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Wow. that's crazy dude.


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The Goof Realm
So like, according to this website, at least 100 people have clicked on my fic, rocket, which is a little scary, but also is very nice, because I've never written anything for anyone before. It's fun!

I wanted to make this post as sort of a like, "How do you guys deal with people reading your stuff?" and a "thank you for reading rocket"

I also wanted to put out a more general thank you to this community for being so welcoming. I'm glad that rocket is here, even if it's a little subpar compared to the absolute baller stuff I've read created by other people.

Anyway, that is all. Thank you


Unrepentent Giovanni and Rocket fan
If someone likes my stuff i ususally will read something of theres and as time permits toss them a review. Prompt replies to reviews given either via pm (if spoiler heavy) or reply (if not). Thats about it actually.


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  2. miraidon-ultimate
  3. skitty
For the "How do you deal with people reading your stuff?" question, well... If I didn't want people to read it, I would have just kept the story for myself. I assume that whoever reads the story is at least marginally interested in the premise and/or characters, otherwise they wouldn't have read it. I usually try to check out stuff from who reads it, mostly because if you're enjoying the story, then we've maybe got similar taste.
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