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Second Anniversary Fanfic Mafia


Second Anniversary Fanfic Mafia

By now world has spread throughout the Pokémon fanfic multiverse: somewhere out there is a strange dimension that calls people to it, people from all across the worlds, only to toy with them in some strange, murderous game. The only information anyone's been able to gather about the place comes from the stories of a few scattered survivors, those who were somehow able to return to their own worlds after their ordeal. Not all have been so lucky. Now another crop of stranded characters awaken under a featureless sky, the world around them flat and white and empty. Which of them will one day leave, and which of them are doomed to remain, trapped forever in this strange dimension?

It's time for another round of fanfic mafia! The premise is simple: you choose a fanfic character (your own or someone else's) and are randomly assigned to one of two teams. You'll either become part of the mafia, working to take control of the game by eliminating your opponents, or you'll become one of the innocent, working to discover and jail the members of the mafia before they can bring the group under their sway.

If you haven't played mafia before, it works like this:

1. Players are assigned to either mafia or innocent factions. The mafia know the members of their own team, and they may freely communicate with each other outside of the game thread. The innocents do not know the alignments of any of the other players, and they can interact only by posting in the game thread at designated times.

2. The game proceeds in a series of "day" phases and "night" phases.

During the day, all players are "awake" and able to post in the game thread. Players discuss who they think the mafia are, based on other users' posts or what they believe may have happened at night. Ultimately this leads to players voting on which person should be sent to jail. If the jailed player turns out to have been a member of the mafia, the innocents are one step closer to winning--but if they guess wrong, they'll only help the mafia in their quest to eliminate the innocents.

At night, the mafia choose one player to make disappear. They're free to talk with each other, plan, and strategize. The innocent players cannot communicate during the night phase, but some of them may have a special ability that they can use during the night instead.

3. The game continues until either the mafia make up the majority of remaining players (meaning that they can control all day-votes) or the innocents successfully jail all of the mafia.

If you'd like more details, check out this beginner's guide to Mafia, which discusses how the game is played and some of the common terminology and player roles that are often used. You can also take a look at last year's game to get a sense of how things will work! More information about the game structure and roles involved will be provided once sign-ups have closed, as the exact nature of the game will depend on the number of people participating, but you should expect some flavor of "role madness" game, where nearly every player has some special ability, and a mix of standard roles (e.g. doctor, bulletproof) and custom ones created for this specific game. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have either here in the thread or by private message!

There are some additional things you'll want to keep in mind for this game:

- This is an RP-optional mafia using fanfic characters! If you would enjoy pretending to be your character, reasoning and reacting to the situation in the same way that they would, then please feel free to post in character as much as you'd like! You are also welcome to include as much out-of-character straight strategizing and discussion in your posts as you'd like. If you'd prefer to play without RPing at all, that's totally fine! Your character choice will be used to flavor your role but have no other impact on the game. In order to prevent confusion, please surround any out-of-character text in your posts with [[double square brackets]] to distinguish your words from your character's.

- Please remember that all roles and alignments will be assigned at random to players. This means that you shouldn't assume that anyone is a member of the mafia simply because their character is a villain in the story they came from! On the flip side, even very heroic characters may end up playing the bad guys here. Although the format of this mafia is very similar to the games I've held here in the past, nothing from the past setup is guaranteed to reappear this year. The specific roles present will be different, all roles and alignments are assigned independent of what happened in the previous game (e.g. a player having been innocent last time has no bearing on whether they will be innocent in this game), and some game mechanics may differ from previous incarnations. In general, be wary about making assumptions about the game based on what happened in previous years.

- In this game, each phase will last for 48 hours and begin at midnight UTC. However, a new rule will apply this game where if the player to be voted off at the end of the day phase was someone who had zero votes an hour before the end of the phase, the day phase will automatically be extended by six hours. This is intended to prevent feel-bad scenarios where someone doesn't even realize they're under suspicion and completely miss the chance to defend themselves or come back to the thread twenty minutes before the end of the phase and suddenly find themselves needing to somehow turn things around on an extremely tight schedule.

Right now we're in the sign-up phase. If you'd like to play, post in this thread with the character you want to use. This can be one of your own fanfic characters, or a character from someone else's story. If you'd like to use another person's character please get their permission first. Your character can be related to any franchise, Pokémon or otherwise! Also, feel free to use the same character you did last year if you like, even if they ended up getting disappeared/jailed in the previous game. Please include some basic information about your character: name, species, appearance, basic personality traits, and anything else you'd like your fellow players to know. Please also include a link to the story they appear in if it's been published!

Sign-ups are open until midnight UTC on Friday, April 30th. The game is expected to begin around May 2nd--depending on the number of players, it may take me a few days to get everything set up.


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Might as well break the ice and go ahead and sign up!

This time, I'll be bringing Kyros, the litten from Stained Paws. Here's a brief blurb about him for flavor purposes:

As a human, Kyros was a vigilante, dishing out what he thought to be justice for the glory of it all. But there are some secrets in his past that he does his best to keep hidden. Now though, he's a litten, and he's not exactly thrilled about it. There's no glory in the menial tasks he has to do just to survive, and despite the trouble of his past, he wants nothing more to find out why he's in this world so he can go back home to where he feels like he's respected.


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  1. luxio
Alright!! Been hyped for this since the announcement.

I'll be using the main character from my story, Tail of Time, somewhere around the mid-point of it. For simplicity's sake, I will not be including the character's Duskull companion.

Name: Chappie
Species: Luxio
Appearance: regular female Luxio, but has two intersecting scars across her left eye; additionally, the left eye is green (think of an emerald-like color).

Personality: very quiet and rather subdued, however will not hesitate to speak up for anyone she considers a friend. She typically looks on the bright side of things. Once she opens up, she never stops talking about anything she finds interesting! Has a very strong sense of justice, and absolutely will not tolerate any sort of unfair bias against anyone. 👍
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  1. hawlucha

Like, 7.

She's basically your average nickit- maybe little more of a red color than most. She also wears a dark blue scarf.

Nefari doesn't really care about anyone else, and gives the impression that she considers herself greater than them. She's very paranoid, not wanting to risk anyone she hasn't been around enough... maybe not to trust, but to be sure they're not planning to hurt her, within a few feet of her. Being a nickit, she compulsively steals things regardless of whether she has particular need or want of them, and stashes them away. Aside from that, she doesn't really mind who's around or what they're doing, so long as it doesn't interfere with her.
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I have decided to join!

I'm bringing a very special character.

An Arctozolt that is two souls within one body. One soul controls the upper half, while the other controls the other half. Each half can feel what the other half is feeling, and the lower half can see and hear what the upper half hears, though cannot speak. Both halves can communicate via thoughts. The two halves don't get along at all, with the top half being more brash and leaping-before-looking, and the bottom half trying to think things through before doing, yet also very quick to anger. Both halves were former humans.

They are from Eternal Shadows
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  1. sableye
Against my better judgement, I'd like to get in on this, too... but first, a question! (Can't seem to do anything on the forums without clarifying something first, can I? Haha!) This might be an obvious one, but...

Does the selected character have to be a pokemon? So far, all the above replies are, but since it states you can use other people's characters from other franchises... I wonder how the communication will work, does everyone just understand each other?

I'm not sure who I'm going to use, just that it'll probably be one of my own OCs.


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  1. espurr
  2. inkay
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  4. ralts
Character: Mewtwo

Gender/Pronouns: Genderless. Mewtwo's okay with any pronouns (besides it), but I'll mostly be using he/him

Age: Technically like 9

Description: A genetically engineered super-weapon who rebelled against his creators, this cloned murder-kitty now spends most of his time sitting in caves thinking about how powerful he is. He likes being alone. He doesn't like humans. He likes Pokemon more, meaning he grudgingly accepts their existence in this world. Did I mention he likes being alone? He claims to dislikes the few beings who are so powerful he cannot physically remove them when they seek his presence, though some of those beings quibble with this claim.

Origin: I have had many interpretations of Mewtwo; this one is a light-hearted comfort character from when I was a wee young teenager. His backstory is mostly game-verse.


Against my better judgement, I'd like to get in on this, too... but first, a question! (Can't seem to do anything on the forums without clarifying something first, can I? Haha!) This might be an obvious one, but...

Does the selected character have to be a pokemon? So far, all the above replies are, but since it states you can use other people's characters from other franchises... I wonder how the communication will work, does everyone just understand each other?

I'm not sure who I'm going to use, just that it'll probably be one of my own OCs.
Nope, characters are not required to be Pokémon! Humans, dragons, elves, even Digimon and so on are fine.

Communication is assumed to be handled by whatever strange force bamfed the characters to the mafia plane. Unless there are special circumstances that would prevent a particular character from communicating normally, everyone is simply assumed to be able to understand everyone else, and vice versa.


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  1. mawile
Yanno what? I'm gonna bring Spark.

Spark is a dedenne who likes eating. A lot. Lovable with a VERY short fuse. She's smaller than your average dedenne standing at only 5-inches high. It's her trigger point. Never, ever call her short unless you want a thorough zapping.

Spark is a member of the Outcasts Guild, striving to make Estellis a better place for those trying to escape Hydreigon's reign of destruction. Always happy to lend a helping paw to those who need it. She's never without her bestie and sister-figure Cleo, so being tossed in here puts her out of her comfort zone.


Thanks to everyone who's signed up! We've got some fun characters in the mix already.

Sign-ups will close twenty-four hours from now, so if you're interested in playing, please post here soon! On a related note, @DawningWinds please pick your character in the next twenty-four hours.


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  1. zoroark
I'll be the first to bring a non-Pokemon OC to this it seems. He hails from the multiverse of Dragon Ball, and specifically a fic that I've had in development for a long while but never actually got to start writing. Chances are I'll make it a comic instead of a fic, but you didn't hear that from me. Feel free to bully me but at least make sure you bully him too. It's only fair.

Name: Cold Fusion, doesn't mind being called either but prefers Fusion (I know he has the same name as me I swear he isn't a self-insert. You just gotta trust me on this one)

Species: Frieza-Race, (His name is based off of "Cold Fusion" because that's like, the joke of frieza races. Their names are all cold things. Frieza, Cooler, King Cold, etc.)

Age: 52 (They live rather long lives, Frieza himself was 70 when he first appeared in the series, and his father was still alive at the time as well.)

Gender: Identifies as Male (I won't get into the nitty gritty of it, but I'm almost entirely certain this species doesn't have binary genders. The only Frieza-race characters that appear in-canon are called male and females are never talked about, and none of the games with character creation have a "female" option so...)

Bio: A Time-Patroller from the Xenoverse/Super Dragon Ball Heroes timeline, and a Hero of Conton City. While he is more analytical than his peers, he only has above-average intelligence. His job basically requires him to fight, and while he is a capable warrior, he prefers to do as little fighting as possible and think up the most effective but low-effort solution to any problem. He is borderline lazy when he's off the clock, has a lot of patience, but isn't a fan of arguing in circles. Has a strong sense of justice, but he has gone against it before to do the right thing.

Description: Is pretty much entirely blue, with his skin being a dark blue, and his natural armor similar to sky blue. He is seven foot tall and has a six foot long tail. There are two long, twisted horns on his head and a mask covering his mouth, both made of his armor. His eyes are a cool blue. He has purple nails that he says are natural, but it's very like they aren't.

Wears baggy training gi pants, basically fancy sweat pants, black shoes similar to those Trunks wears, and is often shirtless because of his natural armor, or is seen wearing a variety of clothing. For this, he'll be wearing the iconic "Badman" Shirt, because by god, do I need him to wear it. He also has a halo but like... he isn't dead. It's just for show really.

(I'd have attached a picture of him for reference, but I haven't drawn him yet due to humanoid figures being my kypronite, and I can't find any screenshots I had of him, I'll update this post with pics of him when I get the chance, and I did!)
Fusion Front.png Fusion Back.png

Fusion Galactic Patrol pose.png Fusion Smiling.png
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Name: Alexander

Species: Hydreigon

Age: Probably

Gender: Male

Description: Looks like a standard Hydreigon with a noticeably dark shade to his scales and general aura. Light seems to dim around his general area. Smells like sour dust.

General behavior: Carries himself with an air of superiority and calm confidence. Generally does not care about others if it does not correlate to something to his benefit. Prefers to observe rather than participate, but will not hesitate to step in if he feels things are going in the wrong direction. Takes pleasure in others' pain and will go out of the way to cause it if he suspects he wouldn't get caught. Despite the previous sentences, will not grief those he suspects are on his side because his top priority is still to win.


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Alright, this seems fun enough for me to partake in, and since I'm already growing used to RPing with my main character... sure, why not use him?

Name: Lance Williams
Species: Lucario
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Special Features: I suppose the only two distinct physical features are his chest spike, which is only a nub, and a few scars. One on his chest, shaped like claws, and one on his left leg, shaped like teeth. He wears a gray headband around his forehead. Final feature is a purple aura for whenever he uses Aura Sphere.
Personality: he enjoys being alone and acts as a loner, but will gladly talk or interact with others with zero issue. Tends to be analytical in new scenarios, and likes to plan things ahead of schedule. He enjoys lending a hand(or paw) to those in need and refuses to tolerate innocents being harmed, going to great lengths to stop them. Will usually try to help others, and in case he gets worked up enough, can resort to violence and/or torture to get information.

Here's how he looks like~!


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Name: Namco
Species: Lugia
Gender: Unknown
Age: Wouldn't you like to know

Description: They are the Lugia of Pokét, and are known for their lavish parties and extravagant living in general. Has a wardrobe a mile wide. Literally.

General behavior: Loud, but sweet as sugar and welcoming to everyone, even if they are definitely used to their life of luxury. Underneath their cheerful exterior however is a shrewd and cunning individual, who takes their role very seriously. If they see someone as a threat, they will make sure that threat does not exist for long.


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Time to finally realise this chaotic dumbass.

Name: Altair
Species: Yamask (Galarian form)
Gender: Male
Age: Died at 43, has since remained ageless.
Appearance: As he is now, Altair appears as a standard Galarian yamask with one notable difference: his form constantly leaks a white light from a spot on his main body, correlating to his stab wounds on his human form. He is also slightly larger than the average yamask:
Altair ref.png
Personality: Crude and opportunistic, Altair is as slimy as they come; keeping secrets and playing to win his life back by any means necessary. Despite his past, Altair retains his carefree attitude and will do his best to pin responsibility on others. Many find themselves charmed by his general attitude, unaware of any hidden agenda he might have. However, if one can get on his good side, they'll find themselves with a potent ally who'll help out in his own special way.
Bio: Once known as the "sailing cur", Altair was a free spirit who indulged in life's many pleasures in excess; refusing to keep himself tied down with the little details. That was, of course, until he fell head-over-heels in love with a silver-haired siren. For the first time in his life, Altair's love of the sea had been dethroned as he settled into a new life.
For 14 years, he lived with the maiden however, it was not meant to last as his past carelessness caught up with him. On one dark night, Altair was stabbed to death by 7 different men that he had owed dearly. That night, his will to live burned brighter than ever before, catching the attention of Yveltal, the god of death. Intrigued, Yveltal struck a deal with the dead man; agreeing to resurrect him after he plays a few "games" for the god's entertainment. With no other option Altair agreed, blacking out the very next moment.
When Altair came to, he found himself in a sea of stars in an unrecognisable form, neither dead or alive. He looked like a yamask but instead of the signature mask of his face, he held a mysterious white rune with red engravings. His tale forfeit to Yveltal's whims.

Altair hails from my own (currently unreleased) fanfic project, Pathways to Arcadia, however only serves a minor backstory role so there is very little risk in terms of spoilers.
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Name: Lusamine Mohn
Species: Human
Gender Female
Age: That's a rude thing to ask, or didn't you know?

Lusamine was her father's eldest child, and so expected to inherit his position... Until her younger brother was born, and she discovered her father intended it to go to his eldest son, as he thought was proper. However, when unexpected circumstances led to Lusamine becoming the only possible heir, her father decided to make the best of a bad situation and allow her to become Aether's president, much to her delight.

Perhaps she should've been more careful in what she wished for. Her father's views on what constituted a respectable woman had already taken their toll on her mental state, but his ideas of what would make one an acceptable and successful leader proved toxic indeed. She was taught that people's subconscious judgments of her would determine her ability to succeed, and that all people follow a set of social "rules" even if they're unaware of it. She developed an obsession with maintaining a public persona suitable for manipulating others to her needs.

The mindset she internalized ruined her ability to hold genuine, functional relationships. Those who aren't close with her tend to find her charming, but people closer to her begin to notice something seems very off about her... Almost as if she regards them as puzzles to be cracked rather than fellow human beings.

Only her missing-presumed-dead husband thought differently. He was the one person whom Lusamine developed a genuine trust in, and was the only one to see a human being beneath the layers of personas and trauma. His relationship with her was what held together her unstable mental health, and without him... cracks are beginning to show. One of her children has already fled, and the other is an anxious mess she's becoming increasingly frustrated with her inability to "fix."

Don't worry, though, she's fine.


  1. sableye
Against my better judgement, I'd like to get in on this, too... but first, a question! (Can't seem to do anything on the forums without clarifying something first, can I? Haha!) This might be an obvious one, but...

Does the selected character have to be a pokemon? So far, all the above replies are, but since it states you can use other people's characters from other franchises... I wonder how the communication will work, does everyone just understand each other?

I'm not sure who I'm going to use, just that it'll probably be one of my own OCs.

Okay, so I'm going to officially sign up for this (with a character, this time).

So I'm going with Miyako, the MC of my barely-started Persona fic (only over on FFnet, via link), since I probably won't be doing anything with her story any time soon.

Name: Miyako Tsukino
Species: Human
Age: 19
Appearance: Basic teenage girl in her high school uniform. Brown hair, brown eyes.
Personality: A little on the quiet side, but very talkative if you get on a topic she's into, such as anything sci-fi or gaming. Also she's not really afraid to speak her mind if push comes to shove, so anyone expecting to walk all over her should be warned. She's trained herself to fight with a staff (not like wizard staff, think like Donatello the Ninja Turtle), so she can hold her own in combat if necessary, much to her own Persona's dismay.
For reference (although I don't expect it to come up or be relevant), her Persona is a half-human, half-phoenix hybrid named Nephthys, specializing mostly in both fire and light/holy magics, and physical skills, with some minor healing ability.

(I think that's it unless something needs clarification...?)


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Name: Jesse Stranger
Species: Red Delphox (former human)
Age: ~40
Gender: M
Personality: Abrasive, confrontational asshole who's certain he knows better than you. Feels responsible for everything and everyone, extremely judgey, absolute helicopter father. Saved the world a couple times. Burns himself out constantly trying to save as many people as he can. Will put his life on the line for you even though he hates your guts. Still deserves an ass-kicking.
Jesse Stranger.jpg

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Screw it, let's go:

Name: Lexx Sakari
Species: Human
Age: 17
Gender: M
Personality: Smug and self-assured, but also generally presents an aura of being friendly and helpful (while still following his own agenda). Takes things in stride, doesn't get angry easily, tends to be lazy, but also very willing and able to buckle down and get things done when needed. ("Efficiency is clever laziness," and all that.) Trains electric-type Pokemon and loves technology. Specializes in network security for work.
Pokemon Team: (If needed for role flavor) Pichu, Raikou, Magnezone, Steelix, Ampharos, Scizor

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Let's stick Dave in this thing again:

Name: David Ambrose (Dave)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Personality: Has for his entire adult life covered up his many issues and insecurities with anger, sarcasm and general jerkassitude. He is very smart and also kind of an idiot and generally terrible and often pretty self-destructive, including rampant alcoholism that he is somehow still in denial about. He also created (with a team of other scientists whose significant contributions he kind of brushes over) some unholy Pokémon-human hybrid abominations, including his half-Vulpix daughter Jean and the half-Scyther that he likes to take out for hotdogs and try to debate ethics and societal norms with, and they're pretty much what keeps him getting out of bed in the morning. He will be a raging fire of justice for their sake.
Appearance: Human man, average height, level of personal grooming will very much depend on what day you catch him on. If people are disappearing (are the Pokémorphs disappearing, oh boy, is this going to be Fun Dave), he probably Does Not Care, does he.
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