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[INFO/SIGNUPS] Darkwhite's Role Overdrive Mafia!


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Uhuhu... huhu... I'm baaaack! Oh, that statue with the terrified expression over there?

Don't worry about it!

We're gonna have some FUN!

Welcome all to the anticipated "Namo decides to make everything crazy again" mafia game! After the initial vanilla game that became explosively interesting on day 1, I decided that simplicity will never follow me and instead my curse is chaos! This time around, after testing out how mafia works and with more experience in how to run it, I am now confident enough to launch a Role Overdrive game.

First, some background on how mafia usually works. Because while this game will have a lot of chaos in it, the general basic rules still apply. As such... Mafia normally goes as such:

1. Players are assigned to the mafia or innocent faction, or an independent third party with a unique win condition. The mafia know the members of their own team, and they may communicate with each other in private at night, but not during the day. The innocents do not know the alignments of any of the other players, and they can interact only by posting in the game thread at designated times. Some powers may have exceptions to this, but that will be stated in your role PM.

2. The game proceeds in a series of "day" phases and "night" phases. Each day or night phase will last 48 hours unless something (irl or in-game) interferes with it. Therefor, a full cycle will last about 4 days in total. Night phases are long despite no real communication happening in an effort to give people a break between rounds. These may be very complex.

During the day, all players are "awake" and able to post in the game thread. Players discuss who they think the mafia are, based on other users' posts or what they believe may have happened at night. Ultimately this leads to players voting on which person should be sent to jail. If the jailed player turns out to have been a member of the mafia, the innocents are one step closer to winning--but if they guess wrong, they'll only help the mafia in their quest to eliminate the innocents. On the first voting period, a tie will result in nobody being eliminated. On all following voting periods, if a tie occurs, the result carried out will be whichever one reached the tie value first. For example, if player B got 5 votes, but player C also got 5 votes, but player B was at 5 votes last, then player C would be eliminated on day 2 or later, but nobody would have been eliminated on day 1.

At night, the mafia choose one player to make disappear. They're free to talk with each other, plan, and strategize. The innocent players cannot communicate during the night phase, but some of them may have a special ability that they can use during the night instead. Other, third party roles may also be performing actions.

3. The game continues until one faction's victory is guaranteed no matter what the rest of the players do.

If you'd like more details, check this beginner's guide to Mafia, which discusses how the game is played and some of the common terminology and player roles that are often used. You can also take a look at this game to get a sense of how things will work!

If you have any clarifying questions after reading this whole post, ask here before/after you sign up! I will be revising this post to accommodate any questions I may have missed during preparations that I haven't already answered.

There are some additional things you'll want to keep in mind for this game:

This is rp-required, but with a way to do ooc easily. Darkwhite invented a strange device that lets the team communicate with 'guardian angels' that seem to follow your characters around, and they can communicate through those devices. In other words... you! If you would enjoy pretending to be your character, reasoning and reacting to the situation in the same way that they would, then please feel free to post in character as much as you'd like, and their device can stay silent! You are also welcome to include as much out-of-character straight strategizing and discussion in your posts as you'd like by chattering away through said device. For speech from the device and other things being depicted from it such as holograms, please use [[double brackets]] to indicate as such.

Please remember that all roles and alignments will be assigned at random to players. This means that you shouldn't assume that anyone is a member of the mafia simply because their character is a villain in the story they came from! On the flip side, even very heroic characters may end up playing the bad guys here. It's all a shuffle of the cards.

There is a special voting rule in action: If the player to be voted off at the end of the day phase was someone who had zero votes an hour before the end of the phase, the day phase will automatically be extended by six hours. This is intended to prevent feel-bad scenarios where someone doesn't even realize they're under suspicion and completely miss the chance to defend themselves or come back to the thread twenty minutes before the end of the phase and suddenly find themselves needing to somehow turn things around on an extremely tight schedule.

Right now we're in the sign-up phase. If you'd like to play, post in this thread with the character you want to use. This can be one of your own fanfic characters, or a character from someone else's story. If you'd like to use another person's character please get their permission first. Your character can be related to any franchise, Pokémon or otherwise! However, your character will be transformed into a Pokemon of your choice if they are not one already, so have fun with that! Please also include a link to the story they appear in if it's been published!

And now, here are specifics about Role Overdrive:

Unlike the vanilla mafia game I ran, this game of Mafia is going to be even more Role Madness than the anniversary roles you're familiar with. Every single role that people get--and, yes, everyone will get one--is custom made and flavored in the form of "cards" that each character will get one of. Each card will have abilities that are reminiscent of other mafia games, or completely new!

Each card will have three attributes to it: a species, ability, and move.

The species is going to depict the general ability that someone is capable of during the day or night. Many of these are classic abilities such as Cop, Watcher, or Doctor. You can consider this your "main" power. Most cards will have an active power, though for some, the species is a passive attribute.

The card's "ability" is a passive ability or attribute that is always active and doesn't necessarily require any control on your part. Classic examples of this include Lovers, Miller, and Masons, and Bomb. In general, these are "passive" things that you do not have to act out at night or day, and simply happen automatically.

And finally, the "move" cards are all one-shot abilities that you can use once the entire game. These are typically extra-powerful versions of your species card, but they may be something entirely different, depending on the card set. Classic examples of these are powers such as Juggernaut and other "Strong" modifier roles.

For more information about classic and less than classic mafia roles, you can check the mafiascum wiki for more. In general, I will be referencing this wiki for my rulebook details.

Generally speaking, pretty much anything goes for what powers can be and so on. However, I will at least set down some ground rules for what will NOT be present, so there is at least some structure to the game. The following things WILL NOT be present:
-Roles that only have a % chance of working
-Roles that end the game early if the player is eliminated
-Roles that only work on "odd" or "even" nights/days.
-Heal Clash
-Roles where the player is still able to post in the chat after being eliminated
-The GM lying to you
-"Hidden" attributes to what you are capable of (i.e. you will know the full effects of what you are capable of; there is nothing you don't know about your own power. However, you may not know about other powers that may interfere with yours, etc.)

A note on that final one: While any information I give you is intended to be the absolute truth, the way it is phrased may not mean exactly what you think. For example, if you are this game's "Cop" and you inspect someone, you will receive "You see: Innocent" or something like that. Note, it does not specify WHO was analyzed, and therefore could have been redirected to someone else. It is, technically, the truth--you saw innocent. But it did not say "[Player] is innocent." Therefore, read the information you get very carefully.

And lastly, because of the nature of Role Overdrive, try not to take things too seriously! This game is going to be quite swingy, possibly unbalanced due to how dynamic it all is, but in the end is meant to be fun above all else. Perhaps if I run something like this again, it will be more refined and more balanced. But for now? Just enjoy the chaos!

Though, despite that, rest assured that I put a LOT of work into balancing it as well as I could despite the game's philosophy, and I have a lot of experience with game balance. Hopefully, it pays off!

If you want to know further things about the game that I may be at liberty to say before the game starts, ask here! Because once the game begins, I will be significantly more restricted on what I can answer publicly.

Until then, though, have fun, and get ready to start the game!

Signups close on Saturday, January 29th, and the exact countdown for that is HERE.

Please sign up with the following format:

Appearance: [Standard or otherwise]
Blurb: [Just a short description about them]
Link: [If they're from a story, link it here!]


Name: Angelo
Pronoun: He
Age: 30s
Species: Smeargle
Apperance: A Smeargle with tired bags under his eyes and black paint as his standard tail-brush color.
Blurb: An artist who just wants to stay home, do commissions, and sleep, but seems to be fated to be called in for all sorts of trouble as of late. As soon as he can, he will find a place to curl up and sleep.
Link: Hands of Creation

This game will have a player cap of 25. If we get overflow, you can "hydra" yourselves and play as a single unit, or sit back as a substitute in case someone needs to step down or out.

Ajia (Delcatty) [Chibi Pika]
Arctozolt (Arctozolt) [Bench]
Bartholomew (Rotom) [Equitial]
Cosmo (Linoone) [Flyg0n]
Courtney (Ninetales) [Starlight Aurate]
Dave (Mightyena) [Dragonfree]
Fray (Froslass) [ShinjiGojira]
Kekoa (Skitty) [Persephone]
Kimiko (Snivy) [Seren]
Laura (Alolan Meowth) [unrepentantAuthor]
Mademoiselle (Yveltal) [Inkedust]
Nanu (Alolan Meowth) [Blossomleaf]
Odette Cinq-Mars (Jellicent) [Sinderella]
Princess (Skiddo) [bruh moment]
Puck (Quagsure) [HelloYellow17]
sans (Slakoth) [Bluwiikoon]
Shimmer (Kirlia) [Windskull]
Sidney (Cacturne) [Panoramic_Vacuum]
Tricky (Fennekin) [SparklingEspeon]
Winona (Swellow) [Just a Torchic]
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Ace Trainer
Name: Nanu
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 45
Species: Human
Appearance: Turns into an Alolan Meowth for the mafia game
Blurb: Nanu is a dark type specialist who is a Police Officer and the Island Kahuna of Ula'Ula Island. He is a lazy and laid back individual who adopts all the stray Alolan Meowths in Alola. He is also acting as Acerola's guardian / adopted father.
Link / Series: This version of Nanu will be from post Sun & Moon (so in game canon events)


Harbinger of Sunrise
Pokémon Square
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  5. zoroark
Hacker voice: "I'm in."

Name: Mademoiselle
Pronouns: Feminine (she/her)
Age: It's a secret!
Species: Yveltal
Appearance: Just a yveltal. Has a longer and lighter mane and is perhaps a tad bit smaller than the real deal but extremely convincing otherwise (may make some proper art of her later).
Blurb: A mysterious woman seeking vengeance on her deceased lover, Altair. She scours through the many realms and universes in the shape her former husband had cursed her with. Her search has proven unsuccessful thus far.
Link: Nah.


Angy Tumbleweed
In Guzma's Closet
  1. sylveon-shiny
  2. gothitelle
  3. froslass
  4. chandelure
  5. mimikyu
Name: Odette Cinq-Mars
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Age: 22
Blurb: Teeny girl with a giant voice, smooth dance moves, and a penchant for anger. She's scary good at picking up subtle changes and suspicious vibes of the people and things around her. She has a fierce case of RBF, paired with a statue-esque persona, both of which match perfectly with her otherworldly anger issues 🤡
Link: White Swan, Black Swan
Species: Jellicent


  1. butterfree
  2. mightyena
  3. charizard
  4. scyther-mia
  5. vulpix
  6. slugma
  7. chinchou
Name: David (Dave) Ambrose
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 40
Species: Human turned Mightyena
Appearance: Just a somewhat scruffy-looking Mightyena.
Blurb: Irritable atheist scientist who headed the inadvertent creation of eight Pokémorph children ten years ago and will defend them with his life. Got sucked into this strange affair involving a power called Blacklight Eternal and somehow became accidental dad to like several more people.
Link: Morphic Bingo


Bidoof Fan
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  4. kirlia
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Name: Shimmer
Pronouns: She/her
Age: The equivalent of ~16
Species: kirlia
Appearance: Typical kirlia except she has her hair tied in pink hairbands.
Blurb: She's the mayor's daughter and she'll make sure you know it. To most, she comes across as ditzy and clueless. But don't let that fool you, she's surprisingly cunning and uses the her ditzyness to make people underestimate her.
Link: Places We Call Home


Ace Trainer
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  4. ralts
Name: Bartholomew 2 Electric Boogaloo

Pronouns: You decide!!!!

Age: i have no idea how to answer this question

Species: Now a Rotom, but previously a Porygon

Appearance: A Rotom inhabiting a Yellow Pikachu 3DS

Blurb: Bartholomew spent their first existence as a Porygon: cruising around the digital world, having fun, and causing so much chaos that they had to be stopped. After that they died, but then they were resurrected as a Rotom. Then they tried playing Mafia but they weren't so good at it and died again. But once more they have reincarnated for a chance at redemption!


Multiversal Extraordinaire
Stranded In The Gaps between Multiverses
  1. froslass
  2. zorua-gojira
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  4. goomy
Name: Fray
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 1000+
Species: Frosslass
Appearance: An ordinary Frosslass but with a big blue bow-tie below her chin.
Blurb: She's a fun-loving ancient being who's main method of making friends... is a bit more brutal than usual. (Don't worry she's been learning not to freeze or kidnap anyone she wants to befriend.) She's optimistic, likes to joke around and is always excited to see new things and meet new people.
Link: (Well technically, they haven't made an appearance yet but...) Just a Normal Day


Back on Her Bullshit
a Terrace of Indeterminate Location in Snowbelle
  1. espurr
  2. fennekin
  3. zoroark
Name: Tricky
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 11
Species: Fennekin
Appearance: A fennekin with untamed fur. Wears a sky blue bandanna scarf.
Blurb: Explorer extraordinaire and quite possible delinquent as well, Tricky possesses an unchecked passion for the art of dungeoneering... and also wouldn't say no to trying her paw at anything else interesting that catches her eye. So murder mysteries with terrifying stakes? Sign her up!
Fanfic of Appearance: Pokémon - Do Psychic-Type Pokemon Dream of Electric Sheep? | Thousand Roads Forums

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
somewhere in spacetime
  1. pikachu-chibi
  2. lugia
  3. palkia
  4. lucario-shiny
  5. incineroar-starr
Name: Ajia
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 16
Species: Human
Appearance: [Pretty much just a normal Delcatty]
Blurb: The paragon of optimism and encouragement who can't let a problem go unsolved (regardless of whether or not anyone wants it solved shhh). With a sharp strategic mind and a knack for reading people, there's no way she won't be able to pull ahead! It's just a game of logic, right? ......right?
Link: The Legendarian Chronicles


A cat that writes stories.
  1. purrloin-salem
  2. sneasel-dusk
  3. luz-companion
  4. brisa-companion
  5. meowth-laura
  6. delphox-jesse
  7. mewtwo
  8. zeraora
Name: Laura Weir
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 19
Species: Human -> Meowth (Alolan)
Appearance: silver tabby with green eyes
Blurb: Laura is a middle-class Circhester girl, fascinated by nature and fantasy and pokémon, who always wanted to go on a journey with her purrloin, Salem. Instead, she did as her parents told her, and went to university in Wyndon. Anxious, moody, and insecure, but determined to prove herself and to understand others.
Link: first appearance: chapter four of Different Eyes


Hoenn around
  1. aggron
  2. lairon
Name: Sidney
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 23
Species: human, turned Cacturne for this game
Appearance: Standard appearance for a Cacturne, unconsciously scowls a lot. The small needles that cover the species are retractable, and are more pronounced if he's agitated.
Blurb: Currently a member of the Hoenn Elite Four, Sidney grew up poor, which landed him in more than a few run-ins with less than savory folks. Some of the ghosts of his past still haunt him, but he's determined to work hard to prove that the person he was lives squarely in his past. He has some trust issues, but once you've gained his respect, he is fiercely loyal. Despite being involved with a lot of dishonest people and gang activity, he prides himself in being an honest person. His days of doing whatever it took to survive are behind him. However, he still hates cops.
Link: prickly cactus man


Infinite Screms
  1. mawile
  2. vulpix-alola
Name: Kekoa
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 15
Species: human, turned into a Skitty for this game
Appearance: A male skitty.
Blurb: A native Alolan kid orphaned during the Sootopolis weather wars. Bounced around foster care and grew increasingly bitter until he found refuge in a newly revamped Team Skull. He's prickly but will fight for the people he cares about.
Link: Broken Things

bruh moment

mewtini + kyeugh
Bruh City, USA
she/her (both)
hello. it is i, famed forum user and general charlatan, bruh moment. this account represents the hydra between kyeugh and mewtini. between the two of us (mewtini: double brainpower; kyeugh: half brainpower) our brainpower and mafia-playing abilities average out to that of one average player. we would like to play as princess, famed wandergoat and general charlatan.

Name: Princess
Species: skiddo
Blurb: princess is a little goat who loves to run amok and splash in a puddle and eat a dandelion.
Link: https://forums.thousandroads.net/index.php?threads/wandersword-redux.606/


Gensokyo, Past and Present ~ Flower Land
  1. nosepass-bluwiikoon
Name: sans
Pronouns: he/him
Age: It is a mystery!
Species: Slakoth
Appearance: His fur is white with black, bone-shaped stripes on his back, and grey circles around his eyes. His eyes have black sclera with white irises. His irises may turn cyan/yellow if he is distributing a bad time, or his irises may disappear completely. He always has a grin on his face, no matter his mood.
Blurb: Renowned for his exquisite hosting service in Humble Vale, he now finally gets a chance to do nothing. sans loves getting to do nothing! (He is also renowned for being a lazybones.) He is constantly cracking jokes and breaking the laws of physics to assist in said jokes, in order to stifle his immense depression and existential dread tease his beloved brother, Papyrus. If you ever hurt his brother you will be dead where you stand. sans also enjoys making hot dogs for people!


Flygon connoisseur
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  3. ho-oh
  4. crobat
  5. orbeetle
  6. joltik
  7. salandit
  8. tyrantrum
  9. porygon
Name: Cosmo
Pronouns: He
Age: Young-ish
Species: Linoone
Appearance: Standard Linoone

Blurb: Many would call Cosmo lazy, but he's not, okay? He's conserving energy. Why waste time dashing about, worrying, or concerning himself with things when he could be napping? Don't mistake him for apathetic though - if something grabs his attention, he pounces on it!
Link: Pokémon - Home is Where the Hoenn is | Thousand Roads Forums

Starlight Aurate

Ad Jesum per Mariam | pfp by kintsugi
Route 123
  1. mightyena
  2. psyduck
Name: Courtney
Age: 26
Species: Human turned into a Ninetales for this game
Appearance: [Standard or otherwise] More-or-less your average Ninetales, though she always keeps her coat looking creamy and feeling silky. Has brilliant scarlet eyes and is very slender.
Blurb: Courtney loves meeting and interacting with other people and Pokemon. She's outgoing and friendly, but as a Team Magma admin, will make sure everyone else knows that she's their superior. Is very, VERY devoted to her boss, Maxie, and will promote his goals at all costs. Though Courtney genuinely loves meeting people, she holds on to grudges for very long periods of time and holds deep resentment towards everyone involved in her difficult childhood. She prefers muscling her way through problems and wants to stay away from anything mystical. Her favorite pasttimes include knife fighting, partying, lighting things on fire, and cuddling with her own Ninetales. She's so excited to be part of this game!
Link: Drowning


  1. sableye
Name: Kimiko
Pronouns: She
Age: early 20s
Species: Human-turned-Snivy
Appearance: Standard snivy, with a black star necklace.
Blurb: Formerly cool, calm, and collected, not simply putting up that front. She's Fine, guys.
Link: Sweet Sacrifice

I've been back and forth on this since it was announced. My bad decisions won out. Good luck, y'all!


Gym Leader
  1. suicune
  2. umbreon
  3. mew
  4. lycanroc-wes
  5. leafeon-rui
Name: Puck
Pronouns: He/him
Species: Quagsire
Appearance: A regular quag.
Blurb: Puck is a good sire. A classy quag. The best boi. He is a simple being with simple wants and few words. His facial expression will never change from 🙂 so it can be difficult to know what he’s thinking…or…if he’s thinking at all.

He is not easily riled up and is a very “go with the flow” mon. Thanks to this, he gets along well with others, though if you’re expecting deep and complicated discussions, don’t hold your breath. He won’t have much to say. In fact, you won’t even be sure if he’s hearing you. He’ll just sit there with that face that…never…changes.

Quag! :quag:

Link: He hasn’t appeared in OSAS yet so I won’t link the fic, but he is an OSAS character!
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