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Pokémon Ancient Aura


Cosmic leech
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"Sometimes, the unlucky few exceed the the rest."

Warning : Traumatizing experiences that may cause panic attacks, such as (but not limited to) poisoning, getting hit by pokemon attacks, suffocation, and getting drained by ghost types.

[I wish I could draw a cover. Oh well.]
[Time to get L-ed!]

Chapter 1 : Origins​

Amphion Wehsis. That's me. Amphion is a common name for people with electric auras and/or psychic ones. I should've had one of them. Instead...I discovered something else. My parents said it was okay, over and over again, why electric pokemon didn't bond to me, neither did psychic. No dynamax power swirled around me nor did any mega power. It wasn't until I overheard my parents talking about what I actually was. Someone auraless. Maybe I should explain.

Aura is a person's "magic power". They have a certain type, each attuned to one of the 18 types. Besides a few, such as normal, dark, fairy, and dragon, only one aura type could control a pokemon of each type. Additionally, each aura had "markings" or things that let them use mega power, z moves, dynamax power, and terralization power. There were hybrid auras too, an aura with multiple powerful properties. Aura controlled effectiveness of moves, what pokemon liked you best, and so much other things. Each aura had its own moves-fighting auras might have an "ultimate" move such as strengthen, increasing attack 4x, like belly drum without the recoil. The day my parents learned, it was a really happy day, just before we went to the doctor's office. My memory is fuzzy on what made it happy, but I remember sheer joy before...what happened. When the doctor told my parents, they refused to believe. But it was concrete. Both had hybrid auras, with both dynamax and mega along with ultimate moves using z moves. I should've had developed a small aura when I was born and most people with that kind of aura bearing parents had already become champions when they were 11 or 12 (not for long though, I suppose) and became the bane of evil teams around the world.

That didn't stop me. I tried. Again and again. I struggled, harder than anyone else, advancing quickly in subjects, any that would help me with pokemon. No one was hostile toward me and often, my friends helped me with the homework requiring an aura (like catching pokemon and not getting maimed). It still hurt though. Even though I'd worked so hard, I wasn't even at my start line. I'd never be. Never. Ever. Be. Seriously. It's like when you fail that challenge to get a job. You're a freeter. You have nowhere to go. Cut completely. Oh wait, that is the challenge to get a job-what aura do you have? Wow. Depressing, right?

So maybe, that's why a miracle had to happen, or else...the world would have a very different history than it does now. Maybe it was luck. Maybe not. Either way, I was heading to the nightly tournament. Every town was required to have one, so that more and more trainers would come into the spotlight. Of course, it was also the hot spot for pokemon thieves (despite not being to actually do stuff with the pokemon, they still do it). See what's coming? Guess. And don't look at the next paragraph, cheaters!

If you guessed a thief tried to steal my nonexistent pokemon, you're right. Congrats, you win a million poke! Really, it was kind of stupid how I got mugged, so I'm not going to talk about that. Instead, let's skip to the part where I'm saved by the champion of the world. Oh no, I have to tell you that part? I'm supposed to make you laugh? IT'S NOT FUNNY!!! You still want me to tell you? It involves me being suffocated! Although, I did put that warning, so fine, I'll tell it.

I was walking through a old, shut down factory, one that I always take to go to the southern part of downtown. Tonight, it was strangely silent, no rolling of voltorb, no drip of grimer, no screech of metal of rusty klinklang. I suddenly heard a bang and a can rolled away as soon as I turned around. A chill ran up my spine. "Uh...who's-" Something unpleasant filled my nostrils and the stench alone would've left me paralyzed, but no, I mean something actually filled my nostrils. A liquid-ish substance that similarly coated my legs and tied up my arms. Purple. A wall of purple seemed to enclose me too, some of the poisonous substance leaked through my lips. It tasted...for lack of a better word, vile. Heart stopping vile, in fact. Then it started to come even closer, squeezing me like laundry. My panicked brain hysterically shouted at me about how I shouldn't commit suicide through suffocation, before realizing that I wasn't trying to and that the lack of oxygen was because...a...mu-

I lost conscious, and remained like that until a hour later, when Balin (the last champion, current in the story I'm telling, and descendant of that dude named Gladio in a legend apparently. He was wide supported except for those groups of people who thought that type changing pokemon like kecleon, palafin, and melotta shouldn't be allowed in official pokemon battles. They no longer exist because-whoops, spoiler!) was shaking me and yelling gibberish (a habit he had, I later learned to wake up people.)

"Yo! You're awake! I was starting to think I should send you to the ER! Anyhow, I gotta go, there's sightings of a dangerous ghost pokemon around here..." With that, he ran off. I blinked, and the world focused back again. Coughing, my still blurry brain tried to focus. "Wait! Stop!" Somehow, I managed to stand up and start running. He turned back to me with a confused look (with a bit of annoyance?) His voice certainly sounded confused too. "Er, yes? I do have to go, you know."

Wow, I was more nervous than I thought I'd ever be. Time to ask the big one. The. Big. Question. "D-do you think...an auraless person would be able to become...a trainer?" He fully turned to me, and in a deadpan voice said :

...I don't want to remember. Ever. It was like-like a few hundred punches. Balin's voice typically was cherry and fast paced. Then...it was the opposite. I stood there in stunned silence, watching as he left. Rage suddenly ignited. I didn't get a chance! How come others got one, two, three, or (mostly) infinite?! I never really felt that. Diligence always succeeds, right? But no. A big, fat, stupid no! It wasn't remotely fair! The rage I felt was like a huge fire burning, an total inferno which I didn't want to stop.

I left.

I can't recall how much time passed after that. I just ran from the area, in a random direction, passing through parts of the town I never knew existed, everything becoming blurred as I raced past, still fuming. The moonlight seemed to glow red, just like everything else. I still was angry, and every thought fueled my fury.

More and more. More and more...I finally was out of the town, far from the roads, with no civilization in sight except the town behind me. But I didn't look, my depressing situation angering me further still.

I expected myself to run out of breath any second, but it never did, my rage pushing me past my limit...except when i fell. Panic seized me, I was at least a mile away from the town, alone and falling from a high cliff, or so it looked like. I thudded on the sandy beach, unmoving.

Morning light washed over the beach when I woke up, in front of what seemed to be a dark cave. Many existed, but this oen seemed...different? More concerning, the cliff was gone. It was like I was in a different place, far from where I should've been. With no choice, I entered the cave.
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Chapter 1

Amphion makes me think of an electric type... Amph... Maybe noise? And electric and psychics as well as the mon power ups of the wolrd are playing no-show. That gotta put a crimp on amph's trainer ambition it theyre inclined to train...

Maybe ground and dark types will come out in droves to make up for it? Though the lack of aura sounds alarming considering how in so mamy canons and fanfics aura is so important...

So a persons aura type drew or helped them train mon of that type?

So someone auraless might be like a pokemon bane... And how would you test for aura. Via blood sample? Its controlled by a doc i guess? But if he has two auras how can he be aura less... And i guess getting a test result like that means free chosen one status...

which.. Um yipe... I can see so many bailing out with that test where the end result is the doom " may you live an exciting life" in the cards.

Not amph and his folks tho... They be insanely brave...

Wait mr. No aura no 'mon is getting mugged? I suspect by stereotypical skull level grunts considering thier condition makes them incapable of really havong amythi g of value? This makes the muggers slund very very inept.

I'm now imaginimg killer muk/laundry hybrids... Considering my chore for the evening thank you for that charming mental image...

I have to admit the break from the chronological (a very hard trick to master) is kinda killing me here.

Our p.o.v. is forcasting whats going to happen before it happens but something between that forcasting/spoilers is also happening... narritively its a bit like being in a car going a good clip until someone slams the brakes... Backs up a tiny bit... then picks up speed only to slam the breaks again.

If the back and forth were being used to emphasis something... like foreshadowing... or greater world building... Or even character/setting building... It'd be less grating but because everything right before the kidnaping to the end scene of the cave is picking up pace at a break neck speed it makes the read hard. You have a bunch of ideas (mainly complicated world building like this aura and basically how aura dificency is a lot like disability and then theres characters like the champion too) being tossed aroundbut its coming so quick and rushed through so fast it almost feels like several chapter outlines got nailed together and posted as a single chapter. The work with its interesting premis and perspectibe character with one doozy of a sitiation feels like itd benifit from the brakes being applied and each idea and person being expanded upon almost as thier own chapter. Because theres a lot to unpack here and it could be fun if you did...

I get the sense you were excited to share these ideas and scenes but so much so you fast forwarded through a bunch of stuff thats make it stick/stand out, which is a shame because the root ideas are interesting.

Ah well maybe next xhapter will be beter paced and things will be expanded upon?

Thanks for sharing.
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