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Destiny Village ~ Parfait Way


Purported Virtua Tennis Cheater
"No, no, no, again!" Seyka said, poking the Archen wrapped around his neck with a wing. "I think I'm getting it."

"You're hopeless," Inno replied, "Let's leave it at that."

"But you're my- what was it- my familiar right?" the Skarmory pouted, "Can't you just tell me?"

"No, because you need to learn." The shadowy Archen looked up. "Alright, quiz time. There's one of the team over there." He pointed to Astrid. "Now, what's their name?"

"Ack!" Seyka turned away, trying to avoid eye contact. "Ummm, err, Ninetails, Ninetails. Okay, so there are two of them, right."

"Yes? And what did I say were their defining characteristics?"

Seyka scrunched his face up. "One of them is a pyromaniac, and the other talks like a serial killer, was that it?"

"Close enough. Now, which one is it?"

Seyka looked back at the Ninetails briefly. "I... I can't tell."


Pokémon Trainer
Houston, Texas
  1. serperior
“Hi!” Astrid called. Another Spectrum member—looking as lost as she probably looked. And felt. “You’re Seyka, am I getting that right? Say-kah.”

Astrid didn’t suppose Seyka was any more clued in on what to do about all this. “How’re you, uh… coping? You ready for this fight?”


Purported Virtua Tennis Cheater
"Yep, that's me," Seyka replied, forcing a smile. He looked at the Archen on his neck. "And this is my friend Inno."

"Seyka, I'm your brother."

"Same difference." The Skarmory paused. "Um, I wouldn't know if I'm ready for anything. I don't mind much either way. It's just another thing I guess."

"I suppose you're ready though. With all that, err, shadows and radishes that everyone else uses?" He hoped the the Ninetail's answer would clue him in as to which one they were.
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