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character development

  1. Flyg0n

    Personality Development 101!

    Ah yes, the joys of developing characters.... We all probably know the basics! A character, a goal, a flaw, a strength. That sort of thing. Those are critical! But there's another aspect thats equally important too! Personality. What are all the little quirks and habits of your character that...
  2. AceTrainerWesley

    Pokémon Abandoned

    This story contains tones of depression, and, as per the title, abandonment. If any of these bothers you, proceed with caution. This story is set in the same world as Midnight Hollow Pokémon School. Please check it out! This story a part of Short Stories involving Wesley. If you would like to...
  3. WildBoots

    Developing Human vs Pokémon Characters

    I lean towards human/trainer-centered stories, in some instances maybe to my own detriment. I’ve got a lot of ideas about developing characters in general, and some opinions on what I like and dislike about pokémon characters. For me the biggest concern is internal consistency, especially with...
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