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  1. love

    Pokémon Firefly Music

    Firefly Music A reclusive musician pushes papers at the local guild branch, reluctant to plunge into missions—until a spirited vulpix sets his heart alight. Lighthearted PMD friendship/romance oneshot featuring a unique fictional instrument. I think it would be nice to improve at writing...
  2. NebulaDreams

    Pokémon Teleport-A-Loo (Two-Parter)
    Threadmarks: Part 1

    Hi, everyone! This is something I wrote as a departure from a lot of my typical fic fare. I've dabbled with romantic elements in the past (I've even written an urban fantasy romance novel that might come out some time this year), but this is the first Pokemon fic that exclusively focuses on...
  3. BestLizard

    Pokémon PMD: Below
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Layla

    Below The world of Pokemon lives in a cruel underground world with no known escape. The heroes of Team Surface dream to reach the surface and embrace its mythicized freedom, but such adventure ensnares them in a sinister conspiracy surrounding the humans before them. Can they cut through the...
  4. Iveechan

    Pokémon House of Marble (one-shot, PMD-ish)

    Note: This short story was originally written in 2015. It takes place in Tabira, the setting for a pmd-like group I used to help run, "Tales of Tabira". Familiarity with the setting isn't required. The story just so happens to be Valentine's themed, imagine that! “Well. We’re here.” Marble...
  5. BossCar

    Pokémon There's No Better Team

    There's No Better Team Rating: T Genres: Romance, Fluff, Friendship, Slice of Life, Humor, Adventure Barberini Stadium, an artistic and architectural marvel that encompasses three city blocks amidst the congregation of its fellow historical buildings within Angel City. The well...
  6. Nubushi

    Pokémon A Homemade Hoenn Christmas (one shot)

    Summary: There may not be any snow in subtropical Hoenn, but love is in the air this Christmas, and so is mistletoe. May and Brendan are invited to the party of the decade. Steven is wearing Stantler antlers. Champagne abounds. Everything will definitely go according to May's plan, right? May...
  7. CinderArts

    Pokémon Whispers of a Dying Flame

    This story contains swearing, moments of alcohol usage, lots of angst, and some other things I may have to add in the future. If any of these things bothers you, please proceed with caution. Cover for this fanfiction is currently unavaialble. Will upload it once I get one! I'm still new to...
  8. Torchic W. Pip

    Pokémon A Night In Kanto [A FemmeGymShipping One Shot]
    Threadmarks: ooooooh

    A Facadeverse fic Sabrina wasn’t used to being close to others. She had spent most of her life alone or with her Psychic type Pokémon. When she started dating Erika, however, she began to open up more. She began to trust others more. Because of this, she began to work on the intrusive thoughts...
  9. BossCar

    Pokémon Rosa's Renaissance

    Rosa's Renaissance Rated: T Genres: Fluff, Slice of Life, Romance, Friendship and Humor Chapter 1: Commission Whether it's a dimly lit depiction of Kyogre that emphasizes its raw power or a vivid portrayal of a majestic landscape within Unova, the art of the Pokémon world has served as the...
  10. Deltaaa

    Pokémon Vulpine Valentine

    (1/2) also old, second part will be finished with <details at end> In a cold, freezing den; an Alolan Vulpix yawned after she woke up from a hearty nap. What to Aria was a nap is for others a full-night’s rest. Sure, it was a rest from evening to morning, but that’d have to discount her prior...
  11. Nubushi

    Pokémon Splash of Sinnoh (TR Anniversary Bingo)
    Threadmarks: Splash of Sinnoh

    Summary: Snow! Ghosts! Romance and not-quite-romance! Three shorts based on prompts from the TR Anniversary Bingo game, centering around Sinnoh. Rotom, Dawn, Lucas, Gardenia, Roark. Ghosts in Static Fresh Winter Morning Forgotten Temple Haunted Mansion Secret Society Unfeeling Genius...
  12. BossCar

    Pokémon Identity

    Identity Rated: M Genres: Romance, Friendship, Trauma, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Humor, Slice of Life, and Angst. Chapter 1: The Wheels of Fate Angel City's a metropolis of dreams, a metropolis that attracts many who wish for stardom and are determined to achieve it. Unfortunately, such...
  13. Nubushi

    Pokémon The Pink-haired Cowgirl's Love Advice

    Art by Dragonfree Summary: Several years after the events in HGSS, Lyra confesses her feelings for a certain dashing dragon master . . . to Whitney, and friends don't let friends' feelings go unconfessed. A story told in a series of 100-word snippets for the Writers Anonymous Drabble Challenge...
  14. BossCar

    Pokémon The Price of War

    With his hands in the pockets of his black leather pants, a scowling Valen saunters through a busy sidewalk in downtown Angel City. As he passes rows of towering skyscrapers, Valen’s expression is one of cold indifference, unnerving any passerby who happens to look into the dead gaze of his dark...
  15. Nubushi

    Pokémon Only the Truth (two shot)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Only the Truth

    Summary: Rosa is frozen in an ice crystal during Team Plasma's attack on Opelucid City. This was not part of Colress's plan, and he is determined to fix the situation—but in doing so, he forced to come to terms with feelings he would rather have kept hidden. Sequence of two related one-shots...
  16. HelloYellow17

    Pokémon Of Sand and Shadows
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Escape

    Summary: Desperate to escape the lawless region of Orre, an ex-criminal named Wes attempts to leave both the desert and his past behind for good. Not all goes to plan, however, and soon he is caught in the middle of a dark and sinister plan that stirs quietly from the shadows. Whispers of...
  17. HaruMiju

    Pokémon Astral Genealogy: Shadows of Etheria

    Faernia and Eris: two planets ruled by fairies and dragons respectively. In the ancient past, these two great civilizations were torn apart by a war that almost wiped out all life. Ceased by a lone hero, a peace treaty was established to keep the two planets in check. The fairies and dragons...
  18. HaruMiju

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Seasons of Heaven

    An innocent school student, a timid cheerleader, an intelligent amnesiac, a spunky pop star, and a reserved mercenary. When fate brings these ordinary Pokémon together, a dramatic new story begins. Set in the futuristic world of Aseria, these Pokémon live comfortable lives at the ease of...
  19. Shadow of Antioch

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rebirth
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: Awakening

    The primeval Lords have fallen. The new Gods are powerless to stave off the Empire's collapse. Amidst a wave of devastating portal storms, and with barbarian invaders threatening to turn its ancient lands into ash, a Charmeleon with no recollection of his past is hurled into a scheme far...
  20. WildBoots

    Pokémon Embr: The Super-Effective Dating App!

    Summary: Dating in the pokemon world is a hot mess: Trainers are moving targets. Hostels and tents are dodgy places for a hookup. But don't worry -- Embr is here to help you find someone who's your type--It's Super Effective! (TM) Rating: PG - some suggestive content, but nothing at all...
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