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Ramble About Your Hyperfixations!


Rescue Team Member
Pokemon Paradise
  1. chikorita-saltriv
  2. bench-gen
  3. charmander
  4. snivy
  5. treecko
  6. tropius
  7. arctozolt
  8. wartortle
  9. zorua
Hello! Noticed we didn't have anything like this on the forums, so I decided to make it!

This is a thread for rambling about your current hyperfixations! Can be Pokemon, non-Pokemon, canon, fanmade, anything! Just a space to ramble to your heart's content about stuff you're thinking about a lot.

I do have one request, being to put spoiler warnings on particularly spoilery stuff, in case other people want to experience these things blind.

Other than that, have fun!
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