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Harbinger of Sunrise
Pokémon Square
  1. ninetales-inkedust
  2. solgaleo-inkedust
  3. xerneas
  4. zoroark-inkedust
  5. zoroark
The unmarked letter rests gently in your hands—or paws, or claws, or talons, or whatever appendages you have. Its gleaming white sheen winks at you playfully, seizing the tendrils of your curiosity. Compelled, you tear open the envelope, only to discover that the card inside is blank!

And yet you continue to sit there, gawking at the stiff paper, transfixed. Is it disbelief? Disappointment? Divine intervention? A mix of the three? Maybe you’re just admiring it—it is a nice piece of card.

The minutes crawl along, paying no heed to your one-sided staring contest, but then you begin to notice something dotting the fine white surface. Then, you realise. Bleeding through the card’s pours is a stream of ink, shining in an iridescent cacophony of colours. As it wells, it begins to weave its way across the card, the cursive path revealing a simple message:​


You have been formally invited to the banquet of a lifetime to celebrate a newfound ownership of the Mystifying Mansion! The celebration is expected to last several days, so we have ensured that you will be as comfortable as possible upon your arrival—we know it can be a shock to some! The banquet is expected to begin shortly, so don’t be late!

A shiver runs down your spine as you read the final sentence before you are struck by a wave of vertigo, colours dancing at the edges of your vision. And then, like aging wallpaper, your entire world peels away leaving nothing but a blinding white void and your shuddering form.
And please, try not to lose your spirit.

Hello and welcome to The Mademoiselle's Banquet! This is a game I've been planning for a few months now and am excited for it to finally open, so let's cut to the chase and go over what this is about.

The Mademoiselle's Banquet is a basic hidden role madness Mafia setup with a player cap of 25. Days and nights are 48 hours each but can be shortened/extended if certain requirements are met:
  • Players can manually end the day early by typing in end day in bold at the bottom of their posts. The day will end when a majority of players vote to end the day (67-75% majority).
  • Another way that the day can end early is if the thread sees no activity for 8+ hours. This is to encourage activity throughout the entire game, preventing scenarios where games die of disinterest during the late-game.
  • Inversely, the day will receive a 12 hour extension if a leading bandwagon forms on a player during the last hour of the day. This will not occur in the event of a tie. If the day ends in a tie, the result will be determined via coin flip.
Depending on size, this game will/may have...
  • An RP-only Day 0/pregame phase
  • Duplicate roles
  • “Weak” roles
  • Multiple anti-town factions (Third-parties; more than one Mafia faction)
  • Alternate win conditions
The game will not have...
  • Custom roles, anything you get will be on the wiki (this does not account for nerfs/buffs, so your PM will still take priority!)
  • Lying GM/Bastard modding
  • Mechanics/modifiers designed to screw over players (includes mechanics like overdose; unreliable modifiers such as insane/naive; and roles such as Miller/Godfather)
  • Sudden change of mechanics mid-game
You are allowed to bring any character you’d like when signing up; however, PMD rules apply. Any character you bring, assuming that they already aren’t one, must be transformed into a pokémon for the purposes of this game. Your signup sheet should consist of your character’s:
Extras: (Bio, appearance, or any information you feel is worth mentioning)

Finally, a couple disclaimers:
  • While I want this game to be as fun as possible for everyone involved, please be aware that by its very nature, Mafia can be a very stressful experience. This game is known to get intense at points and if you feel that you can’t handle such an environment, then I implore you to at least think twice before signing up.
  • If you’re only signing up only to roleplay, don’t. While I wholeheartedly encourage roleplaying, as it adds to the fun of the game, Mafia is a social deduction game first, and a roleplaying experience second. Playing the game just to roleplay will not only bring down the experience for everyone else but also yourself.
  • Finally, If you sign up, I expect you to play. I put a lot of time and thought into this setup and nothing feels worse than seeing things fall through because a powerful role was put in the hands of someone who didn't bother to look at the thread after signing up. If you are inactive for more than 48 hours, I will sub you out or, if no substitutes can be found in time, modkilled. I understand that life can be unpredictable and you may not have as much time as you initially thought during signups but the least you can do is make an effort to participate. Don’t be an inactive player. Nobody likes an inactive player.
Signups will remain open until November 30th. The game is slated to begin on December 1st with a 72-hour pre-game phase starting on November 28th. All times are in UTC.

That's all for now! Thank you for taking the time to read this and, if you choose to sign up, I'll see you on the other side.


Angy Tumbleweed
In Guzma's Closet
  1. sylveon-shiny
  2. gothitelle
  3. froslass
  4. chandelure
  5. mimikyu


Species: Mimikyu

Gender: Male

Personality: A Mimikyu with a penchant for causing problems, especially if you try to steal his pecha berries from him. He has absolutely no idea what the fuck is going on, just that he's looking for more berries, and the short girl who's taking care of him.

Extras: He's always walking around with a pecha berry in his shadowy hands, and may or may not be hiding some Monopoly pieces under that cloak of his. His cloak looks like a Pikachu, but it has a couple of purple patches sewn into it.


  1. sableye
Name: Diamond
Species: Sableye
Gender: Male
Personality: Typical sableye; snarky, devious, cunning, but perhaps a bit less jovial than the usual gem-eater.
Extras: Formerly the leader of a gang of ghost-types in a forest in my OC region. Due to pure luck being defeated in battle, he's currently a member of Alex's (my fic's MC) pokemon team. He's been quite grumpy since losing his position of power, and has a habit of disobeying orders - he likes to be the one giving them, not being given them.


Bidoof Fan
  1. sneasel-nip
  2. bidoof
  3. absol
  4. kirlia
  5. windskull-bidoof
  6. little-guy-windskull
  7. purugly
  8. mawile
  9. manectric
Name: Anti Bravoman (Anti)
Species: Phantump
Gender: Male
Personality: He tries his best to appear cool, standoffish, and edgy, but often comes off as a try-hard. Deep down, he's desperate to make friends and be recognized as important, and feels like appearing cool will help with that. He has a strong sense of heroism.

Extras: In his normal body, he has a handful of superpowers that are not relevant here. He's still trying to get used to his ghostly body, and is honestly kind of miffed that the universe put him in such a small and physically weak form.


Hoenn around
  1. aggron
  2. lairon
Name: Steven Stone (but not the same incarnation as in previous games. Hooray for multiple dimensions!)

Species: human, turned Empoleon

Gender: male

Personality: noted above, this version of Steven Stone is not the Steven anyone has met before. (Read: Pano's putting on a new pair of pants) Hoenn's poster boy of stardom: rich, powerful, has it all. He's hot shit and he knows it. Very used to getting what he wants, not that he has to ask for much. A little bit stuck up, but definitely not rude (at least not in his eyes). He's happy to play the part of the perfect prodigal son. Deep down, or maybe not so deep, he expects to retain his position at the top of, well, everything, and nothing will stand in his way. In essence, you either love him or hate him; more of the former if you're trying to weasel your way into Devon's good graces, but mostly the latter if you're anyone else.

Extras: Steven is used to seeing all sorts of over-the-top extravagance of the ultra-wealthy. He's going into this dinner party assuming this is all part of the show, yes even his new Empoleon digs. He's here to make sure the host knows what an honor it is that he's accepted their invitation, and be a bit of a bastard.


Oh knee on
Here, silly
  1. zoroark
Name: Zen
Species: Bisharp
Gender: Male
Personality: Calm, stoic, and calculating. Has a more friendly side when he's around people he trusts. Not one to crack a joke, and it is entirely possible that he'll completely miss a few more nuanced ones.
Extra: Remarkably strong, about six-foot-five excluding the blade on his helm.


Flygon connoisseur
  1. flygon
  2. swampert
  3. ho-oh
  4. crobat
  5. orbeetle
  6. joltik
  7. salandit
  8. tyrantrum
  9. porygon
Name: Hana [Pretend I picked a last name]
Species: Flygon
Gender: Female
Personality: Hana tends to be thoughtful and analytical, and keep her emotions reserved and in check. She's fairly smart and seems mature for her age, but that has a lot to do with the way she avoids applying herself to hard, or giving into things like hope and faith. She enjoys solving puzzles, research, and watching people. She probably comes off unintentionally abrasive at times because she's can be direct.


Fanfic Writer/Reader and Hardcore Pokemon Fan
Ontario, Canada
Name: Dianne

Gender: Female

Species: Diancie

Personality: Rational, Kind, Airheaded, she will do anything to make someone happy, likes giving hugs
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Multiversal Extraordinaire
Stranded In The Gaps between Multiverses
  1. froslass
  2. zorua-gojira
  3. salandit-shiny
  4. goomy
Name: Litno

Species: Goomy

Gender: Male

Personality: Shy and quiet. Loves to help others. Very awkward when interacting with people. He can be a bit sensitive and is very insecure about his strength.

Extra: He's a member of June's (One of my OCs) team, and he thinks he's wasting a slot that is better suited for a better and stronger Pokémon (despite June and the others' reassurance). He is terrified of what's in store after being seperated from his team.


A cat that writes stories.
  1. purrloin-salem
  2. sneasel-dusk
  3. luz-companion
  4. brisa-companion
  5. meowth-laura
  6. delphox-jesse
  7. mewtwo
  8. zeraora
Name: Salem Weir

Species: Purrloin

Gender: F

Personality: Insatiably curious, at once rash/excitable and easily-startled/anxious. Basically a goddamn cat. Very keen to make a good impression and show how smart she is.

Extras: Tortoiseshell fur, bright green eyes. Before being whisked here, was a half-human as part of an experimental program she volunteered for.


  1. butterfree
  2. mightyena
  3. charizard
  4. scyther-mia
  5. vulpix
  6. slugma
  7. chinchou
Name: May Victoria Wallace

Species: Meowstic

Gender: F

Personality: Smart, highly competitive, blunt, passionate about Pokémon battling, hates weakness and vulnerability.


Gym Leader
  1. suicune
  2. umbreon
  3. mew
  4. lycanroc-wes
  5. leafeon-rui
Name: Neo

Age: roughly 12 years—young adult in
Espeon years, lol

Gender: Male

Species: Espeon

Personality: Cocky in battle and a bit of a show-off, but also very friendly and outgoing with everyone. Isn’t phased by unfriendly or aggressive acquaintances—if anything, he finds it entertaining. He is clever and comical, though stubborn and sometimes a brat when he doesn’t get his way. Frequently disobeys Wes, his trainer, though mostly in lighthearted ways to pull him out of his broodiness.

Extras: He likes shiny things and will stash them away. He was snagged by Wes when he was just an Eevee pup with his brother, Novo, and has been with them in Orre ever since.


Harbinger of Sunrise
Pokémon Square
  1. ninetales-inkedust
  2. solgaleo-inkedust
  3. xerneas
  4. zoroark-inkedust
  5. zoroark
We've got a sub-in for the game. Massive thank you to @MintyMimix for helping out! Minty will be replacing @ArielDiancie.

Name: Professor Eleos (prefers just "The Professor")

Species: Gardevoir

Gender: M

Personality: Optimistic, contemplative, tactful, scholarly, and polite, but has a fragile constitution and is a bit of a dork.

Extras: His life dream is to preserve and learn about the remnants of human history in his world. Unfamiliar with many modern inventions as a result, but highly inquisitive when they come up.


Hello! I will be replacing windskull for the remainder of the game. This is my character:

Name: Rocky

Species: Infernape

Gender: M

Personality: Carefree and energetic, Rocky rarely seems to take things seriously. He's always in search of new sources of fun and adventure. Rocky has a wide mischievous streak and enjoys winding up people he thinks are boring or stuffy. Although friendly, he can often come across as distant and tends to flit from place to place without forming deep attachments to anyone along the way. When things stop being fun, he simply leaves.

Extras: Rocky's fur is black. One of his eyes is blue, and the other one is orange.
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