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Mystery Continent ~ Southern Beach


Mew specialist
  1. custom/mew-adam
  2. custom/celebi-shiny
“Let’s go to Treasure Town,” Astrid declared. “Not now, but sometime soon. Err, no offense, but you look like your body needs more sunlight.

For the first time that day, Cynthian had a genuine laugh in the form of a chuckle. Short lived as it was, it still made him feel just a smidge better. "Yeah, this climate isn't a good fit a plant."

She rested a tail on his shoulder, speaking soberly once more, “We need your power too, Cynthian. I hope you realize that.”

"Thanks Astrid, truly." Starr had told him something similar too, but he didn't think much of it. Hearing it again from Astrid made him start to believe it, and he felt a faint warmth in his heart that had begun to hollow.

"Sometimes, you all remind me that I'm not alone. I've never had a lot of friends in my world, so this is something I'm still getting used to." Cynthian held his flowers together and looked deep in thought. His thoughts about his past, and about his mother were still complicated. However, his mothers would've wanted him to be strong, and he needed to live up to that somehow...

"I hate to make another request, but could you give me a lift? My legs hurt, and I think they're a little frozen too," he said, and then he sneezed with a squeak.
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