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  1. F

    Pokémon Pokémon Christopher's & Jenny's Journey of Kanto

    we all know the story of ash, red and gold just to name a few so come join me on this journey as we watch Chris and Jenny go though a very different pokemon journey of kanto and many other regions to come. join them as they fight though many different gym leaders not previously seen in kanto...
  2. SinningFlame

    Pokémon Adventures Beyond!
    Threadmarks: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents: Arc 0: Starting a Journey- Chapter One Arc 1: Casteel City- Chapter Three Arc 2: Forest Grotto- Chapter ??? Arc 3: ???- Chapter ???
  3. TheCouchEffect

    Pokémon A New Path
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Summary: Ash has finally achieved what he's attempted for so many years. He has become the champion of a Pokemon league. Despite this victory, he feels lost with no sense of what he is supposed to do now. Days after his victory, he is framed for a crime he didn't commit. He will be drawn into a...
  4. Sonic Ramon

    Pokémon Magic & Transvolution (Pokémon Fanfic)
    Threadmarks: Summary.

    After realizing he has amnesia, Ramon the Zorua journeys through the Wizlore region, seeking for any knowledge to recover his memories. His two human companions, Justin and Ada, journeys with him for their own purposes. One seeks to get her revenge, the other seeks to find his mother. Regardless...
  5. AbraPunk

    Pokémon Tail of Time

    After receiving a prophetic vision in the form of a dream, a young Shinx ventures out to the heart of the forest. There, she is brought into a secret group called the Generation Guardians. Now, working alongside an Abra and a Lurantis, she must figure out how to find her place in this world...
  6. Shamekeeper12

    Pokémon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Agents of Fate
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Ember's Doom

    Ember’s Doom O, rise, you that slumber Stir, and wake your brothers also For your mind is empty And by this your heart is silenced The furret didn't realize it at first, but every step came sooner than the last. Quicker and quicker, until he was simply running. He had dreamt of this tree...
  7. SparklingEspeon

    Pokémon The Travelling Trainer's Textbook (9th Edition, WOOPER-Approved)
    Threadmarks: Table of Contents

    The Travelling Trainer’s Textbook (9th Edition, WOOPER-Approved) Introduction If you’re reading this, you’re probably a brand new pokemon trainer, just about to set off on your journey. If so, STOP! The statistics show that 90 percent of pokemon trainer deaths or disappearances in the wild...
  8. Adamhuarts

    Pokémon A Mew Me: Kuki's Tale
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Kuki's Tale Begins

    Feedback Preferences: Chapter One: Kuki's Tale Begins Kuki’s hair fluttered in the warm afternoon breeze. She stretched her arms with a yawn and leaned back against a large berry tree. A second gust threatened to knock her summer hat off just as she relaxed, and she quickly clamped it down to...
  9. DefendThyself

    Pokémon Birds of a Feather

    Hello everyone, I'm a rookie writer who just got started in the world of fanfiction. I will be posting the chapters to my first work of fanfiction ever here, any feedback would be really appreciated <3. I'm also not very used to posting on literal forums, so forgive me if I make any mistakes, I...
  10. Sinderella

    Pokémon White Swan, Black Swan
    Threadmarks: Prologue - Awoken

    Summary: Kalos is currently in the clutches of a drug epidemic, and Odette Cinq-Mars is a former theater hopeful with a little too much time on her hands and a penchant for reading into things a little deeper than most. When her best friend Noel uncovers an alarming discrepancy in some public...
  11. LiquidMadMan

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Wildcard
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Summary: Eli is a young Riolu who just wants to live life his way. After a chance encounter with a team of Rangers, he discovers a golden opportunity to see the world and make a name for himself while also uncovering the truth about his mysterious family roots. He'll have to put together a...
  12. K_S

    What is your team for your fics?

    Need a place to jot your team down for that nuzlock fic, monotype fic, or mystery dungeon run? Or planned team builds, either to use in a game, or for your fic? Look no further than a few lines down to get started.
  13. Flyg0n

    What does Pokemon mean to you?

    Pokemon as a franchise has such a wide scope. It has a diverse, wonderful world, teeming with possibilities. So what does Pokemon mean to you? In case you feel stumped, here are a couple questions to get you started: Of course, you don't have to use these questions at all! Feel free to...
  14. K_S

    Evolution and plot ect.

    So how does everyone use evolution in their tales if they use it at all? How does it effect 'mon, physically, mentally, and the like? I'm curious as to who uses it, why, and how in their stories are shaped by the game mechanic when so many of us work around the mechanics for their tales of...
  15. K_S

    Scene attempt for upcoming work "Dodging"

    Fandom: Pokemon Ranking: Teen Scene from an AU where Giovanni dies, gets reincarnated, and Ash starts his journey as an assistant to Oak with a rather... unique Nidoran and a Persian that won't go away. He's not going through Kanto as a gym challenger and that adds poverty to his burdens...
  16. NebulaDreams

    Pokémon The Inalienable Dreamless
    Threadmarks: The Inalienable Dreamless

    Author's Note: Wow, I've really been pumping out quite a few one-shots in the past two months. Since I've rediscovered my love for writing, I've been cycling through different ideas for short stories, and with this one, I wanted to write something a bit more experimental in nature. I can't give...
  17. HelloYellow17

    Pokémon Of Sand and Shadows
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Escape

    Summary: Desperate to escape the lawless region of Orre, an ex-criminal named Wes attempts to leave both the desert and his past behind for good. Not all goes to plan, however, and soon he is caught in the middle of a dark and sinister plan that stirs quietly from the shadows. Whispers of...
  18. HaruMiju

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Seasons of Heaven
    Threadmarks: Episode 1: The Encounter

    An innocent school student, a timid cheerleader, an intelligent amnesiac, a spunky pop star, and a reserved mercenary. When fate brings these ordinary Pokémon together, a dramatic new story begins. Set in the futuristic world of Aseria, these Pokémon live comfortable lives at the ease of...
  19. Keleri

    Pokémon Gods and Demons

    They knew that Gaiien could be dangerous, but they didn't expect anything like this. Three trainers set out on their badge quest in a wild land cloaked by the shadows of old legends. Ancient powers awaken, and demon pokémon, giants, and hybrids converge for a showdown they couldn't imagine...
  20. SparklingEspeon

    Pokémon Pocket Monsters
    Threadmarks: SEASON ONE: Title Screen

    Season One: Kanto (Gen I) Child rivals Red and Blue are given an opportunity by the egnimatic Professor Oak: A chance to travel across their home region of Kanto and win a spot in the Hall of Fame, just like their fathers did before them. But when crime syndicate Team Rocket puts plans that...
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