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Intro Thread


whole tub of creeamchese
technically socal
hi i'm euouae and i lurk hard

got soulsilver when i was 10 and pmd:eos @ 12 (19 now) and pokemon's been a piece of my heart ever since

found a link on the pokemon ffn subreddit & joined here
new writer, 2 fics underway (probably perpetually in limbo) and i'll hopefully be able to post'm here

i just spend all of my other time being bad at video games otherwise

type: dragon/dark
nature: bashful
apparently met in your recycling bin
often lost in thought
likes sour food


Reviewing 'til I drop~
Hello, hello! This isn't my first time on this forum, given that I have an abandoned account swimming somewhere around here, but I decided to come back with a fresh start, so here I am!

I originally discovered this forum from the PMD: WU Discord server, but never had the guts to say much before because, well, it was intimidating. So many good writers here, I nearly got overwhelmed from the get-go, haha! But I'm ready to start on the fanfictions here, be it writing my own or reviewing others' works like I do on FFN or AO3., and I'm more than ready to be entertained by the numerous good works here :)

I'm not sucking up to anyone here, I promise

Anyways, my username here is the way it is because I wanted to match it up with the ones on FFN and AO3, therefore it has no significance regarding Pokemon, but feel free to call me Midnight or any variation of it! I will be lurking for a bit, maybe leave a review or two, but I definitely will be eventually posting my own work here. It will most definitely be PMD, considering where I'm from, heh. It'll be nerve-wrecking, but I'm ready for the challenge :wigglyyell:

On a last note, hello to anyone from PMD: WU (again)!


Rise Toward Descent
@euouae Glad to see you here on the board! Best of luck with your fics, but also feel free to lurk as long as you like. (And post more music to the Discord!) We'll be here whenever you feel like you want to join in. ;)

@MidnightMutetation Welcome back! Glad you decided to take another crack at things, and I hope you enjoy your reading. Looking forward to your own story when you decide to post it, too!


Rise Toward Descent
Welcome to the forums! If you came over from Writer's United, I imagine you're interested in Blacklight... hopefully you find all the information for that okay! I look forward to reading your stories whenever you decide to post them.

Glad to have you here, and feel free to reach out if you need help with anything!


full-time quilava
Hiya, I'm cynsh as the name suggests. Like others above me, I heard about this place through the PMD:WU discord 😅 but the project I'm currently working on is more pokecentric than anything. I figured it would be good to broaden my horizons and hear from some different authors that I'm used to, hence I'm here! The story is still in its early stages, so I'll probably keep quiet until I have something ready to publish, but from there I'll be sure to leave reviews and participate in stuff around the place. :)


Rise Toward Descent
Hey, welcome! Very curious to hear more about your pokécentric story... I imagine there'll be more talk when people seriously start writing for Blacklight. Nice to meet you, and I hope you have a good time on Thousand Roads!