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Vs Despot King, Orzo


Novice Ornithologist
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  2. koraidon-apex
“Fly! Let’s fly! And strike from above!”
“Heck yeah!” Zack exclaimed enthusiastically as he prepared to dash forward with Novo and the other flying Pokémon.

“Huh?” Seb looked up, confused at his Mega-Pidgeot flying off on his own. “Wait wait wait, what’s going on?” He saw the Umbreon nearby… flying? Why was it winged? Did Diancie really do that? “Wait, is that a Mega-Umbreon?”

“Oh!” Zack didn’t notice before, but yeah, that was a winged Umbreon for some reason. “Really? Pfff, c’mon, ya gotta admit that looks cool. Not as cool as me, though—ya know ya can’t beat this fab crest!”

“Please, Zack, less vanity, more cooperation!” Seb exclaimed. There was a light chuckle that escaped him despite his disbelief. “But where are you going? I didn’t say anything yet.”

“Oh, we’re just goin’ for a team air strike on the King and his goonies—nothin’ bad with that. Wish me luck.” The Mega-Pidgeot flapped his wings back, thrusting himself forward with a determined glare and beak ready to pierce the enemy.

“I have something better to give.” Seb extended his hand forward, smiling at his bird. “Hope. Because we’ll make it.”


Otherworldly Dessert
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The expression on Violet’s face was as manic and excited as someone in the middle of a roller coaster ride — with hair blowing in the wind to match! “Yes! No matter how many gods you may attempt conscript, nothing shall faze us!” She shouted aloud to Orzo, clutching onto Hazel’s lab coat. She looked up at her partner as she asked, “Is that not right, Hazel?”

An uncharacteristic glee etched the giant Weavile’s features. It wasn’t just the thrill and satisfaction of being on the winning side of a fight, it was fascination. She looked down at her trainer as her eyes glimmered and her claws twirled. “Absolutely, Vi!” She replied, with a light trill. “I know it’s the middle of a fight, but…”

A faceful of Weavile claw met Violet’s face as she sputtered. After a moment of adjustment, the claw ventured to her the top of her head as she felt her hair being ruffled.

“…You’re just so cute right now! You’re like a little doll!” Hazel cooed, letting out a light squeal at being able to pet her trainer. “Oh goodness, there are so many new experiments and easier constructs that could be made at this size, and everyone is so adorable…!”

Though Violet momentarily winced, and her cheeks flushed in embarrassment, the joyful laughter held back only by pride showed her true enjoyment of the gesture. She let out a light gasp as an idea struck her. When the Regí had leapt through the portal, she pointed towards out as she called out, “Oi, Hazel, I think you have a few new ‘dolls’ to have as subjects!”

Hazel smirked as she realized just what Violet had been getting at. “…Oh, I think it’s time to test out Newton’s Third Law, wouldn’t you agree?” She ran over to the Regirock and quickly tried to swipe them into her claw, before doing the same to Registeel.

“Hazel, I believe those two have become infatuated with one another, should you not help them seal the deal?”

With an echoing giggle, the Dynamax’d Weavile slammed the two Regí together as she teased, “I suppose there’s no greater force out there than love!”

The Weavile let out a light gasp as she stumbled, dropping the two Regí. The crimson energy was fading, and Hazel could feel herself rapidly shrinking. She quickly clamored as she took her trainer out of her lab coat and gently set her down — just in time to for the human to meet her at chest length. As though she were a deflating balloon, Hazel’s expression steadily became more disappointed as she eventually returned to her normal state. “Ah, it was fun while it lasted,” she said, chuckling.

Violet returned a sympathetic smile as she ruffled Hazel’s feathers. “Worry not, my dear,” she said, gesturing to those returning to the battlefield, “Our friends are here to help, and it is together that will finally overcome the odds. Is that not what this festival is all about?”

Hazel returned a smile of her own, nodded her head, and turned to the others to cheer them on and help out in any way she could.
Final Turn: End of the Line


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Eerie magenta light from Olivia’s Dazzling Gleam seared Dialga’s scales, staggering the great dragon. It fell to one knee, roaring in blind rage. Before it could gather its footing, Jack surged forward. The piercing light of his Leer cut through to the weakened dragon of time, giving Jack the split second he needed to strike with a powerful aerial ace. Dialga never had a chance to retaliate as a portal swallowed him, tossing him across the field before being struck ruthlessly by Evie.

The time dragon collapsed, swallowed by Orzo’s portal. Hardly had he fallen before the others launched their attack on the golems. The battle had forged them into a powerful unit, and it showed. Merian and Nico worked as one to lull the trio into a drowsy state, giving a certain Weavile the chance to strike.

She pounced, snatching up Regirock and Registeel in her claws, smashing the titans together before dropping them-

Straight into a searing inferno of lightning and fire and lava. Heatran's empowering cry and wave of lava swallowd their enemies. The storm engulfed the three titans. And when the fires finally faded, they were gone.

Heavy silence blanketed the battlefield. Orzo’s body almost seemed to be crumbling, the toll of the fight truly showing, despite the rage in his eyes and his attempt to disguise the damage. The field, before so crowded with a constant stream of legendary pokemon, lay barren and razed.

And for a single, strange moment, there was silence, as if the great and terrible being before them was actually... hesitating? Confused? Orzo’s face was impossible to read. The paltry light of the realm flickered abruptly, as if someone flipped a switch for the whole world, plunging it into a dark void. And for a moment, in the darkness, something else was visible.

Orzo, connected to a mass of golden chains, all tied to a shadowy haze in Orzo’s chest. The murky darkness parted for an instant, and it looked almost... almost like a face? The golden chains abruptly cracked, shattering and the world flipped back to the desolate landscape, the shadowy figure in Orzo’s chest disappearing.

Suffocating silence fell. Orzo made no threats, it almost looked as if he wasn’t going to attack, which somehow felt even scarier. Darkrai, snarling with anger, tried to lunge at Orzo. A beam lanced through the air, smashing Darkrai to the ground and stunning him. Clink yelped in horror and raced to Darkrai’s side.

And then a golden portal formed behind Team Resolution. And another, and another, until a ring of portals surrounded them on all sides, ringing the edge of the battlefield. Ominous light glowed from inside the portals, while Orzo watched, looming overhead, eyes simmering with icy hate.

Clink froze beside Darkrai, almost seeming to shrink. “T-that's Hyperspace Fury. His strongest attack. We can’t dodge it...”

Darkrai half rose from the ground, glaring up at Orzo. “So you intend to try and make us give into fear before you destroy us?”

For once, Orzo made no reply. Instead, a malicious grin split his face and the portals grew brighter with sinister energy.

Orzo is preparing a final strike using Hyperspace Fury! It can't be dodged, and he looks strong still... It doesn't look like he can be defeated in time...!


  1. sableye
Olivia's attack was a crippling one, leaving dialga weakened enough for Jack and Evie to finish off. Elsewhere on the battlefield, Violent-Wes' 'vees had distracted the regi trio enough for a still-gigantic Hazel to knock them around, straight into a searing torrent of fire. (When had heatran even appeared? Well, no matter, it was here and simply cooking the golems.)

When the team's assault had faded, Orzo stood before them as he had at the beginning - alone. But now, he was damaged, and he was angry. Somehow, the calm, controlled wrath burning in his otherwise unreadable expression was more concerning than all of his prior snark. He must have finally realized his back was against the wall. There would be no more toying with the team, despite how weak he must be by this point; he was truly out for blood now.

"Looking kinda weak there, you old, rusty demon. Told ya we were gonna kick your sorry, golden ass."

The light in the area suddenly flickered and faded, plunging everything into an unnatural darkness. Not unlike the forest back home, Kimiko noted, although Orzo was no ghost. A strange golden light coming from Orzo himself was the only source left in the area, illuminating the freaky face-like shadow chained to him. It was hard to tell exactly who or what she was looking at, but her first instinct was...


The sound of her voice was swallowed by the darkness just as the light had been. They... they hadn't actually rescued him earlier. No, Orzo had just been... possessing him or something, and then when the fight began, his body had just vanished. Kimiko had assumed it had been sent back to wherever Orzo was keeping the other kidnapped trainers, but... maybe that wasn't the case after all? Orzo hadn't used a ring portal at the time...

A snarl startled her out of her daze, only to see darkrai first lunge at Orzo, and then get struck down by some attack. He'd seen something, too.

And then another light appeared. Kimiko's attention shot towards it to see another ring forming in the air. She darted towards it, silently cursing Hoopa for bringing the rescue squad back to the fight. They should have taken the kidnapped trainers back to the island! Not brought them here!

A piercing wail echoed throughout the void, but only when an icy claw landed on her shoulder and physically restrained her did Kimiko skid to a stop short of reaching the portal, now glowing with its own ominous light. Lucy Gray continued trying to pull her back, but she remained rooted to the spot. Lucy's chill grounded her, and only now did she feel the sheer malice radiating from Orzo's portal. This wasn't Hoopa returning with the rescue squad... this was Orzo, no longer toying with summoned legends, trying one more desperate counterattack himself.

The bottle. Orzo was weak, but not weak enough to down him before he attacked. They had to... wait, no. Odette had the prison bottle.

The strange light from the portal grew brighter, and the last thing Kimiko saw before being blinded was a streaking espeon speeding in her direction.


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  1. rowlet
  2. koraidon-apex
Suffocating silence fell. Orzo made no threats, it almost looked as if he wasn’t going to attack, which somehow felt even scarier. Darkrai, snarling with anger, tried to lunge at Orzo. A beam lanced through the air, smashing Darkrai to the ground and stunning him. Clink yelped in horror and raced to Darkrai’s side.

And then a golden portal formed behind Team Resolution. And another, and another, until a ring of portals surrounded them on all sides, ringing the edge of the battlefield. Ominous light glowed from inside the portals, while Orzo watched, looming overhead, eyes simmering with icy hate.

Clink froze beside Darkrai, almost seeming to shrink. “T-that's Hyperspace Fury. His strongest attack. We can’t dodge it...”
“What!?” Seb shouted in worried disbelief. His glasses almost fell of from the shock as he fixed them back in place.

“Sounds like cheating to me,” Zack muttered with a bitter tone. “Man, evil just loves playin’ dirty.”

Seb turned and glared back at Orzo, but his gaze was more desperate than determined. “I hate you so much, you bastard. We’re not afraid of you. We’ll win this.” He was thinking out loud more than talking to the King, though. Even though his attempts at maintaining a bravado worked somewhat, deep down, he was fearing for his life and accepting death at the same time. At one moment, he had hope that the other Trainers would come to save them, and then in the next second, he would take it all for granted and embrace the end with open arms. Oh, how he really needed therapy at this point.

“We can’t die like this,” Zack said, scrunching his face into a desperate glare. “We got this far—it can’t be for nothin’! We gotta save the world, guys, c’mon!”

Jack, meanwhile, knelt down and closed his eyes, wings placed on his lap. A small prayer was recited in his mind.

If there’s any other Legend hearing us, please, send help. We won’t be able to hold on for longer ourselves. Anyone will do. …So long as it isn’t a Magikarp or a Sunflora.


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Spirit didn't exactly comment on growing suddenly huge, but May suspected she was enjoying it. The battle raged on, chaos and several gigantic Pokémon and fancy form changes she'd never seen before (Espeon and Umbreon with wings?). More legendaries came out and got made short work of.

In the end it was just Orzo. A strange disruption in the illusion, chains that shattered, and then everything was back. A thousand portals opening all around them, filled with an ominous glow.

"I'll protect you," Spirit growled, preparing to wrap her enormous tails around her, but before she could, whatever Diancie's energy had been ran out and she shrank rapidly back to normal size as she howled in protest.

May looked around. If only she had Skarmory - but would that have even helped? There were portals above, too. So their options were... hunker down, protective shields, survive it, or dash into a portal and try to get around whatever was producing the glow in there?

That or more legendary assistance. They sure seemed to have an abundance of that.

"Hey, anyone got a convenient legendary raring to help?" she shouted. "Because this'd be a great time for that."


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Shadow's flickered once more in Orzo's chest, and the rings pulsed in response. Somewhere in the mass of darkness pooling in his chest, there was something almost resembling a silhouette...The air grew cold, black tendrils dancing across the floor, swirling around Orzo's feet and curling around him, seemingly strengthening him. If anything, he now seemed even less tired, despite the toxic poison marring his flesh, despite the ghostly aura of Curse blackening his golden form.

A deep, distant chuckle reverberated the air. Then, with a gesture of one of his mighty hands, a blast of light shot from one of the rings, too fast to follow. A draconic screech of pain rung through the air and Chef Flygon plummeted to the earth. The broken ground cratered around him where he crashed, stunned.

Clink rushed toward him, and Darkrai lunged to stop the fairy-type. Another beam shot from a ring, lancing through Darkrai, sending him to the ground, groaning in pain. A third struck Clink down, stunning him. Then, like a round of cannons, more beams of deathly light fired from the rings, battering the team. Levitating weakly and clutching his chest, Darkrai raised a claw. He fired a few dark pulses, but they glanced off Orzo. Another round of attacks fired, striking again - hard, but not quite enough for a KO. Orzo was toying now, confident in his strength, certain in his victory. Delighting in suffering.

Chef Flygon, still in his mega form, picked himself off the ground, wings trembling, one of them singed. Still, the defiance in his eyes never wavered. "Toy all you want, you'll never be a true king."

Orzo made no reply. He raised a claw, and the rings glowed again, preparing to fire. Darkrai tried to summon another shield, but it flickered it died. The light in Orzo's rings intensified-

Then a breeze blew through the realm, clean and pure and flowery.

A huge golden ring materialized just behind Team Resolution. Vibrant, shimmering grass spilled out like a carpet, swallowing the barren earth, flowers sprouting in the wake like a thousand multicolored stars. And with it came a wave of new strength, hope in physical form. Trainers raced from the portal, all those who'd been attacked and kidnapped and imprisoned, alive and safe. And with them, those who had rescued the trapped the trainers.

Clink's face seemed to shine with joy, and even the ever stoic Darkrai seemed to be smiling.

"Orzo!" Drampa roared, the strength of his fury shaking the air. "Your crimes will not go unpunished!"

Looming high above, Orzo's eyes narrowed with disgust. "Y̷o̵u̸ ̸a̸r̵e̵ ̸t̷o̸o̷ ̵l̴a̴t̵e̵.̷.̴.̶ ̷Y̵o̴u̴ ̷a̶r̸e̶ ̴n̴o̵t̶ ̸s̴t̴r̴o̴n̴g̷ ̷e̶n̷o̶u̸g̶h̶ ̴t̶o̷ ̷d̴e̷f̵e̷a̴t̵ ̸m̸e̴ ̴b̶e̶f̶o̵r̴e̸ ̷I̵ ̵e̴r̴a̶s̴e̵ ̵y̵o̶u̸r̸ ̸p̷a̶t̷h̷e̵t̵i̴c̶ ̴e̸x̵i̴s̷t̷e̶n̶c̷e̸.̵"̵"̸̺̯͋

"We shall we about that Orzo!" Shaymin's tiny voice rang out, fearless and true. The grass had spread even further, growing on everything now, even under Orzo's feet.

Fury and disgust contorted Orzo's face as he looked down to see a triumphant and very angry looking Shaymin staring him down.

"I knew you'd come," Darkrai whispered, smirking.

He rose up, some of his strength restored. Chef Flygon got to his feet, healing energy pouring from the green earth into him. Roaring, he rose into the air, purple sparks in his maw. And now, he was joined by a Drampa, and all the other trainers, their pokemon preparing attacks.

Darkrai cried out. "Swiftly now, as one! Attack!"
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With the other trainers free and ready to fight, Odette’s urge to kill Orzo was ever-burning. So much so that she felt the shard Jirachi had gifted her burning a hole in her pocket.

They’d wailed on him. They’d been wailing on him so goddamn hard, and he was still up and summoning legendaries to beat them back. Shit, they’d all almost turned to stone. And they couldn’t leave until they defeated him. They had to do this.

She just wanted to go home. She wanted to sleep in her bed with her boys. She wanted to see her friends, human and Pokemon. She wanted to hug her mama. She wanted to talk to her grandparents.

They’d just brought in support from the prison realm, but she felt more could do the job.

She gritted her teeth and reached into her pocket, and yanked the shard out. She held it high, triumphantly, as she barreled out of the realm and back onto the battlefield. Odile shifted forms again and took flight behind her.


The shard glowed. As promised, Jirachi responded to the call. Not that Odette had any doubt she would. Though, she wasn’t sure what she expected to happen next.

She was momentarily wary when portals of pure light shimmered into existence all over the battlefield. When she saw two familiar silhouettes fade into reality, she felt her breath hitch.

Several feet away from her, the two people she longed for the most entered the battle. Well…something like that. As they faded in, they looked locked in a heated conversation.

“Guzma, I don’t give a fuck. That is a $35,000 bottle of whiskey, and I’d like it to remain in the cabinet for my stressed drinking pleasure.”

They both looked like they were dressed for bed. Clovis was in his usual satin pajama bottoms and robe, while Guzma sported his favorite paint-stained sweats, wife-beater, and those stupid fucking happiny slippers he insisted were the comfiest things in the world. He stared blankly at Clovis as he clutched a bottle of alcohol to his chest.

Clovis continued to fire off his words of rage, but it seemed to dawn on Guzma first that they were no longer in their home. His eyes went wide as they caught on Orzo’s hulking form, and he raised his free hand to point at it.

Uhhhh, Clovis?” he said stiffly.

“I KNOW,” Clovis wheezed, “you’re going to bite my head off for having such an expensive spirit in the house, but for your information–”

“Babe, I know yer kinda losin’ it right now but–” Guzma said.

“--it was a fucking gift. I’d much rather spend my money on you and Odette, really, but I have to be honest that it tastes absolutely remarkable, and–”

“Valentin,” Guzma urged.

“--I’m not even drunk, I am perfectly capable–”


Clovis furrowed his brow at the outburst but whipped around nonetheless. His look of confusion melted away into one of sheer annoyance. He shifted his weight to one leg and placed his hands on his hips.

“…is that an unbound hoopa?”

Guzma flared his nostrils as he dropped the bottle and grabbed Clovis by his wrist. The two proceeded to take off in a sprint.

“Rest in pieces thirty-five grand,” Guzma said.

“I’m not hallucinating, right? That’s an unbound hoopa, right?” Clovis sputtered.

“Dude, you’re the only one between us who knows what an unbound hoopa is! You have an IQ of 4,000, so if you think it’s an unbound hoopa, it might be a fuckin’ unbound hoopa.”

Odette was grinning ear to ear. She held up her hands excitedly. “Guys!” she shouted in uncharacteristic glee.

The running duo collectively jolted their heads in her direction, and their oncoming looks of shock were synchronized.


They seemed to speed up in their matched haste to get to her.

She had to resist the urge to football tackle them both into a hug as they neared her. Instead, she settled for falling into step between them as they ran by. The grin didn’t leave her face.

“Well, you look fuckin’ thrilled, I’m glad yer havin’ sucha good time on yer vacation,” Guzma greeted, panting.

“I would say I’m excited to see you, but I’m waiting for an explanation of what just happened,” Clovis chimed in. “What the hell is going on?”

Odette’s heart was soaring, despite the dire situation at hand. “I’m really excited that you’re both here, I gotta fucking tell you!”

Orzo seemed to be charging an attack now. The malicious grin on his face said it was something big. How was it that he was still standing with the way his body looked?

"Our loving reunion aside," Odette managed through jagged breaths, "that 'mon over there? He needs to go. Or he's more than likely going to kill us."

"With what it looks like it's charging, I don't doubt it," Clovis grumbled.

She heard Guzma exhale sharply. "Peeerrrfect time to show up to the party, then!"

Guzma was right, because they weren't the only ones who'd arrived. Reinforcement after reinforcement joined the battle. It was probably good that they'd waited to call upon Jirachi's assistance. Maybe their collective manpower would be able to stop what was coming.


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Seb turned around to see the other Trainers arrive just in time to help assist in the final moments before either disaster or triumph. Three people stuck out to him.

“Wes! Steven!”

He smiled, almost shedding a tear from the overwhelming joy, before confusion replaced his expression as he saw the third Trainer.


He turned back to Steven, looking worried. “Are you sure you brought the right people for this?”

When Zack heard his Trainer shout the name of that jerk of a Trainer, he turned around and recognized the Pokémon at his side.

“Alakazam! Yo! You’re okay! Oh geez, you dunno how badly I missed ya, my guy!”

He flexed his muscles in a combination of pride and elated happiness as he presented his Mega-Evolved form, flicking his head up as he showed off his wild crest as well. “Wanna rematch after this?”

“Zack, focus on saving the world, please!” Seb exclaimed with urgency, flipping his jacket to the side.

“Oh, right.” The Mega-Pidgeot gave a quick two-feathered salute to Alakazam. “Glad to have ya here.” He jumped high and flapped his wings in midair for a long double jump. “Could use a hand, though!”

Jack noticed a portal open up high above in the sky. He was puzzled at it for a few seconds before a blade came out from it, stabbing the ground. It took the Farfetch’d a long moment to recognize the golden sheen, cloth-like arms, large shield and singular purple eye. He gasped in shock.

“Master Aegislash!?”

Aegislash’s eye turned towards the one who called him. “Farfetch’d? Could it truly be you, my student?”

“Y-Yeah, it’s me! How did you get here?”

“I saw a strange portal, and before I realized it, it sucked me in here.” Aegislash’s eye moved around to see the dark dimension. “Where is this?”

“We’re inside the Golden King’s domain and we need to stop him before he finishes us off!” Jack hopped up and down quickly, seeming desperate.

Aegislash flinched a bit as he saw his student more closely. “W-What happened to your body? You have grown strong, it seems, but…”

“Tough exercises, basically, but we can catch up later! As glad as I am to see you again, we need your help! Please, end the King ASAP!” Jack pointed towards Orzo, his body trembling with anxiety.

Aegislash saw the Legend before him in awe. “Aah… The legendary Hoopa. I never thought I would see them in the flesh. But what has made them go mad?”

“He wants to take over the world because he hates friendship and believes that power is everything, so we gotta stop him!”

“Ah. Very well then. We shall do this…” Aegislash released himself from the ground and suddenly threw his shield at Jack, the latter jumping back and dropping his leek in shock, but still catching it in his left wing, while the former floated into his student’s right wing and wrapped his arms into it. “…together!”

The living sword and shield in his grasp, Jack looked confused at his master. “What’re you doing? I thought you—”

“Prove to me the strength that your bonds have given you, Farfetch’d. If you are fighting against a tyrant opposed to alliances, you must fight him with that which he despises the most. I am only giving you this chance by lending you my power.”

“Am I really ready for this, master?”

“That answer shall only come in our strike against our foe, my student.”

Jack hesitated for a second, but after understanding what his master meant with his words, he nodded and glared with determination at Orzo. He knelt down, preparing his attack. “Oh, by the way, master? I have a name now. It’s Jack.”

“Ah, very well, Jack. Your Trainer must have been a great friend for you.”

The Farfetch’d jumped at the Golden King, Aegislash lifted behind him. He channeled the power of his Fury Cutter as he swung and hollered.

“By my Sacred Sword, this world shall know true salvation,” Aegislash muttered, the energy of his own attack combining with Jack’s. “May this strike deliver us from this false king and pave the way for a new, righteous ruler.”


  1. sableye
It was difficult for Kimiko to sit upright, and not just because every cell in her entire body ached. Olivia and Lucy were only just managing to crawl off her. The pair of them had leapt in front of the beam from Orzo's portal, taking the brunt of the nearly-point-blank attack for their human. It had still hurt, but she was more concerned with her partners; that eerie light reeked of dark-type aura, and the both of them were weak against it. Olivia was still conscious, but she was laboring heavily, having charged across the entire battlefield to make it in time beforehand. Her eyes closed and her breathing was shallow; Kimiko sat by her side, stroking her fur. Meanwhile, Lucy Gray floated up beside her, entirely spent but facing away, staring down Orzo as though daring him to try attacking them again.

And it seemed that was inevitable, as Orzo first downed the mega flygon, then both Darkrai and Clink. And sure enough, the surrounding rings begun to glow again-

But then, another bright light appeared and formed into another portal, much brighter than the Golden King's. In fact, Orzo's own portals dimmed as his attention shifted. From it, the rescue squad and the captives emerged. Relieved though she was that Odette (at least the prison bottle was within reach again) and the others were all in one piece, Kimiko almost shouted at them to go back, until the drampa took off with a roar. And then she realized, none of them looked very tired at all. In fact, they looked angry and eager to get in on the fight.

Just the sight seemed to give Kimiko a second wind, too. Or maybe that was the glowing sheet of grass that had somehow grown to cover the entire field. Kimiko hadn't noticed Shaymin until Darkrai addressed it, but that made sense. Shaymin had somehow known - perhaps only subconsciously, but who was to say - that Orzo wasn't to be trusted. And now Shaymin had appeared in the fight. And conjured the healing field, feeding energy into everything it touched. As if to confirm her thoughts, Olivia suddenly stood up and shook out her fur with a trill, energized as though Orzo's attack hadn't even hit her. As Olivia stood and turned again to face Orzo, so did Kimiko.

It truly was astounding that Orzo was still standing after all they'd battered him with. Even with all the mythics they had on their side, it hadn't been enough. They were so close, and now, somehow, even Darkrai's attacks were just bouncing off Orzo. At this rate, they still had a ways to go before Orzo would succumb to the trap of the prison bottle. Kimiko was starting to wish Alex had been here with her; he was the better battler between them. He'd know what to do now. Sure, they had several of champion-level trainers already here, but deep down, they weren't the ones she wanted to see right now.

And then someone - no question as to who it was - shouted about more reinforcements. Kimiko wasn't sure what help that would be; again, given even all the assistance they'd gotten from the mythics hadn't been enough, what more could additional power do? It was Jirachi, so... maybe Jirachi had something in mind that could actually help here?

"Uh... Kimiko?"

The voice wiped any other thought from her brain, her eyes wide in surprise. She cautiously half-spun around, looking for the source she knew would be there. When she saw him, it was all she could do to resist bursting into tears.

Alex stood not far away, his own eyes wide too, but he wasn't watching his girlfriend. His gaze was aimed above and behind her, at Orzo's massive form. "I thought you were vacationing, not investigating fairy tales?"

He didn't get a reply; instead, Kimiko charged full speed and nearly knocked him over in her haste to throw herself at him. He sputtered as he hugged her back, attempting to form words but unable to decide on what to say first. Kimiko settled it for him by silencing him him a kiss.

"Hey, remember that cresselia research we were doing?" Kimiko asked, her voice muffled with her face now buried against his neck. "There's... a little more to that story."

She didn't miss the little sigh he let out before he answered; it certainly wasn't the first time she'd kept something dangerous she'd done a secret. "I see. ...You alright?"

"I'm fine," she said through her trembles. She pulled away slightly, if only to be heard. "We, um... we could probably use a hand, though."

She let him go, gesturing at the Golden King behind them. Alex simply nodded, snatching a ball from his belt. The light formed into a cheerful meganium, eagerly clawing at the glowing grass beneath her. They only spared each other a glance, Thorn recognizing the threat almost immediately and sinking into a battle stance. Olivia darted up to them, looking far more energized than she had earlier, dancing around the little party while trilling at Thorn in greeting before mimicking her posture.

Alex cursed in surprise as the temperature around them all dropped and a frosty ice beam shot passed him towards Orzo, reminding them that they still had work to do. Even so, Kimiko couldn't help but laugh, a guilty blush on her cheeks.

"Oh... by the way, I found Lucy."


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Dozens, no.

Hundreds. Thousands of rings sprouted into existence, each glowing an ominous light as they surrounded the battlefield.

Evie snarled, teeth-baring as she glanced around, the rings glowed, her senses flared, informing her of the coming danger.

Left! Right! Up! Down!


"Ack!" She hissed in pain, the black energy despite having just grazed her, took a lot more out of her than expected. Moving swiftly, she evaded another strike. Then another. And another.


The pain seared through her fur, burning one of her forelegs as she tumbled onto the ground. Unwilling to give in, she got back up again, injured leg raised and eyes narrowing into a glare.

More attacks came at her.

She clicked her tongue, the attacks came bearing down. She dodged. Jumped. Ducked. Rolled. She weaved in the air, stretching her body between shots, pain screeched, her body protested as dozens of stray attacks – attacks that she failed to dodge – hit her.

There were too many.

And they were too fast.

There was no way she could–

The attacks came, quicker, stronger. In it all, she stood, eyes tearing up from the pain but never once did she lose ground.

This was the power of a legendary. A god-like entity of untold power. Its strength was insane, incredible but there she stood, legs buckling from the pain and despite Orzo's amazing power, her resolve was stronger.

Blood flowing, body raging with pain, sweat dripping, she pushed back.

Things may be dire but she would never give in.


"Evie!" he screamed.

June tried to tear his eyes away from the total massacre across the field, he succeeded if only to have his attention locked on Evie's 'fight'.

Giving not a second to think, he jumped down and towards the battlefield, making his way to his hurt friend.

The glow of her fur, which was once so full of life and power, now glowed dimly as if running merely on fumes. He stumbled, staring at the sight in disbelief. This wasn't possible, she was hurt, she was supposed to be the strongest. There was no way she could get hurt by someone like Orzo, not this badly. "Evie... Evie... Come on, Eves... Get up..." He took the massive fox in his arms, the smell of the blood and burnt fur did nothing to deter him as he held on, clinging onto her and trying to reignite her light. "Please get up, Eves. Please... You have to get up... We can... We can find a way home... and... and... Please get up... I don't... Zeal... everyone... I... I don't know what I'll do without you..."

Evie shifted, coughing, her eyes bleary. She spoke, her hoarse and dry voice hitting him like a pile of bricks. "Ju-June? Wh-what are you... doing here? St-stay... back... I... ot this..." She tried to push him away but only succeeded to move her foreleg an inch forward. Seeing as that had failed, she instead made to stand on her legs, only managing a second before collapsing.

Even with these injuries, she was still trying to protect him. Why?

Why? When he hadn't done anything to deserve her friendship.

Shaking his head, he said, "No! I'm not leaving you! I'm done sitting back, just let me handle this! I can take him. I... I..." The ominous glow brought him back to reality as he glanced around, each ring pulsating with a dangerous aura.

No. He shook his head. He was the Champion, he could do this! He could show everyone just what exactly the Champion could do... even if he himself wasn't sure what the title entailed. Steeling his expression, he glared at the rings with defiance and determination.

"Do your worst!"

Just before it struck him, grass spread across the field, covering everything and anything in its path, he felt himself being grabbed by the neck, winds brushing against him as he came face to face with the glorious glow of his vixen friend. "Evie?"

Although she still looked worse for wear, the glow on her fur seemed to regain some of its brightness as she ran across the newly-grown grass. She didn't even bother to give a response before tossing him over and onto her back.

As he settled himself on her back, glowing rings appeared across his vision and for a moment, he dreaded and braced himself for any coming attacks.

But instead of dark energy, people and Pokémon came out, each holding faces of determination as they glared at Orzo, ready to attack the Golden King.

Next, portals of pure light came to be with more people coming out of each one but unlike the first row, none of them looked like they were trainers of the island if the confused faces were anything to go by.

After reaching a safe distance away, Evie slowed down and as she did so, a portal spawned in front of them, a dark figure stepping out slowly.

June narrowed his eyes, trying to make out what it was. It was quadrupedal, big and had some sort of jagged ring around its waist, its mane flowed in an ethereal wind and the sight alone almost made his heart drop.



And that voice made his heart drop back into the void. "No."




The portal vanished, leaving the man's appearance as clear as day. Crimson hair, glowing golden eyes, face identical to his human body.

Yup, it was him alright... fu–

"Language." He took out a bat with the word 'naughty' scribbled on it and bonked June on the head.

"Ow." June rubbed his head in an attempt to ease the pain.

And as he did so, Evie sighed, facing Crude with a raised brow. "Crude? You're our backup?"

"Yup!" Crude gave her a thumbs up then gestured to her. "Love the new do, by the way, fits your... uh... colours..." he ended, lamely.

June groaned, claws covering his face. "Why did Jirachi choose you?"

"Oh, that's easy. I just took your wish before anyone else could, duh– oh um, I mean, magic of friendship and all that, wooh!" He ignored the strained look on June's face before continuing. "And aren't cha happy to see me?"

"No," they chorused.

Crude blinked. "Well, Imma take that as a 'yes'."

Evie shook her head, taking reluctant steps and poking the ground as she said, "If you're here to help us then please lend us your powers. I... I'm not strong enough to beat him alone..."

June scowled. He didn't like it either but desperate times called for desperate measures and said desperate measure came in the form of an irritating deity. "Yeah, can you like turn Orzo into a baby and punt him to space or something."

Crude shook his head, a buzzer sound coming from nowhere. "No can do, buddies."

Figures. Always a catch. June growled.

Crude took out a book labelled 'Abled Query (Escapades of the crusaders): Isle of Ships' and flipped it open. "Says here I'm not allowed to use my powers against him. See?" He snapped his fingers, ridding the book before they could read it. He then tapped his chin, tongue sticking out. "Although... I could just not follow it but I figure it'd be more fun to play with a false god by being one myself."

A snap of his fingers and a large cloud of smoke puffed into existence and a large shadow loomed over them, eyes glowing red and six arms hovering around them.

Evie stepped back, teeth bared and eyes glaring at the figure as June growled, his tail flame lighting up.

The beast chuckled. "What? Too soon?" he spoke in a voice several octaves deeper before changing back to his regular self. "Oh and uh, ignore the guns on the ground, mkay? Don't wanna get in trouble with you-don't-know-who," he whispered, elbowing Evie before turning away, cupping his hands and bringing them to his mouth. "And to all of you! Whatever you do. Do NOT take these powerful and EPIC futuristic weapons and USE them against Orzo! Okay? I repeat do NOT use these very awesome and definitely-not-from-the-future weapons against Orzo! You got that? I will get 100% mauled if you do so!"

He dusted his hands, smirking. "Now with that warning over with." He snapped his fingers, a red robe draping over him as a wizard hat rested on his head, a staff with a blue gem in his hands. "Why don't we show him the true magic of friendship."
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Coleane was sore all over. That hurt. It took all of her strength to not yell out in pain as she shielded Gen from the blast with her wings. Even as Shaymin revitalized the two, the pain didn't truly subside. But she pushed through it. She had to. She was so close to being a real hero. She was almost there. They had to defeat Orzo! They had to!

"...Coleane? What the heck is going on?!"

Her neck whipped around, and she gasped, as she saw a face she recognized from video calls and selfies posted in the GGG. "Delino!" She called out, barreling towards her human friend.

"Heh, never expected the first Gilded Gaggle meetup would go like this," Delino said, hugging Coleane's neck. The Meowstic at his side looked up at the banana dino with a smile.

"Me neither...but I'm so glad you're here!" Coleane said, hugging back with a pair of vines.

"Yeah, but...why am I here? And why is there a freaking UNBOUND HOOPA over there?!" Delino said, pointing towards Orzo.

"Oh, him! We're all fighting him! He's the one behind all the kidnappings I talked about in the Journer!" Coleane replied. "Wanna help us out?"

"Well...one last battle couldn't hurt. Always wanted to fight a legendary back in my training days," Delino said, adjusting his hat. "Now or never, Sticks! Sucker Punch!"

And so, the Meowstic charged towards Orzo, fist coated in darkness.

"Wanna ride me as I attack?" Coleane asked.

"Sure, why not?" Delino said, and before he could utter another word, he was placed on the banana dinosaur's back with a pair of vines, and the two were in the air.

As they flew towards Orzo, Coleane looked down at her partner below. Gen. She hoped the Energy Seed she gave him would help, but just in case...

She cheered him on. "Go, Gen! You can do this! Help us strike Orzo down! I believe in you!"

And for good measure...she took the All-Power-Up Orb from her bag, and smashed it, boosting everyone's power.

Truly, it was now or never.


Gen was terrified. He had come so close to dying thrice now here, and now his Gigantamax had run out. They were running out of options, out of time.

He looked down at the Energy Seed Coleane had given him. After a moment of hesitation, he chomped down on it, and felt energy surge through his body.

And combined with Coleane's words of encouragement...he felt like maybe, just maybe...they really could do this.

He rushed towards Orzo, Veri's dagger in his paw. He concentrated on his fear, his terror, and his bravery despite it all. His dagger glowed a pale green, overflowing with bug-type energy.

And he let forth a flurry of Fury Cutters, unlike nothing he'd ever done before.


In total, six Fury Cutters were dealt to the false king, by the little otter who could.


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So much shit was going on. There'd been so many fucking myths and legends summoned, it could've given him a fucking migraine. Then every 'mon on the field had either gotten fucking massive or somehow mega-evolved without stones.

And now someone had invoked Jirachi, and... supposedly there were 'reinforcements' coming, whatever that meant.

Wes glanced around to see all of the kidnapped trainers and pokémon appearing from seemingly nowhere.

Huh. Guess that's our 'reinforcements'.


Merian scanned the crowd of rescued trainers and pokémon for one particular 'mon... and didn't see him. Maybe it was just too crowded right now. Regardless, he couldn't help but feel disappointed.


Nico paid no attention to the first wave of reinforcements. He couldn't afford to lose focus on their opponent, not when they were so close to victory.


And then, it seemed, there was a second wave of reinforcements. Other pokémon and trainers started appearing, all seemingly very confused about the situation at hand.

...Okay, that's weird--

"Uh... Wes?"

Wes spun and saw none other than Rui standing there, indeed very confused, with Ren the Shadow Flaaffy at her side.

Rui rushed over and looked around at everything that was going on. "Wh-What's this, are we in a warzone?"

Wes stood in dumbfounded silence for a few moments. "Uh, yeah, something like that. I mean, s'almost done, I think."

He didn't have the time nor energy to question why the hell Rui was here, or why she brought Ren with her, but... in a weird way, he was glad to see her. He would never admit it, but he had been hoping to see her, just to talk to her about everything that had been going on in this crazy fucking place.

Wes looked down at Ren, who shuffled his feet and... was holding a cowboy hat. Why was--

Rui plucked the hat from Ren's paws and put it on, giggling. "I almost forgot about my hat, thanks!"

Then she tried her best to be serious about the shit that was happening, putting her hands on her hips and giving her best death glare to Orzo.


Merian had admittedly not been expecting Ren, of all 'mon, to show up. He would've sooner expected Kane or Inigo, but... he was okay with Ren being here.

The Flaaffy walked over to Merian and tilted his head. "You... look different."

Merian grinned. "Yeah! Nico and I got cool new... uh, I think they're mega evolutions! But, uh, I don't think we'll have them when this fight's over."

Ren gave a small, almost imperceptible smile. "Well, I like it. It suits you."

Merian felt his face heat up, and he sputtered, before mumbling, "U-Uh, thanks."

Ren reached out and patted Merian's head. "Of course, my friend. Now then," He turned to Orzo and lashed his tail, bolts of electricity flying, "Shall we handle this together?"

Merian nodded. "Y-Yeah, let's go!"


Wes saw Merian get into a combat stance, so he whistled to Nico to signal him to go over there and help out.

Once the three 'mons were all together and ready to attack, Wes glanced over at Rui. "D'you really think Ren's gonna be alright here...? I mean, I know he can fight, but he's a Shadow, and--"

Rui put a hand up, silencing him. "He'll be fine! You said it yourself, this fight's almost over, right?"

Wes nodded. "Yeah... alright, whatever, I'm still going to make sure none of them get hurt."


Merian, Nico, and Ren all rushed towards Orzo, the two brothers cloaked in their respective type-energy, while Ren was wreathed in purple-and-black Shadow energy.

Merian knew the three of them would end this fight together, and it would be the coolest thing ever.


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Reinforcements were arriving. May blinked as people reunited with friends, partners, lovers, heart thumping, not sure what to expect. Whether to expect anyone.

An ear-splitting roar sounded over the crowd, somehow bone-chillingly familiar before she had even identified it. Her head snapped toward it, her mind frozen.

Tyranitar. He stood there, frantic, looking around, the fear that'd always been there in his eyes. His body lined with new scars - deep gouges from claws in his side, on his face. (Other Tyranitar?) (She'd released him there, to go find some other Tyranitar to live with.)

His gaze found her. His expression changed, pleading. "May?" he said. Or rather, more literally, Trainer?

Her breath had caught in her throat, her vision swimming, lungs evaporating in her chest. "I'm not your trainer anymore," she said. Her voice came out unsteady, tears squeezing past her barriers.

Tyranitar cringed, like he'd been struck. "Want... to help," he said, halting. "Help you."

"You're not supposed to help me!" she yelled. "Stop saying that!"

Tyranitar cowered, curled in on himself, staring at a spot on the ground. Had he always been like this? Had she just not seen it?

She took a breath that shook. A step. Laid a hand on his forehead. He stiffened at the touch, like he was bracing for pain. (She'd never hurt him, never done anything like that, never, why would he--)

"Tyranitar," she began, fighting to steady her voice again. "I'm sorry. You were just trying to do what you thought I wanted."

He raised his head just a little, looking cautiously back at her.

Another breath. "Thank you," she said. She rested her other hand on his rocky cheek. "Thank you for coming to help. Just don't... Don't do it for me. Please."

"Tyranitar," Spirit said, gently. "This Hoopa, Orzo, wants to destroy all bonds in this world. Help us defeat him, not merely for May's sake but for that of the world, and your own place in it."

Leave it to her to have something grand to say. Tyranitar looked up slowly, glanced at Spirit and then back at May, as if for permission.

"Yeah. Do that."

Tyranitar nodded firmly. She let go of him as he rose back to his full height and turned to roar in challenge to Orzo, then charged towards him.

May was still shaking.

"You did good," Spirit said softly, brushing her tails against May's legs before she bounded off to join the final assault.


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A large slab of debris, probably from one of the new portals, fell down in front of them, causing them to skid to a full stop. They tried to run around it, but another round of debris was headed straight for them. But, Odile was one step ahead. She dropped in front of the trio, her body taking the hit of the projectiles.

"̶̹̍S̸̢̕U̶͇͗P̵͓̾ ̷̺͂P̵̘̑Ä̵̘́Ń̵̤S̵͚̃Ỵ̸͝ ̶͔̚A̷͔͘Ṣ̶͝S̵̩͗Ȇ̶͈S̴̖̒,̸̫͒"̸̝̈́ she said.

“Brilliant,” Clovis said as he stared up at the dragon. He exhaled sharply before dropping to his knees to catch his breath. He felt his robe pocket and pulled out what looked to be Love's Pokeball. Staring at it, he scoffed.

"Huh. That's awfully convenient."

Next to him, Guzma was gazing up at Odile, looking impressed.

“You’re fuckin’ horrific, Kassogtha-lookin' ass,” he said. He then arched over to hang his head and place his hands on his knees.

"̶̫̔A̵͊ͅw̷̃͜w̴̖̚w̴͍͝w̴̯̃w̶̨͛w̸̺̒w̵̨̓,̵̦̈́ ̵̛͈t̶̪͒h̶͈̾ḯ̷̻s̵̪̾ ̶͇̿i̶͇͆s̴͖̿ ̷̨̎ẘ̵͕h̵̭̋y̶̟̏ ̶͎̒I̷͔̔ ̷̲̾l̴̬̓ḯ̵̗k̷̡͒e̵̖̋ ̸̻̑y̴̙͑o̸͙̔ṷ̷̏.̵̺͊"̶͎̂

Now safely behind Odile’s form, Odette collapsed onto her rear. She looked back and forth between them, still feeling overwrought. She couldn’t stop smiling, because they were here. But her nose now burned with the urge to cry because they were here.

“I—“ she stammered. “I just—“

She couldn’t speak. She didn’t know where to start. As the gears in her head struggled to turn, tears burned the corners of her eyes. Her mouth detached from her brain, and before she knew it, it was running.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know what else to do, I didn’t want to bring you two into this, but we needed help, and he’s summoning so many legendaries, and we're on our last legs, and Enora and Odile and I aren’t at—“

Hey, hey,” Guzma snapped. He had one of his hands on her shoulder before she could react, while the other started wiping away the tears she didn’t realize had started falling. “You’re good, babe. Easy.”

Clovis had his hand on her cheek. “You don’t need to apologize, sweetness. Focus on the now. Tell us what we need to do, and we’ll do it.”

Swallowing hard, she nodded. Right. Focus on the now.

“The hoopa. Aim for it,” she said. "We need to down him before he can finish off whatever he's charging."

“Do you have the seal for him?” Clovis queried.

“We have the bottle, but he’s still too strong. And we can’t leave until he’s gone. If we can all wail on him just a little more, I think we got him. There's enough people here to where I think it will work.”

Clovis glanced at Guzma. “It’s weak to bug.”

Guzma’s brows raised as his eyes lit up. He patted his pocket, feeling the advatageous presence of Golisopod's ball. “So we help kill the fucker, and our girl comes home?” he asked.

At the nods her got, his lips curled into a devious grin. He eyed Odette again. “Well, say fuckin’ less, gorgeous.” He cupped his hand under her chin and pulled her to plant a hard kiss on the bridge of her nose.

“The hell are you cryin’ about, like that’s gonna be hard? We’re here now, and we got you.”

Clovis took that moment to kiss her knuckles before taking her hand in a tight, determined grip. “We got you.”

All that did was make her want to cry even more. But she held off.

Gods, she loved them.

Guzma wasted no time in standing up. He seemed adequately well-rested now and took to stepping out from behind Odile with his arms outstretched to the sides. Like he was set on having a fistfight with Orzo himself.


In a furious flick of his wrist, Guzma sent a ball flying forward. “Time to open up this can of whoop-ass, my boy.”

In a flash of brilliant white light, Golisopod came out to play, claws up and ready to raise hell.

"LET'S G--" Golisopod paused in his call as soon as he took in the carnage before him. His face fell, and he turned toward his trainer with a look of disapproval.

"My guy, WHAT is happening?"

"Don't ask questions, bro. Just know it's weak to bug," Guzma snapped back. Golisopod seemed to take a second to mull that information, before sighing deeply and turning around, lowering himself to a fighting stance. Odile clapped her wings together.

"̶W̴o̵o̵o̴o̷o̵o̷w̶ ̵G̷o̷l̶i̴s̵o̵p̴o̶d̷,̶ ̵d̶i̷d̸ ̵y̸o̴u̴ ̴l̴o̷s̵e̸ ̴w̵e̵i̶g̶h̷t̵?̸"̴

"Remind me to kick you in the jaw when we're done here," Golisopod retaliated in a joking tone.

Behind Odile, Clovis stood and helped Odette to her feet. When he was sure she was up, he whipped out his ball. “Love, we need you!”

A glaceon emerged in a plume of icy mist. She sent a droopy-eyed look at her surroundings before arching her back as if set to pounce. She opened her mouth to speak before Enora bounded up to her.

“Love!” Enora squealed.

Love’s ears perked up. “Enora,” she gasped. She rushed over to close the gap between them, and they bumped their heads together in greeting.

“You look odd,” Love said.

“I can explain later,” Enora replied. “Right now, we need to focus on winning. Alive,”

Odette nodded in agreement. "The four of you need to work together. You're not going to be able to do this in solos, understand?"

The two Eons looked at one another before grinning. They turned to face Orzo.

“Simple,” Love declared. "By my understanding, the split work between a glaceon, a sylveon, a golisopod, and Venira, I don't reckon we'll have many issues."

“N̴͉̹̐O̶̲͆͜Ẃ̸͈̥ ̵̝̠̂̂T̷̩̅͜͠H̵͎͂A̴̫͊T̷͈̕͜'̶̳̹̇̽Ş̸̯̿̕ ̴̮̙͠Ȃ̴̞̻̕ ̴̙̈P̷͍̓͒A̶̧̾Ṟ̵̆͘T̶̨̰̽̕Ÿ̷̩̌!̷̘̎͘” Odile bellowed. She soared over to the giant bug’s side, and the two looked at one another with a sense of determination in their eyes.

“It’s pain train time?” Golisopod asked.

Odile smirked. "̷͉̃C̴͖͔͒̚h̴̢̺̓͛o̷̭̼̔o̷͕̔ͅ-̴̟̥̉c̷̢̈͠ḣ̴̪ò̴͇̜̌o̸̝̥͌,̵̝̓ ̷̬̟́̍m̸̳̫̆̃o̵͌ͅt̶̘̅̀h̵̨̑e̴̬̬͂r̸̜̓f̸̙̼̍̽ȕ̵̟͖̃c̵̥̜̔͂k̷̠̻̍͝e̶̦̋r̶̤̥̾̄.̴͔̟̏"̶̡̙̓͝

Now that the Pokemon looked ready, so did their trainers.

“FIRST IMPRESSION, LET’S GET IT,” Guzma commanded.

"Love, Ice Beam, channel everything you've got!" Clovis shouted.

"Enora, supplement the Ice Beam with your Hyper Voice. Odile, Bitter Malice 'till the end, and don't stop," Odette instructed.

And just like that, they were off. Golisopod disappeared in a flash, only to appear at Orzo’s side a mere second later. He landed heavy blow after blow against the beast, seemingly moving far too fast to be caught. Odile soared around, lighting off her wrathful flame. The two moved in sync, hitting the areas the other couldn’t reach. Love and Enora moved with the lithe grace that only a set of Eons could bring to the table, keeping together as Enora's song showered Love's beams of frost in a glowing pink light. They were cogs in a lethal machine, moving together with frightful ease.

It was remarkable, really. All of these worlds coming together to take down this one villain. Odette could see the friends she'd made along the way, reunited with their friends from home, teaming up to win. She could see Kimiko with...Alec, was his name? Alex? Something like that. She looked happy, in the face of everything, and Odette couldn't help but smile again. In better circumstances, she'd go introduce herself.

They had this. They had to have this.

"Hey 'Dette," Guzma said suddenly.

"Hm?" Odette replied.

"What the fuck is Gladion doin' here, and why does he look like that?"
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That was it, then. They threw everything they had — even their own gallery of legends — yet still the Orzo remained, preparing an attack that rung the bells of the apocalypse. Violet was going to die. Hazel was going to die. Everyone was going to die.

Violet shook her head at that thought. No, she would not finish this with such cowardly thoughts. She had her pride. She was by her friend’s side. She had all those she had met on that journey with her, too. She had already defied the gods once for those she cherished, and she would gladly do it again. The human girl raised up her fists, planted her feet, and prepared herself for one last stand.

The shard glowed. As promised, Jirachi responded to the call. Not that Odette had any doubt she would. Though, she wasn’t sure what she expected to happen next.

She lifted her head up when the call rang out. Her gaze met the many smaller groups that had formed around her as the others had been suddenly reunited with close ones in their lives. At first, an excited grin formed on her face, but that quickly faded to pensiveness. The question sat on her mind: Who could they even call on for reinforcements? Azure, no matter how much he was dear to Violet's heart, would not have been helpful in that situation, if he was even reachable. Hazel’s professor was missing and possibly dead — not that she would ever suggest the latter to the Weavile — and neither Violet nor Hazel had any friends outside of each other.

Seconds passed, and no one appeared for them. Hazel must have realized it too, as she looked down while clutching her lab coat, dejected.

The girl looked at Hazel and flashed a sympathetic smile. “I already have mine closest friend right here,” she said aloud, trying to reassure her, “And I am certain you feel the same.” She ruffled her head feathers for good measure, eliciting a delighted purr from her partner.

Still, it was only a front; Violet knew that being effectively down one unit was only going to make it their war of attrition even more pyrrhic in victory... if they won. They needed all the help they could get. In that moment, she didn’t care who; she just pleaded to the gods that someone would lend a hand.

“My, my, this quite the sight. A false god, drunken with power, seeking to shackle down the natural will of others,” a melodic voice resounded as gentle footsteps echoed behind the pair. “An oddly familiar situation, I must say.”

The pair vocalized surprise as they turned to face the newcomer.

Confusion was written all over the Weavile’s face as she asked, “Meloetta…? Is that you?” Hazel lowered her claw to her side. “Why is your hair purple, and your appearance so…” 'Vampiric?' Hazel wanted to say, but held her tongue.

Violet, however, nearly snarled at the newcomer’s presence. “You…! You dare show your face to me again, witch?!”

"Oh, it's you..." the strange Meloetta replied, placing a hand to her chest. Where Violet had anticipated antipathy and arrogance, all she saw was a contemplative, conflicted gaze etched onto the Pokémon’s features.

Nonetheless, her thirst for vengenace superseded that observation. "We hath already fought off against several myths, and thou shalt be no different," Violet declared with a challenging gaze.

The Meloetta closed her eyes and shook her head. “First off, Young Weavile — I am likely not the Meloetta you think of. 'Meloetta' was a name I abandoned long ago. My name is Discordia,” she said before opening her eyes and quirking a brow. "And young girl, do you not have bigger issues at present?" She gestured to Orzo.

"'Discordia'…? I’ve never heard of—" Hazel began, before the Meloetta interrupted.

"It matters not; you require assistance either way, no?" She retorted, "I will lend you my eternal power to rid yourselves of this false god," she announced, twirling her hand, and taking a bow in much same manner as Violet does.

"Like hell,” Violet spat back with a scowl, “Thou art the very bane of mine existence, why would I ever accept—"

"Violet, please, we need all the help we can get," Hazel beseeched, unintentionally mirroring her trainer’s earlier thoughts, "If she wants to help us, then let her! We’ll sort things out later!”

The human didn’t respond as she was too busy trying to drill holes into Discordia with her eyes.

“Please, Vi, we can do this, but only if we all work together!" Hazel tugged on Violet’s pants and gave her a pleading look. “Isn’t that what this whole festival was about? Trust and friendship?”

Violet’s hand twitched as the sentiment gave her pause. After a few seconds of indecision, the trainer scoffed as she turned her nose up away from the Meloetta. “Fine, very well,” she acquiesced, gritting her teeth as she turned to face Orzo. "But know this: we are not finished here, witch." She craned her neck to look into Discordia's eyes as she said, "Thou hath everything to answer for."

Discordia shut her eyes as she returned a knowing smile. "I would not have accepted any other answer from you,” she replied with a chuckle. She took a step forward as a sinister smirk pursed onto her lips — a familiar expression that made Violet sick to her stomach. "Now then, shall we give a performance that mystifies even the divine?"

With that declaration, a haunting melody emanated from Discordia's voice. The tune she sung was beautiful on its own, yet there were a few select notes that were just sour enough to send shudders down one's spine. As she reached the chorus, a red glow coursed throughout her cowl and sash.

Hazel’s ears perked up that feeling of being restrained in her own body echoed through her once more. Crimson energy resonated within as power tingled at the tips of her claws. When Discordia reached her final high note, Hazel shot up in height — just stopping short of the colossal size she was minutes ago.

Discordia, satisfied with her first performance, took a bow. “Oh, my unbound one… let me know if you have heard of this one,” she said, approaching Orzo with a look of conceit, “The chain of gold, like the chain of iron, may beget only blood or slavery.” Her expression twisted into menace as she mused, “I wonder... which of the two outcomes best fits your fate?”

Violet’s perturbed expression was palpable, but she clenched her mouth shut. It was an advantageous situation, as much as it disgusted her. "Hazel, now thou art a god once more, use that empowered Night Slash, posthaste!" She called out, not fully understanding how Dynamax worked, yet still trying to utilize it to its fullest.

Hazel needed no further instruction. The crimson energy mixed with a newly formed black mist as the energy as fought its way to burst out. Hazel bounded towards the false Golden King as she slashed down her claws, firing a Max Darkness towards him.

Discordia, meanwhile, resumed her song as its frictional notes seemingly sustained Hazel's gigantic state.


Hoenn around
  1. aggron
  2. lairon
Steven followed the other trainers out of Hoopa’s portal and back to the battlefield. As much as he wanted to be rid of Orzo’s prison realm and all the unpleasantness it held, he didn’t run to chase after them as they rushed out. A sense of calm had washed over him, and despite Orzo greeting them the second they emerged, he wasn’t struck with any urgency or fear. Perhaps it was Shaymin’s doing, her quiet words and her gift of life, or maybe it was because despite everything they’d manage to rescue everyone in the end.

Either way, he walked through the portal and came to a halt at the edge of the fray. Aggron had thundered ahead of him; tentatively at first, unsettled at the prospect of tromping all over Shaymin’s greenery. But when he glanced behind at his footprints and saw the flowers and grass had grown even taller and stronger in his wake, he grinned toothily.

Steven saw the battle hunger in his partner’s eyes, and gave him a curt nod. “Go on, have fun. I’ll be fine.” Aggron hesitated for only a second before he tipped his horns in silent acknowledgement, and took off after Hayes and Nosepass, Protect’s shield flaring in front of them.

Steven marveled at the chaos around them, the flood of humanity and pokemon pouring out against Orzo, roaring and charging and swirling with Shaymin’s verdant carpet. Proof that life would triumph in the face of insurmountable odds; it always would.

He was simply observing, watching as attack after attack rained down on the false king, when a smooth voice purred right next to him, “Hm, now that’s something you don’t see every day.”

“No, I don’t believe it is,” Steven answered on reflex, not bothering to take his eyes off of the battle. “Fighting to save the world against a gigantic Hoopa mad with power alongside trainers from different dimensions? Seems hard to believe—”

Steven froze. He recognized that voice. Yet Wallace was standing way over there hugging Winona and sobbing against her shoulder. Slowly, he turned to his right in shock. “Wallace?!” he blurted, “What are you doing here?” Steven looked up and down at his friend; it certainly seemed like the Wallace he knew. “How are you here?”

Wallace’s expression never changed, still wearing the same smug smile as when he’d spoken up before. “Darling, I was hoping you’d be able to tell me.” He flipped a hand as Steven was still trying to collect his jaw from the floor. “But! It’s not really that important, now is it? I’m here now and that’s what counts. Although, I guess you did explain a bit as to why I'm seeing another me over there ugly crying into Winona's hair. I don't ugly cry, do I?"

"I, uh, no? I don't think so?" Steven stammered. "I don't know what that has to do with the matter at hand."

"Oh yes, that. You always seem to find yourself on the most interesting vacations."

Steven inwardly cringed at Wallace's emphasis. Maybe a little outwardly, too, as he offered an apologetic smile to his friend. "Ah, yes, well… It's kind of a long story..."

"I have all the time in the world, darling. Provided it doesn't end. You did say something about the world ending, right?"

"I'm a little surprised the raging golden Hoopa wasn't a dead giveaway," deadpanned Steven.

"He did seem a tad grumpy,” said Wallace, turning a cool stare toward Orzo. “And I’ll be more than a tad grumpy if he destroys everything. Goodness, though, that other me looks stressed out of his mind. That’s terrible for the complexion.”

It took Steven considerable effort to keep the exasperation out of his tone. “Is that really the most important thing right now?”

Wallace shrugged. “I don’t see why not. It’s hard to perform your best when you’re nothing but a ball of anxiety. But look at you!” He beamed at Steven. “Cool as a cucumber, even in the face of such destruction. I’d expect nothing less.”

“Ah, if only you knew the half of it,” said Steven, giving a nervous scratch of his cheek.

“I await the director’s cut with bated breath,” said Wallace. “When we’re both back home, of course.”

“You know, I still don’t know how you got here, or how you’ll get home.” Steven eyed the appearance of dozens more trainers and pokemon that he didn’t recognize from the island. “You didn’t get here from Hoopa’s rings, and I thought I saw Odette call on Jirachi, so maybe you’re only here temporarily?”

“Well, if I’m only here temporarily,” began Wallace, hefting a pokeball in his hand, “perhaps I should make the most of it.”

Victoria emerged with an elegant trill, curling around Wallace protectively. She eyed the battle warily, but not before nudging Steven gently with her head.

“It’s good to see you, too,” greeted Steven, giving the Milotic a pat on the neck.

Wallace pocketed her ball with a flourish, and donned a far more serious expression. “Looks like Aggron is already enjoying himself. Shall we join him?”

Steven eyed the battlefield, quickly spotting flashes of silver and gold fighting side by side. “We can’t let him hog all the fun,” he said, giving Wallace an easy smile.

Victoria fanned her tail fin in front of her nose and tossed her head in agreement. “Let’s give this so-called king a beautiful death,” she said. And with a melodic cry she threw herself forward and into the fray.

Wallace started to run after her, but all of a sudden Steven reached out and caught him by the
wrist. Wallace regarded him with a curious look.

“I’m a bit surprised to be saying this, given the circumstances of, well, dragging you into danger and all that, but…” Steven paused, his gaze wandering for a moment, “...but I’m glad you’re here,” he finished with a small smile.

Wallace returned it with his usual brilliance, placing his other hand over Steven’s. “Don’t be silly. There’s no place I’d rather be.” Then, slowly, his smile grew sly. “Now who’s talking about things unrelated to the matter at hand?”

Steven drew his hand back, flustered. “That’s not—”

“Oh, you’re too easy,” Wallace cut in with a laugh. “It’s been too long since we fought side by side, and you know I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

“No, no you don’t,” replied Steven, trying to give Wallace an annoyed look and failing miserably.

Smug smile settled back into place, Wallace swept a hand forward with a flourish and a bow. “After you.”

Steven stared flatly at Wallace’s gesture. “Don’t make me ask Jirachi to send you back.”

Wallace shot back upright with an exaggerated gasp. “You would never!”

But Steven already ran past him with a laugh. “I won’t, but if you don’t get moving, you might run out of time all on your own. Come on, we’ve got a battle to win!”

“Incorrigible,” huffed Wallace, hot on Steven’s heels. “You’re incorrigible, Steven Stone!”


Gym Leader
  1. suicune
  2. umbreon
  3. mew
  4. lycanroc-wes
  5. leafeon-rui
It all happened so fast—starting with Nate grabbing the gods-damned chains like a gods-damned idiot—and then there was light and Hoopa was speaking and Steven summoned a tiny grass rodent mon and the portal opened once more to reveal Orzo, bigger and more terrifying than ever, and Neo took off towards Novo in the distance before Wes could so much as say a word, and then—



Something tugged at Wes’s mind—a light psychic tug, not unlike a sensation he regularly got from Neo. It whispered of friends and allies, of those one might long for when in need of support. Of whom Wes longed for…

And then more portals burst open all around them, filled with all kinds of unfamiliar faces. Unfamiliar to Wes, but undoubtedly familiar to those they had come for, if the cries of surprise and joy were anything to go off of. Which meant…

No. Wes felt his heart drop through his stomach. No, no, no—

It was too late. A flash of light signaled a portal opening to his right, and there was no mistaking that head of red hair or those bewildered blue eyes. She stumbled as the portal zipped shut behind her and swept her gaze over the chaotic scene, looking positively thunderstruck—then her eyes met his, and the color drained from her face.


No, no, shit—why was she here, she shouldn’t be here, she wasn’t supposed to be here, not here, not now, not her—

“Is…that really you?” Rui reached out a tentative, quivering hand. “I—you—what’s going on? Where—why—?”

Wes flinched away from her touch as though she might burn him. “I—I don’t—you shouldn’t be here. You need to get out of here. It’s dangerous.”

“I don’t…where is here? What’s going on?”

“I’m sorry—I didn’t mean to, this wasn’t supposed to—shit, I’m sorry—” Wes’s words tumbled out in a panic. Get out. Get out. He needed to get her out of here. He glanced back at the battle; with a new slew of reinforcements from the Prison Realm trainers and the wish recruits, it seemed the battle was nearly won. Neo and Novo could certainly handle their own for while he figured out how to send Rui back. “I—I called you here by mistake, this is my fault, I’m sorry, but I’ll send you back and…and…”

“You called me here? What—”

“It wasn’t on purpose, I swear to gods, I didn’t mean to—I’ll fix it though, I promise, I’ll get you back home and I’ll be out of your hair, don’t worry—”

He frantically looked around, running a hand through his disheveled hair. Hoopa. If he could find Hoopa, the little ghost could send her back and everything would be fine, it would be fine. “I gotta, um, find someone real quick to send you home, so—”

Rui grabbed him by the hand, startling him into stillness, then looked into his eyes, an unreadable expression on her face. “You called me here,” she said. This time, it wasn’t a question.

“I—I know,” Wes stammered. “I know, and I’m sorry, I know I’m the last person on earth you want to see and I’ve dragged you into this mess but I’ll make it right and you’ll never have to—”

“Who said I don’t want to see you?”

He blinked at the sudden forcefulness in her tone. “I…you said…”

“I said I needed time, Wes. To think about things. About you, and what you hid from me.” Wes winced at that, but Rui only tightened her grip on his hand. “I never asked you to leave. Not once. And when I woke up the next morning to find you were gone, I—”

She stopped short and glanced away, blinking rapidly. Wes felt his stomach twist with aching, gnawing guilt, his own words that he’d hurled at Steven several days ago coming back to haunt him.

You just ran. Like a coward.

“Rui,” he rasped, “Rui, I’m—I’m so sorr—”

He was cut off as Rui, in one quick, surprisingly strong motion, yanked him forward and threw her arms around him, burying her face in his chest. He stiffened for a second, frozen in shock, then slowly returned her embrace.

Rui clenched the back of his coat. “Don’t,” she said shakily, “Don’t you dare think for one second I don’t want anything to do with you.”

Wes managed a bitter chuckle, but it was awfully strained through the painful lump in his throat. “I mean, I…wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t.”

She shook her head fiercely. “No. I might be angry, I might need space, but I…need my best friend, too.” She held him tighter. “I need you. And that won’t ever change, Wes.”

Wes felt a sting in his eyes and hastily rubbed at them to keep his own tears at bay. “So…are you still angry?”

Rui pulled back to look up at him with a withering glare, one that still managed to look fierce despite the tears in her eyes. “I’m pissed, actually.”

For some strange reason that Wes couldn’t pin down, he was relieved to hear that. He cracked a timid smile. “Ah.”

“I’ve thought about throwing something at your head the next time I saw you.”

“There’s still time.”

“Shut up.” But Rui was smiling now, too. She let go of him to wipe at her nose with her sleeve. “I’m still deciding if I want to or not.”

She glanced at their surroundings and then back to him. “We…have a lot to talk about later. But right now, you need to tell me what this is, because I’m actually about ten seconds from freaking out.”

Wes couldn’t argue with that. “It’s, uh. A long story. But that nightmare fuel over there is an Unbound Hoopa that dragged all of us here to fight, and, ahh, something about a wish pulled in more people, and…yeah.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I’ll explain more later. But you—you can’t be here. That Pokémon is dangerous, Ru, and—gods, I didn’t want to bring you here and drag you into this, I really didn’t.”

Rui’s eyes widened as she took in Orzo’s towering frame in the distance, her face pale. But when she looked back to Wes, her expression was set in stone-cold determination, one that Wes knew all too well. There was no room for debate with that face.

“He’s not Shadow,” she said. “His aura is scarily similar to one, but he isn’t. So I think we can handle this just fine.” She managed a shaky, yet somewhat rogue-like grin. “This isn’t the first Legendary we’ve wrangled, and it probably won’t be the last.”

“Ru, this isn’t your mess.”

“It’s not yours, either. Neither is the mess in Orre. But here we are.” She took his hand in hers again, and Wes couldn’t help but notice how soft and warm it was, how much he had missed her touch, her laugh, her smile—her, really, just her, and all of the things that made her Rui.

“You called me here, whether you meant to or not,” she continued. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Wes wanted to argue, but there was no fighting that fire in her eyes. With a sigh, he squeezed her hand. “All right. Just…stay close, all right? Don’t wander or anything. I gotta find Neo and Novo—oh, you’ll love to see them by the way.”

He led her closer to the battle, careful to keep to the outskirts of it until Neo and Novo were beside him. Rui followed suit with a heavily sarcastic tone. “Me? Wander off? I don’t know about you, but I’m not one to run away.”

He threw her a look over his shoulder. “Damn, you went straight for the jugular with that one.”

“I reserve the right to hold that over you at least a little.”

He grinned. “Fair enough.”

Fortunately, he didn’t have to look long for Neo or Novo; a yowl from overhead signaled their approach, and the two swooped down to land in front of either of them. Wes grinned even wider at Rui’s look of utter shock.

“Wh—you—wings—? Y-You’re giant! How? Oh my gods, you’re both beautiful!”

Both Pokémon lit up at the sight of her. Neo lunged and would have bowled her right over had Wes not snatched him and held him back by the scruff just in time.

“Rui! Ruiruiruiruiruirui! You are here! Look, I have wings! And Novo, too! We are COOL AND BADASS! I am so happy you are here! I have missed you! And Novo too, and Wes has missed you lots and LOTS!”

Rui stared, first at Neo, then at Novo, then at Wes.

“They’re flying. And talking. Wes, they’re flying and talking.”

“Yeah, trust me, I’m still wrapping my head around it.”

“I have questions.”

“Later, I promise. We have bigger things to deal with first.”

As if to emphasize his statement, Orzo let out a horrifying, blood-curdling screech that made all four of them flinch. Rui, covering her ears, looked at the ghost with a frown.

“Right, okay—” she stopped short, furrowing her brow. “Wes. I need to get closer. There’s something…off about his aura.”

“Yeah, he’s a creepy, delusional, power-hungry bastard?”

“No. Not just that.” There was a strange urgency in her voice now. “Something’s wrong. We have to get over there.”

“I will fly you.” Novo rumbled as he brushed against Rui’s side.

“What? Wait just a damn minute—” Wes stepped forward, but the panic in Rui’s eyes stopped him in his tracks.

“Wes, we need to get over there now.”

If Rui hadn’t been processing about a thousand things all at once, she’d have allowed herself to revel in the moment. Flying! On the back of a Pokémon! On the back of an Umbreon, to boot! If this was a dream (it had to be, right? That was the only explanation that made sense), then it was the most vivid one she’d ever had.

Down below, she knew Wes and Neo were on the ground, doing what they could as they battled alongside everyone else. Rui had tried to spot them, but there was too much going on for her to get a glimpse. She stifled her worry for the moment and refocused on the task at hand; getting closer to this enraged ghost.

His aura was like nothing she had ever seen; bitter, hateful, oozing spite and malice. It danced and flared with vibrant vigor, entirely different from the oddly stiff, eerie, unnatural aura of a Shadow Pokémon.

No. This wasn’t the aura of a forcibly corrupted Pokémon, but of one who had chosen the darkness, embraced it, reveled in it. And as Rui watched the horrifying Pokémon writhe and shriek and rage, lashing out this way and that, she couldn’t be sure which was more chilling.

She took a deep breath, steeling herself against the icy fear creeping into her veins, and leaned down into Novo’s ear. “Can you get me closer?”

Novo replied with a nod and banked to the right, swooping down closer to hover above Hoopa’s chest at a reasonably safe distance. Rui scanned him with narrowed eyes, not wanting to stare any longer at that malicious aura any longer than she had to, but unable to look away—because other than the sheer evil rolling off him in waves, there was something else there, something fainter, purer, deep within…

A second aura.

It was barely there, almost imperceptible, but still flickering weakly despite the blackened flames surrounding it. Rui leaned in to get a better look; closer inspection revealed that this aura, though worryingly faint, was entirely different from anything else emanating from the Hoopa. It was light, a soft yellow color, radiating warmth and friendliness and goodness. The very opposite of the monster holding it captive…

Is he corrupted after all? Rui wondered. Maybe that is his true aura, and something is forcing him into this state?

But then the black aura flared, and what Rui saw next unsettled her to her core.

Inky black tendrils wrapped around the dimming yellow aura like an Ekans ensnaring its prey. The smaller life force grew fainter, fluttering like a downed Pidgey, struggling against the suffocating hold. Rui’s breath caught in her throat as she tightly gripped Novo’s fur. It was eerily similar to a Shadow Pokémon struggling against their Shadow aura, but this…was different. This act of smothering was intentional. Deliberate.

“Someone else is trapped in there,” she breathed. Novo perked his ears and glanced at her over his shoulder, eyes wide. She met his gaze and felt hot fury melting away her fear.

“Dark Pulse at his chest, Novo! Get as close as you can!”

He didn’t need to be told twice. Without a split-second hesitation, Novo tucked his wings into his sides and dove for their target, dark energy pooling in his maw and gathering around them both. Face distorted in a vicious snarl, he parted his jaws, fangs flashing, fired a pulse so powerful Rui had to tense her entire body to hang on for dear life.

His aim was true. Hoopa writhed and screamed as the move made contact, then swiped at them with a ghostly claw. Novo spat and just barely managed to duck out of the way, flapping frantically, and Rui yelped as he barreled clumsily downward to avoid another swipe.

They abruptly landed on solid ground for just a moment, allowing a moment to catch their breath as their allies rallying around them provided some cover. Rui raised her head to see Wes and Neo sprinting toward them, face taut and a question already on his lips.

“Are you—shit—are you alright?”

She nodded shakily. “Fine—fine—I’m fine…” She paused to gulp in some more air, unaware of just how long she’d been holding her breath. Wes reached out to help her dismount, but Rui shook her head and stopped him with a hand on his arm. “But I saw—someone’s in there—his chest, we have to aim for his chest!”

Wes stared. “What?”

“He’s—I don’t know how, but someone is trapped inside of him, and he’s trying to smother them—he’s trying to kill them, I think! We have to get them out, have to aim for the chest!”

Wes paled. He glanced up at the Hoopa with a grave expression. “I think I have an idea who might be in there.” He looked back to her. “I’ll spread the word. But for gods’ sakes, be more careful. You both scared the hell out of me.”

She managed a tiny grin. “Yeah? Now you know it feels, Mr. Wesley Throw-caution-to-the-winds Lycas.” Novo chuffed in amusement and threw Wes a pointed look.

He huffed, exasperated. “Lecture me all you want afterwards. Just promise me to not die before then.”

She gave his arm a gentle squeeze. “I’ll do my best.”

They both paused for just a second, looking at one another, as if debating whether to say something more. Rui felt a warmth bloom in her chest and rise to her face, and promptly let go of him.

Not the time, stupid. Besides, you’re still mad at him. Really mad!

She felt a little flare of indignation at the reminder, but the warmth remained as well. Angry or not, it was…really good to see him again. Hear his voice again.

She’d give him an earful later, and they would have a lot of things to talk through, and there was a lot of broken trust to mend…but all that really mattered was that he would be there for them to work it out. As long as he was there, as long as he stayed…that was all she cared about.

She cleared her throat and turned back to Hoopa, not wanting Wes to see the color in her cheeks. “You be careful, too. Now let’s go, Nov!”

They took to the air once more, and as they rose up, the Hoopa turned his attention to them again. For one terrifying moment, he locked eyes with hers, and the simmering hatred in that gaze made Rui’s blood run cold.

Then Novo yowled, and she tightened her grip on his fur. She stared right back at the hellish creature, and instinctively, without needing a command, Novo dove forward while Rui matched his battle cry with a shout of her own.

“We’ll make you answer for what you’ve done!”


Nate's fingers closed around the chain, and sudden cold pierced through him, certainly enough to wake anybody else. Or maybe put them to sleep, permanently. For a second it felt like he was suspended himself, caught in the void, with something dragging at him, pulling him down into dark emptiness, an unwelcome rush of memories rising up to drown him under disappointment and despair. There was a distant shout, and confusion of silver light, and then Nate found himself on the ground with Mightyena standing over him. He blinked up at her, uncomprehending and feeling sunburned and chilled to the bone at once.

"What happened to the chicken?" he asked, dazedly.

"What chicken?" Mightyena nudged him briefly with her nose. "Come on, you need to get up."

The chicken... the chicken? Had it all been some kind of weird hallucination? Nate honestly didn't have the faintest clue what was going on anymore. He struggled to sit up.

"We need to go," Mightyena said. She stood stiff and at attention, peering into the starry void. "People are leaving. We have to find Xavian and get out of here."

"Who?" The prison realm's dragging fatigue wasn't exactly making it easy to get back on his feet. The cold pain had receded to a dull ache that felt like it throbbed in time with the faint voice in his head that repeated, over and over, that he should rest, should sleep, should lie down and never try to get up again. "The rich guy?" Nate asked after a furious few seconds trying to parse Mightyena's words. "Who the fuck cares about him."

"Clink does," Mightyena said. "We can't leave him here. We can't go back without him!"

"Watch me," Nate said darkly. With a last great effort, he hauled himself to his feet. He could see now that Mightyena had been right--people were leaving. The chains were shattered, the captive trainers and pokémon were staggering towards a new portal from Hoopa, leaning heavily against each other. And the other "rescuers" were headed that way as well.

Mightyena, though was going the opposite direction, padding off into the blurry void that was now even more empty than before. No sign of more chains, more dark figures silhouetted by stars. "Mightyena, stop!"

She turned to look back at him with her tail hanging low, a pleading look in her eyes. "We can't just leave him!"

Nate could not fucking believe they were having this conversation about the guy who'd gotten them into this entire mess. "We'll kick Orzo's ass, and then we'll figure out what happened to that guy, okay? There's no time. Hoopa ain't gonna keep that portal open forever."

Mightyena turned and stared into the dark one last time, as though hoping the rich guy was just a little slower than the others, staggering his way towards the exit at an even more dismal pace, but in the end she did turn away, did come slouching back to Nate, all adroop.

"It'll be okay," Reena said. "Come on, let's go! Drampa really wants to beat Orzo up."

"I'll bet he does," Mightyena said, and her laugh was weary, but she was at least a little more animated as she shrugged Reena up onto her shoulders, carrying the tired girl alongside Drampa as they headed for the exit. Nate brought up the rear, and he wasn't quite able to stop himself--one last look back, just in case... But no, there was nothing there.

Steven had summoned Shaymin, and the little legendary brought a wave of light and verdure to the empty, starlit realm. Grass and flowers sprouted where they had no right to grow, wrapping Nate and Mightyena in the smell of early spring, a welcome burst of energy driving back grinding fatigue. The greenery spilled out through the portal before them, washing over the battlefield and catching weary pokémon and trainers alike in its glow. They drew themselves up, took hope, took heart, and as Mightyena bounded on ahead she grew, grew, grew, back to her impossible size, Reena laughing and shrieking with delight as she was borne high into the air. Hopefully she'd have a gentler landing than Nate and Wes had when that all wore off.

Then Odette raised a glowing stone over her head and wished at the top of her lungs. For... reinforcements? Nate was confused for a moment, wondering what sort of form that was supposed to take. Glowing portals opened all throughout the ranks of the trainers, silhouettes of all shapes and sizes stepping through them. By the way people were reacting, though--familiar reinforcements? Friends and allies, maybe? Not a small number of them were pokémon, so maybe--well, who else would it be, after all?

Just one "reinforcement" per person? Obviously it would be great, whoever it was. Any of them would be able to talk here, right? If Clink's magic still held? But maybe it could be more than one, even all of them. Then there'd be no reason to go home, right? Friendship Island was fucking miserable, but the whole rest of the world couldn't be that much worse than home. Even if they didn't get brought over now, maybe he'd be able to find Jirachi after the fight or something. Get his own personal wish. He'd just have to ask Odette where they hung out.

Where was his portal, though? Nate looked around, hopeful despite himself. Steelix would be a little hard to miss, but if it was one of the others? There was no one around, though, except for some chick he didn't recognize. Staring. Was this supposed to be his "reinforcement?" Not somebody for Reena.

"Who the fuck are you?" he asked.

The woman continued to stare for a moment longer, unimpressed--kinda squat, dark hair, weird fashion sense, nobody he should recognize, right? Then she said, "Great Nathaniel Morgan," and all the rest of her words were lost below the rushing in his ears, the mingled tide of disbelief, horror, disappointment, anger. The fucking freak.

"You," Nate hissed. Mightyena must have picked up on what was happening, too, because she brought her muzzle down to ground level for an excellent menacing growl.

The freak studied her a second, then the towering bullshit king behind her, the battle underway. "It is me," it said. "What is going on?"

"Oh, just the usual, fighting for our lives and all that shit," Nate said. "What the fuck are you doing here? Why are--why the fuck is it you? If Jirachi wanted to help, why didn't they send one of my fucking pokémon instead? Is this some sort of fucking joke?" So he hadn't really meant to say the last part out loud, but fuck it. Fuck it, how the hell was this happening.

"I am stronger than your pokémon," the freak said.

"Okay, fuck you," Nate said, inaudible over Mightyena's growl. Yeah, she could, like, straight bite this asshole in half no problem right now, couldn't she? Stronger than your fucking pokémon, he couldn't believe it, he couldn't fucking believe this was somehow the universe's idea of a dream come true. Fuck him. All over the battlefield people were reuniting with friends and pokémon and their long-lost squeezes and all that shit, and here he was stuck with the biggest asshole on the planet, and why had he ever thought something good might have come his way, when the fuck did that ever happen?

"If you're so strong, then make yourself useful!" Mightyena boomed. "You see the hoopa over there? Go get rid of it, then. Show everyone how powerful you are." She raised her head, looming impossibly tall over the Freak. "If I'm so weak, then you'd at least better show that you can do better than me."

She didn't go charging off to join the front lines, though. Not yet. Nate had a feeling she wasn't going to let the Freak out of her sight--certainly not leave it alone with him.

Nate choked down bitter disappointment and managed to get out, "Yeah, go the fuck on already. You want to be the fucking hero, right? Go beat down the goddamn bad guy, then. Show all us weaklings what you got."

He'd expected that to go over pretty fucking well. He'd thought the Freak would race off and go ham and probably make at least a few snide comments about how much fucking better it was than everybody else in the process. Instead, it turned and looked the bullshit king up and down, impassive. Not in the least excited to be staring down an opponent that was possibly even more terrifying, and definitely more Saturday-morning-cartoon, than Mewtwo. No crowing proclamation about how it was going to mess the guy up, not even any apparent glee at being thrust into the middle of what was clearly the kind of climactic battle straight out of an action movie.

All that happened was the freak raised cupped hands, golden light blossoming between them, like a hyper beam but bigger, a miniature sun that forced Nate to close his eyes, and he could feel the heat of it even from where he was standing. A thick beam of energy lanced out and off towards the bullshit king, still distant across the battlefield, leaving behind afterimages scored into Nate's retinas despite his closed eyelids and a heady whiff of burnt sugar.

"Jesus! What the fuck was that?"

"You said to attack, did you not?" the Freak asked. "I attacked. What happens when we win?"

"Uh, you get, like, eternal glory and everybody knows you're a hero and shit," Nate said. "And you get to go home."

"I see." The Freak turned back to Orzo and watched for what felt like a hell of a long time. There were attacks flying in from every fucking direction, the number of people on the field double what it used to be, at least. Orzo was roaring and blustering up a storm, firing off beams and waves of psychic energy that surely would have put an end to things under ordinary circumstances, but everyone just kept on coming.

The Freak must have come to some sort of decision, since it started walking forward, another glow gathering between its hands, rivulets of golden light dripping down its arms like water, beading and then spattering to the clover-covered ground below. Some other mega-giga-whatever-the-hell-kind-of-attack that was. Nate exchanged a nervous look with Mightyena before she took off towards the bullshit king. No way she'd pass up the chance into that asshole now that it was endgame.

The Freak plodded along behind, charging and firing uber-attacks as it went. Nate frowned. Well, whatever the hell was going on there, at least it was pointed in the right direction. Right?
Final Stand: Victory


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Cries of triumph, determination, hope and love filled the air. And as the disparate group made their last stand against the face of evil, a light began to grow from them. Silver threads, between trainer and pokemon, pokemon and pokemon, and from human to human. From friend to friend, old and new. Threads that became cords, then thick, shimmering bands of light, connecting the fighters. They thrummed with energy, resonating between the fighters.

And with each attack and affirmation the links grew brighter, energy surging through them, empowering them, their moves strong, stronger than any of the pokemon would remember them being. Even the trainers would be able to feel it. Connection, a bond that ran deeper than any force, linking them to their friends.

For one brief moment, the rings crackled with energy, as if about to unleash a final deadly blow when Orzo suddenly seemed to freeze - the writhing mass of shadows in Orzo’s chest shimmered for a moment and parted, revealing Xavian, determination winning over agony, straining as if... as if holding Orzo back-

The moment was all that was needed. Blinding light exploded as the final wave of attacks from the trainers struck true.

An agonized howl came from Orzo, and his massive legs buckled. The rings floating around Team Resolution shrank as the titan swayed, eyes growing dull. His visage suddenly flickered, like an illusion, before abruptly crumbling away, revealing Orzo’s true state.

His massive frame, still unbound, was completely consumed by toxic poison, a mess of purple tendrils covering him. Burns scarred his flesh, and the curse crippled his body, leaving its dark and gray, half crumbling to dust. His body spasmed and twitched from paralysis and his form was battered from all the attacks. Then he crumpled to the ground.
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