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The White Elephant in the Room: Christmas Mafia 2020


Friend of All Chu
Rhyme City
I meant to make an announcement earlier, but I intended to close signups today. Since I didn't say this in the thread proper, I'll give a grace period of one more day. The game will still start proper on the fifteenth, though. Prepare your holiday cheer~

Shiny Phantump

Through Dream, I Travel
  1. sylveon
  2. absol-mega
  3. silvally-psychic
  4. ninetales-phantump
  5. cosmog
  6. gallade-phantump
  7. ceruledge-phantump
*kicks down door*

I'm not a minute too late, am I not?

Name: Abigail
Species: Human
Appearance: Let's turn her into a... Ralts. Yeah. I'm going with Ralts.

Personality: Wears her heart on her sleeve, you'll know wether or not she likes you. Still, she's not as much of an emotional decision maker as her demeanour suggests. Being raised by scientist parents and their scientist colleagues has left her with a sharp, logical side for when she needs it. She can be cold if she doesn't like you, but she's still a softie at heart.

Story: Technically, she's from Elegy for Humanity. But as a human, she's been dead for 800 years. Don't expect to see her popping up anytime soon.
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