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Pokémon A King's Journey

Summary and Author Notes


Multiversal Extraordinaire
Stranded In The Gaps between Multiverses
  1. froslass
  2. zorua-gojira
  3. salandit-shiny
 After a hard-fought battle against Destoroyah, Godzilla takes his last breath and closes his eyes, accepting his death as his body slowly melts away.

However, even in death Godzilla continues to fight, opening his eyes once more to a world unknown. Now trapped in a body weaker than he would've liked, he begins his journey under the eyes of a trainer, learning and growing as he meets friends and foes alike.

This story is rated T for teen, each chapter will have a warning of potential triggers at the top in case it contains things that might disturb someone.

This fic was mostly written when I was distracted from the process of writing my main fic, Just a Normal Day. And thus, any updates will be sporadic and inconsistent due to my brittle attention span.

This fic is also a more fun experiment, as I explore how a narcissistic kaiju deal with suddenly being a much weaker creature and slowly caring for the people around them. That and while scrolling through FFN and AO3, I was a little disappointed at how little fics have this premise and you know what they say about wanting to read things that don't exist, write your own (or however that saying goes).

And one last thing to note, this fic's world is the same as the one (*hint* *hint* the anime world) found in my main fic as I'm both lazy to create a new one, and feel like it'd be fun to delve into that world with a different perspective.

And with that being said, I welcome any criticism and feedback thrown my way.
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Chapter 1 : The End and Beginning of a King


Multiversal Extraordinaire
Stranded In The Gaps between Multiverses
  1. froslass
  2. zorua-gojira
  3. salandit-shiny
This chapter contains gore and violence. Viewer description is advised.

It was merely days ago when it had awoken. It held a power that felt familiar to him, a power he had thought was lost decades ago, a power that made even him, the king of all monsters, shudder. In the following days, he began his search and slowly accumulated in strength, taking in the human pests' nuclear energy and chasing down the fleeing beast, he finally came face-to-face with the creature created by the remains of his predecessor and the Oxygen Destroyer.

Plumes of smoke hung over the city, molten metal was pooling over the streets, coating them in a cool silver sheen. Raging across the land, fires consumed the surrounding buildings, the sheer ferocity and viciousness as it did so making it look like it had a mind of its own.

Standing amid the ruined city, a large reptilian beast towered over the flames, his body glowing a wrathful orange gleam, steam seeping out of his black scales, wrapping the air in its intense heat. Boiling blood oozed from the beast's wounds, sticking onto his melted scales in large clumps.

Godzilla, the king of all monsters, glared at his enemy, his eyes burning with rage. He'd had enough of this farce. Growling with a heavy huff, he leaned back, his dorsal spines lighting up with an orange glow, the surrounding heat grew and grew until finally, the kaiju unleashed his attack.

Pain struck his insides as he opened his jaws, a beam of condensed radiation zoomed through the sky, colouring the night in an ominous red glow.

The beam crashed into the crustacean-like kaiju, exploding into a massive cloud of dust and steam.

The resulting explosion may have clouded his view of the kaiju, Destoroyah, but he knew that his attack had done nothing against it, it wasn't nearly enough to defeat this monster.


Destoroyah stared at the king, the dust settling as it stood, its body showing little signs of injury. The beam had done nothing, just as he had predicted, it was another dud, just like all of his previous attacks.

He did nothing to it.

It continued to stare at him, its posture nonchalant, not even acknowledging the attack, frustrating Godzilla to no end. His tail slammed against the crumbled buildings, and a roar tore through his throat, shaking the ground beneath him as his spines glowed once more, a familiar power rushing through him but this time it had evolved, growing multiple times stronger than the last.

His foe took the beam head on but unlike the last one, his attack had done some damage, staggering the winged beast and allowing Godzilla to rush towards it, his claws tearing through the scales of the kaiju.

Destoroyah roared in pain, yellow blood gargling from its throat and foaming at its mouth. Lowering its head, it attempted to block with its wings to no avail as Godzilla merely chomped down on them, trying to tear them off its body.

It roared and thrashed around with little success before realising it couldn't escape from its current position, it then ceased its struggle, seemingly giving up. Godzilla, his mind brimming with fury, continued to beat down the monster, never once noticing his opponent's glowing horn until it was too late.


Its horn sliced through Godzilla's scales like a hot knife through butter. Boiling blood spewed across his torso, covering his enemy's face as he cried out in pain, staggering backwards. Destoroyah, seizing its opportunity, took hold of him, preventing him from leaving as it shoved its horn deeper, pushing him through several buildings and throwing him aside like a ragdoll, explosions and steam laying in his wake.

He heaved a breath, searing pain burning every part of his body, accompanying the heat that permeated. His power was overwhelming, hurting him yet helping him, it felt like it was too much and yet it also felt like it wasn't enough. He was going to die in this battle, it had seemed inevitable, but as long as he could kill the beast in front of him, he couldn't care less what consequences his death could have on the world.

With a painful motion, Godzilla lifted himself from the rubble, unfortunately, just in time for a tail claw to latch itself onto his neck. He scratched at the tail, trying to pry it off his neck with minimum success. Biting it wasn't plausible either, the tail being too low for his muzzle to reach.

That left only one option.

Charging up and letting the overwhelming heat resurface again, he glanced up, aiming for his opponent and–

The grip on his neck tightened, causing to him choke on his attack as his legs left the ground and weightlessness took hold of him. Destoroyah let out a roar, tossing him into a building and firing a beam of its own, vaporising the scales of his body and causing a massive explosion that covered his very being.

A pained roar escaped his muzzle, melted scales sticking onto his face, covering one of his eyes and obstructing his vision. He quickly tore the melted scales off, blood oozing from the injury as his vision slowly healed. Panting from the pain and fatigue, Godzilla struggled to his feet, blurry vision glaring at Destoroyah.

It was so strong. So powerful. Why was this… this thing so strong? No matter what he did, no matter what minuscule damage he could deal to it. It always recovered, it always came back unharmed, undeterred by his might, by his rule. It was irritating, it was painful, it was driving Godzilla mad.

How dare that thing act that way towards him, HIM! He was the king of all monsters, the strongest in the universe! Not even that supposed 'stronger' crystallic fake, that false king, those metallic versions of his likeness could stand to his full might. He always bested them, he always won against them, he was always stronger than them.

But then… then why? Why was this infuriating creature acting like none of his attacks did anything to it? Why did it act like it was better than him? What? Just because it had taken down his predecessor? Was that one pathetic win all it needed to act like it was greater than him?

Godzilla growled, rubble and boiling blood fell onto the ground, mixing themselves with the molten concrete. He hated to admit it, but pure power wasn't getting him anywhere against such an annoying foe. Tearing it to shreds was a no-go, he had tried that earlier but it had merely split apart and regrew itself shortly.

He needed a strategy, one that wasn't just about tearing his opponent from limb to limb, he needed something that could help him, he needed to… to…


Darkness consumed the world around him, the cracking of the fires, the stars twinkling above, and even the kaiju that bested him had all but vanished as he locked eyes with the still and motionless body of his child. An unknown feeling surged within him, hurting more than the heat that consumed his body. He stumbled forward, not believing his eyes.

This couldn't be happening. This wasn't real.

Junior wasn't… his son, his child, his heir, he wasn't… he couldn't be–

D-daddy? his child croaked out, the sheer pain from hearing his son's tired voice had hurt him more than he could ever imagine. It-it's so cold… pl-please… daddy… Help me…

The king leaned down, nuzzling against his dying son, a low rumble escaping his throat. Don't worry, my son. I'll… I'll figure something out. Daddy will save you. Just…

It was already too late.

His son's presence was fading, dimming to a shallow version of what it once was. The life leaving his child and the ever-growing cold consuming his body. It hurt. It'd hurt so much…

Knowing that he was too late.

That he was…

That he had failed the only thing he had truly cared about.

He growled, glaring down at his claws and body, the orange glow reminding him of that beast, taunting him for his failure. What was the point of all this power if he couldn't even save the one thing that mattered to him?

His heir. His son. His kin. He was gone. He had failed as a king… and as a father.

And… and…

It was all because of Destoroyah…

His status, his pride, his kin and now his only child.

That bastard took everything he ever had.

And. He. Was. Going. To. Make. Destoroyah.


His anger reached a boiling point. Steam clouding the land around him as he glared at his enemy, orange flames curling around his teeth. The molten concrete beneath him stuck to his feet, every ounce of hatred in him filled the roar he let out, a song of anguish and pain reaching the ears of the human vehicles flying about. His body fumed, expanding passed the seams of his limits, his power was overwhelming and it burned him, pleading for him to stop.

But Godzilla no longer cared.

Not his role as king, not the humans that inhabited this world, and not his own life.

He needed to do this.

He needed to avenge his son.

He needed to kill Destoroyah.

Even if it meant destroying the world.

His scales lit up along with his body, the bright glow having long since intensified to the point of blinding any who was unfortunate to witness it, the flames around him twirled, enrapturing his being in a dance of death and pain.

His head was spinning, the heat was overwhelming, his body ached and screamed until… he could no longer feel a thing.


His mouth split open and he unleashed the strongest Atomic Blast he'd ever utilized. The beam pierced through his foe, its screams of pain sounding like music to his ears. He held onto his attack for as long as possible as his consciousness began slipping, his body losing its footing as his muscles and bones melted away and away and away…

Darkness enveloped him and the last thing he'd heard before fading away was the sound of his child's mournful roar.

And death finally embraced him in its chilly grasp as the mantle of King passed on.



He felt nothing, saw nothing and heard nothing.

No cold, no warmth, no noise, no smell, no nothing. Nothing but his thoughts occupied his existence and it was… lonely…

Where was he? Was this the 'hell' the humans had spoken about? Was his son alright? Why couldn't he see anything? Why couldn't he feel anything? Why couldn't he… Why couldn't he…

His thoughts spun around his mind, slowly getting louder and louder until they devolved into incoherent gibberish.

It became deafening to the point where he just couldn't take it anymore.

He tried to block out the noise but only succeeded in making it louder, he tried to scream but only silence came out, he tried to run but his body didn't obey, he tried to… he tried to…

What was he doing again? He could've sworn he was just– Ugh, where was this place? Why was he here? What was going on–

No! his mind screamed, striking back against the unseen force and although he couldn't roar, the sheer anger he could procure at the force was more than enough to get his message clear.

The resulting pain was overwhelming. It was like a claw was gripping his mind, squeezing it dry and tossing it around before throwing it back into his head.

He panted, eyes closed before the first glimmer of light peeked through his eyelids. The light then quickly intensified, growing brighter and brighter to the point that it was physically hurting him. However, no matter how much he tried, he couldn't face away from the light, it was as if something was holding him down, forcing him to stare straight into the blinding abyss like it was his punishment for disobeying whatever deity had touched his mind.

The light continued to grow and grow, burning against his scales as it enveloped his very being until he could see nothing but white.

Pain assaulted his body and mind, something soft yet rough was touching his scales, his body shivered at the cold winds and he took in a breath on reflex. He froze, feeling the sensation of fresh air reaching into his lungs and out of his mouth. Holding a claw against his chest, he could feel the motions of his body as a familiar sound grazed his ears.

It was the sound of a heartbeat.

And it was then, he realized that he was…


He was alive.


How was this possible? How was he still living? He was very sure he had died, the pain from melting into a puddle was something he was sure he would never forget. Questions continued to rampage his mind and unfortunately, he had no answers that could quell their rage.

"Woah, where did you come from?"

Godzilla turned his head at the sudden voice, his posture lowered, claws raised and eyes glaring at whoever had spoken. The creature had white fur with blue stripes trailing from its head down to its bushy tail, he could see sparks of electricity caressing its yellow cheeks along with the surprise found in its perked ears and widened eyes. It didn't exactly look dangerous nor threatening but then again neither did many of the monsters he'd fought.

The creature noticing his aggressive stature, raised its paws and shook its head with a distressed look. "Woah, woah. I'm not here to fight."

He could tell by the look in its eyes that it was being genuine but he didn't dare lower his guard. "Who are you and where am I?" he said with a low growl.

The creature chuckled nervously. "I'm-I'm a Pachirisu and um, we're in a forest, the humans call this place Route 205."

A forest? That couldn't be true. There was no way there'd be a forest if he was here, his sheer size alone would've smashed everything into pieces by now and that wasn't mentioning the radiation he secreted from time to time, everything should've been dead by now so that meant this Pachirisu thing had to be lying.

Godzilla shook his head with a growl, baring his teeth. "Don't play games with me, whelp. Tell me exactly where I am or your life is forfeit."

The Pachirisu let out a startled squeak and attempted to flee but Godzilla was swifter, having caught it by the neck and was currently pinning it against the ground. The Pachirisu choked, struggling but failing to get oxygen into its lungs before Godzilla loosened his grip. "Where are we?" he asked once more, touching heads with the creature and giving it a front row of sharp teeth.

"We-we're in… Route 205, please, I just saw you appearing out of nowhere when I was foraging for… for berries. Please… let me go… I'm-I'm telling the truth…"

Again, it was lying to him. It definitely didn't know who he was if it had risked lying to him twice, he was going to teach this creature a lesson on why exactly he was the king of all monsters.

However, before he could even begin this creature's lesson, a loud voice sounded off behind him, shock and excitement clear in its tone. "What the heck? That's a Larvitar! What's it doing here?"

Before he could even begin to think about what a 'Larvitar' was, the creature in his grasp took this opportunity to wiggle out and escape. He thought of chasing it down and subduing it again but thought better of it and decided that his attention was better suited for whoever had just shown up.

"What are–" Godzilla blinked and blinked again to make sure he wasn't seeing things. There was a human standing before him but there was one issue, one massive issue.

And that one massive issue was the human that was absolutely towering over him.

But how was this possible? This shouldn't be possible. They were the size of ants before, nothing but pests and vermin, how did—

"I just saw you appearing out of nowhere…"

Appearing out of nowhere… was it because he'd been reborn? And if so, was he reborn into a smaller creature or did the humans somehow become much bigger after his demise?

He glanced around and for the first time in a while, he was seeing things bigger than him that weren't just gray and black. When he had first awoken, he had thought he had woken up in the middle of the night but now, he realised that that wasn't the case. The darkness around him didn't come from the starry night but rather because of the trees surrounding him, standing far taller than he'd ever imagined they would.

As he admired the familiar yet different experience of nature, a flash of red caught his attention and when he turned back, a new creature appeared in front of the human. It was black and had a pointy, thin something sticking out of its head, it had a cloak made of leaves, flowers and grass covering its black exoskeleton, however leaving its head exposed.

It levelled a glare at him and he returned it in just, baring his teeth.

"Razor Leaf," the human shouted and the creature's cloak shone a white glow.

What an obvious attack. Godzilla scoffed as he leaned back and reached deep within him for the familiar pull of his radiation and–

Where was it?

Where was his radiation? His nuclear power? Why couldn't he feel it? Where was his energy? His life force? His essence? Where was–

Cuts and gashes appeared across his scales and he cried out in pain, stumbling backwards and bracing himself against the onslaught of sharpened… leaves?

Gah! Whatever they were, they cut through his scales like they weren't even there, leaving him reeling in pain as he struggled to stay on his feet. His breaths were laboured and heavy as each movement brought a magnitude of pain throughout his body, he glared at the creature despite the pain, teeth bared as he tried once again to reach the radiation deep within him.

Once again, he felt nothing.

But he didn't give up as he reached deeper and deeper and deeper until he felt something that reacted to his pull. It was like a fluid that felt rough yet soft, tough yet nimble, quick yet slow. He tugged at it and it tugged back, reaching for him as he accepted its pull and allowed it to flow into his body and into his movements.

Raising a claw, the ground beneath shook as chunks of rocks rose to the sky. He brought his claw down and the rocks followed suit, dropping back onto the ground with no rhyme or reason.

"Whimmy, Protect!"

The falling rocks kicked up dust and he opened his eyes to see nothing but a cloud of dust. However, he didn't wait for the dust to settle instead he ran towards where he last saw his foe with little regard for his wounds. As he manoeuvred through the obstructions in his way, a glimmer of green light peeked through the dust and he let out a roar, striking the light with all his might, the sheer force from his blow blew away the dust and revealed a green dome shining below him.

Despite his heavy breathing and growing fatigue, he didn't relent his attacks for a moment. This was do or die. Even when his body was loudly protesting his reckless flurry of attacks and even when the pain of forcing his body to its limits was scathing, he didn't let himself slow down. He couldn't afford to slow down.

He wouldn't experience death again. He didn't want to experience it again. He didn't want to experience the feeling of helplessness again.

That insanity-inducing silence.

That pain.

That numbness of having his thoughts consume everything.

He would win this battle and live!

Cracks began to form on the green dome, spreading so quickly, the protective dome looked more like a poor imitation of Kumonga's web. With one last strike, the dome shattered into a million pieces, his opponent stared back with wide eyes, a shrill shriek escaping its pointy mouth.

Opening his jaw wide and with his teeth bared, he pounced on his foe, ready to tear into the flimsy creature's exoskeleton. However, before he could get any closer, a flash of red blinded him and his teeth sank into nothing but thin air.

With the sudden disappearance of his foe, his momentum carried over and his body crashed onto the hard ground with a harsh thud and he couldn't prevent the pained scream from escaping his lips. He sucked in a breath, forcing himself to stand. His arms wobbled and his legs were threatening to give out, he stumbled, struggling to keep himself straight as the world spun.

Fighting through the pain, he barely acknowledged the feeling of something metallic knocking him on the noggin. It did draw his attention and he tried to look at where it had come from but a flash of red blinded him once more and in a short moment, it spread across his body, enveloping him and tossing him back into the darkness again.
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