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  1. Dragonfree

    Pokémon Morphic Shorts
    Threadmarks: Morphic Bingo

    Back when the anniversary event was going on, Negrek gave me a bingo card. I went on to fall asleep as I was going to start work on the last bingo fill, resulting in me missing the deadline. From there, the snippets I had written kind of languished. Tonight, I finally went and finished the final...
  2. unrepentantAuthor

    Pokémon 2nd Anniversary Prompts – Pokémorphs
    Threadmarks: Dusk, In Glimpses

    My 'prompt bingo' for Thousand Roads' second anniversary was for the theme 'Pokémorphs', to nobody's surprise. I chose to keep things tame and respond with drabbles! I hope folks enjoy~ x I answered the triple I found most compelling. I would love to return to the other six soon. Who Are...
  3. Dragonfree

    Pokémon Morphic: New and Improved
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Welcome to the long-awaited rewrite of my Pokémorph fanfic, Morphic! The story's been revamped quite a bit if you've read it before, but I trust you'll all find the new version a vast improvement. Chapter 1 “…these pro-life protesters are terrorizing vulnerable women on the worst day of...
  4. unrepentantAuthor

    Pokémon Different Eyes
    Threadmarks: Title

    In 1996, the first human-pokémon hybrid was created, named 'Mewtwo'. The project soon met with disaster. In 2020, a new generation of hybrids are created by a Galarian tech company, this time made from living pokémon. Two pokémorphs agree to learn why they were made, but as they dig deeper, they...
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