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PokΓ©mon π•Ώπ–π–Š π•­π–Šπ–π–Šπ–œπ–Šπ–‘π–Šπ–‰ 𝕭𝖔𝖔𝖐


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I decided to do it again. I mean, try writing another fic. And I'm about to utterly fail, anyway, I'll try. [this will be a little kick start for another planned fic. I hope.]

Content Warnings : Relationships, semi-realistic (no gore but everything else, along with real-time battling)

Misc. Info : This will take place in a whole other world in which pokemon mythology will be changed, and if you recognize the changes, yes, they were intended. By the way, this is based on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, but is not especially canon (like for instance new...everything)

[Gahh, I need a banner. Can someone please help me with this?]

Chapter One : Aim for the starly!

"Sirius! WAAAAKKKEEEE UUUUPPP!" I found a maniac of a little sister (Maddy) screaming at me when I woke up. This was the usual routine so I didn't panic, but I could feel my heart racing.

She had the clock in his room instead of me so she was in charge of waking me up. Hardly a good decision by my parents but it worked out plenty fine, except for one part-my turtwig (who was given to me by my brother, Bronze who was in the other world just outside all of our world called the All Above. Things worked differently there and the gods had brought him there when he was 3 (I wasn't born at that time, he's 7 years older than me)) would be freaked out of his mind.

Turtwig and I were basically inseparable. He probably should've already died, but I'd extended his longevity quite easily by editing his genes. He'd been afraid of dying but was at the brink of it so Bronze had given him to me as a last resort-or hospice. I shuddered to think about what would happen, but luckily Maddy didn't notice else she would've caus-

My thoughts were interrupted when I saw the date. It was the day I was supposed to go, you know (well, no, you might not), to Prof. Rowan for the essentials of a trainer's journey-some pokeballs, a dex, and some berries and potions to start off. Out into the world to pursue my dream of following Bronze's footsteps and becoming a top trainer. My breakfast vanished in a storm of excitement and I was out the door, in my new running shoes. I saw a familiar face, Fortune running out of his house too, so I decided to follow him. He was my best friend, so I figured he wouldn't mind me tailing him.

He didn't, but that hardly mattered because we were getting pecked to death by two starlies. "Gah, you take the left one! I'll take the right with Chimchar!" The starly attacked with a simple Tackle, but since my own pokemon didn't know much else except that too, I probably shouldn't be judging.

"Tackle, but use it to dodge and then use Defense Curl! Hit it again with Tackle now!"

The starly clashed with Tackle, but since Turtwig was at a much higher level, it immediately fainted.
Fortune also took out the other starly at the same time as I did.

"That was very very close. Tell me why you were in the grass though."

Rowan? When did he get here? Also what was he talking about? Wait. My heart stopped when I realized where we were. Of course Fortune had gone here-and I'd stupidly followed him.

"Professor, are these the new trainers?"

Two others were behind Professor Rowan-his two assistants, May and Roam-May was the one who'd spoken.

"Correct," Now he addressed Fortune and I. "Fortune, Sirius, meet me in my lab at Sandgem Town." With that, they left. Fortune turned to me.

"Well, come on, let's get going!" He spoke to empty air as I sped away for the town.

"Okay, you guys better be careful out there, and make sure to get some data on pokemon-any pokemon who you believe should be with me, you can send them to my reserve."

We nodded and headed out to Route 202 where I found a TM-Rock Polish. However, as I was leaving, smoke erupted from about the area of Jubilife City. Panic shot through me and I called out to Fortune who was battling a Kricketot.

"Wha-what is that?" My voice wavered.

"Well, it's not anything we can solve..."

"But we have to do something! At least try to help with the aftermath."

I didn't wait for his answer, racing off impulsively. Maybe it was really stupid, but I didn't care, I only wanted to help those poor people in Jubilife...

Oh no! Jubilife has been bombed, but our hero will try to see what's going on...what could be happening?

Sirius' inventory :
TM69-Rock Polish
Sirius' team :
Turtwig (Shell Armor)
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