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Specifying the Kind of Story Feedback You Want


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Curious where things sit with this right now! 🌻


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Like everything else I suspect.Under a pile of blitz reviews...

Though seriously no clue as I haven't heard any news....


Next step is to draw up some draft "standard" critique requests (no critique, no line-by-lines, anything you like, etc.) for feedback and then amend the fanfic posting guidelines to address this topic. Currently it's in line behind forum upgrade stuff, moderator/disciplinary guidelines, and some minor rules amendments.

Until the site itself is reformatted/adjusted to accomidate the review system you go with how about a pinned thread? Set up free form "reviews, your preferences, beta v.1.?" sorta of thing with each author/artist has one post to write what they want with each story ect and edit that post with a time stamp to show when someone adds something new ect? You can see how we set up out areas when given no leash and draw ideas from that?
I think it would probably be easiest to have people specify within their own story threads, rather than having a central hub; makes it more convenient for reviewers, and easier for authors who may have multiple fics they'd like treated differently... that way they can simply add or change a request for any particular story while they're working on that thread anyway, rather than having to maintain a masterpost of sorts.

We'll definitely update and revise any "standardized" options based on what we see people actually requesting on their stories, though!


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Just wanted to drop by and say I think that the fact this conversation is happening is itself a really great thing. In particular, I feel like it's important to take into consideration that younger/less experienced writers might not be ready for a lot of harsh/blunt c/c, I don't think I have ever seen writers' preferences taken into consideration in any other writing forum that I've been a part of. So, thanks for being awesome. 👍

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[DRAFT - can ignore 😅 ]
[and this trends a bit to the adjacent topic on reviewing in general, not necessarily re: reviewing level specifications, though it's still relevant, I believe; forgetting if there was another standalone thread yet on that.]

(I've forgotten what I've tried to keep in RAM on this, but going to go ahead and post this as an in-place reminder to self more than anything)

There's a nice reviewing thread or two on/in Bulbagarden's Writer's Workshop, and someone's mentioned a good reviewing thread on/in The Cave of Dragonflies.

(I believe Tetra has had something in the plans.)
(There was at least one note relevant to the feedback-specification topic on this in Review Blitz 2 (2021) feedback; from Nubushi.)
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