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Pokémon The Very Best... Song?


Lion Apologist
The Goof Realm
“I want to be the very best, like no one ever was! To catch them is my real test! To train them is my… Dream? Goal?” I mused. I’d never finish this arceus forsaken song.

“Cause.” A voice said from next to me. I looked over to see my best friend, Ed. Ed was the kind of guy that had very specific feelings for every face he made. He was playing tetris on the computer he was supposed to be creating backup music on, and making a face that said ‘ADHD brain is taking over right now.’ I grumbled slightly, because, unfortunately, he was right.

“That’s actually pretty good.”

“I know Cassy.”

“You should be working on the backup music right now.”

“I know Cassy.”

“You won’t beat my high score.”

“I know Cassy! Jeez.” Ed said, grumbling. He closed the tab. “Is something on your mind?”

“I dunno I just…” I sighed, really looking around at everything. We were two teenagers in an alleyway. We’d run away from our homes to start our band, ‘God hates Faries’. My partner was a Spritzee, and Ed had a Swirlix, and the four of us were going to be the, well, very best. Like no one ever was. And all we had to do it were two computers, a keyboard, a drumset, a guitar and a dream. “Can we even do this?”

“Yes.” Ed said, looking at me with his face that I knew meant ‘i'm not joking’. He then smirked slightly, this time saying ‘Trust me?’ with his smirk.

“Okay. Let’s take it from the second verse.” I smiled, picking up my guitar. Swirlix and Spritzee grabbed their drumsticks, and Ed his Keyboard. “Every challenge along the way, with courage, I will face. I will battle every day, to claim my rightful place. Come with me, the time is right, there's no better team. Arm in arm, we'll win the fight! It's always been our dream.” I sang.

“See!” Ed said. “How could executives say no to those lyrics! Plus I’ve been writing some others for the full album-”

“We are not doing ‘The Pokerap’...” I grumbled.

Ed made his ‘why not’ face.

“It’s Just you listing pokemon names! For like, eight minutes!” I sigh, exasperated.

“No but hear me out, I’ve been talking to my friend Brian and he says if we throw in some Iambic feet and triplet rap techniques then we can make it a perfect son-”

“Ed. no.”

“Fine.” Ed gunbled. And then he raised his eyebrows to say ‘top of the chorus?’

And I nodded at the pokemon, and we began.


“Cheezy.” an executive of ‘GAMEFREAKS’, a local music producer, sighed, looking at us like we didn’t just pour our hearts and souls into his hands.

“Boring.” Another said, not even looking at us.

“Have you tried changing it from 'Gotta Catch em’ all’ to ‘Catch em’ if you can’?”

We’d heard this all before. At 'Nintendo', 'Netflix', and surprisingly 'MTV'. Everyone hated our song. Hated us. We walked out, dejected into a thunderstorm.

“Maybe we should have gone with my first idea, Celestials-” Ed laughed, defeated before I cut him off.

“Don’t even start.”

“It would have killed in palde-”

“Don’t.” I said, feeling the hot tears start to build up in the corners of my eyes. I shuddered ever so slightly. Ed threw me a ‘you okay?’ face. I shook my head. He walked over and hugged me. I sighed. I just wished this would all disappear. I wished my song. My song was great. I wished.

But it would never be.

“Hey, Cass?”

“Yes, Ed?”


I pulled my head off his shoulder and glanced up to see a giant golden flying pokemon. It looked down, and stared at me for a brief second before flying away, almost as if to say ‘I've got somewhere to be, but remember me.’ as it flew away, the storm disappeared around it. a single feather floating down.

“Ho-oh?” I said in awe, jumping to grab the feather out of the air. Ed reached up, and being taller than me, grabbed it first.

“Give it to me!” I laughed slightly, almost hysterical. “Ed!”

“Let me add Celestial to the album?” He waggled his eyebrows, dangling the feather just out of reach. I laughed. He handed me the feather.

"Maybe we go actually do something with ourselves and become trainers?"

"And make music on the side?" Ed asked.

"Of course. Always." I smiled.


Meanwhile, in a ditch near Pallet town, a hero stole a bicycle. And Ho-oh stole a song to describe him. A song that would be known for (at least) nine generations.

“A heart so true, our courage will pull us through! You teach me and I'll teach you, Pokémon! Gotta catch em' all!”
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