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adventure quest

  1. Flyg0n

    Dorm Hall - 3rd Floor

    The third floor, and the highest floor, feature balconies with perches for flying types, and room for large avian and dragon pokemon. Many rooms offer a skylight as well, and space inside for pokemon to spread their wings. As with the others floors, there are various themed rooms to accomodate...
  2. Flyg0n

    Dorm Hall - 2nd Floor

    The second floor features a cozier design, only slightly smaller, and has been made with medium sized pokemon. Much like the first floor, there are a variety of themed rooms available. It seems all efforts have been made to ensure a comfortable experience, and as with every room, there is a...
  3. Flyg0n

    Dorm Hall - 1st Floor

    The first floor of the dormitory building is clearly designed with large or heavy pokemon in mind. Study floors and walls, big doors, large hallways and spacious rooms with lots of open floor (and a notable lack of breakable items), and large comfy rugs and beds available for sleeping options...
  4. Flyg0n

    Kunolo Island - Main Hall Banquet
    Threadmarks: Day 0 - Mix and Mingle

    The main hall is a splendid, classically styled building that stands two stories tall and appears to have been built in a semi circle. Marble steps lead up to beautifuly carved double oak doors. Through the doors leads to a large reception area of sorts. Twin staircases on either side of the...
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