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Destiny Village ~ X-Eye Cauldron


Ace Trainer
Icetales stared at Brisa, unblinking and conflicted. He very much doubted that a show of fancy lights would have saved them from Joule’s incoming strike.

He glanced at his cup; empty. And his teapot? Empty, too.

He groaned and dropped his tails to the floor, chilling the wood instantly.

“H-how can I prove thee right?” he grumbled. “What have I ever done?”

Then, he felt a presence of darkness, but it wasn’t one that wanted to stab into his heart. No. That was friendlier, younger and… warmer.

Daddy, please! S-stop with these thoughts, please! T-they… they aren’t what you are!

Oh, but they are. This foolish lad is a waste of time and space.

No! No, he isn’t! I refuse to accept this lie!

Icetales stared blankly, groaning as his mind was invaded by those rivaling presences.

Hey! Hey! Listen up! Daddy, remember what happened at that lab, yeah? When you were talking to Cynthian?

Icetales stared at Brisa, who was still waiting for an answer, probably even growing somewhat impatient.

“Um, well…”

Never mind! I’ll help you!

Icetales wondered what Petram meant, when felt like something slammed into his brain. Faint memories flickered in his head-space.

He glanced at his tails, and his eyes widened when he saw Cynthian trembling in fear. Panic.

“Sir Cynthian…?”

Ha gazed around the battlefield. Attacks going left and right, Team Drumstick looking disoriented and Karat down. And that machine. That horrible, horrible machine!

…But no. He couldn’t afford to falter. Not now. Not when his comrades needed him most.

Throwing caution out of the window, he channeled the Radiance into his body. He gritted his fangs as a dull sensation spread through his body and his thoughts blurred further, but he had to do it. For his team.

Sir Cynthian…” He took a deep breath and stared at the Roselia, his eyes glowing golden. “Do not surrender now, my good comrade. The situation might look dire, but… we shall prevail. Never lose sight of that hope.” And so, he poured a bolstering Radiant energy into his comrade. “Thou can do it. I believe in thee.”
A wave of relief hit Cynthian when the graceful form of the Ninetales materialized in front of him, and he trudged forward and embraced Icetales from the side. Though it was more he fell against him as Cynthian barely had the strength to keep standing.

"Icetales, Icetales, are you okay?!" Cynthian asked, his eyes glistening with worry.
"It's okay, I'm here. I'll always help you, like you've always helped me," Cynthian said, a tear streaming down his cheek. He gave Icetales a gentle and comforting smile, hoping from deep within his heart that it'd reach him.

Cynthian glanced back at Giovanni. That dastardly man. He had hurt Icetales. HE did this. A blazing hatred erupted from Cynthian's heart as he glared at the Mewtwo.

"I won't let him take you again!" Cynthian cried out. He aimed his flower at Giovanni and shot a destructive beam of light right at him.
Pride and relief filled the Ninetales's heart, who started wagging his tails and giving a silent encouragement.

"Much appreciated, dear fellow," he said, slowly trying to stand back up. "Let us... oof!"

Icetales sat back down, feeling somewhat drained. Whatever attack had struck him earlier left him in a sorry state. So, he downed a Sitrus Berry and Max Elixir as quickly as possible, feeling the energy flowing back to him and his wounds closing. With renewed vigor, he managed to stand up and shook his tails, scattering a shower of snowflakes and sparkles. He glared back at Giovanni, his composure dignified and steady — the unwavering spirit of a noble heart.

"Then... allow me to assist thee in any way I can," he said, nodding to himself. "Let us strike him down!"

With a pure howl, his tails started flaring up with a rainbow energy, and a veil of aurora wrapped itself around Cynthian, offering a small protective barrier. The Aurora Veil cloaked the entire battlefield, making their comrades glow with the power of the winter lights.

That human was just going to receive his just desserts.

And this is just the latest instance. Don’t you remember those words of gratitude you have heard from others during the last battles? They… Gosh, Father, they appreciate you! I… I love you, too. So, please, just… don’t do that, please. Don’t be blind about your own merits. This voice… it knows nothing!

Hmph. I’ve been in his mind-space for an eternity, I know him more than he even knows himself. …But I am going to humor you both and retire for now. There is much that the foolish lad needs to unpack, fuh huh huh!

What a… jerk! At least his presence is gone! But yeah, c’mon! Reassure Brisa!

It was only then that Icetales realized he must have been gone inside his mind for far too long, if the puzzled expression on his comrade’s face was any proof.

As such, he took a deep breath and unleashed a thin mist. Yes, fresh. He felt fresher.

“…I shall try. I do not know yet to what extent I can be of help during our incoming battles, but… but I will try my darndest. I shall always be there to share my light, so that… others can shine brighter, I reckon.”

And then, a thin smile made its way on his muzzle.

“I shall not let thee or anyone down. I… promise.”


A cat that writes stories.
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  2. custom/sneasel-dusk
Icetales stared into space, he muzzle twitching. Had Brisa . . . struck a nerve? She let him figure out whatever it was that was spinning in his head, and, at last, he replied. Phew. A positive response. But Brisa knew better than to leave it there. She nodded, and held her gaze evenly.

"I know ya won't," she said, her voice much softer. "But listen, 'cause I need ya to understand this properly..."

She took a breath, and straightened herself up.

"The strength of Team Spectrum is in our ability to work in synergy with other, even in a large group. We beat our foes 'cause we're so much stronger than the sum of our parts, as they say. You'd do well to recognise that you pull yer weight the most in fights like that, contributin' to that sum far more than y'might expect. When you're keepin' the team t'gether. It's a small wonder you didn't have so much luck fightin' yer friends in a scuffle like that tourney. You're meant fer fightin' by their sides."

She smiled at the ninetales and realised that her tail and ears had perked right up. Huh. She . . . really believed what she was telling him. Maybe she should have said it earlier.


Ace Trainer
Icetales tilted his head as he pondered about something that Brisa had just said.

"The strength of Team Spectrum is in our ability to work in synergy with other, even in a large group. We beat our foes 'cause we're so much stronger than the sum of our parts, as they say."

“The sum of our parts…” he parroted as he mulled over that sentence. Hm… that reminded him something that his dear Mother used to say. “Firmament… We’re a firmament of hope…”

He closed his eyes for some time, diving into the countless teachings of his homeworld. And then, a memory flashed brighter than the rest. Just for a second, but that was enough.

“‘Every star is important in a firmament, no matter the brightness’… this is a maxim that Mother used to utter, whenever we were distraught about something. I never understood what she meant by that…”

A spark of determination and realization shone in his eyes, brilliant enough that he could have easily illuminated the entire room.

“…But now I do.”

He grinned with delight, his tails wagging and shaking off some snowflakes. Sure, there were still some doubts buried deep in the antechamber of his mind, but it felt good to have a huge weight off of his chest, regardless.

“Thou have my thankfulness, Brisa. For opening mine eyes. If there is anything I can do for thee, just say so.”
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