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Rules & Mechanics

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Day 7 Begin


All TR and Discord rules apply
  • Respect your fellow roleplayers: This is the first and golden rule of RP. Respect their time and effort, and treat them how you’d like to be treated. This means no attention hogging, no OOC drama, no passive aggressive behavior, and think before you speak (obviously that doesn’t apply to in-character drama, hehhee).
    This also means you should also give others a chance to be the focus of a scene the way they would show the same courtesy to you.
  • No godmodding.This means no controlling another character’s reaction, or writing reactions for them. The only exception is if you have discussed beforehand OOC with a roleplayer how a scene will go.
    This also means that you should not do anything extreme to another character without specific consent.
  • Keep the rating PG-13 please. TR is a PG-13 server, meaning serverwide rules apply. This means excessive gore and explicit material of a sexual or violent nature should be avoided.
  • Keep OOC to a minimum or to the discord. In order to preserve the integrity of the campaign, I request that forum posts be primarily IC. If you have OOC comments or reactions, please use the discord channel
  • No drama. This means that IC posts should not be taken personally, as well as speaking to either me or a mod if you have a problem or feel uncomfortable with someone. Keep in mind IC responses =/= reality, and you may not take offense if a reaction is different than you hoped. If someone is bothering you OOC please inform a mod.
  • Practice etiquette for scenes. This means that you should not interrupt or insert yourself into private or one-on-one scenes. Group scenes are free game. Do not pester anyone for scenes, or pressure them for scenes. Also, always consider your fellow RPers. RPing is a two-way street, so check with folks before taking extreme actions, try to engage with them respectfully.
  • Actions may have consequences. This means taking certain risks, acting in certain ways, or being too overt/raising your suspicion levels may result in a penalty or other IC issue. Generally I’ll try to be as clear as possible if anyone is about to do something ill advised.
  • Consider the passage of time. Please be aware that AQ features a ‘real time’ day/night mechanic. This means that during a ‘night phase’ it will be actual nighttime in-game and your character would generally be expected to be in their dorms, sleeping and/or... doing whatever. During the day phases the same applies. It will be daytime in-game, and your characters may freely roam unless a Plot Relevant event occurs that may draw the attention of your characters.
    Please try to wrap up any interactions when night falls. I may give small graces for this but generally, to preserve the integrity of the RP, there will be a sort of ‘shut down’ bell, where facilities on the island will be closed anyways, giving your characters a great excuse to say ‘Well, I better go get rest at my dorm’.
  • The exception to this rule is that solo scenes are permitted and encouraged at night. These are scenes that are just written solely by you. They may involve your character and their pokemon, or just the pokemon, just the character, etc. Think of them as mini-stories!
  • GM's word is law. This just means that due to the fluctuating nature of RP, if aspects of the game change that conflict with whats established, my word will be the final say. I will of course do my best not to have wild unexpected changes to the game or mechanics, but since this is my first time trying a campaign like this, I have no idea how things will go.

Scenes and Threads​

  • During a group campaign with multiple threads available for posting, the common etiquette is that only one scene per thread at a time. A scene can be defined as any two or more players who have agreed to RP in a specific thread. For example, Jackie and I might agree to have a scene in the cafe with Hana and Laura, talking about dragons. Until we finish our scene, no other players should use the thread, unless they asked if we were okay with their character entering the scene. Basically, only the players participating in the scene should use the thread.
    The first person to post in a scene should threadmark their post with the Day (Day 1: [Title]) and/or the characters in the scene (Day 1 - Koa and Brisa), etc.
    It's also not uncommon to ping some beforehand on Discord to request a scene and pick a spot. This avoids overlaps and confusion, and helps keep track of everything. As a general rule, I advise folks finish scenes before starting new ones with the same character, mostly to avoid chronological headaches. Different scenes with different characters is perfectly acceptable however!
  • When you have concluded a scene and all members are sufficiently satisfied, the final player should place a '***' or 'XXX' at the bottom of their post to indicate its closed. This only applies to one on one type scenes, not group scenes.

A helpful guide to RPing​

For anyone who would like a refresher or hasn’t RPed, I have compiled a few handy tips that will help keep things engaging and fun for both parties!

The key to becoming a ‘good’ roleplayer isn’t in lengthy, wordy posts, fanciful prose or epic descriptions. Nor do you want to only post one liners.

Simply put, you want to engage and prompt your fellow RPers. In a good reply or starter, try to provide details for the other person to engage with. Intentionally prompt them in some way. So this means giving details about your characters emotions, prompting them somehow, and/or reciprocating their reply.

Let’s start with an example:

Pretend I’m opening a scene to RP with Steven.

[Koa walked into the Pokemart.]

This reply or opener is a bit bland! Is Koa meeting Steven? Looking for something? Is he happy or sad or what? There’s very little for your partner to engage with.

Lets see another example:

[Koa rushed into the store. A wild light shone in his eyes and he glanced around. “Steven come check out this stone I found while I was exploring!”]

See how this prompts my partner? I engaged with them, I gave details on Koa’s current state for Steven to observe (this way you don’t force the person to make something up), and a ‘call to action’ (look at this rock).

Now let’s look at a reply.

[“Cool,” Steven said.]

{Koa nodded. “Yeah it’s sick.”}

See how these replies lack something for the other person to engage with? They don’t prompt a particular response from or drive the scene in any direction. No questions, additional details, or even an emotional state is hinted at or given.

Here’s a revised example, applying our guidelines.

[Steven, who had been browsing the different kinds of pokemon food, looked up. Immediately his eyes widened. “Oh my Koa! I believe that is a shard of the legendary Lustrous Gem!” As if unable to help himself, he seized the gem, examining it closely. “Where did you find this!?”]

[Pride filled Koa and he found himself standing a little taller. “Echo helped me. We found a cave on the mountain and a secret path inside.” He paused, thinking. Perhaps I can see if Steven wants to come see...]

Notice how Steven’s reply gives us more detail, along with the prompt - where did you find this?

Koa’s reply, while remaining short, still gives something for Steven to engage with. We can see Koa puffing up with pride, give a detail about a secret path, and if your character is the observant type, perhaps they notice Koa’s thoughtful hesitation.

Another good tip to keep in mind is that if you write posts that are too long (and by this I mean like, tons of 5 paragraph replies), not only do you create pressure on yourself, you make it hard for your partner to know which part of your post to reply to, or pressure them into also making long replies they may not have the energy for. Brevity is the soul of wit!

Now, please be aware that this isn’t an ironclad format, nor am I forcing anyone to do it exactly like this. You are welcome to write both short and long posts, and use fancy prose or keep it practical, depending on your or your character’s particular style and voice. The main thing to remember is to always try to engage with your partner in equal measure, and you’re sure to have a good time!


AQ is a hybrid campaign that will involve a blend of roleplaying and Mafia-esque mystery solving mechanics. The campaign will utilize a day/night cycle. During the day, characters will have the option of roleplaying with each other or NPC’s, either via group scenes or one-on-one. During the night, it will be night in-game and characters will generally be in the dorms.

Currently, Day Phases are projected to last 72 hours IRL. Night phases will be slightly shorter, 24-36 hours. During the Night, there will be no scenes allowed, but solo scenes are permitted and encouraged.

Suspicion Meter​

AQ will feature something called a ‘Suspicion Meter’. This is a hidden ranking of how ‘sus’ your character is. There is both a group and individual meter. When certain actions are taken, the suspicion meter will rise. If it reaches a certain point, you may incur some form of IC penalty. I would heavily advise against accumulating high amounts of suspicion.

Actions that raise suspicion include:
-Using Intimidate power too often
-Using more than one Investigation Power per day
-Making an accusation without enough evidence
-Attempting to ask too many questions or harass NPC’s

Although the precise level of suspicion is hidden from players, I’d like to make a few things clear. Don’t feel overly restricted. I intend to be very fair, as well as keep players informed if they are making any ill advised actions. You have leeway, this is mostly to avoid any ‘Solved in a single Day’ scenarios. You still have freedom and I would never ‘surprise u died’ anyone. Making more than one investigation per day won't be too detrimental.

Investigation Powers​

During the Day Phase, you will have the option at any point for your character to use an investigation power. Each power is flavored similar to a Pokemon move, but are not actual powers your characters receive. Rather, they are an abstraction of the game’s mechanics. To use one of these, you must tag me in your post, and I will include any relevant discoveries in my reply.

When writing them, you can simply flavor it as your character analyzing the situation or asking their pokemon to help, e.g.:
Your post: @me
[Koa nudged Anubis the Houndoom and gestured to the clearing. Anubis nodded and began to sniff around for clues]

My reply: {At first it seems there’s nothing, but then, just beyond the clearing, Anubis picks up an unusual scent. It smells like... tacos!?!}

Each player receives one free use of an investigation power per day, and subsequent uses in the same day will gradually raise suspicion. If your character(s) ‘poke around too much’ they may become targets themselves...

There are investigation powers are as follows:

Odor Sleuth: Your character's Pokemon can sniff the area for clues to detect unusual smells.
Aura Reading: If used in the right time frame, your character’s Pokemon will be able to check for residual aura to tell what Pokemon Type move was recently in the area/what type of move was used.
Foresight: Either your character or their Pokemon will carefully check the area for clues, or anything unusual visually.
Mind Reader: With their skills of perception and analysis, your character or their Pokemon can discern to a small degree if a character is telling the truth or hiding details.

*Intimidate: When talking to an NPC, characters can attempt to intimidate or coerce more information from them. Be aware however, this can raise suspicion higher if used too much. Using this is different from simply talking to an NPC.
*Accuse: If players believe that someone is sufficiently guilty, they can approach one of the security/Officer Jenny and make an accusation/attempt to confront whoever they believe is the guilty party. Doing so incorrectly will have catastrophic consequences!
You should only accuse if you have sufficient evidence.
Doing so recklessly will also have terrible consequences! If you think you know the culprit... proceed with caution.

Please note that the intimidate power is different from a character who just has an aggressive personality. If its your characters personality to be abrasive, I won't punish you by raising your sus. Using the active intimidate power is a bit different from your character just talking brusquely.

Random notes:​

-I won’t spoil things, and your characters will not be aware of this, but for players, don’t expect an actual murder/death to an NPC just for missing some obscure clue; or some kind of ‘game loss’. I have done my best to reasonably design the game in such a way that there won’t be any ‘feelsbad’ scenarios where oops that NPC died moments. I’m aiming for this to be a fun campaign!

-There will be a tasty opportunity to torment your character in the later half of the game

-If all goes according to plan, there will be time near but before the end where the Day/Night phase mechanic may be lifted (for IC plot reasons)

Finally, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ping me on Discord!

Interactable NPCs

  • Xavian Montorzi
  • Clink the Klefki
  • Orzo/Orozoquiselin the Hoopa

  • Amaranta (Amara) & Hypno Honzo
  • Nurse Joy & Audino Brea
  • Officer Jenny & Manectric Bao
  • Officer Victor & Arcanine Pyre
  • Caden & Salamence {15}: Hailing from Sinnoh, Caden is a calm and thoughtful natured young boy who has a goal of building a team of powerful dragon types. He came to the island in the hopes of being able to see mythical pokemon for himself.
  • Silas & Swampert Thelonious {14}: A seemingly standoffish and reserved trainer who seems focused on growing stronger with his partner, a combative Swampert.
  • Noro Taijiri & Alakazam {17}: Noro is a powerful trainer from Kanto, noted for having won two consecutive league tournaments and for sweeping the Megas tournament in Kalos. He is a skillful and powerful battler, and capable of utilizing mega evolution. His Alakzam has a similarly arrogant attitude. Both came in hopes to test themselves.
  • Lourine & Houndoom Azar {24}: Lourine was once known in her home region to be a ranking member of Team Flare, but has since turned her back on the organization to make a name for herself. She says she came in hopes of making new connections.
  • Toby & Hydreigon Regalia {19}: Toby and Regalia drew the attention of trainers and coordinators alike when they took the world by storm, snagging several Master Class trophies in Hoenn and Sinnoh before winning in the Unovan League Tournament. He came to show off Regalia, who he says has more bark than bite, but looks quite threatening.
  • Windi Krane & Fearow {16}: Windi is a Johto-born trainer currently training to become a member of the Elite Four. She is renowned for her unusually large and strong Fearow, whom she grew up with. Hopes to enhance her skills and meet new people.
  • Sigmin & Salandit {20}: Sigmin is a renowned poison-type specialist known in particular for having a male Salandit. He’s slow to trust and tends to be a loner, but you wouldn’t guess it immediately - he can put up a very affable front. However, inside he still remains closed off. Interested in the battles and competitions
  • Hayes & Nosepass {18}: A quiet young archeologist with a shiny Nosepass with a skill for unearthing rare objects. Passionate and a little awkward. Hopes to meet rare pokemon.
  • Irene & Roserade//Ampharos {16}: A secretive trainer who mainly came for the money, Irene was once on track to try and be a gym leader.
  • Blair & Shiny Grumpig//Hatterene {17}: Blair is a confident and analytical coordinator. Quiet, but not shy, she has a penchant for seeking out shiny pokemon, and her Grumpig is her pride and joy. Came to see new people, get stronger and maybe catch a rare pokemon.
  • Reena & Drampa Falkor {10}: A particularly young girl from Alola whose family comes from money and has a strong bond with her Drampa, who practically helped raise her. She managed to master Z-moves exceedingly young.
  • Franklin and Scizor{13}: A prominent bug trainer renowned for being able to ‘speak’ to bugs.
  • Taro and Blaziken Razer {14}: A brash, smug trainer who asserts that his Blaziken is the wickedest ever, and came in hopes of showing off and getting strong.

Mythical Pokemon encounters?
  • Manaphy
  • Marshadow
  • Shaymin
  • Victini
  • Cresselia
  • The Latii’s
  • Jirachi
  • Celebi
  • Keldeo
  • Meloetta
  • Diance
  • Heatran
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