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[CLOSED] Vanilla Zoroark Simulator 1.0 - Signup Thread

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Everything was normal, when you fell asleep. All your things were in place, and your life was just as it had been. But then you woke up to a technicolor sky, lying on flat ground made of tessellating blue hexagons that stretched endlessly into the distance. There is nothing around you, save for a single, glassy orb. When you touch it, it glows bright, shining a beam into the distance. Something internal tells you that you should follow the light.

And as you begin to walk, the sky shifts, turning a deep blue. Words form in large white letters:

Welcome to the Vanilia Zoroark Simulator Version 1.0

Windskull’s Vanilla Mafia Game 2022

Click Here for the Game Thread

Hello everyone, welcome to my game! This is going to be a daystart vanilla game, meaning that there will be few roles, and that most players will have no special ability. Additionally, the game will start on day 1, instead of night 0, and that there will be potential to vote out a player before any night actions happen.

If you are unfamiliar with Mafia, here’s how it works (thanks Negrek for the wonderful writeup!):

1. Players are assigned to either mafia or innocent factions. The mafia know the members of their own team, and they may freely communicate with each other outside of the game thread. The innocents do not know the alignments of any of the other players, and they can interact only by posting in the game thread at designated times.

2. The game proceeds in a series of "day" phases and "night" phases.

During the day, all players are "awake" and able to post in the game thread. Players discuss who they think the mafia are based on other users' posts or what they believe may have happened at night. Ultimately this leads to players voting on which person should be sent to jail. If the jailed player turns out to have been a member of the mafia, the innocents are one step closer to winning--but if they guess wrong, they'll only help the mafia in their quest to eliminate the innocents.

At night, the mafia choose one player to make disappear. They're free to talk with each other, plan, and strategize. The innocent players cannot communicate during the night phase, but some of them may have a special ability that they can use during the night instead.

3. The game continues until either the mafia make up the majority of remaining players (meaning that they can control all day-votes) or the innocents successfully jail all of the mafia.

If you'd like more details, check out this beginner's guide to Mafia, which discusses how the game is played and some of the common terminology and player roles that are often used. You can also take a look at other games in the Celadon Game Corner to get a sense of how things will work! As this is a vanilla game, roles will be limited. But depending on the size of the game, you may see the following:

Roles, Mafia Talk, and Game Size

The following roles may show up, depending on game size. However, there is no guarantee that all of them will show up. For more information on these roles, refer to the Mafia Scum wiki.

Juggernaut/Strong Man
Serial Killer
Role Cop

I will not be revealing whether Mafia will be able to talk privately during the day phases, except obviously to the mafia themselves, so keep that uncertainty in mind. The mafia private talk will be hosted as a server on discord.

This game has a soft limit of 15 players. If one or two more than 15 sign up, then they’ll be added to the game. If there’s significantly more interest, then I can look into hosting two separate games.

Participation Requirements

It’s no fun when someone signs up and then doesn’t participate, and it’s not really fair to your team, no matter which side you’re on. As such, this game will implement a small participation requirement. All players are expected to make at least 1-2 posts per day phase. If you fail to post, you will be given a warning in your role pm. If you miss 2 day phases, I will seek out a substitute player to take your place. If no substitute can be found by the next day phase, you will be mod killed. I’ve made the requirements low so that new players, or players that have things come up can still reasonably participate.

Obviously, life happens though, unexpected things come up. If something happens and you don’t think you’re going to be able to participate after already signing up, get in contact with me and we can see about getting a sub. Or if you’re expecting to be able to play most of the time but will be missing one or two phases, consider signing up as a hydra with someone else! For an explanation of hydra accounts, see here.

Additional information

(Courtesy of Negrek):

- This is an RP-optional mafia using fanfic characters! If you would enjoy pretending to be your character, reasoning and reacting to the situation in the same way that they would, then please feel free to post in character as much as you'd like! You are also welcome to include as much out-of-character straight strategizing and discussion in your posts as you'd like. If you'd prefer to play without RPing at all, that's totally fine, though please post a character signup anyways for a basis for role flavor! Your character choice will be used to flavor your role but have no other impact on the game. In order to prevent confusion, please surround any out-of-character text in your posts with [[double square brackets]] to distinguish your words from your character's.

- Please remember that all roles and alignments will be assigned at random to players. This means that you shouldn't assume that anyone is a member of the mafia simply because their character is a villain in the story they came from! On the flip side, even very heroic characters may end up playing the bad guys here. Although the format of this mafia is very similar to the games I've held here in the past, nothing from the past setup is guaranteed to reappear this year. The specific roles present will be different, all roles and alignments are assigned independent of what happened in the previous game (e.g. a player having been innocent last time has no bearing on whether they will be innocent in this game), and some game mechanics may differ from previous incarnations. In general, be wary about making assumptions about the game based on what happened in previous years.

- In this game, each phase will last for 48 hours and begin at midnight UTC. However, if the player to be voted off at the end of the day phase was someone who had zero votes an hour before the end of the phase, the day phase will automatically be extended by twelve hours. This is intended to prevent feel-bad scenarios where someone doesn't even realize they're under suspicion and completely miss the chance to defend themselves or come back to the thread twenty minutes before the end of the phase and suddenly find themselves needing to somehow turn things around on an extremely tight schedule.

- Players have the option to end the day phase early. However, this will require a supermajority of 75% of players.

- On day 1 only, a tie will result in nobody being eliminated. After Day 1, a tie will result in the elimination of the first player that reached that number of votes. For example, if person A reaches 4 votes, and then person B reaches 4 votes, then person A will be eliminated. If person C reaches 4 votes, and then 4 votes are put towards No Elimination, then person C would be eliminated, while no one would be eliminated in the opposite situation.

Sign Ups and Game Start

We are currently in the sign up phase. Signups will be open until Friday, August 5th at midnight UTC (Thursday, August 4rd, 8PM EST). Day 0 rp will start 24 hours prior to that. I will be using this phase to get the back end set up. Day 1 will start Saturday, August 6th, at midnight UTC (Friday, August 5, 8PM EST). The thread will be briefly locked at this time while I send out role PMs, and then the game will begin. Please see this countdown for the exact time of signups closing.

If you are not interested in participating, but would like to spectate in the discord dead chat, feel free to ask.

If you have any questions prior to the start of the game, feel free to ask them in the signups thread or within

Signup Template

Backstory/additional notes (optional):
Story of origin (optional):

Information for Hydra players:
Hydra players can approach flavor in one of three ways:
  • A single character.
  • Two characters sharing a single body. If you chose to take this route, please provide the information for both characters, but list a single species for both.
  • Two separate characters - provide information for both characters. Additionally, note the following flavor: the two characters wake up up in the same place, with only one orb between them. When one of them touches it, the other would feel a phantom sensation like they, too, are touching it, and they would both feel the call to follow the light.
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Name: Him/Fry/Possum/Mango (he is one of many names)
Species: What in tarnation!? ( Cowboy Possum)
Personality: Be rootin, be tootin, by good be shootin but most of all, be kind

Backstory/Additional notes: No one knows where this stranger hails from. Where did he come from? Where did he go?


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Name: Clovis LeClair
Species: Human
Personality: Curt, blunt, absolutely done with existence, and above all, rich as all hell, Clovis is a man who doesn't take a lick of shit from anybody. He walks into a room, and automatically assumes he's the smartest one present--because he probably is. Despite the fact he comes off as a bit of a cocky asshole, he's extremely generous and fair toward those less fortunate than him. He'll lend a helping hand if you ask even remotely nicely. He's a good boy once you get past his lack of filter.
Backstory/additional notes (optional): Former figure skater and a genius on paper (according to the last IQ test he took). His real name is Valentin Menetries and he’s currently stuck in the middle of some nefarious bullshit and would rather not talk about it right now. He might start to ramble about this girl he just met who he kind of likes.
Story of origin (optional): White Swan, Black Swan
Appearance: D32C6B72-6B08-4985-9109-875C99116A32.jpeg


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Name: Jennifer Spliff, though most call her Jenn
Species: Human
Personality: Self-proclaimed 'Best Villain of the year'. She's mischievous, blunt and loyal to anyone she deems a friend but she will not hesitate to make your life a living hell if you cross her. She loves spreading chaos and annoying the crap out of everyone with her reality-manipulating powers.
Additional notes: Although she's a 'villain', she's not exactly evil and is mostly being 'evil' for fun.
Story of origin (optional): Not written or published as of yet!
Appearance: She has white hair that barely reaches the nape of her neck and she usually wears a black T-shirt and a pair of shorts.


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Eyyyy let’s go!

Bringing my boy, of course

Name: Wesley Lycas
Species: Human
Personality: Guarded and distrusting of pretty much everyone, though he’s more open and friendly with Pokémon. He’s not much for small talk and is extremely awkward in almost any social situation, and tends to lack a filter of any kind, for better or for worse. He puts up an aloof front, but don’t let that fool you; once he befriends someone, he has their back. (Though given that this is mafia, he’ll probably always be constantly paranoid eheheh)
Backstory/additional notes (optional): Former member of Team Snagem, was once their top Snagger and was in line for a promotion before he quite literally left the team with a bang. The machine on his left arm is a snag machine, which is used for stealing Pokémon from trainers.
He would do absolutely anything for Neo and Novo, his starters (Espeon and Umbreon respectively), and is often a massive pushover for them.
Has a scar across his face from a fight when he was a kid, which he eventually covered up with a white stripe tattoo. He is now part of an operation trying to find and treat Shadow Pokémon…and may or may not have a soft spot for a certain red-headed companion. 😏
Story of origin (optional): Of Sand and Shadows



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Name: David (Dave) Ambrose
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 40
Species: Human
Personality: Has for his entire adult life covered up his many issues and insecurities with anger, sarcasm and general jerkassitude. He is very smart and also kind of an idiot and generally terrible and often pretty self-destructive, including rampant alcoholism that he is somehow still in denial about.
Backstory/additional notes: Ten years ago he created (with a team of other scientists whose significant contributions he kind of brushes over) some unholy Pokémon-human hybrid abominations, including his half-Vulpix daughter Jean and the half-Scyther that he likes to take out for hotdogs and try to debate ethics and societal norms with, and they're pretty much what keeps him getting out of bed in the morning. He will be a raging fire of justice for their sake.
Story of origin recent sample of him: Morphic Bingo
Appearance: Human man, average height, often look like he hasn’t slept in a while and doesn’t take the best care of himself, depending on what day you catch him on.


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Hi everyone! I've added the following information to the main post:

Information for Hydra players:
Hydra players can approach flavor in one of three ways:

A single character.
Two characters sharing a single body. If you chose to take this route, please provide the information for both characters, but list a single species for both.
Two separate characters - provide information for both characters. Additionally, note the following flavor: the two characters wake up up in the same place, with only one orb between them. When one of them touches it, the other would feel a phantom sensation like they, too, are touching it, and they would both feel the call to follow the light.

As of right now, we have 5 sign ups and just over 24 hours to sign up. I may expand sign-up time by one day, but Day 0 will still start in approxamitely 24 hours. Another announcement will be posted in about 12 hours and the timer updated if the deadline is extended. I am hoping for a minimum of 8 players, so if you're thinking about signing up, don't forget to do so before signups close!


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Name: Espurr
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: ~13
Species: Espurr
Personality: Cat. Absolutely believes she's the smartest person in the room, but suffers from being a 13y/old without developed common sense faculties. Chooses words carefully, kind of a neat freak, also kind of a weirdo and unashamed of it. She tends to be suspicious of others and generally prefers straightforward methods to solving things. Has a weird, irrational fear of cooking because she can't follow a recipe in non-catastrophic ways.
Backstory/Additional notes: Fourth "prophesized savior" sent without consent to rescue the world from certain doom. She's also basically a kid and will react to things in typical kid ways.
Story of origin: Do Psychic Cats Dream of Electric Sheep?
Appearance: She's a neat freak and keeps herself as clean as possible at all times. Wears a bandanna scarf given to her by her friend and carries a one-strap bag that's basically her comfort item.


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Name: Lusamine
Species: Human
Personality: Manic. Desperate. Nothing will get in the way of her goals, and she will make those goals happen. She's driven, and will not be stopped. She will be beautiful. She will be beautiful again. She will be beautiful again and see them again.
She is also rather manipulative, trying to shape others to her will, to her ideals of beauty. She will succeed. She and her family will be beautiful.
Backstory/additional notes (optional): Several years ago, Lusamine disappeared. Weeks later, she reappeared...but she had changed. Whatever happened to her seems to have drained away most of her sanity. She diverted most of the Aether Foundation's funds towards Ultra Space research, specifically with finding and accessing other worlds, and rants and raves about a world where she was "beautiful" and wanting to "see them again". In addition, ever since, her movements have been...erratic. She's been walking oddly, and keeps making odd gestures. What has gotten into her?
Story of origin (optional): In Tandem

Chibi Pika

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somewhere in spacetime
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Name: Starr Sakari
Species: Human-turned-Torracat
Personality: Grumpy, contrary, and easily annoyed. Likes to complain about everything, even things she's generally in favor of. Her primary means of showing affection is through teasing and light insults. Enjoys traveling, sparring with her pokémon, and making fun of bad movies. Basically the kind of person whose favorite conversation is finding something to mutually bitch about for hours.
Backstory/additional notes: Has recently been traveling across a distorted land with a Luxio named Brisa. Weird memories have been returning ever since she woke up in the mafia realm. Did she... play one of these games before? Has she met Brisa more than once? Is this all just some weird bullshit illusion dungeon?
Story of origin: The Legendarian Chronicles


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Name: Brisa Escarpa
Species: Human-descended Highlands Luxio
Personality: Brisa was a terse, serious, moody loner in her former life, but meeting Starr and becoming friends has done a lot to break her out of her shell. She's earnest, heartfelt, and passionate, with a sardonic streak when folks just ain't speakin' sense. Reflexively self-sacrificial and constitutionally incapable of turning people away when they need her help. Hopeless lesbian. Die-hard battleheart. Sincere to a fault.
Backstory/additional notes: Brisa comes from a Wild West-style PMD world, where she serves as a frontier ranger. As the daughter of a human-turned-delphox and a warrior chief, Brisa doesn't fit in well with local culture, and has always longed for adventure. She recently found an amnesiac torracat named Starr, and travelled together as a team. Oddly, it feels like they've known each other before...
Story of origin: Delivery Deferred
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