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[Pokemon] Nestball Testall - A Thousand Roads Forum Ad[Venture]



local liminal entity
The Casca Region

There's an open PC Alcove open.
As you sit down the computer terminal whirrs gently, just barely audible at all.
Once logged in you navigate to what you came to do.


Before you can search for open adoptions you need to choose a type to search for.​
[x] Grass, Fire, or Water Types​
[x] Other Types​

hey there everyone, I'm going to be running this forum venture to test out the Vote Tally System that exists for xenoforo to be a demo for how forumventure voting works
this should also be a good demo and entry into forumventures (aka quests) for those unfamiliar. this one won't really have much of a plot. it's just going to be something to mess with.

to choose which option the next update will proceed with, all you need to do is copy and paste the line into your reply. you can choose both.
(if there's a tie I'll wheel decide it)

For those who want to read more about what this thread'll probably focus on, the Vote Tally Thread on Sufficient Velocity should prove helpful.
Edit: This plugin isn't currently on the forums, so I'll just be doing the count by hand
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you gotta feel your lines
the freaking swamp
  1. farfetchd-galar
  2. custom/gfetchd-kyeugh
  3. custom/onion-san
  4. farfetchd
[x] Other Types


local liminal entity
The Casca Region
Hey there, just an update on the thread. We don't have the Tally Vote Plugin, so a portion of this adventure is currently moot.
However, I still want to get the practice where I can, and also introduce people to the medium.
So expect updates to continue, just disregard the original author's note

At this time I'm closing voting so I can do the next update.

[X] Other Types won the vote.
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