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1 - Power Outage


Hoenn around
  1. aggron
  2. lairon
Hoenn Short Stories Collection: The Elite
Complete, 50 Chapters, 41k words
Rating: General, K+
(will be uploaded to TR chapter-by-chapter)
Just because you're one of the top trainers in Hoenn doesn't mean life is boring. There's plenty of excitement to be had even when there are no challengers around. Prompt inspired short stories starring the Elite Four and their Champions, with guest appearances from the rest of the Hoenn cast, too.

Hello and welcome! What started as a small exercise in prompt-driven flash fiction has turned into this collection of fifty short slice-of-life stories filled with friends, family (some found, some not), hilarity, hijinks, the commonplace, and the absurd. Read a little, read a lot. Either way, I hope you enjoy this dive into my Hoenn headcanons for the NPCs and their pokemon that (in my opinion) deserve so much more than a life of standing around in a single chamber waiting for a twelve year old to beat them in a pokemon battle.

If waiting isn't your style, the complete Collection lives on both AO3 and FFN.

I hope you enjoy!

Prompt #1: Even the League is not exempt from power outages...


The collective whine rose from the sofa where two of the Elite were sitting around the TV. A particularly nasty storm had pushed its way through the region, and as it headed east, Ever Grande was the last place in its path. The broadcast had been interrupted several times by weather reports of how severe the storm was, but so far the power had held. But as of a minute ago the broadcast had been reduced to nothing but static.

"Well this sucks..." Sidney grumbled as he clicked through several channels, revealing that it was indeed Ever Grande's cable and not the station that went out.

Glacia peeked up from the book she was quietly reading and smirked. Perhaps there might be peace and quiet after all. Except that hope was shattered as a brilliant bolt of lighting crashed outside and all of the lights instantly flickered out.


"Oh man, you had to jinx it didn't you!"

"I didn't jinx anything! Weren't you the one who said it couldn't get any worse when we had to cancel the yearly outing because of the storm?"

Glacia didn't even bother trying to stop Phoebe and Sidney's squabbling, since she couldn't see her book in the dark anyway. But a bobbing light appeared in the doorway, causing the two trainers to quiet down and turn to see who had joined their group.

"Is everyone okay in here? This is some storm." Steven peered around, causing the beam of light to dance across the room.

"Are you wearing a caving headlamp?"

"Yes, and?" His head flicked toward the sound of the voice, and Sidney winced as the light found his eyes.

"Steven, we're in the League building, not a cave."

"It was the first thing I could find in the dark. I think it serves its purpose."

"Well I think it's a great idea," chimed Phoebe. "But that still doesn't help us since there's nothing to do without electricity."

"It's a shame none of us have any electric pokemon," mused Glacia.

Without a word, Steven began to move, the bobbing of his headlamp giving away his position. He had already crossed the room and with a few small sparks, a fire crackled to life in the fireplace filling the room with a growing warm glow.

"Now why didn't I think of that," said Sidney, rubbing the side of his head with one hand.

"Because it's summer and it's plenty warm in here already," muttered Glacia as she put her book down on the table.

But Phoebe had already bounded over toward the fire and plopped down next to where Steven sat in one of the cozy armchairs. "Ohh! What a great idea, Steven! We should sit around and tell ghost stories!"

"Ahh, only if you promise not to let your pokemon reenact the scenes." Steven waved a nervous hand to indicate he wasn't the biggest fan of her mischievous partners, causing Phoebe to giggle.

"Sorry about that! They can't help themselves sometimes."

By now Sidney and Glacia had gravitated toward the fire, and everyone settled in for what promised to be a quiet night. But quickly the conversation picked up, and before too long, enthusiastic stories filled with laughter floated through the darkened rooms of the league. Hours passed without any sign of the power being restored, but no one seemed to mind.

Eventually, the conversation turned to the one Elite who was missing.

"Where is Drake anyway?" asked Phoebe.

"He was supposed to be on his way back from Meteor Falls this evening, but I'm sure the storm ended up delaying his plans," said Steven.

"I hope he didn't get caught out in it..."

"He sure didn't." As if on cue, the dragon master stepped into the room holding a small flashlight.

"Drake! You made it! And you're looking rather dry." Phoebe swept her gaze over his captain's coat that didn't have a drop of water on it.

"Storm's over. Been over for a while now."

"What, really?" Sidney was definitely surprised.

"I guess we were so caught up in our fireside tales that we hadn't noticed," said Glacia.

"But the power's still out," moaned Phoebe, dropping her chin into her hand.

"Well, you can always join us around the fire," offered Sidney, but Steven interjected.

"You said the storm's over? I may have a better idea." The Champion rose from his chair at the cryptic statement, and donned his headlamp once more. "It's one of my favorite places in the whole building."

The Elites shared a puzzled look but decided to follow after their eccentric leader.

A short walk later, the group found themselves standing on the roof of the League building, the cloudless post-storm sky spread before them with no electric lights to obstruct their view of the stars.

"Amazing," breathed Phoebe. "This view is even better than the one from Mt. Pyre."

"Aye, it certainly rivals the ones on the open ocean, too."

"It's okay, I guess -ow!" Glacia elbowed Sidney.

"I think it's lovely, Steven. It was always cloudy where I grew up, so it was a treat when we got to see the stars."

Steven just smiled, face upturned towards the heavens. Silence settled over the group, letting the sound of the waves filter up through the air, unobstructed by the sounds of civilization. They remained that way for some time until the hum of the nearby air conditioning unit stirred to life.

"Power's back on," murmured Sidney.

And no one could have cared less.
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2 - Fans


Hoenn around
  1. aggron
  2. lairon

Prompt #2: Steven faces a truly intimidating challenge: fans...

"Wallace, what is that?"

Wallace didn't even have to look up to know that Steven was hesitantly peering out the window. He could hear the commotion outside from where he sat.

"Oh, it's just your fan club."

"My what club?"

"Fan club. You know, a horde of adoring followers that get together to stalk your every move."

Steven leaned back from the window and rolled his eyes.

"I know what a fan club is - wait, did you say stalk?" The tinge of alarm edging into his voice was not lost on the water-type trainer.

Wallace simply nodded. "Mmhmm. Not to mention their ultimate goal is to profess their everlasting and undying love for you. It's something that as a Master Coordinator and Gym Leader extraordinaire I deal with on a frequent basis." It was all so matter-of-fact.

"You do? Wait, what? Undying love?"

This was too much fun.

"Oh all the time, Steven. In fact I've signed so many body parts I can't even begin to tell you which one was my favorite."

"Body... parts...?" By now, the young heir had turned a sickly shade of pale.

"Sure! Hands, arms, cheeks," Wallace began to tick down on his fingers, "This one time there was a magnificent pair of... oh, and even the occasional baby!"

Steven was nearly shaking by the time the list was finished. "Wallace... I can't go out there."

"Of course you can! If you can stare down the most fearsome trainers in the region without breaking a sweat, surely you can handle a few excited admirers."

"That's different and you know it," Steven protested, albeit a bit weakly, and Wallace offered a sincere smile.

"You're going to have to get used to it at some point, you know."

"Ahh, you're right... It's just..." Steven ran a hand nervously through his hair, "I'm not really very good at talking to people."

"You talk to me all the time."

"You're my friend, Wallace. Of course I can talk to you."

But Wallace was having none of Steven's stalling. As the Champion leaned over to peer out the window once more, Wallace got to his feet and stealthily closed in on his friend. Once he was close enough, the Master Coordinator threw an arm snugly around Steven's shoulders and in one motion whisked the pair of them to the door.

"Then we'll face these fans together! Just think of me as your translator."

Stumbling a bit under the sudden movement, Steven barely had time to react before Wallace's hand was on the doorknob.

"Wallace, no, wait -"

The door was thrown open with fanfare, and Wallace dragged Steven out into the throng.

"Hello lovely citizens, behold, your Champion!"

Steven groaned.
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3 - Running Late


Hoenn around
  1. aggron
  2. lairon

Prompt #3: Someone is running late. Very, very late.

"Oh crap oh crap oh crap!"

Sidney muttered to the beat of his footsteps as he rushed through the halls of the Pokemon League.

"Oh, I'm so late," he moaned as he pushed past Phoebe's chamber.

"Late for what?"

Sidney ground to a halt at the innocent question, and Phoebe's head poked curiously out the door.

"There's no challengers today, so where are you off to in such a hurry?"

Sidney sighed heavily. "I promised I'd feed Drake's pokemon while he was away. He told me they had a very particular schedule, and of course I've gone and messed it up."

Phoebe rocked back and forth on her heels for a moment, pondering something, but Sidney was frantic and already was on the move before she could speak her mind.

"I gotta run, sorry Fee!"

He hurried off toward the next chamber, beginning to feel a stitch in his side when suddenly he felt a cold wind brush by.

"Oh I have to see this," said Phoebe as she floated along side the jogging Elite. Wait, floated?!

Shocked into stopping once more, Sidney gave Phoebe an incredulous look as she sat perched atop her Dusclops, giggling.

"That is so not fair..." he breathed out between gasps for air.

"Think Absol would let you ride him?"

"No way in he--" Sidney heaved another labored breath, "--who designed this place anyway?"

Phoebe shrugged, but a low rumble caught the pair's attention and they exchanged a glance before turning to look further up the corridor.

"That can't be good."

"Drake is gonna kill me."

"Not if his dragons get to you first."

Sidney suddenly looked a woozy. Phoebe noticed.

"How late are you in feeding them? Sidney?"

"...The whole day."

"Ohhhh, I'm definitely not missing this."

But Sidney was already gone, sprinting toward Glacia's domain. He didn't get very far before he came across the ice type specialist standing coolly at the center of her battlefield. Phoebe silently bobbed up behind where he stood frozen under Glacia's chilling glare.

"Hello, Sidney." Her voice was sickly sweet and icy cold all at once. "Care to tell me why the back wall of my chamber is melting?"

"Would 'I'd rather not' be an acceptable answer?"


Phoebe leaned in close and whispered, "We should probably tell her." To which Sidney shook his head vehemently in the negative.

"Tell me what, exactly?"

"Ohh, she has good hearing," Phoebe unnecessarily whispered again, and Sidney brought a palm to his face.

"Tell you... that everything is totally under control and there's no reason to go into Drake's chamber whatsoever," Sidney grated out through a false smile.

"Well, not unless you want to become a dragon snack."


"Sidney forgot to feed Drake's pokemon and now they're grumpy."

Sidney shot Phoebe a nasty glare while Glacia gave a sarcastic round of applause.

"Marvelous. I've always wanted to see what a ravenous Salamence could do to a human." It didn't sound like Glacia was joking.

Phoebe chimed in, too. "I'll tell Steven he should start looking for a new Elite."

"Guys, this isn't helping."

"I already told you I'm just here to watch. You're on your own Sid."

By now the two ladies had circled around behind Sidney, leaving nothing but air and melting ice between him and the door to his doom. His shoulders slumped and as he woefully trudged toward the door he made a silent promise; if he got out of this alive, for the rest of his life he'd never be late again. Ever.

Eyes squeezed shut, he gingerly pressed against the door, slowly nudging it open. The roars got louder and he swore he could feel the heat of an angry dragonbreath rushing through the gap. Taking a deep breath, Sidney steeled his nerve. In one mighty shove he threw the doors wide with a terrified shout and barreled into the room.

The sight that greeted him left his jaw hanging inches from the floor.

Salamence was sitting calmly on the floor of the arena along with the rest of Drake's pokemon, but they weren't alone. Steven stood at the center of the group, giving each dragon an affectionate head pat.

"Oh hey, Sidney. Great timing, it's nearly time for Altaria's grooming appointment. You can handle taking her to Lilycove for me, right?"

But Sidney hadn't moved, he stood lost in a stupor that only left him able to sputter incoherently.

Steven just smiled as Phoebe and Glacia giggled. "Drake called and said you'd volunteered to help me take care of these guys while he was away. I know you're sometimes the forgetful sort, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a little fun at your expense."

"You... you... but... the dragons... and... the flamethrower...how..."

Phoebe gave him a playful nudge. "Maybe now you won't show up halfway through the next League meeting?"

"No," Sidney breathed. "Definitely not."
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golden scars | pfp by sun
the warmth of summer in the songs you write
  1. silvally-grass
  2. lapras
  3. golurk
  4. booper-kintsugi
  5. meloetta-kint-muse
  6. meloetta-kint-dancer
  7. murkrow
  8. yveltal
awww! this is such a cute concept. I remember you linked me the luvdisc one of these and I read it, thoroughly enjoyed it, and promptly didn't leave a review because I am the worst. redemption time part 2! this review is kind of short--real life stuff + my general inability to string together cohesive thoughts on fluff at the moment, not lack of enjoyment!

General thoughts--I always feel like I'm missing out on some key part of the fandom experience because for the most part pokefic is bereft of unironic coffeeshop AU's and the general category of AO3 fluff shenanigans. So this bridges a nice little gap! I admit I'm most interested in how the Elites would behave as members of the Elite Four, with their pokemon, as individuals in their specific universe, etc--this first one didn't necessarily ring to me as specifically pokefic so much as a character study (for characters who admittedly have limited canon personality), but I imagine there's plenty of time for that to get fleshed out.

The meat of this is really sweet though. Power outages reminding us to look for something bigger, silver linings after a storm, etc etc. You juggle this line really nicely of comedic moments/deadpan "holy shit how did you all survive to adulthood ur so dumb" (he says, wearing full pirate cosplay and no shirt) with little glimpses of why these people would get along in the first place, friendship, a reminded to look outside of ourselves. It's quite cute! I am fully biased but I wish that we'd gotten a glimpse of Hoenn-flavored ghost-stories, although for length purposes I understand why those would get glossed over.

"Steven, we're in the League building, not a cave."
I love this line both for the fact that Sidney thinks this needs to be said, and also that low-key it kind of does.
"It's a shame none of us have any electric pokemon," mused Glacia.
yeah luckily none of the pokemon on the hoenn elite four can learn flash, looking at you, phoebe

I cut the grammar notes because iirc you aren't too interested in back-editing, which, totally fair! There are a lot of these bad boys to crosspost. One thing that might help you for future updates on TR specifically is the forum "respace" feature, in case you didn't want the double-double space--I noticed that this wasn't present in your port of TLR + I snuck ahead and read the second one and it wasn't there either, so I wasn't sure if it was an intentional stylistic choice or nah:
Steven just smiled, face upturned towards the heavens. Silence settled over the group, letting the sound of the waves filter up through the air, unobstructed by the sounds of civilization. They remained that way for some time until the hum of the nearby air conditioning unit stirred to life.

"Power's back on," murmured Sidney.

And no one could have cared less.
w/ the bb code [respace][/respace]
Steven just smiled, face upturned towards the heavens. Silence settled over the group, letting the sound of the waves filter up through the air, unobstructed by the sounds of civilization. They remained that way for some time until the hum of the nearby air conditioning unit stirred to life.

"Power's back on," murmured Sidney.

And no one could have cared less.


Hoenn around
  1. aggron
  2. lairon
One thing that might help you for future updates on TR specifically is the forum "respace" feature
Oh. Oh my god. Thank you so much. Yes, all the yes. Thank you. Based kint.

Re: the general thoughts (because if I did the actual quote thing it'd be just that whole paragraph and that seems odd to quote the whole thing? Correct me if I'm not using the feature to its full potential though) but yes, I seem to have this magical ability to write general fic in very non-ironic ways (ie I take things way too seriously). If it can scratch and itch, though, perfect! I realize now that the order of the chapters doesn't really hold much meaning other than character variety and it doesn't show that the pokemon of these trainers do feature in these stories more often than not. Hopefully as more get uploaded here, it'll be more apparent as the collection grows.

little glimpses of why these people would get along in the first place, friendship, a reminded to look outside of ourselves. It's quite cute! I am fully biased but I wish that we'd gotten a glimpse of Hoenn-flavored ghost-stories, although for length purposes I understand why those would get glossed over.
This is pretty much the basis for this whole collection. It was written alongside TLR in part for a fun exercise, but also to help flesh out these characters that I one day decided I would covet and make into my own. The majority of these stories were written daily over the course of a few months, so that's where the brevity comes from. No ghost stories (yet). And Re: grammar, I already know my grammar is actual garbage, but I think the pace at which these were written also impacts the quality. In re-reading as I posted just these three I already can see a lot of errors... You're right I don't have the desire to go back and edit, but I'm always happy to learn from my mistakes (hopefully).

Thanks so much for checking out this little collection again, and I always value your feedback no matter how brief. Best of luck with getting real life things sorted. That's always more important than fic, sadly.


Bug Catcher
  1. lopunny
"short stories" instantly grabs my attention these days, especially since I've been practicing writing them. So, of course, I had to check this out. I remember taking a quick glance when it was first posted and ended up reading the entire 1st story on accident lol. I wanted to leave a proper review, but didn't have the energy at the time, but now after an unnecessarily lengthy intro, here i am lmfao /// sorry in advance for my lame thoughts; there's not much substance to them lol but I enjoyed reading nonetheless

Actually, this should probably be a learning experience. I've never been the biggest fan of writing canon characters, but your writing feels so effortless here, I'm taking notes!


"Is everyone okay in here? This is some storm." Steven peered around, causing the beam of light to dance across the room.
I liked this line for some reason lol
"Are you wearing a caving headlamp?"
I really enjoyed the oddly specific language associated with each member. Phoebe (or is it Sydney's) "jinxing" things. Steven's caving headlamp. Glacia not caring for the heat. Phoebe telling ghost stories.

Truly quality slice-of-life content.


Wallace simply nodded. "Mmhmm. Not to mention their ultimate goal is to profess their everlasting and undying love for you. It's something that as a Master Coordinator and Gym Leader extraordinaire I deal with on a frequent basis." It was all so matter-of-fact.
I love Wallace :(

Reading this is so great at reminding me of what i'm interested in. I'll have to write story about a fan club sometime. Wallace, too!

Random observation, but Steven steel-type specialist doesn't have nerves of steel :3

this was fun lol. Ms. Glacia really devoured her role. She's a star, I tell you. I loved the dynamics of everyone here. Phoebe and Sydney's sibling-like relationship. Sydney's scatterbrainess.

Overall, this was such a soft, wholesome read. It really makes me wanna try writing something like this, too.


Hoenn around
  1. aggron
  2. lairon
natureking, thank you so much for the kind review! Writing is hard whether its writing or reviewing, so I really appreciate you leaving your (not lame at all!) thoughts. In fact, I liked them an awful lot. Besides:
I remember taking a quick glance when it was first posted and ended up reading the entire 1st story on accident lol
This made my day, so you've nothing to apologize for whatsoever!

I really enjoyed the oddly specific language associated with each member.
I think you've put into words what I've tried to do with each character in these short stories better than I could describe myself. How do you inject as much character as possible in only a few words? Useful for longform fics, even more so for short stories. So glad it's worked here!

Just hearing that something I've written can make a non-canon fan a canon-convert is a dream come true. You're spot on with all of your observations, because who doesn't love a soft character who trains the toughest pokemon around? Or some banter between coworkers turned friends? Or an ice queen who has no chill? All these little things that make up who these characters are but wouldn't necessarily take center stage in a larger, longer fic. All these things that make me love these characters so much. And hopefully by the end you'll love them, too!

If you do decide to tackle some short stories (Wallace/Hoenn-centered or otherwise) I'd love to take a look. Thanks again for the review, I appreciate it so much!
4 - Sniffles


Hoenn around
  1. aggron
  2. lairon

Prompt #4: Someone catches a cold...

Wallace was all out of sorts. He sniffled and ached and his head felt like it was inflated larger than a Drifloon. This wasn't supposed to happen. Sootopolitans never got sick! So with a dramatic huff he collapsed back on the sofa and reached for another tissue.

He had nearly emptied half the box before Victoria found her way to his side, cooing worriedly at her trainer's condition. Her nuzzling at his face and neck was a relief; her scales were cool against his too-warm skin.

"Ahh, my darling," he paused as a sniffle assaulted his nose, "I'm afraid I cannot join you in the pool today. This dastardly illness has done a number on me."

Victoria's eyes shimmered with concern and she curled up at the foot of the sofa in support. It was natural for his pokemon to be concerned, but a malady such as this needed more human support.

Languidly he reached for his phone and dialed the all-too-familiar number.

One ring. Two rings. Three rings. Four rings.

"Hello? Wallace?"

"Oh Steven, finally! I was worried something terrible had happened to you too."

"Something terrible? What's going on, are you okay?"

"Steven, it's just awful! I have been bedridden with the most wicked illness. My nose will not stop running and my head feels like it is going to explode!"

To Wallace's surprise, the only thing that sounded through the receiver was a hearty laugh. After a moment, Steven composed himself.

"Sounds like you've caught yourself a head cold. Well make sure you get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids, it should pass in a few days."

Wallace was flabbergasted. "How could you make it sound so cavalier? I could be dying, Steven. Dying!"

But the Champion only laughed again. "You're not dying, Wallace. I can hear it in your voice, you're just congested."

"But I feel so weak. What if it takes days to regain the strength to rise from my sofa?"

"It won't get that bad. Phoebe had the same thing last week."

"But Steeeven," Wallace practically whined.

"Wallace. Trust me I'd come and check on you if I could, but I'm in Kalos right now. I know it's not going to be fun, but you're just going to have to manage on your own."

"Kalos!?" Wallace moaned as visions of romantic elegance danced through his head. What he would give to have the chance to see it with his own eyes.

"Yes, Kalos. It's for League business, I promise. I wouldn't dream of coming here otherwise without bringing you along."

Wallace simply uttered another pathetic moan to prove how much his heart ached, or was that his head?

"I'll be back in Hoenn in three days. You'll be my first stop when I return. I have to run now. I have faith you can make it until then." The hint of amusement in Steven's voice was lost on the moping Gym Leader.

"Do hurry, Steven. This could be the last time you speak to me before I waste away..."

Steven laughed again. "Feel better, Wallace." And the call ended.

It had been several hours since Wallace spoke with Steven, and still no one had called to offer their concern as to why the Gym Leader had yet to show his face around town. Victoria still hovered nearby, gently fanning him with her tail. Wallace was thankful that her heart was as beautiful as her scales, but he still felt utterly dreadful, and the tissue box was now completely empty. Throwing one arm over his eyes he let the other sag off the side of the couch. His head was almost too stuffy to hear the subtle sounds of a key turning in the lock of his front door.

"Wallace? Are you awake?"

His front door closed with a soft sound, and light click of heels moved their way across the room. Victoria cooed happily in recognition, causing Wallace to drag his arm aside and blearily look up at the visitor who now stood over him.


She smiled warmly in return. "Hello, dear. Steven called and told me all about your plight."

"He did?"

"Mmhmm. Growing up in Snowpoint, I learned a thing or two about cold remedies." She brandished a bag filled to the brim with supplies. "I brought a few of the essentials with me, I hope you don't mind."

Sitting up, Wallace suddenly was overwhelmed. He had spent all day just feeling sorry for himself and yet his friends had arranged for all of this without an ounce of pity; it was pure, genuine caring. It was humbling, to say the least.

"Thank you, Glacia."

She smiled again as she looked up from scratching Victoria under the chin.

"It's no problem at all, Wallace. That's what friends are for. Now how about a bowl of Sinnoh's famous noodle soup?"
5 - Baby Pokemon


Hoenn around
  1. aggron
  2. lairon

Prompt #5: Looking after baby Pokémon is hard work.

Steven beamed with pride as he looked down on the five pristine eggs sitting on his kitchen table. He had overseen their delivery personally from the breeder he met in Alola. Each egg was the same, deep blue with flecks of silver, but each egg was different as well, with tiny grooves running along in unique spiderweb patterns. They would hatch soon, he could feel it.

The next several days were laced with excitement. Thankfully the League was on a short recess so Steven took the chance to remain at home all week to keep watch, waiting for the big day.

It only had been a few days when the eggs began to glow. He stood in wonder as four baby Beldum materialized before his eyes.

"Wait, four?"

But as he looked to the last egg, still sitting whole at the end of the line, the first baby Beldum let loose a shriek, whether it was hunger, excitement, fright, or otherwise, Steven would never know, as immediately the other three Beldum joined in their litter mate's crying.

Now Steven was used to the metallic cries of the species, but the baby pokemon had no sense of self control, and as soon as they began to screech, their voices compounded into an ear-splitting cacophony that reverberated around the room. He needed to get them outside, and fast.

But the Beldum had other ideas, and now free from their shells, the little steel types quickly discovered their magnetic powers. Still shrieking in what must have been either joy or confusion they began to erratically hover about the space. Eyes wide with the wonder of discovering everything Steven's home had to offer, they tumbled about, bumping things from counters, dislodging items from shelves, and even latching onto things with their claws. As soon as Steven was able to pry one from the refrigerator door, another had stumbled upon his rock collection and he abandoned the first Beldum in an effort to keep the second from knocking over the glass casework.

In a frantic effort that had seen the majority of his furniture sustain some sort of damage, Steven finally wrangled all four Beldum into a manageable gaggle in his arms. No longer able to explore freely, the Beldum began to wail once more and Steven winced, unable to cover his ears lest he let the Beldum wander off again.

Their wailing cries continued as Steven wove his way through the disastrous state of his living room and out toward the yard. He could barely think straight with how badly his ears were ringing. Along the way, one of the babies decided that the human now cradling it in their arms must have been doing all of the work in keeping it above the floor, so it stopped its levitating. Of course, Steven was not prepared to hold the full weight of a steel pokemon, and the little one fell straight down to the floor, landing square on his foot. He yelled in pain; that had to be a broken toe, and his shout only served to make the Beldum cry louder in his arms.

Now hobbling to the back door, Steven roughly shoved it open, finally having managed to wrangle the four babies outside. He stumbled down the steps and the metallic cries of the baby pokemon in his arms served to startle a flock of Wingull into scattering into the air. In amazement, all four Beldum ceased their crying to watch the birds take flight, and then when the birds were out of view immediately began wailing once more.

Finally relinquishing his hold on the Beldum, Steven reached to his belt and grimaced as he felt the throb of his injured foot. In a flash, Metagross materialized by his side, flinching at the high-pitched cries echoing through the treetops. It quickly located the source of said noise and then spun to face its trainer with an uneasy look.

Steven sighed. "Yup, these are them."

Metagross rumbled a low note and Steven shot it a glare.

"No way, you and I are in this together. It's a joint responsibility."

Rumbling again, Metagross turned its gaze back to where the four babies had gathered in a cluster, still crying.

"Oh, I'm aware. Can you help me out?"

Rolling its eyes, Metagross nodded before letting out a deafening roar. Instantly the baby Beldum chirped in surprise, their crying now reduced to quiet chattering amongst themselves. With a low hum, Metagross lowered itself close to the ground, beckoning the babies near. Red eyes blinked at the metal monstrosity before them, looks of faint recognition dawning in their expression. Then hesitantly, the largest of the bunch floated over and nuzzled into Metagross's side. It hummed comfortingly, and when nothing bad befell their fellow hatchling, the rest follow suit.

Steven sighed in relief and sunk to the ground, leaning back against his partner and listening to the quiet chattering of the babies.

"Thanks, Metagross. I owe you big time."

It grated a rumbling reply, and Steven had to laugh.

"Don't worry, you were never that bad. Trust me, I'd remember if you were that much of a terror."

Satisfied, Metagross hummed again and settled around the baby Beldum in a protective embrace. Thankful for the peace and quiet, Steven was content to just lay there until the sun slipped below the horizon.

It was dark outside by the time Steven remembered about the last Beldum. He quickly and quietly got up and jogged inside as fast as his foot would allow. As he came back out to the yard, Metagross's red gaze followed him, fixated on the last egg tucked safely in his arms.

Steven smiled. "This one is being stubborn. Or lazy. I can't tell."

Metagross grated out a small chuckle as Steven settled back against its side.

"At least it can spend some quality time with its siblings now."

But just as he leaned back to look at the stars, the egg began to glow. Steven and Metagross both watched in silent amazement as the yard was cast in a soft white light. When the light finally faded, Steven thought his eyes might be playing tricks on him; the new hatchling seemed to still be glowing in the nighttime air. Blinking several times to convince himself otherwise, it slowly dawned on him. This Beldum wasn't glowing, it was reflecting the pale moonlight in its silvery hide. A shiny Beldum. Steven grinned as its red eye drifted open sleepily and its golden claws flexed cautiously against his shirt.

"Hello little one. You're quite the looker aren't you?"

The shiny Beldum chirped once as it processed Steven's soft question, its eye slowly scanning its caretaker's face. And then it broke into a loud wailing cry, loud enough to disturb the other four Beldum that were sleeping beneath Metagross's watch. Soon five tiny pokemon were all screeching in unison and Steven could only laugh at the incredulity of it all. Good thing he was used to functioning on so little sleep.
6 - Workout


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Prompt #6: Someone asks Wallace to help them work on their fitness...

"I still can't believe you talked me into this..."

"And I can't believe Wallace agreed to do this."

Phoebe and Flannery exchanged nervous glances as they spoke in hushed tones. Wallace had been pacing at the edge of the pool for a while now, spouting off all the virtues of how water was the best way to hone a trainer's body.

"...So I hope you ladies are ready. My contest spectacular preparation regiment is not to be taken lightly."

Flannery felt the need to interject. "But we're not training for a contest!" Wallace gave her a sharp look, and she clammed up, muttering, "It's just it'll be summertime soon and... well... we're both single..."

Phoebe nodded in agreement, although the expression on the Master Coordinator's face remained unamused.

"No matter the reason, I have taken your request quite seriously, so I hope you two will do the same."

Both ladies nodded, but not without some apprehension. Why oh why had Phoebe listened to Steven when he casually mentioned Wallace's penchant for staying in shape? She had gone to Wallace looking for a few workout tips, but this was quickly turning into a boot camp.

"All right, hop in," he commanded as he slipped into the pool himself. "60 laps should be a nice warm up swim. Then we move on to calisthenics!"

Wallace had already taken off to start his own laps, and Phoebe and Flannery shared a glance again before arriving at the same conclusion. As Wallace disappeared down toward the far end of the pool, Phoebe beckoned to some of the nearby Gym pokemon. Flannery slipped a few treats from her bag and in no time both trainers had their very own workout partners. Phoebe kicked along behind an all too cheerful Spheal while Flannery found herself a friendly Whiscash that was willing to give her a ride. The 60 laps passed smoothly, and somehow Wallace was none the wiser.

When everyone had finished their laps, and Spheal and Whiscash slipped away under the water unnoticed with a quiet thank you from the ladies, Wallace ushered the group into his private weight room where they could continue to train. As Flannery nervously eyed the intimidating weight machines, Phoebe nudged her with a sly wink and palmed two pokeballs. As Wallace launched into an explanation on the optimal circuit for toning muscle, Mismagius and Duskull quietly slipped into the shadows. Every pull up, push up, and bench press was suddenly much lighter for the the pair, and on more than one occassion Phoebe had to remind her pokemon to keep their snickering to themselves, lest the water-type Leader become suspicious.

At the end of the day, Phoebe and Flannery gave Wallace their thanks and when he offered to meet them again bright and early the next morning, they enthusiastically agreed with the promise that they'd have one more member to add to the work out crew.

"So how mad do you think Steven is going to be when we drag him out of bed tomorrow morning?"

"Not nearly as mad as when he finds out he doesn't have any pokemon he can sneak into the workout without Wallace knowing!"

Both trainers laughed a bit too maniacally. Who said getting in shape wouldn't be fun?
7 - Here Be Dragons


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Prompt #7: Some of the Elites encounter a trainer treating their Pokémon badly...

Sidney scowled as he looked over the bow of Drake's boat. The pair of Elites were docked in Slateport when they had come across an unpleasant sight.

"Should we do something?"

But Drake just remained silent, his captain's hat pulled low over his eyes, but aimed in a way that told Sidney he was staring at the same thing.

A trainer not much younger than Sidney was standing along the shoreline with his back turned to their ship. They couldn't see his face, but the Trapinch cowering on the sand in front of him told them all they needed to know. He was swearing and stomping and his voice carried over the quiet waters of the harbor.

"They told me you would grow up to be a dragon! Well you haven't, and I don't see how you even could! You're just some little bug thing. You don't even have wings! I can't believe that breeder lied to me... You're supposed to be a dragon, my dragon!"

Sidney winced and glanced at Drake.

"Even if we told him, do you think he'd treat it any better afterward?"

The only sign that Drake heard him was the way the brim of his hat dipped a little bit lower.

"I don't know if I can take much more of this. I might have to go down there..."

As Sidney shifted to move, Drake's arm shot out across his chest, freezing the younger man in place with a surprised look. His other hand produced two pokeballs from the pocket of his coat. With a heave, both balls opened to reveal their furious contents. The pair of Flygon could sense the fear of their fellow pokemon. With a mighty pump of their wings, both dragons soared high over the harbor until their presence was a mere shadow on the ground.

As the sun was blotted out, the incensed trainer paused in his tirade and glanced skyward, using a hand to shield against the bright light. Instead of a lazy Pelipper, he was greeted by two streaks of green and red that crashed to the ground in a cloud of sand. Eyes wide with shock, the trainer stumbled backward, pointing at the Flygon that now protectively flanked his pokemon.


The Flygon put on a fearsome display, arching their wings and whipping their tails before issuing a mighty roar with narrowed eyes and bared fangs.

"D-don't k-kill me please! Ahhhh!"

As the terrified trainer groveled in the sand, one Flygon marched up to him and plucked him from the earth by the back of his collar. Another scream cut through the harbor air as he was lifted to eye level with the prickly dragon. He could see the reflection of his terror-stricken features in its protective eye covering, and he chose to focus on that instead of the rage burning in its gaze.

Flygon leaned in close, its breath hot on the trainer's face and gave an indignant snort, causing the trainer to flinch out of fear.

"I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please don't eat me!"

Flygon snarled and the trainer tried to curl into the fetal position as best he could.

"I believe that breeder now, I won't say those things to Trapinch again! I promise! Just please don't hurt me!"

The rumble in Flygon's throat still remained, but at the huff of its companion, it quieted down. Eyes still narrowed, it none-too-gently deposited the trainer back onto the sand on his backside. Immediately the trainer scrabbled for Trapinch's pokeball and recalled it before beating a hasty retreat.

Sidney turned wide-eyed to the old sailor at his side.

"Ten pokedollars says that kid goes back and asks the breeder if he can exchange Trapinch for a Skitty."

Drake just grinned. "He wasn't cut out to be a dragon trainer anyway."
8 - Kitchen Nightmares


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Prompt #8: Steven has many talents, but cooking is not one of them.

He had meant for it to be a surprise, he really did. But when the front door opened causing the cloud of smoke to come rolling out of the kitchen and into the foyer, the Delcatty was out of the bag. Steven poked his head out of the kitchen with a nervous smile.

"H-hey, Dad."

Joseph blinked in surprise as he gingerly set his briefcase down. He certainly hadn't expected to arrive home thinking his house was on fire, and he certainly didn't expect his son to be the reason why the smoke detectors were beeping up a storm.

"Steven? What are you doing here? Is everything okay?"

Steven wasn't one to just visit out of the blue. In fact, he rarely visited Rustboro at all. Joseph would always remind himself that it was the League duties that kept him away; the position of Champion wasn't only glitz and glamour, and he knew Steven took the responsibilities seriously. But somehow he also had a feeling there was another reason his son would avoid coming home... It's not like he had been a great role model in the first place, all those late nights at the office when Steven was young.

"Well..." Steven's voice trailed off into a nervous laugh, "Everything's fine, but I'm afraid my plan didn't quite work out like I had hoped."

"Your plan?"

Another sheepish laugh came from Steven, and it was then that Joseph really got a good look at his son. He had discarded his suit jacket in favor of a chef's apron, although it apparently did little to contain the mess. Splatters of grease, dots of tamato sauce and several other unrecognizable smears covered his arms where his shirt had been rolled back to the elbow. Puffs of flour dotted him from head to toe, including smudges all over one cheek. His hair was a mess, even more so than usual, and was it singed in a few spots?

"I guess it's not really a surprise any more but..." Steven beckoned him into the kitchen, and Joseph's eyes went wide. "Uhh, happy birthday, Dad. Sorry about the mess."

From the state of the room, it was impressive as to how Steven had escaped relatively unscathed. But sitting just beyond the carnage, ready to be served in the formal dining room, was a three course meal for two. It didn't look great, most of the dish was burned around the edges, and the appetizer had definitely seen better days, but Joseph recognized it as one of his favorites. Perched just beyond the plates was one of the saddest looking layer cakes he had ever seen, complete with lopsided hand-piped letters.

Steven had lingered back at the kitchen door, and he began to panic as he saw his father's shoulders begin to shake.

"Sorry Dad, I thought it would have been a nice treat to repay you for all the times you made me something special on my birthday, but I really screwed up-"

But his apology was cut short by his father's boisterous laughter.

"There's nothing to apologize for," he said in between more chuckling fits, "This was a wonderful surprise."

"It was?"

"Absolutely!" Joseph enveloped his son in a hug, messy apron and all. "I've finally found the one talent you didn't get from your old man!"

Joseph broke into another round of laughter, and when he finished wiping a tear from his eye, he caught Steven's genuine smile.

"Well then I guess this wasn't a total disaster then," he said, running a hand through his messy hair.

Joseph clapped a hand on Steven's back, "Son, just having you home is present enough for me. But the maid is going to kill you when she sees this, so let's get out of here and get some dinner. There's this little Johtonian place I've been wanting to try..."
9 - Diplomacy


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Prompt #9: Someone has to break up a fight...

Sidney decided this was the first and last time he ever wanted to see a Garchomp with a confused expression on its face. But that's precisely what he saw when he walked into the practice arena. Cynthia's Garchomp and Glacia's Walrein sat on the battlefield side by side in bewildered silence as they watched the real combatants duke it out.

Both women had left their respective trainer's boxes and marched across to meet at the center of the field. Mere inches from one another, they yelled and gestured about something that left Sidney as baffled as their two pokemon.

"We should probably try to break that up," said Phoebe as she sidled up beside Sidney, eyes glued on the warring trainers.

"You couldn't pay me enough to stick my neck out there..."

Phoebe winced as a particularly nasty tone cut through the air.

"I don't think Cynthia's visit is off to a great start."

Sidney shook his head in agreement, "No one told me that a Sinnohan temper would put even my attitude to shame."

"What's this about a Sinnohan temper?"

The two Elites turned to find Steven standing behind them, looking on curiously.

"Oh, uh, it's nothing, really." Sidney tried to play it smooth, but Steven had already peered past the duo and spotted his Champion counterpart.

"Cynthia's here? Why didn't you say so earlier. I'll have to kindly ask Glacia to stop harassing our guest."

And with that, Steven casually strolled down to the arena floor and began to approach the two women.

Sidney gave Phoebe a worried glance and she returned the gesture, unable to figure out if Steven was foolish, brave, or equal parts of both.

It didn't take long for them to find out, as the shouting match intensified for a brief moment before quieting down, and after only a short while longer Steven returned to join the Elites looking frazzled, yet relieved. Sidney glanced down at the battlefield over Steven's shoulder and gaped when he saw the enraged trainers had already calmed down and were having a civil conversation.

"But, how?"

Steven merely smiled as he straightened his lapels. "Let's just say I had a bit of diplomatic help."

Phoebe blinked in stunned surprise; she had never expected someone as quiet as the Hoenn Champion to be able to quell the hot-tempered trainers. But as Steven walked past the two stunned Elites, she saw exactly where his help had come from. Trailing behind the Champion was his Carbink, happily bobbing in his wake.

"Wait a minute..."

Steven paused for a moment and glanced over his shoulder with a sly smile, "Did you know that Confide works when used outside of battle too?" Carbink gave a happy squeal as it circled around Steven's feet. "This little one is quite a good listener."

Phoebe just stared at Steven in utter surprise, while Sidney's jaw hit the floor.

"Oh, and we'll be hosting Cynthia for a welcome dinner tonight at seven. Don't be late!" And with a wave, Steven slipped out the door.

Sidney leaned over to tap on Phoebe's shoulder, startling her from their stunned silence.

"Remind me to borrow that TM from Steven for the next time Glacia wants to kill me."

Phoebe simply nodded, but made a mental note to do the same.
10 - Dusk and Dawn


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Prompt #10: Somone's pokémon really doesn't want to evolve yet...

Phoebe smiled as she draped the Reaper Cloth around Dusclops' shoulders. The ghost type gave a happy shudder as the spirit energy flowed through its frame and with a gleeful cry, its body began to glow. As the bright light faded away from Dusknoir, a pair of blue eyes that peeked through the doorway squeezed shut and fled with a muffled, heartbroken squeak.

Dusknoir quickly proved to be a strong addition to Phoebe's team, and it motivated the rest of the Elite on to work hard with their partners as well. Sidney's Vullaby finally kicked its disobedient streak and made progress in leaps and bounds. It evolved later that month. Drake's Fraxure was getting taller by the day and its tusks had begun to take on the wicked curve of their signature axe-like form. Dragon types were stubborn, but both trainer and pokemon knew it was only a matter of days before Fraxure would shed its juvenile armor. Even the Champion was spurred into action, and his progress was apparent in the green tinge that quickly began to show in Archen's growing plumage. One afternoon it burst into its first real flight, evolving into a full fledged Archeops.

But Glacia huffed in defeat as, yet again, after a fierce training session her two Snorunt still had not evolved. It wasn't as if they hadn't shown any improvement. Their omnipresent shivering had lessened; a sure sign that their bodies were harboring plenty of stored energy. One of the Snorunt even had tufts of thicker fur peeking out from beneath its cloak. It would become a Glalie soon, she could feel it.

And when the day came and a bright light engulfed her two partners, only one Glalie emerged in the end. It hovered proudly, getting used to the feeling of its new body, but its partner stood next to it, still clutching its cloak in two shivering hands, eyes dejected and downturned.

"What's the matter, little one?" Glacia asked as she kneeled down before her pokemon. It averted its eyes from its trainer, and Glacia gave a reassuring smile.

"There's no need to be ashamed. You'll evolve when it's your time. We'll keep working together until that time comes."

But the little Snorunt still seemed agitated, and it dashed out of the training chamber without another word. Glacia frowned as it fled, but she wouldn't chase it. If Snorunt needed time alone, then she was happy to let it be in peace.

It wasn't until later that night when the rest of the League was asleep that a pair of tiny footsteps pattered down the hallway toward Phoebe's chamber. As quietly as it could, Snorunt nudge the door ajar and peered into the darkness inside. Dusknoir floated peacefully, eye shut in slumber, and Snorunt let out a chattering sigh of longing. It hadn't kept its volume low, however, and a single red eye drifted open at the sound. As it took notice of the open door, the hallway stood empty with only the remnants of a nervous squeak echoing down the corridor.

For the next week, Snorunt made itself scarce around its trainer, but not around the other Elites. Every so often it would pass through the common area and brush by, seemingly looking for something or someone. When Phoebe finally asked it why it was running from Glacia, Snorunt panicked and took to hiding in one of the closets, only peeking out the door when it heard someone new come into the room.

Until, one day Glacia had been talking with Steven in the common room, and Snorunt peeked its head out into the room once more. It sniffed the air and trained its eyes onto the Champion. In one swift motion it burst from the closet and launched itself at the unsuspecting trainer. With one paw it batted at the man's jacket pocket, and as he stumbled backward in surprise, a small shiny item tumbled to the ground. It bounced with a couple of clatters, but before Glacia could admonish her pokemon for the uncharacteristic sneak attack, the little Snorut had gathered the gleaming stone in its paws. Turning its blue eyes up to meet its trainer's, a bright light surrounded the ice type and it closed its eyes peacefully as it felt its body change.

Things felt lighter all of a sudden. More airy. The ever present chill was still there, like a draft that snaked its way down an unprotected collar. But there was something else too. Something otherworldly. Something that sent a tingle up the spine, but not from the temperature.

Both Steven and Glacia looked on as Froslass took shape. Sharp blue eyes slowly opened and the dual type pokemon circled her trainer in an icy swirl. Glacia offered a polite curtsy to her new teammate, and Froslass trilled a happy cry in return. She smiled as she gently took one of Froslass's paws in her hand, she now understood.

When darkness once again settled over the League, Froslass floated down the hallway and silently drifted through the door. She paused nervously next to Dusknoir, the larger ghost already awake and waiting for her. Shyly, Froslass reached out with one hand and Dusknoir gently cupped it between its two larger ones. Leaning in, the pokemon met with a soft nuzzle, and the air sang as their spirits danced as one.
11 - Art


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Prompt #11: There's a new art exhibit in town. Not everyone appreciates it...

The mood was tense as the two trainers left the Lilycove Art Museum. There was a traveling exhibition on display for only a short time, and it came highly recommended by the local critics. So of course Wallace was determined to go see it and Steven wouldn't have dreamed of turning down the invitation to join him, if only for the fact that if he did, he would've had to hear about his declination for weeks.

And yet in the end he feared he'd still be getting an earful for an entirely different reason.

"The nerve!" Wallace huffed as they strolled down one of the city's winding paths, practically stomping his feet as they went. "I can't believe they'd do such a thing!"

Steven ventured a nervous glance at the incensed Leader. He didn't find the exhibit to be of such great offense, but he knew to keep those thoughts to himself. Instead he chose his words carefully.

"It was an... odd choice."


Clearly he didn't choose them carefully enough.

"I could hardly call what we saw something as tame as 'odd'. More like 'garish'. Honestly, Steven, I have half a mind to write a strongly worded letter to the curator..."

It was time to talk his friend off the ledge.

"I don't think that's really necessary, Wallace. It was just the one piece in the collection, right?"

"You're missing the point, Steven. It only needed to be one piece to ruin the entire thing!"

"I mean, art is all a matter of taste, no?" Steven tried to defuse the situation with a lighthearted shrug. It didn't work.

"Are you saying I lack the intricacies of good taste?" Wallace's voice climbed a few notes higher, and Steven winced.

"No, no, not at all," he raised his hands defensively as Wallace's narrow gaze was now aimed at him. "I'm merely suggesting that the artist is the one who is lacking."

Wallace eyed him for a moment longer before looking away, content to simply sniff and hold his head high.

"You don't need to suggest what I am already aware of."

At this Steven sighed in relief, able to deflect Wallace's anger back at the initial target.

"Well, needless to say I won't be giving that particular exhibit a glowing review."

"Thankfully I don't think the papers will be asking any of us for our thoughts on the matter."

"Oh, I'd love to give them a piece of my thoughts..."

Steven sighed again. He was fighting a losing battle, and as much as he hated losing, this was one his friend would never concede. But that wouldn't stop him from trying one last time.

"Wallace, you can't be that surprised with an exhibit title like 'Pokemon: A Circus of Wonder'."

At this, Wallace wheeled around on his heel, practically sputtering, "Why not the charismatic ringleader, or the dazzling trapeze artist, or the mesmerizing contortionist?!"

Just the naming of the rest of the exhibit pieces began to recall the image in Steven's mind, and he found it more and more difficult to keep a straight face at the memory.

"Why? Why did they have to paint my darling Milotic as the clown?!"

The hand over his mouth did little to stifle the laugh that Steven could no longer contain.

"I'm sorry, Wallace," he tried to backpedal at the Master Coordinator's furious expression, but his eyes still twinkled with mirth. "But you have to admit, they did portray her as a magnificent juggler."

A flock of Wingull took to the sky at Wallace's cry of rage, and Steven found it too hard to hold in his laughter as he ran for what was quite possibly his life.
12 - The New Guy


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Prompt #12: Sidney conducts his first official Gym inspection.

"So, uh, how are things going for you in Hoenn so far?"

But Norman was in no mood for small talk, and he didn't move from where he stood, arms crossed.

"You're the one here for the Gym inspection, you tell me."

Sidney shifted at the Gym Leader's forwardness before quickly consulting his clipboard.

"Uhh," his eyes scanned down the checklist, "H-how's your win loss ratio been? We can't go having the newest Gym in the region being thought of as the pushover."

Sidney's attempt at humor was lost on Norman, who just stared back impassively. "It's fair."


He scribbled a note down on the clipboard, not because it was important, but because he felt like he had to.

"Look," Norman started with a sigh, "I know you're just here to do your job -"

"So let me do it."

The younger man's tone had taken a firm edge, and he caught Norman's surprised expression. It was his turn to sigh.

"I know, it's gotta suck that the League has all these rules and regulations. If I'm totally honest, I don't really care how many trainers you give a badge to or not. But if I gotta do this kinda stuff to help out the Boss, then I'm gonna do it."

"What do you think of him?"


"The Champion, Steven Stone. What do you think of him?"

Sidney found himself blinking in confusion.

"What's that got to do with anything?"

"Just wondering. I'm new to Hoenn, but you have to admit, having the heir to the wealthiest corporation in the region as head of the Pokemon League sounds awfully convenient..." Norman's tone wasn't accusatory, in fact it held as neutral as if he was having a conversation about the weather, but it didn't stop Sidney from bristling with defensive energy.

"Now listen here," he practically hissed through bared teeth, "No matter what you've heard, Steven's gotten to where his all on his own. I've seen it myself. I'd have nothing if it weren't for him, and I won't stand for anyone spreading lies that say otherwise."

"Relax," Norman's posture eased into a slouch against the nearest door frame, "I was just checking."

"Checking what?" Sidney was still on edge.

"Checking to see what kind of people the Champion had in his Elite. And what they thought about him in return. From the sound of it, Hoenn is in good hands. Now," Norman held out a hand, "Let me see that checklist."


"Give it here, I filled out a million of these back in Johto. I'll walk you through everything as I go down the list."

Nodding, Sidney handed over the clipboard. As Norman gave the pages a cursory glance, Sidney froze and shook his head.

"Hey, wait a minute. I'm the one supposed to be doing the inspection!"

Norman just laughed and disappeared into the first chamber of the Gym with Sidney hot on his heels.
13 - Fun and Games


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Prompt #13: A boring day at the League leads the Elites to look for a different kind of entertainment...

Glacia scowled across the table at Sidney as the Elites gathered in the lounge after another afternoon of challengers wrapped up sooner than expected.

"I'm getting rather tired of your winning streak, you know."

"Hey, I can't help it I'm so good," Sidney offered with a casual shrug.

"You're robbing me of potential matches."

"Look at it this way, if they couldn't beat me, would you really want to waste your time battling them?"

Glacia sat back in her chair in thought, "You have a good point..."

"Besides, now you have more time to sit back and read your book."

But Glacia was soon frowning again. "I finished that book already, and the library won't be open again until tomorrow."

"Oh..." Sidney found himself scowling now too, but Phoebe's bright tone cut through the doom and gloom of a boring weekend afternoon.

"Now that all the challengers are taken care of, why don't we all play a game?"

Drake tipped the brim of his hat back as he eyed the box cradled in Phoebe's arms. "Didn't have much else in mind for today. I'll bite."

Sidney quirked a brow at the Dragon Master's sudden interest, and he leaned back in his chair with both hands behind his head. "Sure, I'm down. That makes three players, so maybe we can convince the ice queen too..." he trailed off with a glance across the table. Glacia was already glaring daggers at him.

"Why not? I need someone to pulverize today since you hogged all of the usual targets."

Sidney quickly averted his eyes from Glacia's fierce stare. "What do you have for us, Fee?"

Phoebe giggled nervously at the heated exchange, but she wouldn't be deterred. This was a perfect four player game after all. "It's a game my Gran got for me, she said it was great to play with friends!"

"Mmhm, friends," said Glacia with perhaps a bit too much enthusiasm.

"So how do we play?" asked Drake as he pulled a chair up to the table next to Glacia, unfazed by her bristly demeanor.

"Well," Phoebe slid open the box and spread out its contents, "It's basically a race to the end, and you have to avoid traps from the board and from the other players too!"

"Oooh, I like this game already."

Sidney gulped as Glacia's gaze was locked back on him again. But as Phoebe passed out the pieces and set up the board and its respective cards, it wasn't long before tensions were running high between all four trainers.

"You've got to be kidding me," hissed Phoebe as Drake trapped her piece for a whopping two turns in a row.

The Dragon Master kept his cool though, at least until Glacia sent him backward three spaces. Sidney snickered at the sudden change of target of Glacia's ire, but it was short lived as he abruptly landed on a spot that forced him to discard a card from his hand.

"Aw man!"

As he sullenly laid his card down in the pile, a movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. It certainly looked like the golden glint of a zipper...

"Hey, Fee. What was that just now?"

Phoebe's gaze shot up innocently as she drew a card for her turn.

"What was what, Sid?" she asked a little too sweetly.

"Oh nothing. It's just I thought I might have seen Banette float by just now. You wouldn't be thinking of using your pokemon to cheat now would you?"

"That's a mighty strong accusation there..." muttered Drake, but he too turned his attention toward the ghost-type expert.

But Phoebe wasn't going to stand for such insinuations. At least not without making one of her own.

"Don't think I haven't seen you tap Absol's ball for some disaster prevention."

Sidney immediately looked flustered. "That's not the same thing as having Banette look at other people's cards for you!" he shot back.

Somehow Glacia remained the most calm during the exchange. "Might I point out that neither of you have denied said actions..."

As both trainers flushed different shades of indignation and embarrassment, they quickly clammed up as they watched Glacia's expression melt into simmering anger. "First I get cheated out of a challenger battle, and now I get cheated out of a relaxing board game?!"

"Now hold on..." cautioned Drake as he made to try to move the game forward. But as he reached out for his card, a ghostly hand slid up from the tabletop and slipped a new card in at the top of the deck. Phoebe paled at Banette's misstep, and Drake scowled down at the board. "Never mind."

Glacia was already on her feet, pokeball drawn, "Get back here you little sneak!"

In a flash, Glalie materialized and nearly overturned the table in an effort to chase after the now-fleeing Banette.

"Glacia, wait!" shouted Sidney, grabbing his own pokeball and releasing Absol just in time for it to block a haphazardly-aimed icy wind.

Phoebe yelped as she too had to duck out of Glalie's warpath. Peeking back up toward the table, she groaned as she discovered that the board game was now completely frozen into a block of ice.

Drake just chuckled at the mayhem, at least until Banette floated by and snatched the cap right from his head and used it to block another of Glalie's attacks. Eyes wide as his prized cap landed on the floor with a frozen thunk, an aggravated growl rose from the back of his throat.


It was right at that moment that the door to the lounge swung open, and the Champion strolled into the room. If the chaotic state of the room didn't immediately alarm him, the roar of the mighty dragon-type certainly did. Barely two steps through the door, Steven's eyes went wide and he quickly turned to beat a hasty retreat, slamming the door shut behind him.

During Phoebe's next visit to her Gran's house, the older woman was shocked to see her granddaughter handing the board game back. The cards were all warped and waterlogged, and it looked as if a portion of the board had been singed... She stared up at Phoebe with a silent question, and the ghost-type specialist could only offer a sheepish laugh in response.

"Sorry Gran, you really should have said to play with friends who aren't so competitive!"
14 - Technology


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Prompt #14: Sometimes Drake feels like he's getting too old for this...

"...And all you have to do is tap here and it saves it for you automatically!"

Phoebe grinned up at Drake as she brandished her new PokeNav Plus for him to see.

"Plus it's got a new feature that lets us call each other too, so we don't have to use the old clunky League intercom any more."

Drake's mustache twitched, but he otherwise remained silent.

"Oh let me see it," sighed Phoebe as she held out her hand, and Drake complied, dropping the PokeNav he had been gripping in his pocket into her waiting palm.

She fiddled with the device for only a few moments before handing it back to the befuddled Dragon Master.

"All set! You should try it out for yourself though," Phoebe gave him a thumbs up of encouragement before she bounced out of the room.

Slowly, Drake glanced down at the PokeNav in his hand and as he quietly stared, he felt a hand gently clap down on his shoulder.

"Ah, you've finally upgraded to the newest model," Steven smiled down at Devon's latest gadget, "My dad really worked hard on that one, I think you'll find its features really slick."

Drake's gaze slid sideways to meet Steven's enthusiastic one, and the Elite's face remained stoic as he measured the Champion's words carefully.

But Steven didn't notice Drake's tight expression, and he gave his friend another pat on the back before slipping out the door. "Let me know how you like it!"

Drake watched him go and then jumped in surprise as the device in question began to buzz and blink. Staring hard at the screen, the song and dance quickly stopped and a face popped up on the display.

'Phoebe gave us your number!'

The Nav buzzed again, and a second face popped up.

'So now we can message you whenever!'

Drake scowled down at the twins' pictures staring back at him. Even the Gym Leaders were getting in on this, although he could hardly be surprised. They were young and plenty savvy to pick up the new Match Call system without much difficulty.

The PokeNav buzzed once again, finally not startling the veteran trainer so much, but what popped up on the screen gave Drake pause.

'Cant w8 2 chat ol sea buddy :-)'

With a groan, Drake was now staring at the device through the fingers of his other hand. He rubbed his brow and sighed. Somehow even old Briney had beaten him to the punch. He suddenly felt very weary, and he pocketed the PokeNav before shuffling back toward his chamber. Maybe Altaria could help him decipher exactly how to use this blasted thing.

"I'm getting too old for this shit."
15 - Moving Forward


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Prompt #15: Wallace has a bad break-up. Steven doesn't completely understand, but he does his best to help.

Steven was only mildly worried when he hadn't heard from Wallace in several days. After all, the Gym Leader had his own life to live, and he was a busy man. But the silence of his phone was unnerving given the water-type master's penchant for contacting him out of the blue.

So when his text message was responded to with a single word reply, Steven really became worried. It wasn't long until he found himself standing outside Wallace's house with a box of his friend's favorite snack under one arm, quietly knocking on the door.

"Wallace? Are you home?"

He felt a bit silly was he waited for what felt like too long for a reply, and in a snap decision he simply slipped out the hidden key and let himself in. It was only fair after Wallace had done the same to him so many times. As he set his parcel down on the kitchen counter, he noticed the strange silence of the house. Wallace always had on some kind of soft music if he wasn't simply chatting up a storm. Something was wrong...

Steven quietly moved through the house, determined to find what had happened to his friend when he came upon a closed bedroom door. Steven paused as a muffled sound made its way through the wood. If he didn't know any better, he'd say that it sounded like someone doing a very poor job at stifling some tearful hiccups. He brought his hand to bear and softly tapped on the door.

"Wallace? It's me. Are you okay?"

A particularly loud hiccup sounded, and Steven winced. He hadn't meant to startle his friend.

"I-I'm fine. You can go."

Steven pulled back from the door, blinking in surprise. Something was definitely wrong.

"You don't sound fine."

"My, Steven, you're quite perceptive."

"Would you like to talk about it?"

"No, I would not like to talk about it. I doubt you would understand anyway..."

At this Steven frowned. Wallace never would turn down the opportunity to talk, let alone make an assumption that it was out of his friend's expertise.

"Well, I'm here and I brought your favorite..." he let the word trail off, and true to form he heard a rustling and the knob rattled as the door opened just a hair. Wallace's puffy, red eye poked through the crack.

"You brought cakes? For me?"

Steven nodded as he smiled, "I've been told I'm a good listener."

The door closed for a moment and Steven feared he'd pushed a bit too much, but when it swung open a moment later, letting the Leader shuffle out of the darkened room, he finally got a good look at the state of his friend. It was clear Wallace had been crying, for how long was unclear. His normally sharp attire was wrinkled and his shoulders sagged uncharacteristically.

With a gentle motion, Steven placed an arm around Wallace's shoulders and steered him to the couch. Without a word he stepped into the kitchen and quickly returned with two plates that bore the sweets in question. Wallace opened his mouth to begin, but Steven stopped him, thrusting the plate into his hands.

"Eat first, then we'll talk."

The two sat in silence as the treats were devoured, Wallace giving in at Steven's urging and having a second cake. It was as Steven was just finishing his first cake that Wallace set down his empty plate and sighed.

"She was seeing someone else on the side."

Steven's eyebrows shot up, but he remained quiet. Wallace continued.

"So, I broke it off. We're done. I just - I just feel so... empty," he sunk back into the cushions.

Steven's gaze never wavered and Wallace finally pried his eyes from the floor to meet his friend's. The lost expression on Wallace's face felt so foreign.

"What do I do now?"

Steven sat for a moment, pondering, before he answered. "You're going to sit right there, have another cake, and then figure out which pokemon you'd like to battle me with."

Whatever Wallace had been expecting, it hadn't been that. Steven smiled as he continued with a small shake of his head.

"You were right, you know. I don't understand, not to the level that would let me give you a helpful answer. I don't know what you should do from here. But what I do know is how to clear your head so you can think rationally about all this. So by the time we both finish another cake, I expect you to be able to tell me if you'll battle with Victoria or Phillip against Skarmory."

Wallace's mouth moved a bit in stunned silence at his friend's forwardness before his lips pressed into a determined line.

"I'm not getting you that cake either, so I'd hurry and get in here before I eat the rest of them," Steven called out from the kitchen.

The couch was empty in a flash and as Wallace snatched the box of sweets from Steven's hands and he had to admit; he hadn't gotten the answer he had wanted, but he did get the answer he needed.
16 - Sunburn


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Prompt #16: Someone spends a bit too long enjoying the sunshine...

"Ow ow ow ow."

Sidney gingerly sat up from the lounge chair and grimaced as his arm brushed against the side. The view from his room's balcony was too serene to pass up, but unfortunately the excitement of the previous day had caught up with him and he had fallen asleep, and now he was paying dearly for it. So far in their trip to Alola he'd been responsible, always wearing sunscreen, especially on his head, and finding some shade to rest in throughout the day. But his cat nap in the direct sun had proven to be too much. If only Absol had been by his side, it could have warned Sidney about his impending doom.

But instead, the entirety of Sidney's body was now almost the same color as his hair. Well... at least his front side.

He slipped inside his suite and flopped down onto the bed with a groan.


Mightyena's head perked up from its own nap and it stretched before slinking over to nudge its trainer's leg with its nose. Sidney didn't move. It hurt too much to move.

Mightyena's ears swiveled curiously and it nosed Sidney again, and he weakly tried to swat it away, his voice muffled by the comforter.

"Mph, stop. I'm alive, I think. Ow."

Upset at Sidney's obvious discomfort, Mightyena gave a concerned whine just as Absol strolled through the room. One look at Mightyena's expression confirmed its nagging suspicion, and it shook its head before sidling off into the bathroom to dig up the salve it knew was there for just this occasion.

It took Sidney significantly longer to get ready for the group dinner that night, and by the time he arrived, the meal was well underway. Everyone was seated around the table laughing and talking, but as he made his presence known, the table fell deathly silent. The only sound was Wallace's fork clattering against the table where he had dropped it.

Steven was the first to speak.

"Sidney. So, uh, glad you could join us. Help yourself to a plate, the buffet is over there."

"Um, thanks," Sidney nodded and moved as carefully as he could to where the food was waiting.

A few murmurs ran through the table as he was filling his plate and he rolled his eyes. He had a pretty good idea what they were whispering about. Shuffling his way back to the group, he eased into his seat, but not before brushing his leg against the tablecloth with a sharp hiss. As he glanced around the table, the reactions were mixed. Steven's expression held nothing but empathy, and Wallace, he presumed, hadn't moved out of pure shock since he'd entered the room. But Phoebe was a different story. Her cheeks puffed out merrily and her lips curled into a thinly veiled grin. He could tell she was bursting to say something, so he rolled his eyes in indulged his fellow Elite.

"What is it, Fee?"

"I just came up with the most brilliant idea for you, Sid."

Sidney's brow arched in confusion. That wasn't what he was expecting. Also, ow.


Phoebe nodded giddily.

"It really came to me just now, although I'm not sure how..." she trailed off as her eyes traveled over his bright red face. "You should get a Krookodile for your team."

A snort immediately sounded from the other side of the table where Steven was covering his mouth with his napkin and Wallace's eyes had nearly doubled in size, but still hadn't moved otherwise.

Sidney's gaze narrowed as he eyed Phoebe suspiciously. "What makes you say that, Phoebe?" he asked slowly.

"Oh, no reason in particular," she said sweetly as she dug her phone from her bag and swiftly snapped a picture right in Sidney's face. "Maybe this has something to do with it though."

Sidney's eyes grew ever larger than Wallace's as she spun the phone around for him to see the photo. He had completely forgotten he fell asleep with his sunglasses on, and the railing of the balcony was at just the right angle so that his sunburn was painted in nearly the same pattern as the dark type in question.

"Why me?" he moaned sinking his head into his hands as Phoebe giggled uncontrollably.

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