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Introduce your Fic(s)!!

  1. suikaibuki
Noticed that the old one got nuked when I went to update my post there. So here's a new one. This is a thread to share your fics, put up a database, etc. for people to find.

Format as before, you can share as much or as little of this as you want:
> Fic Title
> Link(s) to the fic
> Rating and any warning(s) that may apply
> Genre
> Optional: other TLDR keywords (e.g. gym leader, contests, Hoenn, Team Rocket)
> Length and status (e.g. One-shot, chaptered, ongoing, abandoned, multi-chapter, complete, etc.)
> Summary
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Lion Apologist
The Goof Realm
Link is Here
Rating: 16+ (Content warnings for: Cursing, Adult beverages, drugs, also teenagers doing that teenager thing where they kiss and, god forbid, hold hands)
Genre: Journeyfic,
Keywords: Silly, Team rocket, Dreams, Paradox pokemon
Length/status: an ongoing, chaptered story
Erick just wanted a normal life. He wanted to stay at home with Chex, his farfetch'd, and learn to become a professional cook. But one day, due to him unfortunately being enrolled in the J.A.D.E. program for Johto, a rehabilitation program trying to get older kids to go on journeys of their own, Erick is thrust into a plot much bigger than himself, that stretches far beyond Johto. Read along as he messes up at basically every opportunity, fumbles the bag at every moment, and almost dies several times.
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  1. koraidon-apex
  2. miraidon-ultimate
Here on Thousands Roads
More is already posted on Ao3
Rating: 16+ (Contains some light swearing and some mentions of violence and injuries, both for human and Pokemon characters.)
Genre: Trainerfic... kinda...? Let's say it's a "Professorfic" in a way lol Also Romance, and AU
Keywords: AU, Opposites attract, Time travel, Professor Sada and Turo
Lenght: Ongoing chaptered story (7 chapters on TR at this moment, 24 and a couple of bonus scenes on Ao3)
Summary: An AU Where Turo and Sada are actual time travelers from a far off future and past; a futuristic society where energy is no longer a problem, humanity has officially invented time travel and has started to colonize space for Turo, and a Paleolithic-era tribe of hunter-gatherers that has just started to figure out Pokemon domestication for Sada. The fic explores how the two would meet, slowly get to know each other, and if and how all this would change the plot of Scarlet and Violet when they both end up stranded in 21th century Paldea with no way back to their respective times.
If you like stories about cultural clashes, time travel and/or the good old "opposites attract" trope, consider giving it a shot.
  1. suikaibuki
Okay, now to throw mine in.

The Nori and Prema metaseries

This is a potentially very long series of fics. It's designed that you can jump in anywhere at any point without losing too much, that said! They stand on their own.

Nori Carino is a Pokemon Rehabilitator, a special trainer with the Officials who takes Pokemon ordinary trainers can't handle and attempts to tame them with unorthodox methods. Prema Kannagi is the sole heir to the Kannagi Shrine, a revered faith dating back nearly 1500 years which did much to lay the groundwork for modern human/Pokemon relations. They met through chance, some would say fate, and became friends. They both live in Veilstone City, and their stories and struggles intertwine as they deal with their responsibilities, their detractors, the pressures upon them, and the occasional general teenage problems.

It's set in a somewhat more realistic take on the Pokemon world that covers a bit of logistics in the form of two people in unorthodox positions, but still doesn't forget the fun aspects of the Pokemon world and that it's about youth being able to do amazing things with the help of their friends, human and Pokemon. I designed the two to be somewhat different than your typical protagonists. Don't expect idiot heroes or stereotypical snarkers here.

Case by case warnings. But in-general you can expect violence, swear words, mean words in some of the higher rated ones, heavy themes, occasional dark ones in the ones with higher ratings, making fun of people who insist Pokemon should be lowercase at least once per fic, and (in Official In-Training) potentially breaking your heart so bad that you stop reading. Nothing too serious.


Main fics:

Nori Carino: Training a Demon
(7 chapters, 38.7k words)
Here / BG / FFN / AO3

The fic that started it formally. Nori Carino is a twelve-year-old boy with no interest in Pokemon, unlike most of his peers. All he wants to do is study hard in school and make a difference in the world. Two chance meetings change this. First, a teenage girl by the name of Prema Kannagi who he quickly befriends after both are put off by a youth protest group. Second, an infamous Pokemon known as the Demon, who has been assaulting random trainers' Pokemon in Veilstone City. Nori sticks up for it when it takes refuge under his mom's trailer, unwittingly being drawn into a bet with local Gym Leader Gasha Qian, the Toxic Gambling Lady. On the line is the Demon's life and his ability to own Pokemon...

Prema Kannagi: A Move to Adjudicate
(5 chapters, 21.5k words)
BG / FFN / AO3

The Kannagi Shrine has a rich and storied history, and hopes to write its next chapter with its first branch location in Veilstone City. The master of the shrine and his daughter, Prema Kannagi, are present to show its importance. However, Prema is uncertain of their future there, especially when a certain youth protest group attempts to undermine them. When she goes to confront them, it changes her fortune forever...

Nori Carino: Official In-Training
(63 chapters! 339k words)
BG / FFN / AO3

My biggest and longest fic so far, even though it wasn't intended to be one of the long ones. Nori is sent to a top-level trainer as part of his studies to become a Pokemon Rehabilitator: Volkner Denzi, Gym Leader of Sunyshore. His time there is rife with twists and turns, a lot of expectations, meeting and parting with friends, and dealing with all sorts of trouble.

Nori Carino: Blade of the Blackout Killer
(14 chapters, 53.9k words)
Here / BG / FFN / AO3

After his training concluded, Nori returned to Veilstone City. He's now something of a famous person. The Officials gave him two weeks of respite before giving him his first assignment as a Pokemon Rehabilitator: a sadistic Pokemon once owned by a serial killer, which is equally murderous as his former trainer. With troubles at school from the battling team, managing the newsletter club, and Prema dealing with her own issues and unable to help, it's bound to be a maelstrom of chaos.

Prema Kannagi: Memory of a Ghoul
(13 chapters, 52.7k words)
Here / BG / FFN / AO3

Concurrent to Blade of the Blackout Killer. Being a high-ranking member of a major religious shrine, and especially one with actual powers, isn't all about faith. It also comes with duties. The Kannagi Shrine is asked by the municipal government of Veilstone City to deal with a group of phantom Pokemon haunting an old warehouse. Prema Kannagi herself is sent out, as part of not only her duty but as training. She is a highly capable diviner, but this one might prove more difficult than expected.

Nori Carino: Abyssal Despair
Here / BG / FFN / AO3

The latest and ongoing fic. Set a few weeks after the previous two fics, Nori Carino unexpectedly finds himself with a new assignment: a Pokemon responsible for the accidental death of a famous nature show host. Unbeknownst to him, the whole thing is a farce to save the Qwilfish. But it's not going to be fun between his friends turning on him or being unable to help, his foes targeting him, and worst of all: his aquaphobia.


Smaller side-stories

Nori Carino: A Marvelous Encounter?
(one-shot, 4.3k words)
BG / FFN / AO3

A Marvelous Journey Awry may have been Nori's first fic, but it's naturally non-canon. It also would've caused problems in my own canon. But some things could've still happened. So enter this fic, which I wrote for Juliko's birthday one year. Wherein Nori Carino, on a forced vacation, encounters a fellow trainer in the woods and offers to help with her training on a whim. This time, without the battle being interrupted.

Nori Carino: The Question of a Journey
(one-shot, 6.8k words)
BG / FFN / AO3

A prequel one-shot written for a Bulbagarden contest, "Right Character, Wrong Genre". What happens when you throw a realist into a romance? Flash back to Nori's elementary school years, where he becomes unlikely friends with a child actress, Claris Willins. But when she proposes they go on a journey together...

Prema Kannagi: The Interview
(2 chapters, 5.6k words)
BG / Original Source / FFN / AO3

Based off a skit in Bulbagarden's Trainers of Fanfiction. Y'all should bring it here. Exposition and personal questions are abound in this interview with a pushy reporter. And what does Nori Carino think about it? Might be changed as more stuff takes hold.



Pokemon: A Marvelous Journey Awry
(10 chapters)

The prototype for the series which was more an alternate history fanfiction of Pokemon: A Marvelous Journey by @Juliko . When an angry FFNet commentor (or was it AO3?) demands that a certain young trainer listen to her mother and release a mentally scarred Pokemon she can't care for, I went ahead and had her do that. With horrifically tragic consequences, not just for the Pokemon, but the trainer due to laws pertaining to culpability for released Pokemon. Her only hope might be a thirteen-year-old official on a forced vacation who happened to be in the area. But what can he do? Especially against an investigator intent on making an example of her...

Bringing it Home

A fic of fics created by @DeliriousAbsol , which given the above, might make it a ficficfic. Oh no, a bunch of Pokemon have been isekai'd! While they meet and argue each other, a certain priestess' Volcarona is busy assessing the situation and gets them to get a move on. What thrills and chills await them in this world they've been brought to for whatever reason?

A Mini Legend: al-Bahar the Beacon
Here / BG / FFN / AO3

Written for the bingo event for the anniversary here and made in the span of three days. Full blackout one-shot. Features a relative of a minor character, haven't decided how. A micro Monomyth, the teacher Faruq al-Bahar lives in a distant region in the middle east. One of his students, Layla - a Bug Catcher who considers him the best there ever was. But when he goes to deal with a rapper (who claims to have bad beats) and after a battle with his Arctibax (made quick with his Perrserker's Metal Coat and Steely Spirit), a deadly attack happens, and he'll need to draw on the power that's inside him to save Layla's Scatterbug and many others.

A bunch of prompts based around types and type of stuff
(31 prompts)

Someone posted a prompt list and I couldn't decide what part I wanted to focus on, so I just focused on them all. Profiles for all 18 types including a Pokemon, a type expert, and a prominent in-fic Pokemon. Then a bunch of other stuff when the types run out.
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Unrepentent Giovanni and Rocket fan
Title: Roost

T.r. forum
Ao3 version

Rating and any warning(s) that may apply:

Ranked teen/pg 13, a few chapter boarder mature/R and are marked as such.
Criminal activity,
Candid discussions of murder and torment
Child abuse
Mental illness and poor coping mechanisms
Some allusions to sexual activities
Racism (mainly Italian slurs directed at Giovanni and Rocket but some nasty ones also get slung at Green-a minor- and theres other examples)

Starts out slice of life, turns to crime drama and found family as it progresses.

Team rocket, found family, gift fic, manga au,

Length and status:
Chaptered, a bit long, and while no updates recently due to life being very rough at the moment not dead.

Short summary:
I fail at short lets try using a spoiler tag instead.

Set in the Manga verse, a gift for a writer on a different site. I figured I'd share it here.

When the dust had settled in the clearing at Illex the 'dex holders had seen a miracle. A Legend-born curse had been beaten back by the divine mechanisms of another Legend. A soul on death's door was restored to full health...

And normally that'd been a reason to whip out the banners and party. At least that's how things were supposed to go when "good things happened", or so the dex holders had said to Green way back when.

No one was celebrating once the light show died down. Not when the recipient of Celebi's had been -per Red- the world's greatest foe.

That was the start of the insanity... When Pryce and Lance slipped from the shadows, denouncing the miracle, and the Rocket, declaring the man had done crimes far worse than their own... And when Red and the others had started listening...

Green remembered. Lance with a laser of death meant to wipe out all humanity. Pryce and his icy prison trying to hollow her out one day at a time. Those two mad men starred in the bulk of her nightmares...

And these were who the good guys were listening to? They'd lost their minds.

Green was done, let the League, Legends, Rocket, and Regions have each other... She was taking Silver, and heading home. And so they went home, trying the novelty of"safe" for a while...

Until things hadn't worked out anymore, and Silver, wiser than her, had left.

Giovanni's call weeks later hadn't been a surprise or something to fear... Considering her luck Green had kinda expected it. Their first call, if anyone asked Green, had gone something like this:

"If you'd stuck around, like ten minutes, none of this would have happened. So, just so you know, I totally blame you, for everything."


This mess, and holy Mew it was the mother of all messes, was all Giovanni's fault, and Green wasn't going to let him live it down. Ever

Edit: so i intend on linking this page to the contest so hopefully we all get extra traffic in december. Also i will post my other story as a different post later!
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