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Intro Thread


New member
Hello, hello! I’ve actually made an account here a good while ago, but I just realised that I’ve never gotten around to introducing myself. Not the best start to a new forum that some of my friends have introduced me to, but hey, better later than never.

Anyway, I’m MidnightMorpher. Some call me Midnight and others confuse me for a character of mine (Hi Namo, Shadow, Zion). I’ve been interested in Pokémon as a whole ever since Pokémon Red and Blue, and I’ve also taken an interest to fanfiction around the time I started playing PMD: Explorers of Sky. But I’ve never really tried to do a serious, long term fanfic project until now, it’s just been half-finished stories that I had fun with and nothing else.

So since I’m trying to take something seriously for once, I decided to try branching out, just a little, and I decided that this might as well be where I first start. I used to just hang around the PMD: Writers United Discord server (hi guys, Angelo here), so I hope I can get used to being on a forum soon.

Thanks to those who read this entire thing, I tend to ramble a lot. Nice to meet you guys!


Galarian adventurer!
Galar, Slumbering Weald
*waves* Heyo everyone! I'm Alira, just a nineteen year old writer turning twenty next month who has not been on any forums for the entire time I've been online since I was like, twelve, so forgive me if I'm a tad awkward and not sure how to do stuff on forums ^^;;; I tend to write text blocks a lot so I apologize in advance.

I've been writing for years now for a ton of fandoms, cuz I have ADHD so I tend to bounce from one hyperfixation to the next but as a result, I know how to write fairly well. I don't have a beta so I edit all my fics myself, so there may be some mistakes that slip by me. I tend to write action/adventure fics sprinkled with a bit of romance and touches of darkness/angst, I write a mix of my own ocs and canon characters(some game, some anime). I do have some mild swearing in some and I do my best to write action scenes and there may be some blood and slight gore, but it's rare I get explicit, and I never get overly descriptive with the gore due to my own weak stomach.

I currently would/could write for Omega Ruby, X, Sun(need to restart my Ultra Moon file so the story I have set in Sun has the base game's plot, so no ultra wormholes or rainbow rocket for instance), PMD Explorers of Sky, Sword/Shield and the only seasons of the anime that I ever finished, XY and XYZ.

As for what pokemon fics I'm writing, currently, I only have two with semi-done/finished plot outlines and titles I'm writing that I'll quickly mention. I have other Pokemon stories, but all need either major reworks or haven't made it past the initial idea stage.

First is "A different sky yet the same", a fic focusing on my Human-Lucario hybrid character Megan Lucarina, originally from Kalos and moved to Alola before becoming the as-of-yet undefeated champion, going on an adventure which takes her into a different dimension than her own due to having Lunala and Solgaleo. Set several years in the past for her when the XY anime begins with some two human-ish ocs included, due to having her dimension's version of Ash's Greninja who was basically abandoned by Ash when she got him and being extremely close to him in many ways, she sets out to change things for this world's Greninja no matter what she has to do. This fic will span the entire run of the Kalos anime and movies and is best described as a fix-it fic in my opinion, most pokemon Megan has will be nicknamed and Pokespeak will generally be translated when it's in her POV. This was made around the time Sun and Moon came out so the first and currently the only finished chapter I wrote may be a little different from how I write now as my style has changed over time.

Second is one I came up with a couple of weeks ago and I have a small prequel oneshot finished for, "Reflections From The Past To The Future", set in Sword with the two protagonists being my trainer Alira and Hop. It's a rewrite/AU version of the Post Game story with various small edits of the main story that will be mentioned at points or made into oneshots. Alira and Hop are being called back to the Slumbering Weald by some strange pulling in their souls, and with how natural and familiar it feels for them to wield the sword and shield that summoned Zacian and Zamazenta to their aid, they set out with just themselves, their camping equipment and teams to follow the pulling in their souls, going deep, very deep into the woods. Where long-forgotten memories of humans and pokemon alike sleep, where old grudges are restlessly slumbering, and secrets won't stay hidden for very long... Where the fate of the two heroes of legends remained hidden for centuries until now, and no one knew what they went through.

That's all I have to say on my two stories I'm writing. Um, other than that I can say I will probably be a little silent? I'm fairly busy/stressed irl most of the time and tend to destress writing, plus I'm a little shy and unsure of how to talk to people most of the time, but you get me rambling on one of my stories or characters, and hooboy I can talk for actual hours. XD Otherwise I'm mild-mannered and do my best to be polite, though I can be very sarcastic at times.

Anyway I'll stop rambling now, this is waay too long as it is so I apologize, it's a pleasure to meet everyone! ^W^


Chiliad's End
@MidnightMorpher Glad to have you around! Curious to hear more about this project of yours. Big, long-term fic projects are my jam, so I hope I get to hear more about yours in the future!

@Alira Welcome! I already had the pleasure of looking at one of the stories you mention here, but the Kalos fic sounds like a lot of fun as well. Pokémorph and pokémon hybrid fics are particular favorites of mine, so I'm biased. :) Feel free to ramble about your characters/stories anytime, you're doing fine! Welcome again, and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Starlight Aurate

Just a fallen star
Route 123
Hi everyone! I'm Starlight Aurate; I decided to come here from Serebii since a lot of my old fanfic friends are here! I'm currently working on my fic Drowning (the progress of which I am quiet happy with ^_^). Not sure if/when I'll post it here, only because I want to rewrite the old chapters but I also want to keep on pushing through what I have so far... At the moment, I'm making new stuff but would like to go back and revise!

Stuff about me: I'm devoutly Catholic (if you have any questions or want to talk about it, I would absolutely love to!), I love marine invertebrates and the ocean, and I love working in laboratories! I speak Mandarin Chinese and German (not fluently lololol). I've been a Pokemon fan for as long as I can remember. I stopped playing after Generation III because games and consoles are expensive ^_^; My favorite Pokemon changes, but I've been flip-flopping between Squirtle and Mightyena.

I began writing Drowning because I was SO disappointed with how the Pokemon anime ended the Team Aqua/Team Magma debacle. I figured even someone like me, who has not much formal education in story writing, could make a better story. So I decided to stop dreaming about how I would have ended it and write how I would have ended it. The story has grown a lot over the years as I have grown, and it just keeps on growing; I'm excited to see where it takes me!

I also enjoy writing one-shots, mainly ones that take place in one scene and revolve around someone's internal disposition.

I think that's all for now! I'm excited to get to know you all and be a part of this community :)


Chiliad's End
Welcome! Great to see you here. Glad to hear working Drowning has been going well, and I look forward to getting to read more of it. Hope you enjoy your time here!


New member
Hello hello hello! I've had my eye on this place for a while, but only now found the drive to join, so here I am.

I might be explosive, but folks usually just call me Turkey... the bird, not the country. Yeah, Thanksgivings are fun.

When it comes to writing, I'm a PMD author/procrastinator and I'm currently chipping away at an EoS fic named Canon Breakage (haha yes) which revolves around a guy from our world dealing with being thrown into a game he's played, except stuff's very different and he's screaming internally 24/7 as a result. There's quite a bit of swearing (from his end in particular), and while I don't intend on being lazy when it comes to plot and worldbuilding, I'm quite keen on writing a slow-burn romance as well. That's going to be quite the struggle, since this is my first ever serious project, and I'm diving in neck-deep into a long-term fic, but I'm sure I'll manage :cool:

Irl, I'm a Indian college student suffering his first year of IT, and the internet is my safe-haven so I spend a lot of time online.

In terms of interests, I'm a couch potato whose love for Pokemon comes primarily from PMD, as well a number of cute lil' legendary-centric oneshots I've reread about a million times over these past six years. There's two multi-chaptered fics in the same genre that haven't left my mind in ever, one of them being Requiem for the Living by Saf Dawnheart and the other being Skyway Avenue by Glory for Sleep. Apparently I cry easy, as I discovered while reading the former. When it comes to trainerfics, ones revolving around the canon dex-holders have consistently caught my eye. Clichestorm by Ysavvryl and Under the Same Sky by Wimpole Street are my top two favourites under that blanket. Two romance fics, a plot-based adventure fic, and a hurt/comfort fic I think that paints a decent picture of what my tastes are, hehe.

In general, I love fanfiction about the vidya games I play. Pokemon, Mass Effect, Fallout, and Dark Souls are some of the primary ones, though I've dipped into others as well.

I think that's more than enough of me talking. Going forward, I hope to contribute to this community the best I can. For now, toodles~!


Chiliad's End
Oh, welcome! Glad you decided to take the plunge and join. Your fic idea sounds like a lot of fun... Characters in way over their heads and handling it badly are loads of fun!

Sounds like you'll fit right in around here! Welcome again, and I hope you enjoy your stay.


New member
Hello. My name is what you see, but you can also call me without the number if it is easier for you. I am a pokemon fan since Red-Blue, where I had all 151 pokemons legit. I am a 1st gen, a bit 2nd gen, hardcore fan.

For some years not I am working on a story about a couple making their journey through the world researching the pokemon. I want it to be more mature, even the couple is around 25-30ish, a bit older for most manga but still viable. The final idea is when I finish the story, to make it into a manga. (I am making comics in my free time)

Lately I am thinking to rework the story in a post apocalyptic theme, after the second pokemon war (we know that there was a first one by Lt. Surge) but I don't know yet.

That's it from me, I will post what I have worked so far and would like to see ideas or chatting of how to progress it.


Chiliad's End
Ah, welcome! A story to be made into a manga sounds interesting. I think we have a couple other people around here with comics experience, so you should be in good company. I'm always here for a good post-apocalyptic story, but whether you decide to go through with your rework or not, I'm sure it will be fun. Hope you enjoy your time here!