetting towards them.

"Huh?" Ada says before the two get engulfed by the river. As Clinton makes it to their location, he jumps back from the river pinning them against a tall building.

"What the hell!?" Clinton shouts. Ada and Justin swim in place, flailing their arms and legs. "Ada! Justin!"

Ada releases some bubbles, eyes widening as she strokes her chest. Crap! I...can't...breathe, she thinks, gazing at the sky. Her eyes twitch as she tries to move herself, but couldn't due to the gruesome current. Clinton looks at Jester, the commander's hands being coated in blue, sparkling aura. The elder aims his revolver at him, pulling the tip of it. He pulls the trigger, a bullet comes screeching towards the man.

The bullet hits through the tip of the man's hair as he flinches in response. "What the?" Jester says, turning his attention towards Clinton. The elder continues to shoot at him, his left hand laying on his right arm. "Hmph." Jester forms his blue Mystical Shield, the many bullets bouncing off from it. He then hears gunshots coming from the restaurant. The plan is working. The grunts cheer Jester on as the river becomes a barrier between them and Clinton.

Clinton's revolver makes a 'click' sound, the elder digging in his pockets in chaos. "Shit!" he yells, implementing more bullets inside. Soon, Nickel appears beside him, leading him to raise his brow. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I wanted to let you know that your Zorua friend went missing from your cart," the mayor explains in a concerned tone.

"What!?" Clinton's eyes enlarge, his hands shaking in place. "...This.." Clinton finishes loading his gun. "This has gotten so much worse..."

Over at Ramon's end, the two start panting over and over, bruise marks showing on them. The individual's cloak devolves into ruins and destruction, its decaying state showing off bits of his blue fur. He grips onto his Bone Rush for a moment, glaring at the Zorua with menace. He then adjusts his posture, standing tall and firm while his Bone Rush disappears.

"Why continue to resist your inevitable fate?" the figure says, his paws glowing yellow.

"Should I even answer the question?" Ramon asks, bracing himself.

"I believe we both know the answer to it." The individual moves forward. "Now stay still!" He rushes towards the Zorua, jabbing him with Force Palm. Ramon jumps out of the way only to have his tail get captured by the attack. He winces.

"AH!" The figure picks him up and throws him to the wall, the fox wincing once again. Ramon tries to get up before the individual gets close to him within seconds. He looks up. Oh my gos- his thoughts are cut off by him being Force Palmed, eyes widening to the powerful attack as he screams. The figure then picks him up and throws him towards the dumpster, the Zorua coughing out purple blood in response. He gasps heavily, sliding down and groaning in pain.

The tapir yelps in silence, the figure slowly walking towards her direction while eyeing the Zorua. Oh gosh...He's getting beaten up pretty badly, and I'm just sitting here watching it all! She shivers in place, biting on her fingers while looking at the distant exit behind her. She gazes at it as if it were the abyss itself. She whimpers.

What should I do?
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Chapter 14.

Sonic Ramon

Bug Catcher
Chapter 14: The Bad, The Ugly, and The Worst Part 3.

Majestic City Arc.

The tapir whines, creeping her way to the other side of the dumpster. The destructive cloaked person picks Ramon up, gripping his head with firmness while forming a fist. The Zorua groans, gritting his teeth as his vision starts to blur.

"Let these words be the last thing you'll ever hear: Suffer. Suffer in all eternal damnation for murdering not only my closest friend, but also everyone else who died in the Prospective Institute," the figure says, bringing his fist back.

Prospective Institute? the Drowzee thinks, sticking her hand out. Wait, what am I-

"Ug-Ugh." Ramon grunts, staring directly at the figure's cold eyes. He's about to swing his fist before coming to a halt, his paw being close to the Zorua's face.

"What the hell?" The figure glances, pushing his fist forward but couldn't. A light blue outline surrounds his arm along with the rest of his body. "Hmm?" He's then thrown towards the wall, dropping the Zorua. "Gah!" He groans, gritting his teeth. What was that!? he thinks, caressing his arm.

The individual gets up and walks towards the Zorua only for him to be engulfed in a light blue outline, flying backwards. He flips around and lands on the ground, sliding across it. Where's the attack coming from!? He lowers his red eyes, glancing around.

The Zorua raises his left brow at the scenario. Hmm? he thinks, groaning some more in pain.

The figure looks ahead, the Drowzee's arm hanging from the side of the dumpster, her light blue outline fading away. Found the culprit. He casts a Bone Rush in his possession and throws it towards the dumpster.

The Drowzee looks at her hands, eyes widening as she gasps. Oh my gosh! I can't believe I did that! she thinks before something bursts. "Eh?" Her expression becomes as clueless as a sitting duck. She turns around, the dumpster flipping itself over. "Eek!" she yelps, rolling forward as it slams onto the ground, dusts sprinkling into the air. Afterwards, she sprints away.

The ruined cloaked figure rushes to the location, lifting the dumpster up: Nothing but garbage. He checks behind it, nothing besides the walls and the ground. He then turns his head towards the side, glaring at the exit from afar. Looks like the culprit escaped, he concludes, flickering his long blue ears.

"Hel...Help," Ramon says, his tone being crippled and raspy as he crawls. "Someone...please..." He coughs. "He-Help..." He is suddenly prevented from moving any further. He turns his head, the individual pinning him down with his foot. The Zorua's eyes enlarge, shaking to its mere retinas.

The figure stares back, his red gaze erupting like a volcano. "Let this be your end."

While this happens, Ada and Justin remain in the river of suffocation, gasping and releasing bubbles. Clinton strokes his head, shaking in place while Jester laughs, twirling his hand around. "You see this, my Conjure members? This is the power of THE Commander J's Wrath!" Jester exclaims with a voice crack. "This is why one shall fear me! As I am obviously the best one in the group! Plus-" he snickers. "I do get enjoyment out of two morons struggling against my Pixie Flush. Serves them right for making fun of my perfectly crafted name!"

"Uh, are you sure that Magic move is perfectly crafted?" one of the grunts says.

Jester slowly turns towards him with a wide grin. "Do you want to drown like those two?"

The grunt gulps. "Nevermind. It's perfect. Guaranteed. 10 out of 10."

"Thought so." The floating man then blinks for a moment. "Hmm?" A mystical, serene sound comes from his left arm, glowing bluish purple. He flips his arm over, a hologram spawning above his hand. Within the hologram contains a shadowy figure sitting on a throne, staring directly at Jester.

"Was the plan successful?" the throne individual asks, her voice striking down a thousand warriors with serenity.

Jester nods. "Yes, Mistress. Everything went according to plan." He eagerly shows her the rainbow book.

"Good. I'll teleport you and the rest of the members back to base."

Jester bows his head. "Thank you, my lovely Mistress." Soon the hologram fades away, Jester looking at the grunts afterwards. "Ladies and gentlemen, it's about time we head back home. Our mission today has been a success!" All of Team Conjure grunts cheer for the commander, high fiving each other and even giving each other a hug. "I know, I know. I'm super good at my job." He then lowers his hands down, the river no longer surrounding him. It evaporates similar to the lakes and oceans, allowing Justin and Ada to breathe again. The two fall to the ground upon being released, coughing at a continuous rate.

"You two are lucky that my boss called today. Otherwise, I would've drowned you little rascals to death," Jester says, lifting his finger up while closing his eyes. "I don't care if you're a child or an adult: No one makes fun of my Magic move and gets away with it." He glances at them. "Period."

"You tell em', Jester!" one grunt shouts.

Jester glances at the grunts. "IT. IS. J!" His voice becomes way more haywire than usual. "GET IT RIGHT, YOU NIBWAD!"

"Is nibwad even a word?" the other grunt mentions.

"Just say my name right, for Pete's sake!"

Clinton rushes over to the two. "Are you two alright?"

Justin clears his throat. "Yeah...Just happy to finally breathe again! Oh hallelujah!" he says, throwing his arms forward. "What about you, Ada?"

Ada sighs, breathing in the fresh, clean air. "Yeah. I'm happy to finally breathe, too." She then turns her attention towards Jester as he starts to glow blue, the rest of Conjures glowing along. "Although, they're about to get away!" Ada summons her purple claws and takes off running.

"Hey, Ada!" Clinton shouts in concern.

"Anyways, time for me to go." Jester waves his hand at Justin and Ada, the teen rushing towards him. "Toodles!" Ada grits her teeth, launching herself into the air. She swipes at Jester only to hit nothing instead: Jester and the rest of Team Conjure have fully teleported away.

She falls to the ground and rolls over, stopping herself with her claws. Justin, Clinton, and Nickel rush towards her, anxiousness spreading across their faces. "Yo, you good, fam?" Justin asks.

Ada slams her fist to the ground. "DAMMIT!" she yells, loud enough for the people to hear.

Justin's eyes widen. "Well shit, I guess not."

"GAH!" A voice from afar strikes the three's attention, looking around in peculiarness.

"The hell did that come from?"

"Language, dammit," the elder says, Justin raising his brow at him because of him using profanity himself. "And also, I have no clue."

"I actually heard it from the alley over by the cart," Nickel replies.

"Then let's go check it out," Clinton suggests as he, Justin, Ada, and Nickel walk towards the alley.

Back to the alley, the cloaked figure is stomping on the Zorua with little hesitation. Ramon groans, yelping from every stomp. The individual continues, over and over, purple blood spewing out of the Zorua's mouth. Ramon coughs, shaking in place.

Oh gosh...It...hurts, Ramon confirms, coughing out more blood than usual. I...can't die. Not here. Not when my memory has yet to recover! His vision begins to go hazy, even more blurry than before. I...can't believe that this is it. Ramon closes his eyes. I'm at a complete disadvantage with this guy...It's over. He lets his arms flail by the stomp's commands. Sorry, Clinton...Sorry, Justin...Sorry, Ada...Sorry...Nomar.


The Zorua flickers his ear. "Huh...?" The wrath of the stomping stops as Ramon looks ahead, Clinton wielding his gun while glaring. A bullet is on the ground next to the figure, a mark forming on it.

The elder pulls the tip of his revolver. "I'll bust a cap in your ass if you continue hurting that Zorua."

The figure growls. "Stay out of this, old man. This has nothing to do with you."

"Oh it has everything to do with me: He's my friend you're messing with!"

"Friend, huh?" The destructive cloaked person releases a sigh, forming a Bone Rush. "Fine. Then you can join his suffering." The figure rushes towards the elder, preparing to swing. He's then met with two beams firing at him, jumping back in response. The bottom of his cloak gets hit, shredding off and revealing parts of his blue body.

He slides across the ground, looking at two unhappy teens. "You again?" Ada says, squinting at the cloaked figure.

Clinton looks at her. "You know this guy?" he asks.

The girl nods. "Yeah. He was attacking Ramon yesterday while we were traveling."

"Oh." Clinton glances at the unknown individual. "Now I have more reasons to shoot your ass."

Justin looks at Clinton peculiarly. This guy cares about us swearing, yet he's swearing like it's nobody's business!

The figure snarls and looks at Ramon. "...I'll be back." He then jumps onto the wall before jumping to another. He repeats this cycle over and over until he's no longer at sight.

The group stares up for a moment, Clinton putting away his gun in response. Then they rush towards the Zorua, dread igniting across them. Ramon remains still, eyes half-closed. Nickel arrives at the scene, panting. "Oh dear...I didn't think you can outrun me even at your age, Clinton," the mayor says, wiping his forehead.

"Ramon! Are you alright!?" Ada shouts, the Zorua sitting there like a limb. The only response he gives is a 'Ugh,' leading Ada to look at Justin. "Let's try healing him together."

The boy nods. "Right." The two then put their hands onto the Zorua's body as it glows blue. Soon, Ramon screams in pure agony, the teens withdrawing their hands under seconds. "Shit! We can't heal him!"

Ada looks at Justin, trembling in place. "We'll have to take him to the Pokémon Center, then."

"Agreed. Let's not waste any time," Clinton says.

"Is there any way we can go there immediately?" Ada asks.

Nickel puts his hand against his chin. "I would say through this alley, but the dumpster is barricading that way."

"...I would question that, but I'll choose not to." Ada picks Ramon up, the fox weeping from it. "Take us there, please." Nickel nods and turns around, exiting the alley along with everyone else. Behind the dumpster is the Drowzee again, tears streaming down her cheeks.

I'm so...so sorry.
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Chapter 15.

Sonic Ramon

Bug Catcher
Chapter 15: Abnormal Crime Rates.

Majestic City Arc.

The four individuals are sitting on the sofa in the Pokémon Center: Justin's elbows relaxing on his legs while staring at the ground, chin to hands; Ada folds her arms while tapping on them, eyes shaking at the door; Clinton stares, stroking his legs; Nickel gazes, gripping the tip of his cane. They wait and wait, trembling in places.

Soon, Nurse Joy opens the door that's behind the counter, walking forward. "Mr. Maplethorn?" she says. Ada and Justin get up and rush towards the counter.

"How is he?" Ada asks, Nickel and Clinton getting next to her.

"Unfortunately, we're unable to heal Ramon today. Due to his injuries being more severe than we thought, he'll have to remain in the center for the next few days." Ada looks to the side and clenches her fist while Joy bows her head. "I apologize if this upsets you."

Clinton shakes his head, waving his hand. "It's fine. As long as he's safe, we have no problem with him remaining here."

Joy nods. "Thank you for understanding."

A tap on Clinton's shoulder leads him turning towards Nickel. "You don't have to worry about the Majestic Restaurant. The police department has things taken care of there," Nickel says.

Clinton glares at the mayor. "...I hope that's the case."

"Yo, why did that shootout happen, anyways?" Justin asks, scratching the side of his head.

"It's because a couple of thieves were trying to run off with the restaurant's most luxurious and expensive food yet!" The mayor puts his hand against his chest, closing his eyes. "The Malamari: Its exquisite and rich flavor of a Malamar's arm provides wonders to the tastebuds!"

Justin tilts his head. "So...that's why it's expensive?"

"Yes. It was a popular dish. So popular that even Intellicates enjoyed it!" Nickel then shrugs. "Although one time, I walked into the restaurant to purchase myself some and saw an Intellicate Malamar couple becoming appalled by the dish. It...obviously isn't for everyone." He laughs in a soft tone, his hand behind his head.

Justin stretches his arms. "Well that's a yikes right there, man." And like magic itself, an explosion goes off, objects clashing and sliding outside. The group jumps in response, looking at the many windows immediately. "What the hell-I mean, heck!?"

"What was that?" Clinton says. One vehicle passes by with a bunch of criminals wielding their guns and shooting behind them. Right after them are several cop cars with officers shooting back. "...Oh."

"Daaang! That's a lot of shooting," Justin mentions, his hands in his pockets.

Nickel sighs and nods. "You are right, young boy." He then shakes his head. "And we just took care of another crime earlier...These crimes are getting worse and worse."

Clinton raises his brow at the mayor. "So is poverty: There's more homeless folks living here because of those crimes."

"Clinton, I understand where you're coming from." Nickel looks off to the side. "If I could end poverty, I would."

"Then why aren't you!?" Clinton exclaims.

"Because I'm more focused on the criminal activities here. I'm doing the best I can to have the law enforcers and the detectives resolve it."

Clinton folds his arms. "And how's that turning out for you?"

"Progress, Clinton. We're making progress, at the moment."

"Tauros shit."

Justin covers his mouth, his eyes widening. "Daaamn. Clinton is trash-talking the mayor like it's nothing, huh Ada?" Justin blinks for a moment. "Ada?" He looks at her, the teen gazing outside while having her hand against her chin.

"Those two do have a point. Especially with these crimes running rampant," she says, tapping on her chin. "There was one at that man's home. And then one at the restaurant. And now, we just saw one passing by the center." She then takes her attention towards Justin. "Don't you think something's not right about this?"

Justin looks up at the ceiling, rubbing his chin. "Hmm...Yeah, fam."

"And...I don't know about you but," the teen brings Justin close to her, her face nearing his ear. "I don't trust the mayor," she whispers.

"Hmm? Why's that?" he whispers back.

"From the looks of it, he kept saying the detectives will handle the crime scenes. I have yet to see any detectives throughout the times he mentioned them. The only group attempting to stop these acts are the law enforcers and even then, they don't treat it as a big deal." Ada looks at Clinton and Nickel continuing their conversations. "I believe the mayor is making up excuses for these crimes and the city's poverty. Not only I heard it from Clinton, but also from the people who live here."

"Really?" Justin raises his brow, Ada nodding at him. "Wow...Now that you mentioned it, something is up with that mayor."

"Alright sure, Nickel. Whatever you say." Clinton shakes his head, digging in his pocket before taking out a piece of bread. "Now excuse me while I give this to a friend of mine."

"Oh no thanks: I'm already full from that Malamari special," the mayor says, laughing.

The elder frowns at the mustache man. "I wasn't referring to you."

"Oh...Who are you referring to, then?"

"Someone who lives in the streets throughout his entire life."

"Oh..." Soon, the four exit the Pokémon Center. Ada looks back at Nurse Joy and the counter for a moment, the nurse smiling at her in response. The teen then exits the center.

. . .

Nighttime arrives as the two teens lie down on their beds. Justin has his hands behind his head, gazing at the dark ceiling while Ada turns towards the wall, tapping her fingers on the bed sheets. Ada sighs, snuggling against her warm pillow.

"Man today was crazy, fam," Justin says, whistling. "We saw that restaurant having a shootout. And then faced those Team Conjure fellas again, although, got our ass handed to us by that voice crack guy. And theeen encountered that cloak wearing dude again, who was beating the shit out of Ramon!" He turns his head towards Ada. "And theeeeeen, you know, more crimes happened even after the one from the restaurant. It's nuts, dude!"

"Yeah...Our lives have been crazy ever since Synchronic burned down." Ada twirls her fingers around the sheets. "Still boggles my mind that we went from exploring the forest to saving a Zorua. And now, we're dealing with some major city issues."

"Yep. This city has some out of wack shit, yo. Hope it gets resolved soon."

"Same, honestly." Ada then looks at Justin. "Speaking of the Zorua...I hope Ramon is okay. The beating he received from the cloaked guy was...brutal."

"Mhm. I'm sure he'll have his wounds healed, though." Justin smiles. "So there's no need to worry about him."

"But what if his wounds are so severe, not even the nurses' magic can heal him? They may be expert magic healers, but him being there for a few days concerns me..." Ada exhales, looking down at the ground. "I know we just met him, but I cared for his safety. He seemed like an interesting person to be with, so I wanted to help him recover his memories." She then looks up at the ceiling. "...It'd be very unfortunate if he dies right now."

"Ada, stop worrying about him." Justin folds his arms. "I told you before that worrying will get you nowhere but anxiety, man. The more you worry, the more paranoid you become. And you'll soon start losing yourself into a world filled with paranoia!"

Ada glances at the teen. "And how would you know that?"

Justin blinks for a moment before sighing and staring off at his bed sheets. His face becomes as bleak as the rainy day. "...It's because of what happened to our village." He strokes the sheets. "I...I don't want to go back to feeling that way...Ever..."

The two remain silent, emptiness filling the void of silence. They stare at each other for a moment, the moon shining through their windows. Soon, Justin breaks the tranquility. "Anyways, Ramon will probably be done healing by tomorrow. Or maybe the day after. Who knows? All we know is that he's going to be alright."

"...I hope so," Ada replies, squeezing her pillow.

"Alright, fam. Hope you have a good ass night." Justin pulls the cover over himself.


Justin pulls the cover down a bit. "Ye?"

"There's...something peculiar about Ramon. Something strange...I noticed it when we arrived at the alley and found him getting injured." Ada lowers her brows, looking at the ground.

"What's that, fam?"

She looks at the boy. "Why did purple blood leak out of his mouth instead of red?"

"Eh?" Justin blinks for a moment before throwing the cover off from him, lifting himself up to snap his fingers. "Oh shit, yeah! I noticed that, too!"

"Don't Intellicates usually have red blood? ...Why does he have purple?"

Justin caresses his chin, looking down. "Yeah. Aren't Sorcerous the only ones with purple blood in them? Weird to see it from an Intellicate."

"Right..." Ada taps on her chin. "Unless we're missing something important about Intellicates and Sorcerous...Perhaps some Intellicates are born with purple blood, and some Sorcerous with red?" She looks at the window. "I have no clue, really."

"Hmm." The two ponder over their thoughts for a moment before Justin grabs his cover. "I guess we'll ask him about it, maybe? See if he knows or something."

"Justin, he's an amnesiac: How would he know the answer to having purple blood when he doesn't even remember his past?"

The boy points his finger up. "Well he knows his name. That's at least something, right?"

Ada shrugs. "I suppose so."

Justin then yawns and puts the cover over himself, turning towards the wall. "Anyways, goodnight, fam."

"Goodnight, Justin." Ada simply closes her eyes, letting herself remain still.

. . .

"How is he now, Nurse?" Clinton asks as he, Ada, and Justin are in front of the counter. The sun shines through the center's windows, the four becoming the spotlight. Joy smiles at the three visitors.

"He's doing fine. Although, he's still in need of healing," Joy says. "It'll take much more magic to heal him because of his severe injuries."

"How severe is it?"

"His back is in a much worse state than we thought. Our healing process normally goes by under 30 minutes or so. But with his back receiving too many fractured bones, it looks like it'll take us longer."

Fractured bones!? How the hell is he still alive!? both Ada and Justin thought, eyes widening with disturbance.

"You think he'll be here for another day?"

Joy lets her hand rest on the counter. "Even though I said he'll be here for a few days, there's a slight chance he'll fully recover by tonight. Regardless, we'll let you know immediately."

"Alright. Have a good day, Joy."

The group turns around and walks towards the exit. "That sucks," Ada says, folding her hands. "Was thinking Ramon would fully recover today."

"Maybe he will later on. We're not sure yet," Justin adds.

"I wish the nurses were sure of it!" Ada shakes her head. "A slight chance of him fully recovering? It's as if they themselves don't even know!"

Clinton puts his hand against his chin, nearing the exit. "Come to think of it, you are right about that." And then an explosion fires off outside, the three yelping in response. "Oh what the hell is happening now!?"

They rush outside of the Pokémon Center, a bank appearing from afar. Its twin doors are on the ground, crunching up and deteriorating. Two robbers exit from the bank: They wear black and gray clothing, wielding several bags over their backs. They start heading towards their car, with another robber inside of it looking at them.

"Great, another crime is happening. This time the bank is getting robbed! ...AGAIN!" The elder puts his hand against his face. "When will these crime rates ever end?"

Clinton uncovers his face, Ada no longer being present. "Uh, where did she go?" he asks. Justin spawns his blades before pointing at the bank, Ada running towards the robbers while preparing her Mystical Projectile. Clinton sighs heavily, getting out his revolver. "Her continuing to get involved in crime scenes is starting to bug me."

"Weren't you the one who agreed to let us help you, classic man?" Justin corrects the elder.

"Yeah yeah. Just wished she'd give us a warning before taking off."

As Ada fires her purple beams at the robbers, one exits from the vehicle and uses Mystical Shield, surrounding him and the other two robbers in it. The projectiles hit the purple shield, fading away afterwards. Ada lifts her brow, stopping in her tracks. What? One of them is a Sorcerous? she thinks, getting in a posture. A Sorcerous Robber...How creative.

Justin and Clinton arrive next to the teen. "Let us know ahead of time when you pull stunts like that, Ada," Clinton says, glancing at her.

Ada glances back. "I follow what I believe is the right thing to do. My apologies for not telling you first."

The two robbers get besides the Sorcerous one and set the bags into the car. Afterwards, they get out their pokeballs and toss it forward, summoning two Pokémon: One is a draconic creature with medium-sized wings while the other is a zebra-like creature with white jagged stripes. The Druddigon and Zebstrika growl at the three, preparing themselves.

Ada's purple claws form around her hands as Clinton pulls the tip of his revolver. The two robbers take out their handguns, aiming it at the group as the Mystical Shield fades away. "Alright, let's see what you thieves got," Ada says, glaring at them.
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Chapter 16.

Sonic Ramon

Bug Catcher
Chapter 16: Closer to the Tea.

Majestic City Arc.

Ada and Justin rush towards the robbers, Clinton aiming his gun at the Sorcerous one. He pulls the trigger, the bullet flying at him with max velocity. The Sorcerous robber dodges it while the other two rapid fire at the elder.

Clinton dodges some of the bullets before getting hit in the shoulder, groaning. He strokes it and looks to the side, rushing to a nearby wall. The bullets continue charging towards him, each and every one of them trailing behind. The two teens stop and turn around, blood drawing to the concrete.

"Are you alright?" Ada says, her face bouncing with concerns.

"I got shot in the shoulder. I'll be fine," Clinton replies, hiding.

You've been shot, though. That's gotta hurt, Justin thinks, shrugging.

As Clinton uses his left arm to aim, the Druddigon and Zebstrika charge towards the teens. "You two, look out!"

"Huh?" the teens say, both turning around. The Druddigon leaps in the air and slashes Ada with Dragon Claw as the Zebstrika zips to Justin. Ada grunts, blocking the glowing light blue claws with hers. She feels as though her body is forced to the ground, sliding a bit.

"Ada!" Justin yells before getting tackled by the Zebstrika's Spark, surrounding itself in light blue electricity. "Ugh!" The Pokémon lifts him up with its head and slams him to the ground. He coughs, gritting his teeth afterwards. The two teens make the effort to push the Pokémon off of them, but no progress is being made. It's as if a truck is preventing them from moving.

Crap! Clinton thinks, gritting his teeth. He tries to exit from his spot before a bullet lands in front of him. He remains in place. Dammit. Can't even help them out because of those robbers. Clinton takes his attention towards the two Pokémon, who are attacking the teens as they block. Maybe if I shoot one of the Pokémon in the ears, they'll get off. He aims his revolver at the two, the robbers reload their guns while the Sorcerous aims his purple beams at the teens.

"Get...off...of-" Ada pushes her hands forward. "ME!" She flings the Druddigon off, having it flying in the air before landing on the ground with ease. Justin does the same to the Zebstrika by using his blades, grunting. The zebra gets beside the dragon as Justin gets up, brushing himself off. Ada follows along, giving him her attention.

"Are you alright?" she asks.

Justin grins and lifts his thumb. "No broken bones here!" he replies.

"Good to know. Also, there's a Mystical Projectile heading right your way!"

"Oh no there is NOOOT-" Justin is hit by the Sorcerous robber's beam, flinging himself towards Ada. The girl hops over him, flipping herself forward. The boy slides across the ground as Ada lands gracefully, glancing at the Sorcerous.

"Told you so," she says before rushing towards her opponent, swinging her claws. The robber moves from side to side, dodging and weaving only to push the girl back with ease. Ada slides across the ground, another Spark from the Zebstrika comes heading her way. "Hmph." She jumps over the Pokémon, spinning herself around. She then lands on the ground, the other two robbers aiming their guns at her. As they pull the trigger, Justin deflects the bullets in time, some landing towards Clinton's hiding spot. "Thanks."

"No problem." Justin smiles at Ada, the girl smiling back in return.

"Hey watch where you deflect those bullets!" Clinton exclaims, his hand remaining on his wound.

Justin looks at the elder and chuckles, scratching the back of his head. "My bad, man."

"Justin, look ahead of you!" Ada shouts. The boy looks, the Druddigon rushing up to him with Dragon Claw. Justin blocks the attack with his blades, grunting as he moves back from it. The two robbers aim their guns at them while the Sorcerous one prepares two purple beams. "Crap."

The robbers are about to pull the trigger until they jump from the many bullets hitting the ground in front of them. A 'click' is heard from Clinton, the robbers taking their attention towards him. "Shoot me instead of those kids, you cowards!" he shouts, the two aiming their guns at him.

"Well I'm 16 so," Justin mentions, pushing the Druddigon back.

"Still a kid." Clinton remains hidden as bullets come clashing against the wall.

"Aight then." The boy swings his blades while the Druddigon claws at him, the two moves colliding against each other. Ada gets in front of the two and uses her Mystical Shield, surrounding the group as the Sorcerous fires his Mystical Projectile.

While the beams hit the shield, the teen looks to her right, the Zebstrika appearing beside her. I totally forgot about this guy, she thinks, gritting her teeth. The Zebstrika jumps in the air and uses Spark on her, moving forward to increase its speed. Ada counters the attack with her Enchantment Claw. "Ugh!" she groans, getting pushed back by the collision.

"Zeeb!" the Zebstrika shouts, pushing more until Ada slips.

"Eeek!" The girl is slammed to the ground, groaning in pain from the impact.

"Ada!" Justin yells, the Druddigon smirking at his distraction. The Druddigon's tail glows blue as it swings at Justin's legs. The boy flies into the air. "Whoa!" The draconic Pokémon jumps and uses Dragon Tail on his stomach, sending him crashing to the ground. Justin surrounds himself in many cracks, groaning in an uncomfortable manner. "U-Ugh..."

Clinton grits his teeth into frustration, gripping his revolver. "Shit, not again," he says, shooting at the two robbers as they hide behind their vehicle. The Sorcerous robber jumps in the air, stretching his leg out before spinning around. Purple, sparkling aura coats the robber as bright as the stars. "You two! Move out of the way, now!"

The two groan while the Druddigon lands next to Justin, both gazing at the Sorcerous robber. The shield fades before the two look at each other, nodding. They grab the two Pokémon, gripping them firmly as they yelp in response. The teens grunt while swinging them around, slowly increasing the speed. Then they throw them towards the Sorcerous, the robber kicking two Pokémon towards the others. The other two robbers move out of the way, sliding across the ground. Justin and Ada pant heavily, Ada being the only one stretching her arms afterwards.

"Shit. Didn't mean to do that!" the Sorcerous robber says in a firm tone.

"Oh wow. Finally one of you talks!" Justin says, chuckling as he puts his hands behind his head. The robber lands onto the ground as the other two return back into their positions, aiming their guns at the teens. Justin and Ada look at each other, smirking before giving each other fist-bumps. They rush towards the robbers, who are shooting at them without hesitation. Justin swings his blades to deflect the ongoing bullets, the two jumping in the air afterwards.

"Huh?" the first robber says, the teens getting close to him. Ada swoops the guns out of the two robbers' possession as she and Justin flip themselves forward. Then the two land behind them, the robbers looking lost as their guns are no longer with them.

"Looks like you won't be needing these anymore," Ada mentions, squeezing the guns in her hand. The shatters of the guns crackle as if they were glass, the girl glancing at the two robbers with lowered brows. Afterwards, she drops the broken parts of the weapons, dusting her hands off.

"Daaamn, Ada. The disrespect is real!" Justin exclaims, laughing afterwards. "Looks like those guns just evolved into gunpowder! Or devolved, rather."

Ada frowns at the boy. "We're going up against robbers, my guy. I think it's best to save the jokes for later."

"Oh you know I had to, Ada."

"I wish you didn't."

The two then hear cracking sounds, taking their attention towards it. The two robbers are pressing their fists against the palm of their hands, bringing them close to their faces. "Fine! We won't need any lousy guns to take down kids, anyways!" the second robber says, moving from side to side.

Justin and Ada look at each other, both raising their brows before looking back. "Are you sure about that?" the two say spontaneously.

"We're adults. And you're kids," the first robber explains. "Taking you two out should be a piece of cake."

"...Literally after you saw us using Magic moves," Justin points out.

"Plus what adult would rob the bank instead of getting a job?" Ada mentions.

The first robber shakes his head. "You kids wouldn't understand. In a cold world we're living in, we have no choice but to do scummy acts like this."

"So you rather be a part of the problem and make it worse instead of finding ways to fix it?" Justin shakes his head. "Man, your logic sucks."

"Shut the hell up, know it all! We've tried every possibility to live a wealthy life!" The first robber rushes towards Justin, screaming as he swings his fist. "WE WOULDN'T BE IN THIS MESS, OTHERWISE!" Justin's blades fade away, yawning before dodging the fist. "Hmm!?" Then something gruesome surfaces to the robber's lower body, yelping in agony. He looks down, Justin's knee to his crotch.

The boy frowns at him. "Maybe try not to make others' lives become more-" Justin punches the man in the face hard enough to have him fall towards the ground. "SHIT!"

The second robber swings at Ada, the girl moving to the side as her claws remain intact. She grabs the robber's arm and throws him to the ground. He groans, pain rushing throughout him. "Well then," Ada says, sighing. "I didn't like these robbers to begin with. And now, I don't like them even more."

"Yeah. I don't like it when people use awful acts as an excuse to...commit awful acts." Justin puts his hand against his face. "Fam, that sounds so dumb out of my mouth. What I meant to say was-"

"I know: People see immoral situations in the world as an excuse to commit immoral acts." Ada looks at Justin. "I don't think the world is that bad...Right?"

Justin shifts his shoulders. "Beats me, really. Since this is our first time exploring it, mainly this region."

"I see." Ada looks back at the two robbers, the first holding his crotch while the second remaining still, both groaning in an uncomfortable manner. Soon a card slides out of the second robber's pocket, Ada raising her brow in response. "Hmm?" As she walks towards it, Justin's voice screams at her.

"Yo Ada, look out!" he says. The girl turns to her side, the Sorcerous' Mystical Projectile speeding right at her. Then the other sides contain two Pokémon attacks: One is a yellow orange ball of energy while the other is a massive beam of electricity. The Hyper Beam and Thunder screech towards Ada, the two Pokémon giving it their all upon release.

Justin grabs Ada and moves out of the way, the three attacks colliding together. An explosion occurs, pushing the two teens and robbers away. Black smoke forms as the vehicle flips over drastically, the Sorcerous robber stopping it with his magic, surrounding it in a purple sparkling aura. He sets the vehicle down as Clinton looks at the smoke, eyes shaking in place. "Justin! Ada!" he shouts, gripping his bleeding shoulder before wincing.

The teens land on the ground, rolling around before coming to a complete halt. The robbers land next to them, both groaning more in pain. Justin is on top of Ada, his face being close to hers. The two look at each other for a moment, discomfort spreading across their faces with redness.

"...Erm," Justin hesitates.

"...Yeah," Ada adds, her face scrunching up.

Justin moves his face back. "So um...you good, fam?"

Ada nods. "Yeah. What about you?"

"Eeeh...My back is in total pain, right now. But touching it will heal it in no time so no need to worry about that." Justin caresses his back, his hand glowing blue along with it.

"Nice!" The two stare at each other for a moment, blinking within the dead of silence. "...Can you get off of me, now?"

"Oh, uh. Yeah sure." Justin gets up and pulls Ada's hand, aiding her onto her feet. The teens turn around, two Pokémon appearing out of the smoke, snarling and huffing. "Looks like the battle isn't over yet." A single blade spawns in Justin's hand as he gets in a battle posture.

"Go figure." Ada gets in her posture as well.

After the Sorcerous robber lands onto the ground, he gets shot in the shoulder, grunting from it. He looks at Clinton while stroking his shoulder, the elder reloading his revolver in frenzy. The Sorcerous shoots his Mystical Projectile at him, the wall getting destroyed in the process. Clinton grits his teeth and runs out of spot, shooting at the Sorcerous. The Sorcerous dodges the bullets, jumping and leaping over them.

While that happens, Justin and Ada are having their fights against the two Pokémon: Justin clashing his blades against the Druddigon's Dragon Claw while Ada embraces the Spark from the Zebstrika. The girl collides her claws against the zebra, grunting as she gets pushed back.

Man this is some strong Zebstrika! she thinks, storing all of her energy into her arms. She then tosses the Zebstrika into the air as it yelps. She jumps, twirling herself around before being on top of the Pokémon. Sorry for this. She swings her leg, kicking it towards the ground. The Zebstrika screams before ramming into the ground, cracks forming around it.

Ada lands swiftly, the Zebstrika groaning and remaining still: Fainted. She let loose a sigh of relief before turning towards Justin. He and the Druddigon swipe at each other like it's no one's business, dodging and jumping from each attack. The Druddigon's tail then glows blue, trying to use Dragon Tail on Justin's legs. He looks at the tail and leaps forward. "Oh not this time, asshat!" he says, swinging his knee.

The boy hits the Druddigon's face, causing it to move back and spit out blood. Justin lands on the ground with ease, gripping onto his blades. "Now feast your eyes on this!" he shouts before stretching his arms out, jumping back into the air and spinning himself around.

The Druddigon blocks Justin with its claws, its body being pushed back. Soon the pressure is too much for the dragon to endure as it gets hit by Justin's Sorcery Blades. The Pokémon is flown into the air. "Druuudiiigooon!" it screams.

Over at Clinton's side, the Sorcerous robber walks closer to him as he backs away. The elder digs in his pockets in a rapid session, panting in a rigorous manner. He then trips over and falls, groaning.

Well shit, Clinton thinks, staring up at the Sorcerous robber.

"Sorry old man," the robber says, preparing his Mystical Projectile. He aims at Clinton, the purple beam spawning right in front of him. "But you decided to get in the way and play the hero. You and your buddies back there."

Clinton notices the flying Druddigon aiming towards the robber, smirking. "Since I'm playing the hero, then that means you're the villain."


"You automatically lose." Clinton rolls over.

"What?" The robber is then pushed to the ground by the Druddigon, both slamming against it and creating a loud 'THUD!'

Clinton pants, putting his revolver in his pocket. "Phew...That was close." He gets up and brushes himself off, wiping his forehead before staring at the knocked out duo. "Also, I prefer the term 'classic man,' thank you very much." He then blinks for a moment and looks at himself, stains littering all over his suspenders. "...Arceus dammit!" He brushes himself off, grumbling underneath his breath. "I'm all dirty because of this fight! Good lord!"

"Yo!" Justin's voice catches the elder's attention, the boy rushing towards him. "You alright, classic man?"

Clinton glances. "Yeah, besides getting shot, of course. Mind healing that for me, please?"

Justin snaps his fingers and gives Clinton the finger guns. "You got it, bucko."

"...Don't do that cringy shit ever again." Clinton frowns, showing his wound.

"Grouchy much? Yeesh." Justin puts his hand onto the elder's shoulder as it glows blue. Clinton winces from the contact, remaining calm shortly afterwards.

While that happens, Ada searches around the second robber's pockets, finding no sign of the card. Huh? Where did it go? she thinks, putting her hand against her chin. She looks over to where the flipped vehicle was, scanning the area. She squints her eyes, a white card laying beside the sewer drainage. There it is! She runs towards it, leaning down to pick it up. She glances, a ton of information scattering across the card, including the robber's identification, age, and much more. What draws her attention the most is the very words labeled at the top: Cash Course.

Cash Course? What's that? A group that contains a lot of money? She looks off to the side, caressing her chin. If that's the case, then why would these robbers rob the bank if they're already provided with enough money? Not to mention, she glances at the two robbers. It'll contradict everything those two said.

Ada takes her attention to the Sorcerous robber, who pushes the Druddigon off of him weakly. She marches over, Justin and Clinton keeping an eye on her. She stops in her tracks, getting on her knees to grab the Sorcerous by the shirt. "Hey, what's Cash Course?" she asks, showing the robber the ID.

"Like hell I'll tell you, girl," the man says, glaring at her.

"Noted." She lets one finger form a claw, swiping at the Sorcerous' leg without hesitation. The man screams, stroking his leg in response. "Now again: Tell me what Cash Course is?"

"I'm not telling you anything, g-girl!"

Ada gazes at the robber with a deadpan expression, revealing two fingers that are surrounded in purple claws. She slashes at the same leg.

"AAAH, SHIT!" he yells, his leg starting to bleed more from the claw marks.

"I'm not going to repeat myself: What. Is. Cash. Course?"

"I-I don't know!"

Ada squints her eyes as three fingers spawn, proceeding to claw at the same injured leg. The man screams loudly, his leg gushing out blood after blood.

"G-Get off of me, you cr-crazy girl!"

"Not until you tell me what Cash Course is."

"I told you already: I. Don't. Know!"

"My guy-" Ada positions her claw at the Sorcerous' crotch. "-Tell me about Cash Course now, or your buddy down there will be gone."

"Yo, what the hell!?" Justin says, his eyes widening at the scenario. Clinton lifts his brow, terror bouncing around his face.

"Okay okay! I'll tell you! Just don't do...that, please!" the robber pleads, Ada's claw fading away afterwards. "Okay so Cash Course is a place where many criminals hang out and deal business with."

"What!?" Ada, Justin, and Clinton yell.

"Where's that at?" Ada asks. The robber remains silent for a moment, leading the girl to sigh. "Alright, I'll set up a funeral for your buddy down there." Ada summons her claw and aims it at the robber's crotch, swinging it forward until he shakes his hands.

"At the alley over by the mayor's second tower!"

Ada stops, her claw fading again. "You mean the one where those dark suit people exit from?" The robber nods. "I see then..."

"And the only way to access the place is through that ID card you're holding." The man whines, tears sliding down his cheeks. "Now please...don't continue. This is all the information I can give you. Honestly."

Ada glances at the robber before dropping him, taking her attention towards Justin and Clinton. The robber winces, shaking in place. "Looks like we got a place to investigate." The two continue their shocking gazes. "...What?"

"Since who taught you to interrogate like that?" Clinton asks.

"Yeah. I never saw you be this...ruthless, Ada," Justin follows.

The teen looks off to the side, shrugging while caressing her hair. "...My father. He taught me how to get answers out of people through force." She shrugs once more, not giving the two any sort of eye contact.

"I...see," Justin says, speechless by her actions.

Clinton sighs, his wound becoming fully healed. "Anyways, Ada," he pauses. "Try not to rush into action like you did before."

"Why?" Ada says, folding her arms.

"Because we could've gotten ourselves killed. Hell, I almost got killed by that Sorcerous criminal!"

"At least we're alive, right? That's the important part."

Clinton shakes his head. "Look, I'm old and a Fault. I can't keep getting myself into danger like this."

"Yet, you came to help us."

"There were five of them and two of you. The numbers were at a high disadvantage on your end!"

Ada frowns. "We're still at a disadvantage because five overcomes three."

"I didn't want to let you two handle them by yourselves, anyways." Clinton sighs. "Look: Let's just do our best to remain in good shape...Alright?"

Soon, the cops arrive at the scene, all saying 'Freeze' at the three. Justin points at the robbers and their Pokémon, all on the ground groaning in pain and knocked out.

"Those are the ones you're looking for, man," the boy says. The cops then lower their weapons and rush towards the robbers, taking care of them along with their Pokémon.

"We'll take it from here," one of the cops says, picking up the injured Sorcerous while handcuffing him.

Ada stares at the ID, caressing her chin. Hmm...

"Excuse me, ma'am." Ada turns to the voice behind her. "What's that you're holding there?" the cop asks.

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