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[SIGNUPS CLOSED] Team Skull Recruitment Mafia (5th Anniversary Mafia)

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Angy Tumbleweed
In Guzma's Closet
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Hey…is this thing on? Sounds like it, I think…fuck if I know how this radio shit works.

… …… … … ……

Gonna take my guy’s word for it.

Anyway, HOW’S IT GOIN’, FREAKS? It’s ya boy Guzma here, comin’ at ya live from…my dingy ass living room. Nowhere special, don’t get your hopes up.

I hate to interrupt your “smooth jazz” or whatever the fuck y’all were just listening to just now, but I have an announcement that transcends your slippery saxophone shit. You ready for this?


…… … …… … … no you dunce ass, I’m pausing for dramatic effect… … … … Give it like two more seconds………

… … …… …

Yes, that’s right. The coolest fuckers on the block want YOU to join our team. Wherever the hell you’re comin’ from, the guys, gals, and nonbinary pals down here don’t discriminate. We just need more manpower. Why that is is on a need to know basis.

… …. ….. …… no it’s not because we need more fucking eye candy; we’re already hot! What the fuck are you—

ANYWAY. This won’t be your standard recruitment. No, here at Team Skull, we like to take things to the next level. And being that we need more smart aleks, get ready for this……we’ll be hosting a game of Mafia, or as we like to call it, Homies and Thugs, right in our humble abode. Winners get immediate entrance into the gang, no ifs, ands, or buts, but nothin' wrong with a solid butt...

If you think you have what it takes to run with the big boys, come on down to clown. Refreshments will……might……be provided. Bring your own sleeping bags and shit, cuz I can’t guarantee what we have on hand is actually clean……that’s not to say we’re dirty, but like, laundromats do be pricey……

Oh, ALSO! We’re full on ‘mon. We got all the smart ‘mon we need. Just humans for this round. Sorry Poke dudes!

That’s all from me. Enjoy your “smooth jazz.”

Guzma OUT.

Team Skull Recruitment Mafia

Hey all! Welcome to Team Skull Recruitment Mafia! This is a game I’ve had on the brain for a while and I’m excited to see it pan out! That said, this is also my first time running a mafia game, so please bear with me as I am learning how to be a good GM while running a fuckshit game, so :))))) be nice to me, I'm blonde uwu

This game is intended to be a NON-VANILLA ROLE MADNESS GAME, meaning it will likely get a little intense for newer players. All are very much encouraged to participate, and I will do my best to provide guidance to whoever needs it, but this is just a warning!

If you ARE entirely new to mafia, welcome! Please check out this guide below for reference:

1.) Players are assigned to either mafia or innocent factions. The mafia know the members of their own team, and they may freely communicate with each other outside of the game thread. The innocents do not know the alignments of any of the other players, and they can interact only by posting in the game thread at designated times.

2.) The game proceeds in a series of "day" phases and "night" phases.

During the day, all players are "awake" and able to post in the game thread. Players discuss who they think the mafia are based on other users' posts or what they believe may have happened at night. Ultimately this leads to players voting on which person should be sent to jail. If the jailed player turns out to have been a member of the mafia, the innocents are one step closer to winning--but if they guess wrong, they'll only help the mafia in their quest to eliminate the innocents.

At night, the mafia choose one player to make disappear. They're free to talk with each other, plan, and strategize. The innocent players cannot communicate during the night phase, but some of them may have a special ability that they can use during the night instead.

3.) The game continues until either the mafia make up the majority of remaining players (meaning that they can control all day-votes) or the innocents successfully jail all of the mafia.

If you'd like more details, check out this beginner's guide to Mafia, which discusses how the game is played and some of the common terminology and player roles that are often used. You can also take a look at other games in the Celadon Game Corner to get a sense of how things will work!

  • I will be capping sign-ups at 12 players. In the event there is excess interest, I will consider running a second game. NO HYDRA ACCOUNTS ALLOWED.
  • This is a ROLE MADNESS DAY START GAME, meaning the first phase of the game will be a day phase, and there will be very few, if any, players without power roles.
  • All phases will be 48 hours. We can also vote to end phases early, with at least 60% of the group needing to vote in favor of doing so. Any last minute vote trains will result in a 12 hour phase extension.
  • Phases will start at 10 PM EST. Please plan accordingly!
  • Signups will be open for one week from today and will close at midnight EST on April 28th, after which Day 0 will start. (Countdown timer here).
  • We will have a Day 0 phase where players can roleplay, get comfortable with their character, and get a feel for the setup. No roles will be given until after Day 0 ends.
  • On Day 1 only, a tie will result in nobody being eliminated. After Day 1, a tie will result in the elimination of the first player that reached that number of votes. (For example, if person A reaches 4 votes, and then person B reaches 4 votes, then person A will be eliminated. If person C reaches 4 votes, and then 4 votes are put towards No Elimination, then person C would be eliminated, while no one would be eliminated in the opposite situation). Again, any last minute vote trains will result in a 12 hour phase extension.
  • There will be a deadchat/spectator room for this game! If you would like to observe rather than sign up to play, just send me a DM either here or on Discord to be added! Dead players will automatically be sent an invitation, but nobody is required to join it.

This game WILL/MAY have:
  • Multiple Power Roles
  • Duplicate Roles
  • Multiple Anti-Town Factions (Third Parties/Multiple Mafia Factions)
  • Chaos
  • Flavored Roles
  • Team Skull Shenanigans
  • Crude and Suggestive Humor (TW: Talk of drugs, sexual innuendos, talk of gang slang, strong language, etc.)
This game WILL NOT have:
  • Lovers
  • Mechanics designed to fuck over players (Heal Clash, Unreliable modifiers such as Quack, Inverse, Cynical, etc., Godfather/Miller roles, etc.)
  • Night-Specific Kills
  • Lying GM/Bastard Modding
  • Changes to mechanics mid-game
  • Custom Roles (everything in this game can be found on Mafiascum)
Roles that WILL/MIGHT be in this game:
Below is a list of roles that may or may not be included in this game. Not all roles listed will be present, but any roles that appear in the game will be from this list!


Please read these rules CAREFULLY prior to signing up. Failure to read the rules in their entirety might result in your sign-up being invalidated.

1.) Your character must be from the Pokémon franchise and THEY MUST BE HUMAN. If your character is a Pokemon to start, convert them into a human form! Gijinkas and Morphs are permitted.

2.) Every player is required to make a minimum of two (2) posts per day phase. If you miss a day phase, I will begin searching for a replacement for you. If a replacement cannot be found, you will be modkilled. If you find you won’t be available for a portion of the game’s runtime, send me a message and let’s see if we can work something out!

3.) IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO ONLY ROLEPLAY, DO NOT SIGN UP. While you can bring a character to RP, the purpose of Mafia is to be a game first, roleplay second. What this means is that while you absolutely can have some fun RP interactions with other players and their characters, your main priority should be contributing to the game play, coming up with theories, asking questions, etc. If I notice you are not mechanically contributing to the game, you will be warned.

4.) For the sake of making this game as welcoming and inclusive as possible, please be mindful of your language and tone while playing and discussing theories. While mafia can easily be a high-stress game, this game is MEANT TO BE CHAOTIC. I guarantee, fuckshit WILL OCCUR, but I don’t want anybody to feel some type of way as a result of it. The goal is to have fun and maybe share in some laughs, so PLEASE try not to take it too seriously!

If someone is off-base or incorrect about a theory, or if a player is acting suspicious, please communicate these things without being condescending, rude, or abrasive. We want to encourage people to participate again and again, not make them feel small or inadequate. Remember that nobody is perfect or beyond making mistakes, and hindsight is always 20/20. Some people may have information you don’t, too. All in all, please treat others how you would like to be treated, whether you’re a seasoned player or totally new!

5.) On that note, please be mindful of everything you say in deadchat. Players WILL join the chat later to see what was said, so disparaging players for their fumbles or mistakes is not appropriate. Expressing dismay at the way things play out is one thing; name-calling or ragging on players and their play-style is another. Be kind and courteous. If you wouldn’t want it said about you, then don’t say it. Please type “Destruction” at the end of your sign-up post to indicate you read the rules in entirety. Any sign-ups without this keyword will not be counted.

Signup Template:

Please use this template when signing up!

Backstory/additional notes (optional):
Story of origin (optional):

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, allergies, demonic entities, or cookies to share, please feel free to DM me here or on Discord for further assistance!

Good luck besties ;)

-Sind 🤍🖤
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Flygon connoisseur
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  9. porygon
Name: Anubis
Personality: heck if I know lol. I jest, uh,
Serious and focused, has a hair trigger temper about protecting his pack/allies. Tends to see himself as the alpha/leader. Very protective. Also he doesn't like criminals and pokemon thieves, kek.
Appearance: Look, I give up. Lets just imagine some red-eyed, darker skinned young adult male with black hair and horns. edgy houndoom-esque energy. Suit jacket // hoodie, he makes it work and it looks cool. Cool dress boots. Skull necklace.
Backstory/additional notes (optional): Was a Houndoom before coming here.
Originally intended to have been/could have been Koa's starter. Was kidnapped from Rowans lab but later reunited with Koa. Travels with Koa now, keeping an eye on that silly boy and his team.

In flavor, Anubis is secretly here because he plans to try and infiltrate team skull and bring about their destruction (at least from his point of view).

Story of origin (optional): Legendary Adventures


Gym Leader
  1. suicune
  2. umbreon
  3. mew
  4. lycanroc-wes
  5. leafeon-rui
Name: Rui Destruction Everlin 😂

Personality: Spunky, bubbly, and a relentless optimist. She’ll get serious when the time calls for it, but she’ll cover up her own insecurities with forced positivity and humor. She’s a social butterfly and loves making friends, and also enjoys a good ribbing with those who can take it.


Backstory/additional notes (optional): Lost both her parents at a young age and was raised in a sheltered environment by her well meaning, but protective grandparents. Has a lot of repressed trauma centered around the death of her mother and the loss of her starter pokemon when she was 10.

Story of origin (optional): Of Sand and Shadows, which you can read here!


Wandering Fool
Somewhere, surely.
  1. zorua
  2. vulpix
Name: Spencer Roberts
Personality: Carefree, chaotic, adventurous, and honestly just looking for a bit of excitement. Likes to ask questions.
Appearance: A young adult with deep green eyes, curly brown hair, slightly pale skin. Wears baggy jeans, a graphic t-shirt, and a pair of navy blue legally-not-vans.
Backstory/additional notes (optional): Sage is really just doing whatever he thinks will be the most exciting while he tries to make his way through the world. Has a skateboard with him, but he doesn't actually know how to do any tricks on it.
Story of origin (optional): None currently
(Maybe I'll know what I'm doing this time, and my little bit of experience will help me stave off my own destruction)


  1. butterfree
  2. mightyena
  3. charizard
  4. scyther-mia
  5. vulpix
  6. slugma
  7. chinchou
Name: Jack Ray
Personality: Easygoing extrovert nerd, enjoys TTRPGs, TCGs and board games. Fiercely loyal, bold and willing to take risks - a trait that may be influenced by his Pokémon genes.
Appearance: Chinchou Pokémorph.
Backstory/additional notes (optional): He went on a rash rescue mission to rescue his best friend Gabriel (a Slugma Pokémorph).
Story of origin (optional): Morphic

Commence the chaos and destruction!


The great speckled bird
A town at the bottom of the ocean
  1. quilava
  2. buizel
Name: Isaac

Laid-back, coasts on a casual charm. A socialite that likes to insert himself in conversations. Secretly very petty. He holds grudges like nobody else and will work against people who have wronged him.

White tourist dude not dressed appropriately for Alola, with a baggy sweater and track pants and a sunburnt face. Still always smiling though, good for him.

Backstory/additional notes: Grew up poor, tried to do the whole trainer journey thing and got banned halfway through for gathering a group of trainers to try and take on team plasma. They failed and lost all their pokemon. He got booted off the circuit. Still extremely salty about that, though he hates himself for the destruction too much to really act on anything.

Origin: N/a


Multiversal Extraordinaire
Stranded In The Gaps between Multiverses
  1. froslass
  2. zorua-gojira
  3. salandit-shiny
  4. goomy
Name: Cygnus Plein

Personality: Optimistic and energetic. Is a guy that tries to look the best in the worst in things. Wears a happy go-lucky facade to hide the despair he feels at how his journey is going.

Appearance: A young boy that usually wears a red hat, jacket and jeans. But has ditch them for a casual white T and shorts for now.

Backstory/additional notes: Was just your typical kid born in Pallet Town, son of Delia Plein. His journey's not exactly on par with the average trainer and has far too many deaths that nearly brought him down a path of pain and Destruction. Is currently taking a vacation after another mind-numbing reset. (Basically a sorta Pokémon Red novelization as a nuzlocke with an in-universe auto respawn)

Story of Origin: The Crimson Loops

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
somewhere in spacetime
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  2. lugia
  3. palkia
  4. lucario-shiny
  5. incineroar-starr
Name: Stracion Decora
Personality: Chaos gremlin with confusing morals
Appearance: Slender, petite, with long, blonde hair usually tied into a curly ponytail
Backstory/additional notes (optional): Joined Team Rocket in need of some quick cash, later quit once things started getting too real. ("Dethroning the gods is a little above my paygrade lol.")
Story of origin (optional): The Legendarian Chronicles

Time to see how the destruction plays out--


A cat that writes stories.
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  2. sneasel-dusk
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  4. brisa-companion
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  6. delphox-jesse
  7. mewtwo
  8. zeraora
Name: Sriracha
Personality: competitive, cocky, charismatic – but ultimately easygoing. Kindof a massive jock, and not liable to take many things all that seriously. Likes a good fight, likes to think himself a ladies' man, but hasn't quite learned yet that humans are fragile and that the plain-coloured ones are male.
here – a lean, athletic blaziken-morph with iridescent green banding, wearing sporty clothing and a cocky grin. (Confirmed okay w/ Sind)
Backstory/additional notes:
Originally a Galar League ace blaziken, but after he lost his trainer in an accident, went into a rehab program for ex-first partner pokémon that ended up putting him on the path to becoming part-human himself. He doesn't really care about the implications, he just likes being smarter, literate, and popular with other morphs. Who cares what they're being turned into morphs for?
Story of origin:
Different Eyes
Destruction: Destruction

Starlight Aurate

Ad Jesum per Mariam | pfp by kintsugi
Route 123
  1. mightyena
  2. psyduck
Name: Derek Cummings

Personality: He would be "vanilla protagonist" if he was the protagonist, but he's not even that! This guy was made to be a supporter for other people playing bigger roles. He's caring and attentive, but doesn't have big ambitions for himself, and when he does, he often falls short and gives up (such as starting medical school and dropping out). He really likes having stability and predictability in his life and doesn't do well with change and dislikes conflict. He considers himself insignificant, so he doesn't have qualms with doing moral or immoral things, because he doesn't believe he makes a difference on his own.

Appearance: A little under 2 meters tall; Caucasian with brown hair and brown eyes.

Backstory/additional notes (optional): He works as a medic for Team Magma because he likes earning the ca$h money and felt he needed a break from medical school (read: having a hard time coping with his patients dying and wanted to do something calmer and more stable).

Story of origin (optional): Drowning

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Hoenn around
  1. aggron
  2. lairon
Name: Phoebe Hawea

Personality: Bubbly, cheery optimism, giggles a lot. Easy-going with an appearance of almost childlike innocence, although secretly she enjoys being a bit of a troll and prankster, egged on by the mischievous nature of her ghost pokemon partners.

her canon appearance, dark-skinned with a blue flower print sarong and top, barefoot with decorative anklets and hibiscus flowers in her hair.

Backstory/additional notes (optional):
A member of Hoenn's Elite Four, Phoebe is originally from Alola. Born with remarkable powers to commune with ghosts and spirits, her parents sent her to live with her grandparents on Mt. Pyre in order to better understand and harness her ability. She loves to go back to Alola to visit family, and she definitely loves playing games! Especially those that are all about having fun and definitely don't involve any kind of pranks or destruction.

Story of origin (optional):
Hoenn Short Stories Collection
Name: Victoria Liu Xinlong
Personality: At first glance, she is a timid lady, and she seems to be studious and non-confrontational. However, her will is very strong, and she can be extremely blunt and direct when she has a strong opinion. She has the drive and fire inside her of a dragon, and will never give up when she believes she is right, or when she is determined
Appearance: A young adult; she wears spectacles and frequently carries large amounts of books and other materials with her. She is quite non-imposing, standing at 1.75 metres. Her hair is cut short, and she usually dresses in a simple T-shirt and long pants.
Backstory/additional notes (optional):
Story of origin (optional):
Modified version of the Dragonair in my future story. The personality is kept intact, though she does go to university, instead of being disappeared.
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