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original plot

  1. Z102eternal

    Pokémon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Soaring Over Heaven
    Threadmarks: Introduction - A Brief Description

    Beckoned by the worlds of a mysterious entity, A naive human-turned-Rowlet is dropped into the endless blue skies of flying ships and sky pirates. With a lack of memories and guidance on where to go next, he puts his stake into a partnership with free-spirited privateers. His journey to save the...
  2. Junebug44

    Pokémon Branches of Sinnoh
    Threadmarks: Overview

    Notes: Hey everyone! I'm Junebug, and I hope you enjoy this Pokémon fanfic project I wanted to try! You can consider this story to take place in essentially an AU of Sinnoh, with a bunch of characters 10-15 years before when the current games take place (so expect to see younger versions of...
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