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Favorite Pokémon


Cosmic leech
  1. clodsire-custom
  2. groudon
I don't think I'm allowed to pick myself, so I better improvise here.
Grass : Decidueye, a robin hood character with grass and ghost? Neato!
Fire : Ninetales, really like it's power against typical Kanto/Johto speedsters like Scizor. It'll give a jolt to any star trainer...
Water : Gyarados is a pokemon whose strength and moveset match up to create a skilled killer who can win in a struggle.
Normal : Little tough to choose, but Ursaluna is half-cute half-fearsome with some fairy mixed in.
Ground : I have to give in to Excadrill-it's amazingly powerful!
Fighting : Annilape is a destructive comeback machine with Rage Fist. Need I say more?
Psychic : Claydol is a piece of an ancient murderous toy, clearly. Yay!
Steel : Kingambit is a fast flashy pokemon with a terrific ability-Supreme Overlord!
Electric : Ampharos because it's mega evolution looks fancy.
Ghost : Spiritomb, the background story is actually really neat even though Vessa trapped in that stone is very creepy.
Ice : Avalugg because of its freezing efficiency.
Bug : Shuckle because of its defense.
Poison : Vileplume because of its Strength Sap signature.
I think I covered all of them?


Back on Her Bullshit
a Terrace of Indeterminate Location in Snowbelle
  1. espurr
  2. fennekin
  3. zoroark
My favourites list has stayed pretty consistent.... mostly fluffy/cat/dog things :v
- espurr
- fennekin (and evos)
- all eeveelutions
- zoroa (and evos)
- nickit
- vulpix
- marginally shinx
- also probably most of the 'mon from gens VI and VII, which both had vibes that were super Me


Johto trash.
Johto Region
  1. raichu
Why haven’t I posted here yet?
Top three are Raichu, Ceruledge, and Dragonite.
Raichu because I find it hella cute and underrated! I think it looks better than Pikachu, imo. I just wanna give it a hug and I don’t care if I get shocked, worth it!
Ceruledge has become a top favorite due to its design and Mega Man like feel. I love the blade, I love how badass it looks. My fave ghost type for sure.
And Dragonite because while it has such a cute face it can kill you. I love dragon Pokémon in general. Also due to Lance being my favorite champion, Dragonite just holds a special place in my heart.


Bug Catcher
My favorites are Hoopa (If you couldn’t guess by my username), and Orbeetle.

I like Hoopa because it’s movie was one of the first Pokémon movies I watched. I know the movie isn’t really that good, but seeing all those legendaries fight each other was so cool, even if they just showed that to sell toys.

I like Orbeetle for the simple reason that it’s just such a cool design. It’s G-max form is even cooler, and I also recommend watching Lockstin’s video on it to see why it’s such a top tier Pokémon design.
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