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  1. IFBench

    A Day in Obleta (Signups, closed)

    Within the vastness of the multiverse, a variety of worlds lay. Some of humans and Pokemon, some of only Pokemon. Some bright and full of wonder, some with most inhabitants barely clinging to life. Some connected to other worlds, some in their own corner. Out of those worlds connected to...
  2. Flyg0n

    Kunolo Island - Main Hall Banquet
    Threadmarks: Day 0 - Mix and Mingle

    The main hall is a splendid, classically styled building that stands two stories tall and appears to have been built in a semi circle. Marble steps lead up to beautifuly carved double oak doors. Through the doors leads to a large reception area of sorts. Twin staircases on either side of the...
  3. Flyg0n

    Rules & Mechanics

    Countdown: Day 7 Begin Rules All TR and Discord rules apply Respect your fellow roleplayers: This is the first and golden rule of RP. Respect their time and effort, and treat them how you’d like to be treated. This means no attention hogging, no OOC drama, no passive aggressive behavior, and...
  4. Flyg0n

    Pokemon Adventure Quest: Festival of Friendship RP - Signups [CLOSED]

    Dear Esteemed Trainer! You are cordially invited to take part in the Festival of Friendship, hosted by Xavian Montorzi at his personal island retreat, Kunolo Island. This honor has been extended to trainers and Pokemon teams displaying unusual skill or noteworthy achievements and will celebrate...
  5. kintsugi

    Pokémon Dungeons & Dragonite

    Two strangers play a dead girl's D&D campaign. table of contents o. chimerical i. dead girls & discord mods - content warnings: some foul language, character death, descriptions of violence. further cw: I’m not really going to dance around this—this fic starts comedic and in theory is lighter...
  6. Flyg0n

    Hoopa's Multiverse Madness [Flash RP! Game 1] Sign ups active {Oct 22-24}

    "Hoopa bored! Hoopa know what to do! Hoopa play a game!" A strange, glowing portal appears in front of you. Is this a dream or-? You spot a small shape approaching. As they draw near, you see it appears to be... a Pokemon? To some, it looks like some kind of strange gray and pink creature...
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