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Vs Despot King, Orzo


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A shining light descended from the sky and the glow faded, revealing Diancie - except even different looking than before, gilded in shining gems.

She gazed scornfully upon Orzo. "You are a poor excuse for royalty. You call yourself a king yet there are none who would serve you willingly. If power is all you will heed, then you shall know it. You were deposed once, long ago, and now you will be deposed again!"

Turning her back on Orzo, she faced the trainers and their pokemon. "Resolute warriors! In the face of tyranny you did not bend a knee. Assaulted by death itself you held true, and your spirits gave you the strength to survive. Now allow me to grant you the strength you need to destroy a false king." She spread out her arms, and links of energy went out to all the pokemon and trainers. A strange, burning energy surged through all present. Like fire, yet free of pain, empowering and consuming, surging and demanding to be unleashed upon a deserving target.

Diancie's voice rang clear and crystal above the pressure of legends and the roar of battle. "Behold, your ultimate strength unleashed!"
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A soft, melodic tune pierced the fading storm. And the sound began to crescendo, rolling back the deathly hands of time, stone receeding from panicked bodies and desperate pokemon and humans, further and further, until all stood whole once more, weakened, perhaps, but alive. With a triumphant, defiant glare, Celebi allowed herself to sink into her friend's arms.
Almost as if heaven itself descended to deliver onto them an angel's song, Violet and Hazel uplifted from their stone prison of death as the gentle tones of Celebi's whistle gently nestled themselves within their ears. Hazel shook, shivered, and sweat as the absolute zero coldness that had snaked its way into her very heart finally receded. The Weavile clung onto the pants of her trainer as hard as she could - as though the warmth Violet emanated could escape Hazel's grasp at any second.

Violet hoisted her companion onto her shoulder and hugged her tighter than an Ekans that found its prey. The toll was passed, and the bells sung no more. She was just happy to be with her friend once more as they stood in quiet gratitude.
Diancie's voice rang clear and crystal above the pressure of legends and the roar of battle. "Behold, your ultimate strength unleashed!"
Hazel's ears perked up at that declaration as she tilted her head towards her trainer and asked the silent question, What does that mean?

Violet looked back her partner ready to give a shrug when her arm jerked down as the Weavile went from a rice bag to a punching bag in weight. The girl yelped as she tightened her grip - believing it had been a lapse in judgment on her part. However, upon sparing the Weavile another glance, her eyes widened into dinner plates as she realized that Hazel had become bigger, and a strange red aura had surrounded her.

Hazel herself almost mistook the sensation enveloping her as liquid sunlight being injected directly into her veins as an incredible surge of energy coursed throughout. The energy kept gushing and pounding throughout as the her own body felt as though it were a cage - a box closing in tighter and tighter. She imagined this was how a Metapod felt before its final evolution; there wasn't any other desire within her other than the screaming sensation that she had to escape her skin, she had to break out of Violet's grip and stretch, she had to expand...

Violet could not match Hazel's newfound strength as she lost her hold on the Pokémon, yet she had a sinking feeling she wouldn't have won that struggle any longer. With a few cautious steps back, Violet found herself standing face-to-face with her old partner... then looking up at her... then seeing only her chest gem...

The human dashed away as terror flooded her eyes and panic rushed into her rapid heart. No, no, no, this could not be! That Darkest Day... is it happening once more?! Even Hazel is afflicted?! She ran, but the growing claw caught up faster than she could flee until she was shoved onto it. Stunned into staying place, she wrapped her arms around Hazel's foot as she prayed that at least Orzo would go down with her.

The want to grow had subsided as the tenseness within Hazel's fur relaxed and her breath normalized. As she took a slow blink, Hazel realized that she was now eye-to-eye with Orzo... She blinked once more and rubbed her eyes to confirm it, before looking at down at those around her and she came to the conclusion: when Diancie had unleashed their potential, it must have manifested in a way that was core to that Pokémon. And in some strange way, hers was to Dynamax. Perhaps it was because of Violet's own experience, she hypothesized.

It was... an incredible rush! Towering over everyone made her almost feel like she was in the position of the scientist caring for the smaller Pokémon in a laboratory rather than the other way around - not to mention the incredible strength teeming at her claws. Speaking of smaller ones...

Violet's let out a panicked yipe as she felt the edge of her jacket plucked up by an enormous claw. She shook in place as she prayed to whatever remained of her gods until she dared to look her captor in the eye. The enormous, sparkling, and ever-so-shining eye of Hazel was wondrous; it was almost as though the trainer had been staring up at the night sky in all of its bountiful beauty.

It had relaxed her just enough to overhear her partner proclaim, "Oh my gosh, Vi... You look so cuuuute!" An enormous poke to thet trainer's belly awoke her from her stupor as a familiar, adoring giggle resounded into her ears, "Can I stay like this? Y'know, for a really long while? 'Cause, in my scientific opinion, this is only a brilliant opportunity for observation, but this is just too nice of a feeling to pass up..."

Violet, realizing that Hazel was not only fully cognizant, but was coddling her, busted out in laughter. She couldn't believe it. Even as Hazel had become one of the very titans that had ravaged her lands so long ago, her partner was not only in control of the situation, but also retained every bit of the quirkiness she had come to adore.

"If I must, I suppose I have no choice," Violet coolly replied, giving the claw a pet. "Keep me somewhere safe, if you please."

With a satisfied smile and nod of her head, Hazel carefully placed her trainer into her lab coat's pocket, and gave it a gentle pat to secure her in place. "Now then, Orzo... want to pick on someone your own size?" She quipped, raising her claws as she settled into a fighting stance.

Violet's laughter devolved into a manic yet triumphant one as it truly settled in how the very apocalypse of the Darkest Day was not only being weaponized against Orzo, but mastered by her dearest friend.

Once Violet had settled herself into Hazel's pocket, she smirked as an idea came to mind. "Hazel, love, listen carefully: Utilize that newfound strength of yours to drag down that bastard's body with a Night Slash. Then, when those floating arms try to come for you, Agility and grab them into your grip, and don't let go!"

Hazel's smile etched into a toothy grin as she nodded in understanding. As she rolled back her claw to prepare a Night Slash, then sensation of everything being too tight rose once more, yet this time it was solely within her arms. Deciding to try to channel it as though it were a move, she slashed down with all of her fury and gasped as the energy coalesced into an explosion of energy as a new scientific discovery was made: Max Darkness.

Any semblance of poise Violet might have had remaining gave way to into a thrill-filled shout of joy as the trainer pumped her fists up at the raw power her partner exuded.
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Gen was barely conscious, as his body turned to stone. He felt simultaneously too hot, too cold, and nothing at all, as the rock inched its way up his body. He barely even registered himself crashing into the ground, his thoughts were all blurring together. He could vaguely hear a voice calling out for him, but he couldn't tell who or what they were saying. Was this it for him?

He should never have fought. Now he was going to die...

As the stone made its way to his head, he hoped his family would be ok.

No, no! He didn't want to die! He didn't want to die! He didn't want-




He started feeling again.

Just what had happened?

Was...was he alive?

Gen gripped tightly onto his reunion cape, looking around. All around, everyone was healing, returning from this plague of stone...

He began to smile. Things weren't over yet!

He ran over to his partner, Coleane, and hugged her, sobbing into her foreleg. She gently laid a wing on the little otter.

"I'm here, I'm here, Gen...we're still in this!" she said, a tear-stricken smile on her face.

"Th-that was so scary...I th-thought...I thought I w-was going to die..." Gen said in between sobs.

"I know...I was scared too..." Coleane said, and only now Gen noticed her foreleg trembling as he pressed up against her.

He was trying to figure out the words to say, when Gen felt power surge through him. He felt this power before, back in Blistering Shore, when he'd lost control of himself. Briefly, he began to panic, until he realized he could panic, he wasn't delirious, he was still himself.

He looked around, and...everything looked so small!


Coleane watched in awe as Gen grew taller, and taller, three red clouds swirling around one of his ears, which were now much longer than before, looking sharp like a Samurott's helmet. His reunion cape had grown with him, and it had changed too, a full cape draped down his back. His eyes were swirling with color, the reflection of a platform in a rainbow void visible within them.

"GEN!" Coleane called out. "CAN YOU HEAR ME!"

"Y-yeah!" Gen boomed back. "Wow...everything's s-so small! I...I th-think I dynamaxed!"

Dynamaxed? While she didn't know what that was, she felt something begin to change within herself as well.

Her neck got even longer, bananas sprouting all across its length. Her wings doubled in size and quantity, and she felt like she could fly into the air with a single flap. And atop her head, a leafy protrustion formed, looking like a trainer's cap.

Had she mega evolved?!

Wow...this was so cool!

Gen smiled brightly, picking her up and hugging her gently against his fluffy chest. In that moment, Coleane felt like she was a giant's plushie.

"L-let's do this!" Gen said, setting her back down on the ground.

"Yeppers!" Coleane replied. "Get them, Gen! I'll back you up!"

And as she Flew towards Dialga for a dive-bomb, Gen felt energized, like he could move as fast as the wind.


Gen felt almost giddy as he ran over towards Orzo, his daggrer in his paws. He had felt its power and size increase with him, and now, finally, he felt like he could open a portal home.

But first...

"ORZO!" He boomed, as he tore open a hole in reality above the Golden King. "I'M G-GOING HOME, AND YOU C-CAN'T STOP ME!"

He tore another hole below Orzo, and the desposed king began to fall. And fall. An endless cycle of falling, and it would surely hurt a lot whenever he reached ground again.


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It was all Nate could do simply to hold on as Keldeo charged across the field. It was nearly as bad as when the guy had been trying to shake him off--he could feel every hoofbeat, and he'd be feeling all of them for days after this, too, no doubt. Water swirled and hissed around them, driving back the worst of the molten groudon's heat, but even so the air grew uncomfortably warm, Keldeo's hoofbeats sizzling into steam. There was no more than a second's warning, Keldeo's grunted hold on, and then the legend gathered himself for a huge leap, water swirling and surging ahead around the legend’s horn.

The attack sliced deep, and the groudon let out a bubbling roar that shook the air around Nate, rocky armor and glowing magma sloughing away with a series of crunches and cracks. Nate yelled wildly, not even caring if he was strangling Keldeo with how hard he was hanging onto the legend’s neck, thinking of nothing but not falling off and not knocking the pikachu girl off, either. With a crash they were back on the ground, further rivulets and pieces of rock showering down behind them, and then Keldeo was jetting off again on his watery hooves, stating over the tremors of the groudon’s counterattack.

“Nate!” He looked back and there, impossibly, was Mightyena running up behind him, tongue lolling and apparently having the time of her life. “I’m coming with you!”

“What?” He’d only barely started to reach for her pokeball when she hurled herself at him, and then his arms were somehow full of panting, wriggling gray fur.

Now he was really in danger of falling off, and taking everyone else with him, and he fought just to keep his balance while Mightyena ignored his curses and said hello to the pikachu girl behind him and stepped on every piece of his anatomy in the process.

A huge shockwave rattled past, and finally they slid to a halt, Nate at last falling sideways off of Keldeo’s back and Mightyena landing in a delighted heap on top of him. “Mightyena, I swear to fucking god,” he wheezed, but she was already up and prancing, immensely satisfied with herself.

“We did it!” she crowed. “Evie and I distracted the big lizard, then you and Jade got Keldeo to take it down! It was perfect!”

“This is crazy,” Nate grumbled, staggering back to his feet. He ached all over, and he didn’t think that was the fucking groudon’s fault. “That was fucking nuts. We were lucky—“

A low, long shriek cut him off, reverberating around the battlefield. The huge red bird was awake, apparently, and it was pissed. The eerie cry resonated strangely inside him, like it was echoing through veins gone empty. The dim atmosphere grew so dim that Nate could barely see the silhouette of the bird against the sick yellow sky, and the air, never balmy, turned frigid.

The cry faded, but the air only grew darker, and Nate hugged himself uselessly. He searched for Mightyena in the gloom, about to say that this was what he was fucking talking about, this shit was fucking wild, this was no time to be showboating and fooling around, but the words died in his throat when he finally laid eyes on Mightyena.

“Nate?” she called, looking blankly from side to side. What the hell was that about? She could see just fine in the dark, not to mention smell… But when she tried to take a step forward, she stumbled, and though it felt like he was dragging through deep water just to move, a moment later he was by her side.

“Nate?” she said again, a strain of fear in her voice this time.

“Shh,” he said, taking her muzzle in his hands. He could feel her shaking—how had it gotten so goddamned cold? But running his hands down her sides, that’s when he found it: rough stone instead of soft fur.

His heart lurched. She’d been hit by something, and he hadn’t even noticed. Couldn’t see well enough to properly assess the damage. But he could swear the stone under his numb fingers was advancing somehow, creeping up towards her shoulder.

“Feels weird,” Mightyena mumbled. She gasped to draw breath.

“It’ll be okay,” Nate said, working to keep the panic out of his voice. One hand tousled her ears, and the other reached for her pokeball. “Return.” She was gone in a flash of light.

For a second Nate was relieved. The pokéball had worked just fine. She'd be okay, even if the Pokémon Center had to get rid of the stone somehow. Even in the dimming light the pokéball's cheerful red and white showed up bright as ever.

Mightyena would be fine. She was out of this fucking battle, and that was fine.

If Nate could get her to a Center. First they had to win this fight, didn’t they? Or escape somehow. Another portal. Retreat and try again later, because now all the light had gone and it was as cold as the surface of the moon. Retreat. That was what he had to do, and get Mightyena to safety.

Nate tried to turn, to try and locate Clink somehow. Couldn’t. Couldn’t feel his legs even straining to work. Reached down to feel for what was holding him back and encountered stone again.

His heart began to race. That didn’t… that didn’t make any sense. He wrenched himself around, trying in vain to peer through the dark. It was so quiet. Where was the pikachu girl? What the hell was going on?

Couldn’t see. All he had was the impression of things running down, slowing. Stopping. No movement out in the dark. And the stone was creeping higher.

Nate’s heartbeat thundered in his ears, and he threw himself against the weight of the rock. He had to get out of here. Otherwise what good was it, Mightyena in her pokeball? All alone, safe, in a world of statues. Forever. Until the pokeball failed. Never knowing, held forever in that last instant before she’d been recalled.

Alone forever unless the Bullshit King intervened, perhaps, plucked the pokeball from frozen fingers and decided to have a bit of fun…

Nate struggled and tried to yell, not even anything specific, a noise of desperation. It came out strangled, his chest spasming. The air was hot in his lungs, and he couldn’t unclench his fingers from the pokeball, couldn’t release Mightyena again. He tried to draw breath, muscles working uselessly against rock. Sickly swirls of color burst across the flat black of his vision. His pulse pounded in his head, which was squeezed in a strangling vise, blaring primal panic that there was no air no air can’t breathe…

…and then everything snapped back into place, into time, and Mightyena was bouncing in front of him again, celebrating. There was no stone and had never been, no strange and deathly cry. Conflicting memories clashed in a jumble.

“What? What was…?” Nate dragged at his scalp.

Mightyena’s snout was pointed skyward, to where glimmers of green were fading. “Celebi…”

Then she turned to bear her teeth at the big bird. “We have to take it out.”

“Whoa, hold on, hold on, wait!” Nate arrested her surge to action by throwing his arms around her neck. “You can’t be serious! We both—we both basically fucking died!”

Mightyena struggled against his embrace, his attempts to stroke her fur, for only a second. Then she turned and almost impatiently nudged him with her nose, licked the side of his face. “I know. And we have to stop it from happening again.”

“It’s too fucking dangerous! We ain’t got nothing against that!”

“We knew it was going to be dangerous. We knew we might die.”

“I know, but…”

“I’m going, Nate,” Mightyena said, and before he could protest further she’d twisted herself free.

“Mightyena, wait!” But she was already dashing away, calling out to someone. A froslass swooped down, and then Mightyena gusted up, up, and away on a stream of ghostly energy. Directly towards the goddamned giant bird of death.

“Goddammit,” Nate hissed through clenched teeth. He kicked a loose stone as hard as he could. “Goddammit, goddammit.” His voice rose towards a breathless scream. What the fuck was he even here for?

Through the chaos of battle a brilliant light shone--another legendary summon. Not one Nate recognized. Maybe that was the marshmallow? There wasn't much time to speculate before the legends' light swept out across the battlefield, changing pokémon as it went. Some merely glowed, their attacks growing huge and flame-etched. Some took on weird new forms, some of which Nate was sure weren't supposed to exist. And still others ballooned up, growing rapidly until they dwarfed even Orzo's legendary summons in height.

What the fuck? That was that weird Galar bullshit, wasn't it?

Naturally, Mightyena turned out to be one of the huge ones. And even more naturally, she thought it was approximately the best thing ever.

The impacts of Mightyena's footfalls threatened to knock Nate off his feet. Just two bounds took her all the way across the battlefield, to come to rest in front of him in a huge scraping of paws that sent dust and rock shards flying. That did bowl Nate over, and there wasn't any point even trying to get back up because then came the huge thud of her flopping down on her belly, head down between her paws and nose pointed straight at him. "Look at me, Nate!" she said. Her tail thumped against the ground like one of Steelix's iron tail attacks, and Nate could only hope she hadn't hit any of her teammates with that. "I get to be big! I'm taller than those dragon things! I'm even taller than Steelix!"

"Yeah," Nate said somewhat dazedly, climbing to his feet with one of Mightyena's toes as a brace. "Yeah, that's... Really crazy..."

Mightyena snorted, blasting Nate with a wave of warm, humid air. Her nose was about as tall as he was. "You're still being mopey, aren't you?"

“No!” Nate snapped. “And it ain’t fucking mopey, worrying about how you nearly fucking died!” Did die. Celebi rewound time, gave them all another chance. But it was still out there, wasn’t it, that time when they had died, the slowing heartbeat of the Nate that wasn’t him anymore still lying just beside his own.

Mightyena boomed a laugh, and Nate saw what she was going to do a second before it happened. “Mightyena, no—!”

Her huge pink tongue lapped out and nearly lifted him off his feet with its full-body lick, and then everything was horribly warm, and wet.

“Mightyena!” It came out the slightest bit hysterical, Nate trying with little success to shake the ropes of slobber off his arms.

Mightyena’s laughter redoubled. “Get on! Let’s go bite that hoopa guy!”

What the hell was it with Pokémon wanting him to mount up recently? “Mightyena…”

“Come on, you let Steelix carry you. Even Graveler sometimes. Now it’s my turn.”

Nate could tell he wasn’t winning this argument. With a sigh, he clambered up and over the dome of Mightyena’s skull, settling in amidst the thick fur on the back of her neck. It came up to his neck when he was sitting down and smelled overwhelmingly of dog.

At least it was more comfortable than riding Keldeo had been. Or Steelix. Mightyena’s fur was soft and warm, and there was no danger he was going to fall off her broad neck, even when she rose precipitously to her feet.

Nate scratched her neck, way down at the base of her fur. “All right, let’s ride into battle or whatever the fuck, I guess.” Mightyena let out a delighted bark and charged forward, covering the whole battlefield in just a couple strides.

"I kind of want to stomp on that guy," Mightyena said as they sailed past the pink dragon. "Like a bug! He's so tiny now!"

"I think that's one of the fucking Sinnoh gods," Nate said. After a second of thought, a mad giggle worked its way out of his throat. “Maybe you should stomp it. How often are you going to get a chance to squish a fucking god?”

Mightyena laughed. “Maybe later! Now…”

Up ahead was another Pokémon that had grown huge. That weavile, Nate registered with unease. With her trainer in the pocket of her lab coat? Well, at least there was no danger of conversation now. Dark energy rose around Mightyena, and she and the weavile dragged the Bullshit King down in a vortex of black malice.


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Unyielding cold surrounded him, embracing him in its numbing, dull sensation.

Where was he? What was this? Was this death?

He blinked, trying to make sense of the darkness. He moved an arm, only getting it to move a tinsy bit before stopping his efforts, all the while the never-ending cold accompanied him, telling him to surrender his efforts, telling him to embrace it back.

Grimacing, he ignored the cold, ignoring its comforting and relieving presence and tried to focus on the heat he'd recently gotten used to. Reaching within, he began to search, combating the cold with nothing but his sheer will alone as he felt for his warmth, the burning embers that had grown stronger, tougher over the past months, the fire that evoked many feelings and will perhaps evoke many more.

He searched and searched. Moments passed by, his efforts yielding nothing but cool numbness. His search was fruitless, the results, nothing but endless cold permeating his body, chilling him, rendering everything worthless.

What was the point of this? Of everything? Why was he always trying so hard to help people? Why was he always trying so hard to hide behind his cheery visage instead of just being himself? His eyes grew weary, his mind blanking, thoughts fading away. Maybe just a little nap wouldn't hurt.

His eyelids fluttered, heavy from the fatigue that seemed to have just set, his world darkened, darker than the infinite void that surrounded him as he shut his eyes, embracing the cold as it embraced him back.



The sound of footsteps tore him away from his soundless rest, a familiar voice speaking along with a chiming bell.

"Taking a nap, I see."

He wanted to groan, to voice his annoyance towards his godly doppelganger. Not you.

Crude clicked his tongue, chuckling. "Go figure, knew you'd picked the easy way out. Your first death and this is how you go out. Typical."

I like to see you handle fricking dying, you piece of–

"Language," Crude scolded. "Just because you're dead doesn't mean you can use that tone against me, mister."

What do you want?

"Well, let's see... why did I invade this place again? Personal vendetta shtick maybe? Entertainment value? Or maybe it was..."


"Ah, that's right." He snapped his fingers. "I'm here to grant you a final request, of course."

Excuse me? A final request? Some kind of wish?

And from him of all people?

That... he had no words to describe what he was feeling. His doppelganger with the powers of a deities, wanting to grant him a final request. The thought was almost heartwarming, he couldn't believe it. Was Crude really going to–

"Nah, just kidding. I ain't a genie, man. I don't do that sort of thing... then again, it's not really a matter of 'can or can't', more of a 'want or not want'."

Playing jokes on a dying teen, you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel, aren't you?

"Oh, lighten up. You're gonna be revived in a couple seconds anyway, just let me have my fun before that."


"Yeah, just got done talking with Evie. She's a feisty gal," he said. "Even after all that, she still had enough fight in her left to try and attack me."

Evie... He couldn't imagine how distraught she must've felt when she saw his stony corpse and after hearing what she'd endured, it left a bad taste in him after how easily he'd given up.

Suddenly, the darkness around him lifted and light flew in, warmth filled him once more, pushing away the encompassing cold.

"Welp, guess that's my cue to leave. Catch ya on the flip side, Creator."

Grinning, he allowed the feeling of life to pour into him as he woke up once more.

"June! You're alive!"

He barely had the time to react before a massive ball of fluff engulfed him, wrapping her arms around him.

"Evie?" Wetness dropped onto his head and he quietened, the sounds of her sniffles reaching him.

"I... I thought... I'd lost you..."

A sad smile crept onto his face and he returned the embrace. "Sorry I made you feel like that."

Evie sniffled. "Don't you start that with me..."

"I... I... alright... It's... it's just–I-I was so scared." He clutched tighter on her chest fur, burying himself deeper. "Everything was so cold, I was all alone and... and... Crude was there... I couldn't move. I couldn't do anything. My fire was gone. I... I... I felt so helpless..."

The two hugged in a silence only occasionally broken by their sniffles.

Evie was the first to break their tearful silence and that was with a quiet giggle. "Crude was in your limbo too?"

"Mmhm..." He nodded. "He was being a jerk."

"So nothing changed?" She shook her head with a chuckle as he harrumphed. "Well... he tried to pose as the reaper in mine."

"He told me you tried to fight him."

"And that I did." She smiled with a sigh. "Well... I best be going now. They'll need my help in whatever crazy plan they're thinking of."

"Oh?" He raised a scaly brow.

"You'll love it. It's as crazy as one of your usual plans," Evie said with a smirk as she left his side. "Take care. I'll be back before you know it."

"Stay safe!" he cried out as she ran off.

The winged beasts fell along with the hargbringer of death, Evie smirked, her fur matting with the water that had exuded from the twister of scalding death.

She didn't dare lower her guard though and she stood still, glaring at the legendaries that came again.

Dialga. Palkia.

And two others she'd never seen before.

The gods of space and time. She had only heard of them in books, had only seen them on TV so many years ago. They had always looked so radiant, so monstrous, so powerful.

And they were not disappointing.

The moment Palkia came to being, she felt her own weight suddenly increase, bringing her down to a knee before she adjusted to the change.

June, on the other hand, wasn't looking too hot, leaning against the debris, huffing and puffing from the exertion.

She needed to take that thing down before its pressure silenced them once more.

A shining light descended from the sky and the glow faded, revealing Diancie - except even different looking than before, gilded in shining gems.

She gazed scornfully upon Orzo. "You are a poor excuse for royalty. You call yourself a king yet there are none who would serve you willingly. If power is all you will heed, then you shall know it. You were deposed once, long ago, and now you will be deposed again!"

Turning her back on Orzo, she faced the trainers and their pokemon. "Resolute warriors! In the face of tyranny you did not bend a knee. Assaulted by death itself you held true, and your spirits gave you the strength to survive. Now allow me to grant you the strength you need to destroy a false king." She spread out her arms, and links of energy went out to all the pokemon and trainers. A strange, burning energy surged through all present. Like fire, yet free of pain, empowering and consuming, surging and demanding to be unleashed upon a deserving target.

Diancie's voice rang clear and crystal above the pressure of legends and the roar of battle. "Behold, your ultimate strength unleashed!"
A surge of power flowed through her, unlike anything she felt before, it filled her systems, improved her senses, empowered her. It was overwhelming and yet at the same time, it brought her comfort in its warmth.

Colors flowed across her body, changing from head to tail, brown to black to blue to red to... etcetera etcetera. Eighteen auras raged within her, her amber eyes glowing an intense white and her fur flowing in an ethereal wind.

She felt incredible! What an amazing surge of strength! She felt like she could take on all of them at once without even breaking a sweat.

"Wo-woah. Is that a mega? No wait, no mega would– holy crap, that's a damn Hyper form."

A Hyper form? She snorted. Hyper Evie sounded cheesy as fuck but if it was the best she could get then it'd have to do for now. Smirking, she faced the Spatial deity, planning to knock it down with all her newfound power.
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The cold didn't bother Charizard, really. Sure, it wasn't as nice as that momentary surge of heat from before, but hardly anything worth noting. Certainly no worse than Mt. Silver had been. The ice bird could summon all the snow and whip up all the wind it wanted; what was a little winter weather to a dragon of fire? All that mattered was—

Moltres. For a moment there was no snow, there were no other birds, no Orzo, no anything else, only the fire from a burning mountain given wings. It was here, now, here, now—but then all the others came snapping back into focus, as if with a piercing scream. Charizard tossed his head to shake the heaviness and tunnel vision away. It wasn't the real Moltres. Or not the Moltres that actually mattered, at least—now was not the time, not with so many more important things at stake.

(Besides. The real Moltres, surely, would not simply hide behind the big red bird like some fearful little hatchling. Or was Orzo forcing it to do this, ordering around his little flunky as part of some scheme or another? Either way, it was pathetic. There'd be no satisfaction, no proof of anything in blasting this pale imitation out of his way.)

Charizard angled his wings and flew lower. His gaze was still trained on Not-Moltres, he couldn't help himself, but Blue had things to call down to Gyarados, to the other groups. Not many things, oddly, not as many snappy orders or snide remarks as Charizard would've expected while that shared energy was still running through his brain. (Or just, you know, the way he was normally.) But probably he was just finally calming down overall and taking this more seriously. Or maybe it was just the temperature.

The fire-type couldn't blame him, really. Even he had to admit it was getting colder, cold enough that his wing muscles stiffened with each stroke. Better to fly a little lower, save energy. He could still hit their targets from there. Probably. Maybe? Why did his head feel so heavy, his neck so hard to move?

Blue had gone quiet. Too quiet. Too much cold made humans tired and quiet and that wasn't good. They needed warmth, needed fire. Charizard dipped a little lower still to keep out of the wind, then stoked the furnace inside with a deep breath. Or several shallow breaths. His chest felt tight, the way it did after a long flight through thinning air to the mountaintop. But more time and more fire would fix that, certainly.

Below them—not far below, not far below at all—Gyarados roared and thrashed, tearing the earth itself apart in slow motion, then slower, then slower. Still screaming, still single-minded and defiant. Was he even aware of how cold it had become? (How cold it was up here? ...Down here?)

Charizard snarled and tried again, willed the fire inside to burn higher, but the sharp inhalation caught in his throat and made him choke and sputter. Only tiny winking embers trickled from his jaws and his guttering tail flame. The oppressive heaviness only seemed to wrap tighter around him, straining to hold him fast, almost like creeping, cracking ice.

But why would a fire pokémon like him be so overburdened by a little ice? Why would it still freeze him like this, in spite of all his struggling to ignite? No, its grip was less like ice and more like... stone.


He dropped lower, the world got colder, the sky shrank in on itself and grew darker. He couldn't tell if it was impossible to keep his eyes open because he was exhausted or because a layer of rock was forcing them shut. Was everything quiet because Blue couldn't talk or because his own hearing had stopped working? Lower, colder, darker. He just needed to land, to rest, to take off all the weight that wanted to anchor him to the earth...

But Moltres was still there. Orzo was still there. They needed to keep fighting, keep going. Stone didn't burn but it had to burn because he had to fly, get rid of the red bird and Moltres and the other birds and take the rings and get them all home and there was still so much to do even though he couldn't do anything, could hardly move at all, couldn't even breathe no matter how hard he fought. They needed fire, he needed fire but it just— wouldn't—


Charizard touched down and the flames went up, boiling out of his mouth in a wave that that crashed against Orzo and the birds and set cooling molten stone back to glowing. The cold and stiffness that had settled into every scale evaporated in the blink of an eye. There was a faint whistling sound, echoing and lilting somewhere, but Charizard could barely hear it over the roaring of the fire. Fire, like it should be, burning racing spreading climbing leaping alive.

"...Ow. Fuck." Only two words came from behind him, both quiet and low and shaking, but two was so many, many more than none. Charizard cut off the heat wave with a snap of his jaws and steadied his inner fire, then shrugged his passenger off his shoulders so he could grab him and pull him in close. Blue, as he should be, small and soft and moving and alive. As a bonus, the sudden motion even got a startled "Hey!" out of him, which was a third word, and that was wonderful.

They stayed like that for a few moments. Charizard was only vaguely aware of the others stirring again, then shouting and fighting again. The snow and thunder rolling around them were whisked away to nothing in the face of a storm churning around the group, but even the sight of what appeared to be Gyarados spiraling up through and launching out of the twister didn't move them, aside from the relief of knowing he was okay, too. All that slowing down didn't seem to have slowed him down at all. (At least not like this. Probably for the best he hadn't really been himself at the time.)

Blue gave him one last squeeze around the neck and then moved to extricate himself from the hug at last, apparently more appreciative of whatever was going on over there than Charizard had been. "Well, c'mon, then. Can't let them have all the fun, can we? What are we still doing all the way down here?"

Charizard snorted, a smile curling at the corners of his snout mostly just because he could. "More than fair enough. Let's go."

He jumped back into the air and let loose again, his wings fanning the flames out in all directions as he rose. Blue called out to one of the other trainers, then swore fluently when he didn't appreciate the response. Charizard's eyes locked onto the red death-bird and the pathetic little ember skulking uselessly behind it. You, monster, will pay for what you've done. And then you are mine.

It was so freeing, shaking off the suffocating stone and soaring again, burning again, as was right and proper. Then the new dragons roared out of the rings, and it all came, quite literally, crashing down.

Charizard barely managed to flare his wings in time to slow their uncontrolled descent, and even then it wasn't enough to prevent an uncontrolled landing. A tangle of wings and tail and neck and limbs tumbled and then skidded across the ground. His slide plowed up a sizable furrow of dirt before his snout crunched into a half-buried chunk of stone.

Somehow Blue had wound up pinned underneath him, and he had to scramble to his feet to avoid crushing his trainer. Tried to scramble, at least. Simply peeling themselves up off the floor took a surprising amount of effort. Everything had gone heavy all over again, but this time the weight came from outside, a gargantuan hand bearing down and trying to pin them to the earth.

"Are... are you okay?" Charizard hauled the human upright by the arm. (Ugh. Blue wasn't normally this heavy, especially when he wasn't even encased in stone. What now?)

"I'm fine, m'fine. Better than a minute ago, that's for damn sure." He groaned and pulled his hand away to poke at a bruise on his face. But he was standing, and that key stone–light was still shining even through the blackened eye. "You all right? You're the one who took the brunt of it."

Charizard shook his limbs, gave his tail an experimental whip-crack, and grimaced. Definitely sore, but everything was more or less in working order. Working so slowly, though, like weights were tied around his extremities.

Blue sighed as he watched Charizard's awkward movements. He was still antsy from all the energy coursing through him that didn't have anywhere to go under all the pressure, and settled for pounding his fist agitatedly against the rock they'd collided with. "Yeah, the fuck is this supposed to be? Gravity or something?" He looked up at the sky, judging the distance they'd been cruising at before they'd plummeted. "That's a hell of a range, damn. Fucking legendaries."

'Fucking legendaries' was right. At least one of the ones on their side had managed to undo their near-petrification, but what good was freedom of movement when he couldn't get off the ground? He could still attack, but he wasn't going to be much use in keeping his human or himself out of danger.

Lucky him, then, that another one of the ones on their side had something to say.

Energy burned under Charizard's scales, blazing inside and blazing *outside*, pushing back against the pressure still trying to hold him down. The air temperature soared, radiating out as though he were carrying a miniature sun on his tail, but this time it was as effortless as breathing. And there was Blue, there was that omnipresent feeling of shining sound and singing light, and there was... something else. Something not entirely from his trainer, an edge to the energy that was keen as sharp stone and bright as crystal. Something from the little rock-creature, still glowing like a beacon over there?

Well. Wherever the gift came from, Charizard wasn't about to say no.

Sure, they still needed to work on dealing with the high gravity and getting back into the air. But, well. Charizard grinned at the pink dragon, his tail shining even more fiercely as equally-bright green flames built between his jaws. He had just the thing for that.


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  1. rowlet
Seb watched with amazement and hope as everyone around him either Mega-Evolved or Dynamaxed. It was truly something beautiful. “Thank you, Your Majesty,” he said to Diancie.

Once Palkia had appeared, Zack stumbled in midair before falling hard on the ground. He grabbed his chest in pain, his stance wobbly as he stood up. “What the hell?”

“I feel it, too,” Seb said, wobbly as well. “Gravity.” He looked up at Palkia. “Seems the deity of space has made their entrance.”

“Dialga’s here, too,” Jack said with some worry. “What if they make things more difficult for us?”

“The others can handle it, I’m sure. For now…” Seb turned to Solgaleo with some determination. Even though he wasn’t as certain as he would’ve liked, he still had hope. He was never gonna let go of it ever again. He would never forgive himself if he did. “Zack, go for the Ultra Beasts. Let darkness consume them.”

“Ya got it.” Zack gave a quick salute before running towards Solgaleo, talons ready with Thief attacks. Even with the increased gravity, he was still able to move.

“Jack, let’s focus on our main target.” Seb glared at Orzo.

“Hey, I feel kinda full,” Jack said, brandishing his leek. “Is this a good thing?”

“Oh, right, you also got powered up by Diancie.” Seb noticed a golden aura around the Farfetch’d. “I’m guessing you’re gonna go for a Z-Move?” He punched the air in front of him. “Well, go for it.”

Jack sprinted towards the King, preparing his leek for a big slash. No gravity would stop his advance towards the enemy. He had to do it for his masters and the world.
Turn 8: The Light at the End of the Tunnel is an Angry Sun Lion


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Team Resolution came together and launched a devastating string of attacks!

Palkia took massive damage! It's barely standing!

Dialga was hit hard, but is standing strong.

Necrozma and Solgaleo managed to survive, but are heavily damaged!

Orzo attempted to retaliate... Orzo is debilitated by status conditions and can't move!

Solgaleo was paralyzed and couldn't move! Dialga was paralyzed and couldn't move!

Necrozma used Prismatic Lazer and Palkia used Spacial Rend on Team Resolution! Aggron's Max Guard blocked the worst of it! The team received minor damage and Aggron took a little extra.

Necrozma and Solgaleo fused into Dusk Mane Necrozma! Their strength is combined! They are preapring to attack...

Palkia and Dialga took on new forms! They're still weakened, but Palkia has summoned the Waters of the earth! The battlefield terrain is Flooded! Electric Type attacks will hit standing teammates and fire, ground and rock types are weakened and will start taking damage next turn. Water type attacks will be stronger!

Chaos consumed the battlefield as pokemon turned massive and changed forms, rising against the strain of gravity and distorted space to fight back. Portals opened, mercilessly dropping the legendary pokemon, and fire and electricity and ice rained upon the legends as they were assaulted by a flurry of strikes.

Orzo gave a low roar, that was abruptly cut off by crippling effects of poison and electricity staggering him before he could summon the strength to fight back. Dialga and Solgaleo ground to a halt, falling motionless for a moment, unable to attack or move. Palkia surged forward, claws glowing, ready to strike the team, only for Aggron's hulking shape to surge forward, forming a mighty shield in front of the team. The blow slammed the barrier with bone shattering force, staggering Aggron - yet the barrier held. Before the great steel type could gather himself, another blow followed, a sweeping, searing laser that cut across the battlefield. It shattered the shield upon impact. The remnants of the laser cut through the team, but which much less force, leaving the team still standing.

Necrozma howled and lunged abruptly, latching onto Solgaleo. Unnatural light began to pour off the steel type, almost blinding as the two were consumed. The blazing sun-like glow finally faded, revealing a terrifying sight - Solgaleo and Necrozma, their bodies fused together into one being. They gave great roar, their body glowing so bright it was hard too look at.

Palkia roared in rage. The air around it began to bend, and its visage seemed to distort and twist, like looking through a warped lens... it twisted further and further, shifting, growing... Until Palkia stood before them again, except in a new form. Four legs, arms melted into its body and looking almost like a grotesque representation of Arceus himself... At nearly the same moment, Dialga gave a matching cry. For a moment, time seemed to slow, or perhaps almost move backwards...? Everything seemed to jerk and suddenly Dialga's body shifted rapidly, its forelegs growing until they appeared almost misshapen.

With a cry that tore through the air, Palkia reared up, then slammed its hooves down on the earth. The ground began to rumble and shake, then it cracked, water surging from the earth, washing across the battlefield, lapping at everyone's knees... The gems on its shoulders began to glow with an eerie light...

"We gotta take Palkia down now!" Hoopa shouted frantically. They held up their ring, glaring defiantly. "Just let me know how I can help."
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Through the ring...


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"Use the ring to rescue the trainers!" Darkrai called. "Those who might have spoken to or knew some of the kidnapped trainers should try and go. The rest of us will stay behind to fight."

Hoopa nodded, fear in their eyes, mixed with determination. Brandishing the ring, they flicked it outward. It grew to a sizeable portal nearby, a dull, starry void visible beyond. "I've got it! But we have to be quick," they said as they started toward the portal.

"Be safe," Darkrai said softly.



  1. sableye
Palkia's gravity made it difficult to even stand. Kimiko watched the battle unfolding around her from down on one knee as she tried to keep herself from being pulled to the ground. How Lucy was able to keep herself floating as she attacked was a mystery, even if she was still hovering lower than usual.

So far, the battle was going better than Kimiko could have predicted. With Diancie's boost, both Olivia and Lucy each were able to fire off a single, powerful blast; with most of the rest of the team going after palkia, Kimiko, determined not to let dialga undo celebi's efforts, directed her team to go after the time dragon instead.

In the aftermath, dialga still stood strong despite their combined Z-moves, as well as their follow-up attacks (teaching Olivia that dazzling gleam was certainly one of her better decisions so far). At least when the other legends were dealt with, maybe now dialga would be injured enough to be ganged up on before it could reverse celebi's reversal.

A sudden bright light in the corner of her eye was her only warning before a hot beam of energy sliced across her body, and she lost the ability to fight against the pull of gravity. She saw necrozma attacking, but thought Aggron's massive form had blocked it... It burned where the light had seared her, but she struggled to right herself despite it. Olivia wasn't far away, injured but still firing her own light attacks back at any foe she could see.

And then two distinct cries echoed across the space, both dialga and palkia appearing to distort. Time seemed to slow and Kimiko feared she'd failed, unable to stop dialga from reversing time... but it had just been completely inactive, hadn't it? Her worries were only marginally remedied when it turned out that the time-space legends had only changed forms, not used any abilities. Not ideal, especially when she'd never heard about these forms before, but far better than what could have been.

...At least until the ground all around her exploded with surging water and before she could wonder what was happening, the water had risen up to her neck and she found herself fighting the powerful gravity just to keep breathing air.

"This is not the swim I'd hoped for," she muttered angrily to herself. At least the water would wash away some of the blood, and was even soothing the light burns on her stomach, but now she was going to be cold and soaking wet for the rest of the battle.

Somewhere nearby, she noticed Hoopa had opened a portal of his own, finally ready to send in a rescue team. Wes, Mitch, and Odette all made their way towards it, followed by Steven... of course he would want to go, he was devastated when that one kid with the nosepass disappeared... it was somewhat amusing that the rest of his party consisted of the same squad that broke into Xavian's room. While her team continued to battle, Kimiko managed to stand and wade her way over to them.

"Good luck," she said, staring at each of them in turn, lingering a bit longer on Odette. "We'll handle things out here. Keep an eye on each other, alright?" Not that she needed to tell them that; they could handle themselves. Odile and Enora would make sure Odette was okay. She and Steven were champions. Wes was used to roughing it, and from what she'd seen of Mitch, so was he. Mightyena looked much more energized than back at the cafe, too. They'd be fine. She'd just have to make sure she kept up her end of the deal and ensure the party remained standing.

With Odette going through the portal, Kimiko intended to stand guard with her team and ensure Orzo didn't send anyone in after them, but it was unnecessary; Hoopa's ring shrunk and simply popped out of existence once everyone was through it. She couldn't explain why that sight unsettled her; No connection on this end would make it more difficult for Orzo to get to them, if nothing else. He'd have to use one of his own rings to create his own portal, then either follow them himself or send one of his other summoned legends into it. And while that might mean an easier battle for the rest of the party with potentially two less legends to fight next round, she wasn't about to break her promise, either.


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Aggron towered over the battlefield, breathing hard. The absolute thrill of his gigantic form was quickly lost as the weight of their situation bore down on him along with Palkia and Necrozma's attacks. His shield had done well enough, but... He spared a moment to peek back at where Steven and the rest of the trainers had taken shelter behind him. Steven's concerned gaze met his, and Aggron grinned back, wincing only a little as he shook off the sting of their enemies' attacks. It'd take a lot more than that to knock him out.

Before he could voice as much, Darkrai's shout echoed across the battlefield, and both he and Steven turned to where they'd last seen Hoopa. Sure enough, a shadowy portal had opened, and it wasn't being controlled by one of Orzo's hands (all of which were being grappled with by one super-sized Weavile, Aggron noted with a grateful chuckle.)

"The ring!" called Steven, and Aggron nodded, already turning to pick his trainer up and make haste for the portal that held the captive trainers.

The gravity, the water, they both made it hard to move, but nothing was going to get in their way. Not now. Not when they were so close.

Steven was already surging through the rising water toward the ring when Aggron leaned down and scooped him up with one massive claw. Grateful for the ride, Steven held onto Aggron's claws tightly. His trainer's stare was laser focused on their destination.

"Hayes, Reena..." Steven said, not daring to look away from the portal lest it close without them making it through.

"Little Nugget, and all the others..." rumbled Aggron.

Steven's white-knuckle grip tightened around his claw, and even at his size, Aggron could feel it.

"We're coming."


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Just before Novo’s vision faded to black, a strange energy washed over him, shedding the stone off his pelt like scales, allowing him to move and breathe freely once again. He staggered, gasping and gulping for air, and looked up just in time to see Celebi—Celebi??—flitting about as she gave her parting message before vanishing back through the portal.

Novo shuddered and shook himself. That had been…close. Too close. That was an experience he would be perfectly fine with never repeating. But he was alive and well, and so we’re his teammates, which meant—Wes. Neo. Where—?

He found Wes exactly where he’d last seen him, except instead of stuck on his knees turning to stone, his trainer was now slumped on the ground in a lifeless heap. Novo was at his side before he was even aware of his legs moving, keening and nudging Wes’s still form. He nuzzled Wes’s face, desperate for a reaction or some sign of life—and relaxed slightly when he felt a warm breath against his cheek.

Alive. He was alive. Novo let out a soft, relieved trill, though it came out quite a bit higher and more strained than he intended. He rasped his tongue over Wes’s face, continuing to bump him with his snout as he did so. He was alive, but why wasn’t he waking up?

“Brother!” Neo’s yowl was close by. Novo glanced up to see him bounding over with wide eyes. “That was scary! Scary and weird and scary! Are you okay? Where is—” He stopped short, eyes widening even further as he took in Wes’s state. “What’s wrong? What happened what’s wrong why is he like that what’s wrong with—?”

A ragged groan cut him off. Both brothers looked down at Wes as he stirred. Novo immediately began wagging his tail so fast he was sure it could have propelled him across a lake. He waited eagerly for his human to open his eyes…but instead Wes fell still again. Worry prickled at his pelt.

“What do we do?” Neo’s mew brimmed with fear. Novo looked back up to see his brother watching him anxiously, ears pinned back and tail tucked beneath him. “Wh—what can we—”

A roar make the ground quiver under Novo’s paws. He bristled and whirled around, watching with both fear and awe as the giant birds fell, only to be replaced with more Legends in their wake. How could they possibly win against someone who seemed to have an endless stream of gods at his mercy?

He crouched protectively over Wes’s frame and snarled, lashing his tail. Neo joined him at his side and yowled a bold challenge at their new opponents, one that almost masked the way his entire body trembled from nose to tail.

Something flickered inside Novo’s chest, the same burning energy he had felt moments before nearly turning to stone. It grew brighter and hotter, rising with the resolution within him: to protect, to save, to preserve that which was precious to him—

A sudden flash of light startled him, but before Novo could react, the light brightened and engulfed him in warmth—a sensation he had felt only once before, long ago, and now, somehow, he was feeling again. But how—?

The light faded. Novo blinked, feeling a little awkward and unsteady, but immediately resumed his defensive stance and snarled again—except it was deeper this time. And his mouth felt strange and so did his tails and something was on his back and—

“BROTHER, LOOK!” A roar bellowed beside Novo that made him jump. He glanced over at Neo—or who was supposed to be Neo, except he was bigger and had different markings and he—he had—


“You have wings.”

“So do you!”
Neo bellowed again, looking remarkably pleased with himself, all his previous fear forgotten. “We are BIG AND COOL!”

Novo glanced over his shoulder and saw his own pair of wings, black and shaped like they belonged to a Golbat. He unfurled them and gave them a tiny flap. This was…incredible. What would Wes say if—

Wes. Novo glanced down at his human, and for a panicked second he thought Wes had somehow shrunk—but no, wait, Novo had just gotten bigger, that was why. He leaned down and nudged Wes’s head, causing his trainer to stir again. He seemed close to regaining consciousness, but there was no telling how long that would take.

Novo turned back to Neo, but his brother had already picked up on his intentions. With an excited growl, Neo lashed his tail, and Novo saw his own determination reflected in those eyes. “Let’s FIGHT! We are bigger and stronger and we will make Orzo PAY!”

Novo nodded, curling his lip. “Let’s.”

Neo paused for just a moment to kick Wes’s cheek, then coiled into himself before launching into the air with a mighty flap of his wings. He dove straight for Orzo, soaring as if he’d been flying all his life, and fired two Shadow Balls in rapid succession at the great ghost.

Novo spread his wings—not to take flight, but to shield his incapacitated trainer. He fired a Dark Pulse at Orzo, then flared out a Protect as their other foes raged overhead.

Whatever happened next, they would be right here, protecting their human.
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Turn 9: Time's Up


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Team Resolution's combined attacks hit Palkia and Necrozma hard! Palkia fainted!

Necrozma was struck down!

An array of attacks landed on Orzo and Dialga! Orzo's finally beginning to look weak... Dialga is still standing, barely!

Dialga's gem begins to glow, and a mysterious aura surrounds Necrozma... Necrozma's wounds fade abruptly, and it rises again! It regains the charge from its attack and fires!

Dodged! The attack passes through the team harmlessly! Marshadow begins targeting the injured Necrozma...

Orzo draws upon his remaining strength to summon Regirock, Registeel and Regice!

Moments before Necrozma finished charging, ghostly shadows surrounded it, dark energy burying it in spectral energy. It howled, then the nosie was abruptly cut short as a surge of dark energy from a giant Weavile erupted under it, finishing it off.

Another furious cry from Orzo, even as the team battered him, the curse eating away at his strength, poison consuming his form and the dreadful force of Manaphy's waters constantly eating at him. "Fools..." he snarled. "Time is not on your side."

Dialga roared. Yet the cry was weak, exhausted from being tossed mercilessly through portals, energy stripped. The gem in its throat began to pulse.

Eerie light bathed the field as Necrozma begin to rise, moving in unnatural jerky motions as if in reverse. Wounds melted from its form as if they'd never been inflicted. In moments it stood, upright again, seemingly just as strong as before. Light bent and refracted around their form, gathering quickly, too quickly -

Darkrai's eyes widened. He desperately began to form a shield, even with his ebbing strength -

A shadow melted out from the gem around Spirit's neck. Marshadow's glowing ember eyes could just barely be seen. He spoke, voice soft and strangely calm. "Be strong, do not fear."

Light burst from Necrozma's jaws, a massive beam burning across the entire field. At nearly the same moment, a strange sensation would wash over Team Resolution. A cool, not unpleasant sort of breeze, and a slight sensation of weightlessness. And if they peered at their bodies, they seemed to become see through. The searing light swept over everyone, briefly blinding them but leaving unharmed with only the faintest of tingling sensations.

When the light faded however, three new threats were revealed - Hoenn's legendary titans, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.

"I know this trick," Klink called shrilly. "The titans' energies are all linked together. If we don't take them down all at once, they can reassemble themselves!"

Darkrai nodded. "It won't take much to bring down Dialga, we'll have to focus on those three!" His gaze shifted to Necrozma and he almost seemed to be smirking. "Marshadow can handle Necrozma."


Gym Leader
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“…es! Wes! Wake up!”

A voice. Strangely recognizable and yet unfamiliar at the same time, it was calling out to him from somewhere far away. As Wes’s senses gradually returned to him, he noticed he felt utterly exhausted, and…wet. It was…raining? Since when? Where…?

Wes opened his eyes, vision fuzzy, and tried to blink away the fog. Something—no, someone was nudging at him and shouting in his ear. As his vision cleared, their voice also became clearer, until he found himself wincing at the volume. He raised a hand to his face and grumbled.

“Ah! Oh! You’re awake! That was scary, so scary, don’t do that again it was scary!”

A large pink form flung itself across Wes’s chest, driving the air from his lungs. “What—who—Neo—Neo, I can’t breathe—”

Another familiar voice in the form of a bark sounded at Wes’s other side. “Get off him!”

“Sorry! I am just so happy, I was so scared and—and Wes, look look LOOK, look how cool we are, isn’t it neat? I CAN FLY! Oh you’re okay though right? You better be or else I’ll be scared again!”

Wes pushed himself up off the soggy ground. The last thing he’d remembered was…stone…right…and then—somehow they’d been cured? But how? He glanced up, reaching out to reassure both Neo and Novo, and froze when he realized that, even after sitting up, they were still looking at him. Looking down at him.

He stared. “You…you. You’re huge.” He glanced between them. “Both of you.” And their markings were different, and they’d both sprouted wings—wings. Neo hadn’t been kidding about flying. (Dear gods, as if telekinesis hadn’t been enough to wrangle, now he could fly?)

How did this happen? And why? And was it permanent? A million questions flooded his brain, but all that managed to come out was, “The hell is going on?”

Novo rumbled. “Don’t know. Evolved somehow. Think it has to do with this place.” His eyes brightened with a battle-hungry fire. “Better able to protect you now.”

“And it’s cool! It’s cool it’s cool it’s cool! I threw Shadow Balls right in Orzo’s face!”
Neo was bouncing up and down in his usual fashion—but now he was twice his usual size and equipped with wings to boot, and Wes had to duck to avoid getting decked in the face and smothered with feathers.

He managed a weak laugh and rested a hand on Neo’s head—merciful Mew, he was so big—to calm him. “Yeah, it’s cool. Really cool.”

He let out a soft sigh of relief. He didn’t care what they looked like or how much they had transformed. As long as they were safe, that was all that mattered—

The ground shook as a roar reverberated overhead. Wes jumped and cursed. They could worry about this new “evolution” later—they had much bigger things to deal with right now.

He made an effort to stand, Neo and Novo nudging him to his feet, and quickly took stock of their situation as his brain kicked into gear once more. But before he could formulate a plan of attack, he caught sight of something else—of Hoopa, opening another portal, and Darkrai calling for aid.

Neo’s ears pricked forward. “Rescue! He’s sending us to rescue the missing people! Maybe we can find Nox!” He looked to Wes. “Let’s go!”

“Wait.” Wes glanced at the rest of the battlefield. Their foes were weakening, and everyone seemed to be still battling in full force—but to just leave them like this…

“You go. I will stay.” Novo’s voice was steady and firm, just as he had always been. He curled his lip, showing off his enhanced fangs. “I’d like to test this new form.”

Wes hesitated, then nodded and stroked the Umbreon’s head. “That’s…fine. As long as you promise to stay safe and fight smart. Don’t be reckless. Got it?”

Novo snorted. “I am not the reckless one.”

“I’ll keep an eye on Neo, don’t worry.”

“I was not talking about him.”

There was a twinkle of amusement in those crimson eyes, and Wes couldn’t help but grin. “You got me. We’ll be careful.”

That was all the permission Neo needed. He yowled in excitement and bolted for the portal, first running, then gliding with a flap of his wings.

Wes steadied himself with a weary breath, then, with a final nod to Novo, took off after his Espeon.

Wet and exhausted and confused as all hell about what is going on, he sighed to himself. Granted, only the first thing was something new from these last couple of weeks. Still, once this was all over, he was going to take a damn nap. They had all earned at least that much.
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Kimiko was surprised to see Enora at her feet, Odette and Odile going through Hoopa's portal on their own. And as she scanned the area, she spotted Novo flitting about as well. Anxiety bubbled up again; When the portal first disappeared, the idea of being cut off from the rescue party (or rather, the rescue party being cut off from help) made her uneasy, and seeing two of their partners left behind didn't help that feeling.

On the other hand, the two eons would continue to offer their assistance in combating Orzo's legends. That's what she'd need to focus on.

She didn't have time to be worried as dialga reversed time; she'd weakened it enough that it could only restore necrozma, not reset the entire field. A pain, but they'd been taking down the legends at a reasonable pace up to this point. The refreshed necrozma attacked, and she certainly wasn't ready for it - the first time burned quite enough, thank you - but it turned out she needn't have worried about that, either. Someone had summoned another mythic she'd never seen, and it managed to turn the party into ghosts or something - she wasn't quite sure how, but necrozma's attack passed right through everyone with no harm done, slight blindness aside.

Orzo's latest summons were beasts she did recognize, and apparently they had a stronger connection than anything prior. Darkrai insisted that this Marshadow could handle bringing necrozma down, and that dialga would likely fall to any stray attacks missing their mark. A few others were still targeting dialga as well, but she wasn't sure if resisted elemental attacks would be enough so she decided to spare one attack for the time dragon anyway before focusing on the three Regi's. It was about to get very warm in here, as well; regirock was the only one that resisted fire, so some extra attacks sent its way was probably the way to go here.

"Olivia!" she called out. "Give dialga one more blast of light then send some psychic energy at regirock. Lucy, try to freeze it, too!" Maybe with some luck, the extra blast of cold would make regirock a little more vulnerable to the impending Death Fire.

She saw Olivia's attack rather than the espeon herself, but it was enough to confirm that her partners heard her orders. With any luck, they'd take all three down before the rescue squad got back... or would they be bringing the rescued partners somewhere safer, instead?

Well, either way, she'd make sure Novo and Enora both got back to their partners, whether that was during the fight or afterwards.


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Novo watched Wes and Neo disappear through the portal with a heavy weight in his stomach. But he couldn’t afford to fret now, not with so many foes to fight and Orzo continuing to look over them all. He had to trust that they would keep each other safe.

He stretched out his wings and gave them an experimental flap or two. Hm. Neo had taken to flying instantly, so surely that meant it would be easy for Novo too, right?

Well. Only one way to find out.

Novo took off at a sprint, headed directly for Orzo. Then, as he gained speed, he flapped his wings and fueled his sprint into a seamless glide. His confidence growing, Novo coiled all his strength into his back legs and launched himself into the air, and with a mighty whoosh, he was airborne. He was flying. Flying!

He yowled in triumph and circled about at a safe distance above Orzo’s head. Below, be spotted Kimiko and Olivia, the former keeping a watchful eye on him, and the sight brought him warmth and a new sense of courage.

Yes…that’s right. This battle was theirs. All of theirs, together. The outcome of this fight had already been determined once they had all joined as a team and fought as one.

Scanning the area, Novo spotted his other winged allies; Hazel (she had grown wings too!), the strange bird-man that had helped him in Clink’s realm, and the grassy mon with leaf-wings. Exhilaration coursing through his veins, he called out to each of them.

“Fly! Let’s fly! And strike from above!”

As his friends joined him in flight, Novo wheeled around and dove for Orzo, a Dark Pulse gathering from within. And as he fired at the despicable “king”, he yowled again.

“Today is the day you lose, pitiful little ghost!”


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She didn't hear the rest. She couldn't hear anything but the sound of stone in her skull, and then she heard nothing at all.

She heard the clamour of battle.


<We yet sustain combat, girl. Resume your role.>

Laura's heart thumped as if she'd been startled awake from a nightmare, but she did as the noivern asked, scanning the battlefield and issuing commands, scrambling to find the mental rhythm from before. It came back to her, but with a sharper fear, and fiercer joy. She couldn't lose this, not ever. This was her best way to be, in the air with her dragon, excelling, fighting, persevering. They could win. They could win.

"Behold, your ultimate strength unleashed!"

The light inside her grew hot and bright, and then she heard someone denounce Orzo, declare his imminent dethronement, defy any other end than victory. Yes. Yes, this was it.

"Mal, take that energy! Use it! Sleet, too!"

There was no response from Malachai for a moment, and then he stalled himself in the air, arresting his flight speed with widespread wings, as vibrant energy began to build on his scales. Then, he seemed to laugh.

<Oh, this is a compelling novelty...>

Laura knew that light, the clouds that came with it, even if she didn't know how it was manifesting here.

"Mal! Sleet!" she cried, "Gigantamax!"

At first, Laura couldn't tell if it was working. Then she saw Sleet, at a distance, rising up from the ground as she built herself a sniper's nest out of her own body, her tail carrying her to unassailable heights. Her scales darkened, and a focus of energised water formed in her hands, resembling nothing so much as a marksman's rifle. Then Malachai's body shifted underneath her. His wings – they hadn't always been that large, had they...?


He grew further, and a thrumming sound grew with him, deep in his throat, low enough that Laura felt it in her bones. Malachai's wings grew more even than the rest, their membranes shimmering with light as they seemed to resonate with the thrum. His ears, and the sonic catalyst they provided, grew too...

<I appear to have learned a technique without precedent,> he sent, airily.

"Wanna use it?" asked Laura, breathlessly.

<Why, yes,> replied Malachai, glancing over his shoulder at her with a draconic smirk. <I believe I do.>

"Then do it!"

Malachai hung in air, as if weightless. He raised the high arches of his wings and gestured with his claws... almost like an orchestra conductor, though he could only be conducting himself. The thrumming sound burst from his throat, and became a resounding, thunderous, pealing threnody of a song, one that rippled in the air and sent the groundsurface below tearing from the earth and scattering into dust. The light in his wings burst too, into bright, pulsating lines resembling an oscilloscope display, or a music visualiser. The song rose, and rose, higher and louder...

<Listen well, you joyless cur,> hissed Malachai, in sibilant, fervent telepathy, <to my crescendo.>

Malachai used G-Max Crescendo!
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The crushing grip of death released its hold, and it took Jade a few moments to realize that she could breathe again. She couldn't stop filling her lungs over and over, too grateful to care about the pain. They weren't dead. With each breath, it slowly became easier to accept that fact.

It wasn't everyone else started coming to that her mind snapped back into focus. The battle wasn't over. The Pokemon were pulling together once more, their trainers calling out orders. A new set of legends, some kind of nightmarish, otherworldly dragons. Raging floodwaters swept across the battlefield. Crushing gravity pressed down from above. An endless stream of enemies; when would it end? When would they be free?

And Nine... Nine had collapsed. Drained of power, having poured all of himself into striking down all four Legendary birds.

He looked so small.

Jade stumbled through the floodwater, struggling to drag legs that felt as heavy as logs. The battle raged on, but all she cared about was reaching Nine. Reaching him, and then. And then... what?

Jade sank to her knees, soaked wet, limbs shaking. She wasn't that same small, powerless person she'd been back when they first met. And yet, she couldn't help him.

Turning her back on Orzo, she faced the trainers and their pokemon. "Resolute warriors! In the face of tyranny you did not bend a knee. Assaulted by death itself you held true, and your spirits gave you the strength to survive. Now allow me to grant you the strength you need to destroy a false king." She spread out her arms, and links of energy went out to all the pokemon and trainers. A strange, burning energy surged through all present. Like fire, yet free of pain, empowering and consuming, surging and demanding to be unleashed upon a deserving target.

Someone was speaking. No, calling out. The words were bright and clear, but none of them registered in Jade's head. At least, not until Nine lifted himself from the water, eyes burning with a newfound fire.

"*We're not done.*"

He wasn't done? How... after all that?

Oh... that Legendary covered in crystals. It was her doing, she'd powered him up.

"I wish I could help," Jade muttered.

Nine gave her a hard stare. "*This power is both of ours.*"

And then she saw it--the threads of lightning connecting them. A moment's instinctual flinch, but no, it didn't hurt. It felt... empowering. Comforting, almost. Keldeo had mentioned the strength that could only come from human and Pokemon, united. That still didn't make it feel any less surreal.

That energy connected them even as Nine lifted from the ground, his power expanding outwards and taking shape. A projection of his strength, a body of living lightning. And then it grew wings.

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Blue was not entirely clear on what, exactly, a dragon suddenly turning into the world's worst horse had to do with dumping them all into a waist-high swamp. Maybe being a terrible horse just meant you got saddled with terrible powers.

Even sitting all the way up on Charizard's shoulders, where he should've been perfectly dry aside from all the assholes splashing and sloshing around pointlessly as they charged past, Blue swore he could still feel the water around him. It was cold and clammy, heavy, stifling, threatening to get under his skin and snuff him out. (But it was also brisk and refreshing, so much easier to move through and glide from place to place.) His nerves jangled like any second someone was going to shove his face into it and hold him down (or offer him a tall, cold glass to drink on a sweltering day). He needed to get out, to get away (or else sink down into it and just relax).

...Honestly, not stellar? Pretty uncomfortable? Two out of five stars, at best. Double mega evolutions sounded metal as hell, exactly the kind of thing itty-bitty Blue would've daydreamed about while bashing his toys together, but it sure was convenient how Baby Blue hadn't imagined the part where it felt like his insides were considering taking a stroll in two different directions. Probably best not to dwell on how it would've felt if Diancie hadn't been shouldering most of the weight for Charizard. Forget Wallace, he'd probably start hallucinating if he were getting 100% juiced up by both of the boys at once. Not to mention it'd probably put him in the hospital afterward. (Then again, what here wasn't gonna put him in the hospital?)

Having to share him didn't seem to be bothering them, at the very least. Gyarados slid through the mire with ease and slammed his tail into the lion thing, and a few more blasts of dragonfire from Charizard and the others brought the pink dragon to its terrible horse knees. The overwhelming pressure vanished through the ring along with the monstrosity; the flooding lingered, but it hardly mattered when his starter could finally, finally shake out his wings, launch into the air, and stay there.

Leaving the water behind was magnificent (and disappointing, couldn't they have stayed down there a little longer?) but getting back into the air was so much better, all the space in this twisted little world open to them once again. Blue whooped and grabbed onto the base of Charizard's neck just in time for the dragon to throw himself into a joyous loop. Falling and floating, racing with the wind, finally moving again.

But there was still work to be done. Even if the three lumbering newcomers down there were friendly actually and just popping in for a nice chat, the Blue Terrible Horse and the Lion Thing and Ol' Spaghetti-O's himself were still things that were happening. Good job, then, that the miniature sun shining from Charizard's tail finally had room to do its work. Reeling back and forth between hot and cold made it a little difficult for Blue to notice either way, but at least for everyone else it probably felt more like a summer day than Groudon's earlier "Hell's space heater on overdrive" setting.

Of course, they could certainly crank things back up to Hell's-space-heater levels special just for Bozo and his clowntourage. The harsh sunlight flared, Charizard spread his wings, and waves of fire rolled out to meet them.


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June groaned, heaving in breaths as he sluggishly moved his arms around. "Bloody hell." He shook his head, pushing against the intense gravity as he made to lean against a nearby rock.

He looked around, lights suddenly shone brightly across the field and he shut his eyes. What now?

Panting, he pressed up against the rock, trying to fight against the gravity. Ugh, definitely should've done more training. Damn this chubby body. Granted, he probably would have done just as well if he was human but still...

He just felt so goddamn useless against... everything.

He started to train his body because he wanted to help out, to actually feel worthy of having such strong and amazing friends but no matter how hard he tried, no matter how long he'd trained, he could never hope to keep up with any of them.

"It'd take time," they said. "You'll get the hang of it soon enough."

"Don't be so hard on yourself," Evie had said. "You're doing great."

But was he really? It took him months to get even a little spark out of his mouth, months that he had barely survived. If he had been alone instead of with his friends, he couldn't imagine himself as anything more than red smeared across the ground.

Ultra beasts. Pseudo legendaries. Mind control. Gang fights.

What could a little Charmander like him do against dangers like those? Even his brothers had their own little duties and likes they'd enjoyed.

He was just mostly... there, sitting, cowering in the back and messing things up...

Hissing as the rock dug itself into his back, he moved forward, nearly slipping and tripping onto the ground before he righted himself.

A multicolour light drew his attention and he turned, seeing Evie wrapped up in a translucent, polychromatic wave of light.

Fur raised, flowing in an invisible breeze as colours moved through her body like a serene and graceful stream, a calm feeling washed over him and he noticed her glancing back at him. "W-woah," he murmured. That is so cool. "Is-is that a mega? No, wait, no mega would–" Wait a second, that looks like... "–holy crap, it's a hyper form."

Evie made a small movement, almost like she'd snorted.

Did she hear him? That was a little freaky.

Before he had time to think more about the very colourful fox, said multicolour vixen was zooming through the battlefield, appearing as nothing but a blur of warm colours.

He blinked, roars came from the two gods of reality and light enveloped the both of them. When the light dimmed, his jaw dropped. "What in the hell is that?"

Dialga and Palkia now stood in their new forms, bodies shining as he took it all in.

What the flying hell? Why on earth do they look like that? It was as if they had tried to follow in their 'father's' footsteps and had failed horrendously at it.

Where did Palkia's arms go?

Was this... content from the future?! Or was it just some weird current-universe crap?

Well, at least Dialga looked cool, could do without the neck thing though.

The misshapen Palkia screeched, and water came gushing down from nowhere and flooding the place.

On instinct, his tail swished away from the water as it reached up to his belly. He grimaced, relaxing his tail as he felt the slight sting of it being submerged. His face creased into a scowl as he sighed, watching the battle ensue.

First death and now this. What was next on the proverbial dishes of legendaries was Orzo gonna serve them?

Snorting as a thought wandered into his mind, he looked at the battlefield, imagining a vehicular Pokémon standing amongst the legends.

His train of thought broke, the scenery changed with winds pushed against him, a sea of colours invading his sight. June blinked. "Evie?"

She smirked. "The one and only. Thought you could use the company, Juney-boo."

Juney-what now? Deciding to ignore her and focus on the bigger priorities, he tightened his grip on her colourful fur, saying, "Okay... not that I mind much but is this really the brightest idea? I was safe back there."

Evie snorted. "Oh yeah. Totally 'safe'."

He glanced back, seeing water pooling over his previous location. "Okay, point taken but– Ah! Look out!" A massive shadow loomed over them as a ginormous tail swiped at them.

With swift and nimble motions, Evie made her way around the limb, running across it and jumping onto a nearby piece of debris, she leapt across several more before stopping onto a sufficiently-sized rock and placing him down. "Now stay here and try not to die, mmkay? Your friend Evie's gotta go slay some dragons."

"What?" He clicked his tongue, shaking his head. "Hey, wait! Don't leave me... here..." June glanced down and around the erected piece of stone as explosions rang in the back.

What the hell was all that about? She was acting... weird... Were the whole legendary battle thing and rainbow power going over her head? He knew she had problems with these sorts of things but man, she was acting way too cheery about it and in a situation like this... It was almost like how he normally acted... creepy... Sighing, he glanced at his claws and at the ongoing battle. "Goddammit, Eves..."

One down and another few to go.

Evie bounced on her paws, the water rippling as she made contact. She felt light, her movements carrying her through the air effortlessly and quickly, it was as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders, the power coursing through her along with the adrenaline, the rush, the sweat mixing in with the colours.

This was so much fu~un!

This was what she was made for. Screw death and screw whatever could happen if she failed, she'd already experienced death once, what's more was there to be afraid of?

Dashing, zooming, quickly and swiftly, she ran circles around them all, blasting them with quick bouts of water before retreating before they could reach her. She felt unstoppable, her senses, enhanced by the mysterious power, alerted her of any and all dangers, allowing her to quite literally dodge any attacks without looking. And the ones she couldn't dodge, well, she was strong enough to tough them out.

"Too slow, freakazoid," she taunted the fusion before moving over to the creation duo. "Gravity? Tch, is that the best you can do? I know just one other person that can do thrice as many things as you." She ducked underneath a swipe before jumping onto Palkia's head, glaring at the other dragon with a smirk. "And look at you, even with all that timey-wimey bullshit, you still can't catch up with someone as little as me."

She hopped off the dragon just before it struck her, sticking out her tongue. The water made way before she touched the floor, allowing her to land onto the solid ground as if she had commanded them to do so. Glancing at the strange phenomenon, a smirk crept onto her face as she glanced back at the trio. She gave each of them a quick tap on the shoulder before vanishing in a multicolour blur.

Making sure she was at a well distance away from the trio, she allowed herself to relax, feeling the energy brushing against her fur as she took in the husky atmosphere, she tapped the floor beneath her, gazing in awe as the water moved away in response. Smirking, she glanced away. Wonder else I could do...

Unfortunately, before she could have the chance to experiment more, a light washed over them and she felt a feeling of coolness coming onto her in waves as the light passed through harmlessly.

That sudden attack jolted Evie back to her senses and she turned towards the direction she'd left June. "Oh shit." But thankfully, it seemed like he'd gained the strange intangibility as well, there was not even a little speck anywhere on his scales.

Shaking her head, she stumbled back. Okay, so it seemed like she went slightly overboard with her new powers, probably wasn't a great idea to ignore the battle at hand but hey, at least Palkia was gone... though she didn't remember it having four legs... weird...

Oh and hey look, more legends. One rocky, one steely and one icy. Pity that they couldn't stand a lick of a chance against her newfound strength, heck, she doubt they could've even touched her even before she was powered up. But oh well, the others were going after them so they probably wouldn't last long either way.

She could just take a little chunk out of the icy one and she'd be back before Dialga knew what hit it.
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